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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 EAP (222.3739.11 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-298029 Disable ability to run or attach to process on unsupported systems with graalvm debugger.
Bug IDEA-298790 Incorrect file flags of jcef-helpers
Bug IDEA-295159 macOS: SIGSEGV at [libobjc] objc_msgSend / com.intellij.ui.mac.screenmenu.Menu.nativeGetAppMenu()J
AndroidBug IDEA-254380 Get rid of offline-repo in IDEA/android tests
Performance IDEA-296069 30+ seconds freeze on method rename in non-Android project at
Bug IDEA-297682 Can't run multiple configurations when android module added
Bug IDEA-257520 The task execution in the before launch of Configurations fails to prohibit install
Exception IDEA-294642 Cannot create
Bug IDEA-295150 Background task inspector does not work (2022.2 EAP3)
Bug IDEA-259311 Can't run multiple configurations at once with Android module present in project
BuildTask IDEA-288608 Provide API to ignore some events during auto import task
Build. AntBug IDEA-282987 Plugin Manager suggests disabling plugin will disable other "dependent" plugins which are plain wrong
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-295868 After update to 2022.1.2 running test run configuration no longer compiles/builds changes in non saved files when test dependencies have 'compile' scope
Build. GradleBug IDEA-276738 Exception when importing project with gradle 7.2: No model of type 'TurnOffDefaultTasks' is available in this build
Bug IDEA-296076 Gradle IDEA Ext plugin: Not able to set pytest as the PROJECT_TEST_RUNNER using moduleSettings.withModuleXml in a Python project
Bug IDEA-290304 Module file for subproject cannot be manipulated
Bug IDEA-231870 Gradle "testFixturesImplementation" dependencies are improperly marked as being available to "test" source
Bug IDEA-284936 Running Gradle tasks in included builds with different than a directory name is broken
Configuration Problem IDEA-286095 Gradle IDEA Ext - Unclear how to generate `iml` files for project not yet imported
Bug IDEA-293043 Breakpoints doesn't work in build.gradle
Build. Package SearchException IDEA-296846 Issue: EA-443978 - HTTP call inside EDT while initializing KPM PackageSearch
Bug IDEA-296137 False flagging of "Check for ranges in dependency versions" inspection when version contains non alpha-num (letter, digit, underscore, period, dash, aka characters matched by the `[\w\-\.]` regex) characters
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-294147 Intellij IDEA show vulnerable dependencies not working when an IDE is activated not with JetBrains Account
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-294762 Add a language-abstract api to detect Injection host position in call
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-294902 Empty Java string literal in pattern is matched incorrectly
CoreBug IDEA-295189 Coroutines are dispatched to wrong threads in third-party and bundled plugins
Usability IDEA-297747 Debug Log Settings: naming of categories is not clear
Performance IDEA-292747 Performance degradation in workspace model addLibraryEntry
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-296361 Save settings failed java.lang.Exception: Cannot get DebuggerSettings component state. IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'data' of com/intellij/openapi/util/DefaultJDOMExternalizer.writeExternal must not be null
Bug IDEA-295794 "Attach Debugger" console inlay hint multiplies on tab opening
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-297498 Unable to show Java Classes diagram for the list of classes
Feature IDEA-294944 Dependency Diagram should be enhanced to show G:A:V (groupId:artifactId:version)
Core. File/Code TemplatesBug IDEA-296043 Rendering doesn't work correctly for "File and Code Templates" -> "Other"
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-292794 Inlay hint is not displayed in preview for code author
Bug IDEA-295192 Enabling/Disabling Inlay Hint options is not stable
Bug IDEA-292847 ASDF Java does not work with ASDF installed by homebrew
Bug IDEA-127200 Customized icon doesn't appear in the main toolbar
Bug IDEA-297044 aarch64 can't change Memory Settings
Core. IDE Settings. SharingUsability IDEA-296458 Switching between computers keeps asking merge find.xml and FeatureSuggester.xml
Core. IndexingUsability IDEA-297928 Trying to delete a file silently does nothing while 'Scanning files to index'
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-267038 Support ARM64 Linux in
Bug IDEA-296573 Disabling Check IDE updates does not disable platform checks when Check for plugin updates is still enabled
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-297015 Make EP com.intellij.fileDocumentSynchronizationVetoer dynamic
Bug IDEA-294861 Plugin description warning: com.intellij.BundleBase - ignore extra mnemonic in...
