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IDEA-97444 (Usability Problem)

Cannot change SQL dialects while indexing

IDEA-97502 (Bug)

Database Console in 12 has lost functionality



IDEA-95236 (Cosmetics)

Android run configuration menu option too small

IDEA-96015 (Bug)

Create layout file: fill_parent instead of match_parent in API 8+

IDEA-94451 (Bug)

Can't start inner static Activity

IDEA-97686 (Bug)

Android+Maven project: is not generated if "Run 'process-resources'..." option is chosen in facet

IDEA-94168 (Bug)

ADB doesn't connect to a real device

IDEA-96665 (Bug)

Android layout preview: it is impossible to look at stacktrace in the warning if several custom views cannot be initialized

IDEA-75767 (Bug)

Android layout preview: SoundPool

IDEA-96541 (Bug)

Android build target is not imported from if project sdk is preselected

IDEA-93696 (Bug)

Android UI Preview Render error

IDEA-96548 (Bug)

Sometimes "cannot parse XML drawable" error occurs in layout preview

IDEA-94297 (Bug)

String Resource Extraction does not escape apostrophes

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-94592 (Performance Problem)

Spring inspections horribly slow in Leda

Code Navigation


IDEA-92555 (Usability Problem)

Go to class doesn't find my class if I type it in lower case

Compiling Project


IDEA-96251 (Bug)

RMI stubs are not generated when using external build



IDEA-97246 (Bug)

In database delete row from table editor deletes more then one row



IDEA-97721 (Bug)

[Flex] IntelliJ allways tells me to make methods in skins static, that contain "hostComponent"



IDEA-94812 (Bug)

Groovy files always rebuild in Grails project



IDEA-73925 (Feature)

Language injection in .properties files

IDEA-92972 (Feature)

declarative language injection via comment

IDEA-97251 (Bug)

Suppression comment inserted with quick fix mutes language injection comment (properties)

IDEA-96656 (Bug)

IntelliLang allows duplicate injection definitions in IntelliLang.xml

IDEA-97280 (Bug)

Ruby19RegExp Fragment:cannot undo changes in main editor

IDEA-97243 (Exception)

Language injection by comment: AE at ProperTextRange.assertProperRange() in .properties file



IDEA-96832 (Bug)

"Move var statement to the scope start" breaks identation of the first line in block

IDEA-97717 (Bug)

Support JavaScript 1.7 yield expression as an rvalue



IDEA-97764 (Bug)

Field alias can be used in "having" but marked as "unknown"

IDEA-96732 (Bug)

PostgreSQL function in file causes code analysis to consume 100% CPU

IDEA-97097 (Bug)

postgresql - unable to resolve table from nondefault schema

IDEA-97590 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect flags error on good SQL



IDEA-96053 (Cosmetics)

Spring Web Flow Diagram: Darcula compatibility

IDEA-96048 (Cosmetics)

Spring Diagram: Darcula compatibility

Version Control. Git


IDEA-96237 (Bug)

Git push from inside IDEA reconfigures (messes up) branch configuration

IDEA-93510 (Bug)

Git push: don't set tracking when pushing an already tracking branch to alternative branch



IDEA-97811 (Bug)

IntelliJ Lockup when having 2 IntelliJ Instances editing handling the same source-code file.

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