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IDEA-87135 (Feature)

Mutual hotkey to clear log in tool-window logs

IDEA-86455 (Feature)

"quick fix" suggestions should account for coding convention when creating a variable

IDEA-87400 (Usability Problem)

Distinguish Ctrl-Alt and right Alt

IDEA-86517 (Usability Problem)

Merge Class completion with Basic completion and remove the former

IDEA-87854 (Cosmetics)

Plugin wizard cosmetics

IDEA-85735 (Cosmetics)

Non-mac-style file path in UI

IDEA-87102 (Cosmetics)

Please insert dash

IDEA-58052 (Cosmetics)

Image editor: toolbar icon for "actual size" should use same icon as in graph toolbar (with "1:1" overlay)

IDEA-86233 (Cosmetics)

Reporting exception says "New EAP build is available" even when new build is a release one

IDEA-87650 (Bug)

Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE problem

IDEA-88207 (Bug)

Attempt to reopen ipr-based project is rejected with "does not exist" error message

IDEA-86433 (Bug)

The caption of button is different from that specified in the "Evalution Feedback" windows text.

IDEA-88113 (Bug)

Completion: wrong Middle-match behavior

IDEA-77085 (Bug)

SQL Types Inspection: false warning for table correlation name when derived column list is provided

IDEA-81507 (Bug)

Good code is red: "Nested quantifier in regexp"

IDEA-88101 (Bug)

No Menus and Toolbars customization for Project panel when Scope selected

IDEA-88106 (Bug)

Auto-completion works incorrectly when I make and then fix a mistake

IDEA-88020 (Bug)

Misleading error message while creating class

IDEA-87740 (Bug)

Property key quick definition tooltip: escape XML

IDEA-88035 (Bug)

JBoss run configurations: deployment artifact can't be added

IDEA-88153 (Bug)

WebStorm lies about non existent directory

IDEA-87886 (Bug)

When using speed search in Run... popup, 'Backspace' deletes configurations, not the test

IDEA-26302 (Bug)

Incorrect message on trying to run under-configured Tomcat run configuration

IDEA-62285 (Bug)

Opening Browser Shortcut + VS Keymap

IDEA-50496 (Bug)

Spellchecker doesn't honor character escapes in Java/Groovy string literals

IDEA-87901 (Bug)

Command line editor: do not split words with hyphen

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-84955 (Usability Problem)

Inspection Options: small improvements

IDEA-87915 (Bug)

"throws XYZ" is too broad – shouldn't trigger on library methods

IDEA-87966 (Bug)

Pointless boolean expression inspection: false positive

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-87639 (Feature)

Add a possibility to specify a dependent LF spacing if a checked range does NOT have line feeds.

IDEA-79288 (Usability Problem)

Add the possibility to configure indents under Settings | Code Style | HTML

IDEA-87415 (Task)

Formatter: cyclic alignment resolution

IDEA-87295 (Bug)

Reformatting code on a folder unsets the dialog visibility checkbox.

Code Navigation


IDEA-81770 (Feature)

Add navigation for custom regions



IDEA-87756 (Usability Problem)

Path completion UI is awkward

IDEA-88135 (Bug)

ColdFusion Server Mapping ambiguities

IDEA-87754 (Bug)

Built-in cfquery variables not recognized

Compiling Project


IDEA-88000 (Bug)

FileUtil.toSystemIndepedentName issue in compile server

IDEA-87939 (Bug)

StackOverflow on out-of-process build



IDEA-88108 (Bug)

Dart plugin: Enable reporting exceptions from within IDEA

IDEA-88107 (Exception)

Dart plugin: Exception while navigating to SDK classes and back again

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-87916 (Bug)

Keywords are not recognized correctly for Groovy

IDEA-87120 (Bug)

IDEA not usable anymore after "Indent" some java code

IDEA-85942 (Bug)

