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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP (211.4961.30 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemFeature IDEA-259284 Support the new PreviewFeature annotation's package
Bug IDEA-256474 Properties Color Scheme settings miss Valid string escape option
Bug IDEA-256626 Cannot create com.intellij.indexing.shared.platform.impl.SharedIndexChunkConfiguration because container is already disposed: Application
Bug IDEA-258606 Unable to replace with TextBlock when Language is defined
Bug IDEA-253583 "Find in Path" ignores scope at will based on regular expression structure
Bug IDEA-258765 Misleading warning when assigning to final field from impossible intersection type in Constant conditions & exceptions
Bug IDEA-259896 When Android plugin is enabled, some characters are ignored on typing in LightEdit mode
Bug IDEA-181991 Cannot undo "Mark as plain text" for Java file
Bug IDEA-235269 'Could not autowire. No beans of 'WebTestClient' type found' when running spring boot test using webEnvironment
Bug IDEA-253379 Enable maven.always.remove.bad.entries property by default
Bug IDEA-257727 get rid of incorrect usages of CollectionFactory.createFilePath*() collections in platform
Bug IDEA-255746 location
Bug IDEA-258361 tests fail with "lateinit property group has not been initialized" error
Bug IDEA-228397 Configure Current File Profile action is not available from the Main menu in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-247750 Add BOM to utf-8 files
Bug IDEA-103560 Exclude external libraries from a custom scope of 'Find in Path'
Bug IDEA-253822 Network shouldn't be accessed in EDT or inside read action
Bug IDEA-245389 "don't use project as disposable" for Disposer.isDisposed method
Bug IDEA-256160 deadlock during disable plugin
Usability IDEA-254021 Convert "Usages in generated code" into a filter
Usability IDEA-259159 The "Collecting logs" modal progress should be cancellable
Usability IDEA-240395 Editorconfig permanently stores file encodings in Settings
Task IDEA-255142 RuntimeBundle location
Exception IDEA-254391 Сreated extension classloader is not equal to plugin's one
Exception IDEA-255178 IllegalStateException when copy text to .vue file
AndroidFeature IDEA-252775 Merge Android Plugin 4.1
Bug IDEA-257195 IllegalStateException when attaching the debugger to an Android process
Bug IDEA-245480 Can't start Java application in debug using gradle
Bug IDEA-258373 Android Layout Inspector does not work in 2021.1
Bug IDEA-256738 Android Plugin 4.1: IDEA shows "Unsupported Modules Detected" when opening IDEA project in IDEA
BuildBug IDEA-229070 Assertions for @NotNull annotation cause IncompatibleClassChangeError on interfaces
Build. Built-in (JPS)Feature IDEA-253719 Annotation Processing gives false compilation error about class that actually exists (was generated); please add option to run APT separately before actual compile
Bug IDEA-257050 Error-prone plugin doesn't find checker framework
Bug IDEA-259119 Project cloned from github or created at CLI e.g. micronaut framework does not open
Build. GradleFeature IDEA-217681 Update scope when pasting maven dependency into Gradle
Feature IDEA-217311 Show Gradle build output and results when running Gradle tests
Bug IDEA-256620 Mac OS: Idea doesn't link Gradle/Maven project by project folder
Bug IDEA-253967 OOM in the IDE can be reported as an OOM in Gradle daemon
Bug IDEA-235964 Idea generates deprecated gradle kotlin script
Bug IDEA-255822 Gradle reload floating toolbar is displayed when new project is opened
Bug IDEA-204526 Intellij Gradle importer fail on nested included build
Bug IDEA-254867 Project with child modules loses root/parent module
Bug IDEA-253826 Gradle debugger deadlock if breakpoint hit in doFirst
Bug IDEA-189944 "Allow parallel run" option does not work with gradle delegated run configuration
Bug IDEA-253631 Wrong Gradle connection caching for uninstalled Gradle versions
Bug IDEA-258095 Gradle composite build self-inclusion should not break import
Bug IDEA-258459 Localization: the line "Copying resources" during build execution needs translation
Usability IDEA-232888 Gradle and other providers should import automatically on project opening, if there is .idea but there is no existing project model
Build. MavenFeature IDEA-211863 Autofix for "Source option 5 is no longer supported."
Bug IDEA-259083 IntelliJ gets into an endless indexing loop
Bug IDEA-256181 Maven: pom.xml file should be saved before performing "Add as Maven project" action
Bug IDEA-259318 Endless freeze during importing Maven project
Bug IDEA-253535 Maven wrapper support: IDEA rewrites URL to maven repo to 'https' regardless of what you have in .mvn/wrapper/
Usability IDEA-244923 IntelliJ no longer automatically activates a Maven profile using 'idea.version' system property
Usability IDEA-230219 Project Name Changes on Module Import
Usability IDEA-233077 Regression 2019.2->2019.3 import from maven model unable to override user settings and local repository
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-31168 Specify inspection profile used for code analysis at check-in time
Bug IDEA-257753 Inspections configuration: Prevent using shared scopes in IDE-saved inspections
Bug IDEA-222161 Inspection profiles UI problems
Bug IDEA-255980 Inspection settings is quite slow to appear
Bug IDEA-258992 Can't switch to project inspection profile from application inspection profile with the same name
Bug IDEA-259617 Can't export inspection results to HTML
Bug IDEA-258991 ProfileChangeAdapter.profileActivated() events are never published
Bug IDEA-195685 Newly created scope doesn't appear right away in 'Scopes Order'
Bug IDEA-254506 "Reference to non-localized string" false positive for parameter of 'when' statement
Performance IDEA-256481 Inspect code spends a long time "scanning scope"
Usability IDEA-255125 Inspect Code on Commit action inspects source files from outside of project source roots
Cosmetics IDEA-259365 Make the inspection description text area a description text
Cosmetics IDEA-185794 In Inspections dialog, the severity block changes position
Cosmetics IDEA-259454 Add vertical spacing in inspection configuration right panel
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-254971 Java Parameter Language Injection Settings has bad resize behaviour
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-254329 SSR false match: repeated variables are not matched correctly
Bug IDEA-259108 Search for simple recursion produces incorrect results
Bug IDEA-256009 Filter live indicator is not live enough
Bug IDEA-256936 Structural search fails to find match because of comment
Bug IDEA-254985 primitive array not matched with variable template
Bug IDEA-257893 Incorrect index usage for searching JS
Bug IDEA-257374 Open Replacement dialog automatically when selecting replace pattern from history
Bug IDEA-259106 Exception when trying to match recursion
Bug IDEA-228320 Unsupported replace pattern An expression can not be replaced with a non-expression
Task IDEA-254848 Remove obsolete tooltip option
CoreBug IDEA-245099 File type of unloaded plugin can be leaked due to file type caching
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-256193 Setting inline watch to empty value in Variables/Watches view doesn't remove it from the view
Bug IDEA-256108 Inline watches: Pressing Esc should only undo Set Value interaction and should cancel new Watch addition
Usability IDEA-256357 Inline watches: when adding inline watch don't switch focus and don't open the Debug tool window if it was closed
Core. DiagramsPerformance IDEA-259231 UI Freeze when right-clicking on the intellij folder in IDEA
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-256146 Case-sensitive folders on Windows are not recognised
Bug IDEA-258608 File become unavailable after rewrite with python
Bug IDEA-252213 WSL2: Can't select workspace
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-259129 idea.bat cannot set %JDK% from %USER_JDK64_FILE% if %APPDATA% contains spaces.
