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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.1 (212.5080.55 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-274142 Highlighting glitch: All members are unused sporadically
Exception IDEA-274385 Module unloading / reloading. => AlreadyDisposedException: Cannot create com.intellij.openapi.externalSystem.ExternalSystemModulePropertyManager
Bug IDEA-275004 WSL2: Cannot stop any Java applications
AndroidBug IDEA-273440 Code With Me crash-lopping in IDEA 2021.2 Beta, without being used at all
BuildBug IDEA-273619 Go plugin sets auto-reload type on Any Changes
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-264930 Cannot use errorprone maven profile with JDK 16
Bug IDEA-274284 The build process is broken in the new version of IDEA 2021.2
Bug IDEA-273668 javac --patch-module compiler flag does not work
Build. GradlePerformance IDEA-274022 Gradle import takes too long for the Java EE Web project
Bug IDEA-274061 Adding Maven Central repository doesn't use mavenCentral() syntax
Build. MavenCosmetics IDEA-273980 Unable to read tooltip under VM options field (in Darcula)
Bug IDEA-273811 2021.2 seems to ignore mirrors in settings.xml for Indexed Maven Repositories
Bug IDEA-265900 InteliJ doesn't recognize maven multimodules on wsl2
Build. Package SearchBug IDEA-274152 `Package Search | Check for new dependency versions (Gradle)` is triggered in comment in Scala code
Bug IDEA-274200 Selection in packages list may jump around in some cases
Bug IDEA-274155 PKGS doesn't always pick up the correct module information for Gradle modules
Bug IDEA-274739 Selecting a version/scope may not be applied in some cases
CoreBug IDEA-274358 'button.install' is not found in IdeBundle
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-274540 Update Running Application button/menu item is gone
Bug IDEA-269295 Inline evaluation does not increase size when expanding an array
Core. File SystemPerformance IDEA-273398 Freeze on opening project from WSL2
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-274889 Re-assigned file type wildcard is lost on IDE restart
Usability IDEA-274419 "IntelliJ IDEA has failed to load the environment" doesn't actually appear in logs
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-273965 The "null" is copied when user click the "copy link" in login dialog
Bug IDEA-273442 No way to get authorization token in EAP
Core. Navigation and SearchBug IDEA-263089 Shortcut for navigation to NEXT method disappeared.
Bug IDEA-275145 result of call hierarchy is not correct
Core. Plugin ManagementUsability IDEA-275703 Plugins are suggested with the confusing message
Bug IDEA-274759 .ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.web.facet.WebFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Exception IDEA-275074 ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.ejb.facet.EjbFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
Bug IDEA-275516 plugin manager does not display a plugin icon and org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException is thrown
Bug IDEA-273752 Spring: AOP gutter navigation results in NCDFE: com/intellij/aop/psi/AopPointcutExpressionFile
Bug IDEA-270342 Updating a dynamic plugin to a version explicitly marked as non-dynamic leads to the plugin being deleted
Exception IDEA-257441 ClassNotFoundException: on Spring IntegrationPatterns plugin enabling
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-261466 Live-updating view for the caching subsystem profiler
Feature IDEA-231588 Allow to open hprof in IDEA after diagnostic "capture memory snapshot"
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-275043 Unable to create groovy script
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-264415 Wrong padding in quick documentation for sections with <pre><code> styling only
Core. Run. ConfigurationsUsability IDEA-271737 Selecting a directory or package and pressing ⌃⇧R runs all the unit tests instead of the tests in the directory/package
Task IDEA-271630 Rename classpath dependencies option in Edit Run Config dialog
Core. SSHBug IDEA-274720 SSH: Seconds from "server alive interval" are multiplied by 1000, making the keep alive setting futile
EditorBug IDEA-271820 Light Edit: unable to open recent file
Bug IDEA-272376 Unable to open file in Light Edit mode when Scala plugin is installed
Bug IDEA-274924 Some actions assigned to double keystroke shortcuts stopped working properly
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-272366 Title of diff in a separate window doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action on Windows
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-274381 Creating scratch files from selection does not work in Terminal views
Editor. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-273179 Editor does not highlight errors if the same file is opened in splitted tabs
Frameworks. HelidonFeature IDEA-274434 Helidon: provide dedicated new project wizard
Frameworks. HibernateFeature IDEA-247370 SQL is not injected automatically for some Hibernate annotations like @Subselect
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-267573 OpenAPI Plugin cannot download specification from running app Swagger endpoint
Frameworks. ProtoeditorBug IDEA-274732 Protocol Buffers plugin is not working
Frameworks. SeleniumFeature IDEA-245287 Selenoid: fetch video recorder image automatically
