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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP (211.4961.33 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemFeature IDEA-259284 Support the new PreviewFeature annotation's package
Bug IDEA-252376 JdkAuto: LocalFix should do VFS refresh when applied
Bug IDEA-228397 Configure Current File Profile action is not available from the Main menu in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-181991 Cannot undo "Mark as plain text" for Java file
Bug IDEA-254017 .cs document beginning "ZWNBSP"
Bug IDEA-255649 Stackoverflow error at org.jetbrains.uast.UClassAdapter.getUserData(adapters.kt:65)
Bug IDEA-253829 IDEs 2020.3+ don't start on attempt to clone repo using Toolbox browser extension
Bug IDEA-253600 Problems view: quickfixes applied from the Project Errors tab don't work if the problematic file is not opened in the active Editor tab (and Preview is switched off in the Problems toolwindow)
Bug IDEA-253602 Problems view: quickfixes invoked from the Project Errors tab don't pass focus to editor when user input is required
Bug IDEA-247750 Add BOM to utf-8 files
Bug IDEA-258606 Unable to replace with TextBlock when Language is defined
Bug IDEA-257352 shared-indexes: incorrect progress when several shared indexes were downloaded
Bug IDEA-253389 Code analysis slow, failing, or not properly updating on new code written
Bug IDEA-257556 [Apple Silicon] Prefer ARM builds of JDK over Intel ones
Bug IDEA-245389 "don't use project as disposable" for Disposer.isDisposed method
Bug IDEA-253379 Enable maven.always.remove.bad.entries property by default
Bug IDEA-250275 IDE Fatal Error: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Spring plugin SpringProfilesFactoryImpl.getProfileRanges
Bug IDEA-256626 Cannot create com.intellij.indexing.shared.platform.impl.SharedIndexChunkConfiguration because container is already disposed: Application
Bug IDEA-253583 "Find in Path" ignores scope at will based on regular expression structure
Bug IDEA-244994 Problems view: quick fix invoked from Problems toolwindow doesn't pass focus to editor causing problems with live templates applying
Bug IDEA-235269 'Could not autowire. No beans of 'WebTestClient' type found' when running spring boot test using webEnvironment
Bug IDEA-103560 Exclude external libraries from a custom scope of 'Find in Path'
Bug IDEA-253822 Network shouldn't be accessed in EDT or inside read action
Bug IDEA-258765 Misleading warning when assigning to final field from impossible intersection type in Constant conditions & exceptions
Bug IDEA-254246 Import Project from null
Bug IDEA-257727 get rid of incorrect usages of CollectionFactory.createFilePath*() collections in platform
Bug IDEA-256474 Properties Color Scheme settings miss Valid string escape option
Bug IDEA-258361 tests fail with "lateinit property group has not been initialized" error
Bug IDEA-253607 Exception: java.lang.Throwable: Consistency issue. Cannot get a parent in one to many connection. (problems with opening sbt scala projects)
Bug IDEA-255746 location
Bug IDEA-259896 When Android plugin is enabled, some characters are ignored on typing in LightEdit mode
Bug IDEA-255643 Freeze in UAST: Uast should not be used as dataHolder
Bug IDEA-256160 deadlock during disable plugin
Bug IDEA-257344 shared-indexes: do not pause shared indexes before the actual download
Usability IDEA-259159 The "Collecting logs" modal progress should be cancellable
Usability IDEA-253114 File Type Associations: OK button is focused when opening dialog
Usability IDEA-240395 Editorconfig permanently stores file encodings in Settings
Usability IDEA-254021 Convert "Usages in generated code" into a filter
Cosmetics IDEA-252656 A stray rectangle character in "▯Close" menu item in the system menu on Rider windows
Cosmetics IDEA-257148 Fix gear icon on the welcome screen
Cosmetics IDEA-254112 Update notification about new JDK version
Task IDEA-255142 RuntimeBundle location
Task IDEA-254032 'File type conflict' notification: show only for non-bundled plugins
Task IDEA-233987 LightEdit: Enable VIM plug-in
Exception IDEA-254391 Сreated extension classloader is not equal to plugin's one
Exception IDEA-251322 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/intellij/plugins/intelliLang/inject/InjectorUtils
Exception IDEA-255178 IllegalStateException when copy text to .vue file
AndroidFeature IDEA-252775 Merge Android Plugin 4.1
Bug IDEA-254580 "AVD Manger" is not found while search in All Actions panel
Bug IDEA-257195 IllegalStateException when attaching the debugger to an Android process
Bug IDEA-258373 Android Layout Inspector does not work in 2021.1
Bug IDEA-245480 Can't start Java application in debug using gradle
Bug IDEA-256738 Android Plugin 4.1: IDEA shows "Unsupported Modules Detected" when opening IDEA project in IDEA
BuildFeature IDEA-253347 Dependency update API for package search
Bug IDEA-256707 Build Project fails with java: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in 2020.3 in 2020.2.4 no problem
Bug IDEA-254725 Lombok + Eclipse compiler problem: "java.lang.ClassFormatError: Extra bytes at the end of class file"
Bug IDEA-229070 Assertions for @NotNull annotation cause IncompatibleClassChangeError on interfaces
Bug IDEA-255782 Strange symbols in build toolwindow
Build. Built-in (JPS)Feature IDEA-253719 Annotation Processing gives false compilation error about class that actually exists (was generated); please add option to run APT separately before actual compile
Bug IDEA-257050 Error-prone plugin doesn't find checker framework
Bug IDEA-250524 The change of a final static int field is not reflected at runtime, if eclipse ECJ compiler is used.
Bug IDEA-259119 Project cloned from github or created at CLI e.g. micronaut framework does not open
Exception IDEA-225394 Internal error: (java.lang.IllegalStateException) Duplicate key
Build. GradleFeature IDEA-217681 Update scope when pasting maven dependency into Gradle
Feature IDEA-217311 Show Gradle build output and results when running Gradle tests
Bug IDEA-258095 Gradle composite build self-inclusion should not break import
Bug IDEA-254867 Project with child modules loses root/parent module
Bug IDEA-256620 Mac OS: Idea doesn't link Gradle/Maven project by project folder
Bug IDEA-253631 Wrong Gradle connection caching for uninstalled Gradle versions
Bug IDEA-256336 "Debug Gradle scripts" breaks debugger value renderers
Bug IDEA-235964 Idea generates deprecated gradle kotlin script
Bug IDEA-253967 OOM in the IDE can be reported as an OOM in Gradle daemon
Bug IDEA-256112 Space project freeze at Gradle sync
Bug IDEA-252140 Dependency substitutions in composite build are not handled for buildSrc
Bug IDEA-253826 Gradle debugger deadlock if breakpoint hit in doFirst
Bug IDEA-204526 Intellij Gradle importer fail on nested included build
Bug IDEA-255822 Gradle reload floating toolbar is displayed when new project is opened
Bug IDEA-257835 Import of composite builds in IDEA is broken when buildSrc and name duplication is involved
Bug IDEA-254126 Result of 'run build' task errors are not displayed in Problems View
Bug IDEA-257997 Task registration problems should not break importing of unrelated projects tasks
Bug IDEA-255451 Gradle: JUnit5 custom name generator is not supported
Bug IDEA-258459 Localization: the line "Copying resources" during build execution needs translation
Bug IDEA-253627 Gradle project failing when code coverage is Jacoco or Emma
Bug IDEA-189944 "Allow parallel run" option does not work with gradle delegated run configuration
Bug IDEA-221448 Gradle created entries for wrong project
Bug IDEA-254726 "" ins't supported in GradleTreeStructureProvider
Bug IDEA-176838 Gradle: library with invalid path is created for unresolved dependency
Usability IDEA-232888 Gradle and other providers should import automatically on project opening, if there is .idea but there is no existing project model
Exception IDEA-255978 Exception in MutableIntIntUniqueBiMap during importing of Gradle project
Build. MavenFeature IDEA-211863 Autofix for "Source option 5 is no longer supported."
Bug IDEA-259318 Endless freeze during importing Maven project
Bug IDEA-253535 Maven wrapper support: IDEA rewrites URL to maven repo to 'https' regardless of what you have in .mvn/wrapper/
Bug IDEA-259083 IntelliJ gets into an endless indexing loop
Bug IDEA-255981 IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.3 reports an error while I creating a new Java Project
Bug IDEA-256181 Maven: pom.xml file should be saved before performing "Add as Maven project" action
Usability IDEA-230219 Project Name Changes on Module Import
Usability IDEA-244923 IntelliJ no longer automatically activates a Maven profile using 'idea.version' system property
Usability IDEA-233077 Regression 2019.2->2019.3 import from maven model unable to override user settings and local repository
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-31168 Specify inspection profile used for code analysis at check-in time
Bug IDEA-254506 "Reference to non-localized string" false positive for parameter of 'when' statement
Bug IDEA-258991 ProfileChangeAdapter.profileActivated() events are never published
Bug IDEA-259617 Can't export inspection results to HTML
Bug IDEA-255980 Inspection settings is quite slow to appear
Bug IDEA-258992 Can't switch to project inspection profile from application inspection profile with the same name
Bug IDEA-257753 Inspections configuration: Prevent using shared scopes in IDE-saved inspections
Bug IDEA-222161 Inspection profiles UI problems
Bug IDEA-195685 Newly created scope doesn't appear right away in 'Scopes Order'
Performance IDEA-256481 Inspect code spends a long time "scanning scope"
Usability IDEA-255125 Inspect Code on Commit action inspects source files from outside of project source roots
Cosmetics IDEA-259454 Add vertical spacing in inspection configuration right panel
Cosmetics IDEA-259365 Make the inspection description text area a description text
Cosmetics IDEA-185794 In Inspections dialog, the severity block changes position
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-254971 Java Parameter Language Injection Settings has bad resize behaviour
Bug IDEA-251156 Translate 'Fragment' in tab's name when edit an injection
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-257893 Incorrect index usage for searching JS
Bug IDEA-257374 Open Replacement dialog automatically when selecting replace pattern from history
Bug IDEA-254329 SSR false match: repeated variables are not matched correctly
Bug IDEA-256936 Structural search fails to find match because of comment
Bug IDEA-259108 Search for simple recursion produces incorrect results
Bug IDEA-254985 primitive array not matched with variable template
Bug IDEA-256009 Filter live indicator is not live enough
Bug IDEA-259106 Exception when trying to match recursion
Bug IDEA-228320 Unsupported replace pattern An expression can not be replaced with a non-expression
Task IDEA-254848 Remove obsolete tooltip option
CoreBug IDEA-253683 ClassCastException when open project with Space plugin
Bug IDEA-253548 JSLanguageLevelPusher.getImmediateValue resolves too many children in search of .idea/misc.xml
Bug IDEA-245099 File type of unloaded plugin can be leaked due to file type caching
Bug IDEA-255312 Can not import a Gradle project due to java.lang.IllegalStateException from workspace project model
Performance IDEA-254450 Slow Gradle project import with 2020.3 EAP
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-252062 Inline watches: unreadable color combination when hovering over inline watch in current line
Bug IDEA-256108 Inline watches: Pressing Esc should only undo Set Value interaction and should cancel new Watch addition
Bug IDEA-256188 Inline watch in Variables view shows wrong line in a file (always -1 from the actual line)
Bug IDEA-255861 Expanding an array with inline debugger does not start with 0 index
Bug IDEA-256109 Inline watches: No inline watches in editor if debugger variable view is not opened
Bug IDEA-255769 Inline watches: inline hint may stuck with Collecting Data
Bug IDEA-256193 Setting inline watch to empty value in Variables/Watches view doesn't remove it from the view
Bug IDEA-256118 'Remove All Watches' causes incorrect behavior and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.inline.InlineWatchesRootNode.removeInlineChildren
Usability IDEA-256357 Inline watches: when adding inline watch don't switch focus and don't open the Debug tool window if it was closed
Cosmetics IDEA-252060 Inline watches: bottom toolbar design looks worse than in mockups
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-257774 "Show usages" on module dependencies diagram always shows "No matches found"
Bug IDEA-254810 No tooltip for UML changes diagram action in VCS toolbar
Performance IDEA-259231 UI Freeze when right-clicking on the intellij folder in IDEA
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-256146 Case-sensitive folders on Windows are not recognised
Bug IDEA-252213 WSL2: Can't select workspace
Bug IDEA-258608 File become unavailable after rewrite with python
Bug IDEA-253551 VirtualFileManagerImpl.fireAfterRefreshFinish logs ProcessCanceledException
Bug IDEA-256953 File chooser: show WSL UNC roots with backslashes
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-256106 WindowsLookAndFeel is not migrated to IntelliJLaf / JetBrainsLightTheme, defaults to Darcula
Bug IDEA-255461 CodeStyle settings jump to last tab when search filter matches entries in last tab
Bug IDEA-259129 idea.bat cannot set %JDK% from %USER_JDK64_FILE% if %APPDATA% contains spaces.
