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IDEA-52050 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations for applets: Idea doesn't see "Applet class"

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-49762 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: Hard coded string literal does not suggest to add @NonNls with dependancy to a module with annotations.jar

IDEA-23868 (Usability Problem)

MAIA: Code Inspection "call chain" links do not navigate

IDEA-26944 (Bug)

Refused bequest inspection should be JUnit-4.5 aware

IDEA-51945 (Bug)

dataflow "to here" analysis fails to consistenly display "method too complex to analyze" leading user to miss some important dataflow cases

IDEA-51944 (Bug)

IDEA treats 1.0/0.0 value as an error

IDEA-51993 (Bug)

"CastConflictsWithInstanceof" Inspection bug

IDEA-51755 (Bug)

Qickfix for "Instantiating object to get class object" fails with arrays

IDEA-26781 (Bug)

inspection error with Set initialization

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-24545 (Bug)

IDEA loses test results of tests with multiple failures

IDEA-24815 (Bug)

JunitRunner fails silently when it cannot find method and runs all methods instead.

Code Navigation


IDEA-51864 (Feature)

Tooltip for overridden method in enum reports "anonymous", but should report the ENUM value instead

Flex Support


IDEA-51954 (Feature)

IDEA should download asdoc not javadoc for maven flex artifacts

IDEA-51777 (Cosmetics)

Collection iteration live templates: suggest the same counter name for consecutive loops

IDEA-51739 (Bug)

Code highlight is not updated upon modification

IDEADEV-40795 (Bug)

Ctrl+Q for ResourceManager.getClass() shows nothing

IDEA-51610 (Bug)

Don't suggest to replace with import a package name that looks like fqn

IDEA-26392 (Bug)

expressions in mxml Binding tag are marked as error

Project Configuration


IDEA-27190 (Usability Problem)

Artifacts: Add context action to create .jar archieve from module output

IDEA-50718 (Usability Problem)

Artifact editor: starting the drag and drop of multiple selection drags the single item

IDEA-25499 (Usability Problem)

artifacts config: UI for easy configuration of exploded wars

IDEA-51901 (Cosmetics)

Typo in Subversion settings dialog

IDEA-27194 (Bug)

Artifacts should delete old-named artifacts file wher I press apply button

IDEA-51749 (Bug)

"Could not save project" error message may occur after deleting module imported from Maven

IDEA-51999 (Bug)

Global librares of IDEA 8 are not imported to IDEA 9

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-52098 (Bug)

Unparseable since-build version causes Plugin Manager failures

Version Control


IDEA-51543 (Feature)

Add Quick Search to Commit View popup

IDEA-27603 (Feature)

Indicate which branch is being worked on

IDEA-52040 (Task)

Map F1 and help button of the New Changelist dialog

IDEA-47285 (Bug)

Local changes diff with a not recognized file extension

IDEA-51396 (Bug)

Tasks: if conflicted file is opened in 2 editor tabs, tasks toolbar actions (switch changelist/move changes/ignore) don't make toolbar disappear

XML editing


IDEA-52065 (Bug)

Editing huge XML file blocks IDEA

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-51844 (Usability Problem)

CVS: provide some message if Import fails since user has no write access to selected repository

IDEA-51710 (Bug)

CVS Compare compares with wrong version

IDEA-51905 (Bug)

CVS: Update Project and Repository/Incoming views don't work if the VCS rooot is set to <Project Root>, but the project root itself doesn't contain CVS admin files

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-24326 (Bug)

Analyze Backward Dependencies: Scope not added to bottom dropdown

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-52025 (Bug)

ClearCase: Update Project action doesn't work



IDEA-40700 (Feature)

Refactor / Inline parameter: usages with a static non final field and static method are not allowed to inline

IDEA-51545 (Feature)

Delete Method Implementations dialog (e.g. that is shown on safe delete): show method's body

IDEA-13418 (Feature)

When renaming a non static field which is in UPPER_CASE suggest the camelCase equivelent.