Bug IDEA-255673 When plugin that registers its own file type is installed, the notification is shown that suggests to revert the association to the incorrect file type
Bug IDEA-256106 WindowsLookAndFeel is not migrated to IntelliJLaf / JetBrainsLightTheme, defaults to Darcula
Usability IDEA-253968 Import Settings from the backup overwrites the backup
Usability IDEA-250146 Make ignore.virus.scanning.warn.message possible to revert via UI
Cosmetics IDEA-235958 Import settings message is too complicated
Cosmetics IDEA-253866 Reword option "Open matching files as text and auto-detect file type by content"
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-254948 JDK classes are not properly resolved after setting up a new SDK
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-258372 Save shared index version inside the index directory
Bug IDEA-254057 Exception on exit after plugin unloading
Bug IDEA-258484 shared indexes generator is broken: file based index is not initialized by the time the command "dump-shared-index" is called
Performance IDEA-257855 Excessive memory allocation when the IDE in idle
Core. InstallationTask IDEA-255426 [Apple Silicon] Convert launcher binary to universal format
Task IDEA-257798 Bundle Kotlin 1.4.21 with Intellij IDEA 2021.1
Exception IDEA-257865 CCE at com.intellij.database.actions.AddDataSourceFromPath$1.<init>
Core. LicensingTask IDEA-256171 Force using EAP license for paid EAP-enabled plugins running in an EAP IDE build
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-256847 YAML: highlight both usages of PsiElement and Reference under caret if they have the same TextRange
Bug IDEA-250259 Go To action opens file inside generated sources
Bug IDEA-259121 "Go to File" shows a lot of directories first but no files
Usability IDEA-256350 Search using non english characters stopped working
Usability IDEA-252492 Do not show Calculator results in Search Everywhere if no operators are used
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-252628 Make, NamedScopesHolder) non "abstract"
Bug IDEA-253543 JvmElementActionsFactory#createChangeParametersActions does not expose existing parameter annotations
Task IDEA-228078 Scratch files should have their language file types, not ScratchFileType
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-257854 Unclear/incorrect behavior on switching between per-project states
Bug IDEA-257851 Per-project plugin is not becoming enabled for all projects if action was invoked from another project, but becomes enabled only for the first opened project after IDEA restart
Bug IDEA-203746 New plugin page: depended plugin is not installed after user hit 'Proceed' in depending plugin installation
Bug IDEA-257167 Cryptic error message on start
Bug IDEA-259183 JavaFX Runtime for Plugins: An unexpected core classloader: class com.intellij.util.lang.PathClassLoader
Bug IDEA-255042 Unable to unload plugin that uses module extension if project has no modules
Bug IDEA-257906 Incorrect wording of "Loaded because enabled for another project" info text
Bug IDEA-254204 Plugin is not unloaded after the last project was closed
Bug IDEA-255055 Unable to load/unload plugin when extension point defined in optional config file
Cosmetics IDEA-257857 "Loaded because enabled for another project" doesn't fit plugin info block
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-257544 Show cpu load for all processes
Feature IDEA-256093 Sortable columns in profile results
Bug IDEA-253371 Profiler error: Not enough memory to load dump
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-257767 Module settings not saved in .idea folder
Bug IDEA-257959 Project language level covers Java Preview warning dialog
Performance IDEA-252694 Freeze during processing changed project configuration files
Exception IDEA-257252 UnsupportedOperationException at com.intellij.framework.detection.impl.DetectedFrameworksData.updateFrameworksList
Core. Quick DocumentationFeature IDEA-258058 Support bimodality of the {@return} Standard Doclet tag
Cosmetics IDEA-258219 Quick Doc: Typo in the description of JSP contentType
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-258166 "Refactor / Rename" on resource file picks wrong file
Bug IDEA-235126 During dialog-based rename, substituteElementToRename is called twice
Exception IDEA-121424 Throwable at com.intellij.ide.impl.DataManagerImpl$MyDataContext.getData
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-256734 Invalid got it tooltip for 'Repeat N times'
Bug IDEA-259247 Alt-Enter shows action groups that do nothing
Bug IDEA-254720 Command line shortening: don't suggest for non-java process
Bug IDEA-256715 "Repeat N times" option in JUnit run configuration is shown twice
Usability IDEA-254515 Get rid of unclear "user-local default" option in "Shorten command line" field in JVM-based run configurations
Cosmetics IDEA-257477 Fix tooltips in Java and JUnit dialogs
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-260005 Hide Run Targets UI from the IDEs with no supported language runtimes
Bug IDEA-257453 Run Targets: JDK path for SSH target not filled during introspection
Bug IDEA-257693 Run Targets: Additional java/maven runtimes from SSH wizard not added to SSH target
Bug IDEA-258084 Run Targets: JUnit: attempt to run 'all in package' run configuration fails with SSH target
Bug IDEA-258035 Run Targets: After introspection for SSH target, JDK path have extra white space at the end which fails app run
Task IDEA-259479 Run Targets: enable run.targets key by default in 2021.1 EAP
Core. SSHBug IDEA-258583 Prefer ECDSA/ED25519 host keys when connecting to an SSH server
EditorFeature IDEA-235188 Add ability to reserve separate window for a tab
Bug IDEA-259753 Unable to open java file in LightEdit mode, UnsupportedOperationException occurs
Bug IDEA-253077 --wait option: terminal waits for whole editor window to be closed when light editor was opened with restored previously opened files
Bug IDEA-255156 Light Editor doesn't remember changed windows size
Bug IDEA-255295 Reader Mode options are not applied for file when switching it to read-only mode
Editor. Code CompletionUsability IDEA-258892 Rename "SmartType completion" to "Type-matching completion"
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-228934 Add option to launch 3-way-diff directly
Bug IDEA-256076 Extra pixel on editor diff markers
Bug IDEA-211809 Blank diff results loose all user changes
Bug IDEA-258704 Clicking on a change marker in left gutter adds a breakpoint if the code block is folded
Bug IDEA-255639 Compare File with Editor action should be disabled in file context menu when Diff Preview is opened in Editor
Usability IDEA-224087 Exiting Diff Viewer with a non-file-backed pane looses changes
Cosmetics IDEA-239121 diff viewer artefacts (reggression)
Cosmetics IDEA-240718 Caret is placed in the right pane when a blank Diff window is opened
Cosmetics IDEA-255482 White line on diff highlighters on 2,25 scaling
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-219868 Add "Find in Path" to editor context menu for selected text
Cosmetics IDEA-203151 Remove toolbar in Quick Definition dialog
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-192807 Enter calculates wrong indent
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-236593 Docker: java.lang.Throwable: Assertion failed at opening a Dockerfile
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-258528 TextMate plugin pollutes the log with "Failed to parse textmate regex" exceptions
FrameworksFeature IDEA-230879 R2DBC: Provide references and completion for parameters of bind()
Feature IDEA-244537 Axios: template literal interpolations in urls are not supported
Feature IDEA-251672 Endpoints View: show deprecated items with striked-out presentation
Feature IDEA-241555 Microservices: provide Open in Web Browser intention action for URL references
Bug IDEA-254105 Frameworks: http:// part of the path parsed differently in yaml with http path injection and in swagger specification
Bug IDEA-246411 Microservices: unable to insert HTTP Path Reference to Groovy
Bug IDEA-255768 com/intellij/micronaut/run/gradle/MnApplicationGradleModelcom/intellij/micronaut/run/gradle/MnApplic ationGradleModel by opening a gradle project
Cosmetics IDEA-258096 Url Path segments are not highlighted on hover and no doc is shown in the large project
Frameworks. HibernateFeature IDEA-256930 Hibernate: SQL/JPQL language injection for new reactive APIs
Bug IDEA-216295 Generate SQL in JPA console: UnsupportedOperationException: org.hibernate.jpa.internal.EntityManagerImpl is not supported
Bug IDEA-169715 Hibernate: SortedMap should be allowed when annotated with sort annotations.
