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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2 Release (192.5728.98 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemFeatureIDEA-83668soutp live template: take arrays into consideration
FeatureIDEA-210961Implement action for Slow Startup Profiling
FeatureIDEA-214459API to provide custom labels for diff message in test tool window
FeatureIDEA-93154Intention action: wrap collections/map with Collections.unmodifiable* variant
FeatureIDEA-210929Provide ability to copy a TBX link to a settings
FeatureIDEA-207379Redesign several indices to be able use prebuilt values
BugIDEA-217551Breadcrumbs are hidden after the start
BugIDEA-214968Run Anything recent project description
BugIDEA-210937Remove -agentlib:yjpagent64 on import of settings
BugIDEA-211678I can't attach CPU profiler (JDK 11)
BugIDEA-215067java.lang.AssertionError when close project
BugIDEA-97887Good code red: Extending inner types of parameterised classes in external jars
BugIDEA-217432Cannot revert to BashSupport plugin for *.sh shell files
BugIDEA-216545"Windows defender configuration updated" notification appears even if UAC dialog was denied
BugIDEA-136762Fonts in ProjectView under Darcula in Linux looks bad after sequental LaF changes
BugIDEA-140410BookmarkItem should be copiable with readable presentation
BugIDEA-209816BuildOutputInstantReaderImpl.getCurrentLine() does not work when reading over 50 lines
BugIDEA-215539Completion popup has extremely small hight when invoked in debugger variables
BugIDEA-216703handle app icon as MultiResolutionImage
BugIDEA-214500NpmManager must not always instantiate default project unconditionally because it's bad for performance
BugIDEA-207155File structure: Rename warning appeared under the File structure dialog
BugIDEA-217613IDEA action to enumerate windows is needed
BugIDEA-214499NodeJsInterpreterManager must not always instantiate default project unconditionally because it's bad for performance
BugIDEA-216657DG 2019.2 hang on launching
BugIDEA-158131Optimize Imports runs on too many files
BugIDEA-209470Persistent profiler may prevent startup in case update is installed in a new folder and previous is disabled
BugIDEA-144233Drag'n'Drop to move files within Project Tree View?
BugIDEA-209987IDEA is deadlocked at startup before showing splashscreen
BugIDEA-210734project load progress is broken
BugIDEA-216857EditorScrollingPositionKeeper.perform(editor, false) causes sudden animation cancellation
BugIDEA-207034Can't resize toolwindow dragging its title bar
BugIDEA-211564A very long indexing of Ultimate project with strange `findLeafElementAt` call from `JavaFunctionExpressionIndex`
BugIDEA-211665ShelveedChangesViewManager leaks contents
BugIDEA-181157Cannot compile Groovy if Groovy is global library
BugIDEA-216402"open in browser" in context menu now lists all browsers instead of being a submenu
BugIDEA-210786Allow to provide snapshot folder (via -Dsnapshots.path)
BugIDEA-211668wrong slashe on "Save LOB" on windows
BugIDEA-210616Persistent Profiler can't be enabled if YK binaries were already copied
BugIDEA-188752Undo action leads to Editor color schemes deletion
BugIDEA-211786IDE freeze after user tries to start CPU usage profiling with tracing (windows)
BugIDEA-195770BPMN diagram layout.
BugIDEA-210635Can't attach a project without .iml file in /.idea
BugIDEA-190880Copyright profiles UI needs more space
BugIDEA-211072Associate With File Type: search doesn't work properly in the Register New File Type Association dialog
BugIDEA-131162Call Hierarchy Tree Creates Infinite Nesting on Recursive Functions
BugIDEA-211771can we please get rid of "No IDEA annotations attached to JDK" notification bar and simply always load our external annotations, regardless of whether they are attached or not? or add them automatically to the JDK during project opening if they're missing? (edited)
PerformanceIDEA-211716Textmate indexing causes freeze
PerformanceIDEA-209529PsiViewerDialog causes memory leak
PerformanceIDEA-209136ShowAutoImportPass#importUnambiguousImports is invoked synchronously on EDT
PerformanceIDEA-208908Out of memory because of 16M byte arrays caused by debugging
PerformanceIDEA-215285CloudConfigManager creates zip files on EDT
PerformanceIDEA-212712Tab action lasts too long
PerformanceIDEA-214793TokenTypes loading could be eliminated from the initial startup
UsabilityIDEA-211876"Profile slow startup" should notify user that snapshot is ready after restart
UsabilityIDEA-209479Services view: it would be nice to provide navigation between database connection entry in Services and the corresponding editor tab
UsabilityIDEA-211516Attach CPU profiling should start the profiling right away
UsabilityIDEA-215670Make Change Memory Settings action available in platform
UsabilityIDEA-217361'Include' & 'Exclude' actions are available from context menu, but disabled by buttons (Scopes | Packages)
UsabilityIDEA-212566Memory and CPU snapshot have the same name
UsabilityIDEA-211517Group all profiling related actions under Diagnostic menu
UsabilityIDEA-181446Run dashboard: run configurations deleting via dashboard view is confusing
CosmeticsIDEA-215472Services View: GroupBy | Type: provide some icon to distinguish the checked/unchecked states
CosmeticsIDEA-215593Log entries repeated thousands of times
CosmeticsIDEA-212694Rename "Postpone" to "Not Now" in Restart IDE dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-92017Splash: initially shows gray rectangle instead of graphics
TaskIDEA-185056Remove pin icon from quick navigate tooltip
TaskIDEA-207119Unify start-up time measurement
ExceptionIDEA-215800ConcurrentModificationException is thrown during the indexing
ExceptionIDEA-216385NPE in ChangesViewCommitPanel
ExceptionIDEA-215656ISE: cannot find parent window on AddClass invocation on UML diagram popup
ExceptionIDEA-211880Exception when user tries to start cpu profiling after profiling slow startup
ExceptionIDEA-215446ISE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.$$$reportNull$$$0
ExceptionIDEA-215280Services view: exception on Database connection running after Database tab closing
ExceptionIDEA-215801java.lang.AssertionError: Disposed at: java.lang.Throwable on Lookup
ExceptionIDEA-215731IAE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.escapeXmlEntities
AndroidBugIDEA-208071ConcurrentModificationException on syncing Android project in Intellij IDEA 2019.1 EAP 4 with JBR 11
BuildBugIDEA-217032Use consistent naming for Maven / Gradle diagrams
UsabilityIDEA-209462Build tool window: new tabs should be opened on the right
Build. GradleFeatureIDEA-207271Gradle Groovy syntax cannot resolve symbol 'exclude'
FeatureIDEA-141705Ability to visualize gradle dependencies similar to viewing maven dependencies
FeatureIDEA-216850GradleDiagrams: Refresh opened Gradle diagram after Gradle project refresh
BugIDEA-209234IDEA with bundled Java 11: import of Gradle projects is broken
BugIDEA-168045Gradle sync produces runtime instead of compile dependency
BugIDEA-217985Incorrect redirection to Gradle settings
BugIDEA-214890Add Gradle JVM action replaces existing JDK if it has the same version
BugIDEA-216605SerializationException on opening CLion compilation database or native Gradle project
BugIDEA-217126GradleDiagrams: in the project with 2 independent gradle modules it is impossible to view diagram for both modules
BugIDEA-212677Create new Gradle module should use same Gradle JVM as the existing linked Gradle project
BugIDEA-209409Cannot resolve symbol on dynamically created tasks
BugIDEA-215572Gradle refresh does not create IDEA modules for subproject
BugIDEA-217166Gradle dependencies diagram failing
BugIDEA-212682After creating opening or reopening a Gradle project, a 'Gradle project needs to be imported' balloon is shown unexpectedly
BugIDEA-214706Can't import gradle-based kotlin project created using SpringInitializr
BugIDEA-216990Gradle doesn't attach IntelliJ SDK to plugin project
BugIDEA-212028Improve error reporting and add quickfixes for failed Gradle launch
BugIDEA-216841GradleDiagrams: Display progress window before Dependency Diagram opened
BugIDEA-215224Gradle: cannot create configurable component
BugIDEA-217496GradleDiagrams: The same tab names for the different diagrams
BugIDEA-211609Build view keep pending task after sync failed
BugIDEA-216822GradleDiagrams: Empty diagram by choosing "Show Paths: Root->Selection"
BugIDEA-215182Changing the settings Gradle breaks the project structure
BugIDEA-208705Do not save build scripts while editing
BugIDEA-204476Bogus ambiguous call to constructor in gradle files
BugIDEA-217619External System API problems in 2019.2
BugIDEA-202246Incorrect warning in build.gradle
UsabilityIDEA-212059Gradle: improve editor tabs naming for Gradle files
UsabilityIDEA-192823Gradle | Refresh and Attach actions is unavailable during indexing
UsabilityIDEA-191523Gradle: do not show Import dialog when creating/opening projects
UsabilityIDEA-212133Gradle scripts in the editor: don't show long editor tabs, if they don't add useful information
UsabilityIDEA-208995Run Anything: no completion of gradle command prefix
CosmeticsIDEA-216984GradleDiagrams: Use the same blue color for dependency edges as in Maven Dependency Diagram
CosmeticsIDEA-216766Import Gradle project notification: typo in Help description
TaskIDEA-209450Import gradle conventions for DSL resolve
TaskIDEA-207607Replace “Run Gradle Task” dialog with 'Run Anything'
TaskIDEA-217198GradleDiagrams: Use All visibility level by default
TaskIDEA-209544Replace “Run Maven Task” dialog with 'Run Anything'
TaskIDEA-207606Run Gradle tasks: add classes completion to Run Anything dialog
ExceptionIDEA-200709java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jetbrains/plugins/groovy/codeInspection/BaseInspection
ExceptionIDEA-215895SerializationException on project opening
Build. JPS (Compiling Project)BugIDEA-211172Incorrect nullability checks generated for type-use annotations on arrays
BugIDEA-212329Annotation processor is not invoked with java 9 modules
BugIDEA-216558Compilation of Java Language Level 13 Preview / JDK 13 module fails with "Error:java: invalid source release 11 with --enable-preview"
BugIDEA-2148802019.2 EAP compilation fails with IllegalArgumentException in JPS
BugIDEA-217521JDK modules compilation fails with IllegalArgumentException
BugIDEA-184859Remove dependency from JPS on IntelliJ IDEA installation
Build. MavenFeatureIDEA-25247Maven: Update Indices when application starts up/on a regular basis
BugIDEA-216867Maven diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
BugIDEA-188234Web project built with maven with two dependencies with the same artifactId and version (but different groupId) loses one of the artifacts
BugIDEA-211628Create maven project by archetype doesn't add additional files and doesn't fill pom.xml
BugIDEA-216206New Maven Module from existing Sources does not work in presence of .mvn/extensions.xml
BugIDEA-216217IDEA does not recognize local Maven repository location from settings.xml
BugIDEA-215274Exception from Maven subsystem when creating a new Idea-based project.
BugIDEA-216851Maven: project re-import doesn't change the libraries from the inherited dependencies
BugIDEA-216878Maven dependency diagram is flickering on node selection
BugIDEA-200272Maven extension breaks dependency resolution
BugIDEA-216576Maven: IDEA doesn't recognize env variables used in settings.xml
PerformanceIDEA-216512Freezes in MavenEditorTabTitleProvider
UsabilityIDEA-212060Maven: include pom.xml into the editor tab/recent files to make them recognizable and searchable
UsabilityIDEA-209644Maven build tool window: improve error/warnings organization
UsabilityIDEA-214917Maven Build Sync window shows error about failed to download artifact for every maven repository
CosmeticsIDEA-133126hide view "Maven Projects" for not maven project
ExceptionIDEA-205363ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException PluginClassLoader
ExceptionIDEA-216831IAE at$ConsoleViewHandler.$$$reportNull$$$0
ExceptionIDEA-212396ISE at
ExceptionIDEA-217879PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException at com.intellij.openapi.extensions.impl.ExtensionComponentAdapter.createInstance
Code Analysis. DuplicatesFeatureIDEA-214455Skip initialization methods during duplicates analysis in ruby files.
