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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2020.1 EAP (201.3803.71 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemFeature IDEA-228961 "Surround selection on typing quote or brace" doesn't reformat the processed code
Bug IDEA-222026 implement heavyweight facade heuristic for jcef overlapping problem
Bug IDEA-227799 JdkComboBox: Colors of combobox panel and sdk cell color are different
Bug IDEA-228891 Alt+F1 opens pop-up in project tree instead of editor
Bug IDEA-226535 method incompatible argument popup is unclear
Bug IDEA-227040 Export to HTML: Wrong export path on Windows
Bug IDEA-223496 Memory Use Report enhancements
Bug IDEA-229567 Alt+f1 from changes view shows a tiny popup
Bug IDEA-228179 intellij-community master branch missing jcef library used in code
Bug IDEA-223498 Exception in Memory Analyzer
Bug IDEA-228580 Incorrect slashes in the JDK download selector on Windows
Bug IDEA-228640 Small lag (2-3 sec) on first opening jdk combobox in NPW
Bug IDEA-229135 Stop fling animation
Bug IDEA-228144 Some Scala EditorConfig settings are not working properly or are highlighted wrongly
Bug IDEA-229893 Adapt dataflow analysis to recognize patterns
Bug IDEA-229246 Open by single click not working
Bug IDEA-229205 Run Anything command matchers in Terminal
Bug IDEA-229963 i18n keys inappropriate key usage
Bug IDEA-225726 fix Annotator API
Bug IDEA-229583 uiFreezeFinished may be called with very large duration
Bug IDEA-226610 FileNotFoundException in JDK unpacking
Usability IDEA-223430 newly created empty gradle project starts initialization only after 5 seconds after the project is created
Usability IDEA-218320 Run Anything: Don't show "load more..." and expand the whole group in case it's the only one selected
Task IDEA-226260 Run Anything EPs to make dynamic
Task IDEA-226289 Allow ParameterInfoHandler to override another handler for the same language
Task IDEA-229709 Load optional dependency chunks of dependent plugins when a plugin is loaded or unloaded
Task IDEA-209222 Run Anything: update tooltip description
Task IDEA-226264 EPs to make dynamic
Exception IDEA-156917 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.TransactionGuardImpl.submitTransactionAndWait
Exception IDEA-228892 IAE in ToolWindowManagerImpl.getToolWindow
AndroidBug IDEA-229436 NPE at ContentManagerImpl.getComponent() through JSLanguageServiceToolWindowManager.resetToolWindow() on closing Kotlin/JS project
BuildTask IDEA-227547 Floating toolbar with realod action in commit editor
Build. AntBug IDEA-156916 Handle java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException in Intellij IDE on ant input
Build. Built-in (JPS)Bug IDEA-229799 Build failure after project update which adds a new Maven library dependency
Bug IDEA-228483 JPS Cache: compilation failed for correct code
Bug IDEA-229603 Compile error due to internal hash table contract violations
Bug IDEA-226671 Recompile single file compiles not dependant classes
Bug IDEA-229430 JPS Cache: do not show notification on commit
Performance IDEA-226496 Build Project is much slower than Rebuild Project if many modules are recompiled because of dependencies change
Usability IDEA-199712 If Messages tool window was opened before running Build then keep it opened
Task IDEA-230244 EPs to make dynamic
Task IDEA-226261 EPs to make dynamic
Build. GradleBug IDEA-180686 Show Bytecode action doesn't work for Java when "Delegate IDE build/run actions to gradle" is enabled
Bug IDEA-212610 Exception when opening a gradle project
Exception IDEA-228066 java.lang.Throwable: Auto-import cannot be disabled
Build. MavenBug IDEA-226471 Increase language level fix does nothing for preview level
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-229617 NullPointerException in ex.GlobalInspectionContextImpl
Bug IDEA-198830 Slow inspections in IDEA
Bug IDEA-230363 Freeze in StreamApiMigrationInspection when StringBuilder-append-loop is followed by append to another StringBuilder
Bug IDEA-218302 On pressing F2 only one problem is shown in the inspections tooltip
Usability IDEA-227280 Running Inspections From Command Line: Errors logged for every missing description
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-230418 Apache DbUtils: add language injections for AsyncQueryRunner
Bug IDEA-230409 jOOQ: DSLContext.batch() injections disappear at adding comma before the next `string` param
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-203910 Find enhanced switch statements and switch expressions
Feature IDEA-229632 Support regex type filter and allow to select/switch in UI
Bug IDEA-226256 Can't find comments in XML/HTML
CoreBug IDEA-229961 Already disposed in UpdateCheckerComponent
Task IDEA-225619 Make EPs related to framework support dynamic
Task IDEA-225622 DOM EPs to make dynamic
Core. DebuggerUsability IDEA-225449 View action for multiline strings in debugger
Exception IDEA-227153 NPE at com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.evaluate.quick.XDebuggerInstanceTreeCreator$InstanceEvaluatorTreeRootVal ue.computeChildren
Core. DiagramsFeature IDEA-229795 Support record creation on UML diagrams
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-22407 Follow XDG directories on Linux
Feature IDEA-26855 Store IDEA caches under LOCALAPPDATA directory by default
Bug IDEA-225446 Make inlay hint list in settings searchable
Bug IDEA-228645 Some of the bundled plugins only show up when searched for in the actions panel and not in the Plugins page.
