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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 EAP (193.5233.12 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-190956 Creating a new file with keyboard closes file navigator bar
Build. GradleBug IDEA-222256 Some problems in the new project/module configuration steps
Bug IDEA-224229 Create a new module with an existing name: to make the warning message more visible and informative
Build. MavenBug IDEA-223275 Problem when importing child maven projet when using property in version tag
Cosmetics IDEA-223197 New Maven module dialogue window is distorted
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBug IDEA-219700 'Search Structurally' with selection uses scope different from selected in UI
Bug IDEA-224871 "does not match anything" warning when searching string literal
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-225615 Theme plugin is shown as uninstalled after disabling
Bug IDEA-226608 "ReSharper (macOS)" keymap is applied on Windows by default after installing Resharper keymap plugin
Bug IDEA-226071 'null' values instead of Settings tabs are displayed on clicking "Cancel" in Settings dialog after installing a keymap
Bug IDEA-225613 Theme plugin installed from welcome screen on first start is not available until restart
Usability IDEA-226216 On theme plugin updating the theme is applied automatically though the different look'n'feel has been used before
Editor. Editing TextUsability IDEA-223760 Rendering of whitespace in editor too noticeably
FrameworksFeature IDEA-225925 EndpointsView: show/hide available frameworks toggle action
Bug IDEA-226098 Cannot jump to source when debugging reactor application
Bug IDEA-226062 Helidon: Routing.get() is not shown in Endpoints
Bug IDEA-226430 EndpointsView: Non-blocking items refresh
Bug IDEA-226532 Micronaut: cached value is not equivalent for injected beans search
Bug IDEA-225690 EndpointsView: Framework doesn't appear at once
Usability IDEA-226027 EndpointsView: tool window should not be shown in IntelliJ project
Exception IDEA-226156 Micronaut: PsiInvalidElementAccessException in Endpoints at changing a class
Frameworks. GWTBug IDEA-226574 GWT facet compilation uses CommandLineWrapper which is not suited for Java 9+
Frameworks. SpringBug IDEA-225723 Spring Boot 2.2: for classes annotated both with @ConfigurationProperties and @Component multiple beans are registered
Bug IDEA-220205 Spring MVC: ModelVariables from base classes in Spring Boot app can not be resolved
Bug IDEA-225983 Spring MVC: rename is not available for mapping URLs from code
GroovyBug IDEA-164747 Groovy: Intention "Convert to Dollar-Slashy String" gives wrong result
Bug IDEA-225977 Method names with dots are highlighted in Spock
Bug IDEA-162734 Groovy "Reformat Code" to error format
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-197256 "Non-constant string concatenation ... logging call" QuickFix could include single chars into format string
JavaX. AppServers. GlassFishBug IDEA-201756 NPE at re-running Glassfish with different jdks
JavaX. Web ServicesBug IDEA-226185 Web-services: Path completion list doesn't include paths without "/" at the beginning
Bug IDEA-226217 EndpointsView: Display slash between url parts if it is absent at the beginning of these path parts
Lang. FreeMarkerFeature IDEA-225967 Improve Freemarker language support
Bug IDEA-226072 Optimize Imports (on commit) causing problems with Freemarker Templates with Template Data Language configured as Java
Lang. ThymeleafBug IDEA-220340 Thymeleaf parameters in fragments can not be resolved
Bug IDEA-220326 Thymeleaf @{...} links are marked as error
Lang. YAMLBug IDEA-225873 Yaml completion of numeric properties by JSON schema doesn't jump to the value
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-223616 Docker. Show sensible tooltip for an image
Bug IDEA-226401 DockerCompose: Deploy log is absent at running a compose file
Bug IDEA-226332 Docker: if docker run configuration is launched while docker is not connected, deployment node is missing
Bug IDEA-226434 Can't parse run CLI options: Unrecognized option: --group-add
Usability IDEA-226469 DockerCompose. Editor. Completion for keys known as arrays should insert "-"
Usability IDEA-210917 Docker image run configuration. Rename "Image ID" field to "Image ID/Name"
