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IDEA-93965 (Feature)

Cucumber for Groovy: Find Step Usages doesn't work for Scenario Outline steps

IDEA-94265 (Feature)

cucumber: cucumber run configuration editor should support some glues

IDEA-94268 (Usability Problem)

groovy cucumber: create more user friendly new step definition

IDEA-94025 (Bug)

Please warn user about unknown nature when importing from eclipse

IDEA-94205 (Bug)

Forms fail to compile with the new external mode

IDEA-94295 (Bug)

External build: Eclipse integration: Make fails if non-java project (without .classpath file) is imported

IDEA-94076 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: content of library archive file as linked resource is not resolved

IDEA-93821 (Bug)

If we change database name in database connection it is not updated

IDEA-94272 (Bug)

"Attach sources..." notification appends one file several times in library sources

IDEA-26738 (Bug)

Unchecked warning generated for valid use of generics in hamcrest Matchers#hasSize

IDEA-59290 (Bug)

False "unchecked" warning - should be OK

IDEA-93917 (Bug)

Can't use Generate Getter and Setter

IDEA-61449 (Bug)

No warning for unchecked call

IDEA-94173 (Bug)

Leda maven build errors

IDEA-94258 (Bug)

Darcula comboboxes are too high

IDEA-94259 (Bug)

Darcula white lines in debugger panels

IDEA-93959 (Bug)

Cucumber for Java: running java and groovy tests as "Cucumber java" tests fails with "CucumberException: Couldn't load formatter class: CucumberJvmSMFormatter"

IDEA-94324 (Bug)

preview panels of find usage tab don't keep their size after a tab change

IDEA-90456 (Bug)

'Go to custom region' list shows a maximum of 8 lines

IDEA-94011 (Bug)

Good code is red - generics

IDEA-94325 (Exception)

Unable to create run configuration



IDEA-85676 (Feature)

Make Android LogCat a tab-able view on Debug Panel

IDEA-85457 (Usability Problem)

Android. Add option to automatically show logcat window on run

IDEA-93039 (Usability Problem)

Better diagnostics in Android designer when the device is not specified

IDEA-93042 (Bug)

Can't access device manager from "Edit Profiles" when I don't have any devices configured

IDEA-70914 (Bug)

getBoolean vs parseBoolean

IDEA-94256 (Bug)

Doesn't compile aidl files which have no content

IDEA-94147 (Bug)

EAP 12 Android Image problems

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-60267 (Feature)

Quickfix to change primitive type used as type parameter to corresponding boxed type

IDEA-93796 (Feature)

RFE: Import inspection results

IDEA-72635 (Feature)

"Log statement not guarded by log condition" inspection should support subclasses of the Logger class

IDEA-93838 (Bug)

Inspection "new Boolean()"

IDEA-93289 (Bug)

"surround with try-with-resources" should surround all usages of the resource

IDEA-70370 (Bug)

Overloaded varargs precompilation method highlight

IDEA-94244 (Bug)

error when running inspections offline

IDEA-94068 (Bug)

False negative on boolean condition always-false inspection.

IDEA-93694 (Bug)

"Fully qualified name unnecessary" inspection messes up with Android resources

IDEA-60166 (Bug)

Generics: misleading warnings (Part 2)

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-82963 (Bug)

code style format setting bug

Code Navigation


IDEA-94300 (Bug)

Sources not found for package-info in a maven dependency with sources and docs downloaded through Support in Maven Project Tool Window

Compiling Project


IDEA-81817 (Bug)

Case-change of package is not propagated to output directory tree, leading to compilation problems

IDEA-94238 (Bug)

Modules are placed in multiple annotation processor configurations

IDEA-94072 (Bug)

External build: Eclipe integration: Make doesn't create files in changed compile output path

IDEA-93853 (Bug)

Make: no error if parameterized type capture bound is incompatible to declared bound

IDEA-94065 (Bug)

External Compiler Not Properly Handling Extra Web Descriptors

IDEA-93295 (Bug)

Make: removing reference to supertype from subtype does not make client code re-compiled



IDEA-94024 (Usability Problem)

Database Console output window does not show up until the query is finished

IDEA-93302 (Performance Problem)

