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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3 (203.5981.155 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-255649 Stackoverflow error at org.jetbrains.uast.UClassAdapter.getUserData(adapters.kt:65)
Bug IDEA-253602 Problems view: quickfixes invoked from the Project Errors tab don't pass focus to editor when user input is required
Bug IDEA-255643 Freeze in UAST: Uast should not be used as dataHolder
Bug IDEA-253389 Code analysis slow, failing, or not properly updating on new code written
Bug IDEA-244994 Problems view: quick fix invoked from Problems toolwindow doesn't pass focus to editor causing problems with live templates applying
Bug IDEA-254017 .cs document beginning "ZWNBSP"
Bug IDEA-253607 Exception: java.lang.Throwable: Consistency issue. Cannot get a parent in one to many connection. (problems with opening sbt scala projects)
Bug IDEA-252376 JdkAuto: LocalFix should do VFS refresh when applied
Bug IDEA-253600 Problems view: quickfixes applied from the Project Errors tab don't work if the problematic file is not opened in the active Editor tab (and Preview is switched off in the Problems toolwindow)
Usability IDEA-253114 File Type Associations: OK button is focused when opening dialog
Cosmetics IDEA-254112 Update notification about new JDK version
Task IDEA-254032 'File type conflict' notification: show only for non-bundled plugins
Exception IDEA-251322 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/intellij/plugins/intelliLang/inject/InjectorUtils
BuildFeature IDEA-253347 Dependency update API for package search
Bug IDEA-254725 Lombok + Eclipse compiler problem: "java.lang.ClassFormatError: Extra bytes at the end of class file"
Build. GradleBug IDEA-176838 Gradle: library with invalid path is created for unresolved dependency
Bug IDEA-221448 Gradle created entries for wrong project
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-251156 Translate 'Fragment' in tab's name when edit an injection
CoreBug IDEA-253548 JSLanguageLevelPusher.getImmediateValue resolves too many children in search of .idea/misc.xml
Bug IDEA-255312 Can not import a Gradle project due to java.lang.IllegalStateException from workspace project model
Bug IDEA-253683 ClassCastException when open project with Space plugin
Performance IDEA-254450 Slow Gradle project import with 2020.3 EAP
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-256118 'Remove All Watches' causes incorrect behavior and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.inline.InlineWatchesRootNode.removeInlineChildren
Bug IDEA-252062 Inline watches: unreadable color combination when hovering over inline watch in current line
Bug IDEA-255861 Expanding an array with inline debugger does not start with 0 index
Bug IDEA-256188 Inline watch in Variables view shows wrong line in a file (always -1 from the actual line)
Bug IDEA-256109 Inline watches: No inline watches in editor if debugger variable view is not opened
Cosmetics IDEA-252060 Inline watches: bottom toolbar design looks worse than in mockups
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-254810 No tooltip for UML changes diagram action in VCS toolbar
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-253551 VirtualFileManagerImpl.fireAfterRefreshFinish logs ProcessCanceledException
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-253051 Zulu: SDKMAN detected JDK doesn't include /Contents/Home on macOS failing Gradle import
Usability IDEA-253137 Can't toggle (enable/disable) certain settings with keyboard (without mouse)
Task IDEA-253638 Add an API to prioritize configurables within a group in code style settings
Task IDEA-253357 Search in keymap should take synonyms into account
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-254758 Settings repository doesn't apply pulled non-active custom keymap in case of "Merge"
Bug IDEA-253846 Can't set up IDE settings sync
Bug IDEA-181599 Keymap not imported settings.jar or synced in settings repository across two Webstorm instances
Bug IDEA-254117 NPE on enabling IDE settings sync
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-252988 File search does not show files, search all does
Performance IDEA-253399 IDEA freeze
Usability IDEA-253972 Project specific settings for shared indexes are configured at IDE level
Task IDEA-252012 Group indexing diagnostics per project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-254674 Windows 10 icon path in registry typo
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-255311 Eval license for commercial plugins in EAP builds should remain the same as the one for release builds
Bug IDEA-254049 License source is changed after the IDE restart
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-254534 2020.3 EAP SDK break from removed type params for PlaceHolder/PlaceProvider
