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IDEA-52048 (Bug)

"Could not set package name for jsp files" message when creating an XHTML file

IDEA-52704 (Bug)

Delegate methodds with @Override

IDEA-52671 (Bug)

Intelij locks up (un-responsive to mouse, keyboard, etc )

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-52696 (Performance Problem)

Slow SSR inspection performance

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-52629 (Bug)

[actionscript] false positive on "static const" vars by Javascript/Naming conventions/Local variable naming convention

IDEA-52625 (Bug)

[actionscript] Javascript/Unnecessary block statement shows false positive on static initializer block

IDEA-49030 (Bug)

IDEA complains that there is no margin-bottom in CSS3

IDEA-52670 (Bug)

Inspection for convert field to local variable misbehaves with nested classes

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-51557 (Usability Problem)

JUnit: forcefuly run @ignored test when I ask (select method/class and press 'run/debug')



IDEA-52676 (Bug)

Pointless arithmetic is not so pointless

Flex Support


IDEA-51580 (Feature)

Flex CSS: provide reference from UIComponent.styleName to the style definition in CSS file

IDEA-52405 (Feature)

New Flex module wizard: create different sample applications for different Flex SDK versions

IDEA-51571 (Feature)

Provide style property reference from UICompoinent.setStyle() call

IDEA-51334 (Bug)

Static modifier of a top-level function/variable/constant should be highlighted

IDEA-52665 (Bug)

Code generation inserts new method or field improperly with ASDOC

IDEA-52661 (Bug)

Code complete opening automatically when typing comments and string literal in Flex

IDEA-51562 (Bug)

Cannot change Flex SDK

IDEA-52064 (Bug)

Code hinting does not work inside addEventListener() code

IDEA-48132 (Bug)

Flex: Check the type attribute of Event tag

IDEA-52460 (Bug)

Editing mxml file with spark root tag: incorrect completion and highlighting for classes from not declared namespaces

IDEA-52597 (Bug)

good code marked red - actionscript declaration of static const inside static initializer

IDEA-52596 (Bug)

good code is red - accessing local var before the declaration (allowed in actionscript)

IDEA-52754 (Bug)

Unexpected highlighting problem

IDEA-52690 (Bug)

Flex: bitwise shifts marked in red

IDEA-25782 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: override static

IDEA-25784 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: inconsistent accessor/mutator property types

IDEA-51774 (Bug)

Pressing space after autoshowing completion on : inserts unexpected variant

IDEA-26756 (Bug)

flex: good code yellow: use of "default xml namespace" directive

IDEA-52668 (Bug)

Quick-fix "Create method" in MXML throws an exception

IDEA-52636 (Bug)

good code red - Returned expression type Object is not assignable to type Boolean

IDEA-52637 (Bug)

metadata attribute red - IDEA doesn't recognize metadata tag Deprecated attribute "message", says "Unknown metadata attribute"

IDEA-52241 (Bug)

Flex Support: Good code red for Button labelPlacement="left"

IDEA-52638 (Bug)

good code red - "Unresolved variable" when extra parenthesis surround type cast

IDEA-52244 (Bug)

Mxml: attribute "id" of components inside <mx:Repeater> tag must be resolved to Array

IDEA-27058 (Bug)

suggestion: mark invalid metadata tags during code editing in Flex

IDEA-22403 (Bug)

Wrong order of items in array is displaying in debug mode

IDEA-26734 (Bug)

flex: incorrect 'variable xxx implicitly declared' warning for variable declared in mxml

IDEA-26252 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: rhs of 'as' operator should be type expression

IDEA-22393 (Bug)

Not possible to add variable to watch list from conext menu

IDEA-21206 (Bug)

"Usages of" ignore "Show import statements"

IDEA-52654 (Bug)

Idea loses custom compiler configuration file settings after restart

IDEA-51592 (Bug)

Instance field should not be accessible from static method of an MXML component

IDEA-51990 (Bug)

Compilable code is red (destination attribute of <mx:Binding/> tag)

IDEA-52412 (Bug)

Flex: IDEA not error higlighting incorrectly referenced embedded files

IDEA-25504 (Bug)

Flex: open declaration shows double entry

IDEA-25458 (Bug)

Flex: Report as error different access types for accessor functions (like Flash compiler does)

IDEA-52777 (Bug)

"source" attribute value of mxml component is not always a file reference



IDEA-52278 (Bug)

JBOSS AS 6 M2 gives jndi port conf warning

IDEA-52679 (Exception)

Blame Java EE Integration

Project View


IDEA-52545 (Bug)

Project view: "generate...MobileResourceBundle" should not appear if J2ME plugin is disabled

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-15597 (Feature)

Javascript - Reformat Code doesn't respect Force Braces ON code style settings

IDEA-52569 (Usability Problem)

Live templates are not working according to context



IDEA-52463 (Exception)

Attempt to show changes on UML diagram from file history causes exception



IDEA-50474 (Feature)

Completion "item -> Ctrl+Space -> android:item"

IDEA-52228 (Exception)

AssertionError at exportSignedPackage.ApkStep.createApk() on creating new key while extracting signed android package

Version Control


IDEA-52634 (Bug)

Cannot Rename Changelist While Indices Are Being Built

IDEA-52477 (Performance Problem)

Git integration waits too long on Swing thread when file history is shown in toolwindow

Code Coverage


IDEA-52391 (Bug)

Emma classes/methods % coverage is displayed incorrectly in "Project" and "Package" view

IDEA-48239 (Bug)

Code Coverage + Spring 3.0 = Exceptions

XML editing


IDEA-52619 (Usability Problem)

Zen Coding should be enabled in Editor | Smart Keys

IDEA-50044 (Bug)

XML code completion original behavior dropped

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-26679 (Bug)

Clearcase fails if dosn't have any default (active)activity associate with the project and it goes to offline mode



IDEA-52582 (Usability Problem)

Double-click should accept selected instance parameter in Convert to Instance Method dialog

IDEA-50022 (Bug)

Throwable inlining a constructor

IDEA-21227 (Bug)

Refactoring -> Type Migration causes fatal error when changing Collection of Wildcard type to Object[].