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-229449 Settings sync via JetBrains Account broken after update
Cosmetics IDEA-207765 Illegible small font on regular DPI monitor for dialog IDE Settings: Sync Plugin
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-225580 Make "find in path" work in dumb mode via TrigramIndex, IdIndex
Usability IDEA-227471 IDE unusable after copying a folder from explorer to project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-230993 Relocate application directories on macOS
Bug IDEA-196722 Toolbox idea shell script is no longer able to understand relative paths on macOS
Bug IDEA-206343 [JRE 11 installers] There is suggestion to download jre for 32bit launchers, but it is jre 8
Task IDEA-191884 Extract platform classes to separate JARs in IDEs distributions
Core. LicensingUsability IDEA-230372 Trim spaces in credentials fields
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-222802 Feature request: Quick Type Declaration
Bug IDEA-225211 2019.3 EAP unable to find file with "Content Root Path"
Bug IDEA-227390 Cannot see hierarchy of subclasses with the same name loaded from different modules
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-225026 submitTransaction code shouldn't be executed inside just appeared progresses
Bug IDEA-228530 False positive "Suspicious package-private access" with unrelated package-private no-arg superconstructor
Task IDEA-224840 Move ApiStatus annotations to java-annotations library
Task IDEA-228809 Fail tests when a recursion prevention leads to prohibited caching
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-223587 Plugin Settings: No way to disable dependent plugins once the user pressed "cancel" in the corresponding question dialog
Bug IDEA-225552 Plugin.xml parsing: strip whitespace from <depends> plugin ID tag value
Bug IDEA-229608 Custom Plugin Repositories dialog: Just entered link is empty after reopening dialog
Bug IDEA-225120 Search bar in Plugins Marketplace does not react to some search query changes
Bug IDEA-198510 Action "Install plugin from disk" is not found in Find Action
Bug IDEA-223517 Can't disable plugin with missing dependency
Bug IDEA-231059 IDEA UI Freeze on disabling dynamic plugin
Bug IDEA-226516 Null pointer exception in `IdeaPluginDescriptorImpl.readDependencies` when installing the official Rust plugin.
Bug IDEA-224020 dialog IDE and Plugin Updates doesn't appear on installing a plugin and closing the Plugins dialog
Bug IDEA-226962 Can't install Rust plugin on 2020.1 nightly
Bug IDEA-229856 Settings of a plugin aren't saved if the plugin is unloaded without restart
Usability IDEA-218479 Text on plugin pages with images is cut by right border, no horizontal scrollbar is available
Core. ProfilerFeature IDEA-221615 Profiler Call Tree: show special icon for recursive calls
Feature IDEA-221613 Profiler Call Tree: support "focus on subtree" (or 'set as root') action
Feature IDEA-221614 Profiler Call Tree: support `exclude subtree` and `exclude call` actions
Feature IDEA-217451 Allow to collapse recursion in specific method's call tree
Feature IDEA-227524 Profiler Call Tree: support `focus on call` action
Usability IDEA-217815 Fix grammar in Profiler UI
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-226998 IllegalStateException error when clicking "create new project" link.
Task IDEA-177242 Run FrameworkDetector#detect on background thread
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-227429 QuickDoc doesn't update after selecting a different item for selection popup of "Implement method" and "Use existing implementation" intentions
Bug IDEA-225727 QuickDoc works incorrectly with getCustomDocumentationElement API
Bug IDEA-226374 Constant String field evaluation shows PsiType prefix
Bug IDEA-228532 Hard to get inspection error description when documentation popup is opened as a tool windows
Usability IDEA-225426 Quick doc on hover doesn't work with injections
Usability IDEA-225722 Quick doc popup font is either too small or too big
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-224673 ProjectImpl leaked when IDE is closed during in-place refactoring
Usability IDEA-227118 Show modal dialog with progress on attempt to invoke non dumb aware action during indexing
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-216053 A UI freeze on every opening of a run configuration with a custom JRE
Usability IDEA-220223 Group run configuration templates
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-224928 Add 'Manage Targets' to the Run menu
Feature IDEA-224139 Add pre-filled values for language runtime paths
Bug IDEA-225182 Java debug does not work for Docker target for JDK 9+
Core. StatisticsException IDEA-228826 ERROR when open GoLand 2020.1 with plugin that defines registry key
EditorFeature IDEA-226306 EditorConfig does not support many code style properties (.properties, XML)
Bug IDEA-229335 Light Editor: color of inactive tabs matches background color of editor
Bug IDEA-224806 After changing tab size and indentation, vertical rulers are displayed wrong
Bug IDEA-228603 Line number width calculation makes incorrect assumption with line number converters
Bug IDEA-227004 Indent guide is rendered for collapsed one-line method
Performance IDEA-226372 When opening editors on startup, EditorNotificationsImpl.updateNotifications() is called for every editor tab
Usability IDEA-226821 Scroll editor with mouse wheel while mouse cursor is over scroll bar
Cosmetics IDEA-226250 "Between lines" diff range highlighter should be painted below inlay of the previous line
Cosmetics IDEA-226249 Diff range highlighter is not painted under inlay on the last line in range
Editor. Code CompletionBug IDEA-182741 Completion works for one row only when you're in column selection mode and opened Insert Live Template dialog
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-226263 EPs to make dynamic
Bug IDEA-225973 Copyright plugin doesn't add any copyright into plain text file
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-203246 Show breadcrumbs in diff window
Feature IDEA-224803 Possibility to diff arbitrary ZIPs
Bug IDEA-224804 ZIP-differ does not allow to change any ZIP file, but only JARs
