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IDEA-90293 (Performance Problem)

Block cursor slows down editor painting with Retina

IDEA-98012 (Bug)

Code completion bug in HTML files

IDEA-81992 (Bug)

Changes in toString template are not applied immediately



IDEA-92882 (Usability Problem)

Android run config should be more permissive and allow to select "incompatible" AVDs

IDEA-97053 (Bug)

Unable to choose custom APK path for Android facet



WEB-4719 (Bug)

"Unused CSS Selector" inspection tool showing false positives

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-97937 (Bug)

Command line inspection crashes

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-97997 (Bug)




IDEA-98077 (Usability Problem)

Database support first time user experience

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-97804 (Performance Problem)

Very slow scrolling performance in IDEA 12 on OSX with retina display

IDEA-94224 (Bug)

Block caret doesn't display properly on Retina display



IDEA-98155 (Cosmetics)

ActionScript event handler generation: strip leading '_', add missing ';'

IDEA-97981 (Bug)

Wrong error reported for dynamic casting



IDEA-97889 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.3 and 2.2.RC4 has a reloading problem with Intellij 12

IDEA-94890 (Bug)

Cannot Import Grails Project



IDEA-96136 (Bug)

Groovy: line feed after annotation reference is allowed

IDEA-97701 (Bug)

Methods added by groovy not recognized by IDEA

IDEA-95917 (Bug)

Groovy annotation attributes wrong alignment

IDEA-96330 (Bug)

Convert to Java: comparison to null

IDEA-96810 (Bug)

"optimize imports" removes @Grab on unused imports



IDEA-97964 (Auto-reported Exception)

Broken Language injection for multilined property

IDEA-98099 (Bug)

Language injection by comment: line break in fragment editor is not properly escaped in the main editor (.properties)



IDEA-97389 (Bug)

Debugging Issues

IDEA-97589 (Bug)

Servlet configuration is broken in web.xml GUI editor



WEB-3963 (Bug)

Unexpected JavaScript Inspection Message



IDEA-97558 (Bug)

External build: Honor file-level encoding during maven resources processing

IDEA-97932 (Bug)

Maven project ignoring dependencies in profiles.

IDEA-96686 (Bug)

When maven-surefire-plugin configurate with classpath, that include webapp dir, finding files don't work properly

User Interface


IDEA-96793 (Feature)

RecentFiles popup should show go to class popup if nothing found

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-22469 (Feature)

A way to change the link color for the Ctrl-Click "goto declaration" navigation



IDEA-97505 (Bug)

Map External Resource from hidden directory not possible

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