FeatureIDEA-214460Do not detect duplicates inside ruby test files.
BugIDEA-214457Distinguish methods calls in ruby files.
BugIDEA-209663Relayout duplicates configurable
BugIDEA-217219Duplicated code tool window numbers the lines from 0
BugIDEA-212709Hide unrelevant options in `Duplicated code fragment` inspection options.
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-93333Chained method calls inspection shall ignore methods which return the same type of enclosing class
BugIDEA-208728Fix settings link on inspection toolwindow.
BugIDEA-214550Intellij shows wrong error on generic methods due to another another argument wrong type.
BugIDEA-210888Offline inspection result file contains incorrect path to project if run command has `..` segments in path to project
BugIDEA-208127Batch inspection result preview not scrolled to warning in injected code
BugIDEA-209420Unable to export Inspection Results as HTML
BugIDEA-210730The same spelling error is underlined twice
BugIDEA-138441Methods named like getters are wrongly treated as pure
UsabilityIDEA-30715"Split into multiple declarations" / "Split into separate declarations" confusion
CosmeticsIDEA-206994Show more context in Inspection results preview
ExceptionIDEA-211319Inspect all sometimes throws "Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only"
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBugIDEA-211437Language Injection: close the injected fragment editor on un-injecting
BugIDEA-212451Multihost language injection: injected fragment editing causes exceptions and corrupted code
BugIDEA-153979Injected fragment editor: inserting new lines makes references unresolved
BugIDEA-211592Language Injection: no comment is inserted on injecting into java constant
PerformanceIDEA-207632PostgreSQL fragment editing slow and unusable
UsabilityIDEA-211593Language Injection: 'do you want to insert annotation?' prompting message is misleading in case of missing annotations
ExceptionIDEA-211432REWA at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.changesHandler.AbstractMarkerBasedInjectedFileChangesHand ler.getReportException
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeatureIDEA-210188Add type filters for JS structural search
FeatureIDEA-182437Search Structurally dialog should have an inline preview
FeatureIDEA-206520Add JavaScript/TypeScript existing templates
BugIDEA-215457Allow to search Java methods and constructors in a single query
BugIDEA-210612Scopes dialog requires 2 OK/Cancel clicks before it goes away
BugIDEA-215017New pattern cannot be added to Structural Search Inspection
BugIDEA-209956Expressions enclosed in parentheses are replaced twice during Structural Replacement
BugIDEA-193965Structural Search And Replace: rerun button works incorrectly
BugIDEA-210782Structural search in JavaScript: can't find arrow function
BugIDEA-210464SSR: Exporting/importing a template should not include search scope
BugIDEA-214637Structural search doesn't find lambda with statement body and $statement$ expression inside
BugIDEA-217904IDE fails to load script for structural search which refers to Java plugin API
BugIDEA-211084debugger pattern finds all identifiers in JS
BugIDEA-209897Search for for loop pattern with expression list statement fails
BugIDEA-210460SSR: Double-clicking a group node in the Existing Templates dialog closes the dialog
UsabilityIDEA-216176Don't show "pattern does not match anything" hint if pattern contains red code
UsabilityIDEA-193706SSR: provide more information about how to fix "malformed pattern" error
CosmeticsIDEA-216179SSR: Ungrammatical message "No template ... found in Project Files"
ExceptionIDEA-204490AIOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.StructuralSearchProfileBase.compile
ExceptionIDEA-202169IOOBE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel$2$1.getRowRendererComponent(FilterPanel. java:77)
CoreExceptionIDEA-216312SOE on find usages in IntelliJ project
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-212608Make debugger colors customizable
Core. Diagrams (UML)BugIDEA-60296Modules UML diagram: listen to module and library rename
BugIDEA-209065UML: classes added to diagram via AddClassToDiagram action (<Space>) or by drag'n'drop appear incorrectly in the navigation popup
BugIDEA-208180Unknown and unwanted artifacts in UML diagram
BugIDEA-184834Uml Class diagram adds two entries to every diagram that can not be delete
BugIDEA-124631Opening *.uml file does nothing
BugIDEA-217046Project Modules diagram is empty if root selected in "Show Paths: Root->Selection" mode
BugIDEA-186132No default .uml extension for new class diagrams
BugIDEA-124475Save diagram: ignores changed filename and drops layout
BugIDEA-141306UML: new enum constant creating for enum via UML diagram creates uncompilable code if enum contains some members other than constants
UsabilityIDEA-182068Java Class Diagrams window steals focus from editor
UsabilityIDEA-47864UML: Create New Method dialog: provide possibility to set static and final modifiers
ExceptionIDEA-151955'deleteFile() not supported' when trying to delete diagram from Navigation bar
ExceptionIDEA-202308IndexNotReadyException on opening project if UML diagram is opened in the active editor
ExceptionIDEA-206582IndexNotReadyException on calling UML diagram during indexing
ExceptionIDEA-90136IDE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.SimpleElement.<init>
ExceptionIDEA-173305IAE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.SimpleElement.<init>
ExceptionIDEA-72445Exception when reverting changes with diagram opened
ExceptionIDEA-172311NPE at com.intellij.diagram.util.DiagramUtils.setBestPopupSizeForGraph
Core. File SystemBugIDEA-212025VFS refresh blocks UI while reading file system under read action
PerformanceIDEA-208259JdkTable / VirtualFilePointerContainerImpl initialization / VirtualFilePointerContainerImpl.getUrls() do disk access
PerformanceIDEA-208128VirtualFilePointer.getUrl() accesses disk
PerformanceIDEA-211046RefreshWorker/VFS massive memory usage
ExceptionIDEA-208539java.lang.Throwable: Synchronous execution on EDT: fsnotifier
Core. IDE SettingsFeatureIDEA-182589Copy settings back to IDE after disable sync plugin
FeatureIDEA-207917Provide a way to disable proxy detection logic on early startup
BugIDEA-217364Rider build problem connected with FUS.
BugIDEA-214809Users which had old Mac OS keymap get switched to new keymap silently
BugIDEA-100538Editor: Fall back fonts are not applied on Mac OS
BugIDEA-209785No separator for File templates group when invoke new from Project view
BugIDEA-207936IDEA is 'saving application' indefinitely
BugIDEA-207297Settings sync doesn't work, NPE in CloudConfigManager
BugIDEA-210223doesn't save re-added file type configuration
BugIDEA-209982Services view: deployment run configurations appear twice in the toolwindow
BugIDEA-199518Support trim_trailing_whitespace = false
BugIDEA-211988Speed Search in Settings works incorrectly after not matching search criteria entering
BugIDEA-217083SerializationException on second opening Swift PM project in CLion
BugIDEA-198533Template group disappeared when you drag all templates to another group
BugIDEA-191085Failed to sync IDE settings. Invalid credentials
BugIDEA-207107PhpStorm 2019.1 EAP build 191.4738.10, The file auto save is invalid.
BugIDEA-214625"Check for updates" action does nothing for me in Nightly
BugIDEA-215089unable to get Update
BugIDEA-216940Add code completion for File and Code Templates
BugIDEA-191923Importing config of old IDE version including custom plugin URL causes incompatible plugin suggestion from this URL
PerformanceIDEA-215475Report settings data to FUS asynchronously
UsabilityIDEA-202502"Use console font" / "Use color scheme font instead of the default" checkboxes can't be set by clicking on their text
Core. JSONBugIDEA-212680Replace with allowed value simply erase a current value instead of proposing available ones.
BugIDEA-216061Adding new key-value pair into single-line JSON object places comma into the next key while typing
BugIDEA-212880Null is cached if schema is applied first time for already existing code
ExceptionIDEA-212654strange behaviour when working with file name function.json
ExceptionIDEA-217138AE at com.intellij.json.psi.impl.JsonPsiImplUtils.getNameElement
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-215360Ctrl-s doesn't repeat find
BugIDEA-211449IDEA is unable to find lambda implementations when invoked on library class source
BugIDEA-215118Change in behavior: Navigate->File using maven-backed module-name no longer brings up pom.xml for that module
BugIDEA-216794Search eveywhere does not search in libraries
PerformanceIDEA-188959Calculate line marker tooltip in background thread
UsabilityIDEA-207052There should be a way to customize GoToDeclaration behavior
TaskIDEA-209480Remove stub hierarchy
Core. Platform APIFeatureIDEA-208103ExecUtil.sudoCommand could show a prompt on macOS 10.10+
BugIDEA-209724Smart pointer creation during project disposal leads to "Element from alien project" assertion
BugIDEA-181010unable to use BouncyCastleProvider in plugin due com.intellij.util.lang.UrlClassLoader is not providing ProtectionDomain
BugIDEA-216927Restore UastLiteralReferenceProvider binary compatibility in 2019.2
BugIDEA-208630Fix "Bean extension class should not have constructor with parameters" EPs
BugIDEA-210479A race condition in module structure loading
TaskIDEA-209921Deprecate runWriteCommandAction(Runnable)
TaskIDEA-204389Tons of "Kotlin: 'psi: PsiElement?' is deprecated. ambiguous psi element, use `sourcePsi` or `javaPsi`" compiler warnings
ExceptionIDEA-215230"Project opening should be done in a transaction" exception appears during reopening of LearnProject via "Learn AppCode" on "Welcome to AppCode" window
ExceptionIDEA-214801NPE at VirtualFilePointerImpl#toString
Core. Plugin ManagementFeatureIDEA-211218Possibility to mark a plugin as internal
BugIDEA-197563Plugins sync says "not installed" for installed plugins
UsabilityIDEA-202747Provide a link to plugin homepage along the vendor link
UsabilityIDEA-212690Do not show checkboxes for plugins that are not loaded
UsabilityIDEA-214551Plugins: typed input is lost on tabs switch
UsabilityIDEA-212691Filter out invalid plugins when the problem is fixed
UsabilityIDEA-215108Plugin manager UI - Include modification date
UsabilityIDEA-212701Place plugin home page above the plugin descripton
CosmeticsIDEA-212695Replace "Enable plugins" with “Enable required plugins”
CosmeticsIDEA-215084Fix error message on Plugins page
CosmeticsIDEA-207802Plugins page: do not show (0) if no updates available
ExceptionIDEA-210339AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.PluginUpdatesService.recalculateUpdates
ExceptionIDEA-214826NPE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.NewListPluginComponent.updateEnabledState
Core. ProfilerFeatureIDEA-216334Profiler: Set, or suggest to set max stack trace depth for Flight Recorder
FeatureIDEA-191888Add support for Java Flight Recorder (JFR)
FeatureIDEA-218102To attach JFR to already started local process
BugIDEA-215305Reset doesn't work in Java Profiler settings
BugIDEA-216125profiler tree speed search freezes EDT
BugIDEA-216934To start gradle tasks and run configurations with JFR
BugIDEA-216560org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.internal.InvalidJfrFileException: No readable chunks in recording
BugIDEA-216163Flame graph based on JFR data not properly rendered
BugIDEA-216549Wrong merged callees tree calculation
BugIDEA-215303There should be 'Run with Profiler' in Gradle toolwindow
BugIDEA-215597Part of tree renderer overlaps table renderer
BugIDEA-217299JFR Settings page
UsabilityIDEA-216477Do not use three rows of tabs in profiler UI
