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This page contains the latest available build for a given version. Depending on the release stage, it might an EAP/Beta/RC build for the upcoming major version, a Preview/RC minor update for the existing major version, or a stable release build.



The following major versions get updated

We   kindly ask you to report errors and feature requests to our issue tracker or discuss them in the EAP users forum .  We highly appreciate your feedback !

You can also install and updates IntelliJ IDEA with the Toolbox App and Snaps .

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  1. Anonymous

    They can't start soon enough, as far as I'm concerned. I love the EAP.

  2. Anonymous

    What's the focus going to be for the IDEA 8? My vote is on general performance!

    1.  I would second that.  Idea 7 is sluggish for editing, and a has a number of issues which lock the Editor pane when a "background" task is executing (like compile).


      Also, I'd love to see the feature where the dialog boxes (such as Reload Project) come to the front and are focused when they are blocking the editor.  Currently, if they get buried behind a window, they can be hard to find.

      1. Anonymous

        I don't notice this issue.  If I background the compile then I can edit as normal.

        1. Really?  I see this all the time.  It can edit as normal, until it is "reloading compiler caches", which takes about 5-10 minutes.  After that, I can edit again.

          1. Anonymous

            Wow, that must be a huge project?

            Anyways, I don't have lockups of more than 1 minute, but still the overall performance could be a bit better, I absolutely second that.

            Still, it's very usable for me, switched from Eclipse less than a month ago and I love it! Keep up the good work!

            1. We found the problem.  They recommended the following: 
              "Please uncheck "Run Jasper validator for JSP files" on "Java EE Build Settings" tab in Web Facet settings. Will the problem persist?"
              This fixed our issues. If you have similar issues compiling, you might want to check those boxes. (smile)

    2. Anonymous

      I have loved and promoted IDEA everywhere I go since 2001.  But it has become so slow for our larger projects, no matter what JVM settings I use, that I am having a hard time recommending it to others.

      The 1+ minute delays that happen at random, and the long start-up times, are infuriating.

       As I said, I have tried many recommended configs that help a little, use no facets, and disabled all unneeded plug-ins, but I still get long delays and growing memory footprints.

      1. Anonymous

        I'm finding the same thing.  I'm starting to consider switching to another IDE as IntelliJ is coming way too bloated out of the box.  I almost wish I could just revert back 3 or 4 versions so I could have my a lighter, faster IDE back.  My Eclipse brethren working on the same codebase do not see the same lag times or memory footprint that I do and its providing a big temptation to switch (especially since I'm the only IntelliJ user on the team). 

  3. Anonymous

    My wishlist for 8 is that they add JDK 7 language features (once they're finalized), Mercurial SCM integration, Wicket integration, more refactorings, better SQL support, and Scala language support.

    1. Which refactorings would you like to see?
      We don't expect JDK 7 language features to be finalized before the IntelliJ IDEA 8 release date.

      1. Does that mean that you will release final version before fall 2008? (wink)

    2. Anonymous

      Wicket integration will be really nice feature.

  4. Anonymous

    will u guys ever just auto generate daily builds?

    1. No, we don't currently have any plans to release daily builds of IntelliJ IDEA. We've been able to maintain a fairly consistent weekly build schedule during the previous EAP cycle, and we intend to keep it that way.

      1. Anonymous

        I agree, less issues to deal with, the probability of "bad" builds is reduced, I vote for keeping it the same.

      2. Anonymous

        Daily build is useful for testing, but it is not good for community, and nobody wants to waste time on bod version. Keep same, thanks.

  5. Just looked at the releasenotes of the 1st Idea 8 eap.

    Glad it supports Seam. Could you add ALL features in RichFaces Visual Editor, Seam Tools and Hibernate Tools of the JBoss Tools project so that I won't envy with guys who use Eclipse and JBoss Tools for free? (smile) 

  6. Anonymous

    I'm looking forward to trying the js debugger. Though if it doesn't support EXT I won't be able to use it. (I'm sure everyone has their favorite js library they'd like to have work with it)

    1. The JavaScript debugger doesn't need to support any JS libraries specifically. You can debug code that uses any library.