Frameworks. LombokFeature IDEA-255166 Support lombok ExtensionMethods
Bug IDEA-254453 Hide Lombok/Delombok groups if project doesn't have Lombok library
Performance IDEA-256049 45 second freeze on build start because of Lombok plugin
Task IDEA-254281 Avoid checking for annotation processors on project open
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-255540 Swagger/OpenAPI: completion for $ref can replace whole url in some cases
Bug IDEA-254680 Swagger corrupts the URL Path when trying to rename a path-variable
Bug IDEA-253947 Can not resolve base path in remote openapi 3 specification
Bug IDEA-253513 Frameworks: No quick documentation for yaml openapi specification
Bug IDEA-253309 Openapi 3 server variables are not highlighted when caret is on the usage reference in yaml
Bug IDEA-242142 OpenApi. Remote specifications. Remote specifications should be forcibly reformatted
Usability IDEA-254104 Swagger/OpenAPI: in $ref can't call completion for file if # present
Frameworks. ReactorCosmetics IDEA-258644 UI text for Reactor settings
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-233048 Consider @ConditionalOnProperty annotation for suggestion / warning
Feature IDEA-196065 Spring Integration: recognize implicit endpoint bean names: annotations
Feature IDEA-196070 Spring Integration: @EndpointId support
Feature IDEA-254526 Spring: check that the TestRestTemplate bean is available for autowiring in case of proper webEnvironment configured only
Bug IDEA-196074 Spring Integration: service-activator element can't be autowired
Bug IDEA-229228 False positive inspection: "Could not autowire. No beans of types found." with @Autowired(required = false) on nullable List field
Bug IDEA-251043 Spring Webflux: HTTP Request is generated incorrectly for the nested paths in some cases
Bug IDEA-250983 Spring Webflux: HTTP Request generating for the functional route endpoint doesn't respect the specified request method
Bug IDEA-199421 Incorrect autowiring for JpaRepository interfaces annotated with @Repository with a provided value
Bug IDEA-194050 Spring autowired candidates not found if @Autowired not specified in constructor.
Bug IDEA-243133 Intellij IDEA Spring Incorrect "Cannot find autowire. No beans of MyBean or List<MyBean> types founds."
Bug IDEA-178520 Spring: meta annotations for @Autowired + @Qualifier are not supported properly
Bug IDEA-229568 "Could not autowire" incorrectly reported for Spring Data JPA repository registered via @EnableJpaRepositories on composed annotation
Bug IDEA-257189 Spring: support @javax.annotation.Priority
Bug IDEA-174081 Spring: wrong autowiring candidates are shown for Collection<MyType> dependencies if <util:set>/<util:list> elements of MyType exist
Bug IDEA-256297 Spring profiles defined via constant values are not updated in completion variants when value is changed
Bug IDEA-171193 Could not autowire Bean to a Map
Bug IDEA-240665 Navigate to autowired candidates does not work for array/collection autowiring
Bug IDEA-226115 Could not autowire. No Beans of 'HttpServletResponse' type found
Bug IDEA-252019 Spring Boot: autowired inspection => exclude explicitly defined @CondinalOnBean beans
Bug IDEA-145169 False positives 'Autowired members defined in the invalid spring bean'
Bug IDEA-158473 Spring: generics as autowiring qualifiers: multiple candidates are shown if bean of generic type w/o parameter exists
Bug IDEA-187992 non required beans marked as wiring issue
Bug IDEA-169189 Spring: IDEA reports "could not autowire" for prototype bean factory method with parameters
Bug IDEA-146249 Good code red: "Autowiring for Bean Class"
Bug IDEA-196935 Receiving Could not autowire. No beans of type found.
Bug IDEA-174089 Spring: don't suggest inner beans as possible values of @Resource#name annotation
Bug IDEA-212044 "Could not autowire" Spring bean error does not account for ConditionalOnMissingBean
Bug IDEA-250661 Spring: property placeholder injecting into SpEL literal should be processed properly; array-type constructor arguments should be correctly processed
Bug IDEA-219956 Unable to get rid of "could not autowired bean type not found" using Nullable, required = false or List<>
Bug IDEA-256065 Spring MVC: collect variables added in @ModelAttribute method
Bug IDEA-187066 Spring Autowiring inspection no bean found for HttpServletRequest
Bug IDEA-195503 Spring Integration: <bridge> element can't be autowired
Bug IDEA-209334 Could not autowire error for meta annotations with @ContextConfiguration
Bug IDEA-187124 Cannot find bean qualified with custom annotation
Exception IDEA-255174 Chameleons must not be parsed till they're in file tree: PsiCodeBlock when edit java class
GroovyFeature IDEA-257580 Error with valid Groovy multi assignment in IDE
Feature IDEA-144807 Add inspection for GStrings that could/should be Strings
Bug IDEA-258169 Throwable: recursion
Bug IDEA-251753 SuppressWarnings("SpellCheckingInspection") doesn't work for Groovy scripts
Bug IDEA-197031 Groovy 2.5.x @TupleConstructor produces error at call-site "Cannot apply default constructor for class ..."
