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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 EAP (201.6668.13 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-233757 Generation of HTTP requests can be unsuccessful
Bug IDEA-235348 Shared Indexes - Assertion failed
AndroidBug IDEA-235837 Run configuration execution hangs up when running Java main() with Platform runner in presence of Android modules
Bug IDEA-235129 Logs read `Low memory signal received` while working on Android project
Exception IDEA-235428 ADE: "Aleady disposed: Project" through DetachedToolWindowManager.getActiveWorkBench()
Build. GradleBug IDEA-235648 Gradle daemon is started with debugging enabled when debugging tests and delegating to Gradle
Bug IDEA-234355 Directories configured in gradle as sourceSetOutput should be excluded from indexing/processing
Build. MavenBug IDEA-235060 Maven settings use old JDK control
CoreException IDEA-230983 InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 9: jetbrains://
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-235325 After Restore Default Settings invocation IDEA treats the plugins incorrectly
Bug IDEA-235857 "Cannot read scheme" - IDE fails to load its own configuration xml file from .idea folder if the file contains byte-order mark
Bug IDEA-235413 AbstractTreeUi.myElementToNodeMap leaks reference to configurable of unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-235697 Settings search via "Find Action" doesn't work
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-235899 On updating IDEA, a new Python plugin version is downloaded but not actually installed
Core. LicensingCosmetics IDEA-227658 Date in license dialog is not fully visible
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-235025 IDEA freeze on Spring Messaging plugin disabling
Bug IDEA-233742 Bundled dynamic plugin become downloaded and has strictly defined version after disable/enable
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-229737 Empty error message box on stopping JDK downloading
Bug IDEA-232634 IJ 2020 EAP regression for project hot reload after 'gradle idea'
Bug IDEA-230707 unable to multi select when adding library dependency
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-229804 Quick doc on hover is shown after mouse moving away from editor area
Bug IDEA-235078 JavaDoc: Empty space before parameters in rendered documentation fragment
Usability IDEA-210449 Unuseful parameters quick doc
Cosmetics IDEA-208369 Don't show module in quickdoc for local declarations
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-235710 Rider: incorrect run configuration share location being shown in the run configuration editor
Bug IDEA-235725 WSL2: unable to run application
EditorBug IDEA-235938 Rendered representation is not updated after editing javadoc contents
Bug IDEA-231726 LightEdit: IDEA enters into a strange state when closing opened windows in a certain order
Bug IDEA-234457 Unable able to show CJK characters in inspection tooltip from the editor's right corner
Bug IDEA-234369 There is no indexing in Light Edit mode (confusing message)
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-235703 In-editor Javadoc leaves large gap between comment and code
Usability IDEA-235716 Broken GoTo (ctrl+click) in rendered javadocs
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-231481 Detected file indent does not seem to be invalidated after the code is fully re-formatted
Editor. Large FilesBug IDEA-234404 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: File text mismatch
Bug IDEA-234864 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: file/doc text length different
FrameworksUsability IDEA-235603 Endpoints View should be available from View - Tool windows for empty projects
Task IDEA-235399 Quarkus project creation. Human readable messages for validation artifact/project names
Task IDEA-235681 Selenium: dependency on XPath View plugin should be optional
Task IDEA-235483 Quarkus project creation. UI. Include "RESTEasy JAX-RS" by default like web-service do.
Frameworks. MicronautBug IDEA-233712 Micronaut: parameter name part of parameterized key in application.yaml is not highlighted
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-233375 Spring AMQP: support @RabbitListener bean references
Bug IDEA-235150 Spring Messaging: Unsupported tag 'broker' in activemq XML namespace
Bug IDEA-232236 Spring MVC: confusing results on attempt to rename @RequestMapping url that contains the property placeholder
Bug IDEA-235427 Spring: i18n: 'navigate to Registration in spring.factories' gutter icon tooltip is not internationalized
Bug IDEA-233377 Spring AMQP: provide completion and references for queues and exchanges used as Binding constructor parameters
Frameworks. SwaggerBug IDEA-234003 Open API/Swagger: Find Usages not worked from structure view for swagger specification files
Bug IDEA-235489 Swagger/Open API: Add remote specification not updated specifications list
Bug IDEA-235466 Swagger/Open Api: remove option to choose specification on local machine from Add Remote Open Api Specification manager in endpoints view
Bug IDEA-234005 Open API/Swagger: not all servers displayed in structure view for swagger specification after sort enabled
Bug IDEA-235517 Swagger/Open API: CodeGen search generator jar by wrong path in case I specify local generator on Windows
Usability IDEA-235505 Swagger: the 'Add Remote OpenAPI Specification' action is confusing and inconvenient
