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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 EAP (222.2270.10 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemException IDEA-292772 java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 2: /Z:/BuildAgent/work/71b862de01f59e23/out/tests/classes/production/intellij.platform.resources.en/fil eTemplates/
Bug IDEA-293587 Open in Browser doesn't work in Linux when browser has additional command line arguments
Bug IDEA-292172 URGENT: RubyMine 2022.1 fails to start!! Ca
Feature IDEA-128817 Make it possible to edit header-template when implementing method
Bug IDEA-291093 Update jcef to 98
Bug IDEA-289518 Complete deadlock
Bug IDEA-288930 Javadocs not working for overloaded static methods.
Task IDEA-290997 Show "Text" tab and results in SE by an advanced setting
Usability IDEA-290639 Misleading error message (Scope name equals to predefined one) when the specified scope name is equal to existing changelist name
Bug IDEA-289080 Process is still running dialog is too large
Bug IDEA-290368 JavaScript Debug Console causes a white square over the screen
Exception IDEA-290120 throwThreadAccessException from VcsCodeVisionProviderKt.getAnnotation
Bug IDEA-278724 PathClassLoader — JVM crash on access unmapped bytebuffer
Bug IDEA-288535 Unable to use "Start CPU Usage Profiling" in JBR 17 IDEA
Usability IDEA-289173 Do not show tips of the day at the first IDE run or just after update
Exception IDEA-291878 getComponentAdapterOfType is used to get com.intellij.ide.projectView.impl.ProjectConfigurationDirectoryViewState<ID>  Probably constructor should be marked as NonInjectable. [Plugin: com.intellij]
Bug IDEA-291790 IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1 RC problem with KOTLIN_BUNDLED
Usability IDEA-293084 Make text field in Collect Troubleshooting Information dialog non-editable
AndroidBug IDEA-287774 Links appearing in Event Log cannot be clicked
Bug IDEA-290734 Create Android Project - Activity selection window is stretching, then resetting repeatedly.
BuildBug IDEA-288557 Add .gitignore for Gradle/Maven new projects
Performance IDEA-278459 High CPU usage when moving the mouse in editor
Bug IDEA-288775 Unintuitive design: Specify group id on module creation
Feature IDEA-286816 New project wizard: Add sample code for Maven and Gradle
Task IDEA-288605 Provide API to get modification type from reload context
Bug IDEA-289154 Maven archetype: big gap between components in one line
Bug IDEA-283507 Exception from ProjectDataService.postProcess leads to silent import failure
Build. AntPerformance IDEA-292725 Freezes in IDEA editor from Ant plugin
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-290851 JPS org.jetbrains.jps.cmdline.ClasspathBootstrap.class expects "protobuf-java6.jar" to be in rt directory while there is no such file there
Bug IDEA-287707 BuildOutput does not show paths after the build of a WSL-based project
Bug IDEA-292483 UnsupportedClassVersionError when trying to run JUnit5 unit tests in project using JDK 8
Bug IDEA-291934 Revert final on
Bug IDEA-291030 "recompile" action doesn't work sometimes,
Task IDEA-183692 Maven project with a mix of Java 9 modules and Java 8 automatic modules
Bug IDEA-268755 Build failed after Update to 2021.1: Attempt to reopen a file for path /C:/Users/MUR/IdeaProjects/pauss-h/modul1/core/target/classes/META-INF/generated-layer.xml
Bug IDEA-290828 JPS distribution does not have a required class
Build. GradleBug IDEA-290499 Dependency analyzer: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/intellij/buildsystem/model/unified/UnifiedCoordinates for right-click in the Usages window
Bug IDEA-284922 Implement GradleDependencyAnalyzerAction
Bug IDEA-291725 Gradle IDEA Ext plugin requires java plugin to mark sourceDirs
Performance IDEA-290047 Importing projects with thousands of facets from Gradle may freeze UI for several minutes
Feature IDEA-288845 Gradle/Maven Tool Window: Dependency Analyzer with a right mouse click
Bug IDEA-288709 Gradle test configuration producers create incomplete run configuration
Feature IDEA-288841 Project Tool Window: Dependency Analyzer with a right mouse click
Performance IDEA-290074 Performance degradation after changes in JPA facet setup
Bug IDEA-292255 Gradle Plugin fails after updating to 2022.1 in all IDEs except IDEA
Bug IDEA-284921 Implement GradleDependencyAnalyzerGoToAction
Bug IDEA-292738 Maven Show Dependencies action no longer works when Groovy plugin is disabled
Bug IDEA-282910 Build exploded war with gradle: 'war_exploded' not found in project 'subproject' with Configuration on demand enabled
Bug IDEA-291975 Gradle failure: Exception evaluating property 'suites' for java.util.ArrayList
Feature IDEA-290501 Dependency analyzer: sorting in the list of dependencies
Build. MavenBug IDEA-289512 is not correct maven home, reverting to embedded (IDE sets the home to the bin directory)
Bug IDEA-291611 Dependency Analyzer: can't scroll to the bottom of the dependencies list
Task IDEA-291518 Add to Maven templates
Bug IDEA-292932 Can not create new project with "." character in the project name field
Bug IDEA-283563 Import Maven project from Project Structure dialog fails with ClassCastException
Bug IDEA-290474 Unable to import Maven project: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/intellij/lang/properties/charset/Native2AsciiCharsetProvider has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime
Usability IDEA-286178 Maven language level quick fix text is not saved until inserted live template text is not finished
Usability IDEA-289568 many of Maven archetypes are not resolved when creating a new project from Maven Archetype with the internal catalog option selected
Bug IDEA-288658 maven compiler args with only tabs are not properly escaped when passed to javac compiler
Exception IDEA-286961 Registering startup activity that will never be run
Bug IDEA-290419 Maven 3.8.5 : NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.maven.model.validation.DefaultModelValidator: method 'void <init>()' not found
Bug IDEA-284424 Build Sync (Maven) window steals focus
Build. Package SearchBug IDEA-291265 please don't create fixed five-threads pool in PackageSearchProjectService
Exception IDEA-293161 Throwable: Read access is allowed from inside read-action (or EDT) only exception on project opening
Feature IDEA-278539 Add inspection to suggest avoiding wildcard versions
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-292744 2022.1 freeze on M1 Macbook
Code Analysis. InspectionTask IDEA-284214 Export inspection results as .sarif
Bug IDEA-290345 JUnit rule inspection doesn't highlight methods
Bug IDEA-262916 Inspection "Illegal package dependencies'" doesn't work when calling Kotlin from Java
Usability IDEA-290280 "Run Inspection": show inspection name in progress
Bug IDEA-221621 Inspection 'Unused Declaration' is never flagged by pre-commit code analysis
Bug IDEA-290343 JUnit rule inspection doesn't highlight `@Rule` annotated members that don't inherit `TestRule` or `MethodRule`
Feature IDEA-57997 Static factory methods should be accepted as constructors in "Law of Demeter" inspection
Bug IDEA-289351 `Incorrect formatting` inspection contains `Kotlin only` option for GoLand
Bug IDEA-289312 Incorrect formatting inspection: "Reformat the whole file" doesn't work when incorrect indent size
Exception IDEA-292144 T: IconLoader.filterIcon
Bug IDEA-289368 Incorrect formatting inspection ignores severity setting
Feature IDEA-290219 "Run Inspection" action: suppress "jumping" progress bar by intermediate searches triggered from inspection
Exception IDEA-287597 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract! on export inspection results
Bug IDEA-222784 Code analysis ignores unused imports
Feature IDEA-93490 Method call violates Law of Demeter shall have an option to ignore method calls from outer class to inner class and vice-verse.
Feature IDEA-279895 Migrate migrations implementation to UAST
Bug IDEA-288194 Unused Declaration inspection does not recognize Kotlin parameterless main method as entry point
Bug IDEA-289475 Incorrect formatting QF produces wrong code when invoke "Fix all problems in file" in PhpStorm
Bug IDEA-291296 Inspection "Serializable class without 'serialVersionUID'" does NOT allow adding new entries to "Ignore subclasses of:" list
Bug IDEA-289472 Incorrect formatting inspection ignores suppression for method in PhpStorm
Cosmetics IDEA-289267 Highlight redundant code as unused
Bug IDEA-289684 Incorrect formatting inspection fix broke " if else" code
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-291856 Structural search inspection "Shorten fully qualified name" is always unchecked when opening SSR dialog
Feature IDEA-289522 Disable UI elements when selecting predefined templates in SSR UI
Bug IDEA-289514 Can't structurally search after canceling a previous structural search
Bug IDEA-291080 Flaky structural search for records
Bug IDEA-292240 Can't find Java method call to statically imported method
CoreFeature IDEA-293122 Add system properties for configuring max log file size and max number of logs
Bug IDEA-286817 img tag doesn't show images from resources
Bug IDEA-288856 "File type auto-detected by file content" doesn't work for empty files with content typed in by hand
Usability IDEA-290834 Check and warn if the temporary directory isn't available on IDE startup
Bug IDEA-265970 Javadoc addRange throws NPE
Bug IDEA-288143 Naming of idea.log files is incorrect
Bug IDEA-289180 Should be called at least in the state COMPONENTS_LOADED, the current state is: CONFIGURATION_STORE_INITIALIZED Current violators count: 1
Exception IDEA-289009 StartUpPerformanceService NPE
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-290537 XBreakpointType.getBreakpointComparator returns a comparator that violates the transitivity requirement
Bug IDEA-278154 Inline watches spoiler isn't removed with last watch
Usability IDEA-292307 "New watch" button
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-292687 UML diagrams exported with wrong member visibility
Bug IDEA-290472 Can't export diagrams as images in 2022.1 EAP5
Feature IDEA-288078 Provide means to exclude "usage in comments" from Java Class Diagrams Dependencies
Bug IDEA-290212 CCE: class MsDiagramDataModel$MyModelData cannot be cast to class java.lang.Void
Bug IDEA-292463 IDE can't be minimised or closed after UML diagram animation
Bug IDEA-291537 Module Dependencies Diagram: incorrect link orientation
Bug IDEA-291549 Spring Diagrams: the links direction is incorrect
Usability IDEA-290942 UML class diagrams show wrong inheritance arrows (PhpStorm 2022.1 EAP (Build #PS-221.5080.36))
Bug IDEA-258132 i18n: Unable to show dependencies in diagram when using the language pack
Bug IDEA-290813 Diagrams: Open In Web Editor | PlantUML Web Server doesn't work in case of annotated classes
Bug IDEA-290692 JPA. ER Diagram: only icons are present instead of elements with names, properties etc
Bug IDEA-290424 Diagrams: Open In Web Editor | PlantUML Web Server doesn't work if class members are not shown/don't exist
Bug IDEA-290428 Open In Web Editor| Mermaid Live fails for non-class Diagram
Feature IDEA-170065 Allow to sort field and methods on diagram alphabetically or by visibility
Bug IDEA-291317 ER Diagram. Extend Arrows have the opposite direction
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-290709 New Open File dialog doesn't list all drive letters on windows
Bug IDEA-292447 freeze on accessing vfs based filename index
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-288379 URL added to Trusted Paths prevents project from opening: InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 5
Bug IDEA-287565 JVM crash on an attempt to show system notification
Bug IDEA-289489 Inlay hint settings: there is no snippet or any information in all child pages in Inlay hints/Other
Usability IDEA-263845 Notify a user when shell environment loading has failed
Bug IDEA-289452 Settings are not imported from 213 to 221
Bug IDEA-270135 Skip empty sections [] on export as they override definitions in [*]
Cosmetics IDEA-288297 Inlay hints settings: code snippet is too far from description for some options
Bug IDEA-291142 Inlay hints settings: Parameter names hints are not displayed in preview when disabled root node
Task IDEA-289350 Inlay hint settings: show turned off hints with a strikethrough line
Bug IDEA-291566 Inlay hints settings: Code vision hints are not displayed in preview when disabled
Bug IDEA-288830 DataGrip 2022.1 EAP doesn't import project settings from last version
Bug IDEA-289094 The shell environment is not read correctly when using iTerm's shell integration with zsh
Core. IndexingException IDEA-291601 update failed for AnAction(com.intellij.ide.actions.cache.CallSaulAction, id=CallSaul) with text=Repair IDE
Performance IDEA-291883 Filename index update attributes via IndexingStamp on each project open
Usability IDEA-288854 Rename "Repair IDE" for file to "Repair IDE on File"
Performance IDEA-280807 Freeze after project opening because of IO under blocking read action
Feature IDEA-248152 TODO slows down project index
Bug IDEA-289174 "warmup" with Python plugin takes quite long for every "warmup" run (even if nothing changed since last run)
Performance IDEA-292384 Direct memory allocation error: OOM
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-292787 Cannot use editor:// scheme to open files in IDE
Bug IDEA-291413 idea.bat does not start if "XX:ErrorFile" points to a file with spaces in its name
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-291658 Browser does not open to log in to jb account
Usability IDEA-269812 Do not show the "Exit" after user activate the IDE
