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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2.1 (202.6948.69 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-245823 Opening a project at the root of a drive on Windows fails with NullPointerException
Bug IDEA-246944 IntelliJ 2020.2 hidden StackOverFlow breaks analyse process and prevent text colours to finish display
Bug IDEA-246457 com.intellij.serviceContainer.AlreadyDisposedException on creating and closing new project
Bug IDEA-247359 Color parameter outside of expected range: Red Green Blue
Bug IDEA-245937 Return back IDE subpixel antialiasing for macOS 10.14-
Bug IDEA-245437 Notification about plugin, which is already of desired version
Bug IDEA-246443 Reappearance of ThreadTracker fails to detect idle ForkJoin common pool threads on Java 11
Bug IDEA-246376 Disabling plugin breaks color scheme
AndroidBug IDEA-246228 Gradle JVM settings ignored in a project with Android modules
Bug IDEA-247128 Android Designer Attributes icons are not visible
Bug IDEA-246929 2020.2 is unable to build
Bug IDEA-247241 IDEA/Android Studio cant hide toolwindows in LayoutEditor in dumb mode
Bug IDEA-246840 A bug of toolbar on Android navigation file's disign window
Build. AntBug IDEA-242513 Starting ant build target no longer closes Ant side panel
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-247245 THashSet error when building code
Bug IDEA-245262 IDEA won't recompile dependent class if import static value changes in another file
Bug IDEA-245707 Options not passed to ECJ
Build. GradleBug IDEA-237290 Compile classpath is not populated with libraries for generated source set modules
Bug IDEA-246637 Stop daemon does not work with Gradle 6.6
Bug IDEA-228945 Build tw: show errors from custom model builders during a Gradle project import
Bug IDEA-246082 the Build toolwindow and the Messages toolwindow: Duplicate and display information
Usability IDEA-196628 Gradle: consider the import failed when custom model builders errors have been caught
Build. MavenBug IDEA-212384 Cannot build a Maven project which uses NullAway
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-244596 Separate "Structural search" inspections based on language
Bug IDEA-244220 No syntax errors reported in filters
Code Analysis. Syntax (PSI)Support Request IDEA-248146 PsiInvalidElementAccessException 'psi is outdated invalidated' in Lombok Plugin
CoreException IDEA-244962 Unable to load system frameworks on macOS 11
Core. DebuggerUsability IDEA-246117 "Suspend" checkbox for breakpoints causes confusion
Exception IDEA-247496 Wrong line: 57. Available lines count: 27
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-247817 "Windows Defender might impact performance" every time I open any project
Bug IDEA-239090 Intention settings is empty
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-245911 Find in path doesn't work
Bug IDEA-245843 Z cannot be cast to com.intellij.psi.stubs.ObjectStubSerializer
Core. Password ManagementBug IDEA-241881 KWallet access crashes intellij
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-247164 Race condition in com.intellij.psi.stubs.IStubElementType
Exception IDEA-246796 An occasional exception when ReadAction.nonBlocking is to be expired with something disposed outside a write action
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-247774 Plugins: Unable to find plugin in Installed by word from description
Bug IDEA-245629 Marketplace breaks with NPE
Core. SSHBug IDEA-243760 SSH configuration (for tunnel) doesn't suppor non-ascii characters
Bug IDEA-246307 Can't connect via SSH if there's a key that is not a file, or it is corrupted, or something similar
EditorBug IDEA-247741 Broken text selection over an area with rendered documentation
Bug IDEA-245071 implement DaemonCodeAnalyzerImpl#runInjectedGeneralHighlightingPassAfterCompletionOfGeneralHighlightPass()
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-247781 Unable to toggle sort order of the items in the suggestion list
Performance IDEA-247726 Autocomplete does not show suggestions
Task IDEA-246035 Add specification of kotlin-kind file in FUS collector for Code Completion
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-248207 Can't create a new doc comment with new doc comment rendering enabled
Bug IDEA-226949 Frequent hangs whilst typing: com.intellij.ui.ScreenUtil.calcInsets
FrameworksBug IDEA-246536 Java SQL: no SQL fragments in prepare of io.vertx.mutiny.*.*Connection
Bug IDEA-244863 FrameworkStarter exception on creating microprofile project with terminating previous gradle process
Exception IDEA-246112 Guice: IndexNotReadyException from `AbstractNewGuiceClassAction.hasGuice`
Frameworks. GWTBug IDEA-246845 War artifacts configuration is not generated on Gradle project import when GWT plugin is installed
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-246322 Micronaut: new project dialog does not handle errors from server
Bug IDEA-245578 Micronaut: incorrect HTTP request is generated for client url without protocol part
Bug IDEA-245395 Micronaut: if both Get and Post controller methods exist for the same mapping url, completion doesn't suggest this url for both get and Post methods for client