Database Console: more efficient 'Save All to File'



IDEA-94002 (Cosmetics)

Inline Diff: inaccurate markers for additions and deletions

IDEA-58717 (Cosmetics)

Diff window: cosmetics

IDEA-88946 (Cosmetics)

Merge Tool: inaccurate merge markers in case of new line at the end of conflicted files

IDEA-67658 (Bug)

Show diff for new file: incorrect visualizing

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-60478 (Feature)

provide table view for csv files (same view as used by database/sql support)

IDEA-93466 (Bug)

Cannot always jump to matching bracket

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-76974 (Bug)

Invisible blocks prevent clicks on text

IDEA-70470 (Bug)

"Highlight usages of element at caret" setting doesn't work nicely with static imports

IDEA-70469 (Bug)

"Highlight Usages in File" doesn't work too nicely with static imports



IDEA-94082 (Bug)

AS3: Cannot create inline object with dynamic keys

IDEA-94351 (Bug)

Flex external build: compilation fails if output folder doesn't exist and 'use HTML wrapper' is on

IDEA-63471 (Bug)

Incorrect resolve in case of package and class with the same name

IDEA-94083 (Bug)

Arrangement of ActionScript code with metatags misplaces metatags and breaks code

IDEA-90997 (Bug)

External javac compiler failing with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.sanselan.ImageReadException

GUI Designer


IDEA-90210 (Bug)

Palette Tool window: selection of components groups on Mac OS is invisible



IDEA-94319 (Bug)

Grails 2.: mock test methods are not resolved

IDEA-94124 (Bug)

Failed to synchronize Grails settings if grails 2.0.3 used with maven



IDEA-93662 (Feature)

Groovy: complete type in tuple declarations

IDEA-93884 (Feature)

Groovy: Support different highlighting for static and static final fields

IDEA-94228 (Bug)

DGM methods are duplicated in completion

IDEA-93954 (Bug)

Groovy parser: \n is allowed before colon in ternary operator

IDEA-93644 (Bug)

Convert to Java: don't wrap binary or in DGM.asBoolean

IDEA-93643 (Bug)

Convert to Java: don't add unnecessary explicit qualifier for static methods

IDEA-93640 (Bug)

Groovy: 'Collapse if' does not work

IDEA-93877 (Bug)

Convert to java: correct processing class references

IDEA-93665 (Bug)

Groovy: 'invert if condition' works incorrectly

IDEA-93666 (Bug)

Groovy: intention 'remove return keyword' should not be available in certain places

IDEA-94314 (Bug)

Groovy: semicolon may be body of control statements

IDEA-93880 (Bug)

Convert to java: correct processing of implicit coercion in return

IDEA-94086 (Bug)

Cucumber for Groovy: cannot create new step file



IDEA-25523 (Bug)

IDEA parse error "statement expected" while parsed <script> block guarded with html comment <!-- -->

IDE Configuration


IDEA-52046 (Feature)

run/debug menu folder structure

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-94090 (Bug)

Annotations on enum entries. Code red - but it valid

IDEA-94322 (Bug)

Improper 'Replace StringBuilder with String' quickfix

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-53337 (Bug)

"Generate constructor" for Generics inheritors produces uncompilable code if type parameter name equals to some class from java.lang package

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-73501 (Bug)

Inline variable breaks code (needs cast)

IDEA-80695 (Bug)

Incorrect refactoring

IDEA-94129 (Bug)

Push Down unnecessarily deletes @Override annotation when a method being pushed down is implemented in interface and exists in subclass

IDEA-42987 (Bug)

Refactor / Rename class: references in the same file, but different class to class from another package are not updated

IDEA-72738 (Bug)

'Make static' refactoring on inner class breaks code (uses field before declaration)

IDEA-94084 (Bug)

"Find Usages" is confused by certain overloads of generic methods who share type parameter names



IDEA-84515 (Task)


IDEA-93944 (Bug)

javascript - "declare" is not allowed as an identifier in strict mode?

