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IDEA-86337 (Usability Problem)

Disable actions in 'Generate...' popup which can't be applied

IDEA-94512 (Usability Problem)

Too long menu list

IDEA-93675 (Usability Problem)

Failed plugin prevented a popup menu from opening

IDEA-94513 (Usability Problem)

Import: Eclipse: file chooser selection is not synchronized with "Select Eclipse projects directory" field

IDEA-91361 (Usability Problem)

Syntax-aware selection enhancement

IDEA-93396 (Performance Problem)

Editor context menu (right-click) takes very long to appear in a class with very many constants declared

IDEA-94628 (Cosmetics)

Old icon in Template Data Languages

IDEA-94458 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization in the dialog box that opens on Import

IDEA-94493 (Task)

Cucumber JVM: lazy inference of --glue parameter

IDEA-94888 (Bug)

Breakpoints Dialog: editor panel is too wide due to long dependent breakpoint's name

IDEA-94886 (Bug)

Add to Favorites: silently does nothing for Java classes not under project sources

IDEA-94073 (Bug)

External build: Eclipe integration: Rebuild/Make ignore test output path

IDEA-88021 (Bug)

Error writing to file content of Favorites

IDEA-94530 (Bug)

Darcula: Java doc parameters are invisible

IDEA-94532 (Bug)

Darcula: balloons border is too dark

IDEA-90977 (Bug)

Favorites file order garbled

IDEA-92677 (Bug)

Path variables aren't substituted correctly if they have differences in cases of letters from canonical paths

IDEA-94516 (Bug)

Find file action don't find certain files

IDEA-94624 (Bug)

TypeScript debugging: when using sourcemaps in Chrome

IDEA-94450 (Bug)

GenerateXMLSchemaFromJavaUsingJAXB: incorrect error dialog (Ubuntu)

IDEA-94580 (Bug)

Darcula: balloons and tooltips have same design as in light themes

IDEA-93072 (Bug)

Base Cucumber plugin throws a NullPointerException when trying to create a step definition

IDEA-67336 (Bug)

Wrong help page shown for data source/table visualization diagrams

IDEA-73083 (Bug)

paste leads to out of memory

IDEA-93720 (Bug)

Can not create Node.JS boilerplate project

IDEA-94755 (Bug)

CCE on attempt to open LaF settings

IDEA-94497 (Bug)

Introduce variable produces incorrect code for for-condition/for-updater

IDEA-94494 (Bug)

Introduce variable produces incorrect code for multi-declarator declaration

IDEA-94361 (Bug)

Switch default button to "Remind later" on Update dialog

IDEA-82116 (Bug)

Compile server: root marking/unmarking as source root doesn't affect compiler until project reopening

IDEA-94679 (Bug)

external make should check if UIDesigner plugin is enabled

IDEA-94467 (Bug)

Goto implementation does not work on AbstractClass.invokeStaticMethod()

IDEA-94673 (Bug)

Exception: Unmatched braces in the pattern

IDEA-94976 (Bug)

Favorites: need to delete item from list several times

IDEA-94589 (Bug)

Live template for surround with ReadWriteLock incorrect

IDEA-87475 (Bug)

Favorites: for the CurrentTask node Delete and Rename context menu actions are enabled but do nothing

IDEA-94465 (Bug)

Change Signature -> add parameter copies the Javadoc @param description from the following parameter

IDEA-94407 (Bug)

Unable to import project from eclipse from welcome screen

IDEA-94813 (Bug)

"Preview Usages" is broken

IDEA-94439 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.errorTreeView.NewErrorTreeViewPanel.b

IDEA-91053 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertReadAccessAllowed

IDEA-87471 (Exception)

UOE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesManager.addRoots

IDEA-87472 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.ide.favoritesTreeView.FavoritesPanel$1.drop

IDEA-94792 (Exception)

Attempt to save database settings causes PE at ComponentStoreImpl.startSave()



IDEA-93096 (Usability Problem)

Android: Resources dialog: Preview panel could be resizable

IDEA-93041 (Usability Problem)

When a new profile is created and an application has multiple locales, select an English locale by default

IDEA-94459 (Bug)

Drag and Drop in Project Tool Window stops working after using Drag and Drop in Android UI Designer