Bug IDEA-236719 High CPU usage on micronaut configuration files
Bug IDEA-247495 Micronaut: find usages for keys declaration doesn't show properties in configuration files
Usability IDEA-246321 Micronaut: search features by id in new project dialog
Usability IDEA-246318 Micronaut: Default values for new projects
Cosmetics IDEA-246319 Micronaut: strip Micronaut from application types in new project wizard
Frameworks. OpenAPI (Swagger)Feature IDEA-245681 Make remote specifications consider their download url if relative/no server url/basepath and schema provided
Performance IDEA-246138 Typing the path param in @GetMapping @PostMapping... in the RestController gets stuck or super-slow
Frameworks. QuarkusBug IDEA-245946 Quarkus: Config: problems with profile completion in application.yaml
Bug IDEA-245537 Quarkus: Find usages doesn't show some properties in yaml configuration file
Bug IDEA-246743 Neither Quarkus nor MicroProfile projects created from new project wizard
Bug IDEA-246498 Quarkus: Config: config keys marked as deprecated are not highlighted in
Bug IDEA-246768 Quarkus: there are should be no completion variant for already existed parameter for predefined profiles
Frameworks. ReactorBug IDEA-245774 False positive unused publisher in try expression
Bug IDEA-245639 False positive "Value is never used as Publisher" in elvis expression with RxJava
Frameworks. SeleniumBug IDEA-247382 Selenium: false positive inspections for pseudo-class selectors in Selenide
Bug IDEA-246866 Selenium: good code red in JDI Light cssClass call with two CSS class names
Bug IDEA-246918 Selenium: Fix JDI locators warnings with contains search
Cosmetics IDEA-245984 Selenium: hide version field with single item in project wizard
Task IDEA-245961 Selenium: make Allure and Selenide dependencies enabled by default for new projects
GroovyBug IDEA-244372 Groovy @Newify Pattern: import|ed Classes Marked as Obsolete, No Auto-import, Italic Rendering
JavaBug IDEA-246334 Dataflow to here: filtering `long` variable with `<= 0` yields no results.
Java. Code CompletionBug IDEA-245952 Display variableName instead of variableName.field/variableName.method() *as first suggestion* in autocomplete.
Bug IDEA-246663 Inconsistent suggestion while typing for annotations
Bug IDEA-247596 Auto completion shows classes with dollar '$' symbol
Bug IDEA-246339 Do not suggest stream methods on method reference completion
Bug IDEA-246067 Do not suggest static superclass members shadowed in subclass
Usability IDEA-246542 Smart completion for org.junit.Assert.assertNotEquals arguments should be the same as for assertEquals
Java. Code GenerationBug IDEA-244190 'Override method' action should produce method with sorted modifiers
Usability IDEA-246532 Record toString(), equals(), hashCode() not available in Override Methods
Java. DebuggerBug IDEA-244494 IDEA hangs when attaching to the target JVM (for dumping threads) on Windows
Bug IDEA-246419 Deadlock in debugger
Java. Error HighlightingBug IDEA-246970 Local annotations should not be allowed in Java15-preview
Bug IDEA-246454 bad code is green: record component already defined
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-245775 'Condition is covered by further condition' false positive on exception instanceof check
Bug IDEA-247103 "Assert x != null" quick fix does nothing
Bug IDEA-246008 "Constant condition" Inspection quick fix removes boolean value from string concatenation when between two values
Bug IDEA-245423 Incorrect "Condition X covered by subsequent condition Y" warning
Bug IDEA-246500 DFA infers an instanceof expression result improperly
Bug IDEA-246519 Boxed Integer is reported to be equal to boxed Byte
Bug IDEA-246054 Incorrect condition is always true due to ignored ArrayIndexOutOfBounds catch
Java. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-246491 Replace statement with 'Objects.requireNonNull()' drops NPE message
Java. RefactoringsException IDEA-229705 PIEAE when moving a directory with Java classes into a module with a different language level
JavaX. AppServers. GlassFishBug IDEA-228381 No messages in the output and java.lang.Throwable in idea log after deploying on Glassfish4 with 10 java
JavaX. AppServers. JBossBug IDEA-212633 CMP beans field mapping is not show in the user interface
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-243079 Import Database Schema action generates classes without @Entity annotation
JavaX. JavaEEUsability IDEA-245439 New JavaEE project wizard. Improve discoverability of Implementations section
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-245643 JSON YAML file unlimited auto formatting
Bug IDEA-214810 YAML formatter does not strip extra spaces after the colon
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-245610 Docker CLI Parser thinks --cpus should be between 0 and 1
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-245606 Kubernetes Helm Plugin Requires `repository` field in `Chart.yaml` and `requirements.yaml`
Bug IDEA-246275 Kubernetes Plugin - Object value key completion should respect YAML indent size.