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-294114 "Theme refers to unknown color scheme" exception after syncing theme plugin
Exception IDEA-297555 CME at com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginFeatureService.getOrCreateFeature
Bug IDEA-297924 IDE hanged when trying to update a plugin
Bug IDEA-296885 Jakarta EE: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) plugin. Cannot create extension (class=com.intellij.javaee.ejb.ql.EjbQlModelProvider) [Plugin: com.intellij.javaee.ejb]
Bug IDEA-250408 Plugin advertiser shows banner even if the exact file file is supported
Exception IDEA-294800 RunTimeException after Plugin Theme installation
Bug IDEA-297424 Intellij Ultimate should not recommend upgrading to Ultimate but instead recommend enabling the android plugin
Performance IDEA-297688 LanguagePluginDetectionStartupActivity tries to find language plugins for en and en_US locales
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-296471 Sort descending after applying column sort in Profiler, Method List
Bug IDEA-294267 Failed to read JFR recording with Loom build
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-99596 Manifest file located under 'main/java' root in Maven module is shown in artifact editor even if it won't be really copied to artifact
Bug IDEA-293104 Error loading default project when trying to create project located in WSL
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-295889 Navigation inside CMake quick documentation doesn't work
Bug IDEA-294263 JavaDocInfoGeneratorFactory is not fully replaceable any more - e.g. for javadoc Rendered View
Performance IDEA-294805 25 seconds freeze
Core. RefactoringsUsability IDEA-296961 Refactor this menu no longer showing rename.... as first option ...
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-294028 "Allow parallel run" checkbox doesn't trigger settings save
Bug IDEA-290992 Editing an Application Run Configuration changes the name of the configuration
Task IDEA-292072 Add secondary menu to the list of run configurations in the drop-down list of the Run Configurations combobox on the toolbar
Bug IDEA-298385 Run configurations: state of the option 'Allow multiple instances' cannot be changed
Cosmetics IDEA-291707 Too big insets above and below "Run on" field in Application and Gradle run config template
Core. SSHBug IDEA-295509 Try to pick ssh.exe from the same directory as rsync.exe.
Bug IDEA-295033 Can't open Preferences | Tools | SSH Configurations in UI settings
Core. Settings SyncBug IDEA-294096 Can't decline enabling new Settings Sync after logging in
Core. StatisticsTask IDEA-297412 Splash screen duration
EditorBug IDEA-268567 Reader mode: font settings changes are not applied immediately to opened files
Editor. Diff and MergeCosmetics IDEA-294656 Merge error message contains ! char at the beginning and at the end
Bug IDEA-296696 External diff tool settings are lost after IDE restart
Performance IDEA-294662 External diff tool: limit the number of files that could be opened in external diff tool simultaneously
Bug IDEA-295565 Suddenly the registered external diff tool doesn't work again...sometimes
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-294744 'Reset to' link does not restore font size for the tabs in Reader mode
Editor. SpellcheckException IDEA-294785 StackOverflow happens during code inspection
FrameworksTask IDEA-297954 Use Gradle 7.5 for new projects
Usability IDEA-296421 Unable to find run configuration for Native Image debugging
Feature IDEA-256832 RestAssured: inject JSON/XML into body with application/ content type
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-295292 Micronaut: 'ApplicationContext' used without 'try'-with-resources statement
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-296254 OpenAPI specification for @RequestParam, @RequestHeader and @CookieValue: if the #defaultValue is specified, parameter should get required=false attribute
Bug IDEA-265884 OpenAPI generating for Spring MVC mappings: the @RequestHeader-annotated parameter is ignored if no #value is provided
Bug IDEA-296270 OpenAPI generation for Spring MVC: @CookieValue annotation w/o explicit value should be supported
Bug IDEA-265882 Properly generate OpenAPI specification for @RequestParam, @RequestHeader and @CookieValue-annotated parameters of Spring MVC mapping methods if they specify the #defaultValue
Bug IDEA-296250 OpenAPI generating for Spring MVC mappings: consider the controller-level @RequestMapping#headers
Bug IDEA-296139 Request body completion unavailable for some specifications
Bug IDEA-266635 OpenAPI for Spring MVC: process @ResponceStatus
Bug IDEA-266625 OpenAPI for Spring MVC: correctly process the matrix variables
Bug IDEA-265879 If the Spring MVC @RequestMapping specifies no method, the OpenAPI tab shows nothing for the corresponding endpoint
Bug IDEA-266645 OpenAPI for Spring MVC: support @RequestPart
Bug IDEA-266644 OpenAPI for Spring MVC mappings: support @RequestBody
Bug IDEA-296390 OpenAPI for Spring MVC: @RequestBody support: better treat the body contents type
Bug IDEA-295584 OpenAPI for Spring Web: read the @ResponceStatus#code
Bug IDEA-266296 OpenAPI for Spring MVC mappings: for @CookieValue annotation the #required attribute value is ignored