IDEA-93048 (Bug)

Designer does not remember selected locale

IDEA-90146 (Bug)

Show notification about missing custom view classes in Android designer

IDEA-93167 (Bug)

UI/Android Designer: Cmd+... shortcuts are incorrectly processed sometimes

IDEA-93164 (Bug)

Android Designer: Undo Add Element shows Undo "Visual edit operation: create_children"

IDEA-93044 (Bug)

When choosing a style for a control, chooser doesn't show any details about each style

IDEA-92957 (Bug)

UI Designer does not validate dimensions correctly



IDEA-94425 (Feature)

Support Copyright profiles for AspectJ files



IDEA-94474 (Bug)

Flex CSS: color chooser is shown for every number literal in the file

IDEA-64435 (Bug)

CSS: Warnings when using underscore and sharp hacks

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-94174 (Bug)

Dependency matrix analysis does not work with off-process project compilation

IDEA-94399 (Bug)

DSM does not work for test classes when using Maven 2.2.1

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-94442 (Feature)

String concatenation inspection shall have an option to be ignored in toString() methods

IDEA-94437 (Cosmetics)

Class does not overwrite toString() method shall be Class does not override toString() method

IDEA-94181 (Bug)

Boolean truth inference

IDEA-94938 (Bug)

Invalid error reported on Type param.

IDEA-94286 (Bug)

Constant conditons & exceptions wrt f == f

IDEA-93168 (Bug)

Incorrect "Condition null == *** is always false" highlighting in Java.

IDEA-94250 (Bug)

Class does not overwrite toString() method shall not warn when toString() in super class is final

Code Coverage


IDEA-94420 (Bug)

Coverage is not displayed in editor

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-94317 (Feature)

Rearranger: Provide ability to specify name-based rules

IDEA-94947 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: visual artifacts appear on clicking "Edit" for a rule while "Edit" popup is open for another rule

IDEA-94950 (Exception)

Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode

Code Navigation


IDEA-94278 (Bug)

Find action behavior changed



IDEA-83102 (Feature)

Real debugger for CFML - FusionDebug

Compiling Project


IDEA-94638 (Bug)

External Build: on source root rename the classes from this root are not processed

IDEA-94514 (Bug)

External Compiler: Validation On Make not triggered

IDEA-91626 (Bug)

Compiler fails to identify overloaded methods with mildly ambiguous generic signatures

IDEA-93969 (Bug)

New "external build" fails with internal compiler error

IDEA-94395 (Bug)

External build: Problems tool window shows no error when Rebuild reports errors

IDEA-94531 (Exception)

Can't compile 'using external build'



IDEA-69664 (Bug)

Database plugin only displays the first resultset



IDEA-94741 (Usability Problem)

Edit breakpoints: should SHOW class name with breakpoint

IDEA-84683 (Task)

Make debugger actions toolbar configurable



IDEA-89221 (Usability Problem)

Diff View: Incorrect position of change on the srollbar

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-89483 (Usability Problem)

Bad handling of blank lines in "Select word (method)"

IDEA-94327 (Exception)

Exception is thrown when File | Print is invoked

File System


IDEA-89944 (Bug)

Refresh during checkout branch process (Git) sometimes ends up with few unrefreshed files

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-92681 (Feature)

Find in path. Can't find all files by pattern

IDEA-87727 (Usability Problem)

Mnemonic Alt+M (Match Case) doesn't work in search box



IDEA-94443 (Feature)

No quickfix to create method for new ExistingClass().nonExistentMethod()

IDEA-60118 (Feature)

When creating ActionScript Class via quick fix prompt for template variables if selected custom file template needs it

IDEA-69761 (Feature)

MXML structure view: show components structure

IDEA-68573 (Feature)

ActionScript class creation dialog: add fields for super class and implemented interfaces

IDEA-70359 (Usability Problem)

Item renderers with id's show up in the Structure View

IDEA-72083 (Cosmetics)

css value with unit: why unit navigate to style definition?

