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IDEA-94157 (Feature)

Jetty 9 support

IDEA-89660 (Usability Problem)

Property Table: children should be shown/hidden by left/right arrow keys.

IDEA-95136 (Usability Problem)

Move to another changelist shall pre-select 'create new' option If there's only one changelist so far

IDEA-95133 (Usability Problem)

Run Configuration: 'Single instance only' doesn't fit into the default dialog size

IDEA-90293 (Performance Problem)

Block cursor slows down editor painting with Retina

IDEA-88439 (Task)

Retina Improvements

IDEA-95531 (Bug)

Memory leak

IDEA-95129 (Bug)

Good Generic Code Is Marked Red

IDEA-94925 (Bug)

Current thread CPU time measurement is not supported.

IDEA-94838 (Bug)

"optimize imports of the fly" - change the inspection name

IDEA-95290 (Bug)

Welcome Screen: "Check out from version control" popup misaligned

IDEA-94986 (Bug)

No error on using 'this' inside an interface

IDEA-95061 (Bug)

Narrow scope quick fix does not work with switch statement

IDEA-94554 (Bug)

Intellij Idea doesnt change theme to Darcula correctly on Linux. Failed to change theme to default

IDEA-94717 (Bug)

IntelliJ 12 public preview : deployment error with Tomcat

IDEA-81630 (Bug)

Good code is red: Cannot resolve method aspectOf ('factory-method="aspectOf")

IDEA-82353 (Bug)

Static import suggestion when using Hamcrest incorrectly suggests sun.nio.cs.Surrogate#is

IDEA-94848 (Bug)

Two event dispatch threads if starting without showing splash screen

IDEA-95409 (Bug)

CheckOut from welcome screen: background button on progress indicator doesn't work

IDEA-94874 (Bug)

text doesn't wrap in 'edit revision comment' window

IDEA-95087 (Bug)

'not' unexpected

IDEA-95414 (Bug)

Icons: Event Log: strange Mark all as read icon

IDEA-95416 (Bug)

Icons: update Spring icons

IDEA-94989 (Bug)

Favorites: drag and drop nodes between lists doesn't work (checked with file nodes)

IDEA-94813 (Bug)

"Preview Usages" is broken

IDEA-93616 (Bug)

Error at startup with Mac JRE 1.7



IDEA-93121 (Feature)

Support for event handlers

IDEA-93280 (Task)

Support Android artifacts siginig in external compiler mode

IDEA-87153 (Bug)

Android Designer: Designer Component Tree: nodes' widths are not updated on the fly

IDEA-94901 (Bug)

BuildConfig class duplicate when using android-maven-plugin 3.4.0 and IDEA IU-122.746

IDEA-87866 (Bug)

Android UI Designer : CustomView can't list up android library project's customview.



IDEA-94671 (Cosmetics)

#ant tree unreadable with the new #{User Interface.Darcula} Look & Feel



IDEA-90965 (Feature)

Preview color as background in addition to the gutter square

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-95197 (Usability Problem)

Utility class without private constructor shall ignore private inner classes.

IDEA-94690 (Usability Problem)

Magic number inspection shall have an option to ignore initial sizes of Collections, Sets, Maps, StringBuilders and StringBuffers

IDEA-95207 (Bug)

incorrect insection about StringBuilder

IDEA-95072 (Bug)

Ignore list being ignored in "Non serializable field in serializable class" inspection

IDEA-95021 (Bug)

Strange and incorrect warning about method parameters with always true if at the start

Code Coverage


IDEA-95209 (Bug)

"Track per test coverage" shows error for test methods that contain an underscore character

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-93476 (Feature)

Built-in code arrangement does not support alphabetization

IDEA-94317 (Feature)

Rearranger: Provide ability to specify name-based rules

IDEA-91269 (Cosmetics)

Code Style | Arrangement: use Mac-style toolbar on Mac OS

IDEA-94969 (Cosmetics)

Code Style | Arrangement: disabled modifiers look weird on Darcula

IDEA-94107 (Bug)

Java rearranger corrupts code if more than one field declared with comma separator

IDEA-95101 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: it could be possible to edit existing regexp rather than typing it over again

IDEA-95008 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: <empty rule> item appears if two rules are simultaneously deleted by deleting their components

IDEA-95138 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: visual defects appear on adding rules to an empty list of rules

IDEA-94972 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: Delete button doesn't delete rules

IDEA-95368 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: Edit popup is not closed on deleteng a rule that is in edit mode

IDEA-95143 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: 'Rearrange code' action should not be shown in 'Code' menu if it is not available in current context

IDEA-95369 (Exception)

Code Style | Arrangement: java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException on typing a bracket in "name" (regexp) field

IDEA-94950 (Exception)

Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode

Code Navigation


IDEA-92555 (Usability Problem)

Go to class doesn't find my class if I type it in lower case

IDEA-94823 (Bug)

URLClassLoader shouldn't match UrlClassLoader

Compiling Project


IDEA-95060 (Performance Problem)

Make is slower in LEDA vs IntelliJ 11

IDEA-95173 (Cosmetics)

Problems tool window: don't change status message panel width while compiling

IDEA-95157 (Bug)

New exception in javac when compiling IntelliJ IDEA project using external build

IDEA-95355 (Bug)

Make Project stack trace (automatic reporting not available in this context.