Bug IDEA-266276 OpenAPI generating for Spring MVC mappings: consider the #produces and #consumes attributes of @RequestMapping annotation
Bug IDEA-266300 OpenAPI for Spring MVC mappings: for multiple path variables within the same fragment no parameters are generated
Bug IDEA-296962 OpenAPI for Spring MVC mappings: correctly process @RequestMapping#consumes
Bug IDEA-265883 OpenAPI generating for Spring MVC mappings: consider the @RequestMapping#headers
Frameworks. ProtoeditorBug IDEA-295982 Use NavigationGutterIconBuilder in protobuf line marker for correct targets computation out of the box
Bug IDEA-295273 Protobuff: No gutter navigate to declaration for generated services in some cases
Frameworks. QuarkusPerformance IDEA-294136 Quarkus: Huge memory footprint of heap for no apparent reason (v2)
Task IDEA-295991 Qute: register additional file extensions
Frameworks. ReactorBug IDEA-287887 Reactive Streams inspections suggest using RxJava and Reactor, not Mutiny
Bug IDEA-296757 Reactive streams: when or if branches results considered unused if `when` used as receiver or parameter
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-296738 POE: Cannot add video element on YouTube page
Bug IDEA-294741 Selenium: In some cases url in POG not updated
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-297101 A strange '...' item is shown in popup menu on Spring Boot run configuration in Services toolwindow
Bug IDEA-296366 "Failed to retrieve application JMX service URL" error on the first Spring Boot run configuration running
Bug IDEA-127681 Spring: support property placeholders in @PropertySource annotations
Bug IDEA-219436 Spring Boot @ConfigurationProperties does not require a prefix
Bug IDEA-284543 VM warning : -Xverify:none and -noverify were deprecated in JDK 13
Bug IDEA-236052 Spring AMQP: support property placeholders in annotations
Performance IDEA-298505 Spring: getApplicationPaths is visible in CPU profile on typing
Feature IDEA-289633 Spring Boot: new auto-configuration registration in v. 2.7
Bug IDEA-298429 Suggest to install/enable Spring Batch plugin for project with org.springframework.batch:* dependencies
Bug IDEA-294192 Could not autowire. No beans of 'CacheManager' type found.
Bug IDEA-298508 Spring: `server.servlet.context-path` affects URLs of Feign clients
Exception IDEA-295232 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of plugin [Plugin:]
Bug IDEA-265511 Spring Data: for the repository interface Select In... | Spring Beans action is disabled
Feature IDEA-293954 Spring 6: new declarative HTTP Clients
Feature IDEA-266883 Spring MVC Testing: inject XML / JSON language fragments to body and expected response
Bug IDEA-242010 Spring Feign: support configuration properties placeholders using in @FeignClient attributes values
Exception IDEA-295099 ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.jpa.DatabaseElementResolveResult PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Data,,,, path=C:\JetBrains\IDEA 222.2889.1\plugins\SpringData, version=222.2889.1,, isBundled=true)
Feature IDEA-294769 MockServer: provide JSON / XML / JsonPath language injection to the property matchers
Feature IDEA-116388 Spring: support property placeholders in @RequestMapping
Bug IDEA-295138 Spring Boot: 'Application context not configured for this file' warning is displayed for configuration registered in custom <annotation_fqn>.imports file
Feature IDEA-273613 Microservices: provide URL Path references in Spring Cloud Gateway APIs
Bug IDEA-296061 Spring Data: MongoDB: JSON Query ObjectId good code is red
Bug IDEA-292712 Spring Security: support @WithMockUser#autorities
Exception IDEA-297233 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of plugin [Plugin:]
Bug IDEA-245260 Spring: Consider the application context path (server.servlet.context-path property value) on HTTP requests generating
Bug IDEA-297464 Spring Boot: Spring Facets: for the new autoconfiguration format no autodetected filesets are shown for starter projects
Bug IDEA-298106 Spring Data: MongoDB field gutter icons become not clickable after adding/removing '@Document'
Usability IDEA-297441 Spring Facets: PropertyPlaceholderAutoConfiguration.class is marked red
Bug IDEA-295413 Spring Cloud Gateway: no inlay hints for paths in composed predicates
Bug IDEA-290290 Spring Data: MongoDB: no navigation for @Field-annotated fields if the @Document annotation is missing
Bug IDEA-295193 Spring MVC Testing: language injection doesn't work if the content type is set not as MediaType.*
Bug IDEA-295268 Spring: navigation items for Spring MVC view does not include methods with path variables
Exception IDEA-294309 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.persistence.util.PersistenceCommonUtil
Bug IDEA-295779 Spring Web: properties completion and folding doesn't work properly in case of multiple placeholders in the same literal
Bug IDEA-295671 Spring 6 Declarative HTTP Client: incorrect completion and validation for @HttpExchange#method
Feature IDEA-295592 Spring 6 support property placeholders in declarative HTTP clients
Exception IDEA-294801 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of plugin []
Bug IDEA-297136 Spring Batch Test: autowiring errors are reported for autoconfigured beans (JobLauncherTestUtils, JobRepositoryTestUtils,...)
