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IDEA-97536 (Bug)

Introduce parameter doesn't search for same expressions

IDEA-97352 (Bug)

Find action popup not closed after choosing Settings item

IDEA-98700 (Bug)

SQLException when trying to refresh TimesTen Datasource

IDEA-97598 (Bug)

"Extract Interface": @Override tags get confused in cases of multiple inheritance

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-97120 (Cosmetics)

Error in Marker Interface description

IDEA-96474 (Bug)

Constant conditions & exceptions - Suggest @Nullable inspection only when applicable



IDEA-98530 (Feature)

Feature Request: Prompt for password when using Database Console for sensitive connections

IDEA-98770 (Bug)

Synchronize database scructure hangs



IDEA-98233 (Bug)

Problem with debugger in Grails 2.2.0 + Intellij 12.0.2 (build 123.100)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-97476 (Bug)

Connection through a proxy is not working

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-98542 (Bug)

Not possible to send an actor a PoisonPill with Akka when using the Java programming language.

IDEA-97063 (Bug)

Editor displays error when referring to a non-static inner class in generic arguments

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-97001 (Bug)

Couldn't finish Introduce Field refactoring

IDEA-97682 (Bug)

Extract constant fails for Strings which contain XPath expressions

IDEA-97420 (Bug)

extract field can result in compilation problems



IDEA-97932 (Bug)

Maven project ignoring dependencies in profiles.

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-97153 (Bug)

Adding pluggins does 2 + n * number custom installed pluggins



IDEA-98750 (Bug)

PostreSQL: Good code is red

IDEA-98355 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: numbered script parameters support could be improved

IDEA-98353 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: substitution variables are red

IDEA-98352 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: DEL, LIST with 2 arguments are red

IDEA-98362 (Bug)

Wrong indentation in SQL after pressing Enter

IDEA-98358 (Exception)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: Throwable at SqlVariableDefinitionImpl.getNameElement()

IDEA-98349 (Exception)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: Throwable at InitialInfoBuilder.assertInvalidRanges() on inserting line break after minus



IDEA-98769 (Bug)

Diagram performance is unacceptable

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