Bug IDEA-255333 File templates: some variables are not expanded on file creating
Bug IDEA-255673 When plugin that registers its own file type is installed, the notification is shown that suggests to revert the association to the incorrect file type
Bug IDEA-252588 Cannot export IDE settings (NotDirectoryException:
Usability IDEA-253137 Can't toggle (enable/disable) certain settings with keyboard (without mouse)
Usability IDEA-250146 Make ignore.virus.scanning.warn.message possible to revert via UI
Usability IDEA-253968 Import Settings from the backup overwrites the backup
Cosmetics IDEA-253866 Reword option "Open matching files as text and auto-detect file type by content"
Cosmetics IDEA-244165 Preferences: Expand-arrow is hard to notice on blue background
Cosmetics IDEA-235958 Import settings message is too complicated
Task IDEA-253357 Search in keymap should take synonyms into account
Task IDEA-253638 Add an API to prioritize configurables within a group in code style settings
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-254758 Settings repository doesn't apply pulled non-active custom keymap in case of "Merge"
Bug IDEA-254117 NPE on enabling IDE settings sync
Bug IDEA-253846 Can't set up IDE settings sync
Bug IDEA-254948 JDK classes are not properly resolved after setting up a new SDK
Bug IDEA-181599 Keymap not imported settings.jar or synced in settings repository across two Webstorm instances
Cosmetics IDEA-228653 Wording: These all Sync Settings
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-254435 [Shared Indexes Plugin] Failed to attach shared index due to UnsupportedOperationException in UncompressedZipFileSystemProvider.getFileAttributeView()
Bug IDEA-258372 Save shared index version inside the index directory
Bug IDEA-254028 shared-indexes: update plugin description, introduce icon
Bug IDEA-258484 shared indexes generator is broken: file based index is not initialized by the time the command "dump-shared-index" is called
Bug IDEA-254057 Exception on exit after plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-252988 File search does not show files, search all does
Bug IDEA-255670 shared-indexes: public project shared index for IntelliJ Community
Performance IDEA-253399 IDEA freeze
Performance IDEA-257855 Excessive memory allocation when the IDE in idle
Usability IDEA-257595 Do not show notification about pre-build shared indexes multiple times for the same project
Usability IDEA-253972 Project specific settings for shared indexes are configured at IDE level
Task IDEA-252012 Group indexing diagnostics per project
Exception IDEA-256162 Throwable at com.intellij.util.indexing.StorageBufferingHandler.assertOnTheDiskMode
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-256564 IntelliJ IDEA Community 2020.3 release has EAP icon on macOS
Bug IDEA-254674 Windows 10 icon path in registry typo
Bug IDEA-256573 Unsupported Java Version error when idea.jdk file references Java < 11
Task IDEA-258358 Patch updates for arm64 macOS builds
Task IDEA-257798 Bundle Kotlin 1.4.21 with Intellij IDEA 2021.1
Task IDEA-255426 [Apple Silicon] Convert launcher binary to universal format
Exception IDEA-257865 CCE at com.intellij.database.actions.AddDataSourceFromPath$1.<init>
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-255967 License Collision dialog: change wording
Bug IDEA-257485 Add new license should honour previous state
Bug IDEA-255311 Eval license for commercial plugins in EAP builds should remain the same as the one for release builds
Bug IDEA-253899 Missing icons for disabled paid plugins in the license dialog
Bug IDEA-254049 License source is changed after the IDE restart
Bug IDEA-254664 License date information off by one day
Bug IDEA-256058 I can't register my license and open plugin market place
Task IDEA-256171 Force using EAP license for paid EAP-enabled plugins running in an EAP IDE build
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-256847 YAML: highlight both usages of PsiElement and Reference under caret if they have the same TextRange
Bug IDEA-250259 Go To action opens file inside generated sources
Bug IDEA-259121 "Go to File" shows a lot of directories first but no files
Bug IDEA-243804 Retrofit/okHttp: can't select url path segment, whole url selected instead
Usability IDEA-256350 Search using non english characters stopped working
Usability IDEA-252492 Do not show Calculator results in Search Everywhere if no operators are used
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-253543 JvmElementActionsFactory#createChangeParametersActions does not expose existing parameter annotations
Bug IDEA-255566 Collisions across Search Everywhere contributors' weights aren't detected
Bug IDEA-252628 Make, NamedScopesHolder) non "abstract"
Bug IDEA-254534 2020.3 EAP SDK break from removed type params for PlaceHolder/PlaceProvider
Task IDEA-228078 Scratch files should have their language file types, not ScratchFileType
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-259183 JavaFX Runtime for Plugins: An unexpected core classloader: class com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader
Bug IDEA-203746 New plugin page: depended plugin is not installed after user hit 'Proceed' in depending plugin installation
Bug IDEA-257854 Unclear/incorrect behavior on switching between per-project states
Bug IDEA-254315 Description in File Templates does not work any more
Bug IDEA-255042 Unable to unload plugin that uses module extension if project has no modules
Bug IDEA-254029 Issues after unloading Maven plugin by disabling it for project
Bug IDEA-257906 Incorrect wording of "Loaded because enabled for another project" info text
Bug IDEA-253447 Incompatible plugin message contains "version 'null'"
Bug IDEA-254204 Plugin is not unloaded after the last project was closed
Bug IDEA-252873 Plugin enabled for one project is shown as enabled\disabled for all projects if two projects are opened in a separate windows
Bug IDEA-256880 2020.3: Enterprise plugin market place drops the port from the plugin download URL
Bug IDEA-254176 Icons collision
Bug IDEA-257167 Cryptic error message on start
Bug IDEA-255055 Unable to load/unload plugin when extension point defined in optional config file
Bug IDEA-257851 Per-project plugin is not becoming enabled for all projects if action was invoked from another project, but becomes enabled only for the first opened project after IDEA restart
Cosmetics IDEA-257857 "Loaded because enabled for another project" doesn't fit plugin info block
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-256093 Sortable columns in profile results
Feature IDEA-257544 Show cpu load for all processes
Bug IDEA-253371 Profiler error: Not enough memory to load dump
Bug IDEA-254476 Freeze after jfr snapshot open
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-256411 "SDK Default" Default project language level is reset after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-255223 "Copy to module libraries..." action throws `IndexOutOfBoundsException` (`OrderEntryUtil#replaceLibraryEntryByAdded`, New project model)
Bug IDEA-257341 Changes in facet configuration in iml file aren't loaded by IDE on the fly
Bug IDEA-257337 Workspace model: issues with NonNegativeIntIntBiMap implementation
Bug IDEA-256482 KOTLIN_BUNDLED path variable is sometimes expanded in Kotlin Facet settings in iml file after updating to new build in Toolbox
Bug IDEA-257235 Libraries folder disappear from .idea folder
Bug IDEA-257495 Last facet removed from module restores after reopen
Bug IDEA-257249 Iml files related to the module are not cleaned up
Bug IDEA-257767 Module settings not saved in .idea folder
Bug IDEA-257867 Workspace model should survive broken cache
Bug IDEA-256968 Incorrect behaviour of workspace model storage
Bug IDEA-257254 Facet tag not cleaned up from iml files
Bug IDEA-257045 Adding module groups are not working anymore
Bug IDEA-253515 "Invalidate and restart" action deletes content of .idea/libraries directory in projects which use Gradle if Android plugin is enabled
Bug IDEA-253586 Class is not registered:
Bug IDEA-254157 Sometimes VfsUtilCore.copyFile adds an extra bom to the new file
Bug IDEA-257959 Project language level covers Java Preview warning dialog
Bug IDEA-253040 IDEA does not recognise a module, but it is present in modules.xml
Bug IDEA-256822 IJ creates unwanted folders with gradle project creation
Bug IDEA-257335 Workspace model: exception when editing non-existing entity
Bug IDEA-258722 Reopening project removes "Android" and "Android-Gradle" facets from "app" module
Bug IDEA-257310 Changes in *.iml files for projects imported from Maven/Gradle aren't loaded by IDE automatically
Performance IDEA-257596 Slow opening of project with thousands of module libraries
Performance IDEA-252694 Freeze during processing changed project configuration files
Exception IDEA-256011 NPE in CachedConversionResult.getConversionInfoFile when opening project in root of Windows drive
Exception IDEA-189132 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.ModulesConfigurator.getOrCreateModuleEditor
Exception IDEA-253589 NoSuchFileException while getting module file
Exception IDEA-257252 UnsupportedOperationException at com.intellij.framework.detection.impl.DetectedFrameworksData.updateFrameworksList
Exception IDEA-253686 It's not possible to create a new project at location which was used for another project
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-258058 Support bimodality of the {@return} Standard Doclet tag
Bug IDEA-253284 "Show on mouse move" is shown as a button with unknown icon in Documentation tool window
Cosmetics IDEA-258219 Quick Doc: Typo in the description of JSP contentType
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-235126 During dialog-based rename, substituteElementToRename is called twice
Bug IDEA-258166 "Refactor / Rename" on resource file picks wrong file
Exception IDEA-121424 Throwable at com.intellij.ide.impl.DataManagerImpl$MyDataContext.getData
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-253893 Unable to specify tags for JUnit5 tests
Bug IDEA-255343 [new run config UI] Make Main class background the same as in editable fields
Bug IDEA-243747 [new run config UI] add to Modify menu for Logs and Coverage sections - options to close the appropriate block
Bug IDEA-254136 [new run config UI] mnemonics for "command line fields" don't work
Bug IDEA-256734 Invalid got it tooltip for 'Repeat N times'
Bug IDEA-259247 Alt-Enter shows action groups that do nothing
Bug IDEA-257029 IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 GUI: Configuration Window textfield does not scale with font size
Bug IDEA-255843 [new run config UI] canceled Before Launch tasks are visible after valid task adding
Bug IDEA-253468 New Run Configuration UI: 'Include dependencies with Provided scope' option is reset
Bug IDEA-253816 [new run config UI] "Build" Before Launch disappears after modifying the Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-256792 New run configuration show red error for Main class comes from libraries (when enabling "Include non-project items")
Bug IDEA-256532 [new run config UI] if delete one of 3 Build Before Launch task - all Build tasks will be deleted after dialog re-opening
Bug IDEA-253019 [new run config UI] Run Configuration is missing "Use module path" checkbox after upgrade to 2020.3
Bug IDEA-255767 Compound Run Configuration .run.xml files are duplicated many times when stored as project file
Bug IDEA-244894 [new run config UI] when switching to the new UI - in the Code Coverage section included and excluded classes are hidden
Bug IDEA-256715 "Repeat N times" option in JUnit run configuration is shown twice
Bug IDEA-254134 [new run config UI] in Before Launch section it's impossible to add several tasks of the same type
Bug IDEA-254720 Command line shortening: don't suggest for non-java process
Bug IDEA-252563 "Template. The values saved here..." banner isn't shown for template run configurations using the new UI
Bug IDEA-247789 Modify link underline does not disappear
Bug IDEA-255011 [new run config UI] hint on hover for JDK field is shown only if it has focus
Usability IDEA-256633 Option to run application with 'provided' scope dependencies is hard to find
Usability IDEA-256637 Edit Configuration dialog in IDEA 2020.3 doesn't have a field to specify the module
Usability IDEA-257566 [new run config UI] Update default lengths of fields
Usability IDEA-254515 Get rid of unclear "user-local default" option in "Shorten command line" field in JVM-based run configurations
Cosmetics IDEA-257477 Fix tooltips in Java and JUnit dialogs
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-251763 Provide browsers from browsable targets to run configurations
Feature IDEA-252713 Support wizard-based SSH target creation
Bug IDEA-257452 Run Targets: SSH target introspection in wizard failed for maven RC
Bug IDEA-253090 Run Targets: Get Maven exception after choosing several targets in maven configuration
Bug IDEA-253695 Run Targets: rsync test connection asks for ssh server password, but it is provided
Bug IDEA-258084 Run Targets: JUnit: attempt to run 'all in package' run configuration fails with SSH target
Bug IDEA-256133 Run Targets: new maven configuration with docker run target have duplicated name to existed configuration
Bug IDEA-257693 Run Targets: Additional java/maven runtimes from SSH wizard not added to SSH target
Bug IDEA-258035 Run Targets: After introspection for SSH target, JDK path have extra white space at the end which fails app run
Bug IDEA-254846 Run Targets. Go language runtime: version is always empty after restart
Bug IDEA-255755 Run configuration never ends after exception on target preparation
Bug IDEA-257608 Make Project path on target browsable in SSH target wizard
Bug IDEA-253369 Run Targets. Docker. Build args are ignored.
Bug IDEA-256343 [SSH Target] Support file exclusion for rsync
Bug IDEA-253711 Run Targets: SSH: attempt to run JUnit 5 run configuration fails on attempt to copy files
Bug IDEA-258066 Run Targets: SSH: all maven run configurations fail on resources copying stage trying to access /project folder
Bug IDEA-252665 Run Targets: On run springBoot with docker run target get java.lang.NoSuchFieldException:
Bug IDEA-253151 Exception when uploading file to SSH run target
Bug IDEA-253753 Run Targets: Turn off run targets functionality for the sub-run-configs of Application
Bug IDEA-256269 Run Targets. Docker. Different exceptions/Freeze at re-run an application on docker targets
Bug IDEA-253152 Uploading files to a run target should exclude ignored files
Bug IDEA-253797 Docker. Run Targets. Copy a docker target action creates a new target without a name and doesn't copy language values
Bug IDEA-252759 Run Targets. Docker. It doesn't work on winOS because of the invalid paths
Bug IDEA-260005 Hide Run Targets UI from the IDEs with no supported language runtimes
Bug IDEA-253321 Run Targets. Changes in the chosen Dockefile should be saved before running build/pull process
Bug IDEA-258863 SSH: Rsync upload fails on local/remote paths with spaces
Bug IDEA-253836 Run Targets: (maven configuration) ssh target with RSync option should use the same folder instead if creating new one each time
Bug IDEA-253343 Run Targets. Run configs: the newly created run target is not selected in the Run Configuration dialog
Bug IDEA-252667 Run Targets: Can't debug junit configuration with docker run target
Bug IDEA-253810 Run targets. Docker. Creation via Settings: it doesn't take the set "language runtime" and doesn't run container introspection
Bug IDEA-253330 Run Targets. Docker. Run targets creation works wrong because 'Runtime language' step is absent during the target creation.
Bug IDEA-253362 Run Targets. Docker. Add validation for "Run options" field as it for Docker run configs
Bug IDEA-254966 Run Targets. Docker. Correctly process going to previous steps by creating targets
Bug IDEA-253428 SSH Target: after failure with upload IDE still tries to upload something
Bug IDEA-257453 Run Targets: JDK path for SSH target not filled during introspection
Bug IDEA-253323 Run Targets: Docker. Build: image tag is wrong displayed for the created run target with a custom image tag
Bug IDEA-255466 Run Targets: When create new project and new ssh target on attempt to browse jdk get "failed to find ssh settings"
Bug IDEA-252405 Run Targets: Can't configure maven home for docker run target
Bug IDEA-253624 Run Targets: SSH: the files are copied before the project is built. As a result the application runs without the last changes always (or fails in case of missing local build results)
Bug IDEA-253239 Run Targets: the remote java is shown in the Application Run Configuration when the remote target is selected, but not in the Spring Boot Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-248370 Show an error when no runtime is configured
Bug IDEA-252404 Run Targets: Hide run on list before wizard
Bug IDEA-255092 Run Targets. Docker. java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class at attempt to create/rebuild docker run target
Bug IDEA-258081 Run Targets: the Next button remains disabled in the New Target: SSH dialog if the existing connection is selected using the SSH Configurations dialog invoked by browse button
Bug IDEA-253345 Run Targets. Docker. Errors by "Rebuild" the same Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-257136 Run Targets: Introspection for SSH target during wizard completed with errors
Bug IDEA-257610 Changes in Project path and JDK path in SSH wizard are not applied
Usability IDEA-253334 Run Targets. RunConfigs->Manage targets. Add Apply button.
Usability IDEA-253620 Run Targets. Docker. Improve target creation via Settings
Usability IDEA-253274 Run Targets: SSH: provide possibility to select the Maven home path on the remote machine using the path chooser
Usability IDEA-253269 Run Targets: SSH: add possibility to select the jdk home path using the path chooser
Cosmetics IDEA-254006 Run Targets. Docker. Create via Settings: the 3d step name is present only as `3/3.` instead of `3/3. Configure Java`
Cosmetics IDEA-252469 Run Targets: Adjust add language runtime section beneath Advanced Volume Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-253693 Run Targets: rsync connected message not visible in dark theme
Task IDEA-252711 Run Targets: targets should be project-level
Task IDEA-256241 Run Targets: make new SSH server configuration global by default
Task IDEA-259479 Run Targets: enable run.targets key by default in 2021.1 EAP
Exception IDEA-257536 NPE at
Core. SSHBug IDEA-253595 When auth type is not openssh+agent, preferred authentications should be updated.
Bug IDEA-258583 Prefer ECDSA/ED25519 host keys when connecting to an SSH server
Bug IDEA-252300 Entered SSH passphrase isn't applied for deployment configuration
Bug IDEA-253288 If ssh password request is shown as a balloon, it can't be shown as a modal window.
Bug IDEA-254121 AWS generates ssh without passphrase but IDE asks for it
Bug IDEA-253287 SSH password requests are not cancellable.