  7. Anonymous

    I'm very happy to see Seam support on IDEA 8. I think it will be the best java framework to build web apps so, PLEASE, take Seam into SERIOUS CONSIDERATION and add into IDEA (for sure the best java IDE) strong support for it, like Seam Tools and Hibernate Tools do for Eclipse.


  8. Anonymous

    My wishlist would be:

    • Velocity syntax support (since Freemarker in on the list)
    • Per project encoding (I noticed Per File encoding but hopefully this could be applied to all files included in a project.)
    • a deeper Maven integration: ability to do Hotswap with a Maven project that has resources filtering and war-plugin level filtering (like on web.xml or css files, etc.). The latter happens during the package goal of the lifecycle.
    • general performance has clearly become an issue for any developer not having a fresh machine (on Windows at least)


    1. +1000 for Velocity language support!

  9. Anonymous

    Out of the box, tapestry 5 support will be appreciated.

  10. Anonymous

    +2000 for Velocity language support!

  11. Anonymous

    Diana looks nice. Any chance the AS3 support for Flex will be ramped up to allow for all the nice refactoring tools to be available? I.e. "extract interface" or other code tools like "generate getters and setters" ?

    Those two features alone would make it really kick the crap out of Flex Builder. I don't need the GUI builder - that's the only thing that Flex Builder does well - I need the actual code time-savers... (I'll keep Flex Builder around for just help with GUI stuff - but using Eclipse for coding makes me want to harm myself on a daily basis)

    1. Anonymous

      I concur. Please add more nice Flex3/ActionScript3 and AIR support. I see it catching up like fire and don't like FlexBuilder, we need a better alternative !



  12. It would be great if you could load one then more module at a time, especially in projects with hundreds of modules. This would even be nice for 7.

  13. Anonymous

    I would say: ditch maven support, or at least spend less time on this, since it is only a matter of time until everybody starts understanding what a piece of crap maven is.

    Improving performance is, in my opinion, the most important thing. Every developer I know that uses IDEA is very happy with the rich feature-set, and the general quality. They only complain about the sluggishness...

     Keep up the good work!


    1. I disagree; we are using Maven here for many projects, and the Maven integration in IDEA helps us tremendously. While you are certainly entitled to your own opinion about Maven, speaking for myself, I would hate if JetBrains stopped supporting it.

      It became an integral part of our work process and is a great time saver for us.

      I do agree with you on one point though: Keep up the good work! (smile)

      1. Ditto on the maven support. I disagree so entirely with the OP that I want to scream. (smile) Maven is very useful and many people will continue to use it. If you don't use it, fine. But don't force your view on the rest of the world. For maven, I would only wish for:

        1. better multi module support (file and line number linking is broken in multi modules, build lifecycle tree is too complex/verbose for easy navigation.
        2. support for viewing surefire reports when there are errors in tests
        3. support for managing maven dependancies (search, add, etc)

        And yes, keep up the good work!

  14. Anonymous

    what a selfish comment... for some project Maven is just a good fit.
    It's consider a great thing by many people to have it integrated in IDEA. You just basically said they were stupid.
    not so nice...

  15. Anonymous

    We need more, better Maven support, not less! At the risk of sounding rude, I'd have to guess the reason you think Maven is crap is that you haven't learned how to use it properly.

    I'd like to see SIMPLER refactoring and code completion features. I don't know why, but Eclipse's code completion just makes a lot more sense (one hot-key does everything), and the simple, single-step refactoring that Eclipse has is a lot easier to use than choosing a refactoring option on the menu, and then getting a dialog box with a million options like you get with IDEA. I understand IDEA's refactoring is a lot more powerful in a single step, but Eclipse makes it easy to get the same results by chaining a few refactors together, in a more intuitive way.

    1. Anonymous

      I have to agree with this one. Eclipse's "one hot-key to rule them all" approach is FAR, FAR superior to the bewildering ctrl-space, ctrl-alt-space, ctrl-shift-space, apple-j, etc, etc keys that IntelliJ forces me to memorize for each context. Eclipse FIGURES OUT what I am trying to complete and does the right thing for me EVERY TIME. The idea here is to make the IDE do the grunt work, NOT the lazy developers! Eclipse with Mylyn also has context about what I am working on and always gives me choices with ordering based on what I've used before, so it takes far fewer clicks to get what I need than in IntelliJ.

