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IDEA-83547 (Usability Problem)

"Show implementations" does not show derived interfaces

IDEA-86137 (Performance Problem)

Intellij Freeze

IDEA-88859 (Performance Problem)

Performance hit on com.intellij.openapi.util.IconLoader.getDisabledIcon(Icon)

IDEA-87650 (Bug)

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE problem

IDEA-88221 (Bug)

Create new Python/Django module failure

IDEA-88715 (Bug)

Exception on "Restart "Rerun failed tests""

IDEA-80927 (Bug)

Change Default Shortcut to stop edititing embedded Groovy (2)

IDEA-88537 (Bug)

File Cache Conflict diff viewing dialog has no maximize button and is too small

IDEA-64252 (Bug)

Move statement up does not work after an anonymous inner class instantiation

IDEA-88779 (Bug)

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: queue is empty

IDEA-88507 (Exception)

Throwable at ToolWindowManagerImpl.notifyByBalloon() from notification



IDEA-65774 (Feature)

Add Open File location Button in Android export dialog.

IDEA-88555 (Bug)

Android - Design mode does not honor existing namespace prefix when code is generated designer (adding view element attributes or adding views)

IDEA-87978 (Bug)

'plurals' resources are not recognized by code analysis/completion

IDEA-88338 (Bug)

logcat highlight and filtering does not work on Android 4.1



IDEA-83991 (Feature)

Provide more specific contexts for live templates in CSS

IDEA-76122 (Feature)

No palette for "Color" variables in SASS, LESS, and CSS complex properties like gradient

IDEA-68086 (Feature)

CSS width/height suggestion with image size

IDEA-88519 (Bug)

Unexpected formatting live templates

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-86621 (Feature)

Detecting dead catch blocks

IDEA-60595 (Feature)

Logger initialized with foreign class multiple logger classes

IDEA-88776 (Feature)

Do not mark declarations as unused when they are marked with particular annotations

IDEA-88800 (Usability Problem)

Extra confirmation step when removing external annotation

IDEA-88376 (Usability Problem)

"Inspection '...' options" popup menu group cannot be expanded using Return-key

IDEA-87652 (Bug)

Accessing member of nullable reference is not flagged if it is casted

IDEA-88801 (Bug)

Undo doesn't work after adding an external annotation

IDEA-88406 (Bug)

False positive 'constant conditions & exceptions'

IDEA-88191 (Bug)

inconsistent "'this' reference escaped in object construction" when using static method import

IDEA-87870 (Bug)

Inspections: "Unnecessarily qualified static access" inspection doesn't report references from nested/inner classes

IDEA-88425 (Bug)

"Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection fails in the presence of multicatch

IDEA-53612 (Bug)

ConstantConditions inspection options instead of MethodWithMoreThanThreeNegations

IDEA-88468 (Bug)

Bogus trailing comma in annotation array initializer warning

IDEA-50496 (Bug)

Spellchecker doesn't honor character escapes in Java/Groovy string literals

IDEA-82125 (Bug)

"Overridden methods are not annotated" warning is incorrect for complex hierarchies

IDEA-88649 (Bug)

Settings | Inspections – JavaScript inspections (all branches) are ALWAYS got fully expanded

IDEA-87640 (Bug)

Unnecessarily qualified static access results in "Illegal forward reference"

IDEA-61570 (Bug)

Conflicting alt-a shortcut in Settings > Inspections

Code Coverage


IDEA-88614 (Usability Problem)

Coverage: for equal percentage sort by total lines/classes/methods

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-88337 (Bug)

Reformatting code in file forces "Do not show this dialog in the future"



IDEA-88298 (Bug)

Upgrade to 120.11 removed the ColdFusion Server Mapping from my project

IDEA-88357 (Bug)

Show Declaration doesn't resolve 'super' references correctly

IDEA-83123 (Bug)

Un var'd variables are not availanle in other functions for code completion

IDEA-83100 (Bug)

Smarter Scope Handling

Compiling Project


IDEA-70162 (Usability Problem)

Default list of compiler resource patterns is arbitrary and incomplete.