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-254029 Issues after unloading Maven plugin by disabling it for project
Bug IDEA-254484 No opportunity to disable plugin per project via cogwheel menu on the plugin page
Bug IDEA-252873 Plugin enabled for one project is shown as enabled\disabled for all projects if two projects are opened in a separate windows
Bug IDEA-254176 Icons collision
Bug IDEA-253447 Incompatible plugin message contains "version 'null'"
Core. ProfilerBug IDEA-254476 Freeze after jfr snapshot open
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-253515 "Invalidate and restart" action deletes content of .idea/libraries directory in projects which use Gradle if Android plugin is enabled
Bug IDEA-253040 IDEA does not recognise a module, but it is present in modules.xml
Bug IDEA-254157 Sometimes VfsUtilCore.copyFile adds an extra bom to the new file
Bug IDEA-253586 Class is not registered:
Exception IDEA-253686 It's not possible to create a new project at location which was used for another project
Exception IDEA-189132 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.ModulesConfigurator.getOrCreateModuleEditor
Exception IDEA-253589 NoSuchFileException while getting module file
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-253284 "Show on mouse move" is shown as a button with unknown icon in Documentation tool window
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-253893 Unable to specify tags for JUnit5 tests
Bug IDEA-254134 [new run config UI] in Before Launch section it's impossible to add several tasks of the same type
Bug IDEA-255011 [new run config UI] hint on hover for JDK field is shown only if it has focus
Bug IDEA-253816 [new run config UI] "Build" Before Launch disappears after modifying the Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-254136 [new run config UI] mnemonics for "command line fields" don't work
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-251763 Provide browsers from browsable targets to run configurations
Bug IDEA-254846 Run Targets. Go language runtime: version is always empty after restart
Bug IDEA-252759 Run Targets. Docker. It doesn't work on winOS because of the invalid paths
Bug IDEA-253428 SSH Target: after failure with upload IDE still tries to upload something
Bug IDEA-253151 Exception when uploading file to SSH run target
Bug IDEA-253797 Docker. Run Targets. Copy a docker target action creates a new target without a name and doesn't copy language values
Bug IDEA-253711 Run Targets: SSH: attempt to run JUnit 5 run configuration fails on attempt to copy files
Bug IDEA-248370 Show an error when no runtime is configured
Bug IDEA-253321 Run Targets. Changes in the chosen Dockefile should be saved before running build/pull process
Bug IDEA-255755 Run configuration never ends after exception on target preparation
Bug IDEA-252404 Run Targets: Hide run on list before wizard
Bug IDEA-253343 Run Targets. Run configs: the newly created run target is not selected in the Run Configuration dialog
Bug IDEA-252405 Run Targets: Can't configure maven home for docker run target
Bug IDEA-253810 Run targets. Docker. Creation via Settings: it doesn't take the set "language runtime" and doesn't run container introspection
Bug IDEA-253369 Run Targets. Docker. Build args are ignored.
Bug IDEA-253152 Uploading files to a run target should exclude ignored files
Bug IDEA-253090 Run Targets: Get Maven exception after choosing several targets in maven configuration
Bug IDEA-253753 Run Targets: Turn off run targets functionality for the sub-run-configs of Application
Bug IDEA-253695 Run Targets: rsync test connection asks for ssh server password, but it is provided
Bug IDEA-253377 Run Targets: RSync for SSH target not detected in case windows-linux or wsl-linux
Bug IDEA-253330 Run Targets. Docker. Run targets creation works wrong because 'Runtime language' step is absent during the target creation.
Bug IDEA-255092 Run Targets. Docker. java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class at attempt to create/rebuild docker run target
Bug IDEA-253362 Run Targets. Docker. Add validation for "Run options" field as it for Docker run configs
Bug IDEA-253345 Run Targets. Docker. Errors by "Rebuild" the same Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-253624 Run Targets: SSH: the files are copied before the project is built. As a result the application runs without the last changes always (or fails in case of missing local build results)
Usability IDEA-253274 Run Targets: SSH: provide possibility to select the Maven home path on the remote machine using the path chooser
Usability IDEA-253269 Run Targets: SSH: add possibility to select the jdk home path using the path chooser
Usability IDEA-253334 Run Targets. RunConfigs->Manage targets. Add Apply button.