Bug IDEA-166549 Spring 5 Testing: no support for @SpringJUnitConfig#classes, @SpringJUnitWebConfig#classes
Exception IDEA-297074 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of plugin [Plugin:]
GraziePerformance IDEA-296241 High CPU usage during AsciiDoc editing
Bug IDEA-298261 Don't glue together javadoc param name and description when removing a colon
GroovyBug IDEA-295170 Clickable URLs are missing in Groovy string literals
Bug IDEA-295550 Groovy DSL Script Execution error - ProcessCanceledException
JavaFeature IDEA-296703 Support resolve for new `GuardedPattern` and `DeconstructionPattern`
Performance IDEA-294990 Java HighlightVisitorImpl tries to resolve all references inside String literals
Bug IDEA-297024 Idea Doesn't Correctly Support '--add-reads` in Java Compiler Parameters/Gradle Build Script
Bug IDEA-294865 ComplementPackageSet has missing negation
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-193857 Postfix completion doesn't show up in return expression
Usability IDEA-296188 Erroneous completion in array field assignment
Bug IDEA-297724 Primitive types suggested incorrectly in else if (x in<caret>)
Bug IDEA-211299 Postfix completion `if` excessive parenthesis
Java. Code CoverageBug IDEA-295404 Most tests run with coverage fail
Bug IDEA-294251 Incorrect code highlighting in HTML is produced by idea-coverage report
Bug IDEA-289176 Can't run Gradle tests with coverage when Kover enabled
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-275599 Smart stepping ignores debugger stepping settings
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-295898 Good code red. 'Patterns in switch are not supported at language level '18''
Bug IDEA-296468 Deprecated constructor call is not marked as deprecated
Bug IDEA-297391 When clause is not parsed correctly if pattern variable is omitted
Java. Extract MethodBug IDEA-283382 Extract method: duplicates are not replaced if method was extracted via dialog
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-292809 Files.readAttributes is not equivalent to sequential file attribute calls.
Bug IDEA-293902 Unused Declaration: Good code is red for record component
Bug IDEA-296257 Support @PrintFormat in constructor argument
Bug IDEA-284040 False positive Java UAST inspection "Unused declaration" for Kotlin parameter/property used in lambda
Feature IDEA-294682 "Standard 'Charset' object can be used" could be enhanced to handle .name()/.toString() calls
Bug IDEA-294609 "create missing branches" intent (switch expression) should not generate instanceof pattern matches when switching on enum with constant-specific class body
Bug IDEA-294591 Unused declaration reports getter method for used kotlin property
Feature IDEA-256838 Charset name "8859_1" should be recognised by inspection StandardCharset object can be used
Bug IDEA-297390 Wrong `@NotNull` is inferred for switch with explicit `null` case label
Bug IDEA-226599 "Standard Charset object can be used" breaks code
Bug IDEA-294920 "Standard charset can be used" breaks code when UEE is thrown from resource list
Usability IDEA-294679 False positive redundant step in 'Stream' or 'Optional' chain
Bug IDEA-294740 Intention 'Add 'this' qualifier' doesn't work for static class
Bug IDEA-297812 org.w3c.dom.Node#getAttributes() is erroneous annotated as 'NotNull'
Feature IDEA-295686 Merge `StaticSuiteInspection` into `JUnitMalformedDeclaration` inspection and convert it to UAST
Feature IDEA-294238 Merge JUnit malformed signature inspections into a single inspection
Bug IDEA-234627 Unpredictable BigDecimal constructor call wrong behaviour with underscore
Bug IDEA-296310 "Replace 'that' with pattern variable" generates uncompilable code for nested class
Bug IDEA-294791 Incorrect unused/redundant assignment detection
Java. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-281035 Add a quick fix to generate missing switch branches for sealed class
Feature IDEA-294900 Remove repeating call fix on unresolved call error
Java. JavaFXBug IDEA-295470 IDEA crash when using the Scene Builder
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-295382 Filtering events in Timeline view does not repaint the timeline
Bug IDEA-293439 No root node in Merged Callees view
Java. Profiler. MemoryBug IDEA-297666 Reveal in finder does not work for a fresh hprof
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-294869 "Inline this only" shall not warn about usages in unloaded modules
Bug IDEA-297673 IntelliJ IDEA UI freezes during "Inline Method" refactoring
Bug IDEA-295323 Convert record to class refactoring mixes up interfaces
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-294737 JUnit: false-positive a method has incorrect signature for a '@org.junit.jupiter.api.BeforeEach' method
Bug IDEA-291230 JUnit5 runner loads classes too early
Bug IDEA-297642 IDEA deadlocks when "Downloading additional dependencies" for JUnit
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-135708 JPA inspection fails on CAST in select
JavaX. JSPBug IDEA-291801 Exception while working with markdown file
JavaX. JavaEETask IDEA-295026 JavaEE: Change Generator name 'Java Enterprise' to 'Jakarta EE' in new project wizard
Lang. CloudFormationBug IDEA-294243 CloudFormation plugin does not apply icon to files with any known suffix
