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  • Leda 123.150 Release Notes
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IDEA-98282 (Bug)

Android preview does not understand views having custom attributes in selector

IDEA-88322 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol string (in R.string.* reference)

IDEA-98267 (Bug)

Very slow (sluggish) in the XML designer

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-99650 (Usability Problem)

Analyze | Inspect Code on a module should make the selected module scope the default choice

Compiling Project


IDEA-95035 (Bug)

Cannot build artifact for big project - IU 12 Preview

IDEA-99463 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not respect module jdk/language-level if it is based on eclipse dependencies storage format



WEB-6313 (Bug)

Dart: when creating Dart project by template, don't use Tab characters for indentation in generated pubspec.yaml



IDEA-99562 (Bug)

Data Source Properties window, JDBC property descriptions don't match



IDEA-98605 (Bug)

"arguments" object is not recognized as Array

IDEA-99359 (Bug)

'Prefer ActionScript Compiler 2.0' options and project-level compiler options are not respected in external compiler mode if the project is stored in *.ipr file format



IDEA-90190 (Bug)

Grails 2.1 and Maven Debugging problem



IDEA-99196 (Bug)

Groovy: Invalid warning "'valueOf' in 'java.lang.Enum<MyEnum>' cannot be applied to '(java.lang.String)'"

IDEA-99337 (Bug)

Intention "Convert [] Form to index method" (Before->After should be swapped)



IDEA-92682 (Bug)

QL: code completion suggests nothing in the injection fragment



IDEA-98425 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not include Maven transitive dependencies in classpath during rebuild

No Subsystem


IDEA-99477 (Bug)

Before Launch task shows console in "reserved" tab



IDEA-97850 (Bug)

EAP: Code Formatting: table name interpreted as keyword

Task Management


IDEA-99260 (Bug)

Open Task - Mark as 'In Progress' not persistent

User Interface


IDEA-95058 (Usability Problem)

An option to set regular font size on editor's tab titles

IDEA-99686 (Bug)

No icons for toolwindows in recent files and switcher

IDEA-98794 (Bug)

Rendering of Deployment -> Sync screen is broken

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-98768 (Bug)

Too light color in application and web deployment editor

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