IDEA-94383 (Bug)

Flex external build sometimes fails: Failed to create file /path/to.swf

IDEA-94466 (Bug)

Flex external make: changes made to resource pattern don't affect copying assets

IDEA-94349 (Bug)

Flex external build: path variables in additional compiler options not resolved

IDEA-94390 (Bug)

Flex external build: resource files are not copied after output folder change



IDEA-90203 (Bug)

"Dev Mode" tab in GWT dev mode cannot be reopened

IDEA-94080 (Bug)

Can't exit IDEA after compiler failure



IDEA-88872 (Feature)

Support additional flags when creating a Griffon application project

IDEA-61962 (Feature)

Groovy mixin support

IDEA-69920 (Bug)

Support additional imports added by the Griffon compiler

IDEA-94733 (Bug)

Groovy: complete 'eachWithIndex' with ellipsis

IDEA-93735 (Bug)

Compilation error when using @Delegate(deprecated=true)

IDEA-93642 (Bug)

Convert to java: don't implement Groovy Object if there is no implemented methods and class cannot extend GroovyObjectSupport

IDEA-94859 (Bug)

Plugin/Addon descriptors should be visible in Griffon view

IDEA-94766 (Bug)

Groovy: implicit cast to array

IDEA-94491 (Bug)

Calls of overloaded methods taking Runnable/Callable are highlighted yellow when a closure is passed

IDEA-94709 (Bug)

Groovy: create member from ref is not available in static methods

IDEA-94945 (Bug)

Groovy: complete boolean constants in annotation arguments

IDEA-94586 (Bug)

Groovy: process noncode methods in category methods

IDEA-94481 (Bug)

Groovy: Do't highlight as warning category methods of Class type invoked on class references

IDE Configuration


IDEA-94561 (Bug)

122.746 - Custom icons not showing up in toolbar but appear correct in configuration dialog



IDEA-75348 (Feature)

Basic Vaadin support

IDEA-66790 (Bug)

"Private field is never used" does not appear when @Resource annotation used

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-94209 (Bug)

Completion in parameter list at array parameter position should insert braces after new Type

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-92022 (Bug)

Java highlighting: conversion of raw type bound to parameterized type bound is green

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-94471 (Bug)

'Remove unnecessary parentheses' is not suggested inside array access

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-86011 (Usability Problem)

Refactoring: "Move members" -> "To"-class-completion improvements

IDEA-94828 (Bug)

Cannot clone class

IDEA-94288 (Bug)

Leda IU-122.694 - Refactoring inner static class to standalone class in external compilation unit fails.

IDEA-94460 (Bug)

can not delete folder with read only files

IDEA-91985 (Bug)

Extract method does not work when a comment is selected at the end of the statements



IDEA-94229 (Feature)

Expose JS Lint Setting: Expected exactly one space between 'function' and '('.

IDEA-79850 (Bug)

"Reformat code..." for ActionScript removes whitespace from block /* ... */ comments

IDEA-92455 (Bug)

Good code marked as bad (red) in jquery JavaScript source

IDEA-94545 (Bug)

TypeScript: Good code red - Imports are expecting a statement

IDEA-94573 (Bug)

Javascript continuation indent error

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-86522 (Usability Problem)

Show array properties ordered by index as number rather than string



IDEA-76993 (Usability Problem)

Maven resolve dependencies progress is always at 100%

IDEA-77160 (Bug)

${env.PATH} variable highlighted as red error

IDEA-94468 (Bug)

Maven3: the generated sources are not detected as source roots

IDEA-94611 (Bug)

Cosmetics : Capitalization

IDEA-94699 (Bug)

Import project Wizard: Import project from maven: Wizard proposes wrong Project location

IDEA-94696 (Bug)

Duplicate class with annotation processor being used for production and test code

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-81223 (Usability Problem)

Installer should add Start Menu entry for all users

Project Configuration


IDEA-94457 (Usability Problem)

Provide the possibility to delete custom project templates

IDEA-11138 (Usability Problem)

Project structure: Add remove depency action to shortcut menu

IDEA-94646 (Bug)

Save Project As Template: output folder should not be saved probably

IDEA-94645 (Bug)

Save Project As Template: ipr-based project are saved incorrectly

IDEA-94433 (Bug)

Changes in 'Module SDK' aren't saved to '.classpath' file

IDEA-94038 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Create from Template: Android Module: "Create source directory" step is redundant, because it duplicates "Create source root" option

IDEA-79431 (Bug)