Groovy. InspectionsBug IDEA-251327 Groovy: calling single-parameter method without arguments yields no warning in IDEA
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBug IDEA-260007 Third-party license list is empty in 2021.1 Dev
JavaFeature IDEA-255177 Allow an annotation attribute to be marked as "references a method name"
Bug IDEA-258134 Experimental Feature Alert is shown on every project opening in
Performance IDEA-255956 Speedup console filtering (especially exceptions)
Task IDEA-257409 Add Java 16 language level
Java. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-253549 Same code completion for `assertEquals(expected, actual, message)` as for `assertEquals(expected, actual)`
Feature IDEA-257524 Support Stream#toList() method
Feature IDEA-256258 Suggest ChronoUnit members where TemporalUnit is expected
Bug IDEA-255450 Wrong completion suggestions for enums
Bug IDEA-253298 Auto-Complete doesn't work properly for publicly extended private classes
Bug IDEA-63639 Completion after new offers in list classes with private constructors
Usability IDEA-257766 Don't suggest final classes after "extends" in code completion
Usability IDEA-254150 Suggest `toList` stream conversion when expected type doesn't match
Java. Code GenerationFeature IDEA-258822 When overriding default interface methods in Java, the generated methods should call qualified super
Bug IDEA-259098 `Insert super call` generates red code
Java. DebuggerFeature IDEA-257582 Auto attach debugger to waiting process
Feature IDEA-259625 Modify breakpoint PassCount does not accept underscore (_) in numbers
Bug IDEA-259213 No alternative source switcher for fallback case
Bug IDEA-255666 'Show image' action in debugger doesn't work if invoked for the first time on 'auto-variable'
Bug IDEA-234345 Preview features not supported when evaluating during tests debugging.
Bug IDEA-255136 IAE when debugging with dcevm
Usability IDEA-235956 Debug: Do not step into JUnit 5 and Spock internal classes
Usability IDEA-257881 Evaluating expressions involving application classes fails if current debugger location is in JDK class
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-255805 Sealed classes: report permits classes that miss final/sealed/non-sealed modifier at permits list directly
Feature IDEA-253230 Editor should produce a red code in records with @SafeVarargs in Java 16
Feature IDEA-257410 Enable static members inside inner classes in Java 16
Bug IDEA-252806 Cannot infer type var on a variable without initializer
Bug IDEA-257526 Good code is red: varargs method reference
Bug IDEA-259701 Red code green: diamonds in unchecked method invocation
Bug IDEA-255486 Good code is red: diamonds with protected methods in anonymous class arguments
Bug IDEA-256253 Red code should be produced for @Repeatable annotation
Bug IDEA-258347 Invalid detection of class accessibility for nested class which is used as a generic parameter
Bug IDEA-249508 Bad code green: NotNull is not a repeatable annotation type
Bug IDEA-252839 False positive error highlighting when mapping on an Optional with type hint
Bug IDEA-259666 Good code red: conditional with diamond inside anonymous
Usability IDEA-254372 Confusing error message: break outside of enclosing switch expression
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-253512 Warn about possible O(N^2) in AbstractSet#removeAll calls
Feature IDEA-257415 Warnings for value-based classes (Java 16)
Feature IDEA-165876 StringBuffer may be StringBuilder inspection could handle case where the variable is initializing later
Feature IDEA-251250 No quickfix for JavaDocs annotations for inspection "tag description is missing"
Feature IDEA-252993 Warn if getCellRenderer returns inaccessible JPanel
Feature IDEA-255644 First-class support for unbox+convert integer methods like Integer.longValue, Byte.intValue, etc.
Feature IDEA-253317 Warn when record component annotation is overridden by explicit member
Feature IDEA-255926 Support streams generated by StreamSupport in 'Stream API call chain can be replaced with loop' inspection
Feature IDEA-253383 "Redundant string operation" inspection should report use of toString() in string concatenation
Feature IDEA-254545 Inspection for allocation of array with negative size
Feature IDEA-255527 Recognize Arrays.copyOf method in dataflow analysis
Feature IDEA-253825 A field with @InjectSoftAssertions is never assigned
Feature IDEA-254704 `Java | Dependency issues | Illegal package dependencies` is not available for kotlin
Feature IDEA-253781 Redundant 'if' statement should process overwritten declaration
Feature IDEA-254690 Add 'inconsistent whitespace indentation' and 'trailing space wiil be removed' inspections to java-15 (14 preview) text blocks.
Feature IDEA-254702 Malformed @Rule/@ClassRule inspection doesn't work for kotlin
Bug IDEA-254611 Wrong message "Contents of StringBuilder 'StringBuilderName' are updated, but never queried"
Bug IDEA-258367 Cyclomatic complexity inspection ignores switch expressions
Bug IDEA-221643 IntelliJ detects redundant suppression of "all" if the @SupressWarnings annot have a comment block that contains the text 'all'
Bug IDEA-247418 Code inspection: Java: Entry points: Add org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.RegisterExtension to default
Bug IDEA-221473 Field naming convention recognizes java.time.ZoneOffset as mutable type
Bug IDEA-223905 False positive for DuplicateBranchesInSwitch in case of fall-through
Bug IDEA-208688 On demand inspections and batch inspections do not agree: Declaration access can be weaker
Bug IDEA-255498 "Dangling javadoc" inspection: false positive for java.ft file
Bug IDEA-259694 Unchecked warning: missed warning when passing to unrelated proper class type
Bug IDEA-258470 Method reference presence breaks "method may be static" inspection
Bug IDEA-259573 NPE in AddNewArrayExpressionFix while changing code with array declaration
Bug IDEA-257674 Inspection "Wrong number of arguments" sometimes wrong with reflection
Bug IDEA-258369 "Overly nested method" inspection is not aware of some language constructs
Bug IDEA-256355 Inspection '' which can't throw 'NoSuchElementException' shouldn't warn about non-implemented method
Bug IDEA-255719 Properly support lombok extension methods in DFA
Bug IDEA-254882 Running Inspections from command line rarely produces invalid XML
Bug IDEA-253845 False positive NPE inspection warning for PriorityQueue
Bug IDEA-252926 Remove 'static' when convert nested class to record
Bug IDEA-219569 Mandatory default methods in interfaces are flagged as Declaration Redundancy - Empty Method only calls super
Bug IDEA-173818 "Declaration has Javadoc problems" suggests to add "return" to custom tags on void methods
Bug IDEA-258498 Flaky FieldCanBeLocal inspection on Mockito project
Bug IDEA-257522 False-positive "condition is always true" when counting loop overflows
Bug IDEA-259113 Simplify inspection produces wrong code when trying to remove possibly short-circuited bool |= true
Bug IDEA-257106 @NotNull Parameters overriding non-annotated reports false positives for generic methods
Bug IDEA-256460 Suspicious call to 'Map.get' but explicit cast is "redundant".
Bug IDEA-256052 The "Inline call to setter" inspection doesn't disappear after setter gets changed
Bug IDEA-254155 Code is refactored to something not equivalent
Bug IDEA-259100 Replace explicit type with `var` produces red code
Bug IDEA-252029 Cannot set package name for module declarations
Bug IDEA-253244 Fix all 'redundant suppression' problems in file does nothing in IDEA 2020.2.3
Bug IDEA-253245 Unused import is not detected when both static and non-static * imports are present
Bug IDEA-254384 Class reference is null in buildFix for broken expression
Usability IDEA-220039 Unwrap or remove redundant 'else'
Usability IDEA-253756 `Class.getResourceAsStream` has wrong `NotNull` external annotation
Usability IDEA-224056 Unused declaration doesn't report unused variable in lambda
Usability IDEA-257385 'StringBuffer' may be 'StringBuilder' is not reported for simple case
Usability IDEA-210462 "Method only calls its super" should not be reported when method calls super method more than once.
