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IDEA-90037 (Usability Problem)

Plugins: remove exclamation sign in 'Required plugin is not enabled!' message

IDEA-90112 (Usability Problem)

Can't collapse nodes in file structure tree

IDEA-86893 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ slow and constantly using 10% CPU

IDEA-89700 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect code placing when use Create Constant Field refactoring

IDEA-89992 (Cosmetics)

Grammar correction in Rename window

IDEA-90030 (Bug)

Create patch option is disabled on shelved changesets

IDEA-89747 (Bug)

Issue saving projects when Python project is open

IDEA-87487 (Bug)

Extract field lacks the space char

IDEA-89946 (Bug)

Editor shows incorrect compile error

IDEA-90223 (Auto-reported Exception)

exception after pressing "preview" button in the package move dialog

IDEA-89975 (Bug)

node.js process in launcher can't be stopped

IDEA-86357 (Bug)

DB2: Problem on downloading of LOBs

IDEA-89048 (Bug)

[MacOS X] NPE and a memory leak in options dialog

IDEA-89898 (Bug)

SrcFileAnnotator creates pooled threads without limit

IDEA-90160 (Bug)

.idea/inspectionProfiles/profiles_settings.xml is created then deleted on project create

IDEA-89792 (Bug)

Git: 'Branches' dialog is broken

IDEA-88142 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL mod() function is highlighted as error

IDEA-87289 (Bug)

IntelliJ eats 4% CPU all the time (even when minimized for hours)

IDEA-89714 (Bug)

Running configuration from Alt-Shift-F10 popup does not honor "Allow single instance" option

IDEA-89568 (Bug)

Lots of exceptions on startup

IDEA-88527 (Exception)

Throwable at TypeConversionUtil.getSuperClassSubstitutor() on mouse over Overridden gutter mark with several versions of same library in classpath



IDEA-80787 (Feature)

Android Refactoring: Inline Style

IDEA-89678 (Bug)

Android Assets not packaged into APK

IDEA-88247 (Bug)

Android UI designer: The settings panel is not shown if rendering finished with error

IDEA-88321 (Bug)

Support for custom views in interface builder

IDEA-89908 (Bug)

Android emulator configuration doesn't save it state in UI



IDEA-88969 (Bug)

Ajc Compiler does not work in IntelliJ 12



IDEA-89529 (Usability Problem)

Create CSS selector in new file: dialog should have focus in File name field

IDEA-89294 (Bug)

Don't show CSS class usage as 'implementation'

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-89625 (Feature)

Create a new inspection to report on method calls inside loop conditions.

IDEA-87725 (Feature)

Inspection catching "suspicious array casts" would be very useful

IDEA-82137 (Feature)

New Inspection: "Class with public constructor"

IDEA-90074 (Feature)

Static method only used from one other class shall ignore test classes

IDEA-89882 (Feature)

RFE: SimplifiableEqualsExpression inspection should work for String.equalsIgnoreCase()

IDEA-89628 (Feature)

Add second auto-fix to inspection "Unchecked exception declared in 'throws' clause"

IDEA-89958 (Bug)

Deadlock in InspectionProfileEntry

IDEA-80850 (Bug)

Add an option to the Inspection "Redundant field initialization" to only check for redundant initializations to null.

IDEA-88156 (Bug)

Inspection "Class only used from one other package" produces false positives.

IDEA-89893 (Bug)

inconsistent "Redundant call to 'String.format()'" when using static method import

IDEA-90093 (Bug)

Hard coded strings does not work properly in exception subclasses

IDEA-70791 (Bug)

Inspection "Serializable class with unconstructable ancestor" should ignore classes with a writeReplace() method.

Compiling Project


IDEA-90006 (Bug)

uncompiled project in Idea 12 build: Dependency data format has changed, project rebuild required



IDEA-70821 (Bug)

Database console launches scripts twice.

IDEA-88255 (Bug)

Database sidebar doesn't have a toolbar anymore: "console" action is not easily accessible.



IDEA-90010 (Bug)

Edit breakpoint popup: after a condition for bp1 has been entered, opening and closing the popup for bp2 results in setting the condition for bp2



IDEA-64028 (Usability Problem)

"Compare with the Same Repository Version" should save changes to disk before invoking an external diff tool

IDEA-89918 (Cosmetics)

Merge tool: applied deletion change dotted line is shown shifted and inconsistently

IDEA-89644 (Bug)

compare: mislleading message

IDEA-87029 (Exception)

Merge: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diff.impl.incrementalMerge.ChangeList.remove

IDEA-88948 (Exception)

Merge Tool: artifacts on ignoring change after applying some: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.diff.impl.incrementalMerge.Change.d

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-89499 (Exception)

Soft Wraps: Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset()

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-89886 (Feature)

"Find usages" action without modal dialog

IDEA-88171 (Bug)

Find Previous goes to last occurrence of text in file



IDEA-87997 (Bug)

Package Air Application... Option Disabled

IDEA-89860 (Bug)

Screen DPI not passed to ADL for AIR emulation mode

IDEA-89957 (Exception)

Flex module not compiled with maven



IDEA-72885 (Feature)

Completion of methods taking multi-argument closures, like eachWithIndex{} or inject(){}, should add paramters to closure

IDEA-72388 (Feature)

Complete Current Statement with Closure as a last method parameter is buggy in Groovy

IDEA-68899 (Feature)

Completion after new should use diamond operator if possible in Groovy 1.8

IDEA-89935 (Bug)

Code completor makes wrong completion when adding arguments to closure

IDEA-89897 (Bug)

Groovy: legal code marked as error: ';', '}' or new line expected



IDEA-84205 (Feature)

haXe: "using"-completion

IDEA-83743 (Feature)

Run generated .swfs in something else than the Flash Player

IDEA-83871 (Feature)

Provide "Introduce Variable" feature

IDEA-85440 (Bug)

Haxe: NMML source path attribute minor analysis bug



IDEA-89014 (Bug)

Missing Terminate option in Server Run / Debug tool windows

IDEA-89928 (Bug)

Leda 122.31 & Tomcat: Resources from context.xml are not deployed

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-90142 (Bug)

Do not propose contant names after '@'

IDEA-90013 (Bug)

bad completion suggestions

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-73955 (Bug)

Incorrect Error ? Web Method problem:Class javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement not public or does not allow instantiation...