Bug IDEA-229059 Blinking highlighting when editing in Unified view
Bug IDEA-224802 ZIP/directory-differ does not allow to change between archive / directory
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-224887 Extending selection strange highlights text block content
Bug IDEA-181263 Block comment messes up auto-indentation below it
Bug IDEA-219307 Chinese font BUG
Performance IDEA-226443 Calculate method parameter hint info in non UI thread
Usability IDEA-81802 Drag'n'Drop functionality in editor unexpectedly begins dragging selected text even if nothing selected is under the cursor
Usability IDEA-211165 Line number converter function cannot set current line to zero
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-223939 Formatter results are inconsistent. Tabs and spaces in indention appear in different runs
Bug IDEA-218720 EditorConfig: Open File to Preview Code Style OpenFileDialog opens in different project (MacOS)
Exception IDEA-227185 AssertionError: Already disposed: Project from CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation
Editor. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-229247 Add intention Copy string to the clipboard
Exception IDEA-226405 Java plugin is not recognized as a production of JetBrains
FrameworksFeature IDEA-228519 HTTP Clients: Support Android Volley library
Feature IDEA-99323 SQL language injection in JDBI v3
Feature IDEA-158436 Support SQL language injections for popular third party libraries
Feature IDEA-228173 SQL Language Injection for R2DBC 0.8
Bug IDEA-230274 JDBI v3: Avoid inspection errors at <if..> <endif> statements in a query
Bug IDEA-230287 JDBI v3: Inspection errors for code from spec in case of prefixes
Bug IDEA-228452 UrlPathReference: Completion list shows endpoint paths twice
Bug IDEA-230534 Vert.x: Absent injections for overridden `query`, `preparedQuery` methods of DB specific types
Bug IDEA-230526 Vert.x: Language injection for `connection.prepare` method is absent
Frameworks. DroolsBug IDEA-107344 Drools DRL editor should recognize the kcontext magic variable
Bug IDEA-186627 Drools. Import cannot be resolved
Frameworks. MicronautFeature IDEA-226247 Micronaut: support HTTP methods with @CustomHttpMethod
Frameworks. QuarkusFeature IDEA-226735 SQL language injections in reactive DB clients
Frameworks. ReactorBug IDEA-229485 False warning: Value is never used as Publisher in kotlin 'when'
Frameworks. SpringFeature IDEA-196422 Spring Boot 2.1 config: support profile expressions
Feature IDEA-144793 Spring Testing: support meta-annotations for @ActiveProfiles
Feature IDEA-73700 Spring 3.1 support: @ActiveProfiles: provide completion/validation for available profiles
Feature IDEA-194374 Add support for Profile expressions
Feature IDEA-195857 Spring Boot: Endpoints: open request mappings from console output
Feature IDEA-196040 Spring Boot: adjust profile renames in existing run configurations
Feature IDEA-195829 Spring Boot: Endpoints: support mapping endpoint for reactive web applications
Bug IDEA-149680 ChangeActiveSpringProfiles: profiles from java configurations appear in dialog only if they are already active
Bug IDEA-149747 ChangeActiveSpringProfiles: profiles from the parent context should be available in child contexts
Bug IDEA-227204 Spring does not show endpoints for controllers from Test source
Bug IDEA-229416 False positive "Cannot resolve @PathVariable" with string template
Bug IDEA-178212 Spring: ActiveProfileSelector is not available if the profiles are defined only via @Profile annotations on component classes
Bug IDEA-227112 Spring MVC does not recognize path variable with String concatenation
Bug IDEA-108408 Spring: existing profiles completion works incorrectly
Bug IDEA-216222 SpringBoot: Edit action for Mapping in Endpoints | Mappings tab doesn't work with SB version 2.2.0.M3
Bug IDEA-227203 Spring does not show endpoints for methods without explicit path
Bug IDEA-229018 spring.h2.console.enabled
Exception IDEA-208732 PIEAE at com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException.createByNode
GrazieBug IDEA-227032 Comma rule appears to be wrong
Bug IDEA-227342 Lost punctuation marks in huge text
Bug IDEA-227464 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to inspect a large file
Bug IDEA-225963 Wrong rule naming used in a disable rule quickfix
Performance IDEA-230558 GrazieProblemDescriptor produces megabytes of duplicate strings
Task IDEA-226542 Remove legacy Spellchecking options from Grazie
GroovyBug IDEA-224641 Wrong type of 'this' in anonymous classes declaration
Bug IDEA-226149 Editorconfig of Groovy Code Style partially not exported
Bug IDEA-163012 Wrong "exceeds access rights" warning for superclass protected members from inside anonymous class in inheritor
Task IDEA-229821 remove GroovyDslFileIndex, introduce a new file type instead
Groovy. GrailsBug IDEA-228536 Grails: suboptimal caching due to endless recursion prevention
InfrastructureBug IDEA-229666 Memory Leak from Tests
Bug IDEA-227061 intellij-community master: failing for last 2 or 3 days
JavaFeature IDEA-229889 Highlight usages for Record components
Feature IDEA-229846 Implement resolve for pattern variables declared in instanceof
Feature IDEA-229297 Add Java 14 records to "New Java class" view
Feature IDEA-225063 Warn that preview language level support may be dropped
Feature IDEA-227613 Implement parser for Pattern Matching for instanceof
Feature IDEA-229792 Support record declaration in complete statement
Feature IDEA-229694 Generate constructor for records: suggest generation of compact and canonical constructors
Feature IDEA-223110 Implement parser for JEP 359: Records (Preview) in Java
Bug IDEA-229109 Navigation to Java constructor doesn't work on invalid calls
Bug IDEA-225003 Text block content highlighting incorrect when using tabs for indentation
Performance IDEA-229443 High CPU usage when calculating Spring editor notifications
Java. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-229300 Code completion support for records
Feature IDEA-228920 Recognize that variable has specific type after `assertTrue(object instanceof TypeName)`
Bug IDEA-225079 Complete Current Statement inserts closing parenthesis too early.
