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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3 EAP (213.3714.2 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-272125 macOS: SIGSEGV at [libnst64.dylib] setTouchBar / com.intellij.ui.mac.touchbar.NST.setTouchBar
Exception IDEA-272029 com.intellij.serviceContainer.AlreadyDisposedException: Cannot create com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.ExternalSystemModulePropertyManager because container is already disposed
Exception IDEA-276724 NPE at completion popup closing
Bug IDEA-273291 "ok/cancel" new dialog boxes under windows have default/selected buttons wrong
Usability IDEA-138429 Lost focus to File Menu when pressing F10 key during debugging
Bug IDEA-276421 Slow operations are prohibited in Resource Bundle
Bug IDEA-276464 Pre-processing and Post-processing tabs missing in the Project structure | Project settings | Artifacts
Bug IDEA-275411 Intellij freezes when importing a gradle project
Usability IDEA-272567 Switch alphabetical order off and show a notification when user reorders editor tabs with drag-n-drop
Bug IDEA-271853 Actions on save: Don't run dumb aware actions on save in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-274387 SIGILL at [libsystem_kernel] __kill NPE at com.intellij.openapi.options.SchemeImportUtil$1.isFileSelectable / -[CFileDialog askFilenameFilter:]
Bug IDEA-277101 Slow operations are prohibited when selecting a word in PSI Viewer
Exception IDEA-274385 Module unloading / reloading. => AlreadyDisposedException: Cannot create com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.ExternalSystemModulePropertyManager
Bug IDEA-272992 Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
Bug IDEA-272993 com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot] with 2.4.6 spring boot
Task IDEA-277840 Add "Github URL" onto "Copy path..." dialog
Bug IDEA-273985 GoLand cannot start from master branch
Bug IDEA-267148 Enable extended glyph cache & fractional metrics by default
Bug IDEA-276772 Cannot stop PTY process on Windows on first attempt
Bug IDEA-274142 Highlighting glitch: All members are unused sporadically
Exception IDEA-272959 "com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin"
Bug IDEA-272675 "Plugin updates available" icon doesn't disappear after I updated plugins manually
Performance IDEA-272977 ClassUsageGroup.getData
Bug IDEA-272131 macOS: SIGILL at [libsystem_kernel] __kill in Should translate autoresizing mask into constraints if _didChangeHostsAutolayoutEngineTo:YES.
Bug IDEA-272172 IdeaVim project is completely broken on 2021.1.2
Performance IDEA-272978 MethodUsageGroup.getData
Bug IDEA-277640 Disabled FontComboBox has incorrect foreground color
Usability IDEA-272388 Performance Testing plugin: open support request leads provides non-rider link
Bug IDEA-276575 Port UpdateSettingsConfigurable to new UI DSL framework
Bug IDEA-272894 SIGSEGV at [libobjc.A.dylib] objc_msgSend in -[NSTouchBarViewController _updateTree]
Bug IDEA-273032 Rename to
Task IDEA-274398 Search and visual issues in Advanced Search
Bug IDEA-73342 Make the font preview window editable
Bug IDEA-275634 Exception on getting root modifiable model from module
Bug IDEA-58199 Skip FIFO files when building VFS and indexing
Bug IDEA-277670 Authorization popup is shown but uncertain why it happens
Bug IDEA-275004 WSL2: Cannot stop any Java applications
AndroidBug IDEA-273016 Preferences/Settings: Editor: Inspections: Compose preview: titlesof inspection are displayed as keys
Bug IDEA-273440 Code With Me crash-lopping in IDEA 2021.2 Beta, without being used at all
Exception IDEA-270482 Could not load wear devices: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
Bug IDEA-258250 Android SDK Manager fails on apple slicon (archer 64)
Exception IDEA-273150 LinkageError at
BuildBug IDEA-273619 Go plugin sets auto-reload type on Any Changes
Build. AntBug IDEA-263157 Memory leak in AntBuildMessageView
Bug IDEA-275979 Ant for-loop with attribute parallel throws NullPointerException in IntelliJ 2021.2
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-254407 Recompile (only) Selected (resource) File(s)
Bug IDEA-272409 Skipping Scala files without a Scala SDK in module(s) untitled814 when added scala sdk
Bug IDEA-264930 Cannot use errorprone maven profile with JDK 16
Performance IDEA-275174 JPS task score computation takes several seconds if there are no changes.
Bug IDEA-275519 Dependencies for Error Prone plugin are out of data
Bug IDEA-273668 javac --patch-module compiler flag does not work
Bug IDEA-274284 The build process is broken in the new version of IDEA 2021.2
Build. GradleFeature IDEA-206650 Debug Gradle initialization scripts
Exception IDEA-271340 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader when running bootRun task
Bug IDEA-200371 IntelliJ Gradle integration selects wrong settings.gradle and build.gradle when having sub projects
Feature IDEA-266206 Add counters tracking into Idea-Gradle plugin
Bug IDEA-277262 Logging PCE while importing Gradle
Bug IDEA-270755 Gradle Task with 'Allow Parallel Run' option hangs when executed subsequently
Bug IDEA-273720 Gradle JVM downloading cannot be canceled from build tool window
Bug IDEA-267460 Gradle Script debug: breakpoint from the applied script plugin in a separate file does not hit
Bug IDEA-273852 Run configurations: "Stored as project file" Gradle configuration executes tasks for root module instead of specified module
Bug IDEA-275875 "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only" error when building Gradle-managed project in IDEA with custom executor/runner
Bug IDEA-261872 Cannot launch proper JPS JUnit Run Configuration after previously unsuccessful Run Configuration launch
Bug IDEA-274061 Adding Maven Central repository doesn't use mavenCentral() syntax
Performance IDEA-274022 Gradle import takes too long for the Java EE Web project
Feature IDEA-194493 Allow debugging of any Gradle build file
Bug IDEA-227167 Gradle composite build does invoke wrong target if includedBuild task is executed in gradle view and fails with exception
Bug IDEA-207003 Gradle Composite Build included build has the same root project name as the main build
Build. MavenBug IDEA-272663 Unnamed instead of project name in Maven run confiruration
Bug IDEA-273910 IDE wrongly imports default pom.xml file if trying to add pom file with not default name
Bug IDEA-257309 [Regression] Maven wrapper feature works no longer in IntelliJ Idea 2020.3
Feature IDEA-197658 .mvn/maven.config is ignored
Bug IDEA-274741 Intellij 2021.2: cannot read maven local repository setting from default settings.xml file
Bug IDEA-265900 InteliJ doesn't recognize maven multimodules on wsl2
Bug IDEA-253667 Running Maven goal with -q (quiet) option in Run Configuration fails with "Process terminated"
Usability IDEA-241722 Downloading sources is not forced
Cosmetics IDEA-273980 Unable to read tooltip under VM options field (in Darcula)
Usability IDEA-117762 Tree view for maven multi module projects
Bug IDEA-268157 Maven bundle dependency no longer resolved after upgrade to 2021.1
Bug IDEA-273811 2021.2 seems to ignore mirrors in settings.xml for Indexed Maven Repositories
Bug IDEA-267163 Maven importer does not find dependency version declared in parent and reports a validation error
Feature IDEA-255239 JDK for Maven Importer: take Project JDK by default
Bug IDEA-271349 Unconditional import of Maven causes troubles with huge Maven project
Bug IDEA-197553 Maven dependency override icon is missing for child POM if it declares the parent which does not declare the root project
Feature IDEA-270316 Provide quick fix when build fails due on "Error occurred during initialization of VM"
Bug IDEA-265161 Command-line UI for Maven run configuration
Bug IDEA-273648 Cannot import Maven project if .mvn/jvm.config uses relative paths (Maven importer process does not set current working directory to the project directory)
Exception IDEA-275464 ExternalAnnotationsRepositoryResolver. "Container is already disposed" exception after project closing.
Bug IDEA-271495 Suddenly Java version is no longer recognized by the build
Bug IDEA-221833 Maven: don't consider any file with name 'pom' as maven project despite the file contents
Usability IDEA-200751 During importing of Maven projects "*.lastUpdated" files might be created in the local repository and need to be manually deleted.
Build. Package SearchBug IDEA-274155 PKGS doesn't always pick up the correct module information for Gradle modules
Bug IDEA-276411 Package Search: the Dependencies view is not updated on the Maven project re-import
Bug IDEA-271229 PackagesTable can create invalid NavigatableArray in getData()
Exception IDEA-276364 ProcessCanceledException at com.intellij.openapi.progress.util.AbstractProgressIndicatorBase.throwIfCanceled
Bug IDEA-272032 [EA-296951] Rerunning code highlight may cause exceptions
Bug IDEA-274152 `Package Search | Check for new dependency versions (Gradle)` is triggered in comment in Scala code
Bug IDEA-274200 Selection in packages list may jump around in some cases
Bug IDEA-277420 Super lag when typing in the Dependencies tool window
Exception IDEA-271528 Exception on inspections pass
Bug IDEA-274739 Selecting a version/scope may not be applied in some cases
Code Analysis. DependenciesBug IDEA-268865 PWA collects problems when syntax highlighting is disabled
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-255753 Descriptions are missed for tools warning on attempt to run inspections build in TeamCity
Cosmetics IDEA-272119 Cropped UI in inspection results
Cosmetics IDEA-188782 Strange layout in inspection results toolwindow
Feature IDEA-273072 Line Numbers not shown in code inspection code view
Bug IDEA-212026 General | Problematic whitespace: Two "uses tabs for indentation" bars
Bug IDEA-248889 Problematic whitespace inspection quick-fix does nothing
Bug IDEA-266776 Java | Code style issues | Unnecessary parentheses inconsistent with Java | Code style issues | Unclear expression
Bug IDEA-271661 Hardcoded strings inspection "annotate with" fix doesn't work for Kotlin
Bug IDEA-272214 IDEA should not try to analyze IntelliJ API Decompiler stub sources
Bug IDEA-272286 org.eclipse.jdt.annotation.NonNullByDefault should not add @NonNull to Local variables
Usability IDEA-234506 Inspection results preview is read-only
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-264710 Completion doesn't work for template language fragment(1) inside an injected language fragment (2) within a data language element (3)
Bug IDEA-276146 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT when injecting JAVA Language
Exception IDEA-272957 Injecting YAML into YAML causes exceptions
Bug IDEA-275412 YAML: editing the injected XML fragment from the main editor breaks the injection
Bug IDEA-275416 Language Injection: YAML: on some indentation/formatting changing via the fragment editor the injected fragment is removed/corrupted
Bug IDEA-272707 Language Injection: can't add new line in the injected YAML fragment editor
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-273654 Match JS nested inside HTML attribute tags
Bug IDEA-273812 Slow commit due to structural search analysis
Bug IDEA-276042 StructuralSearchUtil leaks plugin FileTypes, prevents plugin from unloading
Bug IDEA-276277 NullPointerException when importing SSR template
Bug IDEA-273006 Structural Search is unable to match JSP tags nested inside HTML?
CoreBug IDEA-276334 PSI Viewer: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT
Feature IDEA-273444 Log info when running under Rosetta2 on apple M1 processors
Bug IDEA-277310 Since 2021.2 plugin can't register extensions for existing file types via FileTypeFactory
Bug IDEA-269675 Run configuration JDK setting up: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
Bug IDEA-277209 does not support downloads greater than 2GB
Bug IDEA-271664 Intellij Idea fails to start with VPN enabled
Exception IDEA-276369 Cannot find entity for library with ID LibraryId
Bug IDEA-274358 'button.install' is not found in IdeBundle
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-272734 History navigation is broken in evaluate window
Bug IDEA-269295 Inline evaluation does not increase size when expanding an array
Usability IDEA-185136 Evaluate expression: history list is limited to 10 items
Bug IDEA-271771 Inline debugger hints are not updated when switching between debug sessions
Bug IDEA-273902 Navigation from Frame view to Variable view with shortcut is broken
Bug IDEA-271921 Short-cut doesn't work in debugger evaluator window
Bug IDEA-277598 'Evaluation history' drop-down isn't closed after pressing Enter
Bug IDEA-274095 New debug UI: cannot set log level
Bug IDEA-274540 Update Running Application button/menu item is gone
Bug IDEA-274642 New Debugger UI: Sorting button doesn't have acessibleName
Bug IDEA-276911 Focus isn't moved to the 'Evaluate' filed after choosing one of the previous search
Bug IDEA-277177 Inline watches: Keymap hint stays visible when button is hidden in popup
Bug IDEA-277779 ToolWindowImpl instances memleak because of debugger inlays
Core. DiagramsException IDEA-271806 AE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.GraphBase.wrap
Bug IDEA-271586 Diagrams: selected node (or no-bends edge) doesn't look selected
Core. File SystemPerformance IDEA-273398 Freeze on opening project from WSL2
Core. File/Code TemplatesUsability IDEA-276581 Selection by pressing Enter is not working in 'Edit Template Variables'
Feature IDEA-274256 New Item Popup: default text for text filed
Core. IDE SettingsCosmetics IDEA-271786 Settings | Tools | Actions On Save | Rearrange Code: duplicated 'XML' entry in the 'configure arrangement rules' drop-down
Bug IDEA-274889 Re-assigned file type wildcard is lost on IDE restart
Bug IDEA-272996 typo in Advanced settings > Use Windows certificate store option description
Cosmetics IDEA-271651 Actions on Save: Show warning under `Upload to default server` when Deployment sever is not configured
Bug IDEA-269681 UI font changed after update to 2021.2 on Linux
Usability IDEA-277380 Collecting Error logs fails
Bug IDEA-274134 Settings for PER-OS components are not migrated manually from 2021.1 to 2021.2 via Import Settings
Task IDEA-216133 Migrate macOS environment reader from Python
Bug IDEA-118248 Console background colour is not reflected in preview window
Feature IDEA-274230 'Use words instead of symbols in shortcuts for OSX' setting in Advanced Settings
Usability IDEA-274419 "IntelliJ IDEA has failed to load the environment" doesn't actually appear in logs
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-272508 Got all my toolchains removed
Core. IndexingPerformance IDEA-277062 Freezes on typing that don't generate freeze reports
Task IDEA-276266 Shared index: allow to disable jdk, maven & etc indexes from intellij.yaml
Task IDEA-269170 Indexing: add navigation link to project indexing diagnostics from Menu/Tools
Feature IDEA-270854 Add warm-up command to prepare indexes and download shared indexes for a project
Task IDEA-268796 Cleanup indexing diagnostics on cache invalidation
Bug IDEA-267654 shared-Indexes: download timeout is not logged properly
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-275667 Don't suggest I delete all my PhpStorm Projects
Usability IDEA-271458 IDE should display notification when there are no leftover directories to cleanup
Exception IDEA-272114 Unhandled AccessDeniedException if try to clean-up the directory without required permissions
Bug IDEA-277636 Fonts are blurry when moving a window from 4k display to lo-dpi
Bug IDEA-272075 Last Used date shows "51 years" on mac for empty directories
Bug IDEA-263358 Rider randomly fails to open
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-272971 Login Dialog: try to open browser in fallback scenario
Bug IDEA-272359 Login Dialog: support fallback scenario
Bug IDEA-273061 Login dialog: Fallback mechanism: an attempt to validate wrong token does not show error messages
Bug IDEA-273442 No way to get authorization token in EAP
Feature IDEA-270216 Support new Login API for License Dialog
Bug IDEA-273965 The "null" is copied when user click the "copy link" in login dialog
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-263089 Shortcut for navigation to NEXT method disappeared.