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-271668 SQL query not highlighted with new spring-jdbc "queryForStream()"
GrazieBug IDEA-275139 Work around "this reverts" false positive
Performance IDEA-275110 Grazie freezes UI: org.languagetool.tagging.disambiguation.MultiWordChunker.disambiguate
Performance IDEA-274472 UI freezes in lazy LangDetector/LangTool initialization
JavaCosmetics IDEA-273923 Microscopic Cosmetic Detail: Add auto-magical @Nullable annotation to second param in java.util.Objects.equals(Object, Object)
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-271902 Completion adds `:` after `case TypeName` when patterns in switch are available
Bug IDEA-274311 Applying the completion adds a redundant comma on the next line
Feature IDEA-270439 Code completion for pattern matching in switch
Java. Code FormattingBug IDEA-272657 Formatting update for guard patterns
Java. DebuggerFeature IDEA-275131 Debug evaluation: support case default and patterns in switch
Bug IDEA-272462 Debugger: memory agent incorrectly calculates the retained size in some cases
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-273889 Switch expression rule should produce result in all execution paths false-positive
Bug IDEA-273957 Good code red: 'cannot resolve symbol' introduced in instanceof pattern
Bug IDEA-273955 Bad code green: 'case label is dominated by a preceding case label' undetected for enum
Bug IDEA-273954 Bad code green: 'not all possible values covered' undetected when guard is used
Bug IDEA-273874 "Can't resolve symbol" false-negative in switch statement with fall-through semantics
Feature IDEA-272912 'Unreachable statement' should be reported after the switch blocks that always throw an exception
Bug IDEA-274531 2021.2 incorrectly shows errors when a method name is the same as a nested class name
Bug IDEA-273929 Good code red - cannot resolve symbol in switch statement group
Bug IDEA-273959 Good code red: 'cannot resolve symbol' in preceding case label
Bug IDEA-273958 Bad code green: 'variables referenced from a guard must be final'
Bug IDEA-273521 'var' variable cannot have a disjunction type
Feature IDEA-270438 Error highlighting for pattern matching in switch (JEP-406)
Bug IDEA-271676 Pattern matching for switch: fix resolve
Bug IDEA-273934 Difference in javac and IDEA error messages for usage of primitive type in pattern matching switch label
Bug IDEA-273932 Bad code green: cannot convert to boolean in pattern matching guard
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-271660 SwitchStatementWithTooFewBranchesInspection should be updated for pattern matching for switch
Task IDEA-271659 Property test for pattern matching for switch
Feature IDEA-272529 Revamp SwitchStatementsWithoutDefaultInspection as one conflicts with error highlighting fixes
Feature IDEA-273242 Replace switch with enhanced switch: suggest empty default branch
Bug IDEA-273045 Parameter inference from source: support patterns
Bug IDEA-273527 Incorrect generated code with "Can be replaced with '' "
Feature IDEA-271869 EnhancedSwitchMigrationInspection should be updated for pattern matching for switch
Bug IDEA-226169 "Statement can be replaced with enhanced 'switch'" inspection malfunction
Bug IDEA-273536 EnhancedSwitchMigration inspection: wrong quick-fix for switch block with a total pattern
Bug IDEA-274822 IncorrectOperationException converting case to if
Bug IDEA-274612 Pattern variable is never used: quick-fix creates a bad code
Bug IDEA-274826 Conversion to old style switch creates code with two defaults
Feature IDEA-270441 Convert switch to if: update to support patterns (JEP-406)
Feature IDEA-270440 Java | Java language level migration aids | 'if' can be replaced with 'switch': support chains of 'if' statements with pattern matching
Bug IDEA-271705 Inspection `'if' can be replaced with 'switch' changes` looses break statements
Java. JavaFXBug IDEA-273703 JavaFX: fail on project with TilesFX dependency
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-272828 Update usages to reflect signature changes IllegalArgumentException: Zero length string passed to TextLayout constructor.
Bug IDEA-273864 Rename refactoring doesn't work for pattern variables in switch
Localization. JapaneseBug IDEA-254787 Pref. エディター / Proofreadingの日本語訳で気になる箇所
Localization. KoreanBug IDEA-254443 Untranslated items under "Window" (in Korean)
Bug IDEA-258883 설정-모양 및 동작-모양-"Anti-aliasing"
Tools. DockerException IDEA-274513 java.lang.StackOverflowError at attempt to save a run config after turn off/on Run Build Image" option
Bug IDEA-273626 Docker. Fails to add the second port with com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException
Bug IDEA-271500 Docker. No way to do smth useful with the remained Dockerfile/Image item if the container was deleted
Bug IDEA-274481 Using environment variables in "ports" value causes "Unknown docker-compose YAML values" inspection violation
Bug IDEA-274178 Docker. Rename container after deploy broke node
Bug IDEA-274180 Docker. Smart delete dialog. Enter not working
Bug IDEA-274169 Docker. Rename container not working if ports not specified
Bug IDEA-272070 Docker: validate the compose project name field
Bug IDEA-272050 Docker: for the failed items in the services view: correct the tooltip, Add Redeploy button, add navigation to the Editor.