Usability IDEA-291957 Trailing spaces should not affect authentication token check
Bug IDEA-290333 The IDE use the incorrect hostname when connect to the License server
Core. Navigation and SearchUsability IDEA-285893 Missing popup 'Cannot find declaration to go to' when hitting Cmd+B on an unresolved reference
Bug IDEA-292724 UI freeze when invoking Quick Definition from Go to Implementation
Usability IDEA-289647 Invoking find usages on a PsiSymbolDeclaration that has a maximal search scope behaves incorrectly
Core. Platform APITask IDEA-289089 Cancellable read action
Bug IDEA-288973 port write/readAttribute() usages deprecated after 560a0a6ac to write/readFileAttribute
Bug IDEA-286739 runBlockingCancellable doesn't work in combination with ReadAction.computeCancellable if a global progress indicator is available
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-281620 Spring Boot Plugin fails to load after the Diagrams plugin disabling
Bug IDEA-291344 Enabling KMM plugin doesn't force AppCode restart in 2022.1
Exception IDEA-289523 ClassNotFoundException:
Bug IDEA-288499 No `restart IDE` popup window after plugin updating in 2022.1
Bug IDEA-288915 Disabled plugins should be removed from the disabled_plugins.txt on uninstalling
Usability IDEA-256829 Do not unload plugins when "Restart IDE" after plugin installation is pending
Bug IDEA-292365 Incremental download of plugin updates is broken for installations that require a restart
Exception IDEA-281470 PluginException: Descriptor has already been added: PluginDescriptor(name=Java EE: Gradle Integration
Exception IDEA-291688 Theme plugin uninstalling causes exception
Bug IDEA-288681 IDE requires restart after deleting Theme plugins
Bug IDEA-291686 IDEA requires restart after installing new theme plugin
Core. ProfilerException IDEA-291525 Exception from StartStopAsyncProfilerAction almost on every startup
Feature IDEA-221961 Implement navigation to source code from stack trace in profiler results
Bug IDEA-251771 Opening YourKit snapshot causes exception
Feature IDEA-289187 Timeline: simplify navigation by highlighting current position
Feature IDEA-289172 Report IDE cpu snapshots using IntelliJ profiler agent
Cosmetics IDEA-292615 Diagnostic tools: Rename async and yourkit profilers in main menu
Bug IDEA-292614 CPU Usage Profiling and Async Profiler are started together
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-290688 Loaded projects eventually runs out of heap space and crashes the editor
Bug IDEA-290601 2022.1 unable to import the .ipr file based project correctly and generate the `.idea` folder mistakenly
Bug IDEA-288703 No fallback module created on project reopen
Bug IDEA-286359 The command-line launcher should create trusted temporary projects
Bug IDEA-289103 Can't select folder in Select Path dialog from Compiler Output in Project Settings
Bug IDEA-279542 Indexing takes extremely long and freezes UI if there are many artifacts in the project
Bug IDEA-260146 "Edit" button for SDKs doesn't work
Task IDEA-290397 Bug: Remove '16 (Preview) - Sealed types' from supported language levels
Bug IDEA-180772 Copyright profile for default project is not working
Bug IDEA-287743 NPE at com.intellij.ide.impl.TrustedProjects$confirmOpeningUntrustedProject$1.invoke
Performance IDEA-285971 15 second UI freeze on closing project structure dialog after changing some module dependencies
Core. Quick DocumentationCosmetics IDEA-290974 Documentation popup flickers when shown
Bug IDEA-287467 Quick documentation popup steals focus from files list in Project View
Bug IDEA-290763 SVG display is broken in quick documentation popup
Bug IDEA-290792 Don't display snippet attributes when render JavaDoc
Usability IDEA-291511 move package name to top in rendered doc and doc view
Bug IDEA-183660 Quick doc on a link
Bug IDEA-290710 If @snippet contains only part of the code and has 'lang' attribute most of code becomes red
Bug IDEA-292805 Error popup shows documentation in v2
Usability IDEA-288926 Irrelevant "No documentation found" popup when hovering a markdown link
Bug IDEA-280754 Javadoc parameter is highlighted in rendered view with unchecked "Basic syntax highlighting of inline code" option
Bug IDEA-293083 Quick documentation: image overlaps the text that follows it
Usability IDEA-269443 Provide "Copy" action in the context menu of the Quick Documentation popup/tool window
Usability IDEA-289415 Consider renaming `Edit Source` action in Quick Documentation popup
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-291555 ActionToolbarImpl - 'AutoRenaming' toolbar does not call toolbar.setTargetComponent()
Bug IDEA-289090 Rename doesn't work for excluded files
Bug IDEA-289206 PsiReferenceBase throws exception when executing bindToElement, when it should be abstract
Bug IDEA-290578 "Assertion failed: Undoable actions allowed inside commands only" exception when press Enter on gutter rename call
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-289479 Run Current File: icons aren't updated when select current configuration
Bug IDEA-291331 Attempting to run a run configuration before JDK configuration permanently disables the executor
Bug IDEA-292462 run configuration templates: "Store as project file" doesn't work for some configurations: Application, JUnit, Maven, Kotlin
Usability IDEA-289956 Inconsistent "Apply" button state in run configurations dialogue
Usability IDEA-290170 [Run anything] Exact match is lower than other matches
Bug IDEA-289366 It's possible to modify 'Run Current File' Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-292246 Run configurations stored in *.run.xml files disappear on any plugin unload or update without IDE restart
Bug IDEA-254765 Run / Debug Configurations Sorting Order lost regularly (git branch switch apparently)
Bug IDEA-197080 Select box of Run/Debug Configuration in Navigation Bar Toolbar is empty when deleting the last item of a specific template, "Add Configuration..." is shown in the dropdown instead of another configuration
Core. SSHBug IDEA-290663 RSA keys aren't accepted by old OpenSSH servers
Bug IDEA-288604 Not working "ssh parse config file"
Bug IDEA-292243 Cannot connect to remote host using kerberos when Kerberos username differs from system username or host differs from realm
Task IDEA-292877 Update SSHJ version to 0.33.0
Bug IDEA-289052 Synchronous execution on EDT: rsync test connection
Core. StatisticsPerformance IDEA-288675 Freeze on startup from FileTypeUsagesCollector
Bug IDEA-293556 Some platform tool windows report their id as
Core. Task ManagementBug IDEA-292023 Tasks Servers removed every time the IDE Restart
Bug IDEA-288720 Switch To does nothing
EditorException IDEA-288782 ISE at com.intellij.codeInsight.codeVision.ui.model.ClickableTextCodeVisionEntry.onClick
Usability IDEA-288790 Code Vision: popup options with inlay hints do nothing
Usability IDEA-288810 Code Vision: visible metrics changes applied only after IDE restart
Usability IDEA-288687 Code Vision: File content jumps on Code Author loading
Bug IDEA-289732 Error message "Unable to find providerId=text-editor" after installing a plugin with an EditorProvider
Usability IDEA-288817 Code Vision: Click to Settings in "More..." popup should expand corresponding node
Bug IDEA-289020 Action "Insert live template" should not be available inside compiled files
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-259980 Unable to show the Emoji correctly in code completion dialog
Feature IDEA-293655 Add action to access code completion settings to kebab menu in code completion popup
Bug IDEA-153023 if(/**/| and similar statements completion eats block comment
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-290067 Disabling foreground color for "Unknown symbol" breaks syntax highlighting
Bug IDEA-275916 Imported Eclipse color scheme not recognized completely
Bug IDEA-262559 Importing Eclipse color scheme makes VCS Annotations invisible
Bug IDEA-290779 EmptyColorScheme class: static field is used before it is initialised
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-223076 Copyright is copied when undo moving class
Bug IDEA-289803 Copyright duplicated in files staged for add when pulling changes
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-293693 Compare with Clipboard error if it contains two Escape characters
Cosmetics IDEA-290880 External diff tools: empty line in the tools tree when only Merge tool is added
Performance IDEA-291392 External diff tools: IDE freezes when viewing diff or resolving merge conflicts with an external tool
Bug IDEA-292933 "Go to changed file" dropdown in a diff dialog invoked on files lists changed the files but does not open them
Bug IDEA-290877 External diff tools: if paths to diff and merge executables have been configured but external tools were not enabled, the settings don't migrated
Bug IDEA-291534 Diff buttons loose focus, need mouse reposition to let buttons work again
Feature IDEA-69499 Allow to define specific external diff tool depending on mime type
Usability IDEA-290815 External diff tool: issues with edit button
Task IDEA-289492 Add Stat for `git status` timing + fs monitor as an attribute (used or not)
Bug IDEA-293307 External merge tool argument pattern isn't saved
Cosmetics IDEA-291023 External diff tool: remove External from the column names.
Bug IDEA-290817 External diff tool: Test Merge button instead of Test Diff and Test three-side diff buttons in Add/Edit an external tool dialog
Bug IDEA-289973 External diff tools: Add an external tool dialog opens on editing diff tool
Task IDEA-289183 Implement migration of old external diff settings to the new UI.
Bug IDEA-290863 External diff tools: Enable external tools flag is disabled after migration settings when only Merge tool has been configured
Cosmetics IDEA-290011 External diff tool: remove Diff/Merge tool node when there are no items
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-289567 Parameter Info doesn't appear after typing (
Bug IDEA-293091 NPE at com.intellij.codeInsight.editorActions.SelectionQuotingTypedHandler.isReplaceInComparisonOperation
Feature IDEA-141574 Feature Request: Add settings to disable automatic block comment closing
Feature IDEA-97658 Edit template for javadoc stub
Usability IDEA-211903 "Surround selection on typing brace" gets in the way when replacing < with >
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-293246 "No problems found" is not displayed for files without errors
Bug IDEA-292798 Error popup is shown at the wrong offset in injection
Editor. FormatterException IDEA-291478 NPE in CoreFormatterUtil.isFullwidthCharacter
Bug IDEA-247045 EditorConfig plugin doesn't handle indent_size/indent_style/tab_width correctly
Bug IDEA-206840 tabulation size when importing Eclipse formatter
Bug IDEA-229989 Mismatching of Wrap text option between Code Style settings and EditorConfig (XML formatting)
Bug IDEA-290178 Editorconfig parameter equivalent to Code Style > JSON > Wrapping and Braces > Arrays > Do not wrap
Editor. Inlay HintsBug IDEA-290960 Convert Put type hint before identifier to a setting
Performance IDEA-291379 code vision analyzing code unnecessarily
Bug IDEA-291016 No Inlay Hint in settings description while indexing + TraceableDisposable$DisposalException: Editor is already disposed
Bug IDEA-290978 Inlay hints are not hidden
Cosmetics IDEA-290532 On the examples page of `Preferences | Editor | Inlay Hints examples` links (e.g. number of usages) should not work
Bug IDEA-291901 Java: missing description for inlay settings
Bug IDEA-290293 Toggling a checkbox in inlay hint settings doesn't change strikethrough style of hints
Bug IDEA-290284 Code vision settings should be hidden in IDEs that don't support them
Bug IDEA-291945 Spurious "un-cursorable" white line between javadoc and method
Bug IDEA-291227 Duplicate code author hint for method with type parameter
Cosmetics IDEA-290287 "Hide this metric" action name is confusing
Editor. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-290944 Update coloring in intention preview
Feature IDEA-291755 Change the "preview is not available" message
Bug IDEA-289205 Evaluate expression dialog is not closed by Esc
FrameworksUsability IDEA-245890 Microservices: confusing unresolved URL inspections in HTML files
Bug IDEA-288979 Endpoints view content disappears after restart for the attached project
Task IDEA-288652 Microservices: merge microservices-uast and microservices-config to the single plugin
Usability IDEA-264524 Methods annotated with @JsonValue and @JsonCreator should not be detected as unused
Usability IDEA-292029 Change position of Add Framework Support action in context menus
Bug IDEA-288933 OkHTTP: Fold internal stack frames by default
Bug IDEA-292362 Unable to create new Spring module: project location is already taken error
Task IDEA-290525 Frameworks: add files to Git automatically in new project wizard
Task IDEA-288587 JavaEE: merge Java SQL APIs plugin to Persistence Frameworks
Bug IDEA-286411 New Java Enterprise Project: don't create Application and JAX-RS Resource classes if 'web' template is selected
Feature IDEA-254305 Microservices: provide URL Path references for WireMock
Frameworks. GrpcFeature IDEA-283180 Support gRPC requests without local proto files
Bug IDEA-289419 Duplicated completion variants for grpc service with both proto and reflection available
Bug IDEA-285457 Optional GRPC fields support
Bug IDEA-289624 Protobuff: no url completion in httpclient request in case no package provided in proto file
Bug IDEA-289327 No .proto file found for specified method "SomeService.action"
Bug IDEA-285958 IDEA 3.x HTTP Client - GRPC request fails when using environment variables.