Cosmetics IDEA-258310 Log throwables from wrapBlockingSshCall at most once
EditorFeature IDEA-252707 Soft wrap in lightedit
Feature IDEA-235188 Add ability to reserve separate window for a tab
Bug IDEA-255347 IllegalStateException: InSmartMode can't be used in LightEdit mode, check that LightEdit.owns(project)==false before calling
Bug IDEA-253454 "More about the LightEdit mode" link should open help page for current IDE
Bug IDEA-253077 --wait option: terminal waits for whole editor window to be closed when light editor was opened with restored previously opened files
Bug IDEA-255156 Light Editor doesn't remember changed windows size
Bug IDEA-253165 --edit command-line option is ignored in case build.gradle/pom.xml
Bug IDEA-256084 Codeinsight stuck on the screen
Bug IDEA-253601 Bad live-template position near the inlay element.
Bug IDEA-255295 Reader Mode options are not applied for file when switching it to read-only mode
Bug IDEA-250265 NullPointerException when trying to invoke intention actions for .md files
Bug IDEA-256943 Cannot select text with mouse if the starting point overlaps with current or previous search result highlight
Bug IDEA-259753 Unable to open java file in LightEdit mode, UnsupportedOperationException occurs
Usability IDEA-253084 Reader Mode very surprising the first time you see it
Cosmetics IDEA-252291 File Type Associations: tooltip that appears after choosing file types is displayed with extra element
Exception IDEA-247391 Assertion failed at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexEx.getCurrentDumbModeAccessType(
Editor. Code CompletionUsability IDEA-258892 Rename "SmartType completion" to "Type-matching completion"
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-228934 Add option to launch 3-way-diff directly
Bug IDEA-211809 Blank diff results loose all user changes
Bug IDEA-258704 Clicking on a change marker in left gutter adds a breakpoint if the code block is folded
Bug IDEA-255639 Compare File with Editor action should be disabled in file context menu when Diff Preview is opened in Editor
Bug IDEA-256076 Extra pixel on editor diff markers
Bug IDEA-253069 Font ligature settings are being ignored
Usability IDEA-224087 Exiting Diff Viewer with a non-file-backed pane looses changes
Cosmetics IDEA-240718 Caret is placed in the right pane when a blank Diff window is opened
Cosmetics IDEA-239121 diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
Cosmetics IDEA-255482 White line on diff highlighters on 2,25 scaling
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-219868 Add "Find in Path" to editor context menu for selected text
Bug IDEA-255435 After drag and drop split, caret is at wrong position
Cosmetics IDEA-203151 Remove toolbar in Quick Definition dialog
Task IDEA-253903 Optimize Copy/Paste processors
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-192807 Enter calculates wrong indent
Bug IDEA-229823 EditorConfig doesn't support some settings of YAML Code Style
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-236593 Docker: java.lang.Throwable: Assertion failed at opening a Dockerfile
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-258528 TextMate plugin pollutes the log with "Failed to parse textmate regex" exceptions
FrameworksFeature IDEA-254260 Microservices: prioritize URL completion items with the authority from URL context
Feature IDEA-241555 Microservices: provide Open in Web Browser intention action for URL references
Feature IDEA-244537 Axios: template literal interpolations in urls are not supported
Feature IDEA-230879 R2DBC: Provide references and completion for parameters of bind()
Feature IDEA-251672 Endpoints View: show deprecated items with striked-out presentation
Bug IDEA-254981 JavaEE: unable to deploy new Gradle project to Tomcat
Bug IDEA-255590 JavaEE project wizard - Provide samples for Kotlin and Groovy
Bug IDEA-254105 Frameworks: http:// part of the path parsed differently in yaml with http path injection and in swagger specification
Bug IDEA-256476 JavaEE: update dependencies for New Project wizard for Jakarta EE 9 implementations
Bug IDEA-253921 Spring Boot. Module creation: src and other folders are not auto-configured
Bug IDEA-253460 Services view: tab header color for specific (database-related) tab should consider colors set for the specific table/schema/ etc
Bug IDEA-246411 Microservices: unable to insert HTTP Path Reference to Groovy
Bug IDEA-255768 com/intellij/micronaut/run/gradle/MnApplicationGradleModelcom/intellij/micronaut/run/gradle/MnApplic ationGradleModel by opening a gradle project
Bug IDEA-253702 URL actions inlay is getting wrong size while entering or leaving presentation mode
Bug IDEA-255324 JavaEE wizard. Artifact and Server run configuration is not created for Jakarta EE 9
Usability IDEA-254967 Navigate | URL Mapping: it would be better if on Ctr-Shift-\ pressing or "/url " typing in SE the list of found url appears
Cosmetics IDEA-254982 JavaEE wizard. Provide some explanation string instead of the empty line in the `Application Server` list
Cosmetics IDEA-258096 Url Path segments are not highlighted on hover and no doc is shown in the large project
Task IDEA-253351 Check empty string in Gutters
Frameworks. GWTBug IDEA-221256 GWT 2.8.2 : inspection incorrectly marks some valid code as "not present in JRE Emulation Library"
Bug IDEA-251756 Frameworks: get GWT plugin exception on create new quarkus project with Gradle
Frameworks. HibernateFeature IDEA-256930 Hibernate: SQL/JPQL language injection for new reactive APIs
Bug IDEA-216295 Generate SQL in JPA console: UnsupportedOperationException: org.hibernate.jpa.internal.EntityManagerImpl is not supported
Bug IDEA-169715 Hibernate: SortedMap should be allowed when annotated with sort annotations.
Frameworks. LombokFeature IDEA-255166 Support lombok ExtensionMethods
Bug IDEA-253011 IDEA EAP fails to run/debug project with any lombok annotation
Bug IDEA-254453 Hide Lombok/Delombok groups if project doesn't have Lombok library
Bug IDEA-258374 Find usages of classes broken when lombok logging annotation is used
Bug IDEA-254198 Builder ignores visibility of XArgsConstructor
Bug IDEA-257311 Lombok is not bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Community 2020.3 version
Performance IDEA-256049 45 second freeze on build start because of Lombok plugin
Usability IDEA-253486 Lombok per project enabling setting - still required?
Task IDEA-254282 Replace UI options to disable val, @Builder, ect support with registry keys
Task IDEA-254280 Please remove missing Lombok dependency warning
Task IDEA-254281 Avoid checking for annotation processors on project open
Frameworks. MicronautFeature IDEA-246353 Micronaut Run Configuration
Feature IDEA-255966 Micronaut: support Gradle Kotlin as Build system option for new Projects
Bug IDEA-253587 Micronaut: incorrect highlighting of class-level path variable usages when the value-less @PathVariable annotation is used or this annotation is omitted
Bug IDEA-253588 Micronaut: the class-level path variable is not updated on the corresponding method parameter rename (in case of value-less @PathVariable annotation or missing annotation)
Bug IDEA-255559 Micronaut: in multi-module project only single run configuration is created automatically
Bug IDEA-256263 Micronaut: run configurations are not auto-created by getting the pointed project from github
Bug IDEA-256048 Micronaut project generation: disordered Languages and Test Frameworks options
Task IDEA-256082 Micronaut: add JDK 15 to the language level selector in New Project wizard
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Feature IDEA-255499 Switch between dark/light swagger UI themes when ide theme is changed
Bug IDEA-253947 Can not resolve base path in remote openapi 3 specification
Bug IDEA-253309 Openapi 3 server variables are not highlighted when caret is on the usage reference in yaml
Bug IDEA-253536 Swagger: handling of complex path-variables
Bug IDEA-253513 Frameworks: No quick documentation for yaml openapi specification
Bug IDEA-242142 OpenApi. Remote specifications. Remote specifications should be forcibly reformatted
Bug IDEA-253411 Swagger/OpenAPI: no endpoints completion in yaml specification
Bug IDEA-255540 Swagger/OpenAPI: completion for $ref can replace whole url in some cases
Bug IDEA-253537 Swagger: support for repeating path-variables
Bug IDEA-254734 External file references are not resolved in specifications in resources root
Bug IDEA-254040 Swagger/OpenAPI: changing cursor position in spec file editor not scroll in swagger UI browser
Bug IDEA-254680 Swagger corrupts the URL Path when trying to rename a path-variable
Bug IDEA-257850 "Export OpenAPI Draft" action should use path template with slash
Performance IDEA-255116 Swagger/OpenAPI: perfomance problem with swagger spec code analyses
Usability IDEA-254104 Swagger/OpenAPI: in $ref can't call completion for file if # present
Cosmetics IDEA-251410 SwaggerHub minor improvements
Exception IDEA-253886 Swagger/OpenAPI: "Write access is allowed from write thread only" exception on open yaml specification
Exception IDEA-253482 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertWriteAccessAllowed
Frameworks. ReactorCosmetics IDEA-258644 UI text for Reactor settings
Frameworks. SeleniumFeature IDEA-257331 Selenium: implement Allure references in Groovy
Feature IDEA-245975 Selenium: provide complete test example in new project
Bug IDEA-253803 Selenium: invalid warning about unknown CSS element for literal in string concatenation
Bug IDEA-255977 Selenium: On run example test from new Selenium project with Fluentlenium+Gradle get NSME for Collector toImmutableList()
Bug IDEA-256535 Selenium: invalid warning about unknown CSS element for field used in string concatenation
Bug IDEA-254850 Selenium: incomplete Allure setup in new Maven project
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-196065 Spring Integration: recognize implicit endpoint bean names: annotations
Feature IDEA-196070 Spring Integration: @EndpointId support
Feature IDEA-248566 Spring: provide URL Path references for MockMvcRequestBuilders
Feature IDEA-233048 Consider @ConditionalOnProperty annotation for suggestion / warning
Feature IDEA-254526 Spring: check that the TestRestTemplate bean is available for autowiring in case of proper webEnvironment configured only
Bug IDEA-233806 Spring: Support meta annotations with @FeignClient
Bug IDEA-157051 SpEL: not public fields should not be completed and resolved for beans and types
Bug IDEA-174081 Spring: wrong autowiring candidates are shown for Collection<MyType> dependencies if <util:set>/<util:list> elements of MyType exist
Bug IDEA-205877 Spring + MyBatis: @Mapper annotation not recognized as @Autowire candidate
Bug IDEA-229228 False positive inspection: "Could not autowire. No beans of types found." with @Autowired(required = false) on nullable List field
Bug IDEA-226115 Could not autowire. No Beans of 'HttpServletResponse' type found
Bug IDEA-257189 Spring: support @javax.annotation.Priority
Bug IDEA-196935 Receiving Could not autowire. No beans of type found.
Bug IDEA-253819 Spring: support TestRestTemplate
Bug IDEA-229568 "Could not autowire" incorrectly reported for Spring Data JPA repository registered via @EnableJpaRepositories on composed annotation
Bug IDEA-255657 Spring Boot: for multi-module gradle-based project no SB run configurations are created on import
Bug IDEA-251043 Spring Webflux: HTTP Request is generated incorrectly for the nested paths in some cases
Bug IDEA-243133 Intellij IDEA Spring Incorrect "Cannot find autowire. No beans of MyBean or List<MyBean> types founds."
Bug IDEA-174089 Spring: don't suggest inner beans as possible values of @Resource#name annotation
Bug IDEA-146249 Good code red: "Autowiring for Bean Class"
Bug IDEA-254381 Spring Reactive WebClient: HTTP Request generated for the webclient uri in Editor doesn't respect the method and base url
Bug IDEA-250661 Spring: property placeholder injecting into SpEL literal should be processed properly; array-type constructor arguments should be correctly processed
Bug IDEA-171193 Could not autowire Bean to a Map
Bug IDEA-187992 non required beans marked as wiring issue
Bug IDEA-187124 Cannot find bean qualified with custom annotation
Bug IDEA-250983 Spring Webflux: HTTP Request generating for the functional route endpoint doesn't respect the specified request method
Bug IDEA-254771 Spring Feign Client: client enabled explicitly via @EnableFeignClients#clients is not recognized if it uses the custom annotation
Bug IDEA-195503 Spring Integration: <bridge> element can't be autowired
Bug IDEA-242101 Spring Feign: the feign client bean name is incorrect: use @FeignClient#qualifier if any or interface FQN, not @FeignClient#name
Bug IDEA-256297 Spring profiles defined via constant values are not updated in completion variants when value is changed
Bug IDEA-255923 Spring: Missing configuration XML files when create Spring MVC project
Bug IDEA-252019 Spring Boot: autowired inspection => exclude explicitly defined @CondinalOnBean beans
Bug IDEA-145169 False positives 'Autowired members defined in the invalid spring bean'
Bug IDEA-212044 "Could not autowire" Spring bean error does not account for ConditionalOnMissingBean
Bug IDEA-158473 Spring: generics as autowiring qualifiers: multiple candidates are shown if bean of generic type w/o parameter exists
Bug IDEA-240665 Navigate to autowired candidates does not work for array/collection autowiring
Bug IDEA-256065 Spring MVC: collect variables added in @ModelAttribute method
Bug IDEA-209334 Could not autowire error for meta annotations with @ContextConfiguration
Bug IDEA-196074 Spring Integration: service-activator element can't be autowired
Bug IDEA-169189 Spring: IDEA reports "could not autowire" for prototype bean factory method with parameters
Bug IDEA-194050 Spring autowired candidates not found if @Autowired not specified in constructor.
Bug IDEA-253591 Spring MVC: pathVariable reference in URL should be updated on rename | code occurrences invocation for the corresponding parameter
Bug IDEA-199421 Incorrect autowiring for JpaRepository interfaces annotated with @Repository with a provided value
Bug IDEA-178520 Spring: meta annotations for @Autowired + @Qualifier are not supported properly
Bug IDEA-219956 Unable to get rid of "could not autowired bean type not found" using Nullable, required = false or List<>
Bug IDEA-256756 Spring configuration file mappings not saved
Bug IDEA-187066 Spring Autowiring inspection no bean found for HttpServletRequest
Bug IDEA-255848 Spring: no SQL language injection in DatabaseClient.sql call
Exception IDEA-255174 Chameleons must not be parsed till they're in file tree: PsiCodeBlock when edit java class
GroovyFeature IDEA-144807 Add inspection for GStrings that could/should be Strings
Feature IDEA-257580 Error with valid Groovy multi assignment in IDE
Bug IDEA-251753 SuppressWarnings("SpellCheckingInspection") doesn't work for Groovy scripts
Bug IDEA-254186 Groovy syntax analysis produces a red code while parsing '!in' expression
Bug IDEA-197031 Groovy 2.5.x @TupleConstructor produces error at call-site "Cannot apply default constructor for class ..."