      Finally, the autocomplete is VERY POORLY implemented in IntelliJ. Simple stuff like only showing me Exceptions that are possible to be thrown when I auto-complete "catch(..." or show me only classes or subclasses that are valid when I auto-complete "BaseClass bc = new ..." simply don't work in all cases or at all. Please have someone on your staff use Eclipse's autocomplete and build up a list of all the GREAT autocomplete's they have done and make IntelliJ at least as good as that. I can't tell you how many times I have almost walked away from IntelliJ because the autocomplete is broken (the only reason I stay with it is that Mac OS X GWT support in IntelliJ is much better than Eclipse).

      1. I disagree. I like IntelliJ's way a whole lot more. I believe it's more a matter of taste, and quite subjective. I don't mind if JetBrains implement the Eclipse way as well, as long as I can choose which one is enabled.

      2. Anonymous

        I wouldn't say autocomple is very poorly implemented, but I do agree that having to crtl-space, ctrl-alt-space, ctrl-shift-space ,etc is a pain!  why not a single key combination?  Eclipse got it right there.  And that's one of the fewest  things Eclipse does better.

        As for performance,  being an IntelliJ user since version 3.0 I do understand why it is getting slower, much more features!  never less  we do have much more powerful hardware nowadays which should be compensating for software complexity...  My advice is, don't save money on your development box! 

        Whoever is bashing maven has no clue on how powerful maven is. Learn it, before BSing about it. I can care less about ANT nowadays but, I do understand the need to support both.

        my wish list:

        SEAM,  FLEX, RuBy, Wicket, better Maven integration,  simpler to use code completion,  keep performance well balanced, also I'd like to see dockable editors as an option.   I use two and sometimes tree monitors but I can't move editors across monitors.

        Keep it coming ! 


      3. Try the plugin "Code Completion Live" and set it to the CTRL + SPACE. This has made my life a lot easier in this regard.  You still have the TAB commands separately though.

        Personally I find the autocomplete in IDEA WAY better than in Eclipse.  I use eclipse about 50% of the time and intellij the other half, and I always am impressed with Intellij's auto-complete smartness.

  16. Anonymous

    I think that Maven is great, and that we need more support for it, not less. Maven is the future. I must agree that eclipse key-bindings are more intuitive... ctrl-space should do most things intuitively. For example, ctrl-space for completion using the local class as a source for options, if the user presses it again, expland the search space for completion to include imported libraries, a third press will search through the entire classpath, even though the libraries aren't yet imported, etc.

  17. The biggest problem with IDEA 7 for me is performance!!!
    As I use it I have seen many different problems - hanging, taking forever with perforce, locking editor.
    Most recent one is - clicking on objects in editor often takes 1-2 seconds before switching to corresponding file. Also in many cases it just does not recognize double click.

    Anyway, I'd be happy if the only new feature in 8 would be resolving all performance issues.
    Next I would put infrastructure features such as better Maven support, better HTML support, better javascript support.

    No matter how much I like some of frameworks other people mentioned, I'd keep it much lower priority simply because there are so many of them and deciding which one to support and which one is not is just impossible and inevitably will feel unfair to someone.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. Please provide more specific information about the performance problems you're experiencing. It's quite possible that we'll be able to address them in 7.0.x updates rather than 8.0.

      Please follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base for reporting the problems:

    2. Anonymous

      I agree! Performance is my biggest issue. I'm extremely happy with the current feature-set, the ergonomics (shortcuts, UI, ...) and stuff, so in this field, I have no urgent issues.

      Here's an initial list of annoying performance problems:

      • ANT editing (yes, we've upgraded to ANT after a few months of Maven disaster) is quite slow. I can type for a few seconds, and then it hangs for a few seconds, using a lot of CPU.
      • Code analysis. I'm using IDEA since version 2.x on a PIII with 800Mhz, and I feel like code analysis was quite faster then. It is specifically annoying if you know you're going to get an auto-import popup, but you have to wait 2 seconds to get it...
      • GWT compilations is extremely slow! But I guess that's out of your hands...
      • Compilation: after clicking 'run', it sometimes takes a while to start compiling and running.