Bug IDEA-295926 CloudFormation plugin identifies any yaml containing AWSTemplateFormatVersion as CFN regardless of nested key level
Lang. HCLTask IDEA-285703 Terraform: support new 1.1.0 syntax
Bug IDEA-296370 Dialog for Terraform executable is not working
Bug IDEA-287371 Terraform: cannot locate module locally: unknown reason
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-289431 Garbled Japanese kanji characters in markdown(+mermaid) preview
Exception IDEA-295053 RuntimeException for Markdown plugin on Plugin theme disable / uninstall
Lang. RegExpBug IDEA-290490 IDEA recommends regex change that has different behavior
Bug IDEA-294612 RegExpRedundantClassElementInspection: NPE
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-293938 Revert API visibility changes in com.intellij.util.xml.ui.UndoHelper
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-243853 XSLT run/debug configuration doesn't pre-fill XSLT script file and configuration Name
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-278946 Yaml. Wrong formatting by copy/paste values list: it leads to wrong level for all copied list elements except the first one
SpaceCosmetics IDEA-295786 Align everything properly on the left side
Usability IDEA-294539 Don't show Fleet environments in dev env list
Bug IDEA-294565 Log out should redirect to the Space Login screen
Cosmetics IDEA-294357 Add tooltip to show full project name
Usability IDEA-295089 Use better error messages when devfile is broken
Bug IDEA-295037 Prohibit to create dev env if user doesn't have permissions for that
Usability IDEA-294625 Update Environment name when the branch was changed
Usability IDEA-294894 Preselect repository if there is one repository in the Project
Bug IDEA-296083 space is empty is welcome screen
Bug IDEA-298033 Space plugin auto-login is blocked by the project indexing when RD started from Space
Bug IDEA-287656 Space Code reviews tool window stripe reappears again after remove
Cosmetics IDEA-294620 Adjust Projects popup size by the content
Usability IDEA-295785 Close all popup and menus on the second click
Bug IDEA-298034 Space plugin's login to Space doesn't work after hibernation/activation and IDE version change
Task IDEA-295644 Return classloading behaviour of .space.kts back
Bug IDEA-296220 Space Plugin on backend doesn't auto-login with Space Dev Env
Task IDEA-295660 Add an ability to connect to hibernated dev env from connection dialog
Task IDEA-296635 Don't provide Space Packages credentials for JPS build process
Usability IDEA-295107 Warn when the environment cannot be created in accordance with the given devfile
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-293010 Docker. Connection via SSH doesn't work
Usability IDEA-296016 Docker: always show Copy Image action
Exception IDEA-295056 Build, Execution, Deployment | Docker | Tools page of settings is not loaded
Bug IDEA-283986 Dockerfile': group id '1849965015' is too big ( > 2097151 ). Use STAR or POSIX extensions to overcome this limit
Bug IDEA-297446 Unable to type in Services -> Docker -> container -> Terminal window with Docker 4.10.1
Usability IDEA-294040 "Enter" does not create new line in multi-line statement in Dockerfile
Usability IDEA-295113 Docker. Auto-connection happens with a big delay
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-295423 HTTP Client: Scripting for GraphQL subscriptions
Feature IDEA-295422 HTTP Client: Scripting for WebSocket
Usability IDEA-292902 HTTP Client: Consider to add a 'Switch environment and run' or a 'Run with ...' action
Feature IDEA-297209 HTTP Client: Examples for WebSockets and GraphQL
Feature IDEA-297208 HTTP Client: simple example server
Bug IDEA-296266 HTTP Client: Foldings disappeared from response view
Bug IDEA-297549 HTTP Client: Environment selection doesn't affect run of Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-296908 HTTP Client: cannot determine file from Contend-disposition if it has non lowercase symbols
Bug IDEA-239327 Editor http client cannot display Chinese
Usability IDEA-297418 HTTP Client: Drop-down icon near example also should be clickable, like text
Feature IDEA-295795 HTTP Client: Intention for adding variables to GRAPHQL request
Feature IDEA-295796 HTTP Client: Foldings for GraphQL queries
Bug IDEA-297867 HttpClient: missed # in request description in what's new examples
Usability IDEA-297400 HttpClient: separate rest, graphql, websocket requests and what's new in examples
Exception IDEA-297335 HttpClient: get UnsupportedOperationException on run GraphQL examples
Exception IDEA-296441 Http Client. java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range after typing some string
Bug IDEA-296339 HttpClient: Can't select env and run request from services view in case identical variable exist in several envs
Tools. KubernetesUsability IDEA-283616 Kubernetes. Don't call "Kubernetes: Getting Namespaces" on creating project/opening projects
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-295855 80s freeze when opening the Terminal
Usability IDEA-290225 Terminal tab name is set as shell path/directory path by default and it's too long
User InterfaceBug IDEA-291270 TabbedPane: incorrect horizontal insets on Windows
Bug IDEA-296134 Welcome Screen: Tooltip with absolute path is not displayed sometimes on hover project instance