Frameworks. HelidonBug IDEA-235332 Helidon: support Microprofile config
Bug IDEA-290693 Helidon: new project wizard is not available
Bug IDEA-289236 Helidon: handle YAML-specific number notations
Feature IDEA-283354 Helidon: use simple local templates instead of web service for New Project wizard
Frameworks. LombokPerformance IDEA-265457 Completion suggestions, code navigation slow in 2020.3.3
Bug IDEA-293413 Unused assignment should respect @Builder.Default lombok annotation on non-final fields of @Builder-annotated classes
Frameworks. MicronautException IDEA-287362 YAML plugin enabling causes exceptions in micronaut and spring boot plugins
Bug IDEA-289235 Micronaut: handle YAML-specific number notations
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Exception IDEA-290847 NotImplementedError on parsing of incorrect json, injected into markdown file (master)
Performance IDEA-289161 SOE during secondary specifications processing
Cosmetics IDEA-291643 auto mark OpenAPI generated sources as Generated Sources Root
Performance IDEA-290773 Refactor automatic secondary specification detection mechanism
Frameworks. QuarkusFeature IDEA-283843 Quarkus: ability to select framework version in New Project wizard
Bug IDEA-291965 Quarkus: nested config keys are not completed for collection keys
Bug IDEA-288920 Quarkus: false-positive ambiguous dependency highlighting for injected logger
Bug IDEA-288914 Quarkus: false-positive highlighting of producer method annotated with qualifier
Bug IDEA-288490 quarkusDev exits silently when "quarkus-args" passed
Usability IDEA-291754 Quarkus: Use weak warning level for QsUndeclaredPathMimeTypesInspection
Bug IDEA-290278 Quarkus: Can't run/debug quarkus run configuration with gradle (java.lang.NullPointerException: settings.scriptParameters must not be null)
Bug IDEA-289233 Quarkus: handle YAML-specific number notations
Bug IDEA-290388 Quarkus: get warning for qute template Ambiguous dependency: there are multiple beans that match the injection point
Bug IDEA-292289 Quarkus: nested keys are incorrectly inserted when a parent is a collection
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-290830 Selenium: on add element in pageObjectEditor by css and Kotlin elements added inside one another
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-158625 Spring: support @TestPropertySource#properties attribute
Performance IDEA-269931 Spring: Slow editor highlighting in a SpringBoot project with EL fragments
Bug IDEA-289928 Spring Data: MongoDB: inject JSON into the BasicQuery(query,fields) constructor parameters
Bug IDEA-289909 Spring Data: MongoDB queries: attributes completion suggests the column names only, not the field names
Feature IDEA-191222 Spring Boot YAML: deprecated config key -> intention to use replacement key
Feature IDEA-151708 Spring Boot: application.yml code insight - extended features
Bug IDEA-291922 [spring boot/cloud] Configuration inspection cannot resolve boolean (Boolean) properties of POJO in Map<POJO> configuration properties
Feature IDEA-228775 Vaadin: support custom annotations for Spring beans
Feature IDEA-127796 Spring Data: MongoDB: provide completion for @Query attribute names
Bug IDEA-288691 Spring profiles doesn't apply to gradle project
Performance IDEA-289731 Long Spring Configuration Check is performed on each project opening
Performance IDEA-290008 Spring: BaseDefineLocalMetaConfigKeyIntention isAvailable runs in java/kotlin files
Performance IDEA-272188 Spring: Running Code/Analyze stalls the IDE in a way that it becomes unusable
Feature IDEA-274992 Spring Data: MongoDB: support
Bug IDEA-282797 Springdoc: the @OpenAPIDefinition-annotated class is shown as not used
Feature IDEA-274990 Spring Data: MongoDB: support
Bug IDEA-289396 Spring Boot: nested POJO map keys are unresolved
Bug IDEA-289469 Spring Boot: treat set keys as list keys
Bug IDEA-292904 Spring Shell: the @ShellMethod-annotated methods should not be shown as not used
Bug IDEA-289230 Spring Boot: double values are not highlighted in
Bug IDEA-268849 Spring Boot YAML: List-type config key auto-completion not works
Bug IDEA-289915 Spring Data: MongoDB: completion for attributes in queries works for the first key only if some further contents exis
Task IDEA-291526 Java Decompiler does not reset caches that depend on ProjectRootManager
Bug IDEA-288941 Spring Data: MongoDB @Query: SpEL expressions cause parsing errors
Feature IDEA-288960 Spring Boot: support 'spring-boot-starter' project types
Feature IDEA-288801 Spring Data: MongoDB @Query: inject JSON into #fields, #sort and #collation attributes
Bug IDEA-291799 Spring Boot: false-positive deprecation mark in YAML for ''
Feature IDEA-286469 Spring Security: inject REGEXP into regexMatcher() method ( #pattern parameter value)
Feature IDEA-261460 Spring Data: MongoDB: add gutter icons with table/column references for documents
Performance IDEA-290010 Spring: Speed up slow meta-annotations searches
Bug IDEA-291050 Spring Initializr option does not exist in New Project
Feature IDEA-291075 Spring: support properties completion and references inside @MockServerTest
Exception IDEA-289104 YAML plugin enabling causes exceptions in SpringBoot plugin
Performance IDEA-273326 UI is extremely slow and uses full CPU
Bug IDEA-226638 Spring: Incorrect language injection for o.s.j.s.SQLExceptionTranslator
Bug IDEA-159276 Spring Boot: application.yml: invalid completion for Map<String,Enum> or Map<Enum,String> properties
Feature IDEA-293207 Spring Boot: beans not shown in Actuator tab for SB v. 3.0
Bug IDEA-293046 Spring: Navigate To Related Symbol drop-down invoked for the injected bean shows the confusing target group name
Bug IDEA-181172 Spring Boot: application.yaml support: if Map key contains dot, property is not resolved if not default notation is used
GrazieBug IDEA-287409 Exception class name is part of proofreading for throws clause in Javadoc
Bug IDEA-281601 Grazie does not treat multi-line Javadoc comments as continuous text in CLion
Bug IDEA-281110 Grazie (or LanguageTool) ignores whitespace in Markdown, written with character references.
Bug IDEA-290610 False positive for grammar check
GroovyBug IDEA-234731 no-op and: label "breaks" data table formatting in Spock specs
Bug IDEA-288942 Improve support for macros in Groovy
Usability IDEA-291173 Spock where table with CJK characters doesn't aligned well
Bug IDEA-289737 Groovy Parser does not recognize redundant parentheses in arguments
Bug IDEA-291493 Groovy deprecated fields not marked as such consistently
Bug IDEA-287000 Spock where table with long list element is not formatted as expected
Bug IDEA-221566 Spock results: support navigation to unroll test methods
Bug IDEA-286813 Spock: support formatting of data tables split in two or more parts
Task IDEA-291400 Add .gitignore for Gradle/Maven new projects of Groovy
Bug IDEA-244267 Spock methods like setupSpec, setup, cleanup, etc. are marked as unused when upgraded to version 2.x
Usability IDEA-252935 "Open Source at Exception" is not working for Spock tests
Feature IDEA-291312 Add line markers for recursive calls in Groovy
Bug IDEA-289133 Groovy4 code (generic interface with default method) can compile but is reported as error
Feature IDEA-222260 Support for Spock @Use annotation
Bug IDEA-291454 Cannot resolve symbol T
Feature IDEA-259639 [Groovy]Support GINQ of Groovy 4
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-291576 Groovy: method name contains illegal characters.
