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IDEA-53024 (Cosmetics)

IDEA Application icon has changed

IDEA-53160 (Bug)

Deadlock on open popup

IDEA-48111 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: linking .iml to .classpath: moving JRE entry before source roots in Eclipse does not update dependencies in IDEA

IDEA-53003 (Bug)

IDEA deadlock (question) on startup

IDEA-53227 (Bug)

Settings Dialog: Not all matching strings are highlighted when using the quicksearch field

IDEA-53204 (Bug)

QL color settings: settings for Entity are ignored

IDEA-53110 (Exception)

One more NCDFE with copy/paste

IDEA-52614 (Exception)

Exception when opening a php file

GWT Support


IDEA-53113 (Feature)

Maven+GWT: Support gwt sdk from maven repository

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-52976 (Feature)

Quick-fix for "Static method only used from one other class" inspection should suggest other class name automatically in Move Members dialog

IDEA-52958 (Usability Problem)

Octal integer '00' - please provide "fix all" to fix all similar problems in file

IDEA-53075 (Bug)

False positive for "Implicit call to method 'toString' on array"

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-27082 (Bug)

Race condition + heavy resource usage in JUnit runner

Code Navigation


IDEA-19020 (Usability Problem)

Slices pane: provide better layout when docked left/right

IDEA-52336 (Bug)

Goto Matching Brace is not recorded as a navigation action in Back/Forward history



IDEA-52965 (Cosmetics)

Generated Groovy accessors should have property icon

IDEA-52964 (Bug)

Assignment of a Groovy field treated as a declaration, resulting in double completion variants

IDEA-53033 (Exception)

IndexOutOfBoundsException at GroovyEnterHandler.preprocessEnter() on pressing 'Enter' in groovy script



IDEA-45236 (Bug)

wrong .classpath after merge

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-53012 (Bug)

code folding doesn't work anymore

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-20835 (Usability Problem)

"Move intializer to field declaration" and "Move initializer to constructor" move caret also

Flex Support


IDEA-26204 (Bug)

flex: "quick definition lookup" for function defined in mxml doesn't use highlighting

IDEA-52863 (Bug)

MXML corrupts when I rename with Shift+F6 assetable .png file

IDEA-52568 (Bug)

Move *.mxml file in Flex not treated as refactoring

IDEA-53114 (Bug)

Namespace prefix is generated incorrectly

IDEA-53036 (Bug)

REGRESSION: Good code red for equality checks

IDEA-52974 (Bug)

flex: resolve components from custom/missed scheme in mxml namespace URI

IDEA-53046 (Bug)

Selecting Flex SDK on multiple Flex facets only saves on one

Task Management


IDEA-52190 (Bug)

I'm not able to open new JIRA TASK

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-53071 (Bug)

groovy classes doesn't work in plugin projects anymore

Project Configuration


IDEA-53172 (Bug)

JDK is not in the dependencies of the Module after importing Eclipse project

IDEA-51152 (Bug)

Facet name can be changed only once

IDEA-53081 (Bug)

Language injection settings not found through search in the project settings panel

IDEA-53008 (Bug)

Setting missing path variables somehow removes modules from a project.

IDEA-53107 (Bug)

Facet settings can not be applied sometimes



IDEA-53078 (Bug)

Push Members Down Refactoring is allowed for Enums - senseless code is produced

IDEA-52969 (Bug)

Extract constant produces compile error

IDEA-53073 (Exception)

Throwable at InlineConstantFieldProcessor.preprocessUsages() on inlining Enum instance

IDEA-52982 (Exception)

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at DirectoryAsPackageRenameHandler$1.doAction() when renaming package that corresponds to multiply directories

User Interface


IDEA-52106 (Feature)

add "Reveal in Finder" for Mac or "Open in Explorer" for Win, etc action to project view context menu

IDEA-53142 (Cosmetics)

'Process annotations' action has invalid label when disabled

OSGi Support


IDEA-51042 (Task)

Please map a Help ID to OSGI facet dialog box

IDEA-25883 (Bug)

bnd MANIFEST.MF generation does not work

Maven Integration


IDEA-52814 (Usability Problem)

Maven: OverrideParentDependency: show the artifactId as project node name if no name is specified for pom

IDEA-53170 (Bug)

Maven: if some module and the module it depends on use different library versions, IDEA may use incorrect one

IDEA-51298 (Bug)

Maven: do not set 'exported' flag on Maven dependencies

IDEA-52895 (Bug)

Maven: Alt-Ins: don't allow to add the pom itself and its childs as its parent

IDEA-52838 (Bug)

Maven: Plugin dependencies should not be shown as managed

IDEA-52894 (Exception)

Maven: StackOverflowError on cyclic inheritance detecting



IDEA-44773 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: valid arythmetic expressions with INTERVAL are red

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-19110 (Usability Problem)

Do not highlight all arguments if there is only a problem with one

Version Control


IDEA-53042 (Bug)

VCS: Adding directory in subversion causes 'project view' to redraw window and loose current directory.

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