Usability IDEA-297659 "Recent solutions" popup no longer highlights the last solution if it is not included in Project Group
Bug IDEA-298207 [Manage Projects] All opened projects are removed from Recent Projects list
Bug IDEA-294567 Project widget: support speed search
Bug IDEA-295031 [Manage Projects] Popup has wrong height
Bug IDEA-297683 Black font on a black background in "Gradle sync" notifications with the new UI
Bug IDEA-296186 Project Group is always on top of the project list
Bug IDEA-207998 Recent projects "Create new project group" dialog is hidden
Usability IDEA-294814 Hint 'Search projects' is missing if focus is set in search field
Bug IDEA-294291 Clicking on 'Gear' button expands and collapses Project Group
Bug IDEA-294837 Welcome Screen: the project is not selected in the list of recently opened projects after closing project
Bug IDEA-294815 Finger cursor pointer is missing on project hover
Bug IDEA-294398 Unable to add new run configurations
Bug IDEA-294632 Scratch files are missing in project TODOs
Cosmetics IDEA-294925 [Manage Projects] Search field has wrong background, missing borders and tooltip
Bug IDEA-290478 Breakpoint gutter indicator icon too large if "Legacy icon pack" is used
Bug IDEA-292265 Font size of status bar is wrong
Bug IDEA-295368 Settings icon is shown instead of a close icon on Welcome screen for removed projects
Bug IDEA-295009 [Manage projects] Impossible to delete project or project group via Delete button
Bug IDEA-294417 [Manage Projects] Popup has wrong width
Bug IDEA-294773 Manage projects and welcome screen no longer support searching with project directory. Intentional ?
Bug IDEA-294411 Header height is increased if a project tab was moved to a separate window after merging projects in one window
Bug IDEA-286583 File structure popup closes immediately after opening on WSL2 + recent X-Server version
Bug IDEA-294841 Welcome Screen: incorrect text when searching for a project and no items found
Usability IDEA-294846 The title of the splash screen has changed
Cosmetics IDEA-294847 [Manage Projects] Context menu is blinking on RMB click
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-287539 Screen Reader mode activation is not saved after the first launch
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-294727 Toolbar is disabled until changing focus if touch bar shows App controls
Bug IDEA-294911 Spinner appears on project loading in several tool windows
Usability IDEA-296551 Disabled `Active Tool Window | Resize` became enabled with "Nothing here" in submenu
Bug IDEA-283781 Comment with Line Comment action is no longer available
Bug IDEA-297080 Run anything ctrl shortcut not working after disabling plugin
Bug IDEA-294928 VCS marker popup is cut
Cosmetics IDEA-298205 Status icon stays shifted when any warnings/problems are fixed
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBug IDEA-293947 Clear Event Log context menu item is permanently disabled
Usability IDEA-285124 Mark all notifications as read action doesn't work for Notifications
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-294884 Learn tool window: incorrect colors and hanging selection
Bug IDEA-294904 Project Structure dialog: with decreased left pane width the nodes jump on hovering
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksBug IDEA-297338 Bookmarks tool window: Create and Edit buttons are disabled on the toolbar
Bug IDEA-297355 Bookmarks tool window: Options are missing in the Options menu
Usability IDEA-287913 Accessibility: Bookmarks: Pressing Delete or Backspace deletes all Bookmarks without confirmation
User Interface. Find UsagesFeature IDEA-294547 Find usages: group similar java usages by similarity
User Interface. Find, ReplaceCosmetics IDEA-293204 Replace in Files: wrong background under Replace All and Replace buttons
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-265390 Find in Files and Replace in File window does not stay open in linux
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-291989 Project Wizard is partially updated when Color Theme has been changed
User Interface. Main toolbarBug IDEA-288503 Project widget: popup not closed when an action is called
User Interface. MenusBug IDEA-296489 Intellij IDEA crashes after upgrading to 2022.1.3 on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)
Bug IDEA-296486 IDE hangs on startup in Menu.nativeGetAppMenu
User Interface. NavbarBug IDEA-293975 NavBar is visible in Presentation Mode
Bug IDEA-293261 Navigation bar stops updating after changing "Members in Navigation Bar" option
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-296837 Missing open in finder in Project View context menu
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-284695 Settings -> Nothing Here
User Interface. Search Everywhere. MLTask IDEA-294786 Record Search Everywhere contributor usage statistics
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-284191 Services window: "Step Over" and other buttons cannot be pressed again after click until you mouse away and back again
User Interface. SettingsCosmetics IDEA-295165 Intentions descriptions panel strange layout
User Interface. Status barBug IDEA-294529 Status bar: Indent widget is cut in detached tab