Bug IDEA-265812 "Go to test" jumps to wrong class, unable to create test class using shortcut
Bug IDEA-275145 result of call hierarchy is not correct
Core. Platform APITask IDEA-272780 Test fixtures don't play well with editor inspection customizations
Bug IDEA-275197 Have to join intellij.platform.util.(strings, collections, diagnostic) into intellij.platform.util.base
Bug IDEA-270799 AboutPopupDescriptionProvider information no longer displayed on About screen
Feature IDEA-145990 Plugin advertiser improvements for multiple plugins supporting a single feature
Usability IDEA-276530 CompositePsiElement does not implement NavigatablePsiElement
Bug IDEA-264792 Broken ToolWindowManagerImpl#unregisterToolWindow(String id)
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-271502 PluginClassloader logs errors which would be ignored otherwise
Bug IDEA-275516 plugin manager does not display a plugin icon and org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException is thrown
Bug IDEA-272022 2021.2 EAP doesn't offer a restart after installing language pack plugin
Bug IDEA-272739 Exception in IDEA core at startup
Bug IDEA-272165 `Restart` action in "Plugin list has changed" balloon requires smart mode
Bug IDEA-271835 Class com.intellij.spring.persistence.integration.hibernate.SpringXmlHibernateSessionFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
Bug IDEA-273752 Spring: AOP gutter navigation results in NCDFE: com/intellij/aop/psi/AopPointcutExpressionFile
Bug IDEA-270342 Updating a dynamic plugin to a version explicitly marked as non-dynamic leads to the plugin being deleted
Exception IDEA-257441 ClassNotFoundException: on Spring IntegrationPatterns plugin enabling
Bug IDEA-271398 MissingResourceException after dynamic plugin installation
Bug IDEA-273254 Freeze after invoking "Update 3 plugins"
Exception IDEA-273256 PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.integration.injection.el.SpringIntegrationELImplicitVariableFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.integration plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
Bug IDEA-271488 PluginException: Cyclic service initialization: interface='com.intellij.openapi.keymap.KeymapManager'
Usability IDEA-275703 Plugins are suggested with the confusing message
Exception IDEA-275074 ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.ejb.facet.EjbFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Exception IDEA-275646 Attempt to crete new Spring Initializr project fails
Bug IDEA-253978 "File type conflict found" on every IDEA start - 3rd party plugins
Exception IDEA-271785 Throwable: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringELLanguage must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
Bug IDEA-272831 On plugins unloading some dependent plugins fail to load without any user-visible hints
Exception IDEA-273001 PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringBeansAsElVariableUtil must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring]
Bug IDEA-270430 Not Possible to enable bundled plugin: the required implementation-details plugin is disabled
Bug IDEA-274759 .ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.web.facet.WebFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Exception IDEA-272436 PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
Bug IDEA-277873 'Features covered be IntelliJ IDEA' notification lacks plugin name
Bug IDEA-272801 Plugin recommendations by Maven dependencies are not shown on project opening
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-277833 Live graphs not in sync
Feature IDEA-261466 Live-updating view for the caching subsystem profiler
Feature IDEA-231588 Allow to open hprof in IDEA after diagnostic "capture memory snapshot"
Bug IDEA-273482 Empty expander on the line with selection
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-271843 Artifacts aren't serialized into cache after importing Maven project from scratch
Performance IDEA-277398 First saving of a project with many iml files located in different directories under .idea may cause freezes
Bug IDEA-272863 If a module is removed from list of unloaded modules, it may become unloaded again after external changes in project configuration
Bug IDEA-276068 Kotlin not configured issue on restart
Bug IDEA-272025 IDEA fails to open project if it has incorrect value of 'type' attribute in 'orderEntry' tag in one of its iml files
Bug IDEA-272966 Python and Ruby SDK can't be set when project resides on ``\\wsl$\`` filesystem
Bug IDEA-273184 Freshly Created Project in the Drive Root Throws NPEs on Creation and Opening
Usability IDEA-138196 On new project creating suggest the DefaultProject SDK instead of last-used one by default
Bug IDEA-274947 Run from idea don't works with modules / sun.misc.Unsafe / graal
Bug IDEA-276112 Exception during accessing children of the invalid artifact
Bug IDEA-275043 Unable to create groovy script
Performance IDEA-265490 Initial project opening is slow, spend 30 seconds to load workspace model cache if antivirus checks access to JAR files
Exception IDEA-272606 Throwable at com.intellij.packaging.impl.artifacts.workspacemodel.ArtifactManagerBridge.initBridges
Bug IDEA-271172 The Maven-based project is not built when it has the local iml file and the ExternalStorageConfigurationManager enabled
Bug IDEA-274162 Repository libraries: excluded transitive dependencies may be still included into the library
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-277579 Documentation: no module icon
Performance IDEA-272548 Heavy UI freezes with quick doc panel and font ligatures enabled
Bug IDEA-274447 Annotation must be a part of description of class/method in quickview pop-up
Bug IDEA-264415 Wrong padding in quick documentation for sections with <pre><code> styling only
Cosmetics IDEA-277411 Documentation popup: scroll bar problems
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-274923 Rename refactoring does not work when triggered from shortcut
Bug IDEA-276322 Possible deadlock in ActionUpdater
Core. Run. ConfigurationsUsability IDEA-271737 Selecting a directory or package and pressing ⌃⇧R runs all the unit tests instead of the tests in the directory/package
Cosmetics IDEA-235579 Before launch shows incorrect count of tasks in run configuration
Task IDEA-271630 Rename classpath dependencies option in Edit Run Config dialog
Bug IDEA-272610 Apply is enabled on open Run/Debug dialog with Application run configuration
Bug IDEA-274245 Plugin.xml detected as "run configuration" file
Bug IDEA-266683 Environment variables in Java Run dialog behavior doesn't conform to the hint provided in configuration window.
Bug IDEA-277740 Spring Boot Run Configuration: fragmented UI: some controls don't remain shown after the RC dialog reopening
Exception IDEA-275294 java.lang.ClassCastException at going by options in the Fragmented UI of the docker-compose run configuration
Bug IDEA-275117 In Edit run config dialog checkboxes in coverage tables are broken
Feature IDEA-274063 Add the dropdowns option to the tags component in the Edit RC dialog
Usability IDEA-274334 Can't revert back "Do not show this dialog in the future" for process run in parallel
Bug IDEA-277722 Run Configurations: fragmented UI: the ModifyOptions menu popup height gets decreased unexpectedly while moving between its items
Bug IDEA-273002 Run configurations: run target changing for the existing configuration doesn't make Apply button enabled
Bug IDEA-277736 Spring Boot Run configuration: Fragmented UI: incorrect focus for options that have submenus (actions on Update/FrameDeactivation)
Exception IDEA-277726 IOE at com.intellij.execution.ui.RunConfigurationFragmentedEditor.checkGotIt
Bug IDEA-277727 Spring Boot Run Configuration: fragmented UI: the additional parameters table should get keyboard focus after showing
Core. Run. TargetsCosmetics IDEA-260898 Run Targets. SSH wizard small fix
Exception IDEA-268565 Run target: The exception is raised when user users wrong IP in SSH target
Bug IDEA-275499 Window `New target: Docker` freezes
Feature IDEA-264278 Project wide default run target
Bug IDEA-270793 Settings page for rsync (ex. Remote run target connection fails when using rsync+cygwin on Windows)
Core. SSHBug IDEA-274720 SSH: Seconds from "server alive interval" are multiplied by 1000, making the keep alive setting futile
Bug IDEA-277065 %-tokens substitution in HostName is broken
Bug IDEA-272423 Broken ProxyJump emulation through ProxyCommand
Bug IDEA-276651 SSH config Ciphers parsing is broken
Core. StatisticsTask IDEA-270682 Add run icon gutter click to group
Bug IDEA-272380 Event watcher is broken
EditorBug IDEA-274000 "Reader Mode" widget is shown for all files
Cosmetics IDEA-244880 Quick documentation display option: "On hover" vs "on mouse move"
Bug IDEA-271823 NullPointerException occurs when trying to open markdown file again
Bug IDEA-273087 Gutter part of rendered doc is highlighted with yellow
Bug IDEA-274924 Some actions assigned to double keystroke shortcuts stopped working properly
Bug IDEA-275842 File containing a lot of spaces is not removed when closing
Performance IDEA-270985 Compare with clipboard freeze
Bug IDEA-271820 Light Edit: unable to open recent file
Bug IDEA-272376 Unable to open file in Light Edit mode when Scala plugin is installed
Usability IDEA-273110 Rendered doc can be deleted using backspace by placing caret at the doc comment
Usability IDEA-276588 InlayModel interface doesn't expose hasAfterLineEndElements
Bug IDEA-272390 VCS name in annotations is longer than the highlighting with JB Mono 14
Bug IDEA-277716 EditorMouseListener has unstable behaviour on right click
Bug IDEA-273340 Cursor disappears when modal window is shown
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-276284 Avoid 2021-2021 date ranges by default
Feature IDEA-265711 Copyright should auto-update if I edit it in a new year
Editor. Diff and MergeUsability IDEA-273704 Unable to open multiple diff windows
Bug IDEA-273361 Diff stops working after back action
Bug IDEA-269958 Diff tab title doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action when diff was opened without file selection
Usability IDEA-271200 Rider uses internal diff tool when an external is configured
Usability IDEA-274070 Finish "Support keyboard actions in merge tool". Shortcut for changing focus in merge tool.
Usability IDEA-271662 Too long tab title for compare actions
Cosmetics IDEA-273580 Show Diff in a New Window: space review diff tab title displays absolute path instead of filename
Bug IDEA-273869 Compare with Local opens diff window instead of Changes between revision and local changes dialog
Bug IDEA-272366 Title of diff in a separate window doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action on Windows
Usability IDEA-268591 Add an option to switch Diff into a frame to the Editor settigns
Bug IDEA-275502 Can't compare selected with clipboard. Wrong line separators.
Cosmetics IDEA-273578 Show diff in a New Window: tab name of shelved file diff shows absolute path instead of filename
Bug IDEA-269981 Shortcuts for Compare Previous/Next File don't work after first invocation
Usability IDEA-271914 Diff in editor overlaps by dialog
Task IDEA-273117 Go to Changed File popup should show the entire tree of all modified files
Bug IDEA-273714 Diff in a separate window doesn't get focus on show diff invocation when diff has been already opened
Feature IDEA-182364 Add action "Compare something"
Usability IDEA-104298 When 'Use soft wraps' option is enabled in 'Diff' dialog the right side panel isn't scrolled to first change on opening
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-271601 Suppress scratch file intention in VCS dialogs
Feature IDEA-276047 Soft wrap: Use the original line's indent: enable by default
Bug IDEA-274381 Creating scratch files from selection does not work in Terminal views
Bug IDEA-270970 Text caret positioning not working as expected with block caret
Bug IDEA-273729 "New Scratch File" invoked from Find Results creates empty file in some cases
Usability IDEA-229623 Parameters info popup does not recognize current method
Bug IDEA-273145 "Export to Scratch File" creates files with wrong text
Bug IDEA-273740 Custom file type is ignored when creating scratch
Usability IDEA-277802 The last character is not selected during block-caret selection
Feature IDEA-273126 Remove opened empty scratch files on closing project
Bug IDEA-273127 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException occurs when trying to create scratch file
Bug IDEA-273731 Strange sorting order in Scratch Files popups
Usability IDEA-158642 Add resize font by scroll for all tabs.