Bug IDEA-291419 Groovy Inaccessible Element inspection does not offer quick fix on flagged constructor
Bug IDEA-292524 "No candidates found for method call" false positive error when class name doesn't start with a capital letter
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBug IDEA-289857 building intellij-community fails in installers.cmd on Windows
Bug IDEA-289425 Cannot update non-bundled plugins after updating IDE from sources
Bug IDEA-288808 Building IDE fails if CRLF separators are used in some resources files
JavaPerformance IDEA-289566 Rename of java class takes ~30 seconds
Bug IDEA-293129 JShell doesn't take the JRE selected into account
Bug IDEA-292028 Non-existing class name in javadoc popup
Performance IDEA-289112 Idea Freezes On Code Completion Context Actions
Bug IDEA-252437 Can't generate Javadoc for Java 15 project with preview features
Feature IDEA-292780 Join line should work for field declarations
Bug IDEA-285633 Fix .stubs for sealed classes
Bug IDEA-291753 Find usages on record component doesn't find occurrences in other files
Feature IDEA-126383 Shift+Ctrl+j should join multiple declarations of the same type
Bug IDEA-244649 Imports red after downloading a JDK
Bug IDEA-267753 Cannot run scratch file in WSL project
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-290767 Complete Current Statement not working if next element is nested "record"
Feature IDEA-292773 autocomplete should expand also the ".class" automatically when requested argument type is a java.lang.Class
Bug IDEA-292498 Additional Javadoc Tags are no longer autocompleted
Usability IDEA-290083 Autocompletion of module names in module-info files deleting following lines when using Tab
Bug IDEA-73881 "Complete Current Statement" incorrectly handles for with non-block loop statement
Bug IDEA-23781 Complete statement: missing method body
Bug IDEA-257538 Autocompletion with TAB deletes next line in a service provider file
Java. Code CoverageCosmetics IDEA-289073 Coverage view should have horizontal scrolling in the tree column
Cosmetics IDEA-287442 Coverage view - folder/class icons are not loaded until mouse hover
Cosmetics IDEA-287434 Coverage view - the selection is half active when the focus is outside the Coverage tool window
Java. Code FormattingBug IDEA-290938 Java 18 Snippet code format error
Java. Code GenerationBug IDEA-293032 Generated accessors for records should always be public
Bug IDEA-291092 Test Generation fixing dependency lib on implementation not testImplementation
Bug IDEA-288672 Sort elements with "Super class members first" in the toString() generation setting does not apply to the generated codes
Java. DebuggerPerformance IDEA-287967 "Async stacktraces" block evaluation until completed
Bug IDEA-241674 Debug ternary operator
Performance IDEA-292769 UI freeze in DfaAssist when stopped on a breakpoint
Bug IDEA-291068 `JavaValue`'s `ChildrenBuilder` does not override `tooManyChildren(int, Runnable)`
Cosmetics IDEA-288348 Presentation mode Frames view - lines are jumping on hover
Bug IDEA-286844 WSL2: Debugger watches not working
Bug IDEA-292340 Confusing 'ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException' hint when I debug cycle over array
Java. DecompilerBug IDEA-291240 Switch over enum is decompiled incorrectly (Eclipse compiler)
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-286551 A yellow bulb in the "Evaluate expression" window and in Editor keeps appearing, despite already closed once
Bug IDEA-288417 Custom exception handler is not called for some expressions
Bug IDEA-211302 Javadoc error - Class.this cannot be referenced from a static context
Bug IDEA-289929 Use of generics produces wrong error highlighting
Usability IDEA-256074 Unclear quickfix on 'var x' in language level smaller than Java 11
Bug IDEA-289860 Synxtax highlighting incorrectly complains about inconvertible types
Bug IDEA-290334 Bug: IDEA inspection recommends incorrect language level
Feature IDEA-255881 Missed qualify method call fix
Bug IDEA-291306 @Nullable annotation can't be used before parametrized return type
Cosmetics IDEA-224176 IntelliJ resolves Javadoc short links to Object's methods in documentation to an interface, but the javadoc tool doesn't
Bug IDEA-285144 Code is red in editor even though it's compilable after Junit4->Junit5 migration
Java. GUI DesignerBug IDEA-291274 UI Designer: Swing components palette is missing
Java. InspectionsUsability IDEA-209338 Copy constructor does not copy fields false positive
Feature IDEA-293477 Support `Datapoints` annotation in JUnitDataPoint inspection
Usability IDEA-292765 Lambda can be method reference inspection doesn't consider nullability of the functional interface
Feature IDEA-293478 Add quickfix to JUnitDataPoint inspection
Bug IDEA-253122 If field is annotated then constructor is not removed when converted to record
Feature IDEA-292909 Replace with old style switch doesn't work for switch expression not assigned to new variable
Feature IDEA-281540 Javadoc: highlight empty lines in javadoc as warnings
Bug IDEA-279616 warnings about *IT test names
Usability IDEA-269383 "Simplify 'if else'" produces incorrect code when an assert statement is involved
Bug IDEA-248581 "SerializableHasSerializationMethods" inspection generates false-positive in Externalizable classes
Bug IDEA-293509 JUnitRule and JunitDataPoint inspections aren't fully translatable
Bug IDEA-251027 "Ignore empty super methods"-Checkbox does not work as expected
Bug IDEA-291436 Cannot add prefix for Java | Naming conventions | Method | Boolean method name must start with question word in new version
Bug IDEA-291924 Auto-fix for "Manual min/max calculation" incorrectly removes variable assignment
Feature IDEA-279250 Make the replace with Javadoc intention work in batch mode
Bug IDEA-292997 More localized problem highlighting on parameter number mismatch
Feature IDEA-288868 Check date time parameters validness in java.time API
Bug IDEA-141943 Inspection offers to replace loop with System.arraycopy when source and destination are the same
Bug IDEA-290495 Suggests to introduce bug
Bug IDEA-289843 Incorrect "Pointless arithmetic expression" inspection warning for nested class method
Bug IDEA-291390 Raw use of parameterized type doesn't work in patterns
Cosmetics IDEA-290798 Inspection 'Control flow statement without braces' has non-convincing description
Bug IDEA-288984 @NonnullByDefault is not applied to record parameters
Bug IDEA-292565 False positive in JUnitUnconstructableTestCase inspection
Bug IDEA-290952 Constant conditions & expression warns about NullPointerException for Objects.nonNull with checked "Treat non-annotated members and parameters as @Nullable"
Bug IDEA-293068 Arrays.asList((String)null) is incorrectly suggested to be replaced with List.of()
Bug IDEA-293555 JUnitUnconstructableTestCase inspection false positive for anonymous object
Bug IDEA-292666 False negative for checking definite assignment with ternaries
Usability IDEA-252040 RedundantTypeArguments inspection contradicts to JavacQuirks inspection
Bug IDEA-293077 False positive "Parameter is not used" when using "Inspect code"
Bug IDEA-290417 "Link specified as plain text" false positive when a closing tag is not on the same line
Bug IDEA-290391 Bug: Inadequate intention actions for error 'an enum switch case label must be the unqualified name of an enumeration constant'
Bug IDEA-291472 Inspection 'Declaration access can be weaker' suggests wrong fix for constant used in annotation
Usability IDEA-168941 Inspection 'Redundant 'requires' statement in module-info' should take into account transitive dependency
Bug IDEA-254504 No warning for assigning array element to itself
Bug IDEA-293090 False positive "Method may be 'static'"
Bug IDEA-253887 "Redundant record constructor" inspection doesn't recognize the annotations
Bug IDEA-289167 Filse chooser for external annotations could be shown several times
Bug IDEA-184970 "Copy constructor misses field" false positive on copying array field
Feature IDEA-291665 Detected chained use of &=
Bug IDEA-276811 Replace-with-null refactoring is incorrect when generics are involved
Bug IDEA-289891 Incorrect "Usage of API documented as @since" for methods in subclass
Bug IDEA-291604 False positive in “Constant conditions & exceptions” inspection
Feature IDEA-291513 "Constant conditions & exceptions" does not flag 'Objects.requireNonNullElse'
Feature IDEA-291516 Convert JUnit5MalformedRepeatedTest inspection to UAST
Feature IDEA-261795 Javadoc: provide an inspection to report http links specified as plain text
Usability IDEA-290904 "Non-ASCII characters" inspection UI was better in 2020.3
Bug IDEA-293423 Check for ParameterResolver in `JUnitBeforeAfterClass` inspection
Cosmetics IDEA-290742 Gather the Java downgrading inspections
Usability IDEA-289497 'NullPointerException' recommendations contradiction
Usability IDEA-246631 'Number comparison using '==', instead of 'equals()'' shouldn't warn if one of variable definitively null
Feature IDEA-291698 Convert BeforeOrAfterIsPublicVoidNoArgInspection to UAST
Feature IDEA-288824 Add option to ignore API declared in the same project in "Usage of API marked for removal" inspection
Usability IDEA-252263 Use safe delete as quick fix for "Parameter is never used" in "Inspection Results"
Bug IDEA-269128 Declaration access can be weaker false-positive when method used from enum subclass
Bug IDEA-166856 Inspection "redundant default parameter value assignment" causes problems with Lombok
Feature IDEA-291694 Convert BeforeClassOrAfterClassIsPublicStaticVoidNoArg inspection to UAST
Bug IDEA-266759 General | Redundant suppression false positive for Java | Internationalization | Unnecessary unicode escape sequence
Bug IDEA-291054 'Collapse catch blocks' does nothing
Bug IDEA-288570 Constant conditions & exceptions thinks that Iterator.hasNext() cannot modify a private field
Bug IDEA-248740 @SuppressWarnings("requires-transitive-automatic") is not recognized
Bug IDEA-262591 False positive: Field can be converted to a local variable
Feature IDEA-289362 NPE could be detected on findFirst on a stream with nullable elements
Usability IDEA-256553 Inspection "Parameter name differs from overridden method" shown for constructor
Bug IDEA-185021 "Copy constructor misses field" questionable warning on copying final fields
Bug IDEA-293227 Link specified as plain text false positive
Bug IDEA-290431 False positive for “@NotNull/@Nullable problems” inspection on Map.compute
Feature IDEA-277768 EasyMock's @Mock causes "never assigned" warning
Feature IDEA-229902 Warn about shadowing field with pattern variable
Feature IDEA-224733 Method call violates Law of Demeter inspection shall have an option to ignore Fluent APIs.
Bug IDEA-288738 IOStreamConstructorInspection may change program semantics
Bug IDEA-205483 Constructor does not copy fields false-positive
Bug IDEA-184969 "Copy constructor misses field" false positive on fields accessed through specific getter
Usability IDEA-289074 I18n fixes show no preview
Bug IDEA-292808 False positive for "Constant conditions and exceptions": always false IF condition in inner class with use of public method
Bug IDEA-291826 IntelliJ Suggest simplify method to `==`
Bug IDEA-289775 Unconstructable JUnit TestCase false positive
Bug IDEA-290689 "Link specified as plain text" false positive for 'src' attribute of 'img' tags
Bug IDEA-292438 "Declaration access can be weaker" false positive with record constructor
Bug IDEA-292883 "Optional compared with null" fix breaks code
Bug IDEA-249837 "Instanciating a SimpleDateFormat... " inspection should also apply to DateTimeFormatter::ofPattern.
Bug IDEA-195821 Inspection "Redundant 'requires' statement in module-info" doesn't acknowledge Kotlin code
Feature IDEA-291750 Convert UnconstructableTestCaseInspection to UAST
Feature IDEA-292121 Convert JUnitDatapointInspection to UAST
Feature IDEA-267511 SimplifiableConditionalExpression: incorrectly suggests to simplify nullable `Boolean`
Bug IDEA-293467 Application of inspection 'Lambda can be replaced with method reference' leads to runtime error
Bug IDEA-280553 @see javadoc annotation does not support new line before link
Bug IDEA-288922 Spring: 'ConfigurableApplicationContext' used without 'try'-with-resources statement
Usability IDEA-256236 Confusing message for redundant 'requires' statement
Bug IDEA-289702 Incorrect ConstantConditions inspection warning when using lambda to implement interface
Bug IDEA-192576 False positive: declaration access can be weaker: when class is indirectly exposed
Feature IDEA-175157 Add an exception for "overly complex boolean expression" when it's the only expression in a method
Feature IDEA-181408 Quick fix for "service implementation type must be a subtype of the service interface type"
Feature IDEA-291032 Option to disable "switch has too few elements, consider if-then" inspection for patterns
Feature IDEA-291741 Inspection "Local variable type can be omitted" should skip lambdas
Bug IDEA-291749 Exhaustive switch should not be warned 'too few labels'
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-292057 Flip action in record header doesn't swap types
Bug IDEA-291610 No 'wrap using...' fix when calling generic method
Feature IDEA-289290 Intention preview for change method return type and change variable type
Bug IDEA-289763 Quick-fix for 'Suspicious toArray call' may produce a compilation error if expected type is generic
Bug IDEA-230126 Try (var = ): suggests var to become final to become non-final
Bug IDEA-111785 'Code | Generate | Constructor' for enum should generate 'package local' constuctor
Bug IDEA-288831 Quick-fix "Set variable type to '...[]'" and C-style array declaration
Feature IDEA-290172 Quick fix to remove 'default' modifier does not help
Bug IDEA-290735 "Add 'Foo' as 1st record component to record 'Bar'" should add 'Foo' import
Usability IDEA-290736 Swap "Import class" and "Update usages to reflect signature change..."
Feature IDEA-211691 Inspection `Java | Javadoc | Javadoc declaration problems` should provide a fix to remove @throws
Bug IDEA-293156 Move x into anonymous object fix doesn't replace all references
Bug IDEA-95697 IDEA generates public getters on package scoped classes
Bug IDEA-227433 "Use existing implementation" copies interface's JavaDoc instead of implementation's whereas "Implement method" copies no JavaDoc
Java. JavaFXTask IDEA-290865 JavaFX: support new projects with Java 18
Usability IDEA-292603 JavaFX: Upgrade the default version the user gets to 17
Bug IDEA-280394 Failed to open the file in the Scene Builder on Mac OS Big Sur M1
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-292626 Cannot open tar.gz compressed JFR snapshots
Bug IDEA-290546 Timeline: cannot fix the slider when the mouse cursor in on the charts area
Feature IDEA-289888 Timeline: stick slider to the nearest event in the row (if there is one in a reasonable distance)
Feature IDEA-290325 Timeline: move threads with lots of events to the top
Feature IDEA-289189 Timeline: pin CPU load information to the vertical slider
Bug IDEA-290901 Timeline: improve stack traces appearance in the Stack Trace view
Feature IDEA-289186 Timeline: show stack trace for the particular event by clicking on it
Bug IDEA-289772 WinAsyncProfilerLocator must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij plugin
Bug IDEA-289626 Can't attach profiler to the process on macbook with M1
Java. Profiler. MemoryUsability IDEA-285058 HPROF file isn't opened if it has no extension
Java. Properties FilesBug IDEA-291074 Unused property inspection should not run in injected fragments
Feature IDEA-169162 Make plain text URLs as clickable in .properties values
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-102872 Getter/Setter in abstract class should not be protected but public
Bug IDEA-291269 "Move instance method" moves the outher method when cursor is behind last character of the method to be moved
Bug IDEA-278536 Move inner class error
Usability IDEA-289360 "Move Instance Method" Java refactoring does not support incremental or other search options
Bug IDEA-289521 Inline to Anonymous Class can't be invoked
Usability IDEA-286293 Changes detected popup is redundant after rerun safe delete
Bug IDEA-291915 'Inline Super Class' doesn't take care of super method calls
Bug IDEA-291959 Propagation Dialog of unused code misses labels
Usability IDEA-291961 Actions in "Refactor | Migrate Classes and Packages" group should be found when the user enters "Migrate" in Goto Action
Bug IDEA-289966 "Move Inner to Upper Level" dialog has clashing mnemonics
Bug IDEA-287879 Incorrect replace this occurrence behavior for subclass fields
Bug IDEA-289261 Package strings would be renamed incorrectly when renaming the package name.