UsabilityIDEA-216480More toolbar buttons in profiler Call Tree tab
UsabilityIDEA-217815Fix grammar in Profiler UI
TaskIDEA-214653Correct presentation settings in Java profiler's call tree
ExceptionIDEA-217284java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.service.project.AbstractProjectResolverExtension
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-210798Dependencies scope dropdown is switching on mouse over
BugIDEA-208386If both .idea/workspace.xml and .idea/misc.xml are modified, reload doesn't happen correctly
BugIDEA-211346Modules randomly do not load when opening a project
BugIDEA-218348"Load/Unload Modules..." action isn't shown in the popup menu for unloaded module node anymore
UsabilityIDEA-41940Provide better diagnostics when the user selects a JRE directory as JSDK home
ExceptionIDEA-212645Exception on new project opening
Core. Quick DocumentationFeatureIDEA-175215Better quick JavaDoc for enums
BugIDEA-211038Ctrl-Shift-Arrow does not resize quick documentation popup but closes it
BugIDEA-210273Table columns missing in Javadoc Quick Documentation view for Java 12
BugIDEA-209629Too small default size of quick doc popup (causing text clipping by scrollpane)
BugIDEA-208812Inappropriate quick doc for array length
PerformanceIDEA-214615Memory leak in DocumentationComponent through a blinking caret
UsabilityIDEA-208365Always autosize quickdoc popup when it's displayed on hover
UsabilityIDEA-208364Don't show quick info tooltip on Ctrl-hover if a quickdoc popup is currently visible
CosmeticsIDEA-211247JavaDoc generated from HTML eats angle brackets in the link title
Core. RefactoringsFeatureIDEA-124496Scope Setting for Rename Refactoring
UsabilityIDEA-214702Do not show 'Scope' setting when rename Java local variable
UsabilityIDEA-212081Names of Copy and Move actions in the context menu should reflect what's going to be copied or moved
Core. Run | Debug. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-214641Blank area in tool window when turn off all tabs
BugIDEA-202659Impossible to start the Debug session for the Tomcat config with Ant/Bash configs in the Before launch section
BugIDEA-181448Run dashboard: after adding RC type to runnable in RD list the existing started configuration is shown there in Cinfigured status
BugIDEA-210262[Environment variables] when pasting several variables with semicolon at the line end - the last entry is removed
BugIDEA-204416Running debug tomcat run configuration always launches "Before launch" gulp tasks in debug mode
Core. XMLBugIDEA-205629Argument rangeInElement exception when deleting xml tag in Android Studio 3.3
BugIDEA-210207XML schema issue - element X is not allowed here (Web.xml)
BugIDEA-208504First xi:include tag in *Plugin.xml file is highlighted as error
BugIDEA-183886XML highliting and redefined schemas
BugIDEA-212344catalog.xsd in IntelliJ platform-impl.jar is outdated
BugIDEA-206666IdeaPluginRegistrationIndex isn't file-based
BugIDEA-212646XML attribute value is marked as error if DTD's attribute type is enumeration containing DTD keyword as value
ExceptionIDEA-212704Invoking Find by XPath throws ClassCastException
EditorBugIDEA-216417Clicking on icons in gutter (e.g. overrides/implements) doesn't work if caret is over the folded property value
BugIDEA-216456In-place editing of property values doesn't work in Kotlin files
BugIDEA-218508'Insert imports on paste' doesn't work anymore
BugIDEA-217426InlayModel.getElementAt returns wrong inlay when multiple block inlays present on single line
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-215451Misspelled keyword messes up following identifier completion
UsabilityIDEA-210660Make "Jump outside closing bracket/quote with Tab" default behaviour
UsabilityIDEA-209123Enable F2 and Shift+F2 shortcuts while code completion is active
UsabilityIDEA-209784Basic/Smart completion does not offer package private methods when runtime object type is from another package
UsabilityIDEA-211557Code completion dropdown stays open after Shift+Enter (Start New Line)
ExceptionIDEA-194554AE at com.intellij.codeInsight.documentation.DocumentationManager.assertSameProject
Editor. Color SchemesFeatureIDEA-212390Ability to drag-n-Drop editor color scheme
BugIDEA-207403Darcula color scheme: "Custom Keyword 4" default color looks like an error
Editor. Diff and MergeFeatureIDEA-137605IDEA as external diff/merge - provide proper exit codes
BugIDEA-215972Diff viewer uses general hard-wrap margin instead of language-specific
BugIDEA-210607'Apply changes' in diff view does't work
BugIDEA-207667Weird synchronised scrolling in diff view with soft wrapped lines
BugIDEA-216171'Throwable: Invalid file' when open external diff tool
BugIDEA-212625Incorrect highlighting in diff view when last document line is soft wrapped
BugIDEA-217797Diff/Merge does not show changes stripes for empty line ranges (insertions/deletions)
UsabilityIDEA-155010Suggest to unlock 'Disable editing' button in 'Commit Changes' dialog when I'm trying to type in diff view
UsabilityIDEA-123813Preserve diff pane widths when switching between files
UsabilityIDEA-182230VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
CosmeticsIDEA-211780Escape characters in action name of "Diff \\& Merge"
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-207307No horizontal scroll in editor when the width of block inlay is more than editor width
FeatureIDEA-211180Jump outside closing bracket with Tab should jump after the semicolon
FeatureIDEA-70189Java Smart Complete Statement: Complete ternary operator if necessary
BugIDEA-210470Fira Code breaks fixed-width alignment on "[[" - double opening bracket
BugIDEA-215776Plain text file is missing in Create scratch list
BugIDEA-138431Editor: Ctrl+Left / Right (arrow) does not skip over indent whitespace to prev/next token
BugIDEA-217252Typing new text block method argument doesn't insert closing quotes
BugIDEA-204900Smart Enter fails to add function body if staying at annotation
BugIDEA-211590Selection highlighting background under inlay vertical when scrollbar is flipped
BugIDEA-211246Uncollapsing unchanged framgents should keep scroll position
BugIDEA-197682Shadow action is created with the wrong lifetime spec (Disposable)
BugIDEA-216359Code vision selection doesn't cover the lines sometimes
BugIDEA-208782Fallback font Italic version doesn't work on Mac
BugIDEA-211085Current line number colour incorrectly calculated
BugIDEA-211304IntelliJ cuts links after parens
BugIDEA-215015Text "jitter" during typing in editor on Windows after dragging editor onto a different monitor
BugIDEA-215278"Hand" cursor "stuck" in editor
BugIDEA-207212Editor scrolls unexpectedly on pasting collapsed method
BugIDEA-211466Printing (at least on Linux) produces so many artifacts
BugIDEA-167224Unwrap lambda should add braces if necessary
BugIDEA-214565Different indents for Python in commentStart() macro
BugIDEA-207542TODO highlighting affects following lines
BugIDEA-211398Not all ligatures are activated when printing a file
BugIDEA-207805Selection in editor is not reset on mouse right click outside selection
BugIDEA-212623Folding comments in Java out of FileHeader/Class blocks
BugIDEA-208973Identifier highlighting is lost after moving line
BugIDEA-214755Folded Javadoc shows the 2nd line when the text starts on the line with /**
PerformanceIDEA-210051Memory leak in DocumentImpl
PerformanceIDEA-211201Typing with multiple carets is slow in XML files
UsabilityIDEA-211756"Delete to word end" is extremely inconvenient on whitespaces
UsabilityIDEA-208930Pressing Tab in a selection doesn't prefix first line with a tabulator
UsabilityIDEA-209051Inspection popup is overlapped by quick doc
UsabilityIDEA-212086Tooltips for bookmarks should show keyboard shortcuts for navigating to a bookmark and toggling it
CosmeticsIDEA-215726Cosmetics for folded property text editing
TaskIDEA-209242Increase default number of items stored by default in clipboard history
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-211528Diff change highlighting not propagated to inlay
BugIDEA-212556Goto Next Error sometimes shows error tooltip and sometimes doesn't
Editor. Formatter and Code StyleBugIDEA-211444Code Style Settings: incorrect variants in drop-down for WrapOnTyping option
BugIDEA-206789Export codestyle settings to JSON: java | wrapping and braces | visual guides option is not exported
BugIDEA-147601Javadoc Code formatting does not indent HTML tags properly
BugIDEA-195707"'case' on new line" setting name is misleading; behavior should be changed and a new setting added with the old behavior
BugIDEA-215771When new .editorconfig file is created in the versioned project using New | EditorConfigFile, the prompt to add appears as if it is 'externally added file'
BugIDEA-216085New EditorConfig file: Selectively disable languages for which no properties (empty sections) are produced
BugIDEA-212466"Expected to be final" identifier is not always painted as such in Java editor
BugIDEA-202587No possibility to configure indentations for Scala, Kotlin, etc files
BugIDEA-216526Switch Code Style Scheme does not change the code style
BugIDEA-217075EditorConfig options are not properly applied to JavaScript files
UsabilityIDEA-215728EditorConfig: preview can be opened only once, it is impossible to open different file as preview
UsabilityIDEA-216086EditorConfig: not clear what Open Preview... means
UsabilityIDEA-215787Do not show notification about EditorConfig
ExceptionIDEA-214694java.lang.Throwable: Control-flow exceptions (like ProcessCanceledException) should never be logged
ExceptionIDEA-215353AE at com.intellij.openapi.util.text.StringUtil.assertValidSeparators
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-155352Unwrap Statement produces broken code
ExceptionIDEA-211266Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.NoSwingUnderWriteAction.lambda$watchForEvents$0
Editor. Large FilesBugIDEA-216267Large file editor: no context menu
BugIDEA-216265Large file editor: closing and reopening tab does not preserve state
BugIDEA-216257Large file editor: Status bar widget is painted incorrectly with hidpi screen
BugIDEA-216905Focus is not in editor when opening large file
BugIDEA-218382Support for large files in IDEA 2019.2 doesn't work if the plugin is installed
TaskIDEA-209329Integrate Large File Editor into the platform
Frameworks. DroolsBugIDEA-97068drools mvel syntax not working for Objects created in then clause
BugIDEA-152064Single quotes are listed as errors within drools rules
Frameworks. GWTBugIDEA-193374GWT template project is created with incorrect web.xml
BugIDEA-211438GWT: IDE doesn't respect Java language level for GWT client code under default 'client' package
UsabilityIDEA-208047GWT: quickfixes which show popups work strangely when invoked from batch inspection results
Frameworks. SpringFeatureIDEA-121038Spring Boot Web App: provide automatic mapping of web resource roots
FeatureIDEA-199838Spring MVC and Kotlin: provide intentions to create the missing @PathVariable-annotated parameters
BugIDEA-210665Spring-Boot applications no longer display endpoints after update to 19.1 / 191.6183.87
BugIDEA-200131Spring MVC and kotlin: model attributes rename doesn't work for Freemarker views
BugIDEA-177690Encoding problem when getting completion for spring boot application.yaml file
BugIDEA-166549Spring 5 Testing: no support for @SpringJUnitConfig#classes, @SpringJUnitWebConfig#classes
BugIDEA-208064Spring: ResourceBundleMessageSource#basename value is not resolved
BugIDEA-212290False 'method may be static' warning for Spring Boot @Bean methods
BugIDEA-152493Spring MVC + Freemarker: model attribute properties rename works icorrectly
BugIDEA-152491Spring MVC + Velocity: model attribute property rename (from vm template) is performed incorrectly