Bug IDEA-272058 Docker. Container with docker-compose labels under incorrect parent
Usability IDEA-273567 Docker. Add a container for networks: add state icons for containers in the list.
Tools. KubernetesException IDEA-276397 K8s. com.vdurmont.semver4j.SemverException: Invalid version (no minor version) at opening files
Bug IDEA-273164 Kubernetes. Aliases. Refactor->rename of alias goes wrong in case of characters which are not acceptable by go-template
Bug IDEA-271841 Kubernetes. Shell for a pod. Ctrl C should stop command. Not ask for VCS things
Performance IDEA-276398 K8s. It take too long time to open a resource file
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-274574 Intellij 2021.2 Option + key symbols not working in terminal
Bug IDEA-276029 "Use Option as Meta key" option state is not saved after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-271542 Regression: Ctrl + arrow key in terminal doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-271777 Can't enter some key combinations with AltGr in terminal
Tools. Test Data GeneratorBug IDEA-274847 Formal reference notation ${name} could not been used in Test Data plugin
User InterfaceBug IDEA-269660 Tool windows in Window view mode and non-modal windows are opened in full screen if IDEA is in full screen
Bug IDEA-270204 Splash is not shown in 2021.2 if settings are migrated from 2021.1.x
Cosmetics IDEA-241905 "Migrating plugins" dialog: broken layout
Bug IDEA-253484 Open terminal inhibits the line ending control for the active editor
Bug IDEA-274625 Debug UI scaling breaks the UI
Bug IDEA-188889 Can not open empty file without extension
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-275869 Global Menu no longer responding in KDE (2021.2.1 - 212.5080.8 build)
Bug IDEA-244454 Run configurations: clicking on 'Run' button executes configuration different from shown in the combobox and combobox stops working
User Interface. Console ViewBug IDEA-245675 Scripting consoles don't support ANSI escape sequences
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-275406 add JCEF API version check
Bug IDEA-273349 Incorrect font rendering on What's New page with off-screen rendering enabled (Linux, IDE-managed HiDPI, fractional scale)
Bug IDEA-275408 context menu misplaced in OSR on mac
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesException IDEA-272571 java.lang.Throwable on searching parameter usage in overriding methods
User Interface. Search EverywhereBug IDEA-274495 Search Everywhere: Shift+F4 does not open a file in new window
Version ControlBug IDEA-273994 Run tests before commit: fails for gradle due to illegal access
Version Control. GitUsability IDEA-272871 Git GPG Sign: no focused item in Configure GPG Key dialog
No subsystemFeature WEB-51695 Allow switching between reload on save and reload on changes for the built-in server and HTML preview
Usability WEB-52028 Add the option to add new projects from VCS under the File menu
Bug WEB-52296 Formatter freezes with injections
Bug WEB-52235 Endless indexing
Bug WEB-52307 Vue: script setup imported symbols used directly in the template marked as unused
Bug WEB-52212 Vue: Indirect component imports marked as unused in script setup
Bug WEB-52118 Vue.JS Plugin - Since 2021.2 every vue html tag is yellow / unknown
Bug WEB-52211 Update MDN documentation for 2021.2.1
Task WEB-52310 Vue: update web-types for 3.1 and 3.2 releases
Bug WEB-52111 In version 2021.2, there are warnings when using dynamic slots and scoped slots in Vue!
Performance WEB-51030 Typing an angular selector into an html file freezes webstorm after you get to the end
Bug WEB-51899 Windows: Yarn 2 Prettier on Save doesn't work
CSSFeature WEB-52145 Vue.js 3 style selectors
Bug WEB-50318 CSS class completion doesn't work great with Tailwind 2.1 in "jit" mode.