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-288371 console output for gradle junit tests is not coloured in 2022.1 EAP
Bug IDEA-288980 java.lang.Throwable: Invalid file exception on overwriting test class
Bug IDEA-277685 JUnit5 - False positive 'method source must be static' on '@ParameterizedTest' with configuration
Bug IDEA-290884 Re-running a single test does not work with IntelliJ runner
Bug IDEA-293036 Running specific test from toolwindow launches all tests in Gradle projects
Bug IDEA-292972 'Malformed parameterized tests' false positive for junit5 EmptySource
Bug IDEA-290378 running a test via uniqueid does not work when the uniqueid contains spaces.
Bug IDEA-284762 Default factory method of @MethodSource is marked as unused
Bug IDEA-288819 Incorrect warning for EnumSource names
Task IDEA-282971 Convert "'assertEquals()' between objects of inconvertible types" inspection to UAST
Bug IDEA-292662 junit5 beforeAll exception is not shown when running tests per class
Bug IDEA-209187 Intellij doesn't recognize groovy tests with parentheses properly
Bug IDEA-286460 'Suites always on Top' should work together with 'Sort by Duration'
Java. Tests. TestNGBug IDEA-292450 TestNG plugin: TestNG can't be started if parameters defined in Siute type run configuration
Bug IDEA-269772 The word 'expected' appears to cause string truncation when used in an assert
JavaX. AppServers. JettyTask IDEA-288846 Unbundle Jetty plugin
Feature IDEA-265520 Support Jetty 10+
JavaX. AppServers. WebLogicTask IDEA-288843 Unbundle WebLogic plugin
JavaX. AppServers. WebSphere/LibertyTask IDEA-288842 Unbundle WebSphere plugin
JavaX. Bean ValidationFeature IDEA-84526 JSR-303 message navigation and resolution
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-291539 Jakarta. Hibernate. JPA console doesn't work with persistence schema version 3.0
Bug IDEA-270687 Inspection false positive on @Entity class with JSON serialized Map
Bug IDEA-290049 JPA: IDE must create JPA facet in all imported modules with JPA libraries
Performance IDEA-276289 JPA: Slow syntax highlighting & high CPU usage
Bug IDEA-286530 Impossible to generate ER diagram: Class com.intellij.persistence.diagram.DefaultDiagramSupport must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.persistence plugin
Bug IDEA-290620 JPA/hibernate Console: it doesn't work
Bug IDEA-185907 Add @Converter annotation to entry points of 'Unused Declaration' inspection
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-208486 Wrong error hint for JPA current_timestamp() function in Spring Data JPA repository
Bug IDEA-293026 Spring Data: expressions with YEAR(...), MONTH(...), DAY(...), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() are not parsed properly
Bug IDEA-135708 JPA inspection fails on CAST in select
Bug IDEA-285704 JPA QL Entity attributes in superclasses are not found by JPA QL code assistance
Feature IDEA-293198 [Persistence 3.1] Support JPA QL updates
JavaX. JavaEEBug IDEA-289548 Jakarta NoSQL: check correctness of repository method name (attribute names)
Bug IDEA-267989 Java EE: do not show Add JavaEE 6 JARS quick fix in Maven/Gradle modules
Task IDEA-291568 Hibernate 6 for new Jakarta EE projects
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-290247 Quarkus: false-positive unused @PathParam inspection with new RESTEasy
Usability IDEA-293502 Return JAX-WS actions to Tools menu
Bug IDEA-286855 @PathParam property - cannot resolve symbol in Jersey Project
Lang. CloudFormationBug IDEA-259836 Cloudfomation plugin does not recognize Domain key for AWS::Serverless::Api
Feature IDEA-292209 CloudFormation: show simple property types in completion
Bug IDEA-247734 CloudFormation: plugin doesn't support AWS::Serverless::StateMachine
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-293580 Make plain text URLs as clickable in JSON string value
Performance IDEA-291190 Memory leak while updating json files
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-290094 MVN command fails when clicked from readme
Bug IDEA-225754 Markdown plugin - "Hide errors in code fences" doesn't work
Feature IDEA-280840 Markdown Commands Run: run scripts with prompt '$' sign
Bug IDEA-290684 Pressing Enter in Markdown file inserts text "null" when multiple projects are open
Bug IDEA-282497 It is impossible to enter ordered list in a Markdown quote block
Bug IDEA-281577 Markdown Commands Run: ide inserts an extra line at the end when running a block in a preview mode
Performance IDEA-279391 When editing embeded code in markdown code fences, response is very slow
Bug IDEA-289197 Ctrl+B inside link URL inserts asterisks instead of going to the referenced file
Bug IDEA-281575 Markdown Commands Run: run block overlaps separate run in preview mode
Bug IDEA-278563 Markdown preview position is not saved across restarts
Bug IDEA-291426 Change prefix to https:// replaces the entire code block in Markdown
Bug IDEA-256708 Markdown auto-scroll preview not in sync
Lang. Shell ScriptUsability IDEA-264320 Do not use absolute Windows path for running scripts in WSL projects
Bug IDEA-290641 Windows: every invocation of a shell script creates a new terminal tab
Bug IDEA-288676 Run shell script from the gutter doesn't use the interpreter configured in the Shell Script run configuration
Bug IDEA-278953 Shell script syntax error when git for-each-ref is used in command substitution
Bug IDEA-280499 Bash syntax highlighting error
Lang. ThymeleafBug IDEA-286641 Thymeleaf: table elements are reported as not allowed inside th:block
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-286201 YAMLKeysSearchEverywhereContributor have a bug
Bug IDEA-283233 YAML file. By going to a new line in complex objects list: go to the same level instead of creating one more sub-list
Feature IDEA-293574 Make plain text URLs as clickable in YAML text value
LocalizationBug IDEA-277571 无法识别lombok写法 @__(@Autowired) Unrecognized lombok usage @__(@Autowired) when Chinese language plugin enabled
Usability IDEA-289449 search options not support when only input one char
Bug IDEA-293690 Local history dialog shows "s" for plural with localized string for "file"
Bug IDEA-289219 when lang pack is enable , Git(&G) menu rand switch
Feature IDEA-288100 Improve the Language Plugins Notifications
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-290236 Provide a way to mark class as allowed field type for LocalQuickFix
Bug IDEA-291201 Devkit: inspection description functionality must work for package-local class
Feature IDEA-288875 Devkit: treat EP with @Deprecated(forRemoval=true) same as ApiStatus.ScheduledForRemoval
Bug IDEA-289601 Installation of non-bundled plugins in IDE built from sources fail with "NotDirectoryException: __index__/lib"
Bug IDEA-293234 New Theme Plugin Wizard - Template issue
Bug IDEA-289424 "Update IDE from Sources" doesn't build non-bundled plugins
Feature IDEA-254656 Devkit: gutter icon for Listeners
Feature IDEA-274609 "Could not determine target platform version, please check project setup" for projectListeners part of plugin.xml when using localPath
SpaceBug IDEA-290309 Code Reviews tool window disappears after login to Space
Usability IDEA-286904 Log in to Space link in Auth failed notification shouldn't open settings dialog
Bug IDEA-290666 Resolve button is not shown for expanded field in diff
Usability IDEA-290667 Don't show cancel button for expanded field
Usability IDEA-290668 Allow closing comment fields by ESC
Exception IDEA-289527 Space plugin throws an exception when clone repository
Bug IDEA-293213 Connection to Space Dev Env using Open in IDE doesn't work: endless `Connecting...` to Server
Bug IDEA-289162 Space is not shown in Tools main menu
Usability IDEA-289232 Hide "Resolve" button for Draft comments
Exception IDEA-289231 Throwable: There is no ProgressIndicator or Job in this thread, the current job is not cancellable.
Bug IDEA-289160 Space actions menu are not available from Log
Bug IDEA-290512 Some review file's diffs are not loaded with endless loading
Bug IDEA-288550 Running JUnit tests stucks in a Maven Project when logged in to Space
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-292620 Docker. Change run-config when container recreated
Bug IDEA-289305 Docker. New UI. Image push: NPE by clicking on the push near the image tag
Feature IDEA-271117 Docker executable from WSL without Docker Desktop
Bug IDEA-290583 DockerCompose. Support depends_on condition: service_completed_successfully
Bug IDEA-290007 Docker. Impossible to add a volume for a container.
Bug IDEA-291614 Cannot resize container info tab in Services -> Docker
Bug IDEA-289913 Docker. Connection to the network is lost by adding port/env.variable/volume
Bug IDEA-280866 When deploying over ssh with a non-standard port, Docker Compose tries to connect to port 22 and stops with an error
Usability IDEA-290910 Docker. Networks. Volumes. Uniformity: labels are shown for networks, but for volumes they are hidden under the additional options
Bug IDEA-292693 Docker: locally built images are not shown in image completion
Bug IDEA-289036 Docker. Port/Volumes Bindings: recreating fails with the same ports/volumes data of ok running container
Feature IDEA-288461 Docker daemon connection option for Colima
Bug IDEA-288444 Docker Registry: possibility to add any registry in Settings as it was before (with available push into it)
Cosmetics IDEA-159304 Remove slash in the beginning of the container name
Bug IDEA-274577 Extension fields are marked as invalid in docker-compose files version 3.4+
Bug IDEA-289330 Docker. New UI. Image. "Add..." action near "Tags" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-285787 Docker over SSH: "Path mappings" are not saved
Bug IDEA-290905 Docker. Port/Volumes Bindings: impossible to edit a volume and add there HostPath/readOnly options
Usability IDEA-276616 Docker. IDEA Community. Create a docker-connection automatically and open Services view with it after the Docker plugin installation.
Bug IDEA-288123 Mixed stdout and stderr in case of running process using DockerAgentContainerImpl.exec (docker exec)
Bug IDEA-288168 Docker. Dockerfile run configuration: "Show command preview" option is not saved if "Run built image" is set to false
Feature IDEA-293257 docker add tag - prefill with existing tags
Feature IDEA-159767 Add options to load and save images locally
Usability IDEA-270010 Docker: locally built images are not shown in docker-compose image completion
Bug IDEA-226138 Incorrect Cyrillic UTF-8 locale characters handling in docker exec bash against capable containers
Bug IDEA-292493 Docker. New docker connection. Remove value from TCP field.
Bug IDEA-292166 Docker V2 Registry: IntelliJ will not show all entries, if registry is to big.
Usability IDEA-291476 Docker. Provide possibility to view log in a more easy way
Bug IDEA-293460 Idea freeze by completion values for network_mode
Task IDEA-281762 Docker: exception is thrown on delete of still used network
Bug IDEA-281398 Docker: hover state disappears on actions in Service view
Usability IDEA-289064 Docker. New UI. Dashboard. Copy volume/port/env.var values without spaces
Bug IDEA-267227 Docker Compose: provide auto completion for network_mode option
Feature IDEA-245778 Docker: provide completion and references to containers in TestContainers code
Bug IDEA-288476 DockerRegistry. It is possible to push with a namespace which contains only spaces
Bug IDEA-288477 Docker image push to private registry without namespace doesn't work
Bug IDEA-288390 Dockerfile: no line continuation inserted after split of some strings with "&&"
Usability IDEA-292898 Docker. Rename "Transfer Docker image" option
Cosmetics IDEA-291299 Docker: do not show run line markers in injected YAML fragments
Bug IDEA-288864 Docker, new UI: it is possible to close Dashboard for a container and not possible to open it again
Feature IDEA-274507 Docker: connect to docker automatically after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-280930 Docker. Provide completion from registered registries for compose file
Bug IDEA-293492 Docker on WSL: red-marked service as doesn't exist for a deployed docker-compose app
Usability IDEA-292523 Make container log tab selected the default by container selection
Bug IDEA-289345 Docker. New UI. Images node: make pull log in the same way as other logs
Bug IDEA-288174 Docker. Dockerfile run configuration: "Show command preview" still shows "&& docker run..." if we turn off "Run built image".