Bug IDEA-226851 Disable text block closing quote auto-insert when language level is less than 13 preview
Bug IDEA-226233 "return" should not be prioritized in "for" and "while" bodies completion
Cosmetics IDEA-226639 Strange discrepancy in the static field code completion
Java. Code Completion. RecommendersFeature IDEA-230549 Add java-instances recommender v1
Bug IDEA-230114 IllegalArgumentException: Missing scheme below ModuleRevisionIdService.toPath(ModuleRevisionIdService.kt:75)
Bug IDEA-230070 IllegalArgumentException: value already present in BiMap in StaticsCompletionContributor
Java. DebuggerFeature IDEA-226191 Use Java dataflow to assist the step-by-step debugging (DfaAssist)
Bug IDEA-230367 Possible OOM when trying to view very a large image
Bug IDEA-227795 Evaluate code fragment doesn't work for a specific case
Bug IDEA-229407 Smart step into doesn't work in a specific case
Bug IDEA-152993 Remote debugging doesn't work with IPv6
Bug IDEA-229546 Smart step into behaves weirdly in a particular case
Task IDEA-228518 Fork jdk jdi implementation
Java. DecompilerBug IDEA-204998 Decompiler errors if class is present both as normal class and library class
Java. Error HighlightingFeature IDEA-228460 Error highlighting for records
Bug IDEA-225660 Good code red: enclosing class instance method vs. static interface method resolution
Bug IDEA-67385 visibility issue
Bug IDEA-230380 Assignments to record components are erroneously allowed in non-canonical constructors
Performance IDEA-230123 IntelliJ crashes when using replace with lambda
Performance IDEA-228768 High CPU usage when typing and code analysis in EJB project
Usability IDEA-225610 Highlight only actually incompatible type in vararg parameter in error tooltip
Java. GUI DesignerBug IDEA-207679 java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name messages.UIDesignerBundle, locale en_US
Java. InspectionsFeature IDEA-227393 Suggest replacing `.map(X).flatMap(Function.identity())` with `.flatMap(X)`
Feature IDEA-150034 Add inspection to report for the use of 'week year' instead of normal 'year' in Java SimpleDateFormat
Feature IDEA-229894 Inspection to convert instanceof+cast to pattern
Feature IDEA-230307 Support external annotations on packages
Feature IDEA-124728 Inspection to catch incorrect capitalization in SimpleDateFormat patterns
Feature IDEA-225861 Detect a case related to String transformation where result can be predicted before transformation
Feature IDEA-226284 Warn about unqualified 'yield' method usage
Feature IDEA-229320 Heap pollution warning for records
Feature IDEA-225974 Suspicious System.arraycopy inspection should analyse position and length values
Feature IDEA-227611 Additional inspections for nonsensical regexes in String.replaceAll and String.split
Feature IDEA-227033 Busy wait: do not report counting loops
Feature IDEA-226148 Calls to String.substring can be dropped in certain patterns
Feature IDEA-226296 Forward compatibility inspection
Bug IDEA-229673 False-negative in "Integer multiplication or shift implicitly cast to long" when shifting
Bug IDEA-227827 Redundant suppression inspection does not know alternative suppression ids
Bug IDEA-229598 Constant conditions & exceptions false positive
Bug IDEA-227475 False inspections: "Inner class field hides outer class field" and "Local variable hides field"
Bug IDEA-226686 Migration from text block to regular concatenation should unescape spaces
Bug IDEA-230023 Applying `Assert != null` in try-with-resources leads to uncompilable code
Bug IDEA-229498 Expect warning from "Constant conditions & exceptions" when unbox @Nullable
Bug IDEA-229206 Using the contextual menu to disable the "Missing ''" inspection removes all inspections from the project
Bug IDEA-228079 Bad code green when dereferencing an unannotated parameter with nullable super
Bug IDEA-226591 String is not properly capitalized is false positive on words like "iOS"
Bug IDEA-226175 Redundant cast false positive with switch
Bug IDEA-227649 LocalCanBeFinal: false negative in lambda body
Bug IDEA-227637 false positive "Immutable object is modified"
Bug IDEA-225676 Fix all Redundant suppression in File does nothing
Bug IDEA-227493 String.getBytes() is not detected by 'Object allocation in a loop' inspection
Bug IDEA-226683 Java: "Fix doc comment" action removes valid type param tags from JavaDoc
Bug IDEA-226395 Conversion from concatenation to text block should preserve spaces at the beginning of each line
Bug IDEA-229344 "Replace with text block" quick fix without highlighting could use larger activation area
Bug IDEA-230315 Control flow for record compact constructor should take into account implicit assignments
Usability IDEA-224757 Optional.get without isPresent inspection should not be displayed
Usability IDEA-228684 `Objects.requireNonNull` applied for final fields in constructor should make fields not nullable
Usability IDEA-227395 Don't suggest "if statement can be simplified" in long chains of if-statements
Cosmetics IDEA-229553 Java | Portability | Hardcoded line separator: grammar mistakes in description
Java. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-229796 Create record from usage
Bug IDEA-229683 Replacement IntStream.range.mapToObj with is wrong when array elements are written.