Bug IDEA-258169 Throwable: recursion
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-251327 Groovy: calling single-parameter method without arguments yields no warning in IDEA
InfrastructureTask IDEA-155798 Merge 'Application Servers View' plugin into the JavaEE support
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBug IDEA-260007 Third-party license list is empty in 2021.1 Dev
JavaFeature IDEA-255177 Allow an annotation attribute to be marked as "references a method name"
Bug IDEA-257951 Better message for Find why 'xxx' could be BOTTOM when analyzing stack traces
Bug IDEA-258134 Experimental Feature Alert is shown on every project opening in
Bug IDEA-235898 Module X reads package Y from both Z and Z
Bug IDEA-257833 expansion in lambda
Performance IDEA-255956 Speedup console filtering (especially exceptions)
Performance IDEA-231798 IntelliJ performance issue while typing (LightJavaModule#claimedModuleName)
Usability IDEA-257826 Extend Selection should select record parameter list without parentheses
Task IDEA-257409 Add Java 16 language level
Java. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-256258 Suggest ChronoUnit members where TemporalUnit is expected
Feature IDEA-257524 Support Stream#toList() method
Feature IDEA-253549 Same code completion for `assertEquals(expected, actual, message)` as for `assertEquals(expected, actual)`
Bug IDEA-255450 Wrong completion suggestions for enums
Bug IDEA-253298 Auto-Complete doesn't work properly for publicly extended private classes
Bug IDEA-254869 Records: no completion for record component names
Bug IDEA-63639 Completion after new offers in list classes with private constructors
Bug IDEA-255890 'Complete Current Statement' for vararg method like String.format works incorrectly
Usability IDEA-257766 Don't suggest final classes after "extends" in code completion
Usability IDEA-254150 Suggest `toList` stream conversion when expected type doesn't match
Java. Code GenerationFeature IDEA-258822 When overriding default interface methods in Java, the generated methods should call qualified super
Bug IDEA-257174 Generating getters fails with NPE
Bug IDEA-259098 `Insert super call` generates red code
Java. DebuggerFeature IDEA-259625 Modify breakpoint PassCount does not accept underscore (_) in numbers
Feature IDEA-257582 Auto attach debugger to waiting process
Bug IDEA-257493 Java Debugger: Value hint for XOR expression (chars) shows incorrect value
Bug IDEA-255136 IAE when debugging with dcevm
Bug IDEA-259213 No alternative source switcher for fallback case
Bug IDEA-234345 Preview features not supported when evaluating during tests debugging.
Bug IDEA-255542 Array is not instanceof Serializable
Bug IDEA-255666 'Show image' action in debugger doesn't work if invoked for the first time on 'auto-variable'
Usability IDEA-235956 Debug: Do not step into JUnit 5 and Spock internal classes
Usability IDEA-257881 Evaluating expressions involving application classes fails if current debugger location is in JDK class
Java. Debugger. Memory ViewBug IDEA-253276 Broken default behaviour of "Show referring objects" action in case of recursion
Java. Eclipse IntegrationBug IDEA-257156 Import of Eclipse modules fails
Bug IDEA-253364 Eclipse: changing storage format from "IntelliJ IDEA" to "Eclipse" doesn't remove unnecessary content from iml file
Bug IDEA-253564 Global library dependency is broken at IDE restart
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-255805 Sealed classes: report permits classes that miss final/sealed/non-sealed modifier at permits list directly
Feature IDEA-257410 Enable static members inside inner classes in Java 16
Feature IDEA-253230 Editor should produce a red code in records with @SafeVarargs in Java 16
Bug IDEA-256804 Highlighting bug when using JDK 15 Records
Bug IDEA-252839 False positive error highlighting when mapping on an Optional with type hint
Bug IDEA-256253 Red code should be produced for @Repeatable annotation
Bug IDEA-257526 Good code is red: varargs method reference
Bug IDEA-252806 Cannot infer type var on a variable without initializer
Bug IDEA-258347 Invalid detection of class accessibility for nested class which is used as a generic parameter
Bug IDEA-255486 Good code is red: diamonds with protected methods in anonymous class arguments
Bug IDEA-259666 Good code red: conditional with diamond inside anonymous
Bug IDEA-259701 Red code green: diamonds in unchecked method invocation
Bug IDEA-249508 Bad code green: NotNull is not a repeatable annotation type
Bug IDEA-252611 Related problems hint is stuck after removing throws clause
Usability IDEA-254372 Confusing error message: break outside of enclosing switch expression
Java. Extract MethodBug IDEA-255352 In-place extract method fails when tries to create a template
Bug IDEA-255363 In-place extract method: missing name suggestion
Usability IDEA-255134 In-place extract method: clarify got it tooltips.
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-255926 Support streams generated by StreamSupport in 'Stream API call chain can be replaced with loop' inspection
Feature IDEA-253317 Warn when record component annotation is overridden by explicit member
Feature IDEA-253781 Redundant 'if' statement should process overwritten declaration
Feature IDEA-254704 `Java | Dependency issues | Illegal package dependencies` is not available for kotlin
Feature IDEA-254702 Malformed @Rule/@ClassRule inspection doesn't work for kotlin
Feature IDEA-253825 A field with @InjectSoftAssertions is never assigned
Feature IDEA-252993 Warn if getCellRenderer returns inaccessible JPanel
Feature IDEA-165876 StringBuffer may be StringBuilder inspection could handle case where the variable is initializing later
Feature IDEA-253383 "Redundant string operation" inspection should report use of toString() in string concatenation
Feature IDEA-251250 No quickfix for JavaDocs annotations for inspection "tag description is missing"
Feature IDEA-253512 Warn about possible O(N^2) in AbstractSet#removeAll calls
Feature IDEA-255644 First-class support for unbox+convert integer methods like Integer.longValue, Byte.intValue, etc.
Feature IDEA-255527 Recognize Arrays.copyOf method in dataflow analysis
Feature IDEA-257415 Warnings for value-based classes (Java 16)
Feature IDEA-254545 Inspection for allocation of array with negative size
Feature IDEA-254690 Add 'inconsistent whitespace indentation' and 'trailing space wiil be removed' inspections to java-15 (14 preview) text blocks.
Bug IDEA-247418 Code inspection: Java: Entry points: Add org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.RegisterExtension to default
Bug IDEA-254384 Class reference is null in buildFix for broken expression
Bug IDEA-256460 Suspicious call to 'Map.get' but explicit cast is "redundant".
Bug IDEA-255719 Properly support lombok extension methods in DFA
Bug IDEA-221643 IntelliJ detects redundant suppression of "all" if the @SupressWarnings annot have a comment block that contains the text 'all'
Bug IDEA-257106 @NotNull Parameters overriding non-annotated reports false positives for generic methods
Bug IDEA-253845 False positive NPE inspection warning for PriorityQueue
Bug IDEA-257522 False-positive "condition is always true" when counting loop overflows
Bug IDEA-259100 Replace explicit type with `var` produces red code
Bug IDEA-258683 Intellij suggests fix for "Inefficient conversion from ByteArrayOutputStream" that doesn't work for target java version
Bug IDEA-258498 Flaky FieldCanBeLocal inspection on Mockito project
Bug IDEA-254206 "Loop can be terminated after condition is met" wrong
Bug IDEA-173818 "Declaration has Javadoc problems" suggests to add "return" to custom tags on void methods
Bug IDEA-257165 "Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection false positive with AtomicBoolean and assertThat
Bug IDEA-256355 Inspection '' which can't throw 'NoSuchElementException' shouldn't warn about non-implemented method
Bug IDEA-254155 Code is refactored to something not equivalent
Bug IDEA-253244 Fix all 'redundant suppression' problems in file does nothing in IDEA 2020.2.3
Bug IDEA-257647 Invalid optimization hint for PriorityQueue constructor usage
Bug IDEA-219569 Mandatory default methods in interfaces are flagged as Declaration Redundancy - Empty Method only calls super
Bug IDEA-258369 "Overly nested method" inspection is not aware of some language constructs
Bug IDEA-258470 Method reference presence breaks "method may be static" inspection
Bug IDEA-252926 Remove 'static' when convert nested class to record
Bug IDEA-254611 Wrong message "Contents of StringBuilder 'StringBuilderName' are updated, but never queried"
Bug IDEA-259113 Simplify inspection produces wrong code when trying to remove possibly short-circuited bool |= true
Bug IDEA-221473 Field naming convention recognizes java.time.ZoneOffset as mutable type
Bug IDEA-259694 Unchecked warning: missed warning when passing to unrelated proper class type
Bug IDEA-257674 Inspection "Wrong number of arguments" sometimes wrong with reflection
Bug IDEA-258367 Cyclomatic complexity inspection ignores switch expressions
Bug IDEA-259573 NPE in AddNewArrayExpressionFix while changing code with array declaration
Bug IDEA-252029 Cannot set package name for module declarations
Bug IDEA-223905 False positive for DuplicateBranchesInSwitch in case of fall-through
Bug IDEA-253245 Unused import is not detected when both static and non-static * imports are present
Bug IDEA-255498 "Dangling javadoc" inspection: false positive for java.ft file
Bug IDEA-170548 Dereferencing Guava Function lambda parameters "may produce NPE" in IDEA 2017.1
Bug IDEA-256052 The "Inline call to setter" inspection doesn't disappear after setter gets changed
Bug IDEA-208688 On demand inspections and batch inspections do not agree: Declaration access can be weaker
Bug IDEA-254882 Running Inspections from command line rarely produces invalid XML
Usability IDEA-253756 `Class.getResourceAsStream` has wrong `NotNull` external annotation
Usability IDEA-220039 Unwrap or remove redundant 'else'
Usability IDEA-210462 "Method only calls its super" should not be reported when method calls super method more than once.
Usability IDEA-224606 Inspection 'Raw use of parameterized class' should provide quick-fix when generic type is _obvious_
Usability IDEA-224056 Unused declaration doesn't report unused variable in lambda
Usability IDEA-257385 'StringBuffer' may be 'StringBuilder' is not reported for simple case
Usability IDEA-256294 Misleading inspection message 'Call to toLowerCase() is redundant'
Cosmetics IDEA-256406 Redundant parentheses in 'Redundant String operation' inspection result
Cosmetics IDEA-256427 Warning "Not annotated parameter overrides @??? parameter"
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-252714 Null passed to a NotNull parameter when creating a field
Bug IDEA-254621 Invalid type in substitutor when invoking Extract to method reference
Bug IDEA-250286 replace = wtih -= changes semantic
Bug IDEA-253733 Create class quick fix doesn't appear inside instanceof expression
Bug IDEA-249111 Intention "Annotate overriding methods" asks about external annotations for every implementation
Bug IDEA-257288 When creating a class, offer to extend from the correct supertype
Bug IDEA-225992 "Convert to atomic" breaks code when converting negative value
Bug IDEA-253354 Comment is missing after splitting multi-catch into separate catch blocks
Bug IDEA-235781 "Create field" quick-fix failed to infer proper field type
Bug IDEA-256942 Java Quick Fixes: Cast should be suggested
Bug IDEA-256041 Incorrect 'Replace operator assignment with assignment' intention behavior
Bug IDEA-254385 Assertion failed: Parent not found for PsiArrayAccessExpression
Usability IDEA-257975 It would be nice to have Convert to Text Block as an intention on string literals with escape characters inside
Usability IDEA-247548 Better UI for selecting external annotation path
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-257256 Search field in flame graph stays dark after theme switching
Bug IDEA-256027 Broken error message in CPU profiler
Bug IDEA-258877 Visiting the profiler tab's Events tab and selecting a large Events category hangs the editor, it should not
Bug IDEA-254682 NullPointerException while opening jfr snapshot
Bug IDEA-254972 Async agent added 2 times
Usability IDEA-254546 CPU profiler button is disabled
Usability IDEA-254876 CPU button disappears for a while after being pressed
Task IDEA-259195 Update bundled async-profiler to 1.8.3
Java. Profiler. MemoryFeature IDEA-253096 Create HPROF dump from Profiler Start screen
Bug IDEA-253455 Scrollbars don't appear in hprof's 'Biggest Objects' and 'GC Roots' tabs
Usability IDEA-254010 Can't capture memory snapshot without opening it
Java. Properties FilesBug IDEA-240128 idea 2020.1.1 high cpu while idle
Bug IDEA-229124 Properties don't align in column when key-value delimiter is space
Bug IDEA-215803 Join and split string (with 'Enter' key) works incorrectly inside property files when cursor is inside property value
Bug IDEA-248720 Sort properties files loses comments
Support Request IDEA-248873 Cannot programmatically add comments to properties file
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-258092 Safe delete method suggests to delete its class as well
Bug IDEA-252977 After selecting "Inline all and keep" next time "Inline all and remove" is preselected in dialog
Bug IDEA-245058 Refactor move class is broken
Bug IDEA-258964 Refactoring `Use Interface Where Possible` should behave equally for all class references
Bug IDEA-255661 Inlining chaining constructor fails to substitute parameters
Bug IDEA-255057 Incorrect "Inline cannot be applied to multiline method in loop condition" warning
Bug IDEA-252248 Not removing the import when moving two classes outside the packages where one class is importing the other one.