Bug IDEA-293360 Docker image, Dashboard: prefilled tag for adding should be actual tag instead of "latest" and for digests empty
Usability IDEA-292525 Provide possibility to see container Log tab by default instead of the Deploy log tab
Bug IDEA-290443 Docker. NewUI. Push from Dashboard doesn't work for images without pointed domain
Bug IDEA-288249 False positive "CIDR format expected" on strings with IP masks
Bug IDEA-290446 Docker Settings. Path mappings. Apply is always disabled after one applied change
Cosmetics IDEA-291260 Docker: add healthcheck to spelling dictionary
Bug IDEA-289304 Docker. New UI. Place buttons on the same order for Networks/Volumes
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-291848 "500 Unsupported response" when using the HTTP client to request APIs with the PNG response
Bug IDEA-285436 HTTP environment variables can't be used as a part of a URL query parameter
Bug IDEA-293454 HTTP request just hangs when a file referred in "< file.txt" is missing
Usability IDEA-290043 HttpClient: sort envs alphabetically in httpclient toolbar run with list
Bug IDEA-289819 Cannot set custom color for HTTP Request Name
Bug IDEA-289813 Copy URL context menu occasionally truncates the URL
Exception IDEA-289422 Unhandled exception in [com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ModalityStateElement by clicking on "Generate request" gutter from jax-rs resource
Bug IDEA-289393 Http Client doesn't close TCP stream correctly, causes TCP Connection reset
Bug IDEA-289031 HttpClient: inconsistent find usage for httpclient env variables
Feature IDEA-289053 Give deprecated headers lower priority in the completion suggestions list
Bug IDEA-291898 Run HTTP request with environment variables does not work properly from keyboard shortcut
Bug IDEA-289170 Http Client converts to curl without params URL encoding
Usability IDEA-291775 HTTP Client: Move "Switch environment" intention higher
Bug IDEA-290576 HTTP Client: Response encoding issue with content type 'application/'
Bug IDEA-292145 HTTPClient - GRPC: Test not instantiating.
Usability IDEA-280315 HTTP Client: client does not print headers until the entire request is finished
Bug IDEA-239146 setting cookie ago to 0 doesnt clear it in http client
Bug IDEA-289023 HttpClient: no tooltip for "Convert" button in httpclient toolbar
Usability IDEA-293092 HttpClient: When open http files from examples set environment to test
Bug IDEA-289762 Unable to run HTTP requests from context actions
Usability IDEA-291773 HTTP Client: make "unresolved variable" inspection message more clear
Feature IDEA-234663 Http Client: Highlight unsubstituted env variables and suggest creating a file for them
Bug IDEA-293089 HttpClient: on submit request from httpclient tab in endpoints view get java.lang.NullPointerException: Parameter specified as non-null is null: method com.intellij.httpClient.http.request.environment.HttpClientSelectedEnvironments.get
Feature IDEA-239335 Add inspection and quick-fix to add undefined variable to http-client.env file
Usability IDEA-292081 Major UX regression in http request environment switch
Bug IDEA-289788 Http client: 500 error code shown on request errors
Tools. KubernetesUsability IDEA-288908 Kubernetes: adjust paddings and borders in Log view
Usability IDEA-288844 Werf. Add link reference for navigation for links in quick help
Exception IDEA-290179 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant com.intellij.kubernetes.model.EmbeddedKustomizeVersion.V2 at opening k8s files
Cosmetics IDEA-287671 Kubernetes: include `liveness` to spelling dictionary provided by plugin
Bug IDEA-290720 Inconsistent validation of "newer" kustomize.yaml fields like 'replacements' and 'labels'
Bug IDEA-288851 Helm. Override gutters can lead to nothing in values.yaml files if keys used in import-values
Bug IDEA-288878 Live Templates for Kubernetes: Not working outside of top level declaration
Feature IDEA-284026 Kubernetes: add Kustomize replacements support
Bug IDEA-288263 Kubernetes. "Describe Resource" action in the Services view doesn't refresh the "describe" content in the Editor
Usability IDEA-288929 Kubernetes: please add descriptions local/pod ports in Forward Ports dialog
Bug IDEA-268686 Kubernetes Kustomize: support yaml files recognized for patches
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-231744 ENV variables from settings not applied into WSL Ubuntu
Bug IDEA-289478 Terminal tab name is hidden when tool window open for the first time
Feature IDEA-277846 Support changing terminal tab title by escape sequences
UI DSLBug IDEA-288117 SegmentedButton keys don't have presentation
Task IDEA-289021 Remove PropertyBinding from Kotlin UI DSL 2
Cosmetics IDEA-289069 SegmentedButton is not aligned properly with other fields in New dialogs
User InterfaceBug IDEA-291214 Wrong baseline for Inter font
Bug IDEA-290169 New file chooser: completion popup doesn't show file/directory icons
Task IDEA-292312 Add "is_cold_start" to popup.latency metric
Bug IDEA-289379 Windows title and Main Menu overlaps each other for 'Merge main menu with window title' is off
Feature IDEA-242088 Show Windows volume labels in file chooser
Task IDEA-292585 Windows main menu: incorrect icon used
Bug IDEA-290731 "Merge main menu with window title" option should not be visible on MacOS
Bug IDEA-290163 Path completion should work for WSL path prefixes
Usability IDEA-291254 File chooser starts from home dir after error
Bug IDEA-290167 New file chooser: showing jar contents doesn't work
Bug IDEA-261479 Big Sur: Projects in tabs do not persist across IDEA restarts
Bug IDEA-289853 Main menu bar customization is reset on each restart if there's at least one Macro created
Bug IDEA-288885 Menu item Tasks&Contexts wrongly displays underline symbol instead of mnemonic
Bug IDEA-252651 Full screen mode is not remembered by IDE after restart if several projects are opened
Bug IDEA-289770 Selection in popup is around group name sometimes
Bug IDEA-286861 Title bar stays with increased size after exitting presentation mode
Task IDEA-292557 Debugger: color key for grey text in Variables panel
Bug IDEA-183478 Escape shortcuts not working properly in Emacs mode
Usability IDEA-42931 File chooser: Ctrl+Space in empty path field does not show completion
Bug IDEA-290948 New file chooser: Removing the typed path should lead to the list of system drives
Bug IDEA-287735 New File Chooser: can't navigate to folder by drag'n'drop from Explorer
Bug IDEA-283934 Top panel (toolbar, Editor tabs) hides under the Mac menu in full-screen mode
Feature IDEA-276887 Windows 11 'Snap Layout' does not appear when hovering over maximize button.
Bug IDEA-292534 Unable to add Javadoc zip file to JDK's Documentation Path's tab on macOS
Exception IDEA-292456 NPE in `AlertMessagesManager` when an app is not loaded yet
Cosmetics IDEA-288106 Empty space at the to of separate-full-screen-window
Usability IDEA-289799 "confirm link opening" UI bloopers
Bug IDEA-288944 OK button displayed as OK(R) in EAP 221 nightly
Bug IDEA-290194 Scrolling when using PageUp / PageDown is no longer smooth
Cosmetics IDEA-292711 "Home Directory in WSL" icon looks alien in File Chooser
Cosmetics IDEA-287962 Quick doc for image data doesnt contain spaces in table of file data
Exception IDEA-292229 CCE: class com.intellij.ide.projectView.impl.nodes.ClassTreeNode cannot be cast to class com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.welcomeScreen.recentProjects.RecentProjectTreeItem
Bug IDEA-288966 File chooser dialog doesn't get path from file path field when OK is clicked
Cosmetics IDEA-290175 New file chooser: When no completion variants are available, the UI shows simply "No"
Feature IDEA-290165 Add toolbar button for accessing WSL installations on file chooser toolbar
Bug IDEA-292014 "What's new" tab is not opened automatically after update to 2022.1
Feature IDEA-263185 Allow turning the opened project window into a tab on Mac: "Merge all project windows" button and "view tab bar" button
Exception IDEA-291978 IDEA 2022.1 RC - Possible typo in "FileChooser.ShowHiddens" action.
Feature IDEA-222768 Double-quoted path support in the open file dialog
Bug IDEA-290070 Native dialogs are opened instead of custom ones
Usability IDEA-289801 Link open confirmation dialog
Usability IDEA-178168 Low disk space warning gives no details
Bug IDEA-276553 2021.2 Welcome Screen: New Project button not working
Bug IDEA-289286 Tool window won't open if "Enable mnemonics in controls" is unchecked and "Show tool window numbers" is on
Bug IDEA-291130 Double header in initial wizard
Feature IDEA-287276 New file chooser: typed path is not reflected in the directory tree
Usability IDEA-291397 New file chooser: Default directory, when I click 'File -> Open' is confusing
Bug IDEA-287728 File Save dialogs (Export project to zip, Save UML Diagram, etc) : Delete key pressing while the focus is in the path/file input field works for the selected tree node deleting
Usability IDEA-290954 New file chooser: Update file tree automatically after selecting a favorite path from the dropdown
Performance IDEA-288579 Idea become slow in responses and constantly use ~25% of CPU even when idle.
Cosmetics IDEA-292784 Memory indicator shows increased memory traffic when mouse is moved
Bug IDEA-261965 [Big Sur] Closing frame with multiple projects as tabs closes inactive project
Feature IDEA-258255 Warn users when they open a file that should be associated with a plugin but it's ignored or plain-text
Task IDEA-292504 Rename and\or split some messages in the
Feature IDEA-287747 New File Chooser: no ability to quickly navigate to the filesystem root directory
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-293505 Checkbox tree was wrapped to AccessibleContextDelegate
Bug IDEA-285382 ON MAcOS it is not possible to open the context menu using the standard VO method VO + shift + m
Bug IDEA-289582 [Accessibility] Role of “Help” control is defined as “Button” instead of defining it as “Link”.
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-292625 RunLineMarkerContributor action showing disabled in action group
Bug IDEA-291789 "java.lang.Throwable: Object of incorrect type provided by com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.PreCachedDataContext" exception on search attempt
Bug IDEA-292762 Dump screen configuration is missing in internal actions, the latter work unstably
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsCosmetics IDEA-286516 Suggestion banner text does not use whole spare space
Usability IDEA-288713 Replace 'Help' text with the 'question mark' icon in notification balloons
Cosmetics IDEA-288950 Balloon Link Font is different from notification link one
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-167098 Prompt ignores text between quotation marks
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksUsability IDEA-288541 No subfolders/subfiles for bookmarked folders that I dragged from outside the project
Bug IDEA-284399 Wrong color scheme in bookmarks window when Editor and UI themes are different
Bug IDEA-283151 Three identical "bookmarks" results in Search everywhere, the third one call action different from the others
Bug IDEA-285829 Next line bookmark has stopped cycling.