Cosmetics IDEA-223630 Docker: Make names of container tabs in the same low/upper case style
Tools. KubernetesBug IDEA-226170 Helm, go templates: False positive "duplicated key" error between branches of with-else statement
Bug IDEA-226647 Helm. Dependencies: chart and parent are red-marked for `import-values:` and absent foe the completion
Usability IDEA-224004 KubernetesView: Remain the same expanded/collapsed state of items after "Show in a new Tab"
User InterfaceBug IDEA-218136 Can't copy selected text from popup inspection tool tips with Ctrl+C
Bug IDEA-225826 ActionButtonWithText does not update if overall font is changed in Settings
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-226539 Only one file is opened after drag-and-drop several files to the Editor
User Interface. Services ViewBug IDEA-222134 Kubernetes. Services view is absent after setting "kubernetes.view" registry key to true
Bug IDEA-226557 Services: after hiding running configuration from Services it is still presented in the tree
Cosmetics IDEA-226054 [Services view] tabs and toolbar buttons are not aligned
Version ControlBug IDEA-216369 Local Changes | Related Files: related files are not shown when default changelist contains multiple files
Bug IDEA-222454 "Related Files" in VCS ToolWindow blinking
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-176615 Endless loop of "git rebase" on update project
Usability IDEA-199553 Offer to update command line tools when getting error: invalid active developer path after MacOS update
No subsystemBug WEB-42382 JavaScript "Local variable 'X' is redundant" is not that redundant
Build toolsBug WEB-42270 Can't execute Gulp tasks from IDE - getting an error with com.intellij.execution.ExecutionException
DebuggerBug WEB-42156 JS debugger breakpoints not shared between symlinked files.
Bug WEB-40496 Node Debugger doesn't always start properly on re-running
Bug WEB-42360 Start execution on attaching to process waiting for debugger
Bug WEB-42331 Breakpoints in excluded node modules don't work
JavaScriptBug WEB-41991 Readonly check that shows a dialog is invoked from the availability check in ES6MoveModuleMembersHandler
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-42230 Disable 'Introduce variable', 'Introduce constant' and 'Introduce field' for vue expressions
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-42324 Better validation of names for file name <-> class name matching
JavaScript. TemplatesBug WEB-12164 Collapse/expand html code in script templates
Node.jsBug WEB-42403 Node.js: Cannot Debug Docker Compose configuration
Bug WEB-42312 Yarn PnP: Exception while trying to apply code style from Eslint
Bug WEB-42327 Linux: package manager yarn not recognized through nodejs snap
Bug WEB-42295 Grunt with Yarn PnP: Autofilled run configuration is incorrect
Bug WEB-42248 Can't run yarn scripts: command\script not found
Task WEB-42280 Support standard with Yarn PnP
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-27894 No folding in PUG in VueJS files
SASSBug WEB-42158 Import scss from node_modules - cannot resolve module node_modules (Vue, SCSS)
Bug WEB-42252 Parameters in Sass functions in scratch files are marked as unresolved variables
Bug WEB-42250 SASS/SCSS trailing comma incorrectly seen as error
Bug WEB-42000 SCSS in HTML snippet in Markdown file: false error for @import '~npm-module/some-file'
Bug WEB-41982 SASS: import path completion doesn't work when using webpack aliases
Bug WEB-41886 SCSS imports with webpack aliases: wrong 'Cannot resolve directory` warnings shown for packages with `@` prefix
TypeScriptFeature WEB-42328 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.7
Bug WEB-42340 IteratorResult in presence of node.js typings
Bug WEB-42311 TypeScript: Types references are unresolved
DB ConsoleBug DBE-9523 NEXT VALUE FOR [sequence] is no longer working after latest update.
Data ViewsBug DBE-9516 `Transpose` action is absent
PL DebuggerTask DBE-9299 Oracle PL debugger: support Type Body
SQL CompletionBug DBE-9504 Suggest only "BY" for "ORDER " or "GROUP "
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-9492 Replace DISTINCT with GROUP BY
SQL RefactoringFeature DBE-9428 Intention to convert JOIN ON to JOIN USING
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