Bug IDEA-229670 Quick-fix from 'Trivial usage of functional expression' inspection produces uncompilable code
Bug IDEA-225611 Unexpected caret movements and missed intention after opening error info and then 'More actions'
Bug IDEA-229768 Quicl fix "Make static" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-165845 Intention "Remove annotation" does not remove @Nonnull/@Nullable annotation from methods overriddes
Bug IDEA-230314 Create from usage: create instance field action should not be available inside records
Usability IDEA-160797 Support Objects.requireNonNull as field initialization in constructor
Java. JavaFXTask IDEA-229448 Unbundle SceneBuilderKit 11 from IDEA distribution
Java. RefactoringsFeature IDEA-225778 Inline object with the subsequent call
Feature IDEA-229943 Enhance type inference for extracted local variables for method references with generic types
Bug IDEA-230143 copying class doesn't work as intended
Bug IDEA-228512 Method inlining may behave incorrectly when return type is ignored
Bug IDEA-225219 "Extract method reference" doesn't refactor correctly
Usability IDEA-229888 In-place rename for pattern variable
Exception IDEA-227789 Extract delegate out of source root causes exception
Java. Tests. CucumberFeature IDEA-221004 please support cucumber typeRegistry.defineParameterType(ParameterType.fromEnum(Enum.class))
Java. Tests. JUnitBug IDEA-211589 Run log not shown for some println statements
Bug IDEA-228358 TestEngine with ID 'junit-jupiter' failed to execute tests in 2019.3
Bug IDEA-227006 Associate stdout/stderr JUnit5 ReportEntry/reporting entries with proper test in IntelliJ as regular stdout/stderr
Bug IDEA-216215 Running JUnit 5 Tests with ExecutionMode CONCURRENT ("parallel execution") -> test execution times + console output are messed up
Bug IDEA-227983 Tests do not run after upgrade to IDEA 2019.3 on a JPMS-enabled project
Bug IDEA-230411 Tests do not start if pass vm parameter with space inside
Cosmetics IDEA-228306 Items in "Go to Test" and "Go to Implementations" popup use monospaced (editor) font
Java. Tests. TestNGFeature IDEA-228614 Recognize that TestNG's @Test.expectedExceptionsMessageRegExp is a regexp
Java. i18nBug IDEA-229136 Cannot edit "Resource bundle expression" field during quick-fix
Bug IDEA-229977 False positive in chained method calls
Cosmetics IDEA-39555 i18nize functionality contains several versions of spelling "hard-coded", all wrong. Reduce to a single correct version.
JavaX. AppServers. WebSphereBug IDEA-224968 False warning in WebSphere integration: Enterprise JavaBeans Lite 3.1 feature should be enabled
JavaX. JPABug IDEA-229010 "Entity class should have a public no-arg constructor" inspection
Bug IDEA-227620 Micronaut. JPA/Hibernate console. Doesn't work if properties are pointed in the application.json file
Bug IDEA-227419 JPA. Persistence view. Delete "virtual" word from the persistence root name in case of persistence config files absence
Task IDEA-227867 Move JPA QL / HQL language injections config to JavaEE plugin
JavaX. Web ServicesFeature IDEA-114823 JAX-RS: support regexp language injection in @Path
Bug IDEA-222961 Error logged on assertReadAccessAllowed from Tools->Web Services->Generate WSDL from Java code
Exception IDEA-183597 Error logged on assertReadAccessAllowed from GenerateJAXBSchemasFromJavaDialog
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-228220 Option to add description for enum values in JSON SCHEMA
Feature IDEA-223598 provide context to x-intellij-language-injection in json schemas
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-227021 Reference link is not rendered properly in Markdown preview
Exception IDEA-228789 Markdown changes PSI/document/model during highlighting
Lang. RegExpBug IDEA-144332 False positive: Annotator: Unknown character category: \p{Block=CombiningDiacriticalMarks}+
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-230061 Parsing error when a function test is defined in a script
Bug IDEA-230393 Explainshell action does not properly escape plus and ampersand
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-210737 XSD Generator crashes IDEA
Bug IDEA-229461 Help Resolving XML Catalog URIs
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-229869 prometheus.yml -> Required: null, Actual: null
Plugin Development (DevKit)Feature IDEA-228757 Devkit plugin.xml: extension points support code insight for enum attributes
Feature IDEA-228484 Devkit: tooling support for Dynamic Plugins
Feature IDEA-226554 Devkit: use <action>/<group> icon everywhere in UI
Bug IDEA-229025 Extension Point Doc: make work for non-Java classes
Bug IDEA-228949 plugin.xml: fix resolving <with> "attribute"/"tag" when @Attribute/@Tag is defined on field
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-214932 docker-compose inspection doesn't recognize "unless-stopped" as valid value
Bug IDEA-180157 Docker Run configuration : replace JSON file with explicitly listed options in CLI format
Bug IDEA-230073 Cannot start Docker: only error message is "Cannot connect:"
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-230321 When opening link from IDE Terminal extra characters (e.g. s, ms, 5ms) are added intermittently to the link
Bug IDEA-227054 Fish terminal integration loads functions after conf.d (unlike fish itself)
User InterfaceFeature IDEA-161894 Add settings option "Hide icons on editor tabs" may improve UX.
