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IDEA-55925 (Bug)

'Provided' scope doesn't work

WI-2785 (Bug)

apply patch treats all patches as empty

IDEA-57706 (Bug)

Recording macros with certain symbols, HTML-escapes them after reload of IDE

IDEA-60196 (Bug)

Idea X IU-98.187 does not recognize Guava LinkedListMultimap class

IDEA-57904 (Bug)

Good code marked red

IDEA-58061 (Bug)

Last live template line not reformatted when using $END$ variable

IDEA-55772 (Bug)

Middle Click Paste Doesn't Work

IDEA-57108 (Exception)

Can't start IDEA due to plugin

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-53248 (Bug)

Posting Notification without specifying a project results in showing two balloons

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-57151 (Feature)

Add inspection: Enum.ordinal() is dangerous to use

IDEA-58079 (Bug)

"Manual array copy" false positive

IDEA-57805 (Bug)

Changing particular inspection severity is not reflected in editor analysis highlighting

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-58795 (Bug)

Format Code Action Deletes source code on GSP page

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2883 (Performance Problem)

Completion in html file is UNBEARABLY SLOW when xmlns:xi="" in use and lots of xi:include exists

WI-2497 (Bug)

Cyclic autocomplete for words should work with empty prefix

WI-3029 (Bug)

zen-coding abbreviation "b+b" doesn't work in inline css



IDEA-56688 (Performance Problem)

Bad perfomance on big javascript project

IDEA-57356 (Bug)

In JavaScript editor, "Inline Variable" refactoring does not produce correct result if the variable is subtrahend

IDEA-57039 (Bug)

Good code is red: Flex support/ActionScript:: no automatic semicolon insertion when line terminator is in comment

Flex Support


IDEA-56791 (Feature)

AIR run configuration: add AIR 2.0 options

IDEA-58516 (Feature)

Flex: add support for Spring ActionScript metadata

IDEA-56976 (Feature)

Allow to choose debugger version to use for debugging Flex/AIR/FlexUnit

IDEA-56682 (Usability Problem)

"ActionScript" live template context type should be defined in the Flex plugin

IDEA-58468 (Bug)

flex: introduce constant: does not allow to introduce some expressions

IDEA-59491 (Bug)

[Flex] Support the [Mixin] Metadata tag

IDEA-54330 (Bug)

renaming a ActionScript file to a certain name makes IDEA handle it as plain text

IDEA-56540 (Bug)

Incorrect Refactoring and Find Usage

IDEA-27182 (Bug)

ASDoc lines starting with <ident>: are ignored

IDEA-56767 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] bad code green - Find Usages is resolving undefined actionscript variables from javascript files.

IDEA-56653 (Bug)

Flex debugger doesn't work properly when inspecting variable contents

IDEA-58555 (Bug)

Flex conditional compiler variables are not resolved if set using '+='

IDEA-59785 (Bug)

In Flex Module if variable name starts with dollar($) character, its name is resolved as "this" while debugging (in "variables preview" window)

IDEA-57879 (Bug)

Extract Method creates bad code when there is a return point in extracted code.

IDEA-56764 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] Refactor->Rename of local variable is also renaming string value to name property

IDEA-56938 (Bug)

Flex debugger: wrong call stack shown in Frames view if actual stack was changed since previous breakpoint hit

IDEA-55864 (Bug)

Add support to import "linked resources" variables from Eclipse/FlexBuilder when importing flex projects

IDEA-57124 (Bug)

IDEA fails to set SDK for Flex facet when importing flexmojos-4 project with omitted Flex compiler dependency

IDEA-60723 (Bug)

Flex debugger: incorrect line number shown in Stack Frames view

IDEA-57012 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: inserted type reference not shortened

IDEA-57776 (Bug)

Flex 4 - fx:Script tag - red code in inline item renderers

IDEA-57170 (Bug)

Methods with ... operator not overriden correctly

IDEA-58281 (Bug)

Flex compiled resource bundles don't seem to work on SWF projects when compiled by IDEA with flexmojos