Bug IDEA-246444 Kubernetes: Add FindUsages item into context menu for ConfigMaps/Secrets table
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-248147 Cannot open Local Terminal (index 0 out of bounds) after updating to 2020.2.1 Preview
Bug IDEA-247113 Have to configure Terminal shell for every.single.project
Bug IDEA-246827 Terminal shell path resets to default for the existing projects after updating to 2020.2
Bug IDEA-247172 Terminal: 'Ctrl / Shift + Insert' not working in 2020.2
User InterfaceBug IDEA-242989 Colorpicker doesn't work for setting TODO color
Bug IDEA-246497 Search Everywhere: "Top Hit" section is missing
Bug IDEA-243918 Icons tooltip in Project tree does not work
Bug IDEA-246380 UI becomes corrupted after reducing editor width with opened "Find" field
Usability IDEA-152174 `Enter` on navigating items should open corresponding file (like in Project view)
Cosmetics IDEA-244609 Progress text shrinking is broken
User Interface. AccessibilityCosmetics IDEA-244311 Fixes in screen readers support dialog
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-244716 JCEF: IAE from JBCefBrowser$5.onPreKeyEvent
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-247102 No focus in terminal after performing "Open in Terminal" if Terminal tool window view mode is Window or Float
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-236737 Project View: Cmd-Click file no longer adds file to selection
Bug IDEA-231175 Cannot open/switch tabs with single-click when scratch file selected
Performance IDEA-247254 UI hangs for no apparent reason while typing
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-247426 Incorrect file history when a rename is not detected in a non-trivial merge commit.
Bug IDEA-246033 Make branch filter in Merge and Pull dialogs case insensitive
Bug IDEA-247284 Since PyCharm 2020.2 update git is reporting an error: schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: Unknown error (0x80092012)
Bug IDEA-246914 Git remote operations fail with Could not set SSL backend
Usability IDEA-245686 Rebase dialog should default to tracked branch
Usability IDEA-245695 Get rid of git prefixes from ref list in rebase dialog
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-246931 GitHub: Do not allow adding multiple accounts that differ only by server protocol
Bug IDEA-248423 GitHub Pull Requests: exception in timeline when PR contains ConnectedEvent
Bug IDEA-246404 GitHub: clone dialog doesn't update on re-login after revoking access on github site.
Bug IDEA-247259 When GitHub Enterprise URL starts with "" Pull Requests don't work
Bug IDEA-247240 exception viewing a pull request
Version Control. Local HistoryBug IDEA-241935 WSL Local History is empty
No subsystemBug WEB-46419 JSX: rename doesn't work for destructuring props with propTypes
Bug WEB-46772 Jest monorepo triggers Cyclic service initialization, soft-locking IDE (requiring force killing via task manager)
Performance WEB-46791 IDEA 2020.1.4 -> 2020.2: IDE unusable after upgrade to latest stable version
Usability WEB-46733 Change default option in Inspection "TypeScript | Equality operator may cause type coercion" to second (except null, typeof)
CSSBug WEB-46751 Angular elements are shown as unknown in stylesheets
Bug WEB-45869 Overflow-wrap property value gives an error
DartTask WEB-46427 External Variable Declarations and Abstract Variable Declarations syntax change
DebuggerBug WEB-44510 Can't debug react-native app (Windows)
Bug WEB-46853 React Native objects logged as [Object object]
Bug WEB-46623 Windows: Can't debug an app via node interpreter from docker ( 'Cannot establish connection - promptly closed after open error )
Exception WEB-46487 Debugger: frames not available because of InvalidPathException
HTMLBug WEB-46818 HTML arrangement rules don't work for Vue.js templates
Bug WEB-38331 Support vue-loader in file references in Vue template section
JavaScriptBug WEB-46618 Adding unwanted {} block when pressing Cmd-Shift-Enter (JavaScript editing)
Bug WEB-46445 React bootstrap autocompletion disappeared
Bug WEB-45802 JSStringLiteralCopyPasteProcessor replaces tabs with \t in template literals
Bug WEB-46292 False positive warning 'Argument types do not match parameters'
Bug WEB-46578 Rendered JSDoc doesn't work for interface fields
Bug WEB-46684 'undefined' is not highlighted as a keyword if Node.js coding assistance is enabled
Bug WEB-46604 Lost reading operation on complex expression
Bug WEB-46855 `parent is null` error when importing `framer-motion` library