Bug IDEA-261036 ZWNJ not displayed when ZWS is appended when encoded as utf-8
Feature IDEA-149044 Actions to show popup scratch list and particular scratch
Bug IDEA-271315 Editor is scrolled unexpectedly while typing words
Bug IDEA-273143 No selection-related item in "New Scratch File" in Run console
Usability IDEA-273139 Smart enter should work for host language in single-line injections
Feature IDEA-136148 Copy from Run Log into Scratch Window
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-273179 Editor does not highlight errors if the same file is opened in splitted tabs
Bug IDEA-272748 Incorrect displaying settings in Color Scheme → Language defaults
Editor. FormatterUsability IDEA-157808 'only VCS changed files' option in optimize imports is disabled when acting on the entire project
Editor. Intention ActionsTask IDEA-277091 Introduce platform API for split / join simple comma-separated lists (parameter list, argument list, etc)
Editor. SpellcheckBug IDEA-272375 False-positive spell correction "Wrong article": "a" vs. "an" in front of "hours"
FrameworksBug IDEA-265915 Merge URL Inlays with parameters
Usability IDEA-268091 Microservices: /url search doesn't match URLs with substituted variables
Cosmetics IDEA-272171 gRPC endpoints provider produces ugly endpoints in compact mode
Feature IDEA-276630 Provide smarter SQL injection in Liquibase XML files
Feature IDEA-277125 Liquibase: provide SQL injection for <createView> / <createProcedure>
Feature IDEA-277122 Liquibase: provide SQL injection for <sqlCheck>
Frameworks. HelidonFeature IDEA-274434 Helidon: provide dedicated new project wizard
Frameworks. HibernateUsability IDEA-195540 Generate Persistence Mapping workflow is hard to discover
Feature IDEA-247370 SQL is not injected automatically for some Hibernate annotations like @Subselect
Feature IDEA-275768 Hibernate: support @SQLInsert, @SQLUpdate, @SQLDelete and @SQLDeleteAll
Bug IDEA-276788 Generate persistence mapping by Database schema: red code generated because GenerationType is absent in the import list
Feature IDEA-276612 Hibernate: consider the access type specified in orm.xml if any on new Entity generating
Feature IDEA-276611 JPA: Generate Persistence Mappings By Hibernate Mapping: provide possibility to choose between the Field and Property access type
Frameworks. LombokCosmetics IDEA-269179 Lombok inspections should be nested under the Java branch
Frameworks. MicronautFeature IDEA-273884 Micronaut: Value is never used as Publisher inspection should support Micronaut Data repositories
Bug IDEA-272249 Micronaut: dashes in the groupId of a new project cause errors on attempt to create packages structure
Feature IDEA-276510 Reactive Streams: Support @Blocking and @NonBlocking of Micronaut
Bug IDEA-272608 Run Targets: the remote java is shown in the Application Run Configuration when the remote target is selected, but not in the Micronaut
Bug IDEA-272609 Could not apply run target change for Micronaut run configuration
Task IDEA-273289 Micronaut: improve unused class check
Bug IDEA-276824 Micronaut: New Project wizard: the user-defined artifactId value should be preserved
Bug IDEA-276509 Micronaut: new project is not imported on creation from wizard
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-267573 OpenAPI Plugin cannot download specification from running app Swagger endpoint
Bug IDEA-273216 i18n:Preference/Settings: Editor: Live Template: hardcode description of OpenAPI
Exception IDEA-272193 Microservices: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT from Endpoints actions update
Frameworks. ProtoeditorFeature IDEA-273038 Implement stub index for method definitions
Bug IDEA-274732 Protocol Buffers plugin is not working
Frameworks. QuarkusBug IDEA-272558 Quarkus: On run newly created quarkus project get No goals have been specified for this build
Bug IDEA-273452 ConfigYamlAccessor must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.microservices.config plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.quarkus]
Bug IDEA-272867 Quarkus: false-positive CDI injection inspection warning for config properties injected into interface
Bug IDEA-267416 Quarkus: unsatisfied dependency warning is shown when a config class annotated with @ConfigProperties is injected
Bug IDEA-273997 Quarkus: config properties method is marked as unused with non-default naming strategy
Feature IDEA-273569 Quarkus: highlight ConfigMapping without prefix
Bug IDEA-274211 Quarkus: Can't create new quarkus project (can't obtain quarkus version)
Feature IDEA-274225 Quarkus: support SQL language injections for reactive MS SQL bindings
Feature IDEA-273270 Quarkus: support SmallRye config mapping
Bug IDEA-273547 Quarkus: false-positive "Unsatisfied dependency" for injected config mapping
Frameworks. ReactorFeature IDEA-273878 Reactive Streams: support SmallRye @Blocking and @NonBlocking
Bug IDEA-278049 False positive "Inappropriate blocking method call" for MalformedURLException
Usability IDEA-277288 Provide better explanation for 'inappropriate method call' and make sure it doesn't sound aggressive
Feature IDEA-273877 Reactive Streams: Treat @Transactional like @Blocking if return type is not reactive streams Publisher
Frameworks. SeleniumFeature IDEA-245287 Selenoid: fetch video recorder image automatically
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-267075 Spring: add shared indexes consent option to Spring Initializr wizard
Bug IDEA-272195 Spring boot annotation processor documentation link returns 404 error
Feature IDEA-273037 Spring: Fold reactor.core.publisher. stack frames by default in Console output
Bug IDEA-276312 Spring: @JsonComponent-annotated classes are shown as unused
Bug IDEA-269890 Group name in Spring Initializr project wizard incorrectly forbids entering dashes
Bug IDEA-254671 Spring MVC Testing: MockMVC urls are not shown in the Endpoints view
Performance IDEA-272431 High CPU On Spring AOP project when IDE is Idle
Feature IDEA-273892 Reactor: Value is never used as Publisher inspection should support Spring WebClient
Bug IDEA-264916 Spring Integration: false autowiring error report for the @ServiceActivator-annotated method parameter
Feature IDEA-235953 Support @DynamicPropertySource methods in Spring 5.2.5
Feature IDEA-273886 Spring: Report blocking method usages in non-blocking context for @FeignClient and RestTemplate
Bug IDEA-269569 Spring Testing: autowiring error is shown for TestRestTemplate bean in Kotlin
Exception IDEA-271255 Exception "Cannot create class com.intellij.spring.el.parser.SpringELParserDefinition" which prevents proper indexing and analysis of classes
Bug IDEA-269955 Spring Security: role references are not inserted when mvcMatchers() method is used
Bug IDEA-275929 Spring: @JsonComponent inner classes components are shown as unused
Bug IDEA-255854 Spring MVC: functional route shown incorrectly in case of .path nesting
Feature IDEA-271668 SQL query not highlighted with new spring-jdbc "queryForStream()"
Bug IDEA-277966 Spring Data: PersistenceConstructor shown as unused
GraziePerformance IDEA-274472 UI freezes in lazy LangDetector/LangTool initialization
Bug IDEA-275139 Work around "this reverts" false positive
Cosmetics IDEA-277772 Display grammar rule examples only in inspection tooltips
Bug IDEA-275728 Natural Languages/Grammar only shows Dutch grammar rules rather than both British and Dutch grammar rules: Cannot access English Grammar rules with English (Great Britain) language set
Performance IDEA-277205 IntelliJ IDEA uses a lot of CPU (200% to 1000%) and is slow to update highlighting
Bug IDEA-274432 Adding varieties of English and other languages
Exception IDEA-275168 NPE:
Performance IDEA-275110 Grazie freezes UI: org.languagetool.tagging.disambiguation.MultiWordChunker.disambiguate
GroovyBug IDEA-274598 Fail to move Groovy inner static class to package...
Bug IDEA-272024 Groovy syntax highlighting breaks after restarting IntelliJ
Bug IDEA-272654 code analyses on build.gradle take forever
Bug IDEA-203347 Groovydoc "@see" tag shows errors on hyperlink (<a href=..)
Bug IDEA-275032 IntelliJ marks my Deprecated Groovy constructor not as Deprecated
Bug IDEA-275280 Grails Editor Toolbar blinking during typing
Bug IDEA-272147 Groovy: Flip ',' doesn't work before newlines
Feature IDEA-275688 [Groovy] Support sealed classes of Groovy 4
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-126485 A variable passed to anonymous constructor marked as unused
Bug IDEA-273963 Groovy - Closure cannot be applied to
Bug IDEA-270944 Groovy: no method candidate
InfrastructureTask IDEA-272585 Create a test which checks format of project configuration files in intellij project
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsTask IDEA-180474 [Build] Cleanup downloaded JBRE/SDK in build/dependencies folders
Bug IDEA-275368 Attempt to build IDEA Ultimate locally fails with FileAlreadyExistsException while building intellij.remoteDevServer plugin
Bug IDEA-274919 Build scripts for IDEA Ultimate fails with FileAlreadyExistsException if output directory for IDEA CE is not cleared
JavaCosmetics IDEA-273923 Microscopic Cosmetic Detail: Add auto-magical @Nullable annotation to second param in java.util.Objects.equals(Object, Object)
Usability IDEA-273713 Javadoc: method parameters are not aligned in
Bug IDEA-272190 Run configuration doesn't comply with modulepath/classpath distinction
Bug IDEA-273159 Run configuration getting module path wrong with indirect dependencies
Bug IDEA-272430 Language level is detected incorrectly for AdoptOpenJDK (OpenJ9) 11/16
Bug IDEA-272488 IntelliJ can't seem to find the javadocs for the jdk
Bug IDEA-275636 Java module project FindException
Support Request IDEA-272874 Custom live template is unable to get current method name
Bug IDEA-276947 All the migration name are zero
Feature IDEA-253066 src/test allowed to declare even if src/main already has one
Usability IDEA-272327 Allow override existing class when pasting code from clipboard
Task IDEA-273436 Remove Java 15 Preview language level
Performance IDEA-231798 IntelliJ performance issue while typing (LightJavaModule#claimedModuleName)
Java. AspectJPerformance IDEA-266646 SlowOperations exception from AspectJ plugin
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-276674 Complete current statement: incorrect completion for private native methods
Feature IDEA-236743 Completion of variable declared inside try-catch
Bug IDEA-277375 Can't complete default label in switch case
Bug IDEA-271902 Completion adds `:` after `case TypeName` when patterns in switch are available
Bug IDEA-276843 sout shortcut causes end-of-line comments to disappear
Feature IDEA-271015 Smart type completion (Ctrl+Shift+Space) could offer 'new MyClass()' as a "last resort" option
Feature IDEA-270439 Code completion for pattern matching in switch
Bug IDEA-274311 Applying the completion adds a redundant comma on the next line
Feature IDEA-273977 Complete {@link} in Javadoc at the top level
Java. Code CoverageBug IDEA-266840 Cancel of prompt about outdated coverage removes all recorded coverage data
Bug IDEA-258370 Incorrect coroutines coverage for suspend inline functions in tracing mode
Bug IDEA-272192 Error running tests with coverage: java.nio.file.FileAlreadyExistsException
Performance IDEA-272132 Filtering default constructor takes a lot of time during coverage report loading.
Bug IDEA-264534 Kotlin synthetic branch in when mapping is not ignored
Bug IDEA-273393 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT on CoverageView double-click
Bug IDEA-272322 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT at com.intellij.coverage.CoverageDataManagerImpl.updateCoverageData(
Bug IDEA-269908 Detect tests covering line doesn't work with new tracing mode
Bug IDEA-275520 Inline function name is incorrect in coverage report when class was not loaded
Bug IDEA-272324 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT at com.intellij.coverage.view.CoverageViewBuilder.updateParentTitle(
Java. Code FormattingBug IDEA-272657 Formatting update for guard patterns
Bug IDEA-205888 Incorrect indentation in nested blocks without braces
Java. Code GenerationFeature IDEA-272672 Generate not-getters (field accessors in record-style)
Bug IDEA-275432 toString generation on record should not propose concat (+) and super.toString()
Bug IDEA-275042 "Setting" button doesn't work in "Generate toString()" dialog
Bug IDEA-272045 Generate -> "equals() and hashCode()" do not refresh a Template and works with previously selected and executed template
Java. DebuggerUsability IDEA-272879 Watch only method entry by default in method breakpoints
Bug IDEA-271607 Empty threads combobox (with read only attach)
Bug IDEA-272462 Debugger: memory agent incorrectly calculates the retained size in some cases
Bug IDEA-271799 Unexpected JDWP Error: 41 on StepOver while debugging
Bug IDEA-276591 Logging breakpoint set at indexing time freezes the debugged application
Bug IDEA-273116 Possible deadlock in debugger reader thread
Bug IDEA-275641 Exception if Debug.Renderer text is a reference
Bug IDEA-276902 Debug evaluation: a default label doesn't work properly
Feature IDEA-275131 Debug evaluation: support case default and patterns in switch
Bug IDEA-276019 Incorrect evaluate expression when invoked from Show Referring Objects
Bug IDEA-277606 "Remove once hit" checkbox isn't saved in preferences
Java. Debugger. Memory ViewBug IDEA-271253 Add a variable to watches from memory browser don't get to be evaluated
Java. Eclipse IntegrationBug IDEA-272061 Exception inside EclipseProjectDetector logged during startup
Bug IDEA-273633 Eclipse project with spaces in the name cannot be opened
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-273889 Switch expression rule should produce result in all execution paths false-positive
Bug IDEA-273957 Good code red: 'cannot resolve symbol' introduced in instanceof pattern
Bug IDEA-273955 Bad code green: 'case label is dominated by a preceding case label' undetected for enum
Bug IDEA-273954 Bad code green: 'not all possible values covered' undetected when guard is used
Bug IDEA-273934 Difference in javac and IDEA error messages for usage of primitive type in pattern matching switch label
Bug IDEA-273959 Good code red: 'cannot resolve symbol' in preceding case label
Bug IDEA-273958 Bad code green: 'variables referenced from a guard must be final'
Bug IDEA-272378 Calling interface default method does not always work
Bug IDEA-274553 False negative error about annotation not being repeatable if it's a container for another repeatable annotation
Bug IDEA-274550 False positive error when target set of repeatable annotation container is not a subset of the repeatable annotation's target set
Bug IDEA-274531 2021.2 incorrectly shows errors when a method name is the same as a nested class name
Bug IDEA-276614 Ambiguous method reference is not highlighted when static method and non-static varargs method in match
Bug IDEA-276613 Ambiguous method reference is not highlighted when static varargs method and non-static method in match
Usability IDEA-274893 Unclear highlighting of the method before the public keyword starting the next method
Bug IDEA-276298 Override methods tooltip shows unrelated lambda
Bug IDEA-273874 "Can't resolve symbol" false-negative in switch statement with fall-through semantics
Usability IDEA-273163 "Enable Project-Wide Analysis" tooltip doesn't make it clear that we only support Java
Feature IDEA-272912 'Unreachable statement' should be reported after the switch blocks that always throw an exception
Bug IDEA-273929 Good code red - cannot resolve symbol in switch statement group
Usability IDEA-270332 Misleading cannot resolve symbol when bracket is missed
Usability IDEA-277529 Java generics: False positive argument pass
Bug IDEA-273521 'var' variable cannot have a disjunction type
Feature IDEA-270438 Error highlighting for pattern matching in switch (JEP-406)
Bug IDEA-271676 Pattern matching for switch: fix resolve
Bug IDEA-272717 Good code red: sealed classes in libraries
Bug IDEA-273932 Bad code green: cannot convert to boolean in pattern matching guard
Bug IDEA-275735 Duplicate constant expression labels in the switch false negative
Bug IDEA-271947 IntelliJ is not able to recognize the correct return type in a switch statement.