Feature IDEA-225110 Extend UI and add logic to turn on/off inlay hints per language and globally
Bug IDEA-230290 Run/Debug/Find toolwindows should be close to the left side as they used to be
Bug IDEA-219672 Entries in code completion popup are cut off
Bug IDEA-229809 Plugin Updates dialog couldn't be closed
Bug IDEA-228825 Copy Relative Path uses unix forward slashes instead of windows backslashes
Bug IDEA-226672 `ShowSettingsUtil.editConfigurable()` does not reflect `Configurable` size
Bug IDEA-230691 Hide active tool window shortcut doesn't work if focus in the editor in 2020.1
Bug IDEA-226400 Tooltip appears in wrong place
Bug IDEA-231081 "Import IntelliJ IDEA Settings" dialog about custom VM options is truncated
Bug IDEA-224570 IDEA log grows too fast due to IconLoader logs
Bug IDEA-202265 Folders disappear from Navigation Bar Toolbar on restart
Bug IDEA-229129 Empty EventLog shows 3 on the stripe button
Bug IDEA-231177 Items on Welcome screen are moved down
Bug IDEA-230671 Opened tool window is not focused with Alt+Num key and Switcher
Bug IDEA-229066 IdeFrameDecorator: No default button in some dialogs
Bug IDEA-210360 Navigation bar arrows are blurry on HiDPI screens on Windows
Bug IDEA-229426 Unable to remove tool window that has not been opened yet
Bug IDEA-225866 Tips of the day: do not show tips which were read by the user
Bug IDEA-227173 "Update All" link at the top of installed plugins list does nothing
Bug IDEA-230654 Unexpected tool windows resize when hovering left tool window stripe
Usability IDEA-228967 Tips of the day dialog overlaps another app
Usability IDEA-224969 Navigation in DFM with disabled tabs is confusing
Cosmetics IDEA-222013 Redesign "More" popup in editor tabs
Task IDEA-225867 Tips of the day: show tips on startup only once per day
Task IDEA-225869 Tips of the day: Reopen that same tip within the same day when the user opens tips with Help > Tip of the Day.
Task IDEA-225872 Tips of the day: rename the checkbox Show tips on startup
Task IDEA-227948 Update SdkType filters for new Project Wizards
Task IDEA-227794 Improve rendering of San Francisco font of macOS Catalina
Task IDEA-228109 Make progress bar determinate once we know the file size
Exception IDEA-230896 Exception on opening project with detached tab
User Interface. AccessibilityCosmetics IDEA-186539 Rework UI text for I18nize Hardcoded Strings dialog
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-217670 Mnemonics for Replace -> Replace all (Alt + A) doesn't work in macro when there is an action with same shortcut is defined
Bug IDEA-228620 Mouse event logged instead of Keyboard event for menu actions
Performance IDEA-225060 First "Go to action" is too long
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-227990 Resizing preview in Find in Path doesn't always work on macOS
Bug IDEA-199657 RegExp: named groups don't work in Find/Replace in Path
Bug IDEA-192260 Toggling "Merge usages from the same line" in find references popup cycles between more than 2 different result lists???
Bug IDEA-226984 Search field in editor bug (when two lines are pasted in)
Task IDEA-225632 EPs to make dynamic
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-218418 IDE remains in background when invoked Jump to source (F4) from another window
Bug IDEA-227001 Focus jumps from Tool Window to Editor on opening tool windows in a row
Bug IDEA-229146 Fix for JBR-2021 on IDEA-side
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-227295 Unable to use arrow buttons to expand/collapse recent projects group on welcome screen
Bug IDEA-228793 Shortcut VS mnemonic collision
User Interface. Look and FeelFeature IDEA-228866 Preview while changing themes
Bug IDEA-216658 IntelliJ LaF: context menu triangle icon
Bug IDEA-231105 Color scheme is reset to "IntelliJ Light" in 2020.1 if a custom color scheme was set in 2019.3
Bug IDEA-216556 IntelliJ LaF: disabled combo background looks incorrect
Bug IDEA-201293 Some colors are not changed on switching theme
Bug IDEA-216753 IntelliJ LaF: tool window headers have increased font size on Mac
Cosmetics IDEA-229812 Blue frame of "Create new project" on Welcome screen is thin
Task IDEA-226805 Move Windows and macOS themes to plugins
Task IDEA-230997 Bundle macOS Light Theme and Windows 10 Light Theme plugins with all JetBrains IDEs
Task IDEA-217993 Rename color scheme/theme actions in Quick Switch Scheme popup
Task IDEA-216580 IntelliJ LaF: Help button on Windows and Linux
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-228670 Recent Files: restoring scrolling position broken?