PerformanceIDEA-212432IDE freeze when selecting text with double click
UsabilityIDEA-211211Spring Boot: move edit default path action to context menu in Run Dashboard
ExceptionIDEA-210704Spring Initializr: can't import a created gradle based project
GroovyFeatureIDEA-212594Bold braces for closure and lambda expressions
FeatureIDEA-188430Support nested code blocks
BugIDEA-208781Error in parsing closure argument on a new line in an application statement
BugIDEA-207974Bad code green: throws clause on annotation method
BugIDEA-215543Groovy Console does not work for JDK 11 Project
BugIDEA-214735Groovy Editor displays errors for with constructor opening parenthesis on new line
BugIDEA-210733Don't include JAR files from JDK configuration to classpath of Groovy run configuration
BugIDEA-209352Multyline binary expressions
BugIDEA-203683Convert to CompileStatic doesn't convert GString to String
BugIDEA-206717Convert to @CompileStatic adds second @CompileDynamic
UsabilityIDEA-179444Show parameter name hints corrupts the layout
ExceptionIDEA-209237Throwable: Non-physical PsiElement. Physical element is required to be able to anchor the problem in the source tree: PsiElement(identifier); file: DummyHolder
ExceptionIDEA-209853Groovy Code Analysis Fatal Error
ExceptionIDEA-2151362019.2 EAP: regression with groovy NonCodeMembersContributor
Groovy. GrailsUsabilityIDEA-158677There is no option to hide Grails navigation bar
Groovy. ResolveBugIDEA-215648Groovy. Good code red with @TypeChecked
BugIDEA-214785Cannot infer delegate type from groovy extension modules
InfrastructureBugIDEA-211491Uast-based `RefJavaManager` doesn't property handle Kotlin's `KtPropertyAccessor`
BugIDEA-209632If a custom appStarter fails to load plugins the original exception is swallowed
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsTaskIDEA-209751Add ability to bundle plugin only into EAP builds
TaskIDEA-210033Deprecate optional modules in plugin layouts
Infrastructure. Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-164251Include com.intellij.testFramework.vcs into some binary distribution
FeatureIDEA-195719Extract Java support to a separate plugin in IntelliJ IDEA
BugIDEA-215898After rejecting and closing EULA dialog - warning is shown "An illegal reflective access operation has occurred"
BugIDEA-2059072018.3.x silent installation leaves javaw.exe process hanging
BugIDEA-209778Silent install. Unable to install in the 'Program Files' folder
BugIDEA-210993IDEA with JBR 11 starts with error via idea.bat
BugIDEA-212759Linux, tar.gz installation: IDEA fails to start: `Cannot find VM options file.`, `Error: Could not find or load main class com.intellij.idea.Main.`
BugIDEA-215000Critical Startup Error while launching IDEA from scratch
TaskIDEA-209379Bundle Kotlin 1.3.40 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-199662Get rid of additional png files which are currently packaged with IntelliJ-based IDEs
TaskIDEA-214695Provide a special variant of svg product icon for 16x16 images
TaskIDEA-211824Bundle Kotlin 1.3.31 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-209378Bundle Kotlin 1.3.30 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-217538Bundle Kotlin 1.3.41 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-187832External build systems support: extract `java` specific features into separate module
JavaFeatureIDEA-214531Show Expression Type should also show known boolean values, strings etc
FeatureIDEA-215312Support JEP 355 "Text Blocks"
FeatureIDEA-216410Java 13 Preview: switch expressions
BugIDEA-217271Keep line breaks in text block value
BugIDEA-193315Deleting import statement after semicolon produces PSI/text inconsistency
UsabilityIDEA-209397New Package: on creating inside the existing packages structure don't display the full package name as the new package name
UsabilityIDEA-211627Provide separate gutter icon configuration options for external annotations and inferred annotations
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-207858Completion: `default:` should be indented correctly
BugIDEA-209627Completion: method modifiers are not suggested for method if the previous method does not have semicolon
BugIDEA-210869Content assist does not always work for classes beginning with underscore(_)
BugIDEA-197130"After" text snippet of `.reqnonnull` Java postfix completion still shows `.reqnonnull` after inserted call.
BugIDEA-209230No `new` keyword completion inside negation
BugIDEA-209519IntelliJ should prefer class in same package over unused JDK classes in auto-complete
BugIDEA-208607Smart completion doesn't suggest Collectors.counting
BugIDEA-211192In live templates no variables can be filled after completeSmart() variable
BugIDEA-168309Completion inside Class.forName starts suggesting root packages again when something unknown entered
BugIDEA-211080Completion suggests already used methods in builder()
BugIDEA-211405Auto completion freezes on every other letter
UsabilityIDEA-209258When auto-completing a method in {@link}, don't insert all parameter types by default
UsabilityIDEA-205205Import static class in java should complete with a period
Java. Code CoveragePerformanceIDEA-216584Coverage is copying the whole lib folder into system/testAgent
ExceptionIDEA-207251Coverage fails with exception on UrlClassLoader
Java. Code GenerationUsabilityIDEA-209475When creating tests for methods that are in Object, it creates methods with postfix `1`
Java. DebuggerFeatureIDEA-210619Show value renderer icon right on evaluating popup
BugIDEA-204665Compiling evaluator fails with JDK 11
BugIDEA-208435Smart step into method in anonymous class does not work
BugIDEA-148867'Smart step into' doesn't work for stepping into dynamic proxy method invocations
BugIDEA-198140'Smart step into' works unexpectedly on 'super' method call
BugIDEA-207793Wrong smart step order with repeating methods
BugIDEA-207528Unable to do smart step into the second filter method
BugIDEA-211586'Step Out Of Code Block' doesn't step out of proxy method
BugIDEA-174922Smart step into doesn't work for Java 8 method references passed as parameters
BugIDEA-207694There should remain the possibility to invoke 'normal' stepInto action
BugIDEA-209068Unable to quickly attach to a process started with suspend=y
BugIDEA-208648Evaluate window debugger doesn't seem to validate returned types
BugIDEA-211761Smart step into fail if source code does not match the bytecode
BugIDEA-209139[Smart Step Into] unable to step into all methods which are repeating and located in one line
BugIDEA-210838[Color Scheme] Debugger - Recursive calls highlighting is not applied
BugIDEA-208941"Show Method Return Values" feature malfunction
BugIDEA-209695SmartStepInto in readonly source: unable to choose the step target with Enter
BugIDEA-211062'Ctrl+C' from 'Evaluate' window copyes 'Collecting data..' instead of actual value
PerformanceIDEA-209305Delay between breakpoint triggering and UI responding (highlighting corresponding place in editor)
UsabilityIDEA-211392Auto-show quick documentation prevents closing Breakpoints dialog
UsabilityIDEA-209391Unable to run application in debug mode
TaskIDEA-207228Do smart step into by default
Java. Debugger. Memory ViewBugIDEA-210969Do not initialize memory agent proxy if remote debugging is used
ExceptionIDEA-209163[Memory Agent] Exception on "Show Referring Objects" action, at com.intellij.debugger.memory.agent.MemoryAgentReferringObjectsProvider.getReferringObjects
Java. DecompilerBugIDEA-177029Cannot open Structure view (Ctrl+F12) for a large decompiled class
Java. Error HighlightingFeatureIDEA-212082"Extension methods are only allowed in interfaces" error should have quickfix to remove "default" keyword
FeatureIDEA-169551IntelliJ could detect missing 'return' in lambda expression
BugIDEA-211775Good code is red: Type inferrence does not match compiler
BugIDEA-207070type inference incorrectly reported as error in UI when using default jdk8 as boot jdk
BugIDEA-201093Unreachable bug in three try catch while two have finally
BugIDEA-212188IDEA have not warning for using private constructor
BugIDEA-214559Generic exceptions with upper bound ignored when rethrown
BugIDEA-123948Constant condition and exceptions: false positive on MappedByteBuffer.getInt
BugIDEA-211203False positive in validation: There is no default constructor available
BugIDEA-205886Ambiguous call is not highlighted when method of generic superclass is also generic and another signature is defined in subclass
BugIDEA-212406False positive for ambiguous call to unqualified static method on interface
BugIDEA-209920No compile-time declaration for the method reference is found
Java. GUI DesignerBugIDEA-212715Bug report + FIX: IntelliJ IDEA Community and Ultimate have a broken Snapshooter (Running your app with Enable capturing form snapshots throws ClassNotFoundException)
BugIDEA-208765Recompile action (Ctrl-Shift-F9) on form file shall recompile its bound class
BugIDEA-173805NoClassDefFoundError: kotlin/reflect/KDeclarationContainer when trying to create a new GUI Form Snapshot
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-214960Transform Stream.iterate(seed, next).takeWhile(predicate) to Stream.iterate(seed, predicate, next)
FeatureIDEA-207267Suggest convert `int x = Integer.valueOf(str);` to `int x = Integer.parseInt(str);`
FeatureIDEA-207273Improve method return type inference from sources
FeatureIDEA-207469Support parameter range at call site
FeatureIDEA-205744Simplify Optional chains
FeatureIDEA-209951Inspection to detect when collection is accidentally passed as vararg and will be wrapped into one-element array
FeatureIDEA-208215Do not warn on cast to compatible interface when it has a matching instanceof check
FeatureIDEA-185394Manual array population should be detected and replaced with Arrays.fill
FeatureIDEA-209947Dataflow warning explanation
FeatureIDEA-187211Suggest using StandardCharsets.XYZ instead of "XYZ" where possible
FeatureIDEA-209351Support more AssertJ matchers in hardcoded contracts
FeatureIDEA-208005Extend the "iteration over 'keySet()' may be replaced with 'entrySet()' iteration" inspection to recognize put() calls
FeatureIDEA-207874Inspection to replace Map.keySet().contains(K) with Map.containsKey(K)
FeatureIDEA-215325Provide "surround with instanceof" fix for possible class cast warning
FeatureIDEA-210209Suggest replacing Charset.forName("UTF-8") with StandardCharsets.UTF_8
FeatureIDEA-208855Support bitwise xor in Java DFA
FeatureIDEA-207247Improve the inspection "Multiple occurrences of the same expression"
FeatureIDEA-208467Inspection to detect probably missing break-statement
FeatureIDEA-136622Inspection request: integer fraction multiplication i *= 3/2
FeatureIDEA-209161Inspection to use Math::min / Math::max instead of handwritten code where possible
FeatureIDEA-208196Convert to enhanced switch: an option to omit warning if we cannot generate switch expression
FeatureIDEA-214748Reflective access to nonexistent/not visible class member inspection: add a quick-fix
FeatureIDEA-181751Loop statement that does not loop: allow to ignore for-each loops
BugIDEA-209486Transform body to single exit point generates red code
BugIDEA-217520'Suspicious package-private access' inspection doesn't report implicit access to package-private interface in functional expressions
BugIDEA-205881Remove redundant cast leads to incompilable code
BugIDEA-214972Checker Framework's @MonotonicNonNull doesn't seem to cancel @DefaultQualifier(NotNull.class)
BugIDEA-209362Excessive range check inspection fix sometimes deletes third operand of polyadic
BugIDEA-214845Split Local Variable exception in switch expression
BugIDEA-212412"Declaration can have final modifier" inspection reports values which may be uninitialized with final modifier.
