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IDEA-91445 (Feature)

Macro for "Extrenal Tools" Name..

IDEA-86766 (Feature)

Add TomEE to server list

IDEA-88111 (Usability Problem)

Before Run->Another configuration: do not reuse tool window's content or allow switching between them somehow

IDEA-91950 (Usability Problem)

Too wide error message with unnecessary details

IDEA-90307 (Usability Problem)

Updating index not ends if incompatible plugin is detected on start

IDEA-92143 (Performance Problem)

IDEA locks up when editing Live Templates

IDEA-91998 (Performance Problem)

BookmarkManager posting too many invokeLater events

IDEA-90969 (Bug)

When "Recent Files" is invoked twice, it never goes away

IDEA-86873 (Bug)

Out of memory exception when trying to manage file encodings

IDEA-92079 (Bug)

UrlUtil.getChildPathsFromFile(URL) does not url-decode path when constructing the File instance

IDEA-72130 (Bug)

Groovy assignment in switch with fallthrough wrongly marked as unused

IDEA-69614 (Bug)

Dir diff: editing of a path to compare is ignored

IDEA-92112 (Bug)

Antialising issue on `Before launch` component

IDEA-73733 (Bug)

Looking for working copy root occurs repeatedly for the same working copy

IDEA-92191 (Bug)

Live lock on updating HashMap

IDEA-91866 (Bug)

Good code red - the return type of anonymous classes that use generics is wrong

IDEA-92036 (Bug)

The same error is shown too many times

IDEA-88931 (Bug)

Rerunning previously failed tests should rerun only failed tests

IDEA-92283 (Exception)

Exception because of SmartList in ContainerUtil#findAll()



IDEA-90358 (Feature)

Suggest to delete all variants of the resource image

IDEA-91370 (Usability Problem)

Useless informatin in 'Choose destination' popup for resources

IDEA-91611 (Usability Problem)

Add debug android process action into Tools | Android menu

IDEA-90182 (Bug)

Android Designer: wrong padding attributes

IDEA-92494 (Bug)

Setting View padding with resource selector appends "dp" at the end of the resource

IDEA-89805 (Bug)

New project dialog won't open if Android SDK manager throws an exceptin

IDEA-91461 (Bug)

Double clicking a running device doesn't select it if "Launch emulator is selected

IDEA-92171 (Bug)

External compiler handles 9patch wrongly

IDEA-91630 (Bug)

Android facet configured to use gen/ instead of target/generated-sources/ on import

IDEA-88322 (Bug)

Cannot resolve symbol string (in R.string.* reference)

IDEA-91240 (Bug)

Huge CPU usage

IDEA-89624 (Bug)

Android: Filtering by ASSERT log level does not work

IDEA-90719 (Bug)

IDEA builds broken APK

IDEA-91232 (Bug)

Attempting to go to declaration over an android style does not work with the include directive

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-84938 (Feature)

Add option "Ignore in then branch of 'if' statement with 'else' branch" to Inspection "Unnecessary 'continue' statement"

IDEA-85748 (Feature)

Auto-fix for Inspection "Static import" should add an import for the class with the imported member.

IDEA-92158 (Feature)

Add inspection to report 'Arrays.asList' calls with one argument

IDEA-91706 (Usability Problem)

'Serializable/Deserializable class in secure context' shall have an option to ignore throwble classes

IDEA-92306 (Bug)

Wrong fix for "Double negation" warning

IDEA-91977 (Bug)

Spellchecking not working for commit message

IDEA-91944 (Bug)

Design for extension inspection shall ignore enum methods

IDEA-92524 (Bug)

junit: 'replace with assertArrayEquals()' QuickFix breaks code

IDEA-92599 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Unnecessarily qualified static access" inspection should not report method references

IDEA-85747 (Bug)

Auto-fix for Inspection "Static import" produced broken code.

