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IDEA-92651 (Bug)

Renaming a macro should update keymap

IDEA-67797 (Bug)

False error 'Duplicate class'

IDEA-93225 (Bug)

Encoded string for some entries in open action popup

IDEA-57350 (Bug)

False error 'Cannot reference this...'

IDEA-43171 (Bug)

Map help button and F1 of the Test Results tab of the Run tool window

IDEA-92396 (Bug)

Changing temporary configurations limit hang up IDE

IDEA-57348 (Bug)

Error 'generic array creation' is not highlighted

IDEA-57509 (Bug)

False error 'Method cannot be applied'

IDEA-57264 (Bug)

StackOverflow is thrown

IDEA-67678 (Bug)

Error 'cannot find symbol' is not detected (access to private method through type parameter)

IDEA-67675 (Bug)

False error 'Incompatible types'

IDEA-67672 (Bug)

Error 'name clash: addAll(Collection<? extends E#1>) in Collection and addAll(Collection<? extends E#2>) in List have the same erasure, yet neither overrides the other' is not detected

IDEA-57533 (Bug)

Error '<T>bar(pck.C<T>) in pck.C<T> cannot be applied to (pck.C<capture#995 of ?>)' is not highlighted

IDEA-57496 (Bug)

StackOverflow is thrown

IDEA-57492 (Bug)

False error 'Inferred type in not within bound'

IDEA-67667 (Bug)

False error 'method is already defined'

IDEA-57485 (Bug)

False error 'Inferred type is not within bound'

IDEA-85875 (Bug)

Edit | Macros | Start Macro Recording should be disabled when no project is opened or make it work properly

IDEA-57284 (Bug)

Error '<T>foo() in pck.A<capture#303 of ? super java.lang.Exception> cannot be applied to <java.lang.String[]>()' is not highlighted

IDEA-57311 (Bug)

Error '<S>baz(pck.A<pck.A<? extends S>>) in pck.A<T> cannot be applied to (pck.A<pck.A<? extends capture#859 of ?>>)' is not highlighted

IDEA-57495 (Bug)

Error '<T>baz(java.util.List<? super java.util.List<? super T>>) in pck.A cannot be applied to (pck.C<capture#368 of ?>)' is not highlighted

IDEA-57494 (Bug)

False error 'Incompatible types'

IDEA-57493 (Bug)

False warning 'Unchecked assignment'

IDEA-57557 (Bug)

False error 'Class must be declared abstract'

IDEA-67681 (Bug)

Error 'inconvertible types' is not detected

IDEA-57307 (Bug)

False warning 'Unchecked assignment'

IDEA-57486 (Bug)

False error 'Method cannot be applied'

IDEA-57309 (Bug)

False error 'Method cannot be applied'

IDEA-57308 (Bug)

Error 'incompatible types' is not highlighted

IDEA-57668 (Bug)

Error 'unexpected type found : int required: reference' is not highlighted

IDEA-57667 (Bug)

Error 'cannot find symbol constructor <java.lang.String>A(int)' is not highlighted

IDEA-57286 (Bug)

Error '<S>foo() in pck.A<capture#857 of ?> cannot be applied to <pck.A<?>>()' is not highlighted

IDEA-57443 (Bug)

Error 'illegal qualifier; java.lang.Object is not an inner class' is not highlighted

IDEA-57291 (Bug)

Bad QuickFix text 'Make S extend null'

IDEA-57563 (Bug)

Error 'name clash: <T>foo() in pck.D and foo() in pck.C have the same erasure, yet neither overrides the other' is not highlighted

IDEA-57560 (Bug)

Error 'illegal start of type' is not highlighted

IDEA-67599 (Bug)

False error 'Cannot resolve symbol 'length''

IDEA-67598 (Bug)

Error 'anonymous class implements interface; cannot have type arguments' is not detected



IDEA-93384 (Task)

Implement integration with 'monitor' tool

IDEA-92790 (Bug)

Android application is not started/deployed when there is no active device

IDEA-93153 (Bug)

Android UI Designer Crash on rounded rectangle background

IDEA-92746 (Bug)

BuildConfig class duplicate when using maven-android-plugin 3.3.2

IDEA-93219 (Bug)

Android: emulator list is "empty"

IDEA-93296 (Bug)

Typo in iml: includeAssetsFromLibraraies

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-80020 (Feature)

Unnecessary 'this' qualifier inspection should have an option to exclude field assignment

IDEA-80861 (Bug)

The auto-fix for the Inspection "confusing 'else' branch" deletes entire branches.

IDEA-93427 (Bug)

Wrong simplification for combination || and ?: (priority not considered)

IDEA-69404 (Bug)

"method can be made static" breaks code

IDEA-92928 (Bug)

name shadowing not detected

IDEA-93275 (Bug)

'@NotNull/@Nullable problems': false positive when overriding method with @NotNull annotated parameter



IDEA-92969 (Exception)

Console (Scala-specific?): with Tab character typing causes Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset()



IDEA-93434 (Bug)

Can't execute last query with Database Console: ORA-00911: invalid character



IDEA-93441 (Bug)

Incorrect splitter component is used in debugger popup + black broder should be removed

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-75133 (Feature)

Provide an action to reset font zoom to default

IDEA-92320 (Feature)

Merge "Move Caret to Code Block End" and "... Start"

IDEA-80858 (Bug)