Settings / Code Style / Scheme combobox: selecting non-project default global scheme reset the choice to default scheme

IDEA-94040 (Bug)

Create Project From Template: Empty Project: the module settings should be disabled

IDEA-94569 (Bug)

Import Project: "Cannot import" is shown on attempt to import a project from .gradle and .iml files

IDEA-94055 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Create from Template: when creating Java Command Line Application module gets "CommandLine" name regardless of settings

IDEA-90644 (Bug)

after Ctrl+Shif+A search wrong tab in settings highlighted

IDEA-94063 (Bug)

New Module Wizard: Create from Template: either empty folder or empty module is created from half of the templates

IDEA-94651 (Bug)

Project From Template: the Project Format option set when creating project from JavaModule template should not affect projects created from teh different templates

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-94826 (Bug)

Process input reversed

IDEA-94389 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException if Move Up/Move Down in the list of the Run Configurations



IDEA-94807 (Bug)

HSQLDB: Good code is red: DATETIME type

IDEA-94944 (Bug)

SQL inspection "VALUES clause cardinality": Do not trigger for unknown tables



IDEA-91937 (Performance Problem)

Big CPU spike when editing Spring webmvc annotation

IDEA-92610 (Bug)

Spring Batch: POJO isn't recognized as a valid tasklet

User Interface


IDEA-94449 (Cosmetics)

Move refactoring dialog cosmetics (module combo)

IDEA-93622 (Cosmetics)

Darcula L&F: text in input fields with Browse button, which don't allow manual input, is unreadable

IDEA-94637 (Bug)

"View breakpoints" popup does not remember "group by" settings

IDEA-93641 (Bug)

Favorites: "Edit" is always disabled

IDEA-94387 (Bug)

Can't set focus into the editor after reopening a project

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-94537 (Cosmetics)

TestNG: Ignored test icons look like fails

IDEA-94697 (Cosmetics)

Dracula Find Highlights Too Bright

IDEA-94800 (Bug)

Modified, New, Deleted controls have black border

IDEA-94747 (Bug)

DirDiff colors look bad

IDEA-94744 (Bug)

CCE from Darcula

IDEA-94623 (Bug)

Source, test, excluded folders have bright bg

IDEA-94824 (Bug)

row height in checkbox trees is too high

IDEA-94758 (Bug)

white line under windows menu bar

IDEA-94661 (Bug)

Git log is unreadable

IDEA-94799 (Bug)

"Details" separator in Commit dialog is black

Version Control


IDEA-94441 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.committed.CommittedChangesCache.a

Version Control. Git


IDEA-94452 (Bug)

"Repository is null for root file" error if reopen the project from github.

IDEA-94378 (Bug)

Files are not refreshed after stash/unstash

IDEA-94306 (Bug)

UI freeze while making Git revert for many files

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-86717 (Usability Problem)

Path to Mercurial (hg) should be autodiscovered

IDEA-70721 (Bug)

Mercurial push consistently shows 'Nothing to push' notification even if changes were pushed

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-93443 (Bug)

Cannot perform commit - corresponded change list could not found

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-94505 (Bug)

Delete folder from Subversion 1.7 shouldn't prompt that directory will be deleted only after commit

IDEA-25922 (Bug)

SVN: Deleting a folder pops up "Clear Read-only Status"-Dialog for files in .svn

IDEA-94774 (Bug)

Creating new project - svn deadlock

IDEA-94665 (Bug)

Subversion: with command line acceleration, status sometimes fails if full path is reported

IDEA-94664 (Bug)

Subversion: local changes inside external directory is not shown if command line acceleration is used

IDEA-93524 (Bug)

Sybversion 1.7: One commit creates several revisions

IDEA-91152 (Exception)

SVN: NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.dialogs.QuickMerge$MergeAllWithBranchCopyPoint.consume

Web Services


IDEA-93424 (Usability Problem)

Web Services: for ws classes not annotated with @WebService UnExpose intention is not available

IDEA-93376 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis: engine is available in facet settings but not in Settings | Web Services - no possibility to configure/download library

IDEA-93377 (Bug)

Web Services: JAX_RPC: web service creating doesn't work with the latest Glassfish

IDEA-94311 (Bug)

Settings->WebServices dialog discrepancies

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