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-227694 "Go to link target" command should work for files under linked directories
Task IDEA-178054 Problem with understanding hierarchy in directory tree
Version ControlFeature IDEA-224896 Allow in-place commit author editing
Bug IDEA-225545 Use LaF-based color scheme for commit message editor
Bug IDEA-204201 When creating a patch file from VCS->Local History to clipboard it is not copied to clipboard and instead creates a file
Bug IDEA-219867 Local Changes Unified Diff Preview doesn't update inspection information
Bug IDEA-206865 VcsDirtyScopeVfsListener might try to install itself on an already closed project
Bug IDEA-229324 Remove "Branch Default" update option from Settings
Performance IDEA-225949 595MB memory leak in ChangelistConflictTracker
Usability IDEA-228285 Set "Author" field to default value after commit was done
Usability IDEA-223951 Branches popup: change Warning icon to Refresh icon when the popup content is outdated
Usability IDEA-228151 Enable "Version Control" toolwindow just after Version Control integration is enabled
Usability IDEA-223952 Branch popup: do not close the popup on refresh action
Usability IDEA-146640 If Commit dialog is invoked when index is not built yet it suggests to wait to make code analysis available forever
Usability IDEA-228598 Branches: rename should also work on Shift+F6
Cosmetics IDEA-228597 Branches: cursor does not get its normal shape after resize
Task IDEA-230310 Change Performing VCS commit to Committing
Task IDEA-216601 Always create .idea/.gitignore when creating a new IDEA project
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-209996 Show "Incoming/Outgoing commits" indicator for current branch in the status bar
Feature IDEA-205386 Add a refresh (fetch) option to Git Branches popup
Bug IDEA-211334 Git: incoming/outgoing changes checking is not performed after successful pull
Bug IDEA-230806 Git installation is not detected on Windows if not in the PATH
Bug IDEA-207187 Incoming Changes indicator in branches popup doesn't disappear after update
Bug IDEA-211338 Git: incoming/outgoing changes checking always fails for the private github repositories
Bug IDEA-230378 Trying to resolve conflicts between unrelated histories fails
Bug IDEA-206427 IO commits: No 'update fail' message after unsuccessful attempt of authentication
Usability IDEA-226783 Extend existing "New Branch From Selected…" branches popup action to allow create a new branch without checkout
Cosmetics IDEA-229854 Git Checkout Problem dialog: change text about stashing changes
Version Control. LogPerformance IDEA-219710 IntelliJ 2019.2 high cpu usage (with git) at idle.
Exception IDEA-229187 Clicking on Log tab of Git tool window generates exception (intellij-community master branch)
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-226333 SVN (possibly other VCS too?) version control in an infinite refresh loop
No subsystemFeature WEB-41530 "Run anything" should offer scripts from package.json without typing "npm run"
Feature WEB-25666 Add option to configure injected fragment background for each language separately
Feature WEB-43061 jsconfig.json baseUrl is not supported
Bug WEB-42756 Typescript: Attempt to assign to const or readonly variable, when assigning to variable with union type
Bug WEB-42511 'Run anything' shows scripts from wrong package.json
Bug WEB-42872 'Infer parameter types from usage' duplicates types
Task WEB-42926 Rearrange inspections in the settings: TypeScript/JavaScript categories
CSSBug WEB-43153 Color Picker dialog issues: wrong traversal order on tab, not updated colors.
Task WEB-43231 Make css.supportedFileTypesProvider extension point dynamic
Task WEB-43006 Remove information about CSS level and browser support from completion popup
DebuggerBug WEB-30889 JavaScript Debug is not working for version 2017.3.3
Bug WEB-12527 Django/JavaScript Debugging Broken in 3.4
Bug WEB-41834 Debugger opens incorrect file (same-named instead of the file with breakpoint)
Bug WEB-43008 "Open Source" in Scripts view doesn't work
File WatchersBug WEB-43079 Extremely wide File Watcher dialog (if Unit File Support plugin is enabled)
HTMLBug WEB-36211 Custom "data-" attributes on SVG elements in HTML are reported as not allowed
Cosmetics WEB-43036 Remove tag background in IntelliJ Light theme
JSONBug WEB-40292 x-intellij-language-injection doesn't function in yaml for array items
JavaScriptFeature WEB-40267 Add intention: Convert to optional chaining and/or nullish coalescing
Feature WEB-38886 IntelliJ IDEA cannot find test case when using template string with variable
Feature WEB-43074 ES6 imports navigation can work in dumb (indexing) mode
Feature WEB-22664 Delete ECMAScript 3 JavaScript version
Feature WEB-42183 Make JavaScript 1.8.5 disabled in the list of JavaScript language versions
Feature WEB-43013 JavaScript: provide completion for object literal properties with "this." prefix
Bug WEB-43274 WebStorm shows debug information inside hover doc popup
Bug WEB-43014 JavaScript: "insert this" quick fix doesn't work for object literals and class fields
Bug WEB-42659 Import statement is marked as deprecated
Bug WEB-42816 JavaScript: add loop live templates with better names
Bug WEB-43146 No completion for `function` keyword after `new Classname` without semicolon
Bug WEB-42791 False positive "Method expression is not of Function type"
Bug WEB-42873 'Infer parameter types from usage' incorrectly infers rest parameter type
Bug WEB-40312 "Invalid number of arguments, expected 0" when passing message to superclass Error
Bug WEB-42866 'Infer parameter from usage' should not be invoke many times in JavaScript
Bug WEB-43082 Overridden is shown twice while actually it's overridden once
Bug WEB-43345 'Extract variable' creates duplicate code fragment when invoking the whole line
Bug WEB-42888 Rendering of enum members with non-identifier names is incorrect in 'specify type explicitly'/hints/other features
Bug WEB-42890 JavaScript: for-of -> for-indexed conversion doesn't work for inferred types
Bug WEB-20955 ES6: re-exported binding resolve support (ESNext proposal)
Bug WEB-43041 JavaScript: make JS parser more tolerant to typos