Cosmetics IDEA-277682 Cast quick-fix cosmetics
Bug IDEA-277110 Compilation error not highlighted when using Pattern Matching for switch - for missing break in case label before default label
Cosmetics IDEA-274330 'null' in Java error message
Bug IDEA-274350 Error 'No valid function type can be found for ...' when casting a lambda to an intersection type
Java. Extract MethodBug IDEA-275318 Extract method doesn't suggest to replace dublicates
Bug IDEA-274197 Extract duplicates (new): don't show change signature dialog if there are no parametrized duplicates
Feature IDEA-274201 Extract duplicates (new): enable folding for array access
Bug IDEA-274149 Extract method fails on settings change with invalid name
Bug IDEA-275808 Extract method: array folding doesn't work with new duplicates
Bug IDEA-271801 "Extract Method" of conditional with break inside loop yields semantically incorrect OR UNCOMPILABLE result in some cases
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-276053 Quick Grammer Issue "Loop executes zero or billions times"
Bug IDEA-269881 False inspection about "Java | Java language level migration aids | Java 5 | 'BigDecimal' legacy method called"
Usability IDEA-176080 Logger Initialized with foreign class shall have an option to be suppress for non-public classes
Bug IDEA-273527 Incorrect generated code with "Can be replaced with '' "
Usability IDEA-273524 `Actual method parameter is the same constant` inspection: confusing option name
Bug IDEA-273676 UnnecessaryDefault inspection: false-negative highlighting
Feature IDEA-262698 Migrate "Obsolete assertions in JUnit 5 tests" to UAST
Task IDEA-272350 Update titles of some code inspections
Bug IDEA-274822 IncorrectOperationException converting case to if
Bug IDEA-276506 "Hardcoded line separator" inspection reports opening delimiter line of text block literals
Bug IDEA-276505 "Suspicious underscore in number literal" inspection reports fractional components
Bug IDEA-277495 False positive 'Java | Data flow | Redundant local variable'
Bug IDEA-274826 Conversion to old style switch creates code with two defaults
Feature IDEA-270441 Convert switch to if: update to support patterns (JEP-406)
Bug IDEA-271526 Replace if with conditional generates red code
Bug IDEA-148136 Dangling javadoc comment produces false positive(?) on copyright headers
Bug IDEA-271523 False positive warning "Casting 's1.toArray()' to 'T[]' will produce 'ClassCastException' for any non-null value"
Bug IDEA-275334 Contract is not properly evaluated when it refers to non-variable value
Feature IDEA-259667 Suggest collect(toList()) -> toList() conversion (Since Java 16) where it's obvious that list is unmodifiable
Bug IDEA-272306 Property keys from resource bundles are flagged as hard-coded strings
Feature IDEA-272529 Revamp SwitchStatementsWithoutDefaultInspection as one conflicts with error highlighting fixes
Feature IDEA-277140 Track exact type of lambdas/method references
Feature IDEA-272523 Inspection 'Package with too few classes' should have setting to account for sub-packages
Bug IDEA-271369 Non-equivalent replacement suggested for \n in text block
Bug IDEA-275424 Inspections which run on whole file are ignored during pre-commit analysis
Bug IDEA-275393 Wrong suggestion at ui for slf4j logger
Bug IDEA-276924 Incorrect ConstantConditions inspection warning in combination with Optional
Usability IDEA-274147 Don't trigger constant conditions & expections in case of "explanatory variables"
Bug IDEA-226169 "Statement can be replaced with enhanced 'switch'" inspection malfunction
Bug IDEA-271571 Test-only inspection shouldn't complain about javadoc references
Bug IDEA-276418 'Annotate override method parameters as @Nonnull' quick-fix does nothing. #2
Task IDEA-271659 Property test for pattern matching for switch
Bug IDEA-271623 false positive "might ignore exception"
Bug IDEA-272016 Find the cause cannot explain why 'environmentStr.equalsIgnoreCase("rpt")' is always 'false'
Feature IDEA-210485 Inspection "Java" -> "Dependency issues" > "Cyclic class dependency" should have an option to ignore cycles between classes & inner classes
Feature IDEA-145333 Logger Initialized with Foreign Class shall have an option when logger initialized on a super-interface of current class
Feature IDEA-220851 Constant on the wrong side of comparison option to treat null differently
Bug IDEA-272853 Inspection 'Java - I18N - Convert to basic latin' seems to be not working
Bug IDEA-273536 EnhancedSwitchMigration inspection: wrong quick-fix for switch block with a total pattern
Usability IDEA-273413 RedundantCast and MalformedFormatString inspection warnings may clash/conflict
Bug IDEA-274612 Pattern variable is never used: quick-fix creates a bad code
Bug IDEA-272309 Package-visible field warning shouldn't trigger for private inner static class final fields
Bug IDEA-277888 False positive 'Redundant type cast` when calling package-private method
Feature IDEA-266665 Static modifier is redundant for nested Records
Feature IDEA-277611 Enhance enum support in Java DFA
Bug IDEA-200795 'Redundant throws clause' inspection reports incorrectly
Usability IDEA-273288 INspection results toolwindow lacks root node
Feature IDEA-271297 Logger initialized with foreign class: exclude outer class
Bug IDEA-271705 Inspection `'if' can be replaced with 'switch' changes` looses break statements
Usability IDEA-271550 Inspection "Protected member in final class" should have one fix
Bug IDEA-273048 getExpressionNullability with DFA ignores annotations.
Bug IDEA-272374 'New object is compared using ==' shouldn't show warning if object is used in both parts of comparison
Usability IDEA-262454 Inaccurate message for inspection "Java | Visibility | Access of inherited field looks like access of element in surrounding code"
Feature IDEA-273242 Replace switch with enhanced switch: suggest empty default branch
Bug IDEA-275307 Class#isInstance with primitives: incorrect "constant condition" inspection
Bug IDEA-273045 Parameter inference from source: support patterns
Feature IDEA-274018 Migrate "ThreadRunInspection" to UAST
Feature IDEA-271869 EnhancedSwitchMigrationInspection should be updated for pattern matching for switch
Bug IDEA-276186 Reduce on Boolean::logicalOr causes code inspection to suggest incorrect refactoring
Usability IDEA-259356 Do not report "Actual value is always XYZ" if it's inaccessible value
Bug IDEA-275487 Incorrect warning when using consecutive expressions to determine the unordered numbers
Usability IDEA-274153 Make final inspection nullability issue
Feature IDEA-271293 Investigate enabling "Non-'final' field in enum" inspection by default
Bug IDEA-271660 SwitchStatementWithTooFewBranchesInspection should be updated for pattern matching for switch
Feature IDEA-253717 Detect when a unit test is not runnable by Maven with default configuration
Feature IDEA-270440 Java | Java language level migration aids | 'if' can be replaced with 'switch': support chains of 'if' statements with pattern matching
Bug IDEA-275006 Explanation of double-check locking is wrong
Bug IDEA-277303 Incorrect warning about using a method only from an anonymous class
Java. Intention ActionsUsability IDEA-273255 IDEA uses strange name for exception after 'Add catch clause(s)'
Usability IDEA-273618 Limit the number of "Add library to classpath" quickfixes for one problem
Feature IDEA-37227 Intention action: Apply "Distributive Law" and other laws of boolean algebra to boolean expressions
Bug IDEA-271993 The "Cast Parameter to..." intention does not come out when there are more than one parameter
Performance IDEA-275973 Editing is very slow for a Java file with errors
Usability IDEA-269914 Replace with lombok intention does not consider the getter/setter visibility
Feature IDEA-277858 "Create missing switch branches" intention could work in more @MagicConstant cases (pun not intended)
Java. JavaFXBug IDEA-269337 JavaFX Project: for JDK16 the JavaFX classes are not resolved
Bug IDEA-273703 JavaFX: fail on project with TilesFX dependency
Usability IDEA-275672 JavaFX: improve default build options for Maven / Gradle javafx:jlink
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-271304 windows async profiler: "Stop Profiling and Show Results" triggers exception, no results shown
Bug IDEA-270240 Async profiler (windows): "Could not find compiler TLS offsets for VMThread. Unsupported JVM?" using AdoptOpenJDK 1.8.0_292-b10
Feature IDEA-257957 Async-profiler for M1
Java. Profiler. MemoryBug IDEA-274212 Shortest paths don't show result if any path contains Weak/Soft instance
Java. RefactoringsCosmetics IDEA-220166 Declare final popup is not discoverable
Usability IDEA-277077 Introduce constant: do not remember "move to another class" option
Bug IDEA-272361 Why forcing of final when extracting parameter? Don't need it. Don't want it.
Bug IDEA-273864 Rename refactoring doesn't work for pattern variables in switch
Bug IDEA-276192 Change signature: applying the refactoring breaks the code if lambda implements overridden interface
Bug IDEA-272828 Update usages to reflect signature changes IllegalArgumentException: Zero length string passed to TextLayout constructor.
Bug IDEA-277496 'Inline Super Class' fails with exception
Usability IDEA-271910 Rename "Generify" action to "Convert Raw Types to Generics"
Task IDEA-271406 Convert constructor refactorings to intentions
Task IDEA-271405 Extract rarely used Java refactorings to an unbundled plugin
Bug IDEA-277489 Introduce variable from part of a string literal strange highlighting
Usability IDEA-277915 Change record components should be available when staying on record class name
Bug IDEA-268994 Extract/Introduce | Parameter Object is available in XML files
Exception IDEA-276628 Fails to extract variable in super
Java. Tests. ArquillianBug IDEA-274693 The dialog to add a new Arquillian container does not open anymore
Java. Tests. CucumberBug IDEA-267591 Feature files should be ran using Cucumber Java instead of Behave in a Java project
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-273080 Cannot run tests in idea
Usability IDEA-184683 Unable to execute single parameterized JUnit test
Bug IDEA-272928 Test framework quit unexpectedly: Module not found
Bug IDEA-275586 Test runner fails to run single test methods for JUnit4 test parameterized with other frameworks than org.junit.runners.Parameterized.
Bug IDEA-247950 Spock 2.0 single test can't be executed if a class run-config exists
Bug IDEA-261001 Can't run single test parameterized with randomizedtesting library
Bug IDEA-271888 IntelliJ test runner fails to discover Spock tests
Bug IDEA-272789 Support Kotlin TestMetadata annotation for test data navigation
Usability IDEA-223775 Unable to run a test multiple times in separate JVMs
Bug IDEA-274789 Can't execute a test run configuration during indexing
Usability IDEA-276751 Selecting a test in Test history opens a Run window
Bug IDEA-273912 "Tests passed: N" even is logged twice in the "Event Log"
Bug IDEA-276463 Run configuration "all in package" does not create a matching JUnit 5 Discovery Request
Bug IDEA-276477 JUnit 5 fails when non-existing package is selected
Bug IDEA-277524 False-positive unused method inspection with JUnit 5 parameterized tests and @MethodSource without method name value
Bug IDEA-277330 "Do not use class path" when Run All Tests of a Java module
Java. Tests. TestNGBug IDEA-259053 Java | TestNG | Invalid data provider return type false positive
Bug IDEA-271436 IntelliJ hides most of the failures for TestNG SoftAssert
Java. i18nBug IDEA-271658 Hardcoded string false positive for toString() method
JavaX. AppServers. JBossBug IDEA-273497 Stopping WildFly Run Configuration results in message "Terminate Batch Job? (Y/N)" and waiting for input
JavaX. CDIBug IDEA-272583 Correctly define the context for CDI dependency diagram invoked via the gutter icon
Usability IDEA-255033 CDI tool window: Select the corresponding element(module) in the opened CDI view by clicking on the gutter
Usability IDEA-259905 CDI: Merge scope and injection gutter icons on class
JavaX. JPAFeature IDEA-97873 Import database schema: @GeneratedValue is not added
Feature IDEA-64709 JPA: Provide possibility to choose between Field and Property access when generation jpa with 'Generate Persistence Mapping'
Feature IDEA-272967 JPA: Report blocking method usages in non-blocking context
Bug IDEA-272468 JPA: insert Entity Graph references to EntityManager.createEntityGraph
Bug IDEA-266308 Errors should not be reported when the parent class inherited by a subclass has the annotation @MappedSuperclass
Bug IDEA-276458 JPA: ImportDatabaseSchema dialog: both 'properties' and 'field' radiobuttons appear unchecked after the 'properties' option has been selected
Bug IDEA-277208 JPA: don't report an error in case of missing @Embedded annotation on attribute of @Embeddable type
Bug IDEA-276461 JPA: Import Database Schema dialog: UI: the (de)selected table's columns are not shown as (de)selected at once
JavaX. JSFBug IDEA-174308 JSF composite components - auto completion not working for nested components
Usability IDEA-271485 JSF Faces-config Asterisk marked as unresolved
JavaX. JSPBug IDEA-273214 i18n:Preference/Settings: Editor: Live Template: hardcode description of JSP
Bug IDEA-264723 jsp: optimize imports generates java imports
JavaX. JavaEEFeature IDEA-260092 Java EE: Provide a global refactoring to migrate to Jakarta
Task IDEA-270723 Java EE: add Hibernate to Jakarta libraries in New Project wizard
Lang. JSONBug IDEA-277856 Cannot use embedded json schemas in json files: Schema file does not found
Bug IDEA-262981 JsonSchemaProviderFactory doesn't find JSON Schema resource packaged for plugin - Part 2
Lang. MarkdownTask IDEA-276293 Default path for saved images when exporting a document: [path to document]/[document name]/...