Cosmetics IDEA-256427 Warning "Not annotated parameter overrides @??? parameter"
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-254385 Assertion failed: Parent not found for PsiArrayAccessExpression
Bug IDEA-250286 replace = wtih -= changes semantic
Bug IDEA-256942 Java Quick Fixes: Cast should be suggested
Bug IDEA-253354 Comment is missing after splitting multi-catch into separate catch blocks
Bug IDEA-257288 When creating a class, offer to extend from the correct supertype
Bug IDEA-225992 "Convert to atomic" breaks code when converting negative value
Bug IDEA-235781 "Create field" quick-fix failed to infer proper field type
Bug IDEA-256041 Incorrect 'Replace operator assignment with assignment' intention behavior
Bug IDEA-249111 Intention "Annotate overriding methods" asks about external annotations for every implementation
Bug IDEA-254621 Invalid type in substitutor when invoking Extract to method reference
Usability IDEA-247548 Better UI for selecting external annotation path
Usability IDEA-257975 It would be nice to have Convert to Text Block as an intention on string literals with escape characters inside
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-257256 Search field in flame graph stays dark after theme switching
Bug IDEA-256027 Broken error message in CPU profiler
Bug IDEA-258877 Visiting the profiler tab's Events tab and selecting a large Events category hangs the editor, it should not
Task IDEA-259195 Update bundled async-profiler to 1.8.3
Java. Profiler. MemoryFeature IDEA-253096 Create HPROF dump from Profiler Start screen
Bug IDEA-253455 Scrollbars don't appear in hprof's 'Biggest Objects' and 'GC Roots' tabs
Usability IDEA-254010 Can't capture memory snapshot without opening it
Java. Properties FilesBug IDEA-248720 Sort properties files loses comments
Bug IDEA-215803 Join and split string (with 'Enter' key) works incorrectly inside property files when cursor is inside property value
Bug IDEA-229124 Properties don't align in column when key-value delimiter is space
Support Request IDEA-248873 Cannot programmatically add comments to properties file
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-249683 renaming method on record that overloads one of the implicitly generated "getter" methods breaks call-sites
Bug IDEA-254234 Exception on trying to rename to wrong name when settings popup opened
Bug IDEA-248913 Refactor method name, performs it wrong
Bug IDEA-256667 'Pull members Up' doesn't move implementation into interface
Bug IDEA-258696 Rename property of entity does not rename accessor usages if accessors are created by lombok
Bug IDEA-250050 Refactor error, move enum to another class, adds final incorrectly
Bug IDEA-259249 Introduce Variable does not work together with 'declare var type' for arrays
Bug IDEA-255057 Incorrect "Inline cannot be applied to multiline method in loop condition" warning
Bug IDEA-256096 Convert To Instance Method doesn't handle parameter reassigning well
Bug IDEA-252977 After selecting "Inline all and keep" next time "Inline all and remove" is preselected in dialog
Bug IDEA-258092 Safe delete method suggests to delete its class as well
Bug IDEA-258964 Refactoring `Use Interface Where Possible` should behave equally for all class references
Bug IDEA-255661 Inlining chaining constructor fails to substitute parameters
Bug IDEA-257315 class/package deletion does not update ``
Bug IDEA-252248 Not removing the import when moving two classes outside the packages where one class is importing the other one.
Bug IDEA-258495 'Invert if' inserts redundant 'else'
Bug IDEA-179260 java9 - class move does not update ``
Bug IDEA-248803 Cannot rename record field
Bug IDEA-245058 Refactor move class is broken
Bug IDEA-255066 Extract variable in record constructor and assigning it causes exception
Bug IDEA-256107 Create local variable intention action duplicates comment
Performance IDEA-256960 IDEA is unresponsive after invoking 'Inline Super Class'
Usability IDEA-258710 Refactor this: show "Replace Inheritance with Delegate" only in case when caret is on class declaration and when there is super class
Usability IDEA-258891 Refactor this: allow `Replace Constructor with Factory Method` only under the constructor declaration or constructor reference
Usability IDEA-258906 Refactor this: better filtering for action `Use Interface Where Possible`
Usability IDEA-258834 Refactor this: don't suggest `Replace Method with Method object`
Usability IDEA-258840 Refactor this: don't suggest `Generify` action
Usability IDEA-254255 Removing parameter via 'Change Signature' considers super calls to be usages
Usability IDEA-259023 Refactor this: don't suggest "Safe delete" action
Usability IDEA-258837 Refactor this: don't suggest `Find and Replace code duplicates`
Usability IDEA-253043 Extract to variable doesn't work correctly within parenthesis
Usability IDEA-97433 Quick fix create inner static class
Usability IDEA-257697 Don't suggest `Pull Members Up` in `Refactor This` popup if there is no super class
Java. Tests. CucumberBug IDEA-252344 Incorrect display of ru steps with optionals via cucumber plugin
Bug IDEA-254030 Cucumber for Java plugin doesn't work with Android Studio
Bug IDEA-256627 UnsupportedClassVersionError when running cucumber tests with Java 8 SDK
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-253869 can't run tests in directory
Bug IDEA-248355 Parametrized tests method source is not resolved when using JUnit5 and Kotlin
Bug IDEA-238556 Make is not started when rerun test suite from history
Bug IDEA-221658 Gutter actions work incorrectly if JUnit run configuration exists and there are both 'main' method and test method in test class
Bug IDEA-251214 import test results badly formats error messages for expected/actual
Bug IDEA-247545 12 sec Freeze in JUnit + Kotlin because of resolve on EDT
Bug IDEA-246238 Does not highlight a provider method in JUnit Jupiter Test Case
Bug IDEA-253599 Search for tests across module dependencies stopped working in 203
Bug IDEA-247622 Can't run whole project JUnit tests in Gradle project with multiple modules
Bug IDEA-258694 JUnit. Unable to view test history because of error "Cannot find runner for"
Bug IDEA-253922 Freeze on RunnerAndConfigurationSettingsImpl.checkSettings
Performance IDEA-244291 JUnit run configuration editor freezes upon opening
Usability IDEA-221654 Actions are doubled in gutter icon for test class with both test methods and 'main' if no run configuration created
Usability IDEA-253633 Scroll to fist stack trace if node with many tests selected
Usability IDEA-249355 Run test gutter icon: display the keyboard shortcut
Usability IDEA-144385 When JUnit run configuration exists it's hard to run main method in the same class
Usability IDEA-247371 test run: Search by test name should also find nested tests
Usability IDEA-221656 When JUnit run configuration exists it's impossible to run 'main' method in the same class via context menu
Java. Tests. TestNGFeature IDEA-254832 Create a Comparison Failure when AssertionError is thrown by Akka's TestKit#expectMsg(Object)
Bug IDEA-211278 IDEA suggests to run TestNG configuration in JUnit project, when several packages selected