Performance WEB-46096 Freezes because of recursive indexing and StackOverflow
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-45605 Angular: support type inference for structural directives on <ng-template> tag
Feature WEB-36567 Attributes arrangements for Vue.js
Feature WEB-46423 Automatically exclude .nuxt folder from the project
Feature WEB-46424 Import default Prettier rules to Vue and HTML code style
Bug WEB-46566 JSX components starting with "$" (dollar) are not recognized by the IDE
Bug WEB-46754 File extension is changed from .vue to .js in import statement on file moving
Bug WEB-41551 transitionend event attribute is not supported by Angular plugin
Bug WEB-46422 No completion and auto import for components without export in Nuxt.js projects
Bug WEB-46479 False positive warning 'Argument types do not match parameters' in ReactDOM.render
Task WEB-46484 Webpack: do not show notification after successfully analysing a config
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-46434 A default export can only be used in an ECMAScript-style module
Bug WEB-42132 Nullable parameters should be passed correctrly
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-46467 Transform into functional component removes decorators
Bug WEB-46656 Support null propagation intention in expressions
Bug WEB-46797 Support 'this' expressions in expand optional chaining intention
Bug WEB-46379 Intellij Javascript refactoring worse than before. Stop the magic.
Bug WEB-46805 Null propagation intention should handle indexers and 'this' expressions
Usability WEB-46787 Improve intention visibility for "expand optional chaining"
LintersTask WEB-42451 JSHint: update the bundled version to 2.11.1
Node.jsFeature WEB-46583 Yarn2: navigate from Yarn library in Project View to package.json
Bug WEB-45695 Support for Yarn PnP portal
SASSBug WEB-46595 Importing scss files using tilde (~) as path relative to root doesn't work
TypeScriptBug WEB-46669 Extending Vue or Nuxt types broken since 2020.2
Bug WEB-46630 Changes to @types/node means that webstorm has impacted support for globals like console, process, etc
Bug WEB-46727 Ignoring package.json `main` field causing overly-verbose auto imports and syntax highlight issues
Bug WEB-46667 ideaRulezzz in code auto-complete
Bug WEB-40456 No auto-completion for props in extended component (styled-components)
Bug WEB-46455 Typescript: missing string literal suggestion for generic interface intersections
Bug WEB-43871 Yarn 2: Typescript go to declaration moves to Import instead of declaration
Unit TestsBug WEB-46642 Error tooltip for Jest reporter includes HTML styles
DB AdministrationBug DBE-11325 User containing an '@' symbol are displayed wrong in database -> users tab.
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-11271 DataSource configuration ignores JVM command line parameters specified in driver configuration
DB ConsoleBug DBE-11268 Right click on parametrized SQL query shows popup with parameters instead of context menu
DB DiffBug DBE-11243 DataGrip database compare
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-11174 Empty group is displayed in database tab
Bug DBE-6550 Database window incorrectly displays columns order in SQLServer composite primary key
Bug DBE-11346 Database Cleanup issue - ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000
DB RefactoringBug DBE-1882 MS SQL Introspector uses wrong order for index and PK columns
Data Import & ExportBug DBE-10590 High memory consumption during export to Excel
Bug DBE-8676 Extractor outputs binary strings as binary literals
Data ViewsPerformance DBE-10951 Freeze when opening CSV file
SQL CompletionBug DBE-11248 Qualify object on collisions doesn't affect ORDER BY
Bug DBE-10749 PhpStorm, Pycharm DataGrip: postgresql "PARTITION BY" not recognized since 2019.3 (including 2020.x). Works in DataGrip 2019.2
SQL GeneralBug DBE-11265 Add 'RANGE_BUCKET' and 'TIMESTAMP_TRUNC' to 'PARTITION BY' clause
Bug DBE-11130 BigQuery: Unknown database function 'SAFE_CAST'
SQL GenerationBug DBE-11297 Some tables work well with the SQL Generator, while others are infinite loading.
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-11273 Snowflake: Stored procedure syntax highlight feature: Javascript language syntax and SQL logic instead of simple text
Bug DBE-11201 Snowflake's SQL Dialect parsing error for STREAM
Bug DBE-11261 Snowflake ALTER TABLE RENAME syntax highlights valid syntax as incorrect
Bug DBE-9657 Exasol bracket qualifiers
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