Feature IDEA-276292 Documents with the same name, but different extensions (.md, .html, .docx, .pdf), show as a tree (as, for example, in forms)
Bug IDEA-276975 Disable formatting toolbar in irrelevant places
Usability IDEA-273049 Ability to turn off all smart lists editing
Bug IDEA-273060 Export button is enabled when export Markdown to disabled format
Bug IDEA-273698 Converting md images to html keeps related file paths in the attribute
Bug IDEA-270050 Export Markdown: do not set disabled format as default
Bug IDEA-266227 Pandoc detector for Windows
Cosmetics IDEA-273068 Markdown import: Decapitalize prepositions in menu items
Cosmetics IDEA-272267 Rename Markdown - Import from Docx and Export to docx
Bug IDEA-271643 Export Markdown to HTML: "Save images to" does not actually saves images
Bug IDEA-272700 Keyboard shortcut to insert comment in Markdown produces the wrong syntax
Bug IDEA-277335 NPE at org.intellij.plugins.markdown.ui.projectTree.MarkdownFileNode.getName
Bug IDEA-276886 Markdown settings: "Save images from Microsoft Word to" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-271420 It is not clear what increase/decrease header level actions actually do
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-276514 Can't download shfmt formatter on Apple M1 Chip
Bug IDEA-235302 Running a shell script ignores shebang
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-249282 XSLT File Associations Broken
Lang. YAMLException IDEA-272730 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker
Bug IDEA-273913 Yaml: incorrect caret position after enter pressing enter in the beginning of injected block
Bug IDEA-275850 YAML: the pair quote is not inserted if any quoted value exists after the edited one
Bug IDEA-272668 Yaml: Indent of different injected languages is different
Feature IDEA-270019 YAML: implement "Insert pair quote" functionality
Bug IDEA-265059 Yaml: indents are broken for injected YAML
Cosmetics IDEA-273403 Yaml: Formatting injected empty lines removes the indent
LocalizationBug IDEA-272695 Date format is strange/inconsistent at license registration dialog
Bug IDEA-250323 Find Action should work for English action name even localization pack is enabled
Bug IDEA-272098 Move to message top level
Bug IDEA-249471 Internalization for "intellij-client"
Task IDEA-272095 Move to messages folder
Bug IDEA-272926 Menus in presentation mode are unusable when Japanese language pack is installed
Localization. ChineseBug IDEA-242311 when this Chinese language pack is installed together with lombok, lombok's onMethod annotation gives an error. Closing the Chinese language pack solves the problem.
Localization. JapaneseBug IDEA-254787 Pref. エディター / Proofreadingの日本語訳で気になる箇所
Bug IDEA-249366 Mnemonic symbols shown in preferences on macOS
Localization. KoreanBug IDEA-254443 Untranslated items under "Window" (in Korean)
Bug IDEA-258883 설정-모양 및 동작-모양-"Anti-aliasing"
Plugin Development (DevKit)Bug IDEA-271845 Devkit: use <dependencies/plugin|module> in calculating dependencies
Bug IDEA-272900 DevKit: check EP "*ClassName" property
Exception IDEA-271754 "Update IDE from sources" fails with MissingMethodException: eachFileRecurse
Bug IDEA-272164 Unable to run/debug plugin projects
Bug IDEA-277738 java.lang.ClassCastException: class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.xml.XmlTagImpl cannot be cast to class
Task IDEA-271872 Devkit: support resolving sub-descriptors for <module>
Bug IDEA-271874 Devkit: add main plugin as implicit dependency for module.xml
SpaceBug IDEA-275847 "Merge Request Branch" dialog contains information about pull requests
Cosmetics IDEA-276405 Space popup in main toolbar has top and bottom borders with another background
Bug IDEA-277311 Checkout from review does nothing
Task IDEA-272142 Space details: add Leave review button
Feature IDEA-261255 Make issue IDs clickable in Space Review Timeline
Bug IDEA-271153 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on editing comment with mention
Cosmetics IDEA-271839 Space review acceptance status indicator looks blurred
Usability IDEA-277357 Open Code Review in browser by clicking on it's title in Timeline
Feature IDEA-276986 Add ability to change comments font size
Usability IDEA-277374 It is not possible to copy comment text using mouse
Usability IDEA-270697 Add a login button to space error message in IDE
Cosmetics IDEA-271958 Space review: don't pluralize author and reviewer when there is the only one item
Bug IDEA-270552 Notification about necessity to login to Space does not disappear after logging in
Cosmetics IDEA-278024 Change a color of emoji frame
Usability IDEA-269081 Show number of draft comments on Accept Changes/Wait for Response button on review details page
Feature IDEA-260951 Space Code Reviews: support open diff from timeline on clicking file title
Bug IDEA-272872 When reviewing diff for a commit, Next File button does not update selection in commit files tree
Usability IDEA-271971 Space details: cannot hit Accept/Wait for Response buttons and review id link by keyboard
Bug IDEA-272593 Comment field is not focused when opened (e.g. by Reply link)
Exception IDEA-272053 "Throwable: Write-unsafe context!" after logging in to Space
Exception IDEA-277057 ClassCastException: class kotlin.coroutines.jvm.internal.CompletedContinuation cannot be cast to class kotlinx.coroutines.internal.DispatchedContinuation
Bug IDEA-272326 Actions in the review details panel are performed by a mouse press on a button.
Bug IDEA-273240 NPE at when no matching Reviews found
Bug IDEA-277060 Reviewers are not saved during Merge Request creation
Usability IDEA-278038 Add tooltip with emojis description
Bug IDEA-278036 Only emojis that fit the timeline width are shown
Bug IDEA-268652 Space Review: add green background for all test files
Performance IDEA-274327 UI freeze on .space.kts file open or login to Space due to resolving artifacts
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-275849 Docker. com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException at attempt to add the already added container into a network
Bug IDEA-273737 close open project leads to the red Docker Compose service state
Exception IDEA-272043 Pipe closed, pipe id: `ComposeExternalRuntime.pipe:writeToT` at a compose app container restart
Bug IDEA-271500 Docker. No way to do smth useful with the remained Dockerfile/Image item if the container was deleted
Bug IDEA-272067 Docker. Don't leave the container in the stopped state after saving changes
Bug IDEA-274511 Docker. Dockerfile run config fails if we turn off the option "Run build image"
Feature IDEA-270554 Docker: Allow to call docker-compose via `docker compose` v2 dash-less CLI
Bug IDEA-273441 attach network to compose service by "com.docker.compose.project" label
Cosmetics IDEA-271836 Docker-compose. The icon of a new compose app looks line it is a simple container
Bug IDEA-274180 Docker. Smart delete dialog. Enter not working
Bug IDEA-276440 Docker: Collapse All does not work in Layers FS view
Usability IDEA-275292 Docker. Networks. Connect Network dialog: add state icons into the containers list if we call it by expanding the list without typing
Usability IDEA-273567 Docker. Add a container for networks: add state icons for containers in the list.
Bug IDEA-276116 Docker. Windows containers: com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException at deleting default networks
Bug IDEA-273565 Docker via SSH. Inspect on any item leads to java.util.concurrent.CompletionException
Bug IDEA-276118 Docker. Windows containers: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.InternalServerErrorException at attempt to Save as a new image
Bug IDEA-271873 Docker. Make it not possible to edit the output of the inspect action
Bug IDEA-271870 Docker. Networks. Remove "Delete" item from the context menu for the default networks
Cosmetics IDEA-275725 Docker. Networks/Volumes. Add a tooltip for a "Create network"/"Create volume" button
Bug IDEA-272619 Docker. Port bindings are not present on the tab after Save action
Bug IDEA-276206 Docker. The buttons are wrong enabled in Connecting and Failed cases in the Services view
Exception IDEA-274513 java.lang.StackOverflowError at attempt to save a run config after turn off/on Run Build Image" option
Bug IDEA-277536 Docker Compose - Valid cap_add value of "NET_RAW" errors
Feature IDEA-275767 Support "docker system prune"
Bug IDEA-273371 docker plugin "inspect" vs docker CLI "inspect"
Bug IDEA-275214 Docker. Don't show the remained Dockerfile item if the container was deleted
Bug IDEA-275190 Docker. Port binding dialog. Validation: some of the validation messages are not clear, some disappear for the same port after changes
Bug IDEA-272058 Docker. Container with docker-compose labels under incorrect parent
Bug IDEA-275176 Docker. Edit port dialog looks like "Add" dialog - without the existing port data.
Bug IDEA-274169 Docker. Rename container not working if ports not specified
Bug IDEA-273815 DockerCompose. Debug. Temp override files are wrong added into the docker-compose run configuration
Bug IDEA-276862 Docker. Save as a new image: impossible to save something after entering manually /
Bug IDEA-276863 Docker. Save container as a new image: sometimes it creates images with sha name instead of the pointed name
Feature IDEA-159760 Docker: Provide possibility to save a container as a new image
Feature IDEA-166981 Support docker prune command
Bug IDEA-262553 Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent in the new options UI
Feature IDEA-274165 Docker. Improve port binding dialog
Usability IDEA-272979 Quick documentation examples in Dockerfiles can be hard to read
Bug IDEA-272112 Docker-compose. Impossible to remove project name option
Bug IDEA-272228 Docker. No easy possibility to remove volumes without dependencies
Bug IDEA-273626 Docker. Fails to add the second port with com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException
Bug IDEA-272035 Docker. Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent
Feature IDEA-255987 Docker: provide UI tool for exploring a docker image and its layer contents
Usability IDEA-269994 Docker: Service view node does not handle Enter shortcut to Connect
Bug IDEA-274481 Using environment variables in "ports" value causes "Unknown docker-compose YAML values" inspection violation
Bug IDEA-273722 all documents should be saved before Docker Compose actions
Bug IDEA-272946 Docker over ssh builds docker-compose only locally
Bug IDEA-276437 Docker: Layers tab is shown by default instead of Properties
Cosmetics IDEA-271720 Docker. Container log tab: Fold log actions layout is inconvenient
Bug IDEA-276023 Inspection "Unknown docker-compose YAML keys" doesn't recognize valid 'pull_policy' key
Bug IDEA-272788 Docker. Networks. "Containers" tab: + button doesn't work
Bug IDEA-272050 Docker: for the failed items in the services view: correct the tooltip, Add Redeploy button, add navigation to the Editor.