Bug IDEA-256667 'Pull members Up' doesn't move implementation into interface
Bug IDEA-257315 class/package deletion does not update ``
Bug IDEA-179260 java9 - class move does not update ``
Bug IDEA-255066 Extract variable in record constructor and assigning it causes exception
Bug IDEA-258696 Rename property of entity does not rename accessor usages if accessors are created by lombok
Bug IDEA-258495 'Invert if' inserts redundant 'else'
Bug IDEA-249683 renaming method on record that overloads one of the implicitly generated "getter" methods breaks call-sites
Bug IDEA-250050 Refactor error, move enum to another class, adds final incorrectly
Bug IDEA-259249 Introduce Variable does not work together with 'declare var type' for arrays
Bug IDEA-256096 Convert To Instance Method doesn't handle parameter reassigning well
Bug IDEA-248913 Refactor method name, performs it wrong
Bug IDEA-248803 Cannot rename record field
Bug IDEA-254234 Exception on trying to rename to wrong name when settings popup opened
Bug IDEA-256107 Create local variable intention action duplicates comment
Performance IDEA-256960 IDEA is unresponsive after invoking 'Inline Super Class'
Usability IDEA-258834 Refactor this: don't suggest `Replace Method with Method object`
Usability IDEA-258710 Refactor this: show "Replace Inheritance with Delegate" only in case when caret is on class declaration and when there is super class
Usability IDEA-258837 Refactor this: don't suggest `Find and Replace code duplicates`
Usability IDEA-253043 Extract to variable doesn't work correctly within parenthesis
Usability IDEA-97433 Quick fix create inner static class
Usability IDEA-254255 Removing parameter via 'Change Signature' considers super calls to be usages
Usability IDEA-259023 Refactor this: don't suggest "Safe delete" action
Usability IDEA-258840 Refactor this: don't suggest `Generify` action
Usability IDEA-258906 Refactor this: better filtering for action `Use Interface Where Possible`
Usability IDEA-257697 Don't suggest `Pull Members Up` in `Refactor This` popup if there is no super class
Usability IDEA-258891 Refactor this: allow `Replace Constructor with Factory Method` only under the constructor declaration or constructor reference
Java. Tests. CucumberBug IDEA-252344 Incorrect display of ru steps with optionals via cucumber plugin
Bug IDEA-254030 Cucumber for Java plugin doesn't work with Android Studio
Bug IDEA-256627 UnsupportedClassVersionError when running cucumber tests with Java 8 SDK
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-253599 Search for tests across module dependencies stopped working in 203
Bug IDEA-248355 Parametrized tests method source is not resolved when using JUnit5 and Kotlin
Bug IDEA-258694 JUnit. Unable to view test history because of error "Cannot find runner for"
Bug IDEA-247622 Can't run whole project JUnit tests in Gradle project with multiple modules
Bug IDEA-253922 Freeze on RunnerAndConfigurationSettingsImpl.checkSettings
Bug IDEA-254524 New junit UI: search in single module/search across module dependencies are messed up
Bug IDEA-247545 12 sec Freeze in JUnit + Kotlin because of resolve on EDT
Bug IDEA-246238 Does not highlight a provider method in JUnit Jupiter Test Case
Bug IDEA-221658 Gutter actions work incorrectly if JUnit run configuration exists and there are both 'main' method and test method in test class
Bug IDEA-251942 New Junit run configuration UI: `search for tests` option doesn't make sense for class/method/uniqueId configurations
Bug IDEA-251214 import test results badly formats error messages for expected/actual
Bug IDEA-253869 can't run tests in directory
Bug IDEA-258147 New JUnit UI: allows to specify module class path for the "whole project" configuration
Bug IDEA-238556 Make is not started when rerun test suite from history
Performance IDEA-244291 JUnit run configuration editor freezes upon opening
Usability IDEA-249355 Run test gutter icon: display the keyboard shortcut
Usability IDEA-144385 When JUnit run configuration exists it's hard to run main method in the same class
Usability IDEA-253633 Scroll to fist stack trace if node with many tests selected
Usability IDEA-221654 Actions are doubled in gutter icon for test class with both test methods and 'main' if no run configuration created
Usability IDEA-247371 test run: Search by test name should also find nested tests
Usability IDEA-221656 When JUnit run configuration exists it's impossible to run 'main' method in the same class via context menu
Java. Tests. TestNGFeature IDEA-254832 Create a Comparison Failure when AssertionError is thrown by Akka's TestKit#expectMsg(Object)
Bug IDEA-248498 TestNG run configurations: save Bundled JRE properly
Bug IDEA-211278 IDEA suggests to run TestNG configuration in JUnit project, when several packages selected
Bug IDEA-256706 No run option for testng.xml suite
Usability IDEA-255410 IDEA test runner prints full (multi-line) expected and actual values when 'assertEquals' fails in a TestNG test
Java. i18nFeature IDEA-253349 Support ICU4J patterns in capitalization inspection
Feature IDEA-253464 CloudFormation: i18n
Bug IDEA-254004 rename module / directory popup strange symbols
Usability IDEA-229161 "I18nize Hardcoded String" dialog UX/UI issues
JavaX. AppServersBug IDEA-255744 location
Bug IDEA-255494 Find action shows preferences for Application Servers in the IDEs that don't have this feature
Bug IDEA-255745 location
Bug IDEA-255748 location
JavaX. CDIBug IDEA-255659 CDI tool window: no gutter icons for @Model classes
JavaX. EJB3Bug IDEA-126154 EJB: Missing ejb-jar_3_2.xsd
Usability IDEA-255726 EJB tool window: provide gutters for navigation from the corresponding ejbs and ejb-jar.xml files
JavaX. JPAFeature IDEA-116599 JPA: Persistence.xml: Provide code completion for JPA properties
Feature IDEA-258393 Enable generic persistence xml properties completion regardless of whether the JPA provider is selected
Feature IDEA-259550 Make `jpa console` action available for any item selected in the persistence view
Bug IDEA-104128 "JPA Issues. Unresolved queries and query parameters" works incorrect for multiple NamedQuery per entity nested within NamedQueries
Bug IDEA-215287 JPA NamedQuery not recognized when not inside NamedQueries
Bug IDEA-16061 JPA: Hibernate: The inspection must not flag as error a field with @AccessType("field") and without the setter method
Bug IDEA-251597 Hibernate @NamedQuery highlighted as error, JPA @NamedQuery is OK
Bug IDEA-243129 JPA: Create a new Entity/Embeddable/MappedSuperclass action generates a class without the corresponding annotation
Bug IDEA-253254 Invalid JPA inspection
Bug IDEA-258414 'Embedded' attribute type should not be 'Embeddable'
Bug IDEA-254275 Jakarta: Persistence.xml: Completion for mapping files/classes doesn't work. Resolve for mapping files doesn't work.
Bug IDEA-248548 Jakarta: Wrong inspection error 'org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider' is not assignable to 'javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceProvider'
Bug IDEA-119511 JPA: "EntityListener class X has no EntityListener methods" inspection does not look at parent class
Bug IDEA-257502 JPA console is not shown after `Run query in [jpa] console` action is invoked
Bug IDEA-259294 NPE at copy action in persistence.xml and orm files
Bug IDEA-210513 JPA @Version property reported as unused
Bug IDEA-233786 SortedSet is considered as incorrect type for 'Many To Many' attribute
Bug IDEA-254274 Jakarta: ORM files: completion/resolve of the database tables/columns doesn't work
Bug IDEA-254264 Jakarta. XML Schemas. No inspection errors in the persistence.xml file
Bug IDEA-257669 "Create Id attribute" quick fix should suggest to use at least uuid instead of string type
Bug IDEA-122692 JPA: False warning during runtime: 'Embedded' attribute type should not be 'Embeddable'
Bug IDEA-257644 JPA :Assigned datasource is not saved
Bug IDEA-126451 JPA: skip inspection "Cannot resolve column" on table-per-class mapping scheme or check the tables associated with all sub classes
Bug IDEA-241553 IDEA doesn't recognize correct JPA interface projection with the default methods
Bug IDEA-220249 KT: Inspection error if table name contains dollar sign $
Bug IDEA-254268 Jakarta. The generated jakarta entities are not added into the persistence.xml file
Bug IDEA-254271 Jakarta. The separate xmls per entity by entity generation are wrong generated: empty and with the old schema
Bug IDEA-210922 Inspection 'persistent attribute type checks' doesn't take extended @EmbeddedId - classes into account when reporting error
Bug IDEA-124954 JPA: Getters/Setters for fields annotated with @Access(AccessType.PROPERTY) should not be marked as unused
Bug IDEA-241723 JPA: Quick-fixes, add Id attribute. "Generated" id attribute is created without @GeneratedValue annotation
Bug IDEA-254263 Jakarta. Persistence unit name is wrong displayed in the Persistence view
Bug IDEA-217664 JPA: Template not found: orm_2_2.xml at adding orm.xml
Bug IDEA-244128 Jpa: SecondaryTable repeatable annotation warning
Bug IDEA-127912 'Persistent attribute type check' inspection erroneously reports that @OneToMany should not be used with SortedSet.
Usability IDEA-255027 JPA. Add possibility to navigate to the persistence view for *.hbm.xml, hibernate.cfg.xml files
Usability IDEA-225472 Persistence view entity type list is not sorted/sortable
Usability IDEA-233361 Hibernate/JPA console: console tool window remains hidden by console calling
Usability IDEA-228643 JPA: Change highlighting level of unresolved symbol inspection to WARN
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-242483 Inspection result show wrong type mismatch for JPA
JavaX. JSPException IDEA-256508 JSP: BaseJspManager throws RuntimeException for JSP 3.0
JavaX. JavaEEFeature IDEA-255655 Add action to open the JavaEE:App toolwindow to the application.xml descriptor
Feature IDEA-246703 Java EE: Provide App Server selector and create Run Configuration automatically on project creation
Bug IDEA-256463 Java EE: filter shown as unnamed in Web tool window for Jakarta EE projects
Bug IDEA-255662 JakartaEE: incorrect class created with New - RESTful Web Service action
Bug IDEA-256494 JavaEE. Project Settings. Adding deployment descriptors: in the versions list are absent some supported schema versions
Bug IDEA-255553 JavaEE: XML files. Open tool window gutter disappears after adding/removing empty lines/spaces
Bug IDEA-245434 New JavaEE project wizard. Add JPA properties to persistence.xml at adding the corresponding framework by project creation
Bug IDEA-255761 Java EE: use /api path for HelloApplication sample
Bug IDEA-256218 JavaEE: update dependencies for New Project wizard for Jakarta EE 9 specifications
Bug IDEA-177865 Java EE 7 XSD schemas missing
Bug IDEA-257496 JavaEE: Remove provided scope for Jakarta libraries when there is implementation selected on module creation
Usability IDEA-254190 Java EE: Add template selector on the first Java Enterprise wizard step
Usability IDEA-254750 Hide Java Enterprise tool windows by default
Task IDEA-254193 Jakarta EE: add MVC 1.1 specification to new project wizard
JavaX. ServletsBug IDEA-249016 New Servlet Wizard uses javax.* namespace in Jakarta EE 9 project
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-257696 JAX-RS: False-positive method may be static inspection in Groovy
Bug IDEA-255660 JAX-RS: ApplicationPath annotated classes considered unused
Bug IDEA-256739 KT. Gutters and inline icons are shown twice in a kotlin jax-rs resource file
Bug IDEA-251788 JAX-RS: no gutter icon for methods with annotations inherited from interface
Bug IDEA-170486 JAX-RS: "RESTful Web Service Client" template is blank
Bug IDEA-258191 JAX-RS: Endpoints pane doesn't resolve paths in one project
Lang. Flash and FlexBug IDEA-256952 "project structure" window problem validation
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-247214 JSONPath Language
Bug IDEA-258751 JsonQuoteHandler is not called inside JSON5 documents
Usability IDEA-241855 schemas drop-down should be using the names and not the url suffix
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-254499 Markdown preview uses wrong colors with dark editor color theme
Bug IDEA-251645 Leaf nodes shouldn't be displayed as expandable in structure view
Bug IDEA-258796 Unnecessary backslash escape in triple-backticked bash block
Bug IDEA-256650 UTF-8 characters not rendered properly in Markdown files after update to 2020.3
Lang. RegExpFeature IDEA-228664 Regexp inspection to warn about redundant non-capturing group
Bug IDEA-255232 Unclear highlighting and warning in RegExp tester
Bug IDEA-254217 CheckRegex with special symbols
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-256714 Shell script syntax highlighting mangled after a parameter expansion
Lang. ThymeleafBug IDEA-210718 Question mark in URL expression incorrectly parsed
Bug IDEA-253710 Thymeleaf literal substitution problems with html entities
Bug IDEA-232882 False positive: "<variable initializer> expected, got '|'" in Thymeleaf
Bug IDEA-256301 False-positive "No namespace for prefix" inspection for framework processed html-fragments
Bug IDEA-255431 Thymeleaf: literal substitutions are not parsed in arguments to parameterized fragment expressions
Bug IDEA-253881 Thymeleaf: unresolved pet variable in Spring Pet Clinic
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-207408 XSLT debugger broken on Java 9+
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-212875 YAML indentation bugs when copy-paste
LocalizationBug IDEA-256079 Double Ctrl is not extracted
Bug IDEA-254556 ii18n: Editor: Inlay Hint: Hardcoded hint strings in Editor
Cosmetics IDEA-256117 IntelliJ is showing "Add light to left (RTL) support where possible" instead of "Add right to left (RTL) support where possible"
Task IDEA-248905 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-250140 Proofread
Task IDEA-250155 Proofread
Task IDEA-248882 Proofread community/java/idea-ui/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249866 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-249908 Proofread community/plugins/git4idea/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249847 Proofread
Task IDEA-248736 Proofread community/platform/vcs-api/vcs-api-core/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250103 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-250053 Proofread
Task IDEA-248609 Proofread community/platform/diff-api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250148 Proofread
Task IDEA-249704 Proofread community/platform/vcs-log/api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249850 Proofread
Task IDEA-249626 Proofread
Task IDEA-249842 Proofread
Task IDEA-250117 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-249994 Proofread
Task IDEA-249560 Proofread
Task IDEA-250166 Proofread
Task IDEA-248853 Proofread ruby/ruby-psi-api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250145 Proofread
Task IDEA-249719 Internalization for "find" subsystem
Task IDEA-248909 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-249834 Proofread
Task IDEA-249718 Proofread
Task IDEA-249935 Proofread community/plugins/properties/properties-resource-bundle-editor/resources/messages/ResourceBundleEdit
Task IDEA-250115 Proofread
Task IDEA-248885 Proofread
Task IDEA-250023 Proofread
Task IDEA-250159 Proofread
Task IDEA-255785 location
Task IDEA-255784 location
Task IDEA-248904 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-254595 Language plugin suggestion
Task IDEA-249822 Proofread
Task IDEA-248842 Proofread resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250173 Proofread
Task IDEA-249557 Proofread
Task IDEA-249856 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-249615 Proofread
Task IDEA-250044 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-255786 location
Task IDEA-249970 Proofread platform/ssh/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250118 Proofread
Task IDEA-255787 location
Task IDEA-250147 Proofread
Localization. ChineseBug IDEA-254080 use [Chinese ​(Simplified)​ Language Pack EAP] run build
Localization. KoreanBug IDEA-248081 The translation in the update window is unnatural
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-256825 Devkit: EP documentation - add link to IntelliJ Platform Explorer
Bug IDEA-196382 DevKit: EP registration icon not on actually registered inner class
Bug IDEA-254591 Devkit plugin.xml: disable useless and incorrect inspection about fallback in xi:include
Bug IDEA-257523 IntelliJ SDK external annotations must be downloaded without unnecessary notification
Bug IDEA-250685 keymap "Xcode" not found [Plugin: com.intellij] warning when building Gradle Kotlin IntelliJ Platform plugin
Task IDEA-255483 Devkit: Remove "New ... Service" actions
Task IDEA-255001 Devkit plugin.xml: do not require min. 40 chars for <change-notes>
SpaceUsability IDEA-257993 .space.kts is not saved before running the compilation from Automation panel
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-259073 Environment variables for Docker mounts
Feature IDEA-178690 Docker: Make it possible to Cancel the "run" in the DockerView.