IDEA-86746 (Bug)

JS: 'Convert to named function' intention applied to arrow function breaks the code

IDEA-86607 (Bug)

JS: Introduce Variable refactoring doesn't work correctly for arrow functions

IDEA-93825 (Bug)

Unexpected error "Must be lvalue" in script tag

IDEA-93911 (Bug)

"Duplicated jQuery selector" warning in jQuery HTML constructors

IDEA-87220 (Exception)

JS: NPE on applying 'convert to named function' intention to arrow function



IDEA-93979 (Usability Problem)

Cannot add multiple managed dependencies

IDEA-94048 (Bug)

Maven run configuration - profiles list gets randomly re-ordered after closing and opening project

IDEA-93990 (Bug)

Maven operation "exclude dependency" does not work properly with Perforce

IDEA-94098 (Bug)

Maven3: with 'use maven3 for project importing' option set the sources generation doesn't work

IDEA-94246 (Bug)

When importing maven project, dependencies with packaging jboss-sar are lost

IDEA-93894 (Bug)

${project.parent.basedir} can not be resolved as correct path

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-66316 (Feature)

exe4j generated executables in IDEA based products should use unique environment variables for the JDK instead of the default IDEA_JDK

IDEA-65264 (Usability Problem)

idea64.exe should look for a different environment variable than idea.exe

Project Configuration


IDEA-94042 (Bug)

Create Project From Template: the SDK set as default one is not applied while creating projects from template



IDEA-94138 (Bug)

IDEA marks good sql code in the stored procedure as wrong (PostgreSQL)

IDEA-94071 (Bug)

PostgreSQL, extract epoch + values statement, good code is red



IDEA-25877 (Bug)

IDEA should not report warning "private field is never assigned" for injected fields

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-93925 (Feature)

Velocity Directives - Quick Help Support

IDEA-93922 (Bug)

Velocity Multiline Comment expand is produces an invalid comment.

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-93789 (Bug)

Unable to run Groovy JUnit Tests

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-94299 (Usability Problem)

Run Configuration is not updated after package rename

User Interface


IDEA-93991 (Feature)

Run Configurations: Move up/Move down actions could work for folders

IDEA-62296 (Feature)

Add option to run unit tests from module context menu

IDEA-93984 (Usability Problem)

Run Configurations: with folder selected Add New Configuration shows popup without proper preselection

IDEA-93987 (Usability Problem)

Run Configurations: names of new configurations created in different folders are not unique by default

IDEA-93978 (Usability Problem)

Run Configurations: with all configurations in folders impossible to drag one out of folder

IDEA-93993 (Bug)

Run Configurations: dragging folder down shows drop location between target folder and its subnodes

Version Control. Git


IDEA-93487 (Bug)

Merge panels are swapped when unshelving during Git Update Project produces a conflict

IDEA-93961 (Bug)

Git log: "Refresh" buttons activates branches display always

IDEA-94075 (Bug)

Revert change list action suggest to delete null

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-93648 (Feature)

Mercurial annotations: clicking on annotate should show the "Affected Paths" dialog

IDEA-93391 (Usability Problem)

incoming / outgoing changesets indicator gone

IDEA-94018 (Bug)

hg4idea: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException when refreshing Repository tab

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-93291 (Bug)

Perforce: after invalid P4PORT entry correcting in p4.config IDEA still uses the old host though TestConnection works properly

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-94220 (Cosmetics)

VCS status messages suffering from slightly poor grammar

IDEA-94180 (Bug)

Edit Source from Changes | Repository | Details - under Subversion - does not works (sometimes?) for added files

IDEA-92938 (Bug)

Subversion: Undo for committed package move doesn't remove the packages

IDEA-92941 (Bug)

Subversion: duplicated classes are created on Undo added file move

IDEA-92587 (Bug)

Subversion: Endless cleanup working copies on creating project from just checked out sources

IDEA-93910 (Bug)

CRITICAL: hanging background tasks blocks many functionalities

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-82498 (Feature)

Support TFS 11 (aka TFS 2012)

IDEA-94108 (Bug)

TFS: Compare with: fail to load content for revisions before file move/rename

IDEA-90755 (Bug)

TFS History: Unicode characters are incorrectly displayed

IDEA-94110 (Bug)

TFS: committed folder is marked as unversioned until explicit refresh when committing file move to it

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