BugIDEA-212632IDEA thinks that fields cannot be updated in AutoCloseable close() method
BugIDEA-207976Inspection turns a loop into an incorrect collect operation
BugIDEA-217306'Suspicious package-private access' inspection doesn't report access to protected methods inherited by enclosing class
BugIDEA-131480"Deprecated API usage" inspection warns in cases javac doesn't
BugIDEA-209231"Replace with 'try' with resources" does nothing
BugIDEA-210534Replace explicit type with var not working for instantiated interfaces
BugIDEA-211701"Introduce holder class" loses comment
BugIDEA-211120"Result of method call ignored" false positive in AssertJ tests
BugIDEA-207191Inspection "Method can be void" false positive in Kotlin/JAVA interop
BugIDEA-208913Recognize @AutoValue as immutable classes, and let Nullability analysis rely on that
BugIDEA-212718Type parameter 'T' extends 'final' class 'X' doesn't work for non-final enum
BugIDEA-210087Checker Framework's Nullable doesn't work with data flow analysis
BugIDEA-212561'Find cause' cannot find problem in looking simple case
BugIDEA-209563"Qualify with outer class" available, but does nothing
BugIDEA-211140Package-level container annotation affects nullability of the elements in the same package but another artifact
BugIDEA-214919'Unable to find cause' with 'obj.equals(null)' check
BugIDEA-206459Assignment to for loop parameter: ignore if parameter is not updated in loop update statement
BugIDEA-215251`Result of method call ignored` inspection reports AssertJ assertions for ThrowableAssert
BugIDEA-209944Inspection removing redundant casts causes compiler error
BugIDEA-211699"Return of null" inspection in lambda of Function<A, @Nullable B>
BugIDEA-217522'Suspicious package-private access' inspection doesn't report implicit access to containing class of called methods
BugIDEA-215334Dataflow doesn't see the array write inside lambda in try section
BugIDEA-212417Remove redundant casts intention does not handle single varargs parameters correctly
BugIDEA-209686Type migration error message needs to escape <>
BugIDEA-209685"Deprecated API Usage" inspection suggests to replace method call but does nothing
BugIDEA-208211Unused declaration exclude option doesn't work
BugIDEA-146649"Redundant type cast" warning expected
BugIDEA-209576'Class.getConstructor().newInstance()' call' generates inaccessible catch clauses
BugIDEA-216319"Unnecessary unicode escape sequence" should warn about line feed and tab unicode escapes
BugIDEA-212215False positive casting is redundant creates compilation issue
BugIDEA-214714`Synthetic accessor call` inspection creates redundant or invalid constructors
BugIDEA-216245Inspection "Constant Conditions and Exceptions" does not evaluate full expression
BugIDEA-207441False-positive "variable is always null" on linked-list like data structure
BugIDEA-211709where is fix all intention for override?
BugIDEA-210306Suppress "Unused declaration" for arguments named "ignore.."
BugIDEA-187209JavaReflectionMemberAccess inspection: false positive at test method that try to test private static method in main code
BugIDEA-207456Replace loop with stream: allow possible side-effects in joining prefix
BugIDEA-214856Tool 'ReplaceNullCheck' registers INFORMATION level problem in batch mode on
UsabilityIDEA-207586'Replace with <>' inspection false positive when the generic type is annotated
UsabilityIDEA-208192Replace with Java 12-style switch: support assignment
ExceptionIDEA-216248UMethod.getUastAnchor() is suspected of providing invalid identifiers
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-207204Action to annotate method/parameter as NonNls
FeatureIDEA-196755Intention to replace singleton collection with a normal one
FeatureIDEA-206609IDEA should know to open brackets in java code
FeatureIDEA-208199Merge convert to decimal/octal/hex/binary to submenu
FeatureIDEA-207785Flip method call on call without qualifier
FeatureIDEA-207519Ability to edit external range annotation
FeatureIDEA-209056Action to transform method with multiple returns into the method with single exit point
FeatureIDEA-167980Suggestion: Add quick fix to merge two annotations which are not marked as repeatable
BugIDEA-209597Flip comparison intention produces PSI/text mismatch
BugIDEA-215061Invalid type for local variable of a type with generic outer class
BugIDEA-212551Make method call chain into call sequence intention modifies references to variables named 'x'
BugIDEA-175740"Expand lambda body" on invalid code produces stub/AST inconsistency
BugIDEA-177220Deletion of an annotation without a class member results in stub-AST mismatch
BugIDEA-209931Change method return type autosuggestion doesn't work when method return type is subtype of base return type of interface.
BugIDEA-214843"Sort content" loses inner enum on red code
BugIDEA-208457Add exceptions to existing catch suggests wrong option
BugIDEA-211687"Flip method call" with casts leads to PSI/text inconsistency
BugIDEA-208885"Wrap with unmodifiable map" produces uncompilable code on assignment LHS
BugIDEA-211698'Replace 'for each' loop with indexed 'for' loop' breaks code when not immediately inside a code block
BugIDEA-217834"Change access modifier" should be disabled in scala files
UsabilityIDEA-211649Too easy to annotate library class as @Deprecated by mistake
UsabilityIDEA-210170Merge visibility changing intentions into a single one
UsabilityIDEA-216012"Change access modifier" should not be shown at the same time as "Make method public" quickfix
UsabilityIDEA-198591Don't show "External annotation prompt" if a file already contains nullability annotations
ExceptionIDEA-211695"Convert to Basic Latin" fails on incomplete javadoc
ExceptionIDEA-215911Exception occurs on changing erroneous access modifier for class using "Intentions" popup
ExceptionIDEA-215356PsiInvalidElementAccessException occurs on applying quick fix "Add new String[]"
Java. JavaFXBugIDEA-150665*.fxml "unsaved" asterisk stays visible after saving
Java. RefactoringsFeatureIDEA-211005Automatically fix "Not a statement" problem in inline method
FeatureIDEA-211473Inline method: process some boolean methods with multiple exits specially
FeatureIDEA-180007Inline method with returns should work when inlining point is the only expression in a loop or lambda body
FeatureIDEA-211549Inline method: support negation at the call site
FeatureIDEA-178890"Inline" Foo.class.getName(), Foo.class.isInstance(bar)
FeatureIDEA-158665Support Inline Method refactoring when return statement interrupts the execution flow
FeatureIDEA-214619Inline MyEnum.valueOf and
FeatureIDEA-37432"Inline Method refactoring is not supported when return statement interrupts the execution flow" is wrong
BugIDEA-210056Refactoring "Rename field" should not change it's fully-qualified name to thort name inside property-files
BugIDEA-212110Extract as separate 'map' step doesn't work when "use 'var'" option is on
BugIDEA-211141"Extract method" from default method results in uncompilable code
BugIDEA-209743Extracted variable from case label expression should be 'final'
BugIDEA-215429Inline method with unused parameter causes uncompilable or unintended code
BugIDEA-211139Can't extract variables from enum class
BugIDEA-39241Inline method produces multiple volatile field accesses
BugIDEA-209745Extracting variable from enhanced switch expression creates red code
BugIDEA-181195Duplicate code isn't detected when extracting a method
BugIDEA-210815Bug : Extract Variable in IntelliJ IDEA with ternary operator - suggested name not modified for all occurrences, extracted variable defined within 'then' block, even if it is used both in the 'then' and 'else' parts.
BugIDEA-214508Nullable field extracted in a non-Nullable variable
BugIDEA-209792Support auto-unboxing in reordering safety determination when extracting the variable
BugIDEA-208734'Convert anonymous to Inner' produces uncompilable source when generic of outer class is used
PerformanceIDEA-207167Extract Method freezes UI while enumerating all inheritors to check for conflicts
UsabilityIDEA-126385Usability request. Enable 'Go to source' action for items in 'Cannot undo' dialog
UsabilityIDEA-154832IDEA add unnecessary cast to double on method inline
UsabilityIDEA-212266`null` primitive vararg array is extracted into Boxed variable
UsabilityIDEA-212160"Inline Variable" should not show confirmation dialog when there's a single occurrence
CosmeticsIDEA-212191"Dynamic references in code to method xxx" and "Occurrences found in comments, strings, and non-code files" are summed up
TaskIDEA-214923Switch off by default "Search in comments/non-java files" for methods and fields
ExceptionIDEA-199784Extract method fails when inner class is used in lambda being extracted
Java. Tests. CucumberBugIDEA-208341"Given", "When", Then" and "And" Gherkin are being highlighted in IDEA as keywords even when written with colons
BugIDEA-194222Trying to run Cucumber scenario by calling "Run <scenario name>" action from context menu leads to freezing UI
Java. Tests. JUnitFeatureIDEA-172385Ship 'junit-jupiter-params.jar' with IDEA
BugIDEA-211244`@Testable` support does not correctly identify methods
BugIDEA-194609Import test results loses JUnit assert comparison results
BugIDEA-209506junit5_rt: Skip empty classpath roots fed to JUnit5TestRunner
UsabilityIDEA-208396Go to test don't detect all tests
UsabilityIDEA-214610Shift+click on rerun for debug mode is not discoverable
UsabilityIDEA-209703Rename "Import Test Results" and add a button for "Run Recent Tests"
UsabilityIDEA-211928Test kinds "UniqueId" and "Tags" missing in Run Configuration when including a test framework which implements JUnit 5 TestEngine without Jupiter
Java. Tests. TestNGBugIDEA-208083Testng testName reported wrong in the Run Window
JavaX. AppServersBugIDEA-211162JavaEE: Fail to deploy artifact when password contains control characters
JavaX. AppServers. TomcatFeatureIDEA-205443Tomcat: Option to select application context when deploying artifacts
JavaX. JSFBugIDEA-211320faces-config.xml navigation diagram is not working
JavaX. JSPBugIDEA-211504JSP Validation: when compilation level 11 is set, jasper validation shows errors as if jdk 1.6 is used
JavaX. Web ServicesBugIDEA-164683JAX-RS: IDEA shows "cannot resolve param" for valid @PathParam annotations
BugIDEA-154093JAX-RS: @PathParam is not resolved to the parameter in @Path when @Path has a static final String
Plugin Development (DevKit)FeatureIDEA-211486Devkit EP declaration: suggest to change declaration via 'qualifiedName' to 'name' in main plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-207289plugin.xml: highlight duplicate <depends>
FeatureIDEA-212463Devkit: resolve "keymap" in plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-199936Code insight for Registry keys defined via EP com.intellij.registryKey
FeatureIDEA-211634IDEA UI Guidelines: verify capitalization for EP properties annotated with @Nls in plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-208632DevKit: Component/Action not registered - skip for deprecated classes
FeatureIDEA-215242Show warning for <group> elements with class specified and ID not specified
FeatureIDEA-211630IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization
FeatureIDEA-202010Highlight services/components with identical interface and implementation classes as redundant in plugin.xml
FeatureIDEA-212745Devkit: <depends> checking
BugIDEA-190992DevKit: provide "os" attribute for all EPs
BugIDEA-211136Bundled plugins: highlight <change-notes> and <version>
BugIDEA-209681Devkit: do not require description for Intention not registered in plugin.xml
BugIDEA-211131Bundled plugins: highlight generic <idea-plugin> "url" values
BugIDEA-186526Plugin.xml validity inspection troubles in InspectionGadgets.xml
BugIDEA-208482Devkit: some references to action classes are incorrectly highlighted with "has no default constructor" error
BugIDEA-211126Bundled plugins: highlight vendor "email" and "url"
BugIDEA-209536plugin.xml validity inspection doesn't highlight plugin actions which refer to platform action class
BugIDEA-211225Bundled plugins: highlight <idea-version>
BugIDEA-209589Missing recent API inspection must not emit warnings in tests sources
BugIDEA-209587Missing recent API inspection: clarify the message if return type of a method was changed
BugIDEA-209078Devkit plugin.xml: allow multiple components with same interface-class across types
BugIDEA-182359Good code red: plugin.xml
BugIDEA-212261IDEA UI Guidelines: "Action" text capitalization via resource bundle
PerformanceIDEA-211555Freeze on completion in XML file
UsabilityIDEA-204988Plugin DevKit: Group inspections in settings
TaskIDEA-214817Remove support for <helpset> from Devkit
Plugin. FreeMarkerBugIDEA-210630Inspections are not executed on FreeMarker/Velocity files even with "data language" selected
BugIDEA-215153Freemarker inspections "Type mismatch: built-in 'long' is not applicable to 'date'"
Plugin. MarkdownFeatureIDEA-213112Markdown HTML
BugIDEA-213108Exception while editing go snippet in markdown file
Plugin. OSGiFeatureIDEA-209670Osmorc: Upgrade Bndlib to 4.2 or later
ExceptionIDEA-210719Throwable at
Plugin. Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-200123Keymaps are not synced over Cloud Settings
BugIDEA-181296Incompatible plugin with new IDEA version shown as `installed in another IDE`
BugIDEA-204195settings sync says "Switch Structure" plugin is missing but it isn't
Plugin. Shell ScriptFeatureIDEA-215578[Shell script] add Run Debug configuration support
BugIDEA-215361ShellScript plugin: correct shfmt download link for windows
BugIDEA-216406Shell Script plugin: Exception on quick documentation
BugIDEA-212765Shell Script hangs on EDT a rather big file
BugIDEA-215398[IntelliJ Shell plugin] Reuse Terminal tabs when launching script
UsabilityIDEA-215355ShellScript plugin: if attempt to download the shfmt formatter in "Settings | Editor | Code Style | Shell Script" fails, display error in the dialog itself
CosmeticsIDEA-215367[Shell Script] Settings | Editor | Code Style - incorrect symbol in the first option about Binary ops
Plugin. TerminalFeatureIDEA-204536Terminal: Add support for hyperlinks
BugIDEA-191614Terminal should soft wrap long lines (and not break links)
BugIDEA-214782Terminal cannot override IDE shortcuts when running with JBR 1.8.0_212 or JBR 11
BugIDEA-215394Terminal tab crashes with Ion shell
BugIDEA-217587Double shift doesn't use selected text from the terminal
BugIDEA-212321Terminal focuses itself on startup
BugIDEA-160356Terminal isn't capturing Ctrl-E
BugIDEA-217705IntelliJ EAP: No caret in terminal if text is rendered as an URL
BugIDEA-214512Re-ordering terminal tabs shows unexpected confirmation dialog to terminate running process
BugIDEA-151310active tool window resize hot key dose not work
UsabilityIDEA-153536Support native OSX shortcuts in the terminal
Plugin. ThymeleafBugIDEA-211477Thymeleaf support has problems with special characters in litteral substitutions
BugIDEA-132288Thymeleaf: support shortcuts for accessing request parameters, session attributes and application attributes
BugIDEA-214484Thymeleaf. <template fragment param name> expected, got '@{'
BugIDEA-211474Thymeleaf support does not work for path variable
BugIDEA-214486Thymeleaf. Cannot resolve parameter's name.