IDEA-58975 (Bug)

flex: copy reference copies variable name instead of type

IDEA-56735 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] Extract Function of loop block containing 'continue' statments produces bad code

IDEA-58778 (Bug)

Wildcards "*" should be valid types for setters (good code red)

IDEA-59488 (Bug)

Can't run FlexUnit tests if using FlexUnit 4.1 "AS3 Only" distribution

IDEA-58358 (Bug)

Flex 4.5 Compiler Problem

IDEA-57059 (Bug)

Good code may become red if 3rd party SWC libraries contain Flex framework classes (as well as SWCs from Flex SDK)

IDEA-57689 (Bug)

as3 incorrect code listed on valid code

IDEA-56671 (Exception)

flex: introduce variable: should not operate in mxml bind expression



IDEA-57490 (Bug)

Generate persistence mapping by database schema fails for Oracle views

Project Configuration


IDEA-60205 (Bug)

Creating a java SDK on Mac does not include docs.jar

Project View


IDEA-60084 (Bug)

Copy/Paste in Project pane does not duplicate a file

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-58189 (Bug)

95.521 regression: IDEA becomes totally unresponsive after running junit test

IDEA-57701 (Bug)

JUnit: exception thrown in @BeforeClass of the parent class not detected when running test method in the child test



IDEA-58785 (Usability Problem)

Return key does't work at Android "Choose target device manually" dialog.

IDEA-59794 (Task)

Optimize Android compilation in IDEA 9.0.x

IDEA-56047 (Bug)

Logcat skipping some lines

IDEA-56753 (Bug)

Android dex warning Becomes Fatal Error

IDEA-23173 (Bug)

"skipping index file ...Thumbs.db" should not be concidered as error when building android project

IDEA-60459 (Bug)

Android plug-in bug after importing Eclipse project

IDEA-58376 (Bug)

Android unit test works, but Idea UI fails

IDEA-55307 (Bug)

Build | Make still makes project and builds Android package even when everything is up to date

Version Control


IDEA-55100 (Bug)

Update dialog blocks children

IDEA-55537 (Bug)

VCS: consider rework of changes view for performance

IDEA-54306 (Bug)

Preference "when empty changelist becomes inactive" is not persisted

PHP lang


WI-256 (Feature)

Complete only Exceptions in catch() clause

WI-808 (Feature)

New inspection: using array() in const expression is not allowed.

WI-2128 (Feature)

Inspection: Only static scalar expressions allowed as (class)constants

WI-1090 (Usability Problem)

All folds situated lower incorrect syntax are expanded on editing on the fly

WI-2602 (Bug)

Variables inside use list of closures parsing

WI-3084 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: Ctrl+/ works wrong

WI-2575 (Bug)

Rename parent class name is bugged.

WI-2499 (Bug)

DOMNodeList is missing public property length

WI-3010 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: comment works wrong

WI-2648 (Bug)

Problem with block commenting code block in PHP

WI-2694 (Bug)

PHP: block comment applied to a selection inside PHP element comments the whole line

WI-2790 (Bug)

PHP: comment block and uncomment block currupts code when selection contains opening or closing PHP tag and no PHP code

WI-2634 (Bug)

False positive for Unused local variable, when usage is reference

WI-2722 (Bug)

Block comment action does nothing, if the last character of selection is closing bracket of closing PHP tag

WI-2536 (Bug)

False positive in unused variable inspection <?=$var?> variable isn't considered as used

WI-2697 (Bug)

PHP: Comment block applied to selected opening PHP tag produces incorrect code

WI-2660 (Bug)

Unused variables inside else part of if doesn't considered as unused

WI-2695 (Bug)

On Comment/Uncomment line action (Ctrl+Slash) in a line with only opening PHP tag the action is applied to the next line

WI-2693 (Bug)

PHP: block comment applied to a selection inside HTML element comments the whole line

WI-2792 (Exception)

Throwable at DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker() on commenting PHP block very last in file

WI-3450 (Exception)