IDEA-95313 (Bug)

Make automatically is not triggered (Problems tool window reports no error) in case of deleting referred class

IDEA-95403 (Bug)

SEVERE: Cannot compile anymore



IDEA-94849 (Feature)

Allow top row of csv to name columns in csv view

IDEA-95187 (Bug)

[Database compare] Faulty update script for migration

IDEA-94852 (Bug)

Idea failed to load plugins



IDEA-90846 (Usability Problem)

Expression text is duplicated in 'Result' panel of 'Expression Evaluation' dialog hiding the actual result



IDEA-95098 (Feature)

Comment lines in drools files should look like comments in any other file

IDEA-95086 (Bug)

High CPU/memory usage and poor performance

IDEA-95084 (Bug)

add Drools file types to New

IDEA-95081 (Bug)

asterisk imports not working correctly

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-95392 (Usability Problem)

Too many suggestions

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-94980 (Bug)

Go To Class: Show results, more than 1000, asks "search for more" for every single item found

IDEA-94856 (Bug)

Find Usages Settings dialog: Help/F1 should open Find Usages reference



IDEA-94955 (Feature)

Flex: when creating a new class for MXML attribute value, allow choosing MXML templates along with AS ones

IDEA-61855 (Performance Problem)

While analysing FlexUnit output, accessing filesystem may be inacceptably slow

IDEA-95432 (Bug)

Trying the Debug Configurations straight to Ipod touch

IDEA-94839 (Bug)

Completion for resource key does not overwrite prefix

IDEA-95386 (Bug)

Set correct swf-version for an AIR desktop and mobile build configs of Flash project

IDEA-94962 (Bug)

Flex UML diagram: use the same wizards as used in Project View for creating new AS/MXML classes

IDEA-94684 (Bug)

Darcula OS-X: ActionScript text background white

IDEA-76348 (Bug)

Flex, Package Mobile Air Application: show 'Android application created' despite warnings that occur while packaging

IDEA-94245 (Bug)

AIR packaging warnings are treated as errors

GUI Designer


IDEA-94779 (Bug)

Automatically copy form runtime classe to output directory



IDEA-94996 (Usability Problem)

Groovy Shell discards typed expression if down-arrow pressed too many times

IDEA-94731 (Bug)

Covert to Java: 'final' modifier inserted two times

IDEA-94712 (Bug)

Convert to Java: nullable refs

IDEA-94713 (Bug)

Convert to Java: replace == with equals

IDEA-95357 (Exception)

Exception in Groovy DSL (GroovyDslExecutor.groovy:168)



IDEA-94902 (Bug)

Indexing issue in IDEA 12 Preview



IDEA-23773 (Bug)

temporary injection does not handle concatenation



IDEA-74969 (Performance Problem)

IDEA freezes during GXT development (console filtering is slow)

IDEA-94818 (Bug)

Inspections/Syntax Analysis very slow



IDEA-94169 (Bug)

sun-web.xml is deprecated



IDEA-93817 (Usability Problem)

Support server specific deployment descriptor for WL-10+

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-94821 (Usability Problem)

Don't autoinsert a single completion item if it's provided via middle matching

IDEA-95064 (Bug)

Unexpected code completion

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-95437 (Bug)

Good code is red: Unhandled exception

IDEA-94987 (Bug)

Java: usage of raw type with parameterized bound is green

IDEA-95065 (Bug)

Java: bad wildcard bound is green when parameterized type is not a supertype, while raw type is

IDEA-94990 (Bug)

Bad code is green: No unique maximal instance exists for type variable with upper bounds boolean,Object

IDEA-94908 (Bug)

Java: rare type with raw inner is green

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-95297 (Bug)

Exception when trying to split complex if into two ifs

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-95199 (Bug)

Extract Class refactoring cannot create classes in the default package

IDEA-95276 (Bug)

Optimize import breaks code

IDEA-94875 (Bug)

A new bug in move refactoring operation

IDEA-95318 (Bug)

Introduce constant from named constant reference fails if move to another class option is required



IDEA-71737 (Usability Problem)

URL of Mirror in Maven settings.xml is Not Clickable

IDEA-94120 (Usability Problem)

Maven combine.self attribute is not allowed

IDEA-95334 (Bug)

Add maven dependency should ignore generics.