BugIDEA-209040Good code is red: accessing thymeleaf dictionary value with a parameter another dictionary value
ServicesBugIDEA-215427Services. Database. by the remained "console" item
BugIDEA-215345Services view: if GroupByType is true, all services splitting to new tabs leaves the empty AllServices tab with group node
BugIDEA-215088Services view: run configuration output is shown for the incorrect RC node in case of changed RC types available in Services list
BugIDEA-215370Services view: SplitToNewTabs should be disabled if nothing is selected
BugIDEA-215095Services view: with 'flatten services' on the 'group by type' should work or be disabled
ExceptionIDEA-215161Memory leak detected: '
Services. Clouds. CloudBeesFeatureIDEA-150904Drop CloudBees support
Services. DockerFeatureIDEA-184888Docker. Support --ipc command line option
BugIDEA-216884Docker: `Numeric value: (2147516561) is out of range of int` for windows containers with unusual exit code
BugIDEA-212789Docker. Exec doesn't work for containers which are run from Dockerfile/image
BugIDEA-209817NPE containerId was not specified when building a container without running it
BugIDEA-212161Docker. Files Chooser. Open in the Editor: change the "Failed to make writable" to another description
BugIDEA-188377Docker Run/Debug configuration doesn't parse port range
BugIDEA-210195Attached console shows up twice
BugIDEA-215204Services View. Docker: Impossible to save port/volume bindings for a container
BugIDEA-215707Docker. RunConfig. java.lang.NumberFormatException at changing ports to anything invalid in "Run options" field
BugIDEA-217411Can't run windows container when volume binding is specified
BugIDEA-215186ServicesView. Docker. Jump to source/F4 from a container doesn't work
BugIDEA-215636Docker. Docker-machine: Idea freezes at choosing Files tab
BugIDEA-217101Docker. "Port is already allocated" error at saving changes in container Name/volumes with port bindings
BugIDEA-178818Docker - Client is newer than server (client API version 1.24, server API version 1.23)
BugIDEA-211945Docker. Files Chooser: java.lang.AssertionError at refreshing content with some expanded folders
BugIDEA-215621Services. Docker. Impossible to split any set of parent nodes
BugIDEA-215185ServicesView. Docker. Delete from keyboard doesn’t work
BugIDEA-203226Docker: NPE at attempt to save changes in the deleted container
BugIDEA-215704Docker. Container. Save fails if "Publish all ports" in case of port range: port is already allocated
BugIDEA-217078Dockerfile Syntax Error in ADD URL
PerformanceIDEA-217045Docker. FileChooser: expanding folders/opening files from docker-machine containers leads to freezes or makes idea work slowly
UsabilityIDEA-212607Docker. Files Chooser tab. Provide possibility to "Collapse All"
UsabilityIDEA-207869DockerDebug. Compose. Auto-create a compose run configuration if it doesn't exist until remote debug
UsabilityIDEA-216329Dockerfile detection: always show the "Disable this notification" link
UsabilityIDEA-209884ServicesView. Docker. The corresponding item should be selected in the ServiceView after running docker run configuration
CosmeticsIDEA-212174Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Icon to view files is not correct
CosmeticsIDEA-212178Docker. Files Chooser. Refresh. Display another progress icon="spinner" and in another place
CosmeticsIDEA-212173Docker. Files Chooser. Files tab. Make a more indent after the path in the bar and the tree
CosmeticsIDEA-212171Docker. Files Chooser. Remove "lock" from all the files, display it before the path
TaskIDEA-193122Docker: migrate to docker-java to v3.1.0
Meta IssueIDEA-195017Docker: Simplify the access to container file system
ExceptionIDEA-217088Docker. Exceptions on disconnecting from Docker while run configuration is pulling the image
Services. KubernetesUsabilityIDEA-216112Kubernetes. CRD. Settings. Can't easily paste the copied url because of the existing not-selected text in the field
Services. SSHBugIDEA-2166562019.2 — SSH tunneling always reports connect timeout
BugIDEA-216714SSHJ: Failure when SSH config contains IdentityFile with encrypted key
BugIDEA-217092Auth failure with "Unsupported keyboard interactive request" log message for 2FA
BugIDEA-216800SSH tunnel does not work
BugIDEA-2166552019.2: SSH tunnel with ssh-agent no longer understands "~" in IdentifyFile spec
BugIDEA-217026Problems with ProxyCommand (initial title: Latest EAP, ssh auth broken)
UsabilityIDEA-214834Tools | Start SSH Session usability problems
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-207424Please add uidesigner color constants to themes
BugIDEA-210887Notifications settings group list elements are centered
BugIDEA-217129[Open Recent] when trying to open an already opened project - a new empty IDEA window is opened
BugIDEA-217393No longer see "Administrator" in the title bar when Rider is running as Administrator
BugIDEA-217146IDEA freezes in Inspection Tool Window
BugIDEA-207998Recent projects "Create new project group" dialog is hidden
BugIDEA-207320Empty system tray icon with no popup hint or right-click menu
BugIDEA-218345Deadlock while loading AllIcons' subclasses because of circular references
BugIDEA-211946Borderless UI: Path in title bar for tabel contains odd information
BugIDEA-216203Splash screen doesn't gets hidden after loading
BugIDEA-217016Empty project window remains open when opening another project selecting "This window" option
BugIDEA-216567Borderless UI: Diff window has wrong icon in borderless mode
BugIDEA-208645Text disappears in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog box
BugIDEA-210873Bad description text wrapping in "IDE Fatal Errors" dialog
BugIDEA-208339No gap in log search field
BugIDEA-204786Touch Bar: "Toggle bookmark" button has the wrong state after enabling bookmark
BugIDEA-212553New Tabs UI: IDE no longer shows tips when no editor tabs are open
BugIDEA-97714Add "Associate With File Type" to the editor tab context menu and menu
BugIDEA-215129Borderless UI: current file path is shown with non-native slashes on Windows
BugIDEA-208560QuickDefinition popup is enlarged each time it is opened for markdown file
BugIDEA-211028Tabs panel is not scrolled to just opened tab
BugIDEA-211513Project Structure -> Artifacts: Type ComboBox is too narrow
BugIDEA-215945Editor notification actions can't be triggered from Alt-Enter menu
BugIDEA-217369IntelliJ LaF: Selection bar on Actions tab in Search Everywhere is grey
BugIDEA-212035Editor tabs change color even when a modal dialog is hovered
BugIDEA-196876Fix group by popup in TODO tool window
BugIDEA-206619Message from file-level notification is shown on top of Alt-Enter menu
BugIDEA-210827DarculaButtonUI.isSquare(Component) uses wrong instanceof test
BugIDEA-211279Column resizing doesn't work in TODO table
BugIDEA-168007Non-retina triangle icons in context menu
BugIDEA-208808Services Tool Window is shown in projects without services
BugIDEA-212788Messages view freezes IDE
BugIDEA-208847Memory leak in InternalDecorator
BugIDEA-217563Project name and file path is not shown on window title bar after reopening project if "Main menu" is switched off
BugIDEA-2148852019.2 EAP: gradle task 'buildSearchableOptions' throws exception UIDefaults.getUI() failed for MyOptionButton
BugIDEA-216920The height of tabs of composite editors is too low
BugIDEA-217057Visibility icons flickering in completion popup
BugIDEA-210978Freeze on "Mark object" (F11) in "Inspect object" (Alt-Click) popup
BugIDEA-217595Modifier icon is not visible in editor tabs
BugIDEA-216428Debugger: hidden content (like Memory View) appears again after restarting of debugger session
BugIDEA-131794Tree selection changes on double-click expansion
BugIDEA-217861Borderless UI: Path to file is not updated after toggling main menu
BugIDEA-214800Keymap switcher on Mac shows Windows keymap at first position
BugIDEA-214821Tabs: There is a double top border when database console is opened
BugIDEA-214477Invalid background color in plugin settings header's labels
BugIDEA-216860Unnecessary empty project frame is shown together with Welcome screen when open deleted project
BugIDEA-210532"New HTTP request" action looks bad with new popup design
PerformanceIDEA-215642Many seemingly random freezes soon after one another
PerformanceIDEA-208610Memory leak in MouseDragHelper
PerformanceIDEA-208611Memory leak in IdeGlassPaneImpl
UsabilityIDEA-210746Rename "Move Right" and "Move Down" actions to "Split and Move Right" and "Split and Move Down"
UsabilityIDEA-211957Feedback for "Show intention actions" with no intentions
UsabilityIDEA-212381If a line has a navigation icon with a keyboard shortcut, the shortcut should work anywhere in the line
UsabilityIDEA-211874Tabs: tabs UI wastes space on left border of a tab startup option became less useful in borderless UI
UsabilityIDEA-212332Next/previous error navigation should immediately show error tooltip
UsabilityIDEA-211210Duplicated Mnemonic For Edit > Column Selection Mode and Macros actions
UsabilityIDEA-210028AspectJ: unable to set ajc compiler path
CosmeticsIDEA-212776Don't show powered by for intentions provided by bundled plugins
CosmeticsIDEA-211558Wrong indent in drop-down menu
CosmeticsIDEA-205502Main appearance font is not used in several toolwindows and notifications on macOS
CosmeticsIDEA-215990Wrong capitalization in Settings > Editor > File Types
CosmeticsIDEA-211770Remove Edit icon from Run Configurations combobox
CosmeticsIDEA-216437"Low Memory" message has the wrong text and link is broken
CosmeticsIDEA-215341Rename Search Everywhere tab heading in Tool Window
CosmeticsIDEA-212649Borderless UI: Several dialogs have cropped input fields on appearance
CosmeticsIDEA-214996New tabs UI: There is no border between database console/table editor and Toolbar/Navigation bar when tabs are hidden
CosmeticsIDEA-204326Run configuration editor should use default IDE font for all fields
CosmeticsIDEA-206252Ability to hide menu bar, no2
CosmeticsIDEA-209075Capitalize options in "Find in Path" dialog
TaskIDEA-202744Implement browse button inside combo boxes
TaskIDEA-209398do not create zillion of "swingworker" threads
ExceptionIDEA-215340org.jetbrains.concurrency.InternalPromiseUtil$MessageError: Service not found
ExceptionIDEA-216197Kubernetes: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Icon cannot be found in 'KubernetesIcons.Kubernetes_Y' at calling context menu on helm template file
ExceptionIDEA-208223CCE at com.intellij.ui.speedSearch.FilteringListModel.remove
ExceptionIDEA-217273Exception occurs on opening a project from Welcome screen
ExceptionIDEA-212642IllegalArgumentException: Width and height cannot be <= 0
ExceptionIDEA-211366NPE when trying to open a project from Welcome Screen
User Interface. Console ViewBugIDEA-217414Incorrect handling of ANSI colors in terminal
BugIDEA-214944Small fields in Editor > General > Console
BugIDEA-199225Console output doesn't combine folds when the prints happen some time apart
UsabilityIDEA-205899Allow to restart IDE scripting console
ExceptionIDEA-214526isDumb should be used only under read action: ConsoleViewImpl
ExceptionIDEA-212586Empty Exception Summary
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-216374Can't customize touchbar anymore
BugIDEA-214991"Replace" field has increased height
BugIDEA-209201[JDK 11] Empty autocomplete popup in run configuration after backspacing some part of filename
BugIDEA-214489List drop own of Combobox with jbPopup remains when dialog is moved
BugIDEA-215589Disabled action in the popup should not be selectable
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesFeatureIDEA-210362Recently Edited and Recently Viewed scopes in Scope Chooser
BugIDEA-211547Search Everywhere: Items found in "Top Hit" section are invisible
BugIDEA-215905Update 'Open in Find Tool Window' for Documentation pop-up
BugIDEA-216479"Find in Path..." stopped working with archives (.jar, .zip) when searching in Directory
BugIDEA-215902Replace icon for 'Open in Find Tool Window' in 4 popups
BugIDEA-218573"Directory not found" error occurs when a path to library *.jar is specified as a Directory in "Find in Path" dialog
BugIDEA-215907Update the appearance of the pin icon in Find in Path pop-up
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-207611Keymap switch leads to typeahead
BugIDEA-215976IDEA 192.5118.1 hangs after start on macOs
BugIDEA-193333Paste after invoking navigation popup goes to editor sometimes
BugIDEA-216227Show Diff with Working Tree: when action as invoked, focus stays in previous location
UsabilityIDEA-200871Tool Window should NOT transfer focus unconditionally.