IDEA-92335 (Bug)

try-with-resource affects the inspection analyzer.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-92212 (Bug)

SQL Code Formatting Ruins the Source Formatting on Paste

Code Navigation


IDEA-90790 (Bug)

Unable to select multiple bookmarks for deletion

Compiling Project


IDEA-91705 (Bug)

Maven dependencies with classifier="tests" and scope="compile" is not resolved when "use external build" is enabled

IDEA-89039 (Bug)

External compiles doesn't see classes from test-jar (which comes from oter maven module)



IDEA-91374 (Bug)

IDE interprets incorrectly the link to codeline in a class which name contains a dollar sign



IDEA-92251 (Bug)

PyCharm doesn't correctly visualize SQLite database with multiple primary keys in tables



IDEA-92190 (Bug)

Run/Debug configurations: 'Single instance' checkbox does nothing



IDEA-77650 (Usability Problem)

Compare directory dialog doesn't store last path

IDEA-71207 (Bug)

Compare Directories failure on deleting compared files

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-76469 (Feature)

Regenerate the javadoc

IDEA-91980 (Usability Problem)

Optimize imports popup items order

IDEA-92081 (Bug)

Reformat causes syntax error when "Ensure margin not exceeded"

IDEA-92486 (Bug)

Typing in annotations is very slow



IDEA-86630 (Feature)

Need support for custom command line to iOS packaging step.

IDEA-92414 (Bug)

Regression: starting Flash run configuration opens app in new browser window if 'Launch with: browser' selected. Must open in new tab of existing window.

IDEA-82868 (Bug)

Error when creating AIR package on Java 7

IDEA-92213 (Bug)

Breakpoints in MXMLs with inline item renderers do not work in Flexmojos projects with SDK 4.6.b.23201

GUI Designer


IDEA-34646 (Bug)

GUI Designer + CVS: annotate for form file causes exception only



IDEA-92234 (Bug)

Leaking alarm from Gradle



IDEA-92148 (Usability Problem)

When developing a Grails plugin the plugin descriptor is not visible in Grails View



IDEA-84675 (Feature)

Intention to change access modifiers (private/protected/public) - Groovy

IDEA-91954 (Feature)

Color assignment for labels in Groovy code

IDEA-89690 (Feature)

add information where a method comes from in method code completion popup for groovy

IDEA-91839 (Feature)

Groovy: 'Remove unnecessary return' intention

IDEA-90066 (Feature)

When renaming static imported identifier, propose to rename the import

IDEA-89786 (Feature)

Groovy: "Copy String concatenation text to the clipboard" intention for groovy code

IDEA-92330 (Cosmetics)

@ should be highlighted for Groovy annotations

IDEA-92558 (Bug)

Groovy: incorrect "method may be static"

IDEA-87019 (Bug)

Incorrect assistance in groovy: Variable 'channel' might not be assigned

IDEA-92557 (Bug)

Groovy: create method quick fix should place new method below the current one, not above it

IDEA-78830 (Bug)

Convert between single-line and multi-line string intention

IDEA-64582 (Bug)

Groovy: Change Signature Refactoring -> Delegate via overloading method with different name results with infinite recursion

IDEA-80748 (Bug)

Groovy: Undo Introduce Constant to a non-existent class doesn't remove created class

IDEA-71638 (Bug)

Type inferrence loses methods of <? extends T> generic parameter

IDEA-91945 (Bug)

smart paste incorrectly adds imports for properties defined by getter

IDEA-91949 (Bug)

'Method can be static' incorrectly triggered when referring to this

IDEA-91377 (Bug)

False positive for find usages of Java methods in Groovy code

IDEA-73129 (Bug)

Incorrect type suggestion when introducing a Class parameter to a Groovy method

IDEA-73145 (Bug)

Groovy: Inline Refactoring: impossible to inline variable defined without def keyword or type

IDEA-92282 (Bug)

Wrong 'Not all execution paths return a value' when using an underscored field

IDEA-91844 (Bug)

Groovy: "Method may be static" inspection doesn't report methods which have references to static members from other classes

IDEA-86373 (Bug)

Incorrect warning about incompatable return type in groovy code.

IDEA-92448 (Bug)

Groovy: Incorrect stubs for float fields

IDEA-80664 (Bug)

Groovy: uppercase class fields are error-highlighted if they are accessed through a variable same named as a groovy file or package

IDEA-61374 (Bug)

Groovy: Extract Method Refactoring applied to block of code with "category" syntax drops "self" argument of category methods

IDEA-90084 (Bug)

Groovy: can not navigate to method injected with @Delegate annotation

IDEA-90089 (Bug)

Groovy: diamonds are not suggested in Smart Code Completion after "new" if declaration and assignment are split



IDEA-85094 (Feature)

Additional Haxe formatting options

IDEA-84717 (Feature)

Interface Variable support

IDEA-85398 (Bug)

Project structure dialog is modified right after opening

IDEA-84007 (Bug)

Class resolver finds classes that are not in the source folders

IDEA-85097 (Bug)