PHP: AE at PhpCommenter.buildCommenterData() on attempt to comment PHP expression block



WI-2708 (Bug)

Don't report "Invalid id reference" for "for" attribute in JavaScript string



WI-3027 (Bug)

One letter Zen coding shortcuts problem inside inline style



IDEA-56306 (Exception)

"Extract Inline CSS..." refactoring throws exceptions

Compiling Project


IDEA-58886 (Bug)

Spurious "Class file is corrupted" messages in the log

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-57605 (Bug)

Installer has copyright text 2000-2009 on the very first page for v9.0.3

IDE Configuration


IDEA-56866 (Bug)

Data source database names no longer work when the name contains a hyphen

IDEA-57885 (Bug)

duplicates in the compiler resource patterns

PHP debug


WI-2234 (Bug)

PHPUnit on server: Run tool window: class name is specified as "null"

WI-3191 (Bug)

PHP breakpoint is not set in file when user specified debug mappings for this specific file



IDEA-58231 (Bug)

Import Data Source does not import

PHP test


WI-2699 (Bug)

PHPUnit (XML file): runner can't find sources referred from XML suite

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-58242 (Bug)

[AS3] AutoComplete function as a parameter generates also "()"



IDEA-55450 (Bug)

Debugger type renderer problem with DateFormat

IDEA-59944 (Bug)

string concatenation in expression evaluation window is wrong



IDEA-57055 (Performance Problem)

Slow JSPs

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-56745 (Bug)

Error: svn: authentication cancelled

IDEA-56714 (Bug)

IDEA 9.0.3 EAP builds (including 413) generate extensive amount of simultaneous SVN sessions/connections and don't close them

IDEA-57114 (Bug)

Subversion: Authentication Required dialog blocks Store the passphrase in plaintext?

IDEA-57118 (Bug)

Subversion: store username and realm even if storing password is forbidden

IDEA-57119 (Bug)

Subversion: store username and realm if user doesn't agree to store password in plaintext

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-57958 (Bug)

Listeners from TestNG run configuration defaults don't get copied to special run configurations (for class, method, ...)

IDEA-58165 (Bug)

Log outputs don't show up for TestNG tests

Distribution packages


WI-2733 (Bug)

Unable to start PhpStorm program under linux ( Ubuntu 10.04 )

User Interface


IDEA-56189 (Bug)

Ctrl-N functionality broken in 9.0.3 RC1, 2, 3 & GA builds

OSGi Support


IDEA-56666 (Bug)

When compiling project, Osmorc should ignore library roots that are not jars



IDEA-53294 (Feature)

grails dependency sync should grab source and javadoc jars

IDEA-51414 (Feature)

Resolve&completion for simple type converter methods in Grails 1.2

IDEA-57144 (Cosmetics)

Grails: quick navigation buttons could be the same color as editor gutter

IDEA-56919 (Bug)

[grails][groovy] false positive for "render as JSON"

IDEA-54274 (Bug)

Maven Grails: run grails target completion list is incomplete

IDEA-57181 (Bug)

Grails library jars are duplicated in classpath when runing gant script

IDEA-58543 (Bug)

Support Quartz-plugin

IDEA-55611 (Bug)

Maven is used for running a single test in a Grails maven project. Takes ridiculously long time

IDEA-58037 (Bug)

Tag countySelect without optional "from" attribute is marked as error

IDEA-59069 (Bug)

adding redundant webroots when opening project

IDEA-56472 (Bug)

Don't remove custom plugin dependencies which were not added by IDEA

IDEA-56016 (Bug)

import short-cut (ALT + ENTER) deletes formatting code

IDEA-58699 (Bug)

compile errors with app-info plugin located in project

IDEA-56606 (Bug)

Running grails tests by package should include tests from subpackage.

IDEA-54666 (Bug)

Tolerate explicit "g" taglib import in GSP

IDEA-56122 (Bug)

Grails: link "Ignore" does not work on annotation on BuildConfig.groovy

IDEA-57191 (Bug)

Grails module dependency broken (9.0.3)

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