IDEA-21988 (Bug)

Refactoring Type Migration. Conversion List<List<Type>> to List<Type>[] works incorrectly with method get().

IDEA-52532 (Bug)

Duplicating an @interface inserts "public abstract" in front of every member

IDEA-52622 (Bug)

Static attribute initializer is lost when using extract class refactoring

IDEA-52550 (Bug)

Pull member up refactoring pulled @Override annotation

Task Management


IDEA-52652 (Bug)

[Tasks] Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.InvocationEvent

IDEA-50585 (Bug)

Tasks: removed tasks should not be recreated

IDEA-52775 (Bug)

Task list YouTrack query is not stored

Web Services


IDEA-52555 (Cosmetics)

Bad spelling in REST Client

CSS Editing


IDEA-27039 (Feature)

support for css3 pseudo-class selectors

IDEA-48472 (Bug)

Move statment Up/Down doesn't work properly for css code

IDEA-52710 (Bug)

negative values in CSS3' text-shadow directive aren't invalid



IDEA-52543 (Bug)

On opening different project a datasource is mapped to a configuration of previous project

IDEA-51676 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: count(star) marked in red

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Glassfish


IDEA-52316 (Bug)

Lack of version 6 of Java EE on Glassfish Server Descriptor



IDEA-25204 (Bug)

Can't find usages of filter or servlet

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-25093 (Bug)

Set P4CONFIG=.p4config when running perforce if it's not already set

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-48775 (Usability Problem)

Code completion: loading Javadoc into quick doc pop up should be interrupted with typing

IDEA-52703 (Usability Problem)

Code completion auto popup causing problems when entering ActionScript ternary operator

IDEA-51789 (Bug)

When "Insert pair bracket" on Editor->Smart keys page is off, IDEA still inserts both parentheses on autocomplete lookup, but overtype doesn't work

IDEA-27091 (Bug)

When finishing method lookup item with '(', put caret after this '(' even if method has no parameters

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-52586 (Bug)

Why does \n in a replacement string not insert a newline character?

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-26371 (Bug)

Web Method problem: Class null not public or does not allow instantiation

IDE Configuration


IDEA-52430 (Feature)

Keymap action name search improvements

GWT Support


IDEA-52216 (Bug)

Gwt facet not included in "war" artifact after maven's project refresh



IDEA-52373 (Bug)

JSP EL member completion suggests methods (which are invalid for JSP 2.0 EL)

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-52722 (Bug)

IAE because org.jetbrains.idea.svn.SvnStatusUtil#isIgnoredInAnySense does not guard against null VirtualFile (with bugfix patch)



IDEA-52821 (Bug)

Breakpoints don't work inside JDK classes if they are not in jars (regression since IDEA 7)

IDEA-52746 (Bug)

Turn off ability to set up breakpoints in txt files

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-52558 (Feature)

vertical indent lines: Per file setting (like line numbers)

IDEA-52539 (Cosmetics)

numbered bookmarks allow multiple bookmarks with the same number within one file

IDEA-52608 (Bug)

Add "Show vertical indent guides" option to "View" menu

IDEA-52564 (Bug)

The editor setting "Show method separators" doesn't work



IDEA-52381 (Feature)

"fold" Spring PropertyPlaceholder placeholders

IDEA-52730 (Performance Problem)

IDEA very slow to parse my code - over 10 seconds for import intention

IDEA-26816 (Bug)

Spring bean with abstract="true" is a valid parent attribute value in another bean

IDEA-52563 (Bug)

spring: QuickFix for unresolved bean property always creates dumb property of type java.lang.String

User Interface


IDEA-52640 (Usability Problem)

Run/Debug popup (alt+shift+f10/f9) should support numpad

IDEA-25675 (Bug)

The edit functions (cut/copy/paste) not working on Mac

IDEA-52627 (Bug)

Icons for native files in project view flicker on "Save" action

OSGi Support


IDEA-26817 (Usability Problem)

There was a problem when trying to bundlify file: ....



IDEA-52759 (Usability Problem)

When renaming Groovy class, also rename the file if their names are equal

IDEA-52721 (Cosmetics)

'Make Groovy method public' escalating shouldn't put explicit 'public' modifier

IDEA-52066 (Bug)

Make Gradle launcher class and libs configurable

IDEA-52519 (Bug)

Groovy properties are visible from Java code as public fields

IDEA-52720 (Bug)

Property access highlighting in Groovy broken

IDEA-52624 (Bug)

Returns from endless loops are not considered 'all execution paths' returning a value

IDEA-52429 (Bug)

GDSL enclosingCall doesn't match method calls without parentheses.

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-52387 (Bug)

Convert to ThreadLocal intention breaks code

IDEA-52663 (Bug)

Convert to AtomicInteger intention produces bad code

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