Usability IDEA-253620 Run Targets. Docker. Improve target creation via Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-254006 Run Targets. Docker. Create via Settings: the 3d step name is present only as `3/3.` instead of `3/3. Configure Java`
Cosmetics IDEA-253693 Run Targets: rsync connected message not visible in dark theme
Cosmetics IDEA-252469 Run Targets: Adjust add language runtime section beneath Advanced Volume Settings
Task IDEA-252711 Run Targets: targets should be project-level
Core. SSHBug IDEA-253288 If ssh password request is shown as a balloon, it can't be shown as a modal window.
Bug IDEA-253595 When auth type is not openssh+agent, preferred authentications should be updated.
Bug IDEA-254121 AWS generates ssh without passphrase but IDE asks for it
Bug IDEA-252300 Entered SSH passphrase isn't applied for deployment configuration
Bug IDEA-253287 SSH password requests are not cancellable.
EditorFeature IDEA-252707 Soft wrap in lightedit
Bug IDEA-250265 NullPointerException when trying to invoke intention actions for .md files
Bug IDEA-253454 "More about the LightEdit mode" link should open help page for current IDE
Bug IDEA-253601 Bad live-template position near the inlay element.
Bug IDEA-253165 --edit command-line option is ignored in case build.gradle/pom.xml
Usability IDEA-253084 Reader Mode very surprising the first time you see it
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-253069 Font ligature settings are being ignored
Editor. Editing TextTask IDEA-253903 Optimize Copy/Paste processors
FrameworksFeature IDEA-254260 Microservices: prioritize URL completion items with the authority from URL context
Bug IDEA-253460 Services view: tab header color for specific (database-related) tab should consider colors set for the specific table/schema/ etc
Bug IDEA-254981 JavaEE: unable to deploy new Gradle project to Tomcat
Bug IDEA-255590 JavaEE project wizard - Provide samples for Kotlin and Groovy
Bug IDEA-253921 Spring Boot. Module creation: src and other folders are not auto-configured
Bug IDEA-253702 URL actions inlay is getting wrong size while entering or leaving presentation mode
Bug IDEA-255324 JavaEE wizard. Artifact and Server run configuration is not created for Jakarta EE 9
Usability IDEA-254967 Navigate | URL Mapping: it would be better if on Ctr-Shift-\ pressing or "/url " typing in SE the list of found url appears
Cosmetics IDEA-254982 JavaEE wizard. Provide some explanation string instead of the empty line in the `Application Server` list
Task IDEA-253351 Check empty string in Gutters
Frameworks. GWTBug IDEA-221256 GWT 2.8.2 : inspection incorrectly marks some valid code as "not present in JRE Emulation Library"
Bug IDEA-251756 Frameworks: get GWT plugin exception on create new quarkus project with Gradle
Frameworks. LombokBug IDEA-253011 IDEA EAP fails to run/debug project with any lombok annotation
Bug IDEA-254198 Builder ignores visibility of XArgsConstructor
Task IDEA-254280 Please remove missing Lombok dependency warning
Task IDEA-254282 Replace UI options to disable val, @Builder, ect support with registry keys
Frameworks. MicronautFeature IDEA-246353 Micronaut Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-253588 Micronaut: the class-level path variable is not updated on the corresponding method parameter rename (in case of value-less @PathVariable annotation or missing annotation)
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Bug IDEA-253537 Swagger: support for repeating path-variables
Bug IDEA-253411 Swagger/OpenAPI: no endpoints completion in yaml specification
Bug IDEA-253536 Swagger: handling of complex path-variables
Bug IDEA-254734 External file references are not resolved in specifications in resources root
Cosmetics IDEA-251410 SwaggerHub minor improvements
Exception IDEA-253886 Swagger/OpenAPI: "Write access is allowed from write thread only" exception on open yaml specification
Exception IDEA-253482 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.assertWriteAccessAllowed
Frameworks. SeleniumFeature IDEA-245975 Selenium: provide complete test example in new project
Bug IDEA-254850 Selenium: incomplete Allure setup in new Maven project
Bug IDEA-253803 Selenium: invalid warning about unknown CSS element for literal in string concatenation
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-248566 Spring: provide URL Path references for MockMvcRequestBuilders
Bug IDEA-254771 Spring Feign Client: client enabled explicitly via @EnableFeignClients#clients is not recognized if it uses the custom annotation
Bug IDEA-253591 Spring MVC: pathVariable reference in URL should be updated on rename | code occurrences invocation for the corresponding parameter
Bug IDEA-205877 Spring + MyBatis: @Mapper annotation not recognized as @Autowire candidate
Bug IDEA-242101 Spring Feign: the feign client bean name is incorrect: use @FeignClient#qualifier if any or interface FQN, not @FeignClient#name
Bug IDEA-233806 Spring: Support meta annotations with @FeignClient
Bug IDEA-157051 SpEL: not public fields should not be completed and resolved for beans and types
Bug IDEA-253819 Spring: support TestRestTemplate
GroovyBug IDEA-254186 Groovy syntax analysis produces a red code while parsing '!in' expression
Java. Debugger. Memory ViewBug IDEA-253276 Broken default behaviour of "Show referring objects" action in case of recursion
Java. Eclipse IntegrationBug IDEA-253564 Global library dependency is broken at IDE restart
Bug IDEA-253364 Eclipse: changing storage format from "IntelliJ IDEA" to "Eclipse" doesn't remove unnecessary content from iml file
Java. Extract MethodBug IDEA-255363 In-place extract method: missing name suggestion
Usability IDEA-255134 In-place extract method: clarify got it tooltips.