Bug IDEA-259303 Docker. Settings on the Tools page are wrong red marked
Bug IDEA-259230 Docker compose run fails with the error `settings.upTimeout must not be null`
Bug IDEA-254423 make docker-machine executable option optional
Bug IDEA-259061 disable deploy action for deploying node
Bug IDEA-256367 Can not connect to docker daemon on mac in master with error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jna/LastErrorException
Bug IDEA-255268 Docker. Impossible to re-call the closed Attached console
Bug IDEA-255269 java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException at attempt to write in the disconnected console
Bug IDEA-253996 Docker target has two identical Java language runtimes neither of which can be removed
Bug IDEA-222853 PROJECT_DIR macro does not seem to work for bind mounts
Bug IDEA-259025 NPE at running a docker-compose file
Bug IDEA-260102 Docker. Almost all tabs for containers are empty if container has mounted volumes
Bug IDEA-171327 Docker - log tab not refreshing when container has been restarted
Bug IDEA-259400 Log spamming by Docker integration when host is not available anymore
Usability IDEA-255273 Docker. Provide an easier way to use the Attached console once more for containers with the previously disconnected console
Usability IDEA-210374 Docker image run configuration environment variable input should be like the one for Docker-compose
Usability IDEA-258853 Incorrect field order in docker volume mapping configuration (UX)
Usability IDEA-199742 Docker command line preview should not contain linebreaks
Usability IDEA-220014 Docker: Terminal, Attached console: provide info if it is disconnected
Usability IDEA-255274 Docker. Container terminal: no info messages for not valid terminal tabs
Usability IDEA-253992 Dockerfile selector in Docker run target settings editor should default to the project home directory
Exception IDEA-259024 com.intellij.docker.agent.ApiTaskException: Can't retrieve image ID from build stream at Deploy stop
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-252880 Fold automatically response files links for 6th oldest and further
Feature IDEA-249252 Microservices: show warning for incorrect or unknown HTTP header names
Feature IDEA-239340 Support line numbers in HTTP Response Run frame
Feature IDEA-239140 Support foldings in HTTP Response Run frame
Feature IDEA-251651 HttpClient: need easiest way to copy body of request response (button)
Bug IDEA-221885 Annotation @no-log in text based HTTP client is broken
Bug IDEA-253281 HttpClient: exception on attempt to convert incorrect old rest client xml to new http client format (need to add error message)
Bug IDEA-251964 HTTP Client: actions for unsubstituted variable value adding don't work with localized application
Bug IDEA-253282 HttpClient: Changes in rest client xml file not taking into account for convert to new http client action
Bug IDEA-255717 HttpClient: on attempt to substitute url variable in httpclient tab in endpoints view get java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid range specified: (-1, -1);
Bug IDEA-239355 HTTP Client JSON Response parsing fails on display
Bug IDEA-256102 HttpClient's lexer holds JS elements types after JS plugin unloding
Bug IDEA-244972 HTTP Client not handled POST redirect automatically
Bug IDEA-255209 HttpClient: after changing color scheme some elements of httpclient in endpoints view tab became in previous color
Bug IDEA-257460 Http Client. Strange response if selected more than one request
Bug IDEA-255548 HttpClient: get multiple env files error on attempt to run request with variables
Usability IDEA-247549 Add "scroll to top" button in response console
Usability IDEA-252424 Headers completion shows already typed text as the top suggestion
Tools. KubernetesFeature IDEA-256496 Kubernetes: Delete resources by file
Feature IDEA-245192 Kubernetes. Kustomize. Support Component in kustomize 3.7.0
Bug IDEA-251638 Helm Chart.yaml inspection does not know about annotations
Bug IDEA-256629 Kubernetes: CRD schema validation incorrect for map types
Bug IDEA-257519 kubernetes plugin can't be loaded schema from active context
Bug IDEA-249325 Kubernetes: helm template does not renders files in sub path
Bug IDEA-252663 Kubernetes: Refresh Pods by deployments deleting
Usability IDEA-254216 Kubernetes. Pod shell: if the shell fails to run after the first command then re-create it after calling again
Usability IDEA-253751 KubernetesView. Pods. Don't change the order of the called tabs by the repeat calling
Usability IDEA-253754 Kubernetes. Shell for a container. Arrow up and down should insert commands from the commands history into the commandline
Usability IDEA-254109 Kubernetes. Pod Shell: by arrow down it should not add a new command line below
Usability IDEA-254974 Kubernetes. Pod shells: Make it easy to use console in case of shells switching: place focus on the command line by choosing shell tabs
Cosmetics IDEA-252866 Kubernetes, Editor Settings: make a bigger distance between two sections and change the option name
Exception IDEA-255236 Completion images in Kubernetes resource files doesn't work
Exception IDEA-254222 Kubernetes. Pod shell: NPE by working with pod shells with a custom command
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-257024 Provide session ids
Bug IDEA-206708 Terminal: honor 'Close session when it ends' option
Bug IDEA-255471 [Apple Silicon] Convert pty4j binary to universal format
Bug IDEA-172320 SSH Terminal: Change default encoding to UTF
Usability IDEA-117484 Can't select all terminal output
Usability IDEA-180370 Darcula default terminal colors
Configuration Problem IDEA-256926 Terminal: enable "Copy to clipboard on selection" by default on Linux
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-254286 Add plugin version for each "Non-Bundled Plugin" to "copy" button on the "About" dialog
Feature IDEA-242086 Add actions "close all projects" and "close all but this projects"
Bug IDEA-253367 Tool Windows in window mode don't raise when invoked in 203 IDEA
Bug IDEA-257817 Issue with highlighting of push combo-button in Push dialog
Bug IDEA-254085 Splitting tabs by drag-and-drop in detached window sends tab to project frame
Bug IDEA-255056 Unexpected location of "unsplit"
Bug IDEA-257810 Big Sur: Empty grey line remains a project window after drag-and-drop a project tab out of the window
Bug IDEA-254558 Missing toolbar buttons "Expand/Collapse All" in the TODO Tool Window
Bug IDEA-253297 Missing action group icon in popup menu in 2020.3 EAP
Bug IDEA-249645 AbstractPopup with AdText: wrong height after pack()
Bug IDEA-253839 Big Sur: Custom alerts are invoked instead of native
Bug IDEA-236415 "Show memory indicator" toggle doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-256307 Table rows stay not repainted after hover/unhover actions
Bug IDEA-253036 Tab splitted by drag-and-drop becomes pinned if it was located next to pinned tab
Bug IDEA-255549 Empty line at the top of the value popup
Bug IDEA-259472 "Cannot open page" page is shown in What's new tab after navigating to a link in external browser
Bug IDEA-255252 Exception on drag-and-drop What's new tab
Bug IDEA-256178 macOS Big Sur: native message box doesn't render HTML
Bug IDEA-256329 Big Sur: wrong z-order of dialogs and alerts causing UI lock
Bug IDEA-249821 "Copy File Name" action doesn't include part after the last dot
Bug IDEA-256164 Variables tab in Debugger disappears on drag-and-drop
Bug IDEA-255824 NPE: null cannot be cast to non-null type javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel<com.intellij.openapi.keymap.Keymap!>
Bug IDEA-259352 Cmd+Shift+Up/Down resizes tool window at the bottom instead of moving the line up/down
Bug IDEA-252781 Window titles are light in Darcula, when reopening IDEA with 2 projects
Bug IDEA-255847 HTML escape codes displayed in macOS notifications
Bug IDEA-252217 Drag and drop doesn't work with new Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-253703 Pinned tab does not become unpinned after drag-and-drop to the position before the last tab
Bug IDEA-220755 "New file" popup is not closed when "Register New File Type Association" dialog appears
Bug IDEA-251129 No class opened after new project from template is created
Bug IDEA-251940 Some icons became brighter
Bug IDEA-255675 Welcome screen: Changing combobox values on Customize tab switches focus to Projects tab
Bug IDEA-233135 scrolling code tabs with mouse wheel could be much faster
Bug IDEA-253643 Dialogs are too small so the content is collapsed
Bug IDEA-255350 Tab highlighting appears on tab pane when splitting tabs with drag-and-drop
Bug IDEA-255669 "Got it" popup changes its position on switching tabs
Bug IDEA-252551 Opacity in colorpicker disappeared
Bug IDEA-254999 The splash screens are kept in caches and thus the obsolete splash screen is shown on startup
Bug IDEA-251477 SearchEverywhere: modules are cropped
Bug IDEA-253824 "Got it" popup shadow does not move with the popup after Analyzing is completed
Bug IDEA-254387 Emoji and symbol very broken on Linux
Bug IDEA-253263 Shift+Enter opens several splitted tabs if invoked from Recent Files
Bug IDEA-258306 Find field is not expanding after it was narrowed
Bug IDEA-220248 Incorrect UI panels width after reopening DataGrip
Bug IDEA-257931 Big Sur: Empty grey bar appears above the tool bar if opening a third project in full screen
Bug IDEA-257811 Big Sur: Toolbar hides after opening a project in a separate tab
Bug IDEA-236086 Find field: second line appears if a search string does not fit the filed size
Bug IDEA-254732 Pinned service view tab looks the same way as non-pinned tab
Bug IDEA-254608 Reader mode should be disabled for library files or at least important functionality like gutter icons should work
Bug IDEA-163983 Unable to evaluate idea if email was added but no checkboxes are checked
Bug IDEA-256423 Big Sur: Non-native alert for project opening is shown if opening a project while Find in Path is opened
Usability IDEA-258895 Rename "import popup" to "auto-import tooltip"
Usability IDEA-254272 Add tooltips for all tool window buttons
Usability IDEA-176682 Editor tab: `` file label could be optimized
Usability IDEA-256948 Place toolbar on the top of the table
Usability IDEA-223541 Inspection scopes on groups cannot be differentiated in the UI
Usability IDEA-36854 Implement cyclic navigation in trees
Usability IDEA-196260 "Stretch tool window to *" is disabled via right click/gear icon/find action but not via Window -> Active Tool Window -> Resize
Usability IDEA-255394 Got it popups from different features overlap
Usability IDEA-254748 Enable preview tab doesn't work if Open file with single click is unchecked
Usability IDEA-252395 Tool windows in "Empty state" are not closed with shortcut
Usability IDEA-255581 Popup submenu behavior
Usability IDEA-251659 Clicking Color preview changes CSS color format
Usability IDEA-241397 Improve wording for the notification about `idea.config.path` changes
Cosmetics IDEA-211724 HTML escape entities appear in the status bar when the tooltip is html-based
Cosmetics IDEA-250519 grammatical & typographic errors in notification
Cosmetics IDEA-254135 Fix appearance of the dragged files/tab
Cosmetics IDEA-255039 Fix icon alignment in the Navbar
Cosmetics IDEA-259206 OK-Cancel buttons should be right-aligned in message dialogs on Windows
Task IDEA-253581 Switch IDE theme directly as entries are selected in the Appearance combo box
Task IDEA-257575 Change color picker move/nudge shortcuts
Task IDEA-190854 Replace plus icons with modifiers with one plus icon with dropdown
Task IDEA-219895 Implement typography system
Task IDEA-209631 Sort open windows by name in Window menu
Task IDEA-195753 Add setting for tree line height
Exception IDEA-254377 ISE at com.intellij.ui.popup.AbstractPopup.$$$reportNull$$$0
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-250862 On the welcome screen in the customization tab, labels are not associated with combo boxes
Bug IDEA-254108 In the appearance tab, the label is not associated with the "font size:" combobox
Bug IDEA-253338 "Show help contents" button in settings page can't be spoken by NVDA screen reader
Bug IDEA-256940 The list of file types Associate with Idea does not spoken elements
Bug IDEA-253340 Two buttons in `Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars` are not spoken by NVDA screen reader
Task IDEA-258233 Set the project tree view to accessible Name
User Interface. Action SystemFeature IDEA-253266 Actions popup: show submenu on mouse hover
Bug IDEA-255584 "Unpin Tab" called with keyboard shortcut closes editor tab
Bug IDEA-259561 Ctrl-D shortcut in Editor invokes Diff instead of line duplicating
Bug IDEA-255228 Action popup: do not show submenu for actionable items
User Interface. ArtworkCosmetics IDEA-221920 Strawberry icon looks like a bug
User Interface. ControlsUsability IDEA-254091 Selection in action popup is changed while hovering mouse to submenu
Task IDEA-255170 Got It tooltip: do not close on click outside
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-258055 Empty page and exception when opening "What's new" tab
Bug IDEA-245304 Show Couldn't load page in JCEF for the unresponding URL
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-170925 Find in Path dialog - default to directory of current file
Bug IDEA-250949 Incorrect insets between icons in find in editor
Bug IDEA-257087 Find Usages context menu item not visible until second right click
Bug IDEA-212529 Find/Find&Replace in path with newline always matches all whitespace at the beginning on subsequent line, disregarding the search pattern
Bug IDEA-249809 Editor search not showing up
Bug IDEA-253378 Wrong local usage highlighting in injections
Usability IDEA-212226 Find in Path dialog: option to open results in a separate tab should be keyboard-accessible
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-253238 Right click sometimes sent to and activates the wrong IJ window
Bug IDEA-244511 IDE steals focus when dragging a file over its window
Bug IDEA-259513 Extra editor tab lose focus when switch between source/header
Bug IDEA-255557 Create Field without focus
Bug IDEA-190158 Typeahead timeout exception if same shortcut is assigned to multiple actions (Find and Find in Path, or similar case with Goto Class)
Bug IDEA-255026 'Explain shell' refactoring popup - focus is stolen from popup to Editor
User Interface. GraphicsUsability IDEA-256044 Close All But Pinned Broken / Missing
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-252282 Regression: Shortcuts with German umlauts stopped working
Bug IDEA-242263 Using hot keys to access "Quick Switch Schemes" Populates a search box with letter 'Q'
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-254333 Custom theme unable to customize icons
Bug IDEA-256913 Theme is not changed to light when changing Editor color scheme to classic light and applying bright theme for IDE
Bug IDEA-254098 Mac title bar is bright for tool windows opened in float mode (when whole theme is dark)
Bug IDEA-258213 Nightly build doesn't show buttons
Cosmetics IDEA-201983 High contrast theme: there is no separator on a button with separator
Task IDEA-216859 Color keys: unregistered root background
Task IDEA-216858 Color keys: use color keys for the mouse shortcut area
Task IDEA-251815 Theming: add description/since for DefaultTabs.*, EditorTabs.*, Slider.*, TitlePane.*
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-253560 Cannot navigate from folded reference to property bundle in Kotlin
Bug IDEA-193601 New SE: No 'Continue search...' link when no results found on applied filter
Bug IDEA-256116 "Split Pane" button in "Recent Files" window clashes with the scrollbar
Bug IDEA-257425 Double click is inconsistent in Find usages dialogue
Cosmetics IDEA-227322 When quickfix is found by Find Actions, it contains raw html
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-256506 Checkboxes in Plugins don't work
Bug IDEA-255478 Double confirm for IDE restart
Bug IDEA-257267 Webstorm is suggesting usage of Intelij Idea Ultimate
Bug IDEA-256800 IDE shows a warning about third-party plugins when I try to install JetBrains' plugin
Usability IDEA-254729 Unify the updates dialog
Usability IDEA-259158 "Plugin updates installed" notification should not be sticky
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-208072 "File Nesting" support in "Project Files"
Bug IDEA-254773 No More Drag-n-Drop in Project Explorer
Bug IDEA-255867 Yaml file icons are shown in Project view instead of GitHub special icons after IDE restart
Bug IDEA-248797 Packages View shows useless empty packages from libraries
Bug IDEA-252177 New directories auto-collapse in Project Sidebar
Usability IDEA-238064 File structure popup (speed search) Ctrl-C should copy text of selected list item, not the speed search text
Task IDEA-209057 Changes "for current project" and “for new project” components in Preferences/Settings
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeature IDEA-255488 Search Everywhere: make "Shown Contributors" filter application-wide
Feature IDEA-254874 Search Everywhere: switchers for status bar widgets
Feature IDEA-256078 Add link to open Find in Path when no results found in SE
Feature IDEA-255672 Search Everywhere: file names in results should be the same with editor tab header
Bug IDEA-259261 Remove suggestion to find in files on Actions and Git tab
Usability IDEA-253918 Better rounding of results in Search Everywhere calculations
Task IDEA-256217 Untidy results in the Search Everywhere calculator
Exception IDEA-259361 Search Everywhere: Exception when results contain rendered HTML
Version ControlFeature IDEA-217323 Add Revert current Line action to Alt+Enter
Bug IDEA-252549 Double click on change in commit tab no longer shows inline diff window
Bug IDEA-252307 Rebase modal no longer stores previously selected ref or options
Bug IDEA-257313 Rebase message contains unprintable characters on macOS Big Sur
Bug IDEA-215959 Non-modal commit: the changelist name should be used as default commit message value
Bug IDEA-255154 Some symbols in author name does not shown
Bug IDEA-236524 show commit options popup is not honouring the screen top
Bug IDEA-256998 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.ex.ChangelistsLocalLineStatusTracker: Attempt to register duplicate trackers
Bug IDEA-231698 Non-modal commit: Author field is not shown inline
Bug IDEA-258646 Commit action is disabled in the file context menu.