IDEA-36989 (Feature)

Introduce Constant loses @nonNls

IDEA-19440 (Feature)

convert anonymous to inner: suggested naming could be smarter

IDEA-39608 (Feature)

Refactor / Inline class: collisions with getClass()

IDEA-39290 (Usability Problem)

Refactor / Move to inner: respect code style options for imports

IDEA-39083 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring / Inline class: just show a warning if class is not used, and probably do nothing

IDEA-39296 (Cosmetics)

Refactor / Move to inner: do not warn about package local class accessibility if it is moved into public interface

IDEA-52007 (Cosmetics)

Undo move several classes: message speaks about only the first class

IDEA-40651 (Bug)

"Move inner to upper level" does not offer to pass outer class instance if inner class references protected methods of superclass of outer class

IDEA-40703 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: process the case where local class participates in the argument

IDEA-39729 (Bug)

Refactor / Move class to inner: preview shows only usages of one file in case of multiple move

IDEA-51952 (Bug)

Paste of class to different project is redirected to the same project

IDEA-40666 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: "this" as the argument is inlined

IDEA-39274 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: inlining RValue with "this reference only" option produces incorrect code

IDEA-39285 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: non-default constructor processing: only the first assignment of each variable in constructor's body is inlined

IDEA-51941 (Bug)

Error in CMP field rename

IDEA-20816 (Bug)

Push Down Member does not handle super accesses correctly

IDEA-39208 (Bug)

Inline inner class changes code semantics

IDEA-39353 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline class: methods with parameters of inlined class are processed incorrectly

IDEA-40732 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: handle the case when argument expression throws an exception

IDEA-40733 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: array argument: actions on array's members are ignored

IDEA-40731 (Bug)

Refactor / Inline parameter: check for visibility issues

IDEA-22871 (Bug)

Rename refactor gets confused when combining rename-getter with rename-from-interface

IDEA-42195 (Bug)

Refactor / Safe delete: method is deleted from implemented class when deleting from only one interface inheritance branch

IDEA-20700 (Bug)

Renaming Local Variable Can Lead to Shadowing By Field

Task Management


IDEA-51737 (Cosmetics)

Issues completion list: no need to have issue title in braces

IDEA-51839 (Cosmetics)

Tasks: the deleted server entry with empty url appears incorrectly in the previously entered entries list

IDEA-50727 (Bug)

Tasks: MoveChangesToActiveChangelist appears twice

IDEA-51824 (Bug)

Task list menu unavailable with scroll bar

IDEA-51828 (Exception)

Frequent exception from TaskManager plugin

CSS Editing


IDEA-46110 (Feature)

Support for CCS3 HSL color codes

IDEA-51794 (Usability Problem)

Reformat breaking Firefox specific css

IDEA-33867 (Usability Problem)

"Extract Embedded Css" should be in Refactor menu, not intention menu

IDEA-49254 (Bug)

RubyMine - CSS parser not parsing line-height properly

IDEA-49253 (Bug)

CSS: unknown -moz-border-radius-bottomleft/right/...

IDEA-50404 (Bug)

Unknown vendor-prefixed CSS properties should be checked as property without vendor-prefix

IDEA-49178 (Bug)

Unable to rename CSS class in class attribute

IDEA-45297 (Bug)

CSS color completion inserts names not hex values

GWT Support


IDEA-26900 (Feature)

Support UIBinder functionality introduced in GWT 2.0



IDEA-51893 (Feature)

Quick Fix "Create Field" when using Groovy named parameters

IDEA-51520 (Feature)

Show Grails plugins-specific directories in Grails view

IDEA-24452 (Feature)

Autocomplete doesn't work in with context and GString expression

IDEA-51908 (Feature)

Grails 1.2: 'build', 'test' and 'provided' dependency scopes could be supported

IDEA-51880 (Bug)

Invalid 'constructor result ignored' inside closure

IDEA-51686 (Bug)

Groovy syntax parser does not recognize that indexing using array returns a slice

IDEA-27065 (Bug)

Editor cannot resolve GDK methods invoked on uninitialized untyped variables (fields, parameters, local vars)

IDEA-51820 (Bug)

size() method is not resolved for Groovy arrays

IDEA-51822 (Bug)

GString to String coercion doesn't work for ternary method arguments

IDEA-51932 (Bug)

Relax 'not all execution paths return a value', methods with unspecified return type may return nothing