Bug IDEA-274078 smart delete work incorrect in some cases
Bug IDEA-275180 DockerCompose: Provide keyboard-actions for "Delete" of an invalid compose app
Bug IDEA-271868 Docker compose: "Enable synchronization with Services view" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-271920 Docker. Delete a volume: Correct the confirm dialog content
Task IDEA-208529 Dockerfile inspection could identify missing continuation character
Usability IDEA-276439 Docker: Too short status message for Layers analysis
Usability IDEA-276438 Docker: show Digest prefix for layers
Usability IDEA-277264 Docker. Edit port dialog: add tooltips for host/container port fields
Usability IDEA-272439 Docker. Volumes. Smart delete dialog. Provide possibility to expandAll/collapseAll/selectAll/deselectAll buttons, add info about selected sub-nodes
Bug IDEA-274670 Completion for build context in Docker Compose files
Bug IDEA-272883 Impossible to disable Run Built image option in Docker
Bug IDEA-272064 Docker. Don't create a new run configuration by re-run with -p option
Bug IDEA-202831 Docker, DockerCompose. Ephemeral ports: Port bindings tab is not updated after the container restart
Exception IDEA-273372 NPE: DockerRuntimeCache
Bug IDEA-271976 Docker. Networks/Volumes: display "Containers" tab with the related containers
Bug IDEA-273226 Docker Compose: ports outside the 0-65535 interval pass the validation
Bug IDEA-271913 Docker. Rerun via Service view of a Dockerfile/Image doesn't include run config changes
Bug IDEA-274178 Docker. Rename container after deploy broke node
Cosmetics IDEA-271972 Docker-compose. Networks: change icons from "container" to the corresponding to volumes/networks
Bug IDEA-272070 Docker: validate the compose project name field
Bug IDEA-276872 Docker. Build image hangs forever with Layers tab instead of Build Log
Bug IDEA-273566 Docker. Two equal "Labels" tabs for a volume
Bug IDEA-267527 Docker. Debug doesn't work: Unrecognized argument: null
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-274390 HttpClient: Can't run single request
Bug IDEA-277952 Open log button stays underlined after activation
Feature IDEA-239328 HTTP Client: support "text/event-stream"
Feature IDEA-153587 REST Client: provide binary response view for 'Content-Type' = 'application/octet-stream'
Feature IDEA-239333 Allow Http Client to Write to File / redirect output to custom file or directory
Usability IDEA-273608 HTTP client: Show some spinner for long-running request
Feature IDEA-277935 Provide What's New example to promote new features in HTTP Client
Bug IDEA-275232 HTTP Client: there are no intentions to create/edit/use environment files on running request with unsubstituted variable
Feature IDEA-271808 HTTP Client: provide Generate HTTP Request intention for implicit web references
Bug IDEA-274216 HttpClient: Can't run all requests from example file
Feature IDEA-273544 HTTP Client: indicate request time in Service view item
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-271352 Kubernetes. Custom Namespaces. A new global namespace doesn't appear in all projects at once
Bug IDEA-273164 Kubernetes. Aliases. Refactor->rename of alias goes wrong in case of characters which are not acceptable by go-template
Bug IDEA-271581 Kubernetes. Custom Namespaces: "default" namespace should not jump in/out from the list by by Apply/Refresh configuration
Bug IDEA-271841 Kubernetes. Shell for a pod. Ctrl C should stop command. Not ask for VCS things
Support Request IDEA-272207 Logs downloaded from Kubernetes pods are saved to "roaming" part of IDEA profile
Performance IDEA-276398 K8s. It take too long time to open a resource file
Exception IDEA-276397 K8s. com.vdurmont.semver4j.SemverException: Invalid version (no minor version) at opening files
Bug IDEA-274020 Kubernetes. Tollbar buttons don't work after adding a custom namespace with global level
Feature IDEA-265325 Support marking namespaces as favorite
Bug IDEA-276452 Helm. Have no quick find usage in New Idea version
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-274574 Intellij 2021.2 Option + key symbols not working in terminal
Bug IDEA-265118 Can't open Local Terminal
Bug IDEA-277515 "Clear Terminal" is executed by Ctrl+L even after removing the shortcut
Feature IDEA-272940 Select in should contain the Terminal option
Bug IDEA-274373 Support bracketed paste mode
Feature IDEA-205836 Add support for character column number file hyperlinks from terminal output
Performance IDEA-274319 Rider keeps locking up ( com.intellij.terminal.TerminalConsoleContentHelper.flush)
Feature IDEA-151206 SSH terminal add a new connection
Bug IDEA-276029 "Use Option as Meta key" option state is not saved after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-270784 Alt+C not sent to terminal (fzf related)
Tools. Test Data GeneratorBug IDEA-274847 Formal reference notation ${name} could not been used in Test Data plugin
Tools. Test ManagementBug IDEA-270365 "New Test from Test Cases" create file to "/target/generated-sources/annotations" root directory
Bug IDEA-272693 PluginException: com.jetbrains.test.ide.actions.OpenDefaultProjectAction: group with id "WelcomeScreen.QuickStart.IDEA" isn't registered
Bug IDEA-270362 When choose "Test from Test Case" option within TMS selection window test cases has not ids
UI DSLBug IDEA-277188 Port AppEditorFontOptionsPanel to new UI DSL framework
Bug IDEA-277388 Implement Segment Button in new UI DSL
Bug IDEA-276169 Port PasswordSafeConfigurable to new UI DSL framework
Task IDEA-273718 Support accessibility in UI DSL
Bug IDEA-276708 Support baseline alignment in JBGridLayout
Bug IDEA-276048 Port DateTimeFormatConfigurableUi to new UI DSL framework
Bug IDEA-277431 Better support visible/enabled state for Rows/Panels in new UI DSL
Bug IDEA-276396 Port AppearanceConfigurable to new UI DSL framework
Feature IDEA-273462 Kotlin UI DSL: Selectable and copyable labels
Bug IDEA-277552 Fix label alignment in NPW
Bug IDEA-277549 Port NPW to new UI DSL
User InterfaceBug IDEA-271374 Resizing tool windows in "Undock" view mode does not work/work wrong
Bug IDEA-269660 Tool windows in Window view mode and non-modal windows are opened in full screen if IDEA is in full screen
Exception IDEA-272846 ADE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarListener.subscribeTo
Usability IDEA-272108 Splitter sizes are not saved anymore / suitable after new EAP version is released
Cosmetics IDEA-272482 Make Help button in new wizard consistent with common design
Usability IDEA-272106 Balloon notification in the IDE main frame disappears when switching between frames with Win+Tab
Bug IDEA-270204 Splash is not shown in 2021.2 if settings are migrated from 2021.1.x
Bug IDEA-272905 It's hard to select several module nodes in Project Structure dialog if one of them dominates over others
Bug IDEA-276372 Project opened from another fullscreen project appears in the wrong Mac OS workspace
Bug IDEA-271833 Wrong buttons order on touch bar for dialogs
Bug IDEA-260315 "Find Shortcut" is stuck when changing keymap
Bug IDEA-253484 Open terminal inhibits the line ending control for the active editor
Bug IDEA-271735 No plugin counter is visible in High Contrast theme
Bug IDEA-274625 Debug UI scaling breaks the UI
Usability IDEA-255328 "Open declaration source in the same tab" option behaviour is confusing when opening files from Project View and Search Everywhere
Bug IDEA-272081 Items from popups are not shown on touch bar
Bug IDEA-277064 Toggle Distraction-free mode lag and flashing system menu bar
Bug IDEA-271330 Settings "Drag-and-drop with Alt pressed only" broken
Cosmetics IDEA-271858 Detected sdk first element selection looks weird
Bug IDEA-274452 frequent refetch WSL distributions when timed out causing file chooser dialog super slow for listing files
Bug IDEA-235523 Typing backtick replaces the previously typed backtick when "Insert pair quote" is enabed
Bug IDEA-274105 Align checkbox to the text
Bug IDEA-264220 Initial path under \\wsl$\ is not selected in file tree on opening file chooser dialog
Bug IDEA-272337 Reversed arrows in trusted dialog
Task IDEA-265429 Set minimal width and height of Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-271880 Alerts: remove mnemonics from title and support line breaks in message
Task IDEA-273168 Rewrite Settings | Editor | General | Code Completion using UI DSL
Usability IDEA-271622 "Quick definition" popup can't be moved
Usability IDEA-276799 Project Structure dialog shows with scrollbar at left
Bug IDEA-271929 Alerts: Focus is on the checkbox instead of button
Bug IDEA-261117 Built-in HTML preview reloads when unreated files are changed
Cosmetics IDEA-270694 Some components background color looks wrong in macOS Light theme
Bug IDEA-188889 Can not open empty file without extension
Bug IDEA-264013 WebPreview icon isn't shown if all browsers are disabled
Bug IDEA-271944 Letter from the last word will be used for abbreviations in icon
Bug IDEA-274814 macOS system accent color no longer used as selection color in list views, etc.
Cosmetics IDEA-275208 Display Registry and Non-Bundled Plugins values in Help | About | Copy in a column instead of comma-separated list
Bug IDEA-268169 Copy reference hint is displayed empty in the Copy popup, though the action works properly
Cosmetics IDEA-263411 Fix System settings layout
Performance IDEA-273689 File | Settings | Editor | Inspections lagging when scrolled
Bug IDEA-272889 Line numbers are cut in Recent Locations
Cosmetics IDEA-241905 "Migrating plugins" dialog: broken layout
Bug IDEA-164009 "Find by shortcut" field in keymap settings is not reset on second open
Bug IDEA-271941 Multi-modules detection needs reopen projects
Bug IDEA-272995 Group Tabs for the Problems tool window paints unexpected vertical separator
Cosmetics IDEA-271212 File Name Detected popup has incorrect icon
Bug IDEA-271380 Selected item in the completion popup is unreadable with Mac OS Light theme
Cosmetics IDEA-274312 Moving caret around in plain text editor causes jumps of the text
Bug IDEA-235900 Cannot set Caret blinking to a value greater than 1500
Task IDEA-272290 Don't show What's new page in the IDE on fresh install
User Interface. AccessibilityTask IDEA-275288 Set accessible name for tree in build tool window
Bug IDEA-270858 Items in result list in Search Everywhere are not pronounced by screen reader
Bug IDEA-272536 "Go to Declaration or Usages" popup doesn't work well with the screenreader
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-269626 "Compact View" button doesn't work
Bug IDEA-275869 Global Menu no longer responding in KDE (2021.2.1 - 212.5080.8 build)
Bug IDEA-273186 "File" menu sometimes not opening after click
Bug IDEA-269110 "Configure inspections" does nothing in 212
Bug IDEA-276910 Quick Lists: "Refactor This..." action stopped working
Bug IDEA-244454 Run configurations: clicking on 'Run' button executes configuration different from shown in the combobox and combobox stops working
Bug IDEA-276429 Limit the number of menu preloading attempts
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-245675 Scripting consoles don't support ANSI escape sequences
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-267261 "Select File In Project View" in TouchBar toggles project build O_o
Bug IDEA-271423 'VCS' menu item is renamed to 'Git'
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-248140 IDEA crash on Linux: GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye. Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)
Bug IDEA-275764 Strange rendering of progress dialog when JCEF is not available or disabled
Bug IDEA-273898 add registry key to switch Code With Me to OSR mode
Bug IDEA-273349 Incorrect font rendering on What's New page with off-screen rendering enabled (Linux, IDE-managed HiDPI, fractional scale)
Bug IDEA-275408 context menu misplaced in OSR on mac
Bug IDEA-275406 add JCEF API version check
Bug IDEA-276906 untie JCEF "Show DevTools" option from the internal mode
User Interface. Find UsagesUsability IDEA-277589 Progress bar for "Find Usages" action advances too slowly and shows incorrect number of files
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-270761 Find in Files defaults to a "Directory" scope after serching in File
Performance IDEA-272976 UsageViewImpl.getData
Feature IDEA-137166 Export Find Results to new Scratch file
Bug IDEA-270766 "Usages of ..." tool window notification is not closed after search is completed
Bug IDEA-236785 Find in Path: "File mask" list is empty
Bug IDEA-275597 Shortcut(⌥ + F7) for Open in Find Tool Window does not work
Bug IDEA-275905 Find Usages of field including accessors doesn't work in 2021.2
Bug IDEA-272398 "Search for base method usages" option is shown for methods without base methods and constructors
Bug IDEA-272362 "Usages" node in Find tool window is not updated when selecting another find usage options in settings
Usability IDEA-275480 Show usages popup: a lot of space is occupied by uninteresting data and actual usage text doesn't fit the popup
Bug IDEA-273574 Show Usages: showing filtered usages enables usage preview
Bug IDEA-268598 "Replace" is not invoked with Cmd+R if focus is in Find field
Bug IDEA-277540 File mask is not remembered in "Find in Files"
Bug IDEA-173894 Show read/write access tool window buttons work across project windows
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-217756 Welcome screen isn't focused when a project is closed and when IDE is started
Usability IDEA-194818 Focus in Open Project dialog should be on "New Window"
Bug IDEA-274911 Missing focus when creating files view templates dialog
Bug IDEA-128672 "Save on frame deactivation" fails if completion is showing
Bug IDEA-275657 Focus is not switched to IDEA space when quitting from IDEA dock icon
Bug IDEA-271932 Click on gutter does nothing if focus is out of editor
User Interface. GraphicsBug IDEA-271807 icons in gutter get pixelated when slightly scaled
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsBug IDEA-273719 View text shortcut on variables / inspect in the watch popup in Editor does not work
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-272186 Controls have a different backgroud in "run inspection by name"
User Interface. MenusBug IDEA-277144 Shortcut text in context menu is not aligned
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-273742 Open In Inactive Split Pane Does Not Work
Bug IDEA-273191 Navigation bar
Bug IDEA-270835 Mnemonics in Switcher window not working with Ctrl+Shift pressed
Bug IDEA-272404 Option to open file in an inactive split is not considered when opening a file from Recent files with Tab Placement: None
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-258390 "Choose plugins to install" should provide more info about the plugin
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-270719 Quick search in project tree doesn't work properly
Exception IDEA-274388 Throwable: Array with null provided by com.intellij.ide.projectView.impl.AbstractProjectViewPane
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-271954 Project View is not hidden on invoking "Hide All Tool windows" via Find Action
Bug IDEA-271963 Actions by abbreviations are not shown at the top of results in "Find Action" if ML sorting is enabled
Bug IDEA-274495 Search Everywhere: Shift+F4 does not open a file in new window
Bug IDEA-270589 navigate to class: show in find toolwindow opens empty results
Bug IDEA-271699 Search everywhere: "Quick definition popup" doesn't take current selected item in results list into account
Bug IDEA-273308 Search everywhere: redundant options found for multi-word search sometimes
User Interface. SettingsBug IDEA-273725 Layout issues in Advanced Settings
Bug IDEA-274915 Section for `Editor -> General -> Code Complection` in DataGrip is broken
Bug IDEA-274084 'Copy setting path' gives Mac path on Windows
User Interface. TabsBug IDEA-274043 file opens in new window when using ctrl+alt+left and ctrl+alt+right
User Interface. Tool WindowsBug IDEA-276301 Popup on tool window header shows 2 times
Version ControlBug IDEA-272134 Regression: Local Changes is missing inline diff in 2021.2 EAP 4
Feature IDEA-202946 Show History for selection should work for the caret position
Task IDEA-272199 Add the Show on Double click selector under Gear of GIt toolwindow
Bug IDEA-218842 Diff In Commit-dialog: In Unified View the first chunk is not in focus on dialog opening
Bug IDEA-273810 Strange Create Patch popup with error on patch creation
Bug IDEA-273994 Run tests before commit: fails for gradle due to illegal access
Bug IDEA-274547 Use more compact texts for "Amend Commit Anyway" and "Amend Commit Anyway and Push..." actions
Bug IDEA-272191 Double-clicking a file inside "Local Changes" opens strange Diff
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-272871 Git GPG Sign: no focused item in Configure GPG Key dialog