IDEA-88411 (Bug)

External compiler should use PROJECT_JDK (currently it uses IDEA_JDK)

IDEA-88847 (Bug)

compiler resource patterns incomplete and project specific rather than global



IDEA-88486 (Bug)

Regression => Guard console is broken



IDEA-88606 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: new row rejected by the database cannot be re-sent after correction

IDEA-63258 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: Escape does not work in cell editing mode in specific (most) cases

IDEA-88367 (Bug)

Database tool window: "Generate and Copy DDL" and Quick doc (Ctrl+Q) report different types than used on creation

IDEA-88883 (Bug)

Cannot edit query result in Database Console anymore

IDEA-88613 (Bug)

Database tool window: Derby: Quick Doc shows SQLException for a table with name with quote

IDEA-78677 (Bug)

Improvements to executing SQL queries directly from SQL file editor

IDEA-88675 (Exception)

Database tool window: IAE at DdlBuilder.columnRef() on getting DDL for Oracle table with index including several columns, one is descending



IDEA-67206 (Usability Problem)

When I Alt+Click near breakpoint marker, it becomes removed



IDEA-88601 (Feature)

Can't open diff by clicking files in apply patch dialogue

IDEA-87028 (Usability Problem)

Merge: do not show All Changes Processed dialog when only one part of conflict is applied

IDEA-86287 (Bug)

Merge markers doesn't fully joined

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-88349 (Usability Problem)

reformat (of xml)

IDEA-87779 (Bug)

My code is deleted on the fly if 'Add unambiguous imports on the fly' option is enabled

IDEA-88511 (Bug)

Code Completion: Case sensitive completion: 'First letter' option doesn't work

IDEA-88302 (Bug)

SmartEnter doesn't work when caret placed at the start of line

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-88810 (Bug)

Find in Path Dialog, combo box for cusom scopes: down arrow does not scroll through whole list

IDEA-70523 (Bug)

Shortcut to navigate between highlighted usages



IDEA-75796 (Feature)

Undeclared namespace suggestion could be smarter

IDEA-88199 (Performance Problem)

When editing mxml files, sometimes IntelliJ locks up

IDEA-65829 (Performance Problem)

Flex MXML code completion is slow if namespace is not declared

IDEA-87721 (Bug)

Sometimes all members of an MXML file are marked with error 'duplicate declaration'

IDEA-87638 (Bug)

Incorrect 'Unknown CSS property embedAsCFF' warning for embedAsCFF style

IDEA-88469 (Bug)

Flex Run Dialog doesn't support $PROJECT_DIR$ anymore

IDEA-87450 (Bug)

[Flex] Whenever I try to write a new If-Statement ... as soon as I type the "(", IntelliJ replaces this with "isFinite()" ...

IDEA-66272 (Bug)

Idea opens duplicate source files in remote Flash debugging session and ignores breakpoints set in the project file

IDEA-88470 (Bug)

Clicking frames in Flex debugger leads to wrong sources

IDEA-88563 (Bug)

Incorrectly generates html wrapper

IDEA-22387 (Bug)

When debug error occurs in library open library source file

IDEA-87276 (Bug)

autocomplete dosnt know statement "final"



IDEA-88124 (Feature)

Groovy: Code | Generate on a JUnit test class could suggest to create Test, SetUp and TearDown methods

IDEA-87834 (Feature)

Groovy: 'Split string' intention

IDEA-88528 (Bug)

broken target checking for annotations

IDEA-88347 (Bug)

Incorrect parameter popup hint

IDEA-88134 (Bug)

Groovy: highlight public modifier before generic method in interface as error in Groovy <= 1.8

IDEA-88650 (Bug)

inccorrect resolve for java.util.List

IDEA-88854 (Bug)

#!/usr/bin/env groovy goes to 2nd line after refactor/moving the groovy file from default to foo package

IDEA-88262 (Bug)

Groovy keywords are not highlighted in Power Save mode

IDEA-87823 (Bug)

For Groovy configured import layout is not taken into account

IDEA-87907 (Bug)

Selection is unexpectedly expanded when extracting a methods from index expression



IDEA-88428 (Bug)

Underscores in variables cause an error in HQL parsing

IDE Configuration


IDEA-88024 (Cosmetics)

Recent Projects list on Welcome screen mixes project names and paths

IDEA-88630 (Bug)

Cannot remove custom file type

IDEA-21292 (Bug)

Settings -> Path Variables: value - truncate tail spaces

IDEA-88720 (Bug)

IDEA crash if import settings from default idea settings dir

IDEA-87679 (Bug)

Plugin manager: Browse Repositories -> "refresh" seems to access all repositories instead of selected



IDEA-88167 (Bug)

Tomcat run configuration doesn't deploy the application in IDEA 12



IDEA-40911 (Bug)

JSPX: code completion inserts not escaped '<' and '>' for generic classes

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-73186 (Feature)

"Create setter and getter" for generation menu for non-existent method like setSomething or getSomething