IDEA-51930 (Bug)

Don't force Groovy closures to return a value via all execution paths

IDEA-51929 (Bug)

Passing empty list to super Groovy constructor gives wrong incompatibility warning

IDEA-51924 (Bug)

Incremental Groovy compilation with untouched transitive dependencies results in NCDFE

IDEA-52006 (Bug)

Groovy: using '.class' in property name flagged as error (good code is red)

IDEA-51918 (Bug)

Smart enter moves caret to parent code block in Groovy

IDEA-50536 (Exception)

Quick fix "Implement methods" for java classes that implement groovy interface cause NPE at GenerateMembersUtil.substituteGenericMethod()

IDEA-52032 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException at BaseInspectionVisitor.registerError() on typing 'new' keyword in groovy script

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-51404 (Bug)

Add unambiguous imports and Optimize imports on the fly do not work



IDEA-46516 (Usability Problem)

CSS Styles Preview window has no close button

IDEA-51939 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize web context after creating war archive artifact

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Generic


IDEA-26140 (Feature)

"Update" dialog for running web app: "Restart server" option

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-52026 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.application.PerforceManager.getClientRoot

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-51798 (Bug)

Create Local Variable from unresolved assignment produces invalid result if type is an inner class.

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-25984 (Bug)

Idea 9 Beta ran out of memory (2GB)while doing a "find in files" with 400 results

IDEA-25584 (Bug)

Back reference in regexp replacement doesn't work

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-22821 (Bug)

Issue with recognizing Java 5 Generic methods

IDE Configuration


IDEA-51831 (Bug)

Changing custom Colors & Fonts scheme corrupts default one



IDEA-52018 (Bug)

PsiTypeElement error when deleting overriding method with bad return type



IDEA-51643 (Bug)

Correctly mapped Web Resource directory is highlighted in red for tagdir

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-51354 (Usability Problem)

Not logged to SVN notification: allow to copy message to clipboard

IDEA-51865 (Usability Problem)

Failed Subversion authentication usability problem

IDEA-26360 (Bug)

Performance and inconsistency issues with svn:externals and "Detect nested working copies"

IDEA-51873 (Bug)

Possible SVN startup Issue

IDEA-47182 (Bug)

No-named action between "Set property..." and "Rollback"



IDEA-34419 (Bug)

Same keyboard shortcut assigned to two actions in one dialog - Debugger options

IDEA-29038 (Bug)

Debugger: "Show maximum xxx array elements": somehow show that specifying max number > endIndex - startIndex + 1 doesn't have much sence

IDEA-22874 (Bug)

Cannot dismiss "Range is Too Big" dialog.

IDEA-31228 (Bug)

Navigation cursor jumps to another group in case of the first breakpoint list deletion



IDEA-52036 (Bug)

spring: bean name convention: allow dot (.

IDEA-46306 (Bug)

Spring Inspection - Red on right code

IDEA-51685 (Bug)

Good code is red when @Resource uses with @Controller

User Interface


IDEA-48373 (Task)

"Select JDK" page of the New Project Wizard is not uniform

IDEA-51296 (Bug)

Cursor is lost after rerunning contents of the Run Pane

Maven Integration


IDEA-51974 (Bug)

Got an exception during maven reimport

IDEA-52110 (Bug)

Maven plugin fails to initialize

IDEA-44793 (Bug)

Maven: the goals unselected in run configurations should not keep 'before run' status in MavenProjects view

IDEA-44796 (Bug)

Maven: on setting 'execute before launch...' for some goal via Maven view the selected RunConfiguration should get corr.option checked

IDEA-27237 (Bug)

Maven re-import removes exclusion of Maven's "target" folder and adds target/generated-sources/groovy-stubs/main as source folder

IDEA-51718 (Bug)

Maven: new gmaven plugin is not supported

IDEA-42264 (Bug)

Maven: the MavenProject view should be properly updated on setting 'execute before Run' for goals

IDEA-51988 (Bug)

IDEA locked up after adding a maven module.



IDEA-51874 (Bug)

PostgreSQL : substring argument marked in red

IDEA-45897 (Bug)

SQL: CASE operator (expression) without parenthesis as an operand is red

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