Performance WEB-42509 PhpStorm takes an extremely long time to run code analysis and inspections on javascript files
Performance WEB-42985 Memory and processor consuption peaks on a node project with 4 files and 4 libs
Task WEB-42591 Remove old JavaScript versions from the list of languages for scratch files
Task WEB-42498 Remove intention 'Swap method call arguments'
Exception WEB-42865 'infer parameters from usage' inserts generics after the variable name when applied to function expressions
Exception WEB-20585 com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException on Refactor - Move of node_modules
Exception WEB-42867 'infer parameters from usage' doesn't work with export
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-42492 Angular: stale state of Angular project detection
Bug WEB-37146 Webstorm incorrectly complains that "data-" attribute is not allowed on Angular element
Bug WEB-42213 No completion of custom directives in component with splited template and script
Bug WEB-40644 Missing usage of private members in Vue components
Bug WEB-39230 Angular i18n. Support for i18n-* attributes
Bug WEB-42269 Vue: Vuetify VLayout justify-center attribute reports "Wrong attribute value"
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-26818 Add inspection for converting let to const when possible
Feature WEB-42870 JavaScript: enable "Import can be shortened" inspection
Bug WEB-42478 Changed Inspection Severity Level to Error for Duplication Javascript declaration doesn't work
Bug WEB-40666 Add errors for variable count/initializers and lhs expressions in for-of and for-in loops
Bug WEB-30908 Use arrow functions when converting loop to forEach call
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-42951 Inplace 'Introduce field' refactoring for JavaScript/TypeScript
Feature WEB-42979 Inplace 'Introduce variable/field/parameter' when having subexpressions
Bug WEB-37665 Replace if-else with ?: is not working with variable initialization
Bug WEB-43087 'Propagate to destructuring declaration' inconsistent availability
Bug WEB-38246 'Extract method' doesn't check for member accessibility in case of static members
Usability WEB-43151 Problems with name suggestions when using Extract interface or type alias
Node.jsFeature WEB-40015 Code auto completion for environment variables stored in nodemon.json
Feature WEB-42784 Coding assistance for environment variables stored in .env files
Feature WEB-37505 Use .env files to set environment variables for projects
Bug WEB-43279 Unable to run Node.js with UNC WSL paths
Bug WEB-42997 IllegalStateException when change node interpreter in RC
Bug WEB-43123 Node express via npx: RC isn't created with project
Bug WEB-43022 Can't set project in Run anything
Bug WEB-42738 Environment variables configured in run configuration are undefined when using WSL node interpreter
Bug WEB-42577 Support nvm aliases in .nvmrc
Usability WEB-43103 RecordModuleIntoPackageJsonQuickFix should add existing version instead of latest
Exception WEB-43096 New Project Wizard fails with '' is not found
TypeScriptFeature WEB-36079 Add intention 'infer parameters from usage'
Bug WEB-43192 Resource import query string lost when moving TypeScript file
Bug WEB-42753 Regression: Inspection "JavaScript | Probable bugs | Result of method call returning a promise is ignored" does not work in async functions anymore
Bug WEB-43209 Importing tsconfig file in IDE produces SOE
Bug WEB-40117 TypeScript - cannot auto-complete "readonly" in generic type
Bug WEB-43385 Wrong highlighting for errors from the TypeScript service
Bug WEB-43084 Excluding ".d.ts"/".js" files with a ".ts" sibling works unreliable
Bug WEB-42974 Property name completion picks up unrelated properties based on parameter name
Bug WEB-43236 Properties in class constructor shouldn't resolve to lib.dom.d.ts
Bug WEB-43069 Type guard is incorrectly evaluated for a destructuring variable with default value
Bug WEB-39714 Code completion in TypeScript should show types in code completion for generic arguments of incomplete new-invocation
Bug WEB-42807 Invalid 'Type mismatch' warning with callback, generic constraints and destructuring parameters
Bug WEB-42982 TypeScript: code that compiles with `tsc` does not compile in WebStorm
Bug WEB-43228 Double "Create getter/setter" intention for ts files
Bug WEB-43090 TS non-null assertions should be affected by type guards (currently are not)
Bug WEB-43174 Contents of collection are updated, but never queried
Bug WEB-43178 False warning "Unused assignment" on Optional Chaining
Performance WEB-42053 Type hints cause StackOverFlow exception in TypeScript 3.7 due to type recursion
Performance WEB-42611 UI Freezes on selecting 'Directories' in Preferences
Unit TestsFeature WEB-35970 WebStorm does not recognize Jest tests in nested functions
Feature WEB-35869 WebStorm doesn't detect "function-value named" Jest tests
Feature WEB-28462 mocha: can't run single test if test name is an expression (nothing here)
Bug WEB-32774 Some Jest describe statements are not recognized
Bug WEB-43208 Mocha: show nyc coverage for .tsx files for default configuration
Bug WEB-43168 Mocha tests not recognized when being wrapped in "parallel()" call
Bug WEB-32426 Jest: testNamePattern does not handle template string
Bug WEB-35107 Jest: describe.each and test.each are not recognized
Bug WEB-42279 'Cannot find runner' when selecting a recent test session from Test History
Bug WEB-32050 Run mocha test with template literal describe description gives "Empty test suite"
Bug WEB-34951 Tests with describe.skip.* dont detected as tests
Bug WEB-31065 mocha/testing: generated suites aren't detected for gutter icons
Bug WEB-42474 Incorrect test runner name in gutter
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-9897 Wrong parameter names for Oracle system procedure
Data ViewsUsability DBE-6587 Database editor tab: focus lost after entering date field
Navigation & SearchFeature DBE-9622 Ability to set 'current data source' in the search scope
SQL CompletionFeature DBE-3146 Postgres: no completion for function's language
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