      1. Anonymous

        Just curious, what is your hardware specs?



        1. Anonymous

          I'm currently using a Dell Optiplex with P4 3.2GHz with 2Gb of RAM on Windows XP.

  18. Anonymous

    Just curious, but am I the only one seeing this extremely long startup times in the last build of "Diana"? IntelliJ insists in indexing everything in the project (from the JDK to the last of the imported libraries) every time it starts, taking sometimes the best part of 20 minutes (and using around 50% of CPU time and almost 400MB or memory). It used to be bad with Selena, but this is too much.

    Maybe  I'm doing something wrong, in which case I'd love to hear of a way to correct this.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Please send your log files (system\logs\idea*.log) to me at and I'll take a look. Most likely there is some exception that causes index corruption and rebuilds on every startup.

  19. Anonymous

    Would be nice if you add Struts2 support.

  20. I'd also love better performance. It helps a bit to turn almost all plugins of in Selena but it is no comparison with 4x or 5x. Back then it was blazingly fast nowadays its just slow. Even with lots of memory (4GB, a ramdisk for the build output and the like it won't speed up). It often just hangs in the editor for several seconds (up to 20) and its responses are very lazy (like a 2 second ping lag).
    I run IDEA on Windows and MacOS (Currently a Macbook Air) with the different versions and EAPs.

    What I don't understand is how to take a cpu snapshot at the time it hangs. Because if its hanging I can't take a snapshot and after it hung the information is gone?

    Michael Hunger

    1. Anonymous

      In such situations you can attach yo IDEA with YourKit GUI client, and take a CPU snapshot using that.

      You can freely download an evaluation version of YourKit from

  21. Anonymous

    No EAP drops for ages. When is the next one due?

  22. Is there a plan to merge the Refactor-J refactorings and bundle them with IDEA 8.0?

    1. Yes, some of Refactor-J refactorings will likely appear in IDEA 8. We're also working on new refactoring features internally.

  23. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if JetBrains plan to release a 64-bit IntelliJ IDEa platform? (in the near future?)

    1. Anonymous

      I'm using current release of IDEA on 64 bit systems with no problems, that's just java, should run anywhere.

  24. Anonymous


    I am running IDEA-8375 on MAC OS X 10.4 (tiger).
    Everything was fine with early version BUT with this one it's a nightmare! Everytime I click in any IDEA window's part (to edit etc...) it goes mad with a CPU usage of more than 150% - 200%!!! Before it relinquishes the CPU and then re-start again. So, in 10 min you are able to work 4-6 min properly. The rest is taken by the strange usage of CPU doing nothing!
    Any help is welcome.


    1. Please take a CPU snapshot ("Capture CPU snapshot" button on the toolbar) and file a JIRA issue with the snapshot attached.

      1. Anonymous

        I don't know how to attach the zip file produced!

        1. Create a JIRA issue at and attach the .zip file to it.

  25. I would like to see IntelliJ 8 go "back to the basics".  IDEA used to be the best because it made developer tasks simpler, and things always just worked.  Now it seems a lot of i's are not dotted nor t's crossed for the basic day-to-day developer tasks. 

  26. Anonymous

    I would like to see old "Commit Changes" window in IntelliJ Idea 8, like in Idea 6 or 5, I don't remember, where I can choose previous comments.

    1. You can choose previous comments. Just press the "Message History" button in the dialog toolbar, or press Ctrl-M.

  27. Anonymous

    How about:

    When setting up the library dependencies, give the option to import the current env classpath.

    somehow syncrhonize the classpath between an ant target and the intellij library dependency classpath. 

    Export a run/edit configuration along with the classpath to an ant target.

    We like using ant but you can't run the debugger unless you keep up the module dependencies to what is set up in ant.  Some of our developers don't use the debugger and they don't notice a problem when they change the ant target classpath and don't tell anyone.  It compiles fine in ant but when you try to debug... you got to fix their problem and sometimes it's not that obvious what the problem is.