Usability IDEA-255410 IDEA test runner prints full (multi-line) expected and actual values when 'assertEquals' fails in a TestNG test
Java. i18nFeature IDEA-253349 Support ICU4J patterns in capitalization inspection
Usability IDEA-229161 "I18nize Hardcoded String" dialog UX/UI issues
JavaX. AppServersBug IDEA-255744 location
JavaX. JPAFeature IDEA-259550 Make `jpa console` action available for any item selected in the persistence view
Feature IDEA-258393 Enable generic persistence xml properties completion regardless of whether the JPA provider is selected
Feature IDEA-116599 JPA: Persistence.xml: Provide code completion for JPA properties
Bug IDEA-126451 JPA: skip inspection "Cannot resolve column" on table-per-class mapping scheme or check the tables associated with all sub classes
Bug IDEA-119511 JPA: "EntityListener class X has no EntityListener methods" inspection does not look at parent class
Bug IDEA-233786 SortedSet is considered as incorrect type for 'Many To Many' attribute
Bug IDEA-16061 JPA: Hibernate: The inspection must not flag as error a field with @AccessType("field") and without the setter method
Bug IDEA-257502 JPA console is not shown after `Run query in [jpa] console` action is invoked
Bug IDEA-248548 Jakarta: Wrong inspection error 'org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.PersistenceProvider' is not assignable to 'javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceProvider'
Bug IDEA-220249 KT: Inspection error if table name contains dollar sign $
Bug IDEA-258414 'Embedded' attribute type should not be 'Embeddable'
Bug IDEA-122692 JPA: False warning during runtime: 'Embedded' attribute type should not be 'Embeddable'
Bug IDEA-251597 Hibernate @NamedQuery highlighted as error, JPA @NamedQuery is OK
Bug IDEA-210513 JPA @Version property reported as unused
Bug IDEA-210922 Inspection 'persistent attribute type checks' doesn't take extended @EmbeddedId - classes into account when reporting error
Bug IDEA-253254 Invalid JPA inspection
Bug IDEA-244128 Jpa: SecondaryTable repeatable annotation warning
Bug IDEA-127912 'Persistent attribute type check' inspection erroneously reports that @OneToMany should not be used with SortedSet.
Bug IDEA-259294 NPE at copy action in persistence.xml and orm files
Bug IDEA-124954 JPA: Getters/Setters for fields annotated with @Access(AccessType.PROPERTY) should not be marked as unused
Bug IDEA-241553 IDEA doesn't recognize correct JPA interface projection with the default methods
Usability IDEA-233361 Hibernate/JPA console: console tool window remains hidden by console calling
Usability IDEA-225472 Persistence view entity type list is not sorted/sortable
Usability IDEA-228643 JPA: Change highlighting level of unresolved symbol inspection to WARN
JavaX. JPA QLBug IDEA-242483 Inspection result show wrong type mismatch for JPA
JavaX. JavaEEBug IDEA-245434 New JavaEE project wizard. Add JPA properties to persistence.xml at adding the corresponding framework by project creation
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-257696 JAX-RS: False-positive method may be static inspection in Groovy
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-247214 JSONPath Language
Bug IDEA-258751 JsonQuoteHandler is not called inside JSON5 documents
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-258796 Unnecessary backslash escape in triple-backticked bash block
Bug IDEA-251645 Leaf nodes shouldn't be displayed as expandable in structure view
Bug IDEA-254499 Markdown preview uses wrong colors with dark editor color theme
Lang. RegExpFeature IDEA-228664 Regexp inspection to warn about redundant non-capturing group
Bug IDEA-255232 Unclear highlighting and warning in RegExp tester
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-256714 Shell script syntax highlighting mangled after a parameter expansion
Lang. ThymeleafBug IDEA-256301 False-positive "No namespace for prefix" inspection for framework processed html-fragments
Bug IDEA-253710 Thymeleaf literal substitution problems with html entities
Bug IDEA-253881 Thymeleaf: unresolved pet variable in Spring Pet Clinic
Lang. XPath and XSLTBug IDEA-207408 XSLT debugger broken on Java 9+
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-212875 YAML indentation bugs when copy-paste
LocalizationBug IDEA-256079 Double Ctrl is not extracted
Bug IDEA-254556 ii18n: Editor: Inlay Hint: Hardcoded hint strings in Editor
Task IDEA-249842 Proofread
Task IDEA-248885 Proofread
Task IDEA-250103 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-249626 Proofread
Task IDEA-250147 Proofread
Task IDEA-248853 Proofread ruby/ruby-psi-api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250148 Proofread
Task IDEA-249866 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-248904 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-248736 Proofread community/platform/vcs-api/vcs-api-core/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249856 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-248905 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-249718 Proofread
Task IDEA-250023 Proofread
Task IDEA-249847 Proofread
Task IDEA-250166 Proofread
Task IDEA-249834 Proofread
Task IDEA-250115 Proofread
Task IDEA-249994 Proofread
Task IDEA-250117 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-248842 Proofread resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250159 Proofread
Task IDEA-250155 Proofread
Task IDEA-249560 Proofread
Task IDEA-250173 Proofread
Task IDEA-248909 Proofread messages/
Task IDEA-250053 Proofread
Task IDEA-249615 Proofread
Task IDEA-250145 Proofread
Task IDEA-249704 Proofread community/platform/vcs-log/api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250044 Proofread the file
Task IDEA-248609 Proofread community/platform/diff-api/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249822 Proofread
Task IDEA-249908 Proofread community/plugins/git4idea/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249935 Proofread community/plugins/properties/properties-resource-bundle-editor/resources/messages/ResourceBundleEdit
Task IDEA-249557 Proofread
Task IDEA-254595 Language plugin suggestion
Task IDEA-248882 Proofread community/java/idea-ui/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-249850 Proofread
Task IDEA-250118 Proofread
Task IDEA-249970 Proofread platform/ssh/resources/messages/
Task IDEA-250140 Proofread
Localization. KoreanBug IDEA-248081 The translation in the update window is unnatural
Plugin Development (DevKit)Bug IDEA-196382 DevKit: EP registration icon not on actually registered inner class
Bug IDEA-254591 Devkit plugin.xml: disable useless and incorrect inspection about fallback in xi:include
Bug IDEA-250685 keymap "Xcode" not found [Plugin: com.intellij] warning when building Gradle Kotlin IntelliJ Platform plugin
Bug IDEA-257523 IntelliJ SDK external annotations must be downloaded without unnecessary notification
Task IDEA-255483 Devkit: Remove "New ... Service" actions
SpaceUsability IDEA-257993 .space.kts is not saved before running the compilation from Automation panel
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-178690 Docker: Make it possible to Cancel the "run" in the DockerView.