IDEA-88844 (Feature)

Complete enum members in annotations when type is obvious

IDEA-88517 (Usability Problem)

Smart Completion: offer names for variables and parameters

IDEA-88366 (Cosmetics)

Code completion popup draws placeholder icon for entries which do not have icon at all

IDEA-88769 (Bug)

Java keyword completion: duplicate "final" suggestion

IDEA-88368 (Bug)

Properties key autocompletion usability

IDEA-88335 (Bug)

Class name not completed by prefix

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-87539 (Cosmetics)

Unnecessary qualifiers highlightings should use more intuitive attributes

IDEA-87672 (Bug)

Fake Java error is shown in code

IDEA-87673 (Bug)

Red squigglies on lambda expressions in JDK8 builds

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-81079 (Feature)

New Intention: wrap statement in null-check

IDEA-88760 (Usability Problem)

Rename intention doesn't bring up the same UI as the rename refactoring

IDEA-88863 (Usability Problem)


IDEA-88761 (Bug)

Assignmen to 'null' inspection lacks "Mark as @Nullable" intention

IDEA-88435 (Bug)

"Remove unnecessary parentheses" doesn't remove anything

IDEA-87564 (Bug)

create method from usage (with generics) generates uncompilable code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-88689 (Feature)

Move Inner Class to outer should have better problem preview

IDEA-88814 (Feature)

(RFE) Intention for pushing condition deeper into conditional expression

IDEA-80000 (Feature)

Suggest extract method name with nearest comment above block

IDEA-87693 (Usability Problem)

Usability: moving classes to different package should have better default for the target destination

IDEA-88886 (Bug)

Inlining method leaves naught

IDEA-88882 (Bug)

Inline method doesn't inline inferred type arguments

IDEA-88758 (Bug)

Don't extract variable where it's impossible

IDEA-87963 (Bug)

For refactor "Extract Method": If only one duplicate of extracted code is found, selecting "Yes" for 'review and replace' does not review 2nd code fragment, it just replaces it.

IDEA-87654 (Bug)

Extract method fails to detect input variable if code fragment is located in unreachable else branch

IDEA-88413 (Bug)

No way to stop copying when using drag and drop to copy files from filesystem to project tree.

IDEA-82043 (Bug)

"change signature" quick fix corrupts text

IDEA-88471 (Bug)

"Move instance method" can generate bad code when moving to an interface

IDEA-87688 (Bug)

Create Method intention should insert type parameters when creating a static method



IDEA-88762 (Bug)

JavaScript reformat greedily comments uncommented comma-separated lines in literal Objects which follow a line-comment

IDEA-88627 (Bug)

idea 120.100: hangs up

IDEA-88301 (Bug)

Node.js sources issues

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-80423 (Bug)

Cannot close "Cannot Start JavaScript Debugger" dialog by pressing Close button



IDEA-88215 (Cosmetics)

Maven: typo in "Error running" message

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-88380 (Bug)

Completion in plugin.xml <depends> tag: merge equal options

Product Documentation


IDEA-88356 (Bug)

Some tips are not read

IDEA-88250 (Bug)

Rename "Introduce variable" to "Extract variable" in the ToD

Project Configuration


IDEA-86947 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration list should support drag and drop to reorder the run configurations



IDEA-75544 (Feature)

SQL: code completion could suggest valid series of keywords at once

IDEA-88892 (Usability Problem)

SQL: SQLServer, SQLite: typing opening bracket '[' does not insert closing one if non-whitespace characters are after

IDEA-83577 (Bug)

Good MySQL is shown as wrong

IDEA-88880 (Bug)

SQL: basic completion suggests nothing after last statement

IDEA-44164 (Bug)

SQL: completion inserts identifiers, which require quotes, without quotes

IDEA-88791 (Bug)

SQL: Code Completion: when quotes of delimited identifier are already typed completion inserts one more pair

IDEA-88568 (Bug)

Syntax problem when executing PL SQL

IDEA-88787 (Bug)

SQL: Code Completion: the whole keyword chain is inserted after already typed keyword



IDEA-87528 (Feature)

Spring webflow: provide some support for Validators

IDEA-88492 (Task)

Spring Security: upgrade wizard to 3.1.1

IDEA-88403 (Bug)

Spring webflow: flows with spaces in names are not properly processed

IDEA-70198 (Bug)

Spring Integration support: properly support 'scheduler' attribute of 'delayer' element

IDEA-70196 (Bug)