Haxe formatter bugs

IDEA-90387 (Bug)

multiple classes in one module with generic support

IDEA-88706 (Bug)

Compiler Conditionals Comments error

IDE Configuration


IDEA-92275 (Feature)

Web Proxy: Auto-configuration URL

IDEA-92365 (Bug)

Live Templates UI Abbreviation and Description fields problem



IDEA-91855 (Bug)

Items marked as global are still in IntelliLang.xml



IDEA-92170 (Bug)

Good code is red: JPA @OrderBy

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-92045 (Usability Problem)

Completion: 'addAll() is unexpectedly preferred to 'add()' for collections

IDEA-92139 (Bug)

Completion: Improve 'iter' live template processing

IDEA-91842 (Bug)

Type parameters are shown for field but not for method

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-92598 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red in assignment where method of functional interface is parameterless, and method reference has vararg parameters

IDEA-91986 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red: Illegal forward reference

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-91938 (Feature)

Add intention action to generate createUI static method for java UI components

IDEA-92085 (Bug)

"Field can be converted to local variable" with lambdas produces non-compiling code

IDEA-92590 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Add static import" intention applied to a method reference results in invalid code

IDEA-91549 (Bug)

Problem with import of class

IDEA-91905 (Bug)

Remove unnecessary parentheses doesn't work on polyadic expressions

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-91591 (Bug)

Undo In Place Rename deletes files sometimes

IDEA-90893 (Bug)

spring: rename corrupts code if caret at end of method reference in MethodInvokingFactoryBean

IDEA-92103 (Bug)

When I clone several files, internal references among classes should be re-resolved to copies

IDEA-90390 (Bug)

Inline variable performed incorrectly for return inside try

IDEA-92592 (Exception)

JDK 1.8: CCE at InlineMethodProcessor.inlineMethodCall() on attempt to inline a method reference

IDEA-91814 (Exception)

Throwable at PsiParameterListImpl.getParameterIndex() on Type Migration Refactoring applied to a lambda parameter's type



IDEA-92024 (Bug)

JSDoc: Return variable types and empty return

IDEA-92370 (Bug)

incorrect underline reference

IDEA-88423 (Bug)

JsDoc: Refactor/Rename for interface should update name in @implements tag



IDEA-92409 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: varchar (string) statement in cursor ref clause

IDEA-92404 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: having clause without group by is valid

IDEA-92398 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: Merge: illegal parse errors

IDEA-92073 (Bug)

SQL: Throwable through PsiBuilderImpl.getTreeBuilt()

IDEA-88960 (Bug)

Data source DDL feature does not recognize create table statement if preceded by "IF NOT EXISTS"



IDEA-52630 (Feature)

spring EL language should be injected into spring:eval/@expression

IDEA-92549 (Feature)

spring autowired: Add warning for static methods and fields with spring @Autowired annotation

IDEA-22335 (Usability Problem)

Spring: IDEA doesn't know about Spring-Security special URLs

IDEA-89104 (Bug)

Good code is red: "Could not autowire. No beans of 'PropertyResolver' type found."

IDEA-52594 (Bug)

Spring MVC: JSP->@ModelAttribute resolving calculates incorrect implicit names

IDEA-81372 (Bug)

Spring - mvc:resources location marked as invalid

IDEA-92008 (Bug)

Spring Integration: IDEA don't resolve inherited methods on i:transformer tag

IDEA-85030 (Bug)

spring mvc using SimpleUrlHandlerMapping, cannot resolve controller url in jsp

IDEA-70447 (Bug)

Spring: nested property placeholders are not resolved in some cases

IDEA-71536 (Bug)

Spring should consider autowiring of array

IDEA-67171 (Bug)

Spring MVC / Tiles view name inspection not finding views defined in /WEB-INF/views/**/views.xml

IDEA-92610 (Bug)

Spring Batch: POJO isn't recognized as a valid tasklet

IDEA-91858 (Bug)

spring: allow injection of Map into Properties

IDEA-90590 (Bug)

servletContext not recognized in Spring XML

IDEA-87046 (Bug)

Spring MVC: <mvc:resources> "location" allows multiple values

Task Management


IDEA-68247 (Feature)

Mantis support

IDEA-54883 (Bug)

Alt-Shift-L -> opens 'Load Context' dialog, instead of '|' character

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-91805 (Exception)

Stack overflow in macro resolve

User Interface


IDEA-92207 (Feature)

Make it possible to focus QuickView, Diagrams, Show Implementations, etc popups called from lists, trees, etc