Exception IDEA-272443 NPE at git4idea.config.GitExecutableDetector.getBashExecutablePath
Bug IDEA-275458 File is marked as changed even though no contents were changed
Bug IDEA-253401 Git Staging Area: File name completion doesn't work in commit message field when staging is enabled
Cosmetics IDEA-277394 VCS settings: display radio buttons instead of drop-down selector for Update method
Bug IDEA-79335 Cherry-pick should display progress when cherry-picking multiple commits
Bug IDEA-272205 Git GPG Signing: cannot turn off commit signing when no private keys were found
Bug IDEA-271726 VcsException: Cannot run program "gpg": error=2, No such file or directory
Bug IDEA-276444 Incorrect notification when failing to unstash changes after a conflict in index
Usability IDEA-248237 Git commit error baloon should hanve "Show detail in console" link
Usability IDEA-273351 GPG not found when searching IDE settings
Bug IDEA-277601 Wrong behavior of "Externally added files can be added to Git" "Don't ask again" option
Bug IDEA-272962 GPG Key does not display correctly the owner name
Usability IDEA-277299 Git Cherry-pick: show progress of cherry-picking commits in numbers
Task IDEA-269501 Git GPG Signing: provide link to help when gpg-signing fails
Usability IDEA-197236 Cannot view history of deleted but not yet committed file
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-267608 Create PR is just doing a git push without actually creating a PR in PyCharm 2021.1
Bug IDEA-251845 "Malformed URL" error when "Open on GitHub" for files with `[brackets-in-name].js` (common / required Next.js filename pattern)
Cosmetics IDEA-264987 Create Pull Request: new text for "no changes" warning
Bug IDEA-251331 Comments in diffs are not visible when "Hard wrap at" is set to 0
Bug IDEA-272485 GitHub PullRequest: remote branch isn't detected on new PR creation
Usability IDEA-264210 GIthub Pull Requests: New Pull Request tab is not focused after login
Bug IDEA-270034 GitHub tab is not refreshed after authorization
Bug IDEA-276105 Comment code, wrong pointer
Cosmetics IDEA-264969 Create Pull Request: use default font color for the errors, red icon is enough to attract attention
Cosmetics IDEA-263303 GitHub Pull Requests: beautify API error messages
Bug IDEA-264970 Create Pull Request: do not duplicate error about empty pull request on creation
Bug IDEA-264973 Pull Request: Do not suggest to reset filters when the search query is empty
Bug IDEA-264976 Pull requests: reset filter should not set state:open
Version Control. Local HistoryUsability IDEA-271317 Search in Local History: Ctrl+F should set cursor into search field
Cosmetics IDEA-271576 Search in Local History: Changes tree blinks if no results found
Usability IDEA-271431 Search in Local History: no keyboard navigation between items
Bug IDEA-271318 Search in Local History: Do not show diff if no results found
Version Control. PerforceUsability IDEA-274331 Perforce shelve: Unshelve and Delete button is disabled in Perforce Shelved Changes dialog
No subsystemFeature WEB-45326 Chromium-based browsers Edge and Opera are assigned to non-Chrome family in "Settings → Tools → Web Browsers" window
Bug WEB-51406 Memory leak editing Vue 2.x Typescript SFC
Bug WEB-51628 Convert to string template doesn't work in assignment context
Bug WEB-51616 Prepend relative path prefix to completion items
Bug WEB-51576 Run/debug with docker-compose doesn't work with new targets api
Bug WEB-52627 Live templates with the JavaScript Statement context should not be suggested right inside classes and interfaces
Bug WEB-52235 Endless indexing
Bug WEB-52212 Vue: Indirect component imports marked as unused in script setup
Bug WEB-52211 Update MDN documentation for 2021.2.1
Bug WEB-52127 "Reload pages in browser on save" feature incompatible with xml files
Bug WEB-51899 Windows: Yarn 2 Prettier on Save doesn't work
Feature WEB-51695 Allow switching between reload on save and reload on changes for the built-in server and HTML preview
Feature WEB-51419 Web-types: show icons in documentation
Task WEB-52310 Vue: update web-types for 3.1 and 3.2 releases
Bug WEB-52296 Formatter freezes with injections
Bug WEB-31260 Copyright - Formatting: merge JavaScript language levels into one configuration
Bug WEB-51498 Don't add a path to folder in imports after webpack aliases
Feature WEB-51573 Show What's New in WebStorm after update
Bug WEB-50998 "js.namespace.index" seems to produce keys with quotes sometimes
Feature WEB-51613 Show tooltip advertising pressing save to reload built-in HTML preview
Usability WEB-52028 Add the option to add new projects from VCS under the File menu
Bug WEB-52307 Vue: script setup imported symbols used directly in the template marked as unused
Bug WEB-52118 Vue.JS Plugin - Since 2021.2 every vue html tag is yellow / unknown
Bug WEB-52614 UTF16+BOM page is shown as garbage when previewing on the built-in web server
Bug WEB-52111 In version 2021.2, there are warnings when using dynamic slots and scoped slots in Vue!
Performance WEB-51030 Typing an angular selector into an html file freezes webstorm after you get to the end
Feature WEB-51150 Launching Microsoft Edge
Feature WEB-50133 Enable "Copy/Paste with imports" feature for "require"-s
Build toolsBug WEB-50500 Gulp tool window button on sidebar not available after phpStorm restart
Bug WEB-50622 Grunt tool window no longer persists between IntelliJ launches
CSSBug WEB-50961 Add support for missing generic font families
Bug WEB-51099 Support all steps function keywords for "transition-timing-function"
Bug WEB-51750 Tailwind 2.2+: No code completion in Vue files
Bug WEB-52401 Tailwind CSS support doesn't work on Mac M1 with Node.js 15.x
Bug WEB-50179 "Term expected" in complex :not selector
Bug WEB-51082 CSS parsing issue with “Term expected” when using :where pseudo-class in conjunction with child combinator
Bug WEB-50318 CSS class completion doesn't work great with Tailwind 2.1 in "jit" mode.
Feature WEB-48767 Support for Tailwind class names completion in styled-components
Bug WEB-51764 Tailwind autocompletion doesn't work in *.blade.php files
Feature WEB-52145 Vue.js 3 style selectors
Bug WEB-49599 No completion of Tailwind classes if className value is dynamically evaluated
Feature WEB-51071 text-decoration-thickness is marked as Unknown CSS property
Bug WEB-52535 Tailwind CSS plugin doesn't provide code completion in PostCSS files with *.pcss extension
Bug WEB-52506 Tailwind 2.2+ autocompletion not working for .svelte files
Bug WEB-52329 tailwindcss autocompletion doesn't work in Twig files
Bug WEB-50930 Unknown pseudo selector 'file-selector-button'
DartBug WEB-52476 Dart tests cannot be executed from the IDE with Dart SDK: 2.10.5
DebuggerUsability WEB-50777 Inline value of an array with an empty string looks unusual in Debugger
Bug WEB-51420 Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT when debug vue.js app
Performance WEB-50909 Webstorm High Memory Usage Over Time (Suspected Memory Leak)
Usability WEB-51730 Inline previews: Don't show same value several times on each line
Bug WEB-51547 Remove 'Restart frame' action from the JavaScript debugger
Usability WEB-50873 Broken default layout of JavaScript debug tool window
Cosmetics WEB-51183 Incorrect positioning of tabs in Debug tool window
Usability WEB-48157 Node.js 15+: Step Into enters "async_hooks" on debugging async/await functions
Bug WEB-51729 Node 15+ debug: excessive stop on 'step over'
Bug WEB-51608 Reload Built-in Preview if it's already open
Bug WEB-51861 Node.js debug, stop on breakpoint: "Slow operations are prohibited on EDT"
HTMLBug WEB-26240 Inspections: false positive for HTML-attributes inlined in code
Feature WEB-52513 Intention action for putting XML/HTML attributes on separate lines
Bug WEB-49752 PHP/other mix: meta encoding: Unknown encoding
Bug WEB-50775 JSX: insert paired curly braces within braces
Bug WEB-49750 Language injection failure with php + js + document.write('html')
Bug WEB-50847 In some cases, HTML comments in an interpolated HTML in a TS script in a .vue file messes up the parser
Bug WEB-51610 "Comment with Block Comment" comments the entire line in Vue file
JavaScriptException WEB-51366 Adding require import causes an exception: java.lang.Throwable: Threading assertion. psiFile
Bug WEB-51508 'Redundant await expression' doesn't handle function with non-promise result
Bug WEB-51289 Autosave of file every second (on typing) and crashing/freezing because of FLOW.exe
Feature WEB-49120 creating arrow function could be a bit more simplified
Bug WEB-52019 Incorrect conversion from VAR to LET in .tpl files
Bug WEB-49102 PyCharm is not displaying class functions properly
Bug WEB-51956 JSDoc: Initializer type string is not assignable to variable type CharacterEncoding / BinaryToTextEncoding
Bug WEB-50897 live templates on keywords completion ignore semicolon termination preferences
Bug WEB-51916 Webstorm typescript auto-complete slower than 1.3
Bug WEB-52182 Object destructure not realizing null check was made beforehand - javascript
Feature WEB-1364 Add intentions to expand and collapse the object literals and arrays
Performance WEB-51853 Freezes caused by Structure view
Bug WEB-45057 Show usages for variable attached on a function is not working
Feature WEB-31404 Add an option to select whether to insert braces after completion or not
Bug WEB-52012 Missing code completion of base class properties
Bug WEB-52147 "Invalid type syntax" in jsdoc when it's valid
Bug WEB-52626 Parameter info highlights incorrect parameter in function call when template literals are present
Bug WEB-51894 JSDoc: postfix notation for nullable types causes "invalid type syntax"
Bug WEB-50949 for-await-of doesn't unwrap promise type
Bug WEB-52100 False type mismatch errors when using JSDoc typedef in .php files
Exception WEB-52079 Flow exception freezes the IDE
Bug WEB-51311 Ctrl+Click on break inside switch statement jumps to the wrong place
Exception WEB-51350 auto-import useState causes exception
Feature WEB-51357 Autocomplete/highlighting/navigation broken when importing TypeScript file via a *.js suffix from a JavaScript file
Bug WEB-25178 JSDoc stub generation fails in embedded Javascript if there is `*/` in code
Performance WEB-51943 High CPU usage on working with Vue project
Performance WEB-50990 Large Typescript file with object literals causes WebStorm to freeze and become unresponsive repeatedly
Bug WEB-50996 Copying imports from a type declaration should respect types of import in a file
Bug WEB-49131 No auto-import suggestions provided for lodash
Bug WEB-49054 No code completion in dynamic classNames in template strings after interpolation
Bug WEB-51717 Mark safe access operator in assignment LHS as error
Bug WEB-50015 Incorrect javascript import path using aliases when working on WSL2
Bug WEB-21852 Refactoring (renaming) a JSDoc type name does not rename all occurrences
Bug WEB-51901 "=> expected" error in valid arrow function code
Bug WEB-52199 instanceof not suggested in function call parentheses
Bug WEB-52364 JS Inspection do not see code change
Performance WEB-52155 JSXEmmetParser tries to get XmlTag descriptor on EDT
Bug WEB-38203 Wrong JS resolve when variable shadowed
Cosmetics WEB-51320 Update description for the ECMAScript 6 language level
Bug WEB-52655 first word of @returns jsdoc incorrectly treated as a type
Bug WEB-52159 Value pattern setting doesn't work for custom language injections
Bug WEB-52084 Show error if the rest element is not the last in destructuring assignment
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-38094 Single named import isn't wrapped if long
Feature WEB-25338 Indent binary expressions inside JSX / TSX
Bug WEB-52005 No indent on Enter after nested if() block
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-26714 Add support for the classnames library when using React
Bug WEB-48877 Nuxt: support Nuxt projects without nuxt.config.js
Bug WEB-50538 Props values completion doesn't work when using component created with forwardRef()
Bug WEB-42754 Vue.js: Intellisense broken when parent element is unknown tag
Bug WEB-52465 Vue: <script setup> Properties of Components not or wrong recognized
Bug WEB-51975 web-types refresh doesn't get cancelled for write action, causing a freeze
Bug WEB-50510 UnwrapRef not applied to computed properties with Vue 2 and @vue/composition-api
Bug WEB-52407 Wrong props types validation in Vue 3 script setup
Bug WEB-52180 Vue3: can't resolve imports in 'script setup' section in case of multiple script tags in a component
Feature WEB-49000 Vue 3: Support new <script setup> without ref sugar
Bug WEB-52050 When expanding tag in pug template, it inserts it in HTML format (with angle brackets)
Bug WEB-50297 Default Vue code style attribute arrangement does not conform with Vue style guide
Bug WEB-51335 Named slots shows 'Unrecognised Slot name'
Bug WEB-52125 Custom directive and components imports are marked as unused in <script setup>
Bug WEB-52140 Vue: Should not report "Unrecognized attribute or property name" for bound data attributes
Bug WEB-51338 Unknown events (@input, @focus)
Bug WEB-50862 Nuxt Suggestions and hover not working in nuxt project
Bug WEB-50101 Vue 3, Typescript: properties completion in template doesn't work for optional props
Bug WEB-50162 Vue.js v-for variables not resolved
Bug WEB-51353 'Unknown HTML tag' error for i18n tag
Bug WEB-51065 Nuxt.JS' components no longer recognized when the 'components' configuration is set to an array of folders
Bug WEB-51774 SOE and freezing when working with Vue.js
Bug WEB-51463 Vue.js: False-Positive "Unrecognized attribute or property name" on <textarea :value />
Bug WEB-50409 Nuxt 2.0: update support for auto imported components
Feature WEB-51572 Support shorthand properties in Angular template
Feature WEB-51804 Add support to safe keyed access in the template
Bug WEB-51614 Web-type's content isn't visible in .pug files or .vue with template section with pug
Bug WEB-51905 Memory leak latest version 2021.2
Performance WEB-43908 Angular: ensure that inspections have language specified
Bug WEB-51339 Pattern info is shown in the Quick doc popup
Bug WEB-51581 Nuxt.js: support "nuxt.config.ts"
Bug WEB-52150 Can't resolve Vuetify tags
Bug WEB-50959 @nuxtjs/components v. 2 nested components not resolved
Bug WEB-51988 Components are not in the completion in Vue templates on Pug
Bug WEB-51329 No documentation & resolve for the 'template' tag in .vue
Bug WEB-52149 Nuxt: IDE ignores components/prefix option from nuxt.config.js
Bug WEB-43144 No completion for values of style sheet properties in React Native app
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-51403 ES6 Simplification misses possible assignment under very specific conditions within do-while loop
Bug WEB-51274 "Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection not working correctly
Bug WEB-49761 Method bindings are considered duplicates
Bug WEB-50898 "Method expression is not of Function type" when accessing a prototype method using Symbol
Bug WEB-51312 Add details/examples to "Pointless statement or boolean expression" inspection description
Feature WEB-52598 'Unfiltered loop' inspection should recognize a hasOwn() check
Bug WEB-43077 Multiple constant declarations are marked as duplicates
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-51370 Substring isn't removed from a function name when removing a state name
Bug WEB-51401 "Extract method" refactoring fails for switch statement ("multiple exit points" error)
Bug WEB-51511 "Make method static" breaks calls to private methods
LESSBug WEB-34276 Less file element>element selector inside a :global shows a syntax error
Bug WEB-39083 LESS maps: syntax error when using variable properties in lookups
LintersFeature WEB-51288 Update bundled JSHint to 2.13
Feature WEB-52236 ESLint 8.0 support
Live EditBug WEB-51423 Live reload stop working (Throwable: Timeout on waiting for client)
Node.jsBug WEB-51783 NPM script run configuration is wrongly marked as invalid if node & npm are taken from WSL2
Bug WEB-51389 Use https to fetch npm package versions
Bug WEB-51514 Can't start TypeScript service with remote node interpreter
Bug WEB-51515 Prettier hangs on the first run when remote node interpreter is configured
Bug WEB-51516 Stylelint doesn't work with remote node interpreter
Bug WEB-51500 NPM install fails with StackOverflowError exception
Bug WEB-47462 WebStorm does not use selected WSL Node for Git operations
Bug WEB-51821 When select text in Node.js debugger Process Console, it doesn't be copied into X clipboard
Exception WEB-51391 Exception while creating React template project
Bug WEB-49835 env: node: No such file or directory when using nvm
Performance WEB-51565 Linked packages under @types are indexed always
SASSBug WEB-51966 PhpStorm highlights some sass map functions as unknown css functions.