Bug WEB-51750 Tailwind 2.2+: No code completion in Vue files
Bug WEB-51405 Tailwind class completion doesn't work with version "npm:@tailwindcss/postcss7-compat@2.2.4"
DebuggerUsability WEB-51730 Inline previews: Don't show same value several times on each line
Bug WEB-51547 Remove 'Restart frame' action from the JavaScript debugger
Bug WEB-51729 Node 15+ debug: excessive stop on 'step over'
HTMLBug WEB-50775 JSX: insert paired curly braces within braces
Bug WEB-49752 PHP/other mix: meta encoding: Unknown encoding
Bug WEB-50847 In some cases, HTML comments in an interpolated HTML in a TS script in a .vue file messes up the parser
Bug WEB-49750 Language injection failure with php + js + document.write('html')
JavaScriptPerformance WEB-51853 Freezes caused by Structure view
Bug WEB-45057 Show usages for variable attached on a function is not working
Feature WEB-31404 Add an option to select whether to insert braces after completion or not
Bug WEB-51901 "=> expected" error in valid arrow function code
Bug WEB-52012 Missing code completion of base class properties
Bug WEB-51894 JSDoc: postfix notation for nullable types causes "invalid type syntax"
Bug WEB-25178 JSDoc stub generation fails in embedded Javascript if there is `*/` in code
Performance WEB-51943 High CPU usage on working with Vue project
Bug WEB-52147 "Invalid type syntax" in jsdoc when it's valid
Performance WEB-50990 Large Typescript file with object literals causes WebStorm to freeze and become unresponsive repeatedly
Bug WEB-51916 Webstorm typescript auto-complete slower than 1.3
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-50162 Vue.js v-for variables not resolved
Bug WEB-51905 Memory leak latest version 2021.2
Bug WEB-52180 Vue3: can't resolve imports in 'script setup' section in case of multiple script tags in a component
Bug WEB-51614 Web-type's content isn't visible in .pug files or .vue with template section with pug
Performance WEB-43908 Angular: ensure that inspections have language specified
Bug WEB-52050 When expanding tag in pug template, it inserts it in HTML format (with angle brackets)
Bug WEB-51463 Vue.js: False-Positive "Unrecognized attribute or property name" on <textarea :value />
Feature WEB-49000 Vue 3: Support new <script setup> without ref sugar
Bug WEB-50297 Default Vue code style attribute arrangement does not conform with Vue style guide
Bug WEB-51774 SOE and freezing when working with Vue.js
Bug WEB-42754 Vue.js: Intellisense broken when parent element is unknown tag
Bug WEB-52125 Custom directive and components imports are marked as unused in <script setup>
Bug WEB-52140 Vue: Should not report "Unrecognized attribute or property name" for bound data attributes
Bug WEB-51988 Components are not in the completion in Vue templates on Pug
Feature WEB-51572 Support shorthand properties in Angular template
Feature WEB-51804 Add support to safe keyed access in the template
Bug WEB-51975 web-types refresh doesn't get cancelled for write action, causing a freeze
Bug WEB-43144 No completion for values of style sheet properties in React Native app
Bug WEB-50510 UnwrapRef not applied to computed properties with Vue 2 and @vue/composition-api
Bug WEB-52150 Can't resolve Vuetify tags
SASSBug WEB-51966 PhpStorm highlights some sass map functions as unknown css functions.
TypeScriptBug WEB-48792 Incorrect type of refs (Composition API) in Vue 2 templates
Bug WEB-50207 Angular EventEmitter import not suggested inside new expression
Bug WEB-50190 Vue3: inferred prop type is wrong when prop has "required" attr
Bug WEB-47248 Vue.js: TypeScript engine randomly stops working
Bug WEB-51991 index access with template literal type is not recognised
Bug WEB-51878 pnpm workspaces: symbol Resolution broke from Typescript & ES Modules in 2021.2 RC Upgrade
Code FormatterBug DBE-13658 SQL generator/source editor adds double quotes to LEFT() function in PostgreSQL
Code GenerationBug DBE-8729 DDL Data Source -> Script to Console/Clipboard not working
Bug DBE-13034 SQL Generator - File output has stopped working
Bug DBE-13770 Cassandra DDL Auto generate missing quotes on column names in clustering order by statement in generated CQL
Code HighlightingBug DBE-3705 SQL: Derby: column definition without data type and without generation clause is green
Bug DBE-4893 Unable to resolve column and table in database
Bug DBE-4995 SELECT ROW() reports a syntax error
Coding AssistanceBug DBE-13419 Support syntax for Lambda UDF function creation
ConnectivityBug DBE-13772 Broken LocalDB after updating to 2021.2
Data Editor/ViewerBug DBE-13670 "Copy Query to Console" doens't work with JOINs
Bug DBE-13767 Can't insert enum value from non default schema
Database ExplorerBug DBE-13739 Multiple selection in the tree doesn't produce multiple truncate script
Bug DBE-13483 Missing "Drop - Delete" option when multiple database objects selected
GeneralBug DBE-4538 Data sources's advanced settings are not sorted alphabetically by default
Bug DBE-13764 Slow startup with a database with many tables
IntrospectionBug DBE-4620 DG badly misunderstands this table
Navigation & SearchBug DBE-13773 Navigation to table using navbar is no longer working as before
Query ConsoleBug DBE-5166 Cannot pin tab with SQL query execution plan (not plain)
Bug DBE-9198 Rename in database console
Feature DBE-10341 Change quick-fix for 'unresolved' inspection.
Feature DBE-8885 Line numbers in SQL Server execution errors
SQL GeneralFeature DBE-4978 Name hints for UNION (ALL)
Bug DBE-11323 Missing support for some AzureSQL features
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