Feature IDEA-259073 Environment variables for Docker mounts
Bug IDEA-260102 Docker. Almost all tabs for containers are empty if container has mounted volumes
Bug IDEA-259230 Docker compose run fails with the error `settings.upTimeout must not be null`
Bug IDEA-259061 disable deploy action for deploying node
Bug IDEA-259025 NPE at running a docker-compose file
Bug IDEA-256367 Can not connect to docker daemon on mac in master with error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/jna/LastErrorException
Bug IDEA-259303 Docker. Settings on the Tools page are wrong red marked
Bug IDEA-259400 Log spamming by Docker integration when host is not available anymore
Bug IDEA-255269 java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException at attempt to write in the disconnected console
Usability IDEA-210374 Docker image run configuration environment variable input should be like the one for Docker-compose
Usability IDEA-258853 Incorrect field order in docker volume mapping configuration (UX)
Usability IDEA-199742 Docker command line preview should not contain linebreaks
Exception IDEA-259024 com.intellij.docker.agent.ApiTaskException: Can't retrieve image ID from build stream at Deploy stop
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-252880 Fold automatically response files links for 6th oldest and further
Feature IDEA-239340 Support line numbers in HTTP Response Run frame
Feature IDEA-249252 Microservices: show warning for incorrect or unknown HTTP header names
Feature IDEA-251651 HttpClient: need easiest way to copy body of request response (button)
Feature IDEA-239140 Support foldings in HTTP Response Run frame
Bug IDEA-255548 HttpClient: get multiple env files error on attempt to run request with variables
Bug IDEA-256102 HttpClient's lexer holds JS elements types after JS plugin unloding
Bug IDEA-257460 Http Client. Strange response if selected more than one request
Usability IDEA-247549 Add "scroll to top" button in response console
Tools. KubernetesException IDEA-255236 Completion images in Kubernetes resource files doesn't work
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-257024 Provide session ids
Bug IDEA-172320 SSH Terminal: Change default encoding to UTF
Bug IDEA-206708 Terminal: honor 'Close session when it ends' option
Usability IDEA-117484 Can't select all terminal output
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-242086 Add actions "close all projects" and "close all but this projects"
Feature IDEA-254286 Add plugin version for each "Non-Bundled Plugin" to "copy" button on the "About" dialog
Bug IDEA-233135 scrolling code tabs with mouse wheel could be much faster
Bug IDEA-259352 Cmd+Shift+Up/Down resizes tool window at the bottom instead of moving the line up/down
Bug IDEA-255675 Welcome screen: Changing combobox values on Customize tab switches focus to Projects tab
Bug IDEA-255669 "Got it" popup changes its position on switching tabs
Bug IDEA-256423 Big Sur: Non-native alert for project opening is shown if opening a project while Find in Path is opened
Bug IDEA-255056 Unexpected location of "unsplit"
Bug IDEA-256329 Big Sur: wrong z-order of dialogs and alerts causing UI lock
Bug IDEA-252551 Opacity in colorpicker disappeared
Bug IDEA-220248 Incorrect UI panels width after reopening DataGrip
Bug IDEA-257817 Issue with highlighting of push combo-button in Push dialog
Bug IDEA-249645 AbstractPopup with AdText: wrong height after pack()
Bug IDEA-251940 Some icons became brighter
Bug IDEA-255549 Empty line at the top of the value popup
Usability IDEA-258895 Rename "import popup" to "auto-import tooltip"
Usability IDEA-223541 Inspection scopes on groups cannot be differentiated in the UI
Usability IDEA-254272 Add tooltips for all tool window buttons
Usability IDEA-251659 Clicking Color preview changes CSS color format
Usability IDEA-256948 Place toolbar on the top of the table
Usability IDEA-176682 Editor tab: `` file label could be optimized
Usability IDEA-196260 "Stretch tool window to *" is disabled via right click/gear icon/find action but not via Window -> Active Tool Window -> Resize
Usability IDEA-255394 Got it popups from different features overlap
Cosmetics IDEA-259206 OK-Cancel buttons should be right-aligned in message dialogs on Windows
Cosmetics IDEA-211724 HTML escape entities appear in the status bar when the tooltip is html-based
Cosmetics IDEA-255039 Fix icon alignment in the Navbar
Task IDEA-209631 Sort open windows by name in Window menu
Task IDEA-195753 Add setting for tree line height
Task IDEA-219895 Implement typography system
Task IDEA-257575 Change color picker move/nudge shortcuts
Task IDEA-253581 Switch IDE theme directly as entries are selected in the Appearance combo box
Task IDEA-190854 Replace plus icons with modifiers with one plus icon with dropdown
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-254108 In the appearance tab, the label is not associated with the "font size:" combobox
Bug IDEA-256940 The list of file types Associate with Idea does not spoken elements
Bug IDEA-250862 On the welcome screen in the customization tab, labels are not associated with combo boxes
Task IDEA-258233 Set the project tree view to accessible Name
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-259561 Ctrl-D shortcut in Editor invokes Diff instead of line duplicating
User Interface. ControlsTask IDEA-255170 Got It tooltip: do not close on click outside
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-253378 Wrong local usage highlighting in injections
Bug IDEA-257087 Find Usages context menu item not visible until second right click
Usability IDEA-212226 Find in Path dialog: option to open results in a separate tab should be keyboard-accessible
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-259513 Extra editor tab lose focus when switch between source/header
User Interface. GraphicsUsability IDEA-256044 Close All But Pinned Broken / Missing
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-242263 Using hot keys to access "Quick Switch Schemes" Populates a search box with letter 'Q'
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-254098 Mac title bar is bright for tool windows opened in float mode (when whole theme is dark)
Bug IDEA-258213 Nightly build doesn't show buttons
Bug IDEA-256913 Theme is not changed to light when changing Editor color scheme to classic light and applying bright theme for IDE
Cosmetics IDEA-201983 High contrast theme: there is no separator on a button with separator
Task IDEA-216859 Color keys: unregistered root background
Task IDEA-216858 Color keys: use color keys for the mouse shortcut area
User Interface. NavigationFeature IDEA-253560 Cannot navigate from folded reference to property bundle in Kotlin
Bug IDEA-193601 New SE: No 'Continue search...' link when no results found on applied filter
Cosmetics IDEA-227322 When quickfix is found by Find Actions, it contains raw html
User Interface. PluginsBug IDEA-255478 Double confirm for IDE restart
Bug IDEA-257267 Webstorm is suggesting usage of Intelij Idea Ultimate
Bug IDEA-256506 Checkboxes in Plugins don't work
Usability IDEA-254729 Unify the updates dialog
Usability IDEA-259158 "Plugin updates installed" notification should not be sticky
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-208072 "File Nesting" support in "Project Files"
Bug IDEA-248797 Packages View shows useless empty packages from libraries
Task IDEA-209057 Changes "for current project" and “for new project” components in Preferences/Settings
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeature IDEA-255672 Search Everywhere: file names in results should be the same with editor tab header
Feature IDEA-256078 Add link to open Find in Path when no results found in SE
Feature IDEA-255488 Search Everywhere: make "Shown Contributors" filter application-wide
Bug IDEA-259261 Remove suggestion to find in files on Actions and Git tab
Usability IDEA-253918 Better rounding of results in Search Everywhere calculations
Task IDEA-256217 Untidy results in the Search Everywhere calculator
Exception IDEA-259361 Search Everywhere: Exception when results contain rendered HTML
Version ControlFeature IDEA-217323 Add Revert current Line action to Alt+Enter
Bug IDEA-256998 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.ex.ChangelistsLocalLineStatusTracker: Attempt to register duplicate trackers
Bug IDEA-257313 Rebase message contains unprintable characters on macOS Big Sur
Bug IDEA-258646 Commit action is disabled in the file context menu.