    Better hibernate support...  Right click on a class and tell it to convert to Hibernate bean...  set it up through a dialog (add relationships... set table names...)  auto add annotations and then auto create hibernate.cfg.xml file.

    Auto create Hibernate Manager class with sessionManager.

     I LOVE the debugger feature that allows you to compile and insert the new class during that debugging session.  You don't even have to restart after compile... Just keep debugging.

    Also, I wish there was a feature that would allow me to search for something.  I know you can add a watch but I haven't figured out how to watch for something special to happen.  For instance, if I am iterating through a buffered reader on a socket... I am waiting for a special string to be passed in from another client... I have to set there and iterate through very painfully to look for that string instead of letting the debugger look for the string for me.  How do I do this???

     This tool has been a life saver for me as a developer... It has saved me many hours of my time that I now can dedicate to WOW... Thank you jetbrains.

  28. Anonymous

    how about adding memory-only mode?

    right now if the project is loaded over samba thousands of requests are being made to the file system during JSP editing (via inspections), making it impossible to work over smb mount (takes about 4-10 seconds to respond to ANY change).

    so, how about adding a mode where all inspections will be in-memory and file changes will be loaded from the fs on-demand only (for examply by clicking on refresh button)

  29. Anonymous

    I would like to see support for J2ME CDC (previously Personal Java). Eclipse and Netbeans have excellent support for it. It's time that IDEA also adds it.

    If you develop industry solutions in Java, which include hand held computers (with barcode scanner) running Windows Mobile, NSICom Creme is practically the only viable solution. Wish IDEA would support it too. Without IDE support it is very cumbersome to test.

  30. Anonymous


  31. Anonymous

    Yep, it's sure that performance  should be improved

    Besides there are some bugs with rendering dialog boxes in Unix environment. I've niticed that sometimes some UI controls... like text-inputs... does not display

    And as for me not bad idea to have more tight integration with build scripts in next release.

    1. Yes - I have the UI problem under Linux too. I concluded that it only happens when Compiz is enabled (under Ubuntu). When I disable Compiz, it never happens.

      I've disabled Compiz for now (sad)

      1. Anonymous

        The problem has nothing to do with IDEA but Swing. There are quite some posts around on Swing + Compiz problem. I've tried JDK 7(dev) and it has fixed the problem, hopefully the fix will be ported back to some update of JDK 6.

  32. Anonymous

    2 suggestions from me as a former Eclipse user:

    1) If multiple lines are selected and one presses Ctrl + Y (or Ctrl + D in Eclipse) for "delete", it should delete all selected lines -- that's very useful!

    2) One should be able to move selected lines around as in Eclipse one can do so by pressing Alt +

    Unknown macro: {UP, DOWN}

    . This shortcut is already in use in IDEA, but at least add the option please

    So far, after about a month, this is all that I'm missing after switching to IDEA from Eclipse Thanks Intellij team!

    1. Anonymous

      oops, didn't mean to use a macro -- the key combos are Alt + Arrow UP and Alt + Arrow DOWN for moving lines of code / text around

    2. Anonymous

      1) If multiple lines are selected, you can simply press "delete". Perhaps you're referring to something else?

      2) You can move a multi-line selection up/down using the shortcuts Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down.

      1. 1) I know, but here's the difference: The command "delete lines" deletes all lines, even those only partially selected. I think that's a very nice features, it would definitely save me a little bit of time (smile)

        2) Dammit, didn't find that shortcut in the IDEA docs -- thanks!

        1. Anonymous


          1) Can you give some example where (1) would be useful?

          2) The IDEA keymap is searchable, so it's (usually) quite easy to find what you're looking for. If not, post a message to (Community forum)

          1. Of course. Imagine you're editing a piece of code. You're moving the cursor around, jumping to interfaces, implementations and so forth. Then the situation occurs that you need to delete a few lines of code, but the cursor is placed in the middle of a line. In Eclipse then you'd just press Shift + Arrow Down to select all the lines you need deleted and don't bother if they're completely selected -- all that matters is that there's "a bit of the blue stuff" (the selection highlighting) on every line and then you press Ctrl + D for "delete lines".