Feature IDEA-90269 Add a "Description" field to the "Bookmark Mnemonic" window
Bug IDEA-288531 No subfolders/subfiles after I bookmarked a folder under "Scratches and Consoles"
Bug IDEA-288530 Unable to bookmark the folders in "Scratches and Consoles"
User Interface. Find UsagesUsability IDEA-281756 Show Usages should search in project first
User Interface. Find, ReplaceBug IDEA-290520 The option to set line breakpoint in "Find in Files" preview is gone
Bug IDEA-290519 Find in Files float window can't be moved off screen
Usability IDEA-290134 Preserve textbox selection after toggling case
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-291682 Unexpected project switch on build error
Bug IDEA-266589 Open Project dialog is not in focus when invoked from Toolbox when there's another project in Full Screen mode
Bug IDEA-287785 MacOS Multi monitors with full screen - non-current screen switches desktop spaces if application full screen when completion reaches right side of screen
Bug IDEA-289316 Project window not focused when opened from Recent Projects in the right-click menu on the IDEA icon in the dock
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsBug IDEA-293155 Visual Studio Keymap Broken
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-290491 switching theme doesn't affect "Find" action text background
Bug IDEA-289179 Mnemonic is shown in parentheses
User Interface. NavbarException IDEA-287525 java.lang.NullPointerException when popup in floating navigation bar opens
User Interface. New Project WizardException IDEA-291369 "java.lang.Throwable: Repository not found for root" if opening a project is cancelled
Bug IDEA-291451 Removed root module is restored after restart
Bug IDEA-291117 Ungrammatical message in new project wizard
Usability IDEA-287496 "Add sample code" formatting improvements
Bug IDEA-290572 New Project: Java Enterprise, JavaFX: ignore .idea/workspace.xml, .idea/shelve, .idea/httpRequests, .idea/dataSources, .idea/dataSources.local.xml
Bug IDEA-291662 Change tag in search query for Language plugin
Bug IDEA-290580 New Project: with 'create Git repository' enabled some files are not added to Git on creating
Bug IDEA-289729 New project from sources: exception is thrown "Please don't register startup activities for the default project: they won't ever be run"
Bug IDEA-291701 NPW: Git4idea plugin can be disabled
Bug IDEA-290574 New Project: on Maven-based project creation with Git init enabled the prompting dialog to add pom.xml is shown though it is added anyway
User Interface. PluginsFeature IDEA-283537 Add a balloon with a notification of missing Resource Bundle Editor plugin
Cosmetics IDEA-290448 Kotlin plugin for AppCode is shown in marketplace with issues
Bug IDEA-290098 Cannot install plugin from zip-archive on disk
User Interface. Problems ViewBug IDEA-292298 Problems view does not have the correct syntax highlight
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-290044 The dropdown icon appears in incorrect place when Group tabs enabled
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-291606 Search Everywhere: WA in action update freezes IDE
Bug IDEA-286349 Exact match is somehow third in "Search Everywhere"
Bug IDEA-289487 Text search results are not properly sorted on the All tab of Search Everywhere
Cosmetics IDEA-289490 No tooltip with the shortcut for the text tab in Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-291452 Wrong name for the text search menu item
Task IDEA-290436 Search Everywhere: tabs customization API v2
Bug IDEA-291280 Regression: Navigate/File for Maven project name no longer navigates to the POM file for that maven project
User Interface. Search Everywhere. MLFeature IDEA-293461 Add language usage statistics
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-291474 Services view is absent by new project creation, run
User Interface. SettingsBug IDEA-290133 UI: Incorrect wording in shortcut replace dialog
User Interface. TabsCosmetics IDEA-291043 Artifacts appear when pinned tab hovers 'hidden tab list' icon
Bug IDEA-283610 Tab Sorting Turns OFF On Drag/Drop to Different Editor Window
Bug IDEA-288857 Dependency Analyzer: the logo for the new tab is blinking
Bug IDEA-290849 Editor tabs: keep 'pinned' state during D-n-D when advanced option 'Keep pinned tabs on the left' is OFF
Usability IDEA-290820 Pinned icon is not changed to 'Close' one after tab is unpinned in Hidden Tab list
Usability IDEA-258869 2020.3 pinned tabs behaviour change breaks my workflow
Bug IDEA-264132 Order of projects opened in tabs (not new windows) not preserved between IDE restarts
Bug IDEA-289026 Missing Icon "Show Tab Lables"
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-286629 Tool window border appears with some delay on IDE open
Bug IDEA-289917 Tool windows in 'float' mode not draggable
Bug IDEA-289836 Can't close a tab in tool window (Teminal/Git/Profiler)
Bug IDEA-289116 Close icon is not visible for Bookmarks tool window
Bug IDEA-288366 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.notifyByBalloon
Bug IDEA-288804 DataGrip: Services Tool Window sometimes stops appearing
Bug IDEA-290110 Tool window jumps up when resizing down
Bug IDEA-291235 Show Database View on the left and Files view on the right in DataGrip
User Interface. ToolbarBug IDEA-289404 Changed icon is not restored to a default one until IDE restart
Bug IDEA-288877 Icon change applied on 'Cancel' button click (until IDE restart)
Exception IDEA-288130 [Customize toolbar] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after clicking 'OK' on 'Choose Action icon'
Bug IDEA-288797 Restore actions are available in `Customize toolbar` after restoring default settings
Bug IDEA-288237 [Customize toolbar] 'Restore defaults' applies changes
Cosmetics IDEA-293512 MacOS custom toolbar: avoid jumping window buttons
User Interface. TouchbarBug IDEA-275609 Debug buttons are not visible in the touch bar when you debug from Services Tool Window
Version ControlCosmetics IDEA-289661 Commit tool window title shouldn't be displayed in the tabs area
Bug IDEA-289528 Commit dialog: "Group by" settings are not remembered
Bug IDEA-285691 Commit dialog reopens on clicking "Switch to tool window" advertising link
Bug IDEA-288772 vcs directory mappings changes do not persist restarts
Bug IDEA-288278 Version Control toolwindow is not available for projects without VCS mappings
Bug IDEA-277718 "Commit Anyway" is changed to "Commit" after some time
Bug IDEA-285588 Alt+0 opens Commit toolwindow when the modal commit interface is enabled
Usability IDEA-288246 Navigation to Log from Annotations: open an existing log tab when an annotation item is clicked if it contains the commit you are looking for
Bug IDEA-271068 Before Commit options are not synchronized between Show Commit Options and Settings
Version Control. GitTask IDEA-289926 Report stat about enabled custom fsmonitor
Feature IDEA-288153 Git branches tree popup quick navigation when searched
Usability IDEA-191216 Branch name is not pre filled when creating branch from local branch
Cosmetics IDEA-290701 "Squashed Commit Message" editor could use some padding
Performance IDEA-291484 Git Push dialog freeze on a commit with 100k changes
Performance IDEA-293409 Downloading Maven libraries for the project causes unnecessary 'git status' calls
Cosmetics IDEA-289787 VCS toolwindow tab title changes after switching tabs
Bug IDEA-264817 "Run Git hooks" checkbox becomes disabled after the first Commit action, no Git pre-commit hooks are executed
Usability IDEA-251915 'Patch Applying Partly Failed' dialog has no scrollbar
Usability IDEA-289420 Stash and Shelve: missing unshelve individual files action in changes browser
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-293120 "Share project on GitHub" dialog missing option to select github account
Cosmetics IDEA-293130 Share Project on GitHub: soft-wrap description
Bug IDEA-287498 PullRequests/CodeReviews toolwindows do not appear on startup and then disappear after turning on
Cosmetics IDEA-241306 GitHub Pull Requests: List of pull requests is not updated after Theme change
Bug IDEA-289047 GitHub Pull Requests: deadlock on attempt to edit empty PR description
Usability IDEA-289039 GitHub Pull Requests: Title edit button is too far from the title in the timeline
Usability IDEA-289347 Suggested Changes: can't perform Commit with keyboard
Usability IDEA-289344 Suggested Changes: commit message area is not focused on hitting Commit action in Apply Locally combo box
Cosmetics IDEA-250005 Share project on GitHub dialog is too small
Feature IDEA-286942 Apply suggested changes in Github
Cosmetics IDEA-258504 GitHub Pull Requests: Timeline background of opened PR doesn't update after Theme change
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-291830 VCS Log: links are unreadable for selected commit rows
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-195420 SVN - "Keep files locked" option on commit not working
No subsystemTask WEB-52629 Remove AngularJS template from project wizard
Bug WEB-54014 Yarn Berry js file cannot be selected as a package manager
Bug WEB-54914 Unspecified package warning when creating new project on Windows
Bug WEB-54615 Webpack path aliases cannot be resolved in Vue projects with npm/yarn workspaces
Bug WEB-54986 Can't create Node.js project
Feature WEB-31023 Webpack assistance doesn't work with ESM
Bug WEB-54948 Nuxt: Local History was empty usually
Build toolsFeature WEB-46507 Support for vite
CSSBug WEB-55604 CSS "transform-origin" incorrectly marked as invalid
Bug WEB-55326 Incorrect W3C CSS Validation for initial
Bug WEB-54415 Tailwind @media "screen()" function is marked as error
Feature WEB-54820 Tailwind CSS completion should work in FreeMarker templates
DartFeature WEB-35980 Editor can't collapse Dart expression body (arrow functions)
Task WEB-54727 Ensure nothing breaks on Dart VM message change: Observatory listening on -> The Dart VM service is listening on
Bug WEB-55630 Dart parser error {@Deprecated('foo') required int foo}
Bug WEB-55587 dart - language injections for `RegExp` strings
Feature WEB-55181 dart - syntax highlighting for `pubspec.lock`
Task WEB-54703 Dart plugin should use .dart_tool/package_spec.json file instead of .packages file
Bug WEB-55363 Dart: local packages disappeared from the External Libraries folder
DebuggerBug WEB-55457 Prompt to "Terminate Batch Job" when debugging NPM scripts if using NPM binary as a package manager
JSONBug WEB-55244 Can't open JSON widget on the second attempt
JavaScriptBug WEB-35087 JSDoc: correctly infer types when extending generics
Bug WEB-55627 Wrong highlighting range on hover and for occurrences in JSDoc comments
Bug WEB-54997 Flow enum isn't correctly recognized
Bug WEB-54498 Braces aren't inserted when calling a function to update state
Bug WEB-55038 Variable completion in template string interpolation removes closing bracket
Bug WEB-55656 Completion of jsSuggestImportedEntityName() in import live template works only for the first import
Usability WEB-54982 Complete parameter name with union type in callback function
Performance WEB-55617 Simple change in React component blocks interaction with text editor for extremely long time
Bug WEB-54153 Moving comment blocks with Ctrl+Shift+Arrow unite it with other comments along the way
Bug WEB-51591 Jsdoc cannot find declaration if same-named @typedef is defined in multiple files
Usability WEB-55670 Expand/collapse to level is considering function call parentheses
Bug WEB-55735 JSdoc: no props completion when passing types into generic type defined with @typedef
Bug WEB-55207 [Typescript] Code completion should show exact matches without having to press keyboard shortcut of "Basic Code Completion" (⌃ Space on MacOS)
Bug WEB-52898 "Instance member is not accessible" warning if class is imported in JSDoc
Feature WEB-29242 Code folding for arrow functions with expression body
Bug WEB-54653 java.lang.StackOverflowError on Git Commit
Bug WEB-54624 Wrong type mismatch warnings when using "fs.readFileSync()"
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-54546 Reformat code removes JSDoc comment with square bracket
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-54584 Vue 3 script setup: defineProps type declaration: optional props handled incorrectly
Performance WEB-55519 Angular 14: infinite code completion + high CPU usage
Bug WEB-55668 broken stub-AST equivalence of defineProps with lang="ts"
Bug WEB-55434 Vue Options API prop declaration is not stub-safe
Bug WEB-54815 Next.js: links in href attribute should be resolved w/o marking pages folder as resource root
Task WEB-55250 Disable inspections about id for Vue
Bug WEB-50101 Vue 3, Typescript: properties completion in template doesn't work for optional props
Feature WEB-52128 Vue 3 script setup: support withDefaults compiler macro
Feature WEB-54034 Vue 3 script setup: support defineProps with reference to interface or object literal type
Bug WEB-54865 Placeholder %PUBLIC_URL% from create-react-app isn't supported
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-55302 Allow unused variables starting with '_' in destructuring
Bug WEB-54521 redundant await false negative on top level
Bug WEB-55059 Don't report "Void function return value is used" when using void operator with arrow functions
Bug WEB-55746 Incorrectly reporting magic number in <script> blocks
LintersBug WEB-53256 ESlint: update the bundled `.eslintrc-schema.json`
Bug WEB-55280 TSLint doesn't work with Yarn PnP
Bug WEB-55281 Can't apply ESLint code style rules with Yarn PnP
Bug WEB-54388 "Extra eslint options" are not applied when using Eslint 8
Bug WEB-55159 StyleLint doesn't work with Yarn 3
Bug WEB-53066 Stylelint + wsl error "ENOENT: no such file or directory" shown for stylelint configuration file
Node.jsBug WEB-55230 'Missing argument for option: entrypoint' when debug via Node.js inrepreter from Docker
Bug WEB-55423 Processes are not killed and hang indefinitely when running NPM scripts if using NPM binary as a package manager
Bug WEB-54881 Yarn PnP not working when Yarn path is set to binary file
Bug WEB-54937 WSL: support package managers configured via corepack/Volta/asdf in WSL
Bug WEB-55401 For packages hoisted by yarn IDE shows 'Module is not installed'
Bug WEB-55158 Can't install dependencies via remote interpreter (Docker)
Bug WEB-54891 Show Node.js interpreter version configured within project when using Volta or asdf
Bug WEB-54878 NPM run configuration: "Node options" are passed to npm/yarn binary
Feature WEB-52982 Auto-suggest paths to package managers in 'Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | Node.js and NPM' if the remote interpreter is chosen
SASSBug WEB-38127 Tailwind directives (like @tailwind and @apply) are red in *.sass files
TypeScriptBug WEB-50190 Vue3: inferred prop type is wrong when prop has "required" attr
Bug WEB-55199 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.6
Bug WEB-54495 Usages of class members not found in methods annotated with `@method <name>` under --noImplicitThis
Task WEB-55516 TypeScript 4.7: extends Constraints on infer Type Variables
Bug WEB-55601 Auto downloaded typings ignore built-in package type definitions
Task WEB-54633 TypeScript 4.6: Allow code before super in "ECMAScript specification is not followed" inspection
Bug WEB-54099 Vue 3 Setup: False errors reported by TypeScript language service
Bug WEB-53352 TypeScript plugin finds too many unrelated usages
Bug WEB-51209 Angular KeyValue pipe wrong TS generic type evaluation
Unit TestsBug WEB-53505 Jest: nested objects are truncated when viewing diff
Bug WEB-55271 Can't run or debug (Mocha, Jest) tests: ##teamcity[testStarted ...