Bug IDEA-215959 Non-modal commit: the changelist name should be used as default commit message value
Bug IDEA-255154 Some symbols in author name does not shown
Bug IDEA-236524 show commit options popup is not honouring the screen top
Usability IDEA-254160 Refresh icon is not clear enough for Fetch
Task IDEA-259993 Hide the selection logic change under registry and disable for now
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-256674 Git Staging Area: gutter markers ignore configured border colors
Bug IDEA-253049 Git Staging Area: "Delete Files from Git" dialog shouldn't pop up on deleting unversioned files
Bug IDEA-226786 Synchronous execution on EDT from GitApplyChangesProcess$ResolveLinkListener.hyperlinkUpdate
Bug IDEA-257593 A file called .git is detected as git root.
Bug IDEA-251265 Search everywhere doesn't find action Annotate with Git Blame by request "git blame"
Bug IDEA-251850 Choose upstream branch fails if some of repositories are in Detached Head
Bug IDEA-254571 "Create Git repository" action fails when the project is in WSL
Usability IDEA-108310 Git: provide icon for 'Fetch' command in VCS/Git menu
Usability IDEA-259241 Jump to Source is missing in file context menu when staging area is enabled
Usability IDEA-250748 Git Merge dialog: The text in branch combobox isn't pre-selected after first git merge action invocation
Cosmetics IDEA-259428 "Failed to stage files" balloon incorrectly appears on staging file from ignored directory
Cosmetics IDEA-254366 Rename the 'Rebase my GitHub fork' action to 'Sync Fork'
Cosmetics IDEA-255833 Branches in Git Log: Add tooltip for branches setting icon
Version Control. GitHubFeature IDEA-233916 Support adding comments to Multi-Line on pull request
Bug IDEA-256782 GitHub Pull Requests: the images in PR timeline doesn't load
Bug IDEA-257505 GitHub Pull Requests: can't add multiline comment
Bug IDEA-255058 GitHub Pull Requests: Empty editor is opened on moving pull request tab to new window
Bug IDEA-244211 GitHub PRs: Comment markdown - multiple newlines are not rendered correctly
Cosmetics IDEA-252595 Inconsistent PR number formatting
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-235371 When selecting 'Get' on VCS history extra space being added at the top of the file.
Version Control. PerforceTask IDEA-252894 Open-source Perforce plugin
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-257274 i18n: VCS: Subversion: hardcode strings in SVN window
No subsystemFeature WEB-48771 Ship MDN documentation with IDE
DebuggerBug WEB-48558 Don't suggest to Open in Browser Vue and other template files on built-in web server
HTMLBug WEB-36210 Allow ARIA accessibility attributes in SVG elements
Bug WEB-49001 Support data-* attribute in SVG 2.0 files
JavaScriptFeature WEB-11205 Move statement up/down and comments
Feature WEB-29361 Better color scheme highlighting for javascript jsdoc comment block
Bug WEB-43860 "Element not exported" shown for class field declared in constructor
Bug WEB-49156 Incorrect syntax error "yield is not allowed as identifier in strict mode" in a generator function
Bug WEB-47179 Subclass of type is not recognised
Bug WEB-18414 JSDoc examples syntax highlighting artefact
Bug WEB-42617 Not recognizing TypeScript generics in JavaScript
Bug WEB-47223 Inject CSS in Element.closest
Bug WEB-47305 Typo in word: false positive
Bug WEB-49082 Add support for type parameters in anonymous class expressions
Bug WEB-48945 Invalid suggestion list for plain text string
Bug WEB-48318 Wrong code references for static methods in JavaScript
Bug WEB-49081 Support declare on class fields
Bug WEB-48989 JSRegExpModifierProvider treats 'm' as Pattern.DOTALL instead of Pattern.MULTILINE
Bug WEB-48901 JSDoc: return type not correctly inferred from @return when assigning imported function
Bug WEB-47219 module.exports = class Foo doesn't work like module.exports = Foo;
Bug WEB-14586 No means to override Type Library Inspection error.
Bug WEB-40528 Incorrect JS autocompletion
Bug WEB-48567 /** should expand into the doc comment in empty file
Performance WEB-49073 High CPU usage
Usability WEB-48904 Request a way to include dynamic references when refactoring names
Task WEB-49030 Support this annotations in functions
Task WEB-48969 Add help tooltip for "Unambigous imports on the fly" option
Exception WEB-49154 PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.impl.JSReferenceExpressionImpl because: containing file is null
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-43748 input missing associated label error when using @angular/material
Bug WEB-49064 Using getter in React defaultProps breaks JSX syntax
Bug WEB-48038 No autocompletion for makeStyles/createStyles
Bug WEB-49137 Quick fix 'Add import statement' doesn't work for 'React'
Bug WEB-49135 Incorrect import suggestions for React methods
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-10308 Ability to suppress inspection for file
Feature WEB-49032 Don't report "unused property toString" when the property is implicitly used in template literal
Bug WEB-47292 Inspection 'Mismatched query and update of collection' isn't shown for array
Bug WEB-46924 JS: outer captured variable assigned in a closure is marked unused
Bug WEB-18700 JSDon @callback tag description isn't displayed in documentation modal window
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-47108 Quick-fix 'Create field' creates field outside the function's scope
Node.jsFeature WEB-48961 Support Yarn PnP with ES modules (.pnp.cjs)
TypeScriptBug WEB-48950 "Ambient declaration should have no body" false positive when function declaration followed by block statement
Bug WEB-48627 "Mismatched query and update of collection" warning should not be shown for unused variables
Unit TestsFeature WEB-48850 Detect mocha config file automatically
Bug WEB-48673 Jest: save Coverage report according options in jest.config.js when call 'Run with Coverage'
DB ConsoleBug DBE-11564 JS arrow functions are not parsed in MongoDB consoles
Usability DBE-11359 Add option to turn off tab title shortening for datasource consoles
Usability DBE-11731 Query execution for unsupported DBMS
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-12032 PG/GP Sources introspection inefficient due to forgoten join
Bug DBE-12247 Incorrect grants in Postgres
DB Schema ViewsBug DBE-12283 'Show Generated Objects' setting does not always filter objects
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-10465 First row is header in the context menu
Feature DBE-11815 ability to add the SQL query code when uploading data to Excel (append query text to exported data)
Data ViewsFeature DBE-12306 The option to ‘auto-transpose’ when the result set is only a single record
Bug DBE-6239 Moving database table views forgets hidden columns
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