Assigning Start/Stop Record to Keymap key records key that start/stops macro recording

IDEA-92048 (Bug)

Pop-up on hidden opening brace shows wrong line

IDEA-93106 (Bug)

Display corrupted because of a long line



IDEA-93540 (Bug)

g:render cannot resolve absolute template paths when used from web-app directory



IDEA-93150 (Feature)

Don't indent call chain if there is a closure argument

IDEA-93238 (Feature)

Option to add spaces within GString injection braces

IDEA-93149 (Feature)

Improve formatting for closures

IDEA-93455 (Task)

this/super references are reference expressions

IDEA-93257 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red when annotation attribute is named "def"

IDEA-93411 (Bug)

Groovy wrongly move method comments

IDEA-93297 (Bug)

Unresolved symbols/references are styled wrong

IDE Configuration


IDEA-93543 (Exception)

NullPointerException occur while trying to add a new external tool.



IDEA-92758 (Feature)

Support WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile

IDEA-93447 (Feature)

Remote run configuration for WebSphere 8.5 Liberty profile

IDEA-93449 (Bug)

Debug of WebSphere 8.5 Liberty profile

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-92045 (Usability Problem)

Completion: 'addAll() is unexpectedly preferred to 'add()' for collections

IDEA-93314 (Task)

Add API to have possibility for plugins to add specific cases on hiding autopopup in meaningless cases.

IDEA-93459 (Bug)

Bugged class after generating constructor in enum

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-67680 (Bug)

False error 'Type arguments given on a raw type'

IDEA-93254 (Bug)

Good code is red: 'extends A.B'

IDEA-93208 (Bug)

Illegally positioned annotation shows no compilation errors in editor

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-92131 (Bug)

Simplify boolean expression intention does nothing or breaks code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-93366 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate mnemonic in Inline Method dialogue

IDEA-93213 (Usability Problem)

Select correct parameter after "introduce parameter"

IDEA-93346 (Bug)

Error in type inference with constructor references for nonstatic classes passed to generic methods



IDEA-91145 (Feature)

Enhance org.jetbrains.idea.maven.server.MavenEmbedderWrapper#execute to be able to specify the project list and explicit profile exclusions

IDEA-93328 (Bug)

Idea IntelliJ reset the maven coordinates to defaults after pressing next and then previous in maven module config page wizard.

IDEA-93317 (Bug)

Annoation processor missplace generated sources in Maven project


Debug configuration


IDEA-93462 (Exception)

Run Configurations: negative value for Temporary Configuration Limit causes AIOOBE at RunManagerImpl.checkRecentsLimit()



IDEA-93435 (Bug)

Spring MVC: resolve @PathVariable for nested @RequestMapping

IDEA-92710 (Bug)

Spring plugin uses a class from the JavaEE plugin but doesn't depend on the JavaEE plugin

IDEA-93529 (Bug)

Spring MVC: multiple comma-seperated values in mvc:resources@location attribute is not resolved when space symbol is used after comma

IDEA-93030 (Bug)

IntelliJ report an error instead of using default property values

IDEA-93517 (Bug)

Spring webflow: for same-named flow files located in different folders the 'Flow is not registered' error is shown always

IDEA-91485 (Exception)

SOE on attempt to build Spring Dependencies graph for spring batch config

Task Management


IDEA-93209 (Exception)

Task management: Mantis: loading Mantis failed with LE at MantisConnectBindingStub.mc_project_get_issue_headers()

User Interface


IDEA-93307 (Feature)

Enhance "Stack Trace Auto Detect" to detect stack traces that need to be nroamalized

IDEA-93532 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate shortcut in Inspections dialog

IDEA-93336 (Bug)

Weird menu placement in Ubuntu Gnome Remix

IDEA-92718 (Bug)

Darcula on Mac: The title of inactive toolwindow is unreadable

IDEA-93298 (Bug)

EAP Build 122.592 - Right click in project files on Mac OSX 10.8

Version Control. Git


IDEA-64569 (Usability Problem)

RSA key passphrase should be rememered during the session, even if I don't check "Remember the passphrase"

IDEA-85059 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization in the field labels

IDEA-84768 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization in Commit dialog/Git section

IDEA-89505 (Cosmetics)

Git branches: for the multi-repository case display current branch of each repository more evidently.

IDEA-92864 (Bug)

Git: circumflex symbols are ignored on Windows in git reset dialog and checkout revision

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-66804 (Feature)

hg: add "show all affected paths" to the file history actions.

IDEA-75283 (Bug)

Mercurial: login dialog appearing for one project while the different one is loading causes hang up

IDEA-93193 (Bug)

Mercurial: Repository View: Moved file is shown as deleted, added and moved

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-93239 (Usability Problem)

Perforce: login dialog is shown on attempt to Update/Commit when server is not available

IDEA-48290 (Bug)

Perforce: overlays: Revert local changes doesn't work for overlayed file

IDEA-93173 (Bug)

Perforce: correct error dialog that appears on empty password providing

IDEA-93169 (Bug)

Perforce: when not logged in all unversioned files have 'modified without checkout' status

IDEA-92444 (Bug)

Delete does not work properly with Perforce

IDEA-93178 (Bug)

Perforce: don't prompt to add files created in not-on-client folders to vcs

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-60323 (Feature)

Support editing subversion commit messages

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