Bug WEB-54886 Mocha: use selected Node.js interpreter for sub-processes
No subsystemBug DBE-15163 Snowflake Stored Procedures: Datagrip doesn't support LANGUAGE SQL procedures
Code CompletionFeature DBE-15147 Join completion order for CTEs
Bug DBE-15181 SQL "Qualify object with" does not allow changing individual options
Bug DBE-12273 Errors in WHILE clause for MariaDB
Code GenerationBug DBE-15005 Support creating and dropping columns for BigQuery
Code HighlightingBug DBE-15257 LAST_DAY() BigQuery not recognized as valid function
Bug DBE-15078 Editor highlights errors for datatypes which are supported as aliases (MySQL)
Bug DBE-15233 BigQuery: Unknown database function 'contains_substr'
Bug DBE-14997 Multi-level CTE can have problems resolving columns when using RETURNING.
Bug DBE-12240 DataGrip - Bundled with Pycharm - Snowflake
Bug DBE-12106 UNIQUE not expected in CREATE TABLE index clause
Bug DBE-11437 RAISERROR with low severity
Bug DBE-15219 Support SQLite 3.38 syntax
Bug DBE-13233 Database tool parsing H2 MERGE incorrectly
Bug DBE-12206 Constraint on INSERT INTO table with alias is not recognized
Bug DBE-14888 DataGrip executes new PostgreSQL 14 "CREATE FUNCTION ... BEGIN ATOMIC" without body
Bug DBE-11616 Add support ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY ORDER BY ... for ClickHouse dialect
Feature DBE-14878 Geospatial functions in Exasol
Bug DBE-14790 Error when using the "DROP COLUMN" in the editor for SQLite db
Feature DBE-14793 Snowflake, Execute Task not recognized by DataGrip
Bug DBE-12037 IDE doesn't recognize INTO clause as a mistake
Bug DBE-15140 DatGrip's sqlite dialect does not recognize the `STRICT` keyword introducted in sqlite 3.37.0
Bug DBE-12771 Strange SQL validation error (ALTER TABLE)
Bug DBE-12254 Snowflake function - not recognized
Bug DBE-15340 CREATE_SEQUENCE ... KEEP option is not supported
Bug DBE-13676 Quote seems to be unsupported for redshift copy commands
Bug DBE-15244 Support ARRAY value constructor by query
Bug DBE-11683 Problems with `ROWS FROM` and `WITH ORDINALITY`
Feature DBE-15013 Add "Union distinct" support
Bug DBE-15322 Clickhouse datasource analyze never ends
Bug DBE-15183 Alter column ... encode az64 highlights as error
Bug DBE-10850 H2 dateadd() unquoted first argument incorrectly flagged as error
Bug DBE-13312 END CONVERSATION parsing error inside BEGIN / END block
Bug DBE-15040 DB2 Add support for "CREATE TRIGGER <triggername> BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE (...)" syntax
Bug DBE-12274 Errors in IF clause MariaDB
Bug DBE-15052 Redshift - ALTER VIEW highlight error
Bug DBE-11973 Casting in MySQL ORDER BY produces unexpected 'type element'
Bug DBE-12232 Change Tracking functions not recognized in SQL Server
Bug DBE-12234 MAX_GRANT_PERCENT and MIN_GRANT_PERCENT with fractional values treated as errors
Bug DBE-12236 DB2 "offset ... fetch" is flagged as a syntax error
Bug DBE-14843 bigquery qualify statement not recognised in pycharm datagrip extension
Bug DBE-15177 certain update syntax doesn't get recognized with AWS Redshift SQL dialect
Bug DBE-13784 Suppression for inspection "SQL | Delete or update statement without where clauses" does not work
Bug DBE-14643 Condition is always 'false' for variable assignment in SELECT queries
Bug DBE-15292 Code inspection PostgreSQL 14.2 drop cast ... cascade
Bug DBE-15291 Code inspection PostgreSQL 14.2 normalize function
Bug DBE-14372 DATE method not recognized
Feature DBE-15014 Support multirange types
Bug DBE-12188 DataGrip does not parse MariaDB MATCH-AGAINST correctly
Bug DBE-15271 EXPLAIN SUMMARY option is not recognized
Bug DBE-11868 Correct code is red
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-15136 Join Lines action does not handle whitespaces for SQL
Bug DBE-13704 Inappropriate "Introduce table alias" intention action for "CREATE TABLE"
Bug DBE-15223 Oracle Type XML / Unknown Database Functions
Bug DBE-15305 invalid (my)sql parsing (condition is always true on concat)
ConnectivityBug DBE-14971 Oracle Data Source: First TNS Name missing in suggestion dropdown if first line in tnsnames.ora does not start with any service name
Feature DBE-14305 Read JDBC drivers from zip archives
Usability DBE-10691 Making many data sources with very similar SSH settings became less handy
Bug DBE-15266 Hana Cloud DB Address Error
Data Editor/ViewerBug DBE-15166 Pervasive PSQL does not support ESCAPE #
Bug DBE-14670 Geoviewer does not update to clear no longer selected polygons
Feature DBE-15161 Copy all column names when several columns are selected
Bug DBE-15092 Cannot load large file to a cell (LOB) >2GB (length for setBinaryStream cannot be negative)
Bug DBE-15093 Cannot save large files (LOB)
Bug DBE-15238 Context-menu "filter by" adds incorrect quotes for UUIDs
Bug DBE-15031 Updating records doesn't omit column with default values in Snowflake
Bug DBE-9632 Trying to update the field with the keyboard leads to focus loose
Bug DBE-15009 Certain columns are not shown in data view
Usability DBE-11706 Tab doesn't work inside the date picker
Bug DBE-8561 Clicking outside the date picker looses the changes
Bug DBE-7888 March 1 date value date picker doesn't include February
Usability DBE-9974 Can not disassociate file with configured CSV format with the "Edit as Table" action
Data Import/ExportFeature DBE-15316 Extract JSON data within JSON document as actual JSON
Bug DBE-15335 invalid query generated. SQL-Insert-Multirow should quote 'NaN' value
Bug DBE-10656 Skip computed(generated) columns does not affect on direct copy to clipboard
Database ExplorerBug DBE-15179 Read-only database icon not showing
Bug DBE-15250 Refresh is disabled on very old data sources
Bug DBE-15237 DataGrip displays the Database tool window after the restart with tool windows closed
Database MigrationsBug DBE-15063 DDL Mapping / Apply to db (Migration) - case problem with DEFAULT TRUE/FALSE and WITH TIME ZONE
DiagramsBug DBE-15396 Inverted relationships in database diagrams
Explain PlanBug DBE-15198 Explain Analyze shows 'No data returned for plan query'
GeneralBug DBE-13562 Recent projects menu shows removed projects
Bug DBE-15115 Error in logger: java.lang.NullPointerException: msg must not be null
Feature DBE-13853 Hide actions for selection (e.g. Copy, Cut) in editor context menu that was invoked outside of selection
Usability DBE-15055 Enable custom project locatins in DataGrip
IntrospectionBug DBE-15094 Oracle Refresh can panic on two different sync requests at the same time
Bug DBE-12369 Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type bigint during introspection
Feature DBE-4145 Support Charset and collation for tables and columns
Bug DBE-15251 MySQL procedure definition error.
Bug DBE-15122 DDL Trigger with empty argument are broken
Bug DBE-15310 Procedure 'ASSOCIATE_SEMANTIC_CATEGORY_TAGS' does not exist or not authorized.
Feature DBE-6034 Oracle 11g virtual column: support in introspection and DDL script generation
Bug DBE-14810 Invalid keyspaces list for Vitess (one needs to enable JDBC metadata)
Bug DBE-15494 MySQL 5.6 introspection fails with Unknown column 'generation_expression' in 'field list'
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-15043 Allow bookmarks for quick table navigation
Bug DBE-15228 Virtual foreign keys Navigation
Query ConsoleBug DBE-15199 SingleStore driver does not understand Json query
Bug DBE-15080 Can't close the embedded red error message after DB query from inside the code editor
Bug DBE-14872 Can't select "Choose Schema" in inline SQL
Usability DBE-996 Find bar overlays database console toolbar
RefactoringBug DBE-15059 View rename: don't rename reference inside the source
Bug DBE-15284 "Modify Table ... (New UI)" does not show all columns
Bug DBE-6519 Incorrect flip intention
SQL Data SourceBug DBE-15413 Project getting lost if you update DDL data source from real one
Bug DBE-15277 Low introspection level for Dump pop up is shown after Data Source and Drivers window is closed by cancel button
SQL GeneralBug DBE-11865 support MySQL's ALTER USER IF EXISTS ... syntax
Bug DBE-15095 Query to create a stage in Snowflake along with a tag splits into two
Bug DBE-13693 Aliasing a column as 'WHEN' breaks UNION ALL
Bug DBE-15061 database console marks good query bad with JSON standard does not allow such tokens
Bug DBE-12335 SNOWFLAKE: CREATE PIPE does not work (EOF error)
SQL ResolveBug DBE-11830 Oracle statement ALTER TABLE *** ADD PRIMARY KEY (***) USING INDEX ENABLE is highlighted as an error
Bug DBE-6548 Unable to resolve columns in materialized view log
Bug DBE-13690 Wrong column-names for VALUES row constructor
Bug DBE-13578 Unable to resolve column aliases (BigQuery SQL)
Bug DBE-12200 SQL, Unable to resolve operator class 'gin_trgm_ops' error
Bug DBE-10902 pg_temp schema is not recognized
Bug DBE-12435 SQLite: The system table PRAGMA_TABLE_INFO and PRAGMA_TABLE_XINFO are not recognized as legal system tables
Schema DiffBug DBE-15330 No way to ignore auto_increment value
Bug DBE-14943 Migration script contains schema qualification for LANGUAGE and leads to invalid script
Exception DBE-15352 IAE after comparing three objects
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