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-252714 Null passed to a NotNull parameter when creating a field
Bug IDEA-253733 Create class quick fix doesn't appear inside instanceof expression
Java. Profiler. CPUBug IDEA-254682 NullPointerException while opening jfr snapshot
Bug IDEA-254972 Async agent added 2 times
Usability IDEA-254876 CPU button disappears for a while after being pressed
Usability IDEA-254546 CPU profiler button is disabled
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-251942 New Junit run configuration UI: `search for tests` option doesn't make sense for class/method/uniqueId configurations
Bug IDEA-254524 New junit UI: search in single module/search across module dependencies are messed up
Java. i18nFeature IDEA-253464 CloudFormation: i18n
Bug IDEA-254004 rename module / directory popup strange symbols
JavaX. AppServersBug IDEA-255494 Find action shows preferences for Application Servers in the IDEs that don't have this feature
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-254268 Jakarta. The generated jakarta entities are not added into the persistence.xml file
Bug IDEA-215287 JPA NamedQuery not recognized when not inside NamedQueries
Bug IDEA-254274 Jakarta: ORM files: completion/resolve of the database tables/columns doesn't work
Bug IDEA-254263 Jakarta. Persistence unit name is wrong displayed in the Persistence view
Bug IDEA-254264 Jakarta. XML Schemas. No inspection errors in the persistence.xml file
Bug IDEA-254271 Jakarta. The separate xmls per entity by entity generation are wrong generated: empty and with the old schema
Bug IDEA-254275 Jakarta: Persistence.xml: Completion for mapping files/classes doesn't work. Resolve for mapping files doesn't work.
Bug IDEA-104128 "JPA Issues. Unresolved queries and query parameters" works incorrect for multiple NamedQuery per entity nested within NamedQueries
JavaX. JavaEEFeature IDEA-246703 Java EE: Provide App Server selector and create Run Configuration automatically on project creation
Usability IDEA-254750 Hide Java Enterprise tool windows by default
Usability IDEA-254190 Java EE: Add template selector on the first Java Enterprise wizard step
Task IDEA-254193 Jakarta EE: add MVC 1.1 specification to new project wizard
Lang. JSONUsability IDEA-241855 schemas drop-down should be using the names and not the url suffix
LocalizationTask IDEA-249719 Internalization for "find" subsystem
Plugin Development (DevKit)Task IDEA-255001 Devkit plugin.xml: do not require min. 40 chars for <change-notes>
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-253996 Docker target has two identical Java language runtimes neither of which can be removed
Bug IDEA-222853 PROJECT_DIR macro does not seem to work for bind mounts
Bug IDEA-255268 Docker. Impossible to re-call the closed Attached console
Usability IDEA-220014 Docker: Terminal, Attached console: provide info if it is disconnected
Usability IDEA-253992 Dockerfile selector in Docker run target settings editor should default to the project home directory
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-251964 HTTP Client: actions for unsubstituted variable value adding don't work with localized application
Bug IDEA-253282 HttpClient: Changes in rest client xml file not taking into account for convert to new http client action
Bug IDEA-244972 HTTP Client not handled POST redirect automatically
Bug IDEA-255209 HttpClient: after changing color scheme some elements of httpclient in endpoints view tab became in previous color
Usability IDEA-252424 Headers completion shows already typed text as the top suggestion
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-252663 Kubernetes: Refresh Pods by deployments deleting
Usability IDEA-254216 Kubernetes. Pod shell: if the shell fails to run after the first command then re-create it after calling again
Usability IDEA-253754 Kubernetes. Shell for a container. Arrow up and down should insert commands from the commands history into the commandline
Usability IDEA-253751 KubernetesView. Pods. Don't change the order of the called tabs by the repeat calling
Usability IDEA-254109 Kubernetes. Pod Shell: by arrow down it should not add a new command line below
Cosmetics IDEA-252866 Kubernetes, Editor Settings: make a bigger distance between two sections and change the option name
Exception IDEA-254222 Kubernetes. Pod shell: NPE by working with pod shells with a custom command
Tools. TerminalUsability IDEA-180370 Darcula default terminal colors
User InterfaceBug IDEA-253643 Dialogs are too small so the content is collapsed
Bug IDEA-251477 SearchEverywhere: modules are cropped