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-90103 (Feature)

Provide intention for changing base type in LHS to derived type when RHS type is more specific

IDEA-89734 (Usability Problem)

Override/Implement methods doesn't add @Nullable method annotation to created method

IDEA-88339 (Bug)

'convert to local' intention for parameter does not update method calls

IDEA-90003 (Bug)

Duplicate entry in throws declaration after invoking the "replace catch section with throws declaration" suggestion second time on another catch with same exception type

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-90040 (Feature)

Optimize static imports refactoring

IDEA-89980 (Usability Problem)

Extract method Object Dialog inconsistencies

IDEA-90186 (Bug)

Severe bug with Refactor -> Migrate

IDEA-89853 (Bug)

Invalid formatting when creating a field from usage

IDEA-82319 (Exception)

Throwable at TemplateBuilderImpl.buildTemplate() on In Place Rename



IDEA-84483 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: validate chosen JS file

IDEA-88702 (Bug)

Faulty Inspection Message Javascript Annotator

IDEA-88426 (Bug)

JsDoc: methods that implement methods of indirect parents don't have 'overrides' mark



IDEA-90095 (Bug)

Cannot compile project

IDEA-74131 (Bug)

Failed to interpolate field: private org.apache.maven.model.Reporting ...

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-64410 (Usability Problem)

Running IDEA from NSIS installer should run it as non-admin

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-89907 (Bug)

Plugin compiled and packaged with JDK7 hangs the startup splash image

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-90026 (Bug)

Devkit: EP jsp.el.elLiteralCustomReferenceProvider highlighted in red



IDEA-89610 (Bug)

PostgreSQL inherited table without child fields reported as a syntax error

IDEA-76386 (Bug)

Support PostgreSQL ISNULL is missing

IDEA-75963 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: function anonymous parameter type with WITHOUT TIME ZONE specification is red

IDEA-90206 (Bug)

Wrong sql syntax error (PostgreSQL syntax)



IDEA-70671 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: jms adapters: check that either 'destination' or 'destination-name' are provided if no 'jms-template'/'container' attributes are set

IDEA-68440 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: transformer element: check that exactly one of the 'ref' attribute, 'expression' attribute, or inner bean (<bean/>) are provided

IDEA-71117 (Feature)

Spring integration support: "ws:header-enricher": provide inspection that checks that for "soap-action" subelement exactly one of 'ref', 'value', or 'expression' are set

IDEA-68532 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: aggregator: validate value of 'send-partial-result-on-expiry' attribute to be valid boolean

IDEA-66903 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: check that channel adapter (inbound-channel-adapter/outbound-channel-adapter) has either 'channel' or 'id' attribute set

IDEA-68518 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: splitter: check that 'expression' subelement is not provided if either 'ref', 'expression' or inner bean are present

IDEA-26328 (Feature)

spring: improve dtd->xsd conversion intention

IDEA-70037 (Feature)

Spring integration support: resequencer element: provide inspection that checks that only one of release-partial-sequences and release-strategy are specified at once

IDEA-70435 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: file|ftp:inbound-channel-adapter: provide inspection that checks 'filter', 'filename-pattern' and 'filename-regex' attributes exclusivity

IDEA-70259 (Feature)

Spring Integration support: claim-check-out/claim-check-in elements: show error if no message-store is specified

IDEA-43795 (Usability Problem)

update dtd->xsd intention: make it work on xml prolog

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-89719 (Feature)

freemarker: better Ctrl-W in @ftlvariable type attribute

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-90035 (Cosmetics)

jUnit progress bar cosmetics

User Interface


IDEA-90111 (Feature)

Support file colors in Recent Files and Switcher

IDEA-41668 (Usability Problem)

Scope for Project TODOs

IDEA-89917 (Usability Problem)

Don't expand child nodes of expanded one

IDEA-89742 (Cosmetics)

Darcula on Mac: labels in the "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog have incorrect background

IDEA-70087 (Bug)

IDEA constantly eats 30-50% of CPU under MacOSX 10.6.7

IDEA-90102 (Bug)

Darcula - background color set when a "find in file" fails makes text illegible

IDEA-90176 (Bug)

Edit RegExp fragment intention doesn't move focus to new editor

IDEA-65735 (Bug)

Hint shown via HintManagerImpl.showEditorHint instantly disappears

Version Control


IDEA-86406 (Usability Problem)

add a hotkey support for "Show all affected paths"

IDEA-81600 (Bug)

PyCharm 2.0.2 appears to save files whenever changes occur even when auto save is disabled.

Version Control. Git


IDEA-59215 (Usability Problem)

git plugin default configuration is invalid under windows

IDEA-89878 (Bug)

No need to try merge --no-ff instead of rebase if there are no local changes

IDEA-89881 (Bug)

git push to an alternative branch pushed to the tracked branch instead

IDEA-90124 (Bug)

Git: manually deleted change is still shown as modified in changes view, removing modified status updates time-stamp even if autosave is option unset

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-89110 (Bug)

Gnome Keyring Password Dialog Shows User Input In Plain Text

IDEA-89993 (Bug)

Error updating changes: svn: E2048899: Generic IO errorCan not parse conflict reason: replace

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