IDEA-92206 (Usability Problem)

Go To file popup: Ad hides the file's path

IDEA-91888 (Usability Problem)

Build: Ability to cancel a build process with a shortcut

IDEA-92196 (Usability Problem)

Event Log tool window shows indication of new message, but can't show the message before indexing completion

IDEA-91956 (Cosmetics)

Darcula on Mac: Password field has incorrect background

IDEA-92576 (Cosmetics)

"No registered file patters" typo in File Types

IDEA-89461 (Bug)

Open in browser: popup buttons are drawn with artifacts

Version Control


IDEA-49623 (Usability Problem)

Map help button and F1 for the dialog "Differences viewer for files"

IDEA-49621 (Usability Problem)

Map help button and F1 for the UPdates tab of the Version control tool window to a proper page

IDEA-91293 (Bug)

"Version Control Update Project Info": Diff on updated file doesn't work anymore

IDEA-92422 (Bug)

Unable to Annotate non-ruby / js /etc files

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-16311 (Usability Problem)

Misleading status message for CVS "Create Tag" command

IDEA-87584 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ gives no warning when trying to add file to CVS Tag

IDEA-58957 (Bug)

Merges of files with comments containing ====== produces non compiling classes

IDEA-60969 (Bug)

Add Tag List To Commit Changes Screen

IDEA-67535 (Bug)

Cannot move CVS branch

Version Control. Git


IDEA-91456 (Feature)

Allow creating gist from console output

IDEA-77851 (Feature)

Create gist with whole or multiple files

IDEA-90038 (Usability Problem)

Why GitHub plugin requires Tasks Management plugin?

IDEA-75354 (Usability Problem)

Better UI for creating anonymous Gists without logging to GitHub

IDEA-87530 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: use github credentials for Git repositories when performing remote operations with github remotes

IDEA-92072 (Usability Problem)

'Revert' and 'Branches' actions need "..." in the name (VCS popup)

IDEA-90370 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: When logging in for the first time "Change credentials" doesn't look appropriate

IDEA-91992 (Usability Problem)

Git "Comparing <branch> with <branch>" dialog should not be modal

IDEA-91993 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: show Master Password dialog after asking GitHub credentials for the first time on clone

IDEA-87656 (Performance Problem)

IDEA completely hangs up on the opening of the second project

IDEA-91595 (Bug)

Can't create patch in Changes view, Log tab

IDEA-66715 (Bug)

Move GitHub settings page to the orther VCSs

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-65229 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA always prompts the user to add iml, ipr, and iws files when importing a maven project to version control even though .hgignore contains *.iws, *.ipr, and *.iml.

IDEA-90658 (Bug)

"Add files to Mercurial?" dialog when files are already in Mercurial

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-92595 (Usability Problem)

Perforce: Unclear enable login dialog

IDEA-92382 (Bug)

Perforce revert unchanged files is too slow

IDEA-92444 (Bug)

Delete does not work properly with Perforce

IDEA-92137 (Bug)

Ignore files and directories makes Perforce integration report missing files

IDEA-91900 (Bug)

P4 integration: cannot delete CL

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-92220 (Feature)

"Click to fix" link doesn't work if invalid SVN credentials was entered

IDEA-35623 (Usability Problem)

SVN: no progress indication on working copy upgrade

IDEA-22144 (Bug)

Cannot add a file with parent directory into Subversion

Web Services


IDEA-91865 (Usability Problem)

Web Services: Axis2: correct live template for web service client

IDEA-92102 (Bug)

Web Services: CXF: correctly set @WebService#endpointInterface attribute for generated web service

IDEA-92020 (Bug)

JAXB/Generate XML Schema From Java Unsing JAXB: no methods are shown

IDEA-92052 (Bug)

WebServices: (Un)ExposeClassAsWebservice should correctly process read-only attribute

IDEA-92121 (Bug)

Web Services: CXF: JavaFromWSDL generating fails for wsdl file that imports another wsdl file

IDEA-92123 (Bug)

Web Services: on new webServerClient creating the entered wsdl url is accessed endlessly until you close the dialog

IDEA-91994 (Bug)

RESTful web services: Java From WADL causes error dialog

IDEA-91984 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: web service client generating with binding = JiBX is performed incorrectly

IDEA-90939 (Exception)

NPE at$

IDEA-91848 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a



IDEA-91436 (Bug)

Error on git fetch command: The remote end hung up unexpectedly, RPC handler object "Git4ideaSSHHandler" not found

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