Bug WEB-49736 Syntax error for #{!important} in SCSS
Bug WEB-51018 Adding the Angular 12 inline scss support
StylusBug WEB-35287 CSS3 pseudo-element indention and formatting is wrong in Stylus files
TypeScriptBug WEB-48792 Incorrect type of refs (Composition API) in Vue 2 templates
Task WEB-51690 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.3
Bug WEB-50207 Angular EventEmitter import not suggested inside new expression
Bug WEB-50975 Typescript 4.3: Allow override as parameter property
Bug WEB-50190 Vue3: inferred prop type is wrong when prop has "required" attr
Bug WEB-48764 React + typescript, React class component with generic type raise expected syntax error
Bug WEB-51878 pnpm workspaces: symbol Resolution broke from Typescript & ES Modules in 2021.2 RC Upgrade
Bug WEB-51991 index access with template literal type is not recognised
Bug WEB-51392 Update tsconfig.json schema to include ES2021 target.
Feature WEB-51449 Add tsconfig.test.json to the list of associated file names for TypeScript Configuration Files
Bug WEB-48937 Typescript Find Usages should report assignment in object literal as Write access, not Read
Bug WEB-51635 TypeScript 4.4: Symbol and Template String Pattern Index Signatures
No subsystemBug DBE-13974 "Please call toolbar.setTargetComponent() explicitly" in DB.RunChooser toolbar
Code CompletionBug DBE-13838 Qualify with database/schema settings affects qualification with table
Feature DBE-11902 On optimistic left join completion, improve priorization
Bug DBE-9025 mssql complete not default schema
Code FormatterBug DBE-13485 Datagrip always wraps "Create or Alter Function" statement regardless of Code Style setting
Feature DBE-12690 Add formatting option for Place ON/USING under JOIN indented
Bug DBE-13658 SQL generator/source editor adds double quotes to LEFT() function in PostgreSQL
Code GenerationBug DBE-3636 SQLite - AUTOINCREMENT is only allowed on INTEGER PRIMARY KEY
Bug DBE-8729 DDL Data Source -> Script to Console/Clipboard not working
Bug DBE-13034 SQL Generator - File output has stopped working
Bug DBE-13462 COMMENT and LANGUAGE positioned wrong
Bug DBE-13770 Cassandra DDL Auto generate missing quotes on column names in clustering order by statement in generated CQL
Code HighlightingBug DBE-13557 UNMASK not recognized as valid permission (MS SQL Server)
Bug DBE-12548 Some CTEs are not supported in ClickHouse
Bug DBE-13471 Support Full-Text Search capabilities of MS SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 / Azure SQL Database
Bug DBE-4893 Unable to resolve column and table in database
Bug DBE-3804 Oracle SQL: Existing synonym marked as unresolvable
Bug DBE-13551 Inspector expect NEEST instead of NEST
Bug DBE-13458 Clickhouse asof and semi join support
Bug DBE-14036 'time' type is not recognized
Bug DBE-13878 COUNT FILTER "Column is invalid in the select list because it is not contained in either an aggregate function or the GROUP BY clause"
Bug DBE-12682 clickhouse dialect don't support EXCEPT and REPLACE in select query
Bug DBE-10782 Wrong coalesce inspection detects in ClickHouse Dialect
Bug DBE-3705 SQL: Derby: column definition without data type and without generation clause is green
Feature DBE-13476 ClickHouse: support EXPLAIN/EXPLAIN PIPELINE statement syntax
Bug DBE-12343 ClickHouse toDecimalN could not take such arguments false positive
Bug DBE-12838 The Exasol IGNORE NULLS Option for Analytics Functions is not recognized
Bug DBE-13280 Queries with CTE do not work against ClickHouse when sql is multiline or not wrapped in brackets and join syntax highliting
Bug DBE-10550 Aliased table names are highlighted as missing or invalid
Bug DBE-13477 Support Redshift recursive CTE syntax
Bug DBE-12304 Clickhouse correct SQL query shows an error in editor
Bug DBE-12992 Fix dictionary and dictionary field references resolving for ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-4995 SELECT ROW() reports a syntax error
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-13493 'Merge INSERT statements' only takes a few of the selected
Bug DBE-13419 Support syntax for Lambda UDF function creation
ConnectivityUsability DBE-3255 Need to know if there is no driver while dragndropping SQLite
Usability DBE-14044 Mark test connection as failed when keep-alive query results in error
Bug DBE-13772 Broken LocalDB after updating to 2021.2
Bug DBE-13468 Athena results in java.lang.NullPointerException
Usability DBE-12965 Better UI for connection to BigQuery
Bug DBE-6732 Kerberos DB authentication fails with Oracle thin JDBC driver
Bug DBE-13645 JDBC connection to local MariaDB socket, verified @ shell/command-line, FAILs from within Idea/IDE: "FAILED connect: The address can't be null."
Data DiffBug DBE-13908 Split layout makes grid invisible for Compare feature
Data Editor/ViewerUsability DBE-13945 ^N adds a new row instead of bringing up the database search since 2021.2
Feature DBE-841 Add multivalue foreign key navigation
Feature DBE-2481 Multiple Data Editor for same Table
Bug DBE-13670 "Copy Query to Console" doens't work with JOINs
Bug DBE-13767 Can't insert enum value from non default schema
Bug DBE-13153 BigQuery driver doesn't specify project when querying tables in non-default project
Bug DBE-13450 Invalid query to fetch first referenced row(ERROR: operator does not exist: integer = character varying)
Bug DBE-13361 Image Preview of Blob only showing text in query results
Usability DBE-13905 Show more lines in in-editor results
Bug DBE-13236 Data is truncated when pasting on cell(s) in database view
Bug DBE-11744 Insert NULL in column of type enumeration results in error
Bug DBE-13912 Types cast works differently from previous version
Feature DBE-1913 Show 16-byte column as string UUID
Bug DBE-13928 Support timestamp with timezone for Trino
Performance DBE-13727 Database Prefetch limits max value to 1000
Bug DBE-13522 columns header glitch in database tool window
Feature DBE-6383 CSV table editor: column names cannot be manipulated
Feature DBE-188 Allow different font to be set for data editor
Bug DBE-7109 Azure: Incorrect query for Jump to Editor action
Data Import/ExportBug DBE-13328 Too big SQL query causes error when table is exported to Excel
Bug DBE-13566 Can't import large CSV at once into Snowflake
Bug DBE-13449 Default exported file name doesn't use comment above query
Feature DBE-13448 export table data to the excel would lost precision for bigint field : 导出数据格式为bigint的数据到excel表格,数据精度丢失
Bug DBE-13917 Exporting LOB results in error
Usability DBE-4587 SQL files generated by "Dump Data to File(s)" should include trailing newline
Database ExplorerBug DBE-13763 The sticky Data Source node is missing on the top of the Tree
Bug DBE-13998 Shortcut for Open New Console doesn't work from node 'tables'
Bug DBE-13930 Data source disappears when moving from a folder when it was the only child into a subfolder
Bug DBE-13739 Multiple selection in the tree doesn't produce multiple truncate script
Bug DBE-13483 Missing "Drop - Delete" option when multiple database objects selected
Bug DBE-13532 Database view Object filter not working
Database MigrationsUsability DBE-13862 Add Foreign Keys to MySQL table hides Update/Delete rule selectors until close and reopen entry
Bug DBE-14011 Attempt to add new schema fails with NPE
Bug DBE-3343 PostgreSQL function based indexes are not displayed correctly
Bug DBE-11156 Submit changes alter procedure
Feature DBE-12357 Additional option 'purge' in drop confirmation dialog for Oracle
Bug DBE-14052 Using 'Auto inc' with 'Primary key' and 'not null' causes error when creating table in Snowflake
Bug DBE-13937 grant permission does not work
Bug DBE-3406 [IntelliJ IDEA][DB] Cannot create ForeignKey to itself
DiagramsBug DBE-13750 Diagrams: IDE doesn't show all foreign keys with the same label
Explain PlanBug DBE-13473 Failed to explain execution plan while using ClickHouse
Full-Text SearchBug DBE-13866 Problem with full text search on MS SQL when underlying datatype is a user defined type
GeneralBug DBE-4538 Data sources's advanced settings are not sorted alphabetically by default
Bug DBE-13764 Slow startup with a database with many tables
Feature DBE-13853 Hide actions for selection (e.g. Copy, Cut) in editor context menu that was invoked outside of selection
Bug DBE-13502 Impossible to assign a hotkey for Clone Row
IntrospectionBug DBE-12404 access to SYSIBMADM.AUTHORIZATIONIDS is missing and introspection won't work
Bug DBE-13425 Azure connection loses databases when refreshing a single database
Bug DBE-13443 Presto: "primary keys not supported SQLException" after force refresh
Bug DBE-13355 There is no length for varchar index in mysql
Bug DBE-13932 Postgres introspection slow modification check
Performance DBE-13427 Introspection queries needs to be optimized
Feature DBE-13220 Check Constraints Support
Bug DBE-14051 Error in Primary Key handling in Snowflake when same constraint for PK is used on more tables in the same schema
Bug DBE-2687 Copy DDL and DDL tab in Table Editor omits UNLOGGED parameter - PostgreSQL
Bug DBE-13535 Strange behavior when ENUM column has >10 values
Bug DBE-13732 Introspecting database with JDBC looks better than the plain one.
Bug DBE-4620 DG badly misunderstands this table
Bug DBE-13520 ClickHouse supports ddl comments while DataGrip not.
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-13773 Navigation to table using navbar is no longer working as before
Feature DBE-13363 CMD + up to explore database schema objects instead of new console opening
Query ConsoleBug DBE-12656 'Enable DBMSOUTPUT' does not work until second query execution
Feature DBE-10341 Change quick-fix for 'unresolved' inspection.
Bug DBE-5166 Cannot pin tab with SQL query execution plan (not plain)
Bug DBE-13840 DataGrip 2021.2 Build #DB-212.4746.86 not flushing output to console
Bug DBE-13634 Re-opening MongoDB console triggers NPE in JSItemPresentation.getFileName
Bug DBE-13278 Unsafe query is executed regardless of inspection settings
Bug DBE-9198 Rename in database console
Bug DBE-13911 Locked by transaction error while just doing selects
Bug DBE-11720 [BigQuery] Allow to change Project ID for a console
Feature DBE-8885 Line numbers in SQL Server execution errors
RefactoringUsability DBE-13931 Undistinguishable text color in Database - Modify Object dialog
Bug DBE-13907 I cannot modify the table
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-3692 SQL: usages of database built-in elements could be found
Feature DBE-2216 Find Usages on SQL column doesn't match asterisk references
Feature DBE-8333 Readability/complexity metric for queries
Bug DBE-13479 Oracle Formatter doesn't recognise OCI Unicode String Literal (U'String) syntax
Feature DBE-10115 Regular expression support in sqlite
Feature DBE-4978 Name hints for UNION (ALL)
Usability DBE-3811 "Change SQL dialect" quick fix gives no hint what dialect is current
Bug DBE-11323 Missing support for some AzureSQL features
SQL ResolveFeature DBE-12263 Unable to resolve object type 'SimpleAggregateFunction' for Clickhouse DDL
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