User Interface. TabsBug IDEA-291987 Run tool window closes and tab disappears when dragging tabs or closing tabs within the window
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-297490 Hierarchy tool window: Nothing happens on clicking Hide and Options buttons
Bug IDEA-280271 Tool window title actions are not updated from tool window content
Bug IDEA-297485 Tool window header is redrawn incorrectly after docking a floating tool window
Exception IDEA-295768 "Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only" RE on clicking 'show options menu' button in specific tool windows
Bug IDEA-297728 Tool window header buttons are shifted up
Bug IDEA-295762 View | Tool windows display a list of identical items with the name of the last opened tool window
User Interface. ToolbarException IDEA-297072 java.lang.Throwable on opening context menu of a toolbar
Usability IDEA-292998 Back/Forward arrows are in grey if action from a wrong group is added
Version ControlBug IDEA-294899 Shelf: Unshelve action should not apply patch partially if base content is present
Bug IDEA-293846 Pressing DELETE key during renaming shelve entry causes its deletition
Bug IDEA-294563 Clone on Welcome Screen: tooltip shows progress when clone fails
Cosmetics IDEA-297055 Clone on Welcome Screen: support custom progress bar
Bug IDEA-294853 Clone on Welcome Screen: when clone project from welcome screen empty state, it looks like nothing is happening
Task IDEA-297316 Unbundle Refactoring Detector plugin
Bug IDEA-294893 Shelf: Diff preview is not using stored base revision for CRLF files
Bug IDEA-128484 Problem with log display
Cosmetics IDEA-296584 Clone on Welcome Screen: it looks consistent to display delete button for failed/canceled clones
Cosmetics IDEA-295105 Clone on Welcome Screen: inconsistent coloring of clone progress bar
Usability IDEA-294831 Clone on Welcome Screen: merge all same failed attempts to clone project into a single instance
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-295900 Git Merge is not working
Bug IDEA-295303 Changes in root iml file may break git mappings
Bug IDEA-294491 Git > show XX more button, close the popup instead of expand the list of branch
Bug IDEA-294720 Removed Git tool window reappears on the tool window bar after restart
Bug IDEA-298234 Git tab - branch view: context menu cannot be created
Bug IDEA-284246 Git commit description: blinking text
Version Control. GitHubUsability IDEA-295637 Pull Requests toolwindow reappear after removing from toolbar
WSLBug IDEA-297004 WSL2: Cannot assign requested address: bind when /etc/resolv.conf changed: Cannot obtain Windows host IP alternatively: failed to connect to WSL IP
No subsystemTask WEB-56393 Migrate actions to background according to the new API
Task WEB-56169 Bundle JetBrains Gateway plugin in WS 2022.2
Task WEB-56387 WebStorm suggests wrong imports because of partial export field support in package.json
Bug WEB-55932 Structural search pattern with loop matches for..of loops
Bug WEB-56023 yarn3 + pnpm linker causes indefinite indexing
Bug WEB-47995 IDE "Synchronizing files..." Indefinitely after installing dependencies in multi-package project
Bug WEB-56057 Cannot preview webpage in browser ("cannot run program `\usr\bin\open`")
Bug WEB-51751 Tailwind 2.2+: Extra @ is added when completing @apply
Task WEB-56307 Bundle VSCode keymap plugin
Build toolsFeature WEB-55332 Vite aliases in vite.config support
CSSBug WEB-50588 Stylelint: "Fix current file" doesn't work for "stylelint-order" plugin rules
Bug WEB-52742 TailwindCSS does not work in Angular inlineTemplate/Styles
Bug WEB-56164 Mismatched parameters in CSS max function when there are more than 2 parameters
Bug WEB-56073 Tailwind CSS intellisense doesn't work for .jinja files
Bug WEB-52264 autocomplete from within @apply deletes the next word
DebuggerBug WEB-56145 Node debugging: debugConnector.js can't be loaded
JavaScriptBug WEB-56258 ide jumps to import instead of declaration when invoking go to declaration on dafault imported element
Bug WEB-54970 Can't resolve variable or method from pinia
Usability WEB-55948 Show constructor definition in quick documentation of imported class constructor call
Exception WEB-55762 Two Exceptions in plugin Javascript & TypeScript
Usability WEB-43472 Not respecting code format when removing an unused element from a module import in Typescript
Bug WEB-56312 Named export became a default export when import element exported via export list
Feature WEB-52647 Recognize baseUrl from tsconfig.json in JavaScript files when resolving imports
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-54725 Angular Standalone Components
Bug WEB-53950 No find usage for template reference variable (Angular)
Bug WEB-56440 Functions in vuex store becomes unresolved after changing store to incorrect and back
Bug WEB-56115 Unescaped # character in index breaks resolve
Feature WEB-56230 Angular Standalone Components: support libraries
Bug WEB-55219 Angular 14: Extract component doesn't work
Bug WEB-55665 Global components are unresolved if they are used outside App.vue with vue-router
Bug WEB-55209 Vue 3: Variables used in style tags with v-bind are marked unused when using sass
Bug WEB-51622 "Access component props" autocomplete works wrong with react functional components.