Can't enter Latvian accented characters with right alt

IDEA-87184 (Bug)

Soft wraps: with wrapped lines horizontal scroll bar is always shown

IDEA-87174 (Bug)

cursor is rendered in wrong position



IDEA-87892 (Usability Problem)

Theme URL: respect ${FLEX_SDK} macro

IDEA-87891 (Usability Problem)

When using 'MX only framework linkage' update theme link accordingly

IDEA-88039 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't attach test reporter - TypeError at ParameterizedMethod/get name() on running Parameterized tests

IDEA-88154 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't compile tests for SDK 3.6 module

IDEA-88150 (Bug)

FlexUnit: can't attach test reporter (Error #1014) on running flexunit tests for SDK 4.1 module

IDEA-87925 (Bug)

When using Flex SDK 4.1A framework libraries which should be linked as RSL are merged insted resulting in huge swf fie being created.



IDEA-88055 (Feature)

Groovy inspection: 'Variable is reassigned in closure'

IDEA-87994 (Bug)

Static type checking false positive ignoring closure call

IDEA-87991 (Bug)

Static type checking false negative ignoring automatic type conversion

IDEA-87990 (Bug)

Static type checking false positive

IDEA-87879 (Bug)

'void' completion

IDEA-88129 (Bug)

Highlight Usages on 'return' statement should highlight 'return' in current method only, not on whole file.

IDEA-87956 (Bug)

highlight refs in erorr elements

IDE Configuration


IDEA-88147 (Feature)

Add PROJECT_NAME variable to file templates

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-88058 (Usability Problem)

Completion popup: toggling alpha vs. usage sorting blocks UI

IDEA-88057 (Cosmetics)

Completion popup: fix progress wheel position

IDEA-88181 (Bug)

Java: complete 'return' in conditional expression

IDEA-88030 (Bug)

MouseInputAdapter's Select Methods to Override UI not needed?

IDEA-87943 (Bug)

Wrong default selection in code completion popup when variable name has an underscore prefix

IDEA-87958 (Bug)

Completion for annotation name in Java

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-83831 (Bug)

"rename..." silently replaces one method with another



IDEA-84352 (Usability Problem)

JSTestDriver: don't add JSTD library to all the modules in project

IDEA-87950 (Bug)

JavaScript: extract function inline throw exception if there is any code before

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-79527 (Usability Problem)

Uninstalling the product and deleting settings should warn that settings will be removed for all the minor versions



IDEA-87979 (Bug)

Inspection error for .SQL with Microsoft SQL Server (TSQL) dialect



IDEA-87926 (Feature)

Spring webflow: support named actions

IDEA-87354 (Feature)

Spring Web Flow: provide gutter icon to overriding state(s)

IDEA-87931 (Feature)

Spring webflow: check that abstract flows are not run

IDEA-88137 (Bug)

Spring webflow: variables from the different scopes are shown unresolved when used in the same file

IDEA-87945 (Bug)

Spring webflow: for flows referenced by autodetected ids (id==flow file name) the references are not updated on flow rename

IDEA-87210 (Bug)

Spring webflow: view-state@view attribute: absolute path completion should work correctly

IDEA-87935 (Bug)

Spring webflow: Designer: the contents of subflow inherited from its parent is not shown on diagram

Task Management


IDEA-87529 (Bug)

GitHub Task Server: Not able to connect to github issue tracker: Error on line 29: The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-87315 (Usability Problem)

The freemarker code style should respect the XML identation setting instead of forcing 4 space identation

User Interface


IDEA-87807 (Bug)

Single mouse click in tree views is processed like double click

IDEA-86179 (Bug)

Tool windows: Show List of Tabs keyboard shortcut works for window without tabs and captures focus

Version Control. Git


IDEA-77930 (Usability Problem)

Git Log Graph: can't filter commits with 'stars'

IDEA-66115 (Bug)

Git line-end conversion settings - default has side-effects

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