ExceptionIDEA-207600"Typeahead timeout is exceeded" exception occurs after using shortcut when context menu is opened
ExceptionIDEA-215495AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed) on almost every action in IDE
ExceptionIDEA-189622Some keystrokes cause 'Typeahead timeout exceeded" exception
User Interface. Look and FeelFeatureIDEA-216532Theme metadata: new property "since"
FeatureIDEA-218113Theming: update metadata for 2019.2 keys
BugIDEA-209654Buttons have yellow shadow in Darcula theme if IDEA is launched with clean settings
BugIDEA-215057High contrast is selected, but IDE is in Darcula
BugIDEA-215462Can't use custom theme
UsabilityIDEA-102320The darcula scrollbar thumb is hard to see
UsabilityIDEA-204653Color Scheme reverts to Darcula from *Default* light color theme after restart if IDE theme is Darcula
CosmeticsIDEA-211553Combobox popups have no border in Darcula theme
CosmeticsIDEA-215271Weird line between items in Inspection settings
CosmeticsIDEA-215545Plugins settings: Tabs bar has dark purple color in High Contrast theme
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-216744Search Everywhere: "/appearance" command does not shown full list of options
BugIDEA-212385Recent files action in splitted windows
BugIDEA-206631Show definition should be available in dumb mode for files
BugIDEA-208584Not all commands are shown in the Search Everywhere dialog
BugIDEA-209047Group separators are eliminated in `Related Symbol` popup on speed search filtering
BugIDEA-215299Search Everywhere: results not filtered for command
BugIDEA-211202Settings tree: some items in the tree are not selected from from the first attempt
UsabilityIDEA-215418Clearing `Toggle Changed Only Files` should disable checkbox toggling behavior
ExceptionIDEA-208332CCE at com.intellij.ide.actions.Switcher$SwitcherPanel$SwitcherSpeedSearch.propertyChange
User Interface. Project ViewUsabilityIDEA-172513Visibility of class is not shown in project tree
TaskIDEA-178054Problem with understanding hierarchy in directory tree
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-207325File sorting in Version Control: Local Changes differs from sorting in project view
FeatureIDEA-182495Show git file history for multiple directories in project view
FeatureIDEA-210641Add VCS status and scope information to file quick documentation
BugIDEA-195923Alt key does nothing on "Files Merged with Conflicts" dialog
BugIDEA-115100Maven project import sets Subversion VCS for submodules, if there is a folder or file called .svn in parent folders
BugIDEA-216506Shelf SIlently doesn't rollback changes if partial changelists option enabled and non modal commit is used
BugIDEA-217202New file is not added to VCS sometimes
BugIDEA-216389Deadlock: com.jetbrains.changeReminder.predict.PredictionService
BugIDEA-209722Annotate action behave wrong if other annotations added
BugIDEA-130903Detaching 2nd project from project window not removes its version control dir from main project settings
BugIDEA-215701.hgignore is created under project configuration files
BugIDEA-198792"new changelist" disappears if a file is selected
BugIDEA-216285Missing tooltip when selecting hunks for partial commit
BugIDEA-211694External files from ignored folders are suggested to be added to git
BugIDEA-210743Subversion: incorrect working copy is detected if the project is located below the repository root and <Project> VCS mapping is used
BugIDEA-207700Branches Popup: add tooltips for incoming/outgoing markers
BugIDEA-215920Non-modal commit: file name completion in comment doesn't work
BugIDEA-215906Update project counts locally modified files as updated
BugIDEA-215928'View Commits' link looks active but does not open commits list, if the tab has been closed
BugIDEA-215922Non-modal commit: Commit button is disabled in project after git repository is initiated there until reopening
BugIDEA-207822Local Changes: multiselection is lost on refresh
PerformanceIDEA-208591Do not load shelve file content in EDT
PerformanceIDEA-207515IntelliJ freezes when a lot of GIt roots are registered in the project
UsabilityIDEA-211599Add an ability to skip "Calculating whether something should be added to this commit"
UsabilityIDEA-216299Do not show first changed file in the Diff Preview of the Local Changes view if nothing is selected
UsabilityIDEA-203413Silent Shelf should shelve in the background
UsabilityIDEA-216910New commit flow: please, allow me to revert changes from diff without checking changed files
UsabilityIDEA-136691Don't show update info for pull if it is emprty
UsabilityIDEA-128954Push dialog: enter invoked on the repository node should move it to edit mode
UsabilityIDEA-212624Rename action button in Ignore files dialog
UsabilityIDEA-212285Local Changes Toolbar is hard to find in toolbars customization settings
UsabilityIDEA-205644Can't abort whole patch apply process in case of multiple path apply conflicts
UsabilityIDEA-170151Make "Set Active Changelist" button enabled if file (or several files) inside changelist is selected
UsabilityIDEA-204377Shortcut for Silent Shelve conflicts with Mac OS X system shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-166965Changelist name displayed in dropdown is cropped
CosmeticsIDEA-216408Non-modal commit: Commit options popup does not change color scheme properly
CosmeticsIDEA-207270Shelf viewer: missing space after moved files
CosmeticsIDEA-217029Use one-pixel splitter for diff preview in Local Changes and Shelf
CosmeticsIDEA-206878'Add Files to VCS': missing window title
TaskIDEA-216383Change "Amend Commit" action shortcut not to conflict with "Group By -> Module" action
ExceptionIDEA-217161ISE: "Unexpected state: Grafting" when reverting changes with conflicts was interrupted
ExceptionIDEA-215307.ignore: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread
ExceptionIDEA-214504"Project opening should be done in a transaction" on checkout project from git
ExceptionIDEA-214643NPE in VcsPushDialog
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-208154Show notification explaining the reason of Rejected force push
FeatureIDEA-119995Git: provide possibility to abort merge process
FeatureIDEA-125239gitignore right click?
FeatureIDEA-52643Update/Pull/Merge Info should list new commits (the newly received part of the log) instead of the files
FeatureIDEA-207634Rework the Compare Branches dialog to use a Log tab with proper filters
BugIDEA-216661Update Info Tab: don't remember the branch filter
BugIDEA-214900Synchronous execution on EDT: VcsRootProblemNotifier
BugIDEA-216462Show Diff with Working Tree: don't let focus the label at the top of the dialog
BugIDEA-217098CLion keeps adding excluded folders to .gitignore despite turning it off in the settings
BugIDEA-215676Deadlock on IDE exit (GitUntrackedFilesHolder)
BugIDEA-209375NPE in GitVFSListener
BugIDEA-216785Vcs Log: hash range doesn't work in multi-repository projects
BugIDEA-216114Related files computation fails with VcsException: bad object
BugIDEA-216387"Show repository at Revision" fails to load file contents
BugIDEA-214543Deadlock when checking out new project from Git
BugIDEA-215673Show Diff called from Annotations context menu opens wrong file
BugIDEA-208453Memory leak in GitXmlRpcHandlerService
BugIDEA-215904Git Config parsing breaks if config file includes option without a value
BugIDEA-214683Git authentication does not work when username includes parentheses
BugIDEA-210221Synchronous execution on EDT: git unstash
BugIDEA-216783Creating new tag with existing name silently fails (git)
BugIDEA-216602Modification of .idea/.gitignore should not require any confirmation
PerformanceIDEA-212048Intellij freezes when opening git window with large commit message
UsabilityIDEA-208989On project open gpg card password asked due to spawned 'git ls-remote'
UsabilityIDEA-212324Hide "Branch deleted" popup when clicking "Delete tracked branch"
UsabilityIDEA-122038Abort cherry pick & view cherry-pick status should be available from UI
UsabilityIDEA-208506Don't show commit dialog for Cherry-Pick by default
UsabilityIDEA-216729Update Info: it is confusing that the tab remembers filters for subsequent updates
UsabilityIDEA-216137Notification after Update Project is displayed not immediately after the progress completes
CosmeticsIDEA-216439Git pull from remote repository - "N files updated in 0 commits" message after updating to PS-192.5118.33
CosmeticsIDEA-96602Small problem with hint on git pull dialog window when choose strategy
ExceptionIDEA-207962Synchronous execution on EDT: /usr/bin/git version exception (2019.2 master branch)
ExceptionIDEA-215869Synchronous execution on EDT: "Git | Merge Changes"
ExceptionIDEA-216463A "couldn't parse status line" exceptions happen regularly on various Git operations
ExceptionIDEA-208359Synchronous execution on EDT: git in merge
Version Control. GitHubBugIDEA-206881GitHub pull requests: unfriendly error message on failed search validation
BugIDEA-209158GitHub Pull Requests: middle pane is not getting update on Refresh
UsabilityIDEA-203790It is not possible to refresh the list of pull requests if there are no pull requests yet
UsabilityIDEA-196905If no github account is configured attempt to push/pull to repository with 2-step authentication always fails: token is not accepted/generated
CosmeticsIDEA-205384Github: correct displayed error message on incorrect credentials providing
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-116312Ability to customise columns in the VCS log
FeatureIDEA-130845Log: add action to go-to-parent and go-to-child
FeatureIDEA-126079Add log filter like 'git log master..branch'
BugIDEA-216882Diff is not available for changes in external repositories Log
BugIDEA-167341Intellij 2016.3.x builds run out of memory
PerformanceIDEA-178090High memory consumption of git indexing for projects with huge merge commits
UsabilityIDEA-207672`Log Indexing for "SAT" Stopped` message is confusing
UsabilityIDEA-207711Show columns settings should be preserved for additional Log tab
ExceptionIDEA-217277update failed for AnAction(com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.actions.CompareRevisionsFromLogAction) with ID=Vcs.Log.CompareRevisions
ExceptionIDEA-209317Git double-dot: VcsException: fatal: bad revision when branch name is incorrect
ExceptionIDEA-217847Sometimes the UI breaks after clicking "View Commits" from the Event Log
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-195145Lots of WARN in idea.log from HgStatusCommand about 'No such file or directory'
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-150303Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS
BugIDEA-208851Perforce plugin cannot figure out a symlink is not "modified without checkout" when the target is reverted.