Spring Integration support: application-event-multicaster element always report 'custom spring bean has not yet been parsed' warning

IDEA-71245 (Bug)

Spring Integration support: publishing-interceptor is not recognized as valid advice

IDEA-88274 (Bug)

Spring webflow: bean-import@resource attribute should allow only paths relative to the current flow

IDEA-71397 (Bug)

Spring integration support: secured-channels element is not recognized as Spring bean

IDEA-88271 (Bug)

Spring webflow: the beans from resource imported using bean-import are not recognized automatically

IDEA-88284 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.spring.webflow.diagram.WebflowDiagramDataModel.hasFile

IDEA-88282 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.spring.webflow.diagram.WebflowDiagramDataModel$

IDEA-88246 (Exception)

CCE at com.intellij.spring.webflow.diagram.editor.DeleteElementAction.getSelectedEdgeDomElement

IDEA-88273 (Exception)

IncorrectOperationException: Cannot find path between files on moving file referenced from bean-import@resource

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-61369 (Usability Problem)

JUnit test filter should have an option to also hide skipped tests

IDEA-87984 (Performance Problem)

Performance: navigating among failed JUnit tests is sluggish

IDEA-87921 (Bug)

Tooltip typo on "Rerun Failed Tests"

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-87716 (Bug)

"Run tests in <package>" doesn't run all the tests in a package

User Interface


IDEA-88299 (Feature)

Copy line location (reference to the line)

IDEA-52461 (Usability Problem)

If path specified in path field in File Chooser dialog is under hidden directory it won't be selected until you enable "Show hidden" option

IDEA-88876 (Usability Problem)

Mnemonics in in-place refactorings popups conflict with ALT-actions

IDEA-87500 (Usability Problem)

Make UI work with Mac Retina display

IDEA-88334 (Usability Problem)

There is no middle matching in the goto inspection popup.

IDEA-88510 (Usability Problem)

File chooser: any item completion in the path field switches "Show Hidden Files and Directories" to Yes

IDEA-88838 (Cosmetics)

Typo in the eventlog message to renew your license

IDEA-62690 (Cosmetics)

Status bar hints VS accelerators

IDEA-38968 (Bug)

File chooser: path field: completion does not see hidden files and directories, even if the option to show them is on

IDEA-88364 (Bug)

Find Action by Name doesn't find "Show History" from Git

IDEA-88218 (Bug)

Image editor: Zoom In after many Zoom Out stops working before bringing the image back to actual size

IDEA-88551 (Bug)

keyboard shortcut for rollback doesn't work in commit dialog box

IDEA-88280 (Bug)

Cannot scroll down with arrows in "non-prefix matches" search results in "go to" popups

IDEA-87677 (Bug)

End space for exact match doesn't work with middle matching in goto popups

IDEA-88450 (Bug)

Prefix matches should be first in goto popups

IDEA-88300 (Bug)

Uneven toolwindow title formatting

IDEA-88820 (Bug)

Wrong button behavior in JUnit execution

Version Control


IDEA-88485 (Usability Problem)

Cannot resize columns in file history tool window

IDEA-88786 (Usability Problem)

Cannot access TODO popup when commiting changes

IDEA-88487 (Cosmetics)

Commit: "Create Patch" missing ellipsis

IDEA-88514 (Bug)

Show diff from Changes View for Unknown plain text file (*.mm) produces "difference in line separators" label

Version Control. Git


IDEA-88522 (Feature)

Support show commit on github in Annotated view

IDEA-88465 (Cosmetics)

Wrong dialog title

IDEA-88488 (Bug)

Git pull with conflicts produces "File Cache Conflict"

IDEA-88587 (Bug)

'Annotate' action from popup menu in File History table is always disabled for Git

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-88681 (Bug)

Perforce logging: <dir> - file(s) not in client view.

IDEA-68840 (Bug)

Perforce: If there are several roots with 2 different P4 servers, and one is not available, Changes | Local is not updated for second as well

IDEA-87635 (Bug)

Perforce: delete for file from inactive changelist shouldn't put it in active one

IDEA-54155 (Bug)

Perforce integration: "there are no jobs matching pattern" when job name is entered directly however the job can be found via search

IDEA-88668 (Bug)

Perforce: only the first integrated change is shown in Merge Tool when integrating several changes outside from IDEA

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-88351 (Bug)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.history.SvnHistoryProvider.getUsedFilePath

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-88141 (Bug)

Getting error when trying to show differences in revisions of file in TFS using WebStorm



IDEA-64075 (Feature)

Automatic XML Schema discovery

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