Usability IDEA-235910 Double-click behavior in Local Changes could be optional
Usability IDEA-254160 Refresh icon is not clear enough for Fetch
Task IDEA-259993 Hide the selection logic change under registry and disable for now
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-257593 A file called .git is detected as git root.
Bug IDEA-256372 Git Merge dialog: the dialog doesn't remember last used branch
Bug IDEA-251265 Search everywhere doesn't find action Annotate with Git Blame by request "git blame"
Bug IDEA-256674 Git Staging Area: gutter markers ignore configured border colors
Bug IDEA-254571 "Create Git repository" action fails when the project is in WSL
Bug IDEA-251850 Choose upstream branch fails if some of repositories are in Detached Head
Bug IDEA-253313 Can't commit staged deletion
Bug IDEA-254399 Reword and interactive rebase are failing when commit contains spaces at the beginning
Bug IDEA-248795 gitignore is not created during project creation in WebStorm
Bug IDEA-253049 Git Staging Area: "Delete Files from Git" dialog shouldn't pop up on deleting unversioned files
Bug IDEA-251475 Confusing notification from the Unstash dialog
Bug IDEA-258364 Committing a file in the ignored directory via staging area fails.
Bug IDEA-226786 Synchronous execution on EDT from GitApplyChangesProcess$ResolveLinkListener.hyperlinkUpdate
Bug IDEA-255104 Missing Update action in Git Branches popup when called via Quicklist
Bug IDEA-253948 Git Merge Dialog: manually entered branch name is not used in some cases
Performance IDEA-254138 Git Rebase dialog opening takes a very long time for big project
Usability IDEA-259241 Jump to Source is missing in file context menu when staging area is enabled
Usability IDEA-254606 [Regression] Degrated expirience when working with remote branches in online and offline mode.
Usability IDEA-250748 Git Merge dialog: The text in branch combobox isn't pre-selected after first git merge action invocation
Usability IDEA-108310 Git: provide icon for 'Fetch' command in VCS/Git menu
Usability IDEA-223976 Add tooltip to Detached HEAD warning
Usability IDEA-256325 Git Rebase: Rebase dialog clears the base field if dialog was closed without performing rebase
Usability IDEA-251554 Pull-dialog: suggests pulling from the last entered branch, instead from tracked branch
Usability IDEA-253889 Git Rebase dialog: copy the value from upstream to --onto field when it is added
Usability IDEA-253485 Git Staging Area: Vertical scrollbar covers plus/minus icons
Cosmetics IDEA-255833 Branches in Git Log: Add tooltip for branches setting icon
Cosmetics IDEA-259428 "Failed to stage files" balloon incorrectly appears on staging file from ignored directory
Cosmetics IDEA-254366 Rename the 'Rebase my GitHub fork' action to 'Sync Fork'
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-233916 Support adding comments to Multi-Line on pull request
Bug IDEA-257505 GitHub Pull Requests: can't add multiline comment
Bug IDEA-253894 Github PR viewer opens wrong file when file is clicked in "conversations" screen
Bug IDEA-253172 Github -> Pull requests -> Checkout - selects wrong branch
Bug IDEA-244965 Pull Requests comments are duplicated in all files
Bug IDEA-256782 GitHub Pull Requests: the images in PR timeline doesn't load
Bug IDEA-254431 "Add Account" using OAuth shows "Your connection is not private" error if HSTS is configured for "localhost" for some reason
Bug IDEA-228590 GitHub PullRequests: timeline width does not allow to see all content
Bug IDEA-255058 GitHub Pull Requests: Empty editor is opened on moving pull request tab to new window
Bug IDEA-243134 Clone Dialog -> GitHub: Infinite wait if pressing "Log In" with all fields empty
Bug IDEA-244211 GitHub PRs: Comment markdown - multiple newlines are not rendered correctly
Usability IDEA-255031 Thread reply field is too wide in timeline
Cosmetics IDEA-252595 Inconsistent PR number formatting
Task IDEA-244514 "Create Gist" action shows old "password or token" dialog if no GH accounts configured
Task IDEA-244516 "Share Project on GitHub" action shows old "password or token" dialog if no GH accounts configured
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-235371 When selecting 'Get' on VCS history extra space being added at the top of the file.
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-256640 Сan't view some of git logs in IDEA on macOS, StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in IDEA log
Cosmetics IDEA-258478 Incorrect background color for file history progress
Task IDEA-252476 Create color key for hovered line in the Log table
Version Control. PerforceTask IDEA-252894 Open-source Perforce plugin
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-257274 i18n: VCS: Subversion: hardcode strings in SVN window
No subsystemFeature WEB-48771 Ship MDN documentation with IDE
Bug WEB-48604 Surround with tag not working inside parentheses
Bug WEB-48697 TSLint: new version of the ts service plugin requires explicit execution rights
Bug WEB-47417 Quick Documentation tooltip shown on mouse move doesn't include a link to external docs
Bug WEB-48044 Create React component quick fix for qualified references shouldn't be available
Bug WEB-48150 Empty stub trees are not used from prebuilt shared indexes
Bug WEB-48462 Exiting Reader Mode crashes WebStorm when analyzing large d.ts file
Bug WEB-44118 Import quickfix not given for Ant Design icons
Bug WEB-44521 'Download node' has hard-coded node version, current version for download is 12.13.1
Bug WEB-48429 IncorrectOperationException when creating a project via Yeoman – project can't be created
Bug WEB-48777 JavaScript "forof" template: unstable order of elements in completion / suggestion
Bug WEB-48308 core-modules is empty when enabling coding assistance for Node.js with node 15.2.0
Bug WEB-48856 Highlights with ERROR severity cancels SYMBOL_TYPE syntax highlighting in injections
Performance WEB-44334 Minute-long freeze when starting to type inside large mixed php file
Usability WEB-48298 New projects creation doesn't proceed without confirmation in terminal (Node 15.2.0, npm 7.0.8)
Cosmetics WEB-48323 'npx: the --ignore-existing argument has been removed' while creation new project (Node 15.2.0, npm 7.0.8)
Task WEB-49047 Updated the Getting Started link under the Learn WebStorm tab
Exception WEB-47902 AssertionError
Exception WEB-47780 Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.SharedPsiElementImplUtil.getChildIndex
Build toolsBug WEB-48547 Unable to resolve Webpack aliases in WebStorm 2020.3 w/ Vue or Nuxt CLI
Bug WEB-48485 Endless analyzing of code
Usability WEB-36182 webpack aliases are not resolved correctly when config is exported as function
Task WEB-47906 Basic support for mutiple webpack configs
CSSFeature WEB-42792 Tailwind CSS support
Feature WEB-48226 Tailwind CSS support doesn't work in Yarn PnP projects
Feature WEB-48151 Support @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
Bug WEB-49011 TailwindCSS completion/css-preview on hover doesn't work when using breakpoint prefixes with utilities
Bug WEB-48695 Don't report "Redundant measure unit" error for css-grid "fr"
Bug WEB-45489 Webstorm format doesn't format the css inside styled-components
Bug WEB-48329 Wrong formatting inside styled-component
Bug WEB-45868 Parsing error when using DOM element selectors CSS injection if CSS dialect is set to 'PostCSS'
Bug WEB-48533 Tailwind plugin: Preview of 'white' shows wrong color
Bug WEB-48428 Tailwind CSS support does not work in WSL2
Bug WEB-47978 Color preview in code completion popup is too big
Bug WEB-48473 TailwindCSS plugin doesn't work if "tailwincss" package version is "npm:@tailwindcss/postcss7-compat@^2.0.1" and 'npm' is used as package manager
Bug WEB-48257 Tailwind autocomplete doesn't work in JS string templates
Bug WEB-48207 CSS parsing error when using negative function arguments in min()/max() functions
Bug WEB-48210 Valid value 'break-spaces' of CSS property 'white-space' is highlighted as error.
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-38553 CoffeeScript: JSX: simultaneous editing is not working for React.Fragment shorthand
DartFeature WEB-25687 Add 'VM Options' field to the Dart Test run configuration editor.
Bug WEB-48497 "Reformat code before commit" option sometimes doesn't work in Dart/Flutter projects.
Bug WEB-43142 Contents of typed_data does not show up in the debugger
Bug WEB-48717 No option to create a new Dart project in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (Dart plugin enabled)
Usability WEB-48264 'Dart Command Line App' and 'Dart Test' run configurations should start Observatory only when debugging
DebuggerBug WEB-48558 Don't suggest to Open in Browser Vue and other template files on built-in web server
Bug WEB-48816 Chrome custom user data gets cleared on IDE restart
Bug WEB-46662 Multiprocess nodejs debugger not working with wsl2 node interpreter
Bug WEB-48918 Mocha: Debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints when use WSL interpreter
Bug WEB-46619 WSL debugging is not working while using npm run configuration
Bug WEB-48092 Debugger: No Hebrew/Arabic support in inline value tooltips
Bug WEB-48396 Expanding an object with inline debugger does not start with first property
Bug WEB-48060 Throwable: fileInfo.url: node:internal/util, url: node:internal/util when debug via node 15
HTMLBug WEB-28886 Unclosed p tag wreaks havoc
Bug WEB-47551 Multicursor Emmet creates broken code
Bug WEB-43054 Automatically inserted pair quotes aren't recognized when closing the pair in blade templates in Vue.js projects
Bug WEB-47806 Incorrect paired tag editing
Bug WEB-48715 Quick doc using MDN documentation is broken
Bug WEB-49001 Support data-* attribute in SVG 2.0 files
Bug WEB-49051 Adding a new JSX tag causes simultaneous editing of non-related closing tag
Bug WEB-36210 Allow ARIA accessibility attributes in SVG elements
Bug WEB-42725 Problem with html tag autocomplete, changes the wrong tag
Bug WEB-47979 Go to definition for classes in HTML shows the usage itself on the top of the list
Bug WEB-48185 wrong autocomplete for react fragment shorthand syntax close tag in jsx
Bug WEB-41768 Multicursor Emmet unstable behavior
Bug WEB-46838 Wrong tag autocomplete with several cursors
JavaScriptFeature WEB-48448 Add more meaningful information to breadcrumb
Feature WEB-29361 Better color scheme highlighting for javascript jsdoc comment block
Feature WEB-48502 Allow disabling completion suggestions for strings
Feature WEB-47713 No hint about indirect usages of exports when dynamically imported
Feature WEB-48090 Suggest variable names based on file name
Feature WEB-11205 Move statement up/down and comments
Feature WEB-38709 Automatically add file extensions in imports in files with .mjs extension
Bug WEB-47118 False positive: onclick unresolved variable
Bug WEB-47419 False "JSDoc comment matches function signature" violation for destructuring parameters if there is a rest parameter with name matching object name
Bug WEB-47276 Some object variables displays as unresolved from another class in node.js
Bug WEB-48400 Base-class method is not known by intellisense when class is in separate file
Bug WEB-41261 Dynamic imports not counted when checking for import usage
Bug WEB-47179 Subclass of type is not recognised
Bug WEB-48603 "Insert pair quote" option stops working in `.jsx` after adding any js pattern to "React JSX" file type
Bug WEB-48205 Check Regexp intention does not work
Bug WEB-48425 Preceding exclamation mark in a comment in Array disables RegExp literal recognition (Javascript)
Bug WEB-49156 Incorrect syntax error "yield is not allowed as identifier in strict mode" in a generator function
Bug WEB-48567 /** should expand into the doc comment in empty file
Bug WEB-47219 module.exports = class Foo doesn't work like module.exports = Foo;
Bug WEB-48008 Requiring a module breaks class member intellisense
Bug WEB-47052 Do not add JsFlowSettings to workspace.xml when Flow is not used
Bug WEB-40528 Incorrect JS autocompletion
Bug WEB-46991 Invalid "unresolved variable" warning in JSDoc inside a destructuring object assignment
Bug WEB-48138 Exclude blank and short items from completion
Bug WEB-48510 Performance issue with the navigation bar in js files
Bug WEB-47260 Snake Case filename convention doesn't work for Typescript
Bug WEB-48606 Incorrect type definition in 2020.3
Bug WEB-47428 Code Inspection "Comparison of expressions having incompatible types" does not recognise optional types
Bug WEB-48551 Autocomplete suggestions for properties of an object returned by Object.freeze no longer works in Vue SFC files
Bug WEB-48173 Imported modules from Vue@3 are not resolved in JavaScript
Bug WEB-35948 module.exports not recognized
Bug WEB-48719 Having a colon in JSX results in a syntax error
Bug WEB-47750 Incorrect Inspections that disappear on cut&paste
Bug WEB-18414 JSDoc examples syntax highlighting artefact
Bug WEB-42617 Not recognizing TypeScript generics in JavaScript
Bug WEB-47771 Cannot resolve symbol 'html' from `lit-element` library
Bug WEB-42605 JSX fragment closing tag with a space breaks syntax highlighting
Bug WEB-48031 Go to usages (cmd/ctrl+click) doesn't work with enabled flow service
Bug WEB-49037 RejectedExecutionException when comment a piece of code
Bug WEB-48574 function name() template doesn't work in some cases
Bug WEB-47941 Trailing comma after FlowJS inexact operator is seen as error
Bug WEB-48139 Completion doesn't suggest all available options
Bug WEB-43860 "Element not exported" shown for class field declared in constructor
Bug WEB-48368 "Opening file" status does not disappear in Flow toolwindow
Bug WEB-48153 JSDoc: parameters destructuring doesn't work with @typedef
Bug WEB-49082 Add support for type parameters in anonymous class expressions
Bug WEB-47925 ES6 module re-exported as "export {default as moduleName}" should be imported as a named module
Bug WEB-48318 Wrong code references for static methods in JavaScript
Bug WEB-49003 Deadlock in JSResolvedTypeIdCache
Bug WEB-47305 Typo in word: false positive
Bug WEB-48945 Invalid suggestion list for plain text string
Bug WEB-49081 Support declare on class fields
Bug WEB-47680 Cannot resolve symbol exported import ES6
Bug WEB-48245 JSDoc: infer method parameter types from the jsdoc interface definition
Bug WEB-46879 Code completetion doesn't work on destructuring exports with renaming
Bug WEB-48348 JSDoc: Сtrl+click on parameter description shows usages
Bug WEB-44774 Code completion missing in destructuring statement
Bug WEB-14586 No means to override Type Library Inspection error.