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-207234Freeze in "Hightlight Integrated" for branches with 1 commit difference
BugIDEA-150369If path to client is just svn, default /user/bin/svn is used despite the PATH settings
CosmeticsIDEA-207786Duplicate in Settings -> Keymap (Subversion)
Web. Flash and FlexFeatureIDEA-216599AIR SDK 33 Android 64-bit arch
No subsystemFeatureWEB-37807Redesign new Vue project wizard to support npx and displaying progress in terminal
FeatureWEB-30215SQL injected in JS string should use user parameter as placeholder
FeatureWEB-38231Incorporate NodeJS and Live Edit Tools to the default IDEA installation
FeatureWEB-13732Add "Range" http header for video.
FeatureWEB-39248Method chain type hints for JS/TS
FeatureWEB-38278ES6: completion for default import bindings according to the exported name
FeatureWEB-37865TypeScript: no override/implement completion for fields
FeatureWEB-36390Support path aliases defined in jsconfig.json
FeatureWEB-33676Support inline inferred type hints for Javascript and TypeScript
FeatureWEB-39277Console DOM elements presentation
BugWEB-38796Intentions have doubled Before/After preview
BugWEB-38842WebStorm shows errors on valid code
BugWEB-39506Inlay type hints - not rendering correctly for tuples
BugWEB-39040'Ensure breakpoints are detected...' in JavaScript Debug configuration is not saved when URL is empty
BugWEB-39561Update the default parameter name hints blacklist for and others
BugWEB-38828Can't choose value in 'package' field in run configurations on OSX via arrow keys
BugWEB-39782'undefined' is no longer appended for an optional property
BugWEB-37999Invalid highlighting on editing template string injection with nested injections
BugWEB-37921'Convert to field holding arrow function' incorrectly processes string-named properties
BugWEB-35169Reference injections don't work in JavaScript
BugWEB-38807Please add "unsuspended" to the dictionary
BugWEB-34111Copy paste error with js template literal with a template literal inside
BugWEB-38172AngularJS can not setup development environment for plugin
BugWEB-39197'Create function' fix should create an async function when invoked from an await-expression
BugWEB-39712'Create from usage' doesn't handle generics properly
BugWEB-38260Not able to unselect inserted variable name after live template expansion
BugWEB-39067'Propagate to destructuring' shouldn't be available when declaration and usages reside in different files
BugWEB-38470Unicode property escapes are available when language level is set to ECMAScript5.1
BugWEB-36536JSX Emmet: custom components with names similar to HTML void elements are always expanded to empty tags
BugWEB-39328Suggest 'create function' for pipeline operator
BugWEB-40076Hide 'Download Node.js' feature for both Node.js project types
BugWEB-38249Autocomplete "import" places end in the wrong place
BugWEB-38546Show package's version when create project via npx
PerformanceWEB-39162IDE freeze when stepping in angular cli 8 project
UsabilityWEB-34956Console Display has unwanted links on the right
UsabilityWEB-27539Don't suggest 'Annotate injection with comment' intention for Jquery-CSS
UsabilityWEB-39333Suggest enum string values inside quotes when possible
UsabilityWEB-38832Can't choose task (gulp, grunt, npm) via arrow keys when field is empty (fresh RC)
UsabilityWEB-38585Implement method/property intention action should have an option to implement in all classes
CosmeticsWEB-38636Please add "Angeles" to the dictionary
TaskWEB-39480Move await-out-of-async error to a separate inspection
TaskWEB-39215Enable 'Missing await' inspection by default, and don't show 'Promise is ignored' for async functions
TaskWEB-33679Improve 'Promise returned from ... is ignored' inspection for unit tests ('beforeEach', etc.)
TaskWEB-39642Pipeline operator: add very basic support for topic references
TaskWEB-39051Disable Safe Write in WebStorm
Build toolsBugWEB-39356npm script names are not suggested in Run anything if npm tool window wasn't opened first
UsabilityWEB-38759Add the possibility to disable system notifications from grunt task
UsabilityWEB-27442Can't switch between npm and gulp tasks in Run Gulp/Grunt/npm Task window without mouse
CSSFeatureWEB-39443Emmet for CSS: improve how vendor prefixes are applied
FeatureWEB-24368Support postcss-simple-vars
BugWEB-39217Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
BugWEB-38487CSS: Unsafe replacement with shorthand when a variable is used
BugWEB-39217Ignore duplicates among LESS/SASS/SCSS and CSS files generated by File Watcher.
BugWEB-38874postcss-simple-vars: add completion for imported variables
UsabilityWEB-37979'Show CSS color preview as background' option is available when it is not applicable (e.g. in Community Edition)
UsabilityWEB-39463Extract CSS variable: preselect only the variable name
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-39391Right-click -> Run *.coffee file fails due to outdated 'Node parameters' entry
DartFeatureWEB-39344Please implement Context Info (Alt+Q) feature for Dart.
FeatureWEB-39577Dart folding- add ability to fold multi-line asserts statements
BugWEB-39665Dart: exception after clicking 'show help contents' in Rename dialog
BugWEB-39449The "documentation" link in hovers in the Dart Problems view are not clickable
BugWEB-38930indentation does not work with NNBD in dart
BugWEB-18864Dart: update import statement on moving container file
BugWEB-39785Dart: error in import statement after moving container file(until you type something)
ExceptionWEB-39761Dart: Exception while typing assert statement
DebuggerBugWEB-39399Frames from libraries don't open and are red
BugWEB-34012Debugger breakpoints in Meteor activated only after debugger restart (update by file editing)
BugWEB-39614Broken message formatting in debug console
BugWEB-38564'Smart step into' suggests only first call of the same name in a line
BugWEB-38597Incorrect highlighting of methods when 'Smart step into'
BugWEB-36168Debugger does not respect breakpoints inside Meteor packages
BugWEB-39558Node debugger: support mappings to file:///
BugWEB-39117Karma doesn't handle correct tab in debug mode with '--remote-debugging-port' param
BugWEB-39555Debugger: Elements tab is broken
BugWEB-39161ClassCastException when expand node in debugger console
BugWEB-38535CoffeeScript debugging doesn't work correctly in WebStorm 2019
BugWEB-38041Console input cleared on arrow down key press
BugWEB-27630'Hide Frames from Libraries' does nothing
BugWEB-39504Memory leak from Netty during debug session
PerformanceWEB-39382Memory leak in WipNetworkManager
PerformanceWEB-38675Debugger: memory leak when re-building the application
PerformanceWEB-39456Memory consumption keeps increasing whenever meteor app is reloaded
UsabilityWEB-39670Object properties in debugger should be shown in object order, NOT in alphabetical order
CosmeticsWEB-37645Use new UI for smart step into in JS debugger
ExceptionWEB-37601KotlinNullPointerException when suspend breakpoint
ExceptionWEB-39331Throwable when debug 'JavaScript Debug' configuration
File WatchersBugWEB-38929'File watcher problems' inspection doesn't work for Less and other compilers that produce ANSI-escaped output
HTMLFeatureWEB-14791Small tag should be listed as an inline element by default
BugWEB-38873Wrong WCAG suggestion
TaskWEB-39763Html/React: avoid expensive edt resolve in html typed handler if possible
TaskWEB-38207Html: disable "Image size mismatch" inspection for svg files
JSONFeatureWEB-39310Add husky to package.json schema
FeatureWEB-39311Add renovate to package.json schema
FeatureWEB-39312Add nodemon to package.json schema
FeatureWEB-37864Support JSON-schema based code completion for all linters/tools we support for yaml/plain js formats
FeatureWEB-39646Add lint-staged to package.json schema
BugWEB-39158JSON schema mappings: exception after removing json from file types
BugWEB-39123x-intellij-language-injection doesn't function in schema using anyOf
BugWEB-38090Don't download the latest JSON v4,6,7 schemas (Always download most recent schemas)
BugWEB-39403JSON-based completion doesn't work for babel js config (when defined via a variable)
BugWEB-38586JSON: validating by added schema works only after schema editing
BugWEB-39447JSON-schema based completion for js inserts unquoted string as a value
UsabilityWEB-39592Semantic highlighting in package.json
TaskWEB-39440Add "x-intellij-case-insensitive" JSON Schema extension for case-insensitive enum validation
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-35756Autocomplete of export default
FeatureWEB-38638Inspection and quick-fix to merge trivial nested template literals
FeatureWEB-38284Parameter info and parameter hints for tagged templates
FeatureWEB-38159Add a quick fix to fix spelling for an unresolved reference if qualifier type has property with similar name
FeatureWEB-38139'Propagate to destructuring declaration' intention
FeatureWEB-39319Duplicates Inspection: disable search between Javascript and TypeScript files
FeatureWEB-38974Support destructuring declarations in Vue.js and allow 'Propagate to destructuring' to propagate there and 'Rename' to rename properly
FeatureWEB-37690Call hierarchy action doesn't work where function literal is passed as argument
FeatureWEB-33939Suggest class method parameters when ES6 class is extended
FeatureWEB-39374Add 'String usage' type to 'find usages'
FeatureWEB-37930Support ES2019 decorators proposal
FeatureWEB-26561Properties added with Object.assign() and Object.defineProperties() are not understood
FeatureWEB-38945Show available method signatures in the Go to definition popup
FeatureWEB-38976Support Object.fromEntries()
BugWEB-39058Function is not available in completion in its body
BugWEB-39598Rename JavaScript Module Dependency Diagram action
BugWEB-38514'Complete current statement' doesn't work for TS enums
BugWEB-39416Completion: JS/TS: do not suggest symbol itself after extends keyword
BugWEB-39675Usages in JSX attributes considered 'String usages' in 2019.2/master nightlies
BugWEB-38086Editing injection in template string with 'Edit injection' action fails if another template string inside arguments
BugWEB-37911"Hide parameter hints for this method" only works for last method in chain
BugWEB-39011Renaming destructuring declarations in catch-block fails with exception
BugWEB-39437No completion for React lifecycle method when using Flow
BugWEB-39370Code Inspection incorrectly recognizes type, produces incorrect warning messages
BugWEB-38645Unused local variable inspection works incorrectly with require statements