IDEA-92848 (Bug)

Html tags not parsed in description

IDEA-95196 (Bug)

Add Framework Support - Maven Doesn't Move Source Files To New Structure

IDEA-94115 (Bug)

Maven: consider the maven-processor-plugin settings on annotation processors configuring

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-94892 (Feature)

Use 'onlylocal' option for YourKit profiler agent

IDEA-85545 (Bug)

Uninstaller of IDEA Community deletes settings and caches of IDEA Ultimate

IDEA-95306 (Bug)

Uninstall does not remove shortcuts from system start menu (WinXP, regression)

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-94982 (Bug)

Support multiple console highlights per line

Project Configuration


IDEA-94453 (Usability Problem)

Misleading usage of the term "template"

IDEA-94956 (Usability Problem)

Add "Import module" option to project settings

IDEA-94041 (Cosmetics)

New Project Wizard: Create from Template: "Browse" buttons in "More Settings" have different height on Mac OS

IDEA-94889 (Bug)

Import Project: when Import Project is called from Welcome Screen, it is suggested to select .iml file as a possible import target

IDEA-94914 (Bug)

"New Project..." shows add module dialog

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94593 (Usability Problem)

Affordance of run/debug configurations groups

IDEA-88988 (Usability Problem)

Stop Confirmation dialog is confusing

IDEA-94809 (Bug)

Rerun leaves old java system process running



IDEA-82256 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: UNION with ORDER BY referring not existing resulting column is green

IDEA-48662 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: column alias is resolved in GROUP BY and HAVING clauses

IDEA-94858 (Bug)

Oracle SQL dialect: valid code is underlined, + formatting problems

IDEA-95266 (Bug)

PostgreSQL error with "IF NOT EXISTS" statement



IDEA-44146 (Feature)

Spring: quickfix to create non-existent bean should provide specific pre-defined beans from custom namespace

IDEA-77222 (Performance Problem)

Spring model validation takes forever

Task Management


IDEA-95265 (Bug)

Clock icon should be 13x13



IDEA-94524 (Bug)

problem with fsnotifier

User Interface


IDEA-95047 (Cosmetics)

Memory indicator text doesn't fit the frame

IDEA-95107 (Cosmetics)

Corners of Code Style > Java > Arrangement bubbles have artifacts

IDEA-95026 (Cosmetics)

Change "Cancel" to "Postpone" in Appearance change confirmation dialog

IDEA-95014 (Bug)

Memory indicator is drawn incorrectly

IDEA-94895 (Bug)

New Project wizard: certain mnemonics do not work

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-95261 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: Breakpoints Dialog caption is unreadable

IDEA-95273 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: current line marker in editor is too visible and I cannot easily distinguish it from the selection

IDEA-93614 (Cosmetics)

Darcula L&F: Settings actions in Find Action popup are hardly readable

IDEA-95286 (Bug)

Bright borders for Stripes and Stripe buttons

IDEA-95330 (Bug)

Darcula cancel icons with white cross

IDEA-95291 (Bug)

Darcula: memory indicator may be darker

IDEA-95527 (Bug)

captions are broken

IDEA-94937 (Bug)

When switching to Dracula look'n feel, it is not possible to come back to the default look'n feel

IDEA-95214 (Bug)

Table grid color is too bright

IDEA-95376 (Bug)

Darcula: memory indicator incorrectly shows percentage

IDEA-95378 (Bug)

Darcula icons: >> icon on action toolbars is invisible

IDEA-94547 (Bug)

Darcula: White border around "File Analysis" block

IDEA-95185 (Bug)

File color for library files are too dark

IDEA-95264 (Bug)

Library tree is unreadable

IDEA-95227 (Bug)

Darcula: scopes editor

IDEA-93579 (Bug)

Darcula - Can't read text in inspection results

IDEA-95245 (Bug)

Test color is too aggressive under Darcula

IDEA-95246 (Bug)

File colors under Darcula should be improved

IDEA-93561 (Bug)

Darcula - "Tip of the Day" white background

IDEA-94538 (Bug)

Darcula: can't read plugin text

IDEA-95231 (Bug)

Violet is too bright when in Darcula

IDEA-95230 (Bug)

Brawn color labeled as Yellow in File Colors when in Darcula

IDEA-95234 (Bug)

Asc and Desc icons are ugly

Version Control


IDEA-94954 (Exception)

Move to Change List without VCS throws NPE

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-68122 (Feature)

Mercurial: ShowHistory for directory: implement CompareWithLocal and Show Diff.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-94845 (Bug)

Subversion: after shared project commit the top-level folders appear as locally deleted until Refresh

IDEA-94873 (Bug)

Subversion: renamed/moved file located in root added as svn:externals gets incorrect status when command line client is used

IDEA-95149 (Bug)

Subversion: annotate tree-conflicted file -> error

IDEA-95097 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA build #IU-122.813. Can't checkout project from subversion repository

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