Cosmetics IDEA-235499 Swagger/Open API: Add description in topic and align generator width download generator popup menu
JavaUsability IDEA-235279 Remove LanguageLevel X from user-visible options
Java. GUI DesignerBug IDEA-234892 Regression: Autogenerated code from Form Designer creates invalid code (IdeBorderFactory.PlainSmallWithIndent)
Bug IDEA-235872 Incorrect code generation from UI builder in latest 2020.1 EAP (IU-201.6487.11)
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-235649 'Unwrap if statement' of 'if' statement inside 'case' statement removes subsequent 'case' statements
Java. RefactoringsBug IDEA-235090 "Change signature" action removing @NotNull does nothing
Java. Tests. CucumberFeature IDEA-234193 Cucumber for Java Plugin not support repeatable step definition annotations
Bug IDEA-231453 Cucumber for Java plugin does not recognise @ParameterType step arguments
Bug IDEA-233474 When Cucumber tests are as a module inside bigger Java project then Working Directory path of autogenerated runner is not valid
Java. Tests. TestNGBug IDEA-234149 Throwable at enabling TestNG/JUnit plugin
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-228014 Generate Constructor: Constructor Already Exists, Can not create customize constructor for @Entity annotated classes
JavaX. JSFBug IDEA-216645 Cannot resolve variable p_messages in JSF, although it is defined in faces-config.xml
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-234231 IOException: Pipe broken, pipe id: `ImagePullPanel.pipe:plug` at attempt to pull an image
Bug IDEA-216531 Docker: support custom credential stores / helpers
Bug IDEA-235678 Docker: error about parsing this key for some forms of --gpus
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-234539 HTTP Client: Server base path marked as red without error
Bug IDEA-235298 HTTP Client: Can't generate all requests from MultipleBasePaths yaml specification
Usability IDEA-234739 Http Client: more comfortable "move refactoring"
Tools. KubernetesFeature IDEA-195348 Helm. Add Quick help for requirements.yaml fields
Bug IDEA-202835 Helm go template variable tip shows tip for wrong case variables
Bug IDEA-235673 Kubernetes: No completion if we set the cursor inside the key
Exception IDEA-234997 com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException at Refresh action
User InterfaceBug IDEA-232821 Adding SDK from editor banner shows popup in the middle of the screen
Usability IDEA-234304 Show dependency name as "module" in window title for dependency classes / resources
Cosmetics IDEA-232767 Extra border is visible on tree nodes multi selection
Cosmetics IDEA-219374 Missed top border in all windows
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-234385 Screen reader does not read "Search Everywhere" dialog name when it is invoked
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-235462 Extra space in "New file" dialog
Bug IDEA-206402 Mac proxy icon missing in the title bar
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-223785 Project Tree view during Drag/Drop horizontal scroll is jarring and gets in the way
Version ControlTask IDEA-235893 Allow toggling non-modal commit setting from "Find Action"
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-234159 Changes of submodule objects do not appear in Local Changes
No subsystemTask WEB-44337 Bundle the Grazie plugin with WebStorm
DebuggerBug WEB-44400 When re-run failed Karma tests in debug mode, debugger doesn't stop on breakpoint
Bug WEB-44425 Apply 'do not step into' to library roots other than 'node_modules'
Bug WEB-44064 Electron Main Debug Not Working
Usability WEB-43277 Replace Drop Frame with Restart Frame action
Usability WEB-43215 Remove line separator between input and corresponding output in JavaScript debug console
JavaScriptBug WEB-44256 TypeScript constrained @template in jsdoc
Bug WEB-44162 Quick documentation is empty
Bug WEB-37405 Javascript RegExp error: Unclosed character class
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-42901 create-react-app 3.3: make it possible to create new project only via npx
Bug WEB-44487 Vue.js: SOE when `include` tag present in HTML file
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-42918 "const variable without initializer" from assigning PHP to inline JS, not short tags
JavaScript. RefactoringUsability WEB-43163 Perform inline rename for global top-level symbols used only in the current file or is unused
Node.jsBug WEB-44392 Show "pnpm install" instead of "npm install" if pnpm configured
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-43803 Syntax error for arrow functions inside objects in Pug
TypeScriptBug WEB-44394 Resolve is broken when import is shorthand
Bug WEB-39540 Not support tsx in SFC of vue.js
Bug WEB-44214 Quick documentation shows link only to one related declaration when they are merged
Bug WEB-44335 Show information about an object when calling the quick doc on 'this'
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-8332 Navigation to Execute options from query-chooser dropdown
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-8674 Display indexes for view
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-5858 Better error message when importing data
Data ViewsUsability DBE-10307 Text search hides all the other buttons
SQL CompletionBug DBE-9758 Database console autocomplete autoquotes everything in jdbc presto connection
Bug DBE-9882 SQL editor needlessly quotes identifiers (tables, columns, stored procedures) for Intersystems Caché databases
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