Bug IDEA-255350 Tab highlighting appears on tab pane when splitting tabs with drag-and-drop
Bug IDEA-252781 Window titles are light in Darcula, when reopening IDEA with 2 projects
Bug IDEA-254085 Splitting tabs by drag-and-drop in detached window sends tab to project frame
Bug IDEA-252217 Drag and drop doesn't work with new Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-254999 The splash screens are kept in caches and thus the obsolete splash screen is shown on startup
Bug IDEA-253367 Tool Windows in window mode don't raise when invoked in 203 IDEA
Bug IDEA-253036 Tab splitted by drag-and-drop becomes pinned if it was located next to pinned tab
Bug IDEA-253703 Pinned tab does not become unpinned after drag-and-drop to the position before the last tab
Bug IDEA-249821 "Copy File Name" action doesn't include part after the last dot
Bug IDEA-253297 Missing action group icon in popup menu in 2020.3 EAP
Bug IDEA-236415 "Show memory indicator" toggle doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-254608 Reader mode should be disabled for library files or at least important functionality like gutter icons should work
Bug IDEA-253839 Big Sur: Custom alerts are invoked instead of native
Bug IDEA-253263 Shift+Enter opens several splitted tabs if invoked from Recent Files
Bug IDEA-254732 Pinned service view tab looks the same way as non-pinned tab
Bug IDEA-253824 "Got it" popup shadow does not move with the popup after Analyzing is completed
Bug IDEA-255252 Exception on drag-and-drop What's new tab
Usability IDEA-255581 Popup submenu behavior
Usability IDEA-254748 Enable preview tab doesn't work if Open file with single click is unchecked
Cosmetics IDEA-250519 grammatical & typographic errors in notification
Cosmetics IDEA-254135 Fix appearance of the dragged files/tab
Exception IDEA-254377 ISE at com.intellij.ui.popup.AbstractPopup.$$$reportNull$$$0
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-253338 "Show help contents" button in settings page can't be spoken by NVDA screen reader
Bug IDEA-253342 On `Settings | Appearance and Behavior | System Settings`, the NVDA screen reader doesn't speak the "Database" when navigated to the "Database:"'s edit view by using tab
Bug IDEA-253340 Two buttons in `Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars` are not spoken by NVDA screen reader
User Interface. Action SystemFeature IDEA-253266 Actions popup: show submenu on mouse hover
Bug IDEA-255228 Action popup: do not show submenu for actionable items
User Interface. ArtworkCosmetics IDEA-221920 Strawberry icon looks like a bug
User Interface. ControlsUsability IDEA-254091 Selection in action popup is changed while hovering mouse to submenu
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-249809 Editor search not showing up
Bug IDEA-212529 Find/Find&Replace in path with newline always matches all whitespace at the beginning on subsequent line, disregarding the search pattern
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-190158 Typeahead timeout exception if same shortcut is assigned to multiple actions (Find and Find in Path, or similar case with Goto Class)
Bug IDEA-253238 Right click sometimes sent to and activates the wrong IJ window
Bug IDEA-255557 Create Field without focus
Bug IDEA-255026 'Explain shell' refactoring popup - focus is stolen from popup to Editor
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-252282 Regression: Shortcuts with German umlauts stopped working
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-254333 Custom theme unable to customize icons
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-254773 No More Drag-n-Drop in Project Explorer
Usability IDEA-238064 File structure popup (speed search) Ctrl-C should copy text of selected list item, not the speed search text
Version ControlBug IDEA-231698 Non-modal commit: Author field is not shown inline
Bug IDEA-252307 Rebase modal no longer stores previously selected ref or options
Bug IDEA-252549 Double click on change in commit tab no longer shows inline diff window
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-255104 Missing Update action in Git Branches popup when called via Quicklist
Bug IDEA-254399 Reword and interactive rebase are failing when commit contains spaces at the beginning
Bug IDEA-253313 Can't commit staged deletion
Usability IDEA-253485 Git Staging Area: Vertical scrollbar covers plus/minus icons
Usability IDEA-223976 Add tooltip to Detached HEAD warning
Usability IDEA-251554 Pull-dialog: suggests pulling from the last entered branch, instead from tracked branch
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-243134 Clone Dialog -> GitHub: Infinite wait if pressing "Log In" with all fields empty