            If you had to pay attention to carefully select all the code you want to delete so no empty lines are left behind etc, that would take just a little bit more time and concentration. More time because it might take up to 2 more keystrokes (HOME before beginning to select text if the cursor is not at the start of the current line and END if the last line to delete is longer than where your cursor was placed initially; and if you needed to hit HOME before selecting, you'll almost certainly need to hit END if it's not an empty line that you end your selection at). And more concentration because you have to take care about selecting all the code and nothing else -- and as empty lines are not removed by default, you need to pay attention to those, too.

            This is a rather long explanation for something that's not that much of a deal -- probably it doesn't take much to implement it and the impact is not a huge one (wink) "Nice to have" (wink)

            1. Anonymous

              I don't know of a shortcut to perform the exact operation that you're looking after.

              In the scenario that you describe, I would use Shift-Delete a couple of times.

              However, note that you'll have a much better chance to get useful answers (either from Jetbrains or from other users) in the : support forums(either "EAP" or "Community" forum).

  33. What about carrying out some of the processing that's being done when opening a project in the background? There's stuff like "caching spring beans" that's keeping me from doing anything meaningful while opening a project.

    Or, if this is not possible, why can't one go on working in another IDEA frame? It's annoying that all frames are blocked by a foreground task that's being executed in one of the frames. Is there a technical limitation that dictates this behaviour? Or am I just using IDEA improperly by opening lots of different frames with different projects?


  34. I wanted to log in to Jira to file few issues against existing and new versions but Jira would not let me log in. Does not take my EAP or confluence password but when I try to register it says that name is already taken.

    Forgot password does not send anything.

    So how to I access Jira?


    1. You can simply create a new JIRA account.

  35. Anonymous


    Performance and speed is one of the areas which could be "improved" however I believe that part of it may be resolved using smoke and mirrors.

    Consider tracking which classes are loaded when accessing commonly used functions like right click, settings menu, run menu, module menu and preload these classes during the splash screen.  I do this for a few swing applications and it makes the application alot more "snappy" right from the beginning.  To get accurate details I wrote an instrumentation class to track classloader activity and then have a list of classes which get force loaded during the splash screen sequence.

    Personally, I would prefer to wait an extra 5 seconds during the splash load sequence if the overall interface is "snappier" and I have no issues with performance once the JVM has warmed up.

    -Tim Twelves

    1. Anonymous

      A very simple example is at Improving Java Swing Performance.


  36. Anonymous

    Provide the ability to register IntelliJ on at least two computers.

    I consistently use both a laptop and a desktop concurrently when developing. IntelliJ barks at you if you register it on more than one computer so I have to either trick it to prevent the warning or disconnect one of my computers from my network.

    1. This is a License Issue, at least for personal license

      A Personal License is a named-user license which restricts the use of the software to the person who purchased that license. The license allows for installation of the software on different computers (at work and/or at home), provided that multiple instances of the software will not be used at the same time.

  37. Anonymous

    Regarding the performance problems due to IDEA being IO-bound:

    I resolved the issue (longer and longer hangs that kept increasing from version to version since 6.0) not by buying a 10.000 RPM drive but rather a small (16GB) Solid State Drive. I moved the IDEA installation, the caches, the jdk and the project files on the SSD drive (taking up just about 1 GB so even a smaller drive would do).

    Since then I had no issues with hangs and blocking waits. My IDE is now CPU-bound which is not so much a problem.



  38. Anonymous

    My wishlist is only one thing (smile)

    I just want OC4J debugger. OC4J 10G application support.



  39. Anonymous

    Hi, All. 

     I'm getting error when trying to decompile.