Bug WEB-48901 JSDoc: return type not correctly inferred from @return when assigning imported function
Bug WEB-48989 JSRegExpModifierProvider treats 'm' as Pattern.DOTALL instead of Pattern.MULTILINE
Bug WEB-48976 Comma expression without parentheses inside a string interpolation expression marked as a syntax error
Bug WEB-47223 Inject CSS in Element.closest
Performance WEB-48019 Completion in JavaScript has become slower
Performance WEB-49073 High CPU usage
Usability WEB-48501 Invoke completion suggestions for strings only after typing 4+ symbols
Usability WEB-48904 Request a way to include dynamic references when refactoring names
Task WEB-48969 Add help tooltip for "Unambigous imports on the fly" option
Task WEB-49030 Support this annotations in functions
Task WEB-47437 Support move members refactoring should respect index.js files for folders
Exception WEB-49154 PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.impl.JSReferenceExpressionImpl because: containing file is null
Exception WEB-48028 Opening the flow project without node_modules causes an exception
JavaScript. FormatterBug WEB-47523 AlignOnColon formatting: inconsistent behavior
Bug WEB-48237 Enter and backspace handling in the beginning of the injection
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-43748 input missing associated label error when using @angular/material
Feature WEB-43318 No code completion in dynamically evaluated classname attribute value
Feature WEB-46511 Vue 3: Support <script setup>
Feature WEB-31721 Vue: support Vue.extend() construction
Feature WEB-44150 Vue: support type inference for component props within template
Feature WEB-48010 Import prettier rules with ESLint
Feature WEB-46418 Nuxt.js: support component auto-import with @nuxt/components
Bug WEB-46620 [Vue.js] `template` field does not handled properly in JS files
Bug WEB-46645 vue-typed-mixins Broken
Bug WEB-46730 Component class exported indirectly is not recognized
Bug WEB-47948 HTML in PHP files is indented according to Vue indentation settings
Bug WEB-33866 Vue.js: correctly handle lazy loaded Components
Bug WEB-47131 Vue Composition API: components autocomplete does not work
Bug WEB-48465 Language injection not working in <i18n> vue single component file
Bug WEB-48169 Angular 11 Schematics do not load correctly
Bug WEB-46889 "Go to Declaration" not working for Vue methods (within script block)
Bug WEB-49064 Using getter in React defaultProps breaks JSX syntax
Bug WEB-48899 webpack config analysis is infinite if node_modules were deleted
Bug WEB-36312 Angular support conflicts with other templating languages
Bug WEB-46882 Vuex's mapState does not work when module's state is a function
Bug WEB-48837 Nuxt: Issue auto-importing components from paths ending with '/'
Bug WEB-29018 vue files with jade/pug as lang - comments not working!
Bug WEB-48038 No autocompletion for makeStyles/createStyles
Bug WEB-48478 Vuex: regression in support for namespaced store modules with Nuxt
Bug WEB-39057 PyCharm, new React project wizard: missing option 'Create TypeScript project'
Bug WEB-49135 Incorrect import suggestions for React methods
Bug WEB-45616 Case-sensitive completion of React components
Bug WEB-46545 Vue 3 `setup`: Returned properties not recognized in template if `setup` method is defined as `async`
Bug WEB-49137 Quick fix 'Add import statement' doesn't work for 'React'
Bug WEB-48461 Auto-import for vue component not working with Vue.extend
Bug WEB-47599 Receiving "JSX is used without importing React" for React 17
Bug WEB-47204 Composition API's setup() function cannot be arrow function
Bug WEB-46768 Go to Definition for components from web-types.json doesn't work if there are multiple sources (Vue)
Bug WEB-27844 Importing a folder doesn't resolve platform-specific React Native index imports
Usability WEB-34635 Vue.js: single file components with function property are not available in completion
Exception WEB-47998 'Convert to visible line separators' causes 'nonempty text is not covered by block in #Vue #formatter'
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-49032 Don't report "unused property toString" when the property is implicitly used in template literal
Feature WEB-10308 Ability to suppress inspection for file
Bug WEB-48310 Add "use strict" pragma quick fix breaks code
Bug WEB-46924 JS: outer captured variable assigned in a closure is marked unused
Bug WEB-47292 Inspection 'Mismatched query and update of collection' isn't shown for array
Bug WEB-48121 Incorrect simplification of do while (false) in JavaScript
Bug WEB-18700 JSDon @callback tag description isn't displayed in documentation modal window
Bug WEB-46999 Common.js imports with require are not suggested in quick fixes
Cosmetics WEB-48211 typo in switch-tooltip
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-48437 Extract method adds redundant parameter
Bug WEB-47108 Quick-fix 'Create field' creates field outside the function's scope
Bug WEB-48123 Cannot move React function based component to file without warning.
Bug WEB-39255 "Extract Method" refactoring should replace all occurrences of selected expression
Bug WEB-47263 Extract Method > "Selected fragment has multiple exit points"
Bug WEB-47675 Rename from .jsx to .tsx creates incorrect imports
Task WEB-48813 Support `RefactoringEventListener` in JS refactorings
LintersBug WEB-48468 ESLint eslint-plugin-vue 'vue/comment-directive' — error in the end of public/index.html just after vue-cli installation
Live EditBug WEB-48560 Live editing external CSS doesn't always work
Bug WEB-47430 Live Edit: "Highlight current element in browser on caret change" does nothing
Node.jsFeature WEB-48961 Support Yarn PnP with ES modules (.pnp.cjs)
Feature WEB-38060 ESLint report file paths are not clickable
Bug WEB-48086 Package express successfully upgraded but the version remains unchanged
Bug WEB-47427 performance - indexing hard links - used by pnpm & @microsoft/rush monorepos
Usability WEB-48610 Webpack error output not clickable for many types of apps (Vue.js app, Typescript, webpack, etc.)
SASSBug WEB-48499 "There is no module with the namespace" error when using "<namespace>." syntax to access variables/functions if @use declaration is preceded with variable declaration
TypeScriptFeature WEB-11418 Add "Insert Var Declaration" quickfix for TypeScript
Bug WEB-30387 Auto import is not optimal (top most source)
Bug WEB-47869 Error on generic async methods called get
Bug WEB-48950 "Ambient declaration should have no body" false positive when function declaration followed by block statement
Bug WEB-43070 Types added to modules via module augmentation not available in import completion
Bug WEB-48627 "Mismatched query and update of collection" warning should not be shown for unused variables
Bug WEB-45486 Inspection[Typescript]: Attempt to assign to const or readonly variable
Bug WEB-48675 TS 4.1 template string literal type isn't being fully computed for switch statements ("Possibly infinite type substitution" error)
Bug WEB-48224 TypeScript widget not showing in status bar
Bug WEB-46126 TypeScript 4.0 Variadic tuple types support
Bug WEB-48114 When changing a method signature in TypeScript, the caller code is not updated
Bug WEB-44282 Importing an external function that is only used as a variable's declaration is detected as unused
Bug WEB-48109 WebStorm TypeScript inspections should support @ts-ignore
Bug WEB-48741 "a module cannot have multiple default exports" with overloaded default function
Bug WEB-48179 TypeScript 4.1: Template literal types assignability
Bug WEB-46778 Vue: vuex state inferred on typed parameters
Bug WEB-48579 Template type is not believed to be assignable to constraint type in template literal type
Bug WEB-47934 First option in completion isnt rendered
Bug WEB-45077 False errors from tsserver on module rename + move
Bug WEB-47803 Typescript: support union to intersection
Bug WEB-48407 Node-style module resolution shouldn't be applied for vue in *.ts
Task WEB-48434 Update bundled TypeScript to 4.1
Task WEB-48275 TypeScript widget changes
Task WEB-48001 Remove options "Use for projects without tsconfig.json" and "Compile scope" in the TypeScript language server configuration
Task WEB-47166 Support rendered comments for indexer
Exception WEB-48034 Code with Variadic tuple types causes an exception
Unit TestsFeature WEB-48850 Detect mocha config file automatically
Feature WEB-13230 Can't set environment variables for Cucumber.js tests
Bug WEB-48463 Cucumber 7.0.0: can't find cucumber package to set up run configuration
Bug WEB-39983 Cucumber.js 5: step definitions can't be matched when using custom parameter types
Bug WEB-48673 Jest: save Coverage report according options in jest.config.js when call 'Run with Coverage'
Bug WEB-48312 Can't run Karma with Coverage in @angular/cli@next project
Bug WEB-42292 Cucumber.js: support for versions 6.0.0+
Bug WEB-48835 .../null error when trying to run cucumber tests
Bug WEB-42164 Test assertion diffs are not shown when using jest-circus runner instead of jest-jasmine2
Bug WEB-48931 Running cucumber-js 7.0 test generates error "formatter.finished is not a function"/
No subsystemFeature DBE-12022 Set the default dialect after connecting to the data source
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-12114 PostgreSQL SSL connection with CA validation fails after update to 2020.3
Bug DBE-12078 Redshift AWS Profile auth is not working with jdbc driver 1.2.50
Performance DBE-12398 Test Connection allocates memory but never frees it, when encountering UnknownHostException
Usability DBE-12102 Validate JDBC URL for AWS Profile authentication for Redshift/Athena
Usability DBE-11884 Make data source URL field expandable
DB ConsoleBug DBE-11734 Do not highlight MongoDB and GraalJS built-in functions as unresolved
Bug DBE-12118 error with select into local variable after latest update DB-203.5981.102
Bug DBE-11564 JS arrow functions are not parsed in MongoDB consoles
Usability DBE-11359 Add option to turn off tab title shortening for datasource consoles
Usability DBE-12190 Remove 'run 'console.sql'' item from the context menu of the editor in console
Usability DBE-11731 Query execution for unsupported DBMS
DB DiffBug DBE-12384 Problem with some schema comparisons
Bug DBE-12351 'Set Do nothing' option does not affect on result migration script
Bug DBE-12007 Diff viewer are not longer working for routine sources
DB GeneralUsability DBE-3893 Allow JSON1 extension in SQLite
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-12032 PG/GP Sources introspection inefficient due to forgoten join
Bug DBE-12049 Clickhouse introspection requires `SHOW_USERS` grant
Bug DBE-11870 Problem refreshing DB connection on old SQL server databases
Bug DBE-12176 Greenplum - when performing introspect database to rebuild index, An ERROR generated and it stops reindexing
Bug DBE-12247 Incorrect grants in Postgres
Bug DBE-12367 Athena introspection does not work after latest update
Exception DBE-12000 Unexpected error (ProcessCanceledException) encountered when performing Introspect database testdb schema dbo (details)
DB RefactoringFeature DBE-12357 Additional option 'purge' in drop confirmation dialog for Oracle
Bug DBE-12148 Table creator stops showing column being edited after error.
DB Schema ViewsBug DBE-12283 'Show Generated Objects' setting does not always filter objects
Bug DBE-12219 The order of the objects in '+' button is annoying: creating data source pattern is broken
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-11815 ability to add the SQL query code when uploading data to Excel (append query text to exported data)
Feature DBE-10465 First row is header in the context menu
Data ViewsFeature DBE-12306 The option to ‘auto-transpose’ when the result set is only a single record
Feature DBE-12137 Make field auto-completion available during data loading in data view filter
Bug DBE-6401 H2: Cannot add/edit enum columns
Bug DBE-6239 Moving database table views forgets hidden columns
Bug DBE-11839 IDE windows/tab system freaks out when database results are dragged to new windows
Bug DBE-12255 SQL Server - Wrong hierarchyid values representation
Usability DBE-11774 Table is read-only when there is no schema qualifier (unresolved table references)
Usability DBE-12168 No "Submit changes immediately" option on IDEA 2020.3 ,so you must manually submit a data change.
Usability DBE-11751 Boolean values are difficult to distinguish. Bring the checkboxes back
Cosmetics DBE-12001 Grid toolbar icons become visible only after table is loaded (looks like glitch)
PL & DDL EditorBug DBE-12170 DDL for views in Vertica being truncated
SQL CompletionBug DBE-11977 Code completion for collection names containing dots
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-11983 OUTPUT clause formatting control
Bug DBE-11975 Formatting of records inside Oracle packages is not implemented
Bug DBE-12212 Formatter breaks empty parentheses in Egypt style
Bug DBE-11953 Unexpected line break after keyword 'member'
Bug DBE-11950 Formatter "ignores" Type specified in package specification
Exception DBE-12213 Egypt style pre-set doesn't work
SQL GeneralBug DBE-6504 Incorrect quick fix "Quote identifier" for GOTO statement
Bug DBE-11994 Incorrect inspection for mongo scripts in run configurations
Bug DBE-7361 MSSQL: Incorrect read/write access for OUTPUT INTO table in "Find"
Usability DBE-3840 SQL: Sybase: support system stored procedures
Usability DBE-7051 Usage type for update statements
SQL GenerationBug DBE-12040 Oracle Script Generator: empty script for an underlying table of a materialized view
Bug DBE-12303 Invalid sql script in modify object for Oracle materialized view
Bug DBE-9945 WITH block for GreenPlum DDL
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-11699 Extend selection
Feature DBE-12193 Support for SQLite VIRTUAL columns
Feature DBE-8603 Inspection: Deprecated type
Bug DBE-10422 MSSQL set syntax
Bug DBE-10730 Setting statistics with multiple arguments displays syntax error
Bug DBE-10439 ClickHouse: unknown database function
Bug DBE-7432 Incorrect syntax error on bulk insert in SQL Server
Bug DBE-2489 For SQL Server syntax, should recognise 'well-known' stored procedure names
Bug DBE-11833 [BigQuery] Support for `UNION ALL` with subqueries enclosed in parentheses
Bug DBE-9090 ms sql server dialect errors and missing syntax
Bug DBE-11937 Exasol: Support elseif - then syntax in function
Bug DBE-12016 Incorrect marking of an error in `where` clause with JSONb value
Bug DBE-12058 Support create user from external provider syntax
Bug DBE-12180 Unknown function STRTOK()
Bug DBE-11811 BOOLOR_AGG function in Snowflake SQL not recognized
Bug DBE-6511 Cannot add SUBPARTITION after PARTITION definition when Oracle dialect is used
Bug DBE-3810 DB2 Add support for "CREATE TABLE AS (...) WITH DATA" syntax
Bug DBE-8887 Incorrect inline hint
Bug DBE-5387 SQL Server Geometry and Geography types not recognized
Bug DBE-12191 Invalid syntax check for the BigQuery dialect: valid `date_part` being highlighted as invalid
Bug DBE-11260 SQLite PRAGMA module_list not recognised
Bug DBE-11928 ROW_NUMBER is highlighted improperly in SQLite
Bug DBE-8907 Combined usage of CTE and XMLNAMESPACES
Bug DBE-11829 Empty string rises an error in query
Bug DBE-10007 IDEA doesn't recognize table functions
Bug DBE-10658 SQL inspection warning with more then one CROSS APPLY statement
Bug DBE-11778 Support for remote(), remoteSecure(), cluster(), clusterAllReplicas() table functions as ClickHouse dialect
Bug DBE-10078 The legacy Transact SQL syntax for index hints like 'from ABC (index = XYZ)' is valid in MSSQL but throws syntax error in Datagrip editor
SQL ResolveBug DBE-6526 Column name not resolved in FOR UPDATE OF clause of DECLARE CURSOR
Bug DBE-6524 Column name in unique constraint not resolved if no comma between column definition and constraint
Bug DBE-6525 UPDATE STATISTICS does not resolve indexes as valid statistics name
Bug DBE-11832 Fix resolve of Couchbase LET clause
Bug DBE-8860 False error in CTE with order by and union [Sql Server]
Bug DBE-5051 Postgres: function's OUT parameter is unresolved
Bug DBE-11797 Fix UNNEST highlighting in Couchbase
Bug DBE-11726 PostgreSQL function that returns table with capitals in columns names don't autofill correctly
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