Bug WEB-49007 jsx pragma not recognized
Feature WEB-56232 Angular Standalone Components: import quick fix for standalone components
Task WEB-55904 Unbundle PhoneGap/Cordova plugin in the IDE version 2022.2
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-55313 False positive "Variable initializer is redundant" in destructuring
Bug WEB-55998 Incorrect "duplicate declaration" in object literal
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-53107 `Add default export` intention doesn't respect code style settings for punctuation
LintersBug WEB-55858 2022.1.1 regression ESLint 8.0: doesn't work with YarnPnP
SASSBug WEB-54056 Incorrect error message when using $var in calc() function in scss files
Bug WEB-21705 Incorrect "unexpected term" error when using variable interpolation for defining operation in calc()
Bug WEB-52057 "Unexpected term" when using variable in `min()` and `max()` arguments list
TypeScriptBug WEB-47928 Functions with type signatures including `this` keyword suggested to be static
Bug WEB-54474 Incorrect type inference of storeToRefs method from pinia
Bug WEB-48458 Automatically add vue extensions in imports in Vue+Typescript projects on manual input
Bug WEB-55613 Add opportunity to hide dynamic usages in Find Usages preview shown on Ctrl+click in TypeScript
Bug WEB-50515 Syntax errors on leading pipe ("|") in Typescript union type
Feature WEB-53843 Type narrowing in Vue template block
Task WEB-56227 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.7
Bug WEB-56178 TypeScript doesn't recover from certain syntax error in object return type notation
Unit TestsBug WEB-56333 node options passed wrongly to mocha test runner, hence loader doesn't work
Code GenerationBug DBE-15897 Adding grants when creating a new user generate invalid code (table name replaced by ??? in grants)
Usability DBE-15951 New Modify UI: Add new element should respect the active node
Code HighlightingBug DBE-15553 IMPERSONTATE command is not recognized
Bug DBE-15790 Apache spark dialect intellisense not accepting underscored columnnames
Bug DBE-14711 LEAST and GREATEST functions not recognized as valid in Microsoft Azure SQL connection.
Bug DBE-14648 Invalid SQL inspection: condition xxx is always 'true' in the IDEA 2021.3
Bug DBE-15611 Exasol: QUALIFY wrongly parsed as table alias
Coding AssistanceUsability DBE-15607 Inspection need for missing semicolon
ConnectivityBug DBE-786 PostgreSQL connect: wrong error message when connecting from this host is rejected
Bug DBE-15838 First character becomes the last one if the whole word is selected in Host field
Data Editor/ViewerCosmetics DBE-12001 Grid toolbar icons become visible only after table is loaded (looks like glitch)
Feature DBE-14980 Quick documentation of foreign keys auto-load
Bug DBE-15102 Datagrip hang when selecting a specific value in a result set
Bug DBE-15114 WHERE and ORDER BY fields don't change the color theme
Bug DBE-8557 "Limit page size to" no longer limits max query row count
Bug DBE-15830 I can't show and hide columns in the Columns List anymore.
Data Import/ExportBug DBE-15651 double underscore in table name is converted to single on export to file
Database ExplorerBug DBE-15359 Database tool shows stale data for Android SQLite (even in debug mode) after update
Bug DBE-14017 i18n: wrong pluralization of namespace kind names on the ellipsis button in the Database Explorer
GeneralBug DBE-15848 i18n:Hardcoded string on Settings| Keymap(“Database”未翻译)
IntrospectionBug DBE-15853 Schema list is partially updated
Bug DBE-15601 Cannot introspect Snowflake databases with more than 10000 tables
Bug DBE-14378 information_schema request collation error for TiDB
Bug DBE-15360 Refresh functions sources PostgreSQL
Object EditorUsability DBE-15802 Too many clicks to create a primary key column with the new UI
Bug DBE-15622 New Table Edit dialog loses newlines in table comment.
Query ConsoleFeature DBE-15741 Error handling in PostgreSQL: use the JDBC driver
Exception DBE-15737 SQL Dialects Popup fails to populate
Feature DBE-4281 Show physical table size in table documentation
Schema DiffBug DBE-15644 Don't compare fire mode for triggers
Feature DBE-14428 No way to compare database object groups
Bug DBE-15327 Unpredictable change counters
Usability DBE-14430 Change comparison objects defaults
Bug DBE-15639 DDL compare switches object sides
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