    Error during dispatching of java.awt.event.InvocationEvent[INVOCATION_DEFAULT,runnable=com.tagtraum.ideajad.IdeaJadImpl$1@1eb5d7f,notifier=null,catchExceptions=false,when=1218792008100] on com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/ProjectRootType
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/ProjectRootType
        at com.tagtraum.ideajad.DecompileAction.getDecompiledFile(
        at com.tagtraum.ideajad.DecompileAction.actionPerformed(
        at com.tagtraum.ideajad.IdeaJadImpl$
        at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
        at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.c(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.b(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.dispatchEvent(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
        at java.awt.Dialog$
        at java.awt.Dialog$
        at Method)
        at com.intellij.openapi.ui.impl.DialogWrapperPeerImpl$
        at com.intellij.openapi.ui.Messages.showDialog(
        at com.intellij.openapi.ui.Messages.showYesNoDialog(
        at com.tagtraum.ideajad.IdeaJadImpl$
        at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
        at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.c(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.b(
        at com.intellij.ide.IdeEventQueue.dispatchEvent(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
        at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.openapi.projectRoots.ProjectRootType
        at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
        at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal(
        ... 32 more

    Also a lot of methods marked as "too complex to analyze" . Which was not a case even with Idea 7.0.3.  And it is very slow. * is better then 7 but still notably slow.

    1. Anonymous

      Try IntelliJad 8 instead the old one.

  40. Anonymous

    Is it only me or is the Groovy support somewhat lacking in 8M1?

    Using 7.0.3 it is clear which methods are dynamic since they are indicated by being underlined. This is useful for catching typos for statically typed classes or for making it clear which methods are indeed dynamic.

    Under 8 there appears to be no distinction between static & dynamic methods.

    Also, an abstract groovy base class is not recognised as being a valid superclass to an inheriting java class. This works fine under 7.

    The auto popup for imports for groovy classes on 8 is better than the intention on 7.

    Under both 7 & 8 it is often necessary to rebuild the entire project when a groovy class is modified since make project tends to overwrite the valid groovy compiler output with the result of the java stub compile which is of course useless for running the project.

    An ant script with a valid basedir property which is fine under 7 is flagged as being non existent under 8.

    For now have had to go back to using 7.

  41. Anonymous

    After a week of exercises with IDEA 7 and 8 I had to switch back to 6.0 Which handles my project easy (2000 files, about million lines).

  42. Anonymous

    Anyone know how to maximize an editor tab in Intellj IDEA using short key? in Eclipse I can use Ctrl+M

    1. Anonymous


      1. Anonymous

        Yes it is, Thank you very much!

        1. Anonymous

          Glad to help. Feel free to ask for other shortcuts.

          Note that there are keymaps for OS X, Windows and Linux (in convenient single-page PDF format) available here:

  43. Anonymous

    There is a bug in 8M1: when trying to ADD to Subversion a package (not file, but package with files - all: neither package, nor files are NOT under Subversion) from UI (right button click, move mouse to 'Subversion' option), IDEA just hanging down for several seconds and after it context menu disappears.

  44. Anonymous

    Cache system have a big problem,If idea crashed, reopen the project, cache system will rebuild.

    1. Anonymous

      This is not a problem, this is a good feature!

  45. Anonymous

    Why does the splash screen for 8 have an eight-ball depicted? This has highly negative connotations.

    1. Anonymous

      How does it have negative connotations?

  46. Anonymous

    when is the python module EAP going to be released? It was listed on the 8 milestone feature list, now it's removed from the final list (including the scala plugin but at least I can download the scala plugin from the repository). I bought an intellij 8 license just because of the python support you promised.

  47. Has anyone managed to use JSF + Spring (via DelegatingVariableResolver) autocompletition in .jsp(error) with IDEA (any version)?

    I end up with "Cannot resolve variable ..." (the deployed project works though).

  48. I have starting to use the TFS plugin that comes with the 8.1 version. Each of my projects has a seperate workspace entry, and some of my projects are having problems when I try to refresh them from the top project directory. For some reason I am getting the login popup with a 401 Unauthorized error, and when I enter my pwd, I still get the same error, so at the end I end up quitting.

  49. Is there any possibility to return button "kill process" to debug window?

  50. There should be links at the top of this page to

    • Go to the proper place to file bugs
    • Go to the proper place to request new features

    I always end up having to search Google for it.


  51. m.f

    Intellij 14 dont detect keyboard.

    when open 2 projects after one hour i must restart intellij

    because i cant edit any thing in editor

    OS: fedora 20