Version Control. LogTask IDEA-252476 Create color key for hovered line in the Log table
No subsystemBug WEB-48044 Create React component quick fix for qualified references shouldn't be available
Bug WEB-48150 Empty stub trees are not used from prebuilt shared indexes
Bug WEB-44118 Import quickfix not given for Ant Design icons
Bug WEB-44521 'Download node' has hard-coded node version, current version for download is 12.13.1
Bug WEB-47417 Quick Documentation tooltip shown on mouse move doesn't include a link to external docs
Performance WEB-44334 Minute-long freeze when starting to type inside large mixed php file
Exception WEB-47902 AssertionError
Exception WEB-47780 Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.SharedPsiElementImplUtil.getChildIndex
Build toolsUsability WEB-36182 webpack aliases are not resolved correctly when config is exported as function
Task WEB-47906 Basic support for mutiple webpack configs
CSSFeature WEB-48151 Support @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
Feature WEB-42792 Tailwind CSS support
Bug WEB-45489 Webstorm format doesn't format the css inside styled-components
Bug WEB-47978 Color preview in code completion popup is too big
DebuggerBug WEB-48092 Debugger: No Hebrew/Arabic support in inline value tooltips
Bug WEB-48060 Throwable: fileInfo.url: node:internal/util, url: node:internal/util when debug via node 15
Bug WEB-48396 Expanding an object with inline debugger does not start with first property
HTMLBug WEB-43054 Automatically inserted pair quotes aren't recognized when closing the pair in blade templates in Vue.js projects
Bug WEB-47979 Go to definition for classes in HTML shows the usage itself on the top of the list
JavaScriptFeature WEB-47713 No hint about indirect usages of exports when dynamically imported
Feature WEB-48090 Suggest variable names based on file name
Bug WEB-47052 Do not add JsFlowSettings to workspace.xml when Flow is not used
Bug WEB-47680 Cannot resolve symbol exported import ES6
Bug WEB-47925 ES6 module re-exported as "export {default as moduleName}" should be imported as a named module
Bug WEB-48173 Imported modules from Vue@3 are not resolved in JavaScript
Bug WEB-41261 Dynamic imports not counted when checking for import usage
Bug WEB-44774 Code completion missing in destructuring statement
Bug WEB-48153 JSDoc: parameters destructuring doesn't work with @typedef
Bug WEB-48031 Go to usages (cmd/ctrl+click) doesn't work with enabled flow service
Bug WEB-47750 Incorrect Inspections that disappear on cut&paste
Bug WEB-47771 Cannot resolve symbol 'html' from `lit-element` library
Bug WEB-47941 Trailing comma after FlowJS inexact operator is seen as error
Bug WEB-48138 Exclude blank and short items from completion
Bug WEB-48139 Completion doesn't suggest all available options
Exception WEB-48028 Opening the flow project without node_modules causes an exception
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-46511 Vue 3: Support <script setup>
Feature WEB-48010 Import prettier rules with ESLint
Bug WEB-46730 Component class exported indirectly is not recognized
Bug WEB-47204 Composition API's setup() function cannot be arrow function
Bug WEB-46768 Go to Definition for components from web-types.json doesn't work if there are multiple sources (Vue)
Bug WEB-48169 Angular 11 Schematics do not load correctly
Bug WEB-46645 vue-typed-mixins Broken
Bug WEB-27844 Importing a folder doesn't resolve platform-specific React Native index imports
Bug WEB-47131 Vue Composition API: components autocomplete does not work
Bug WEB-46620 [Vue.js] `template` field does not handled properly in JS files
Bug WEB-45616 Case-sensitive completion of React components
Bug WEB-46545 Vue 3 `setup`: Returned properties not recognized in template if `setup` method is defined as `async`
Bug WEB-47599 Receiving "JSX is used without importing React" for React 17
Bug WEB-46882 Vuex's mapState does not work when module's state is a function
Usability WEB-34635 Vue.js: single file components with function property are not available in completion
Exception WEB-47998 'Convert to visible line separators' causes 'nonempty text is not covered by block in #Vue #formatter'
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-48121 Incorrect simplification of do while (false) in JavaScript
Bug WEB-46999 Common.js imports with require are not suggested in quick fixes
Cosmetics WEB-48211 typo in switch-tooltip
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-47675 Rename from .jsx to .tsx creates incorrect imports
Bug WEB-48123 Cannot move React function based component to file without warning.
Bug WEB-39255 "Extract Method" refactoring should replace all occurrences of selected expression
Live EditBug WEB-47430 Live Edit: "Highlight current element in browser on caret change" does nothing
TypeScriptFeature WEB-11418 Add "Insert Var Declaration" quickfix for TypeScript
Bug WEB-30387 Auto import is not optimal (top most source)
Bug WEB-44282 Importing an external function that is only used as a variable's declaration is detected as unused
Bug WEB-47934 First option in completion isnt rendered
Bug WEB-45077 False errors from tsserver on module rename + move
Bug WEB-48179 TypeScript 4.1: Template literal types assignability
Bug WEB-43070 Types added to modules via module augmentation not available in import completion
Bug WEB-46126 TypeScript 4.0 Variadic tuple types support
Bug WEB-48224 TypeScript widget not showing in status bar
Bug WEB-48109 WebStorm TypeScript inspections should support @ts-ignore
Bug WEB-46778 Vue: vuex state inferred on typed parameters
Bug WEB-45486 Inspection[Typescript]: Attempt to assign to const or readonly variable
Bug WEB-47803 Multiple candidates for the same type variable in contra-variant positions isn't inferred to an intersection type
Task WEB-48275 TypeScript widget changes
Task WEB-48001 Remove options "Use for projects without tsconfig.json" and "Compile scope" in the TypeScript language server configuration
Task WEB-47166 Support rendered comments for indexer
Exception WEB-48034 Code with Variadic tuple types causes an exception
Unit TestsBug WEB-42164 Test assertion diffs are not shown when using jest-circus runner instead of jest-jasmine2
DB ConsoleBug DBE-11734 Do not highlight MongoDB and GraalJS built-in functions as unresolved
DB DiffBug DBE-12007 Diff viewer are not longer working for routine sources
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-11870 Problem refreshing DB connection on old SQL server databases
Exception DBE-12000 Unexpected error (ProcessCanceledException) encountered when performing Introspect database testdb schema dbo (details)
Data ViewsBug DBE-6401 H2: Cannot add/edit enum columns
Bug DBE-11839 IDE windows/tab system freaks out when database results are dragged to new windows
Cosmetics DBE-12001 Grid toolbar icons become visible only after table is loaded (looks like glitch)
SQL CompletionBug DBE-11977 Code completion for collection names containing dots
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-11983 OUTPUT clause formatting control
Bug DBE-11953 Unexpected line break after keyword 'member'
Bug DBE-11975 Formatting of records inside Oracle packages is not implemented
SQL GeneralBug DBE-11994 Incorrect inspection for mongo scripts in run configurations
SQL GenerationBug DBE-12040 Oracle Script Generator: empty script for an underlying table of a materialized view
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-11699 Extend selection
Bug DBE-11833 [BigQuery] Support for `UNION ALL` with subqueries enclosed in parentheses
Bug DBE-11829 Empty string rises an error in query
Bug DBE-10439 ClickHouse: unknown database function
Bug DBE-5387 SQL Server Geometry and Geography types not recognized
Bug DBE-11778 Support for remote(), remoteSecure(), cluster(), clusterAllReplicas() table functions as ClickHouse dialect
SQL ResolveBug DBE-11832 Fix resolve of Couchbase LET clause
Bug DBE-5051 Postgres: function's OUT parameter is unresolved
Bug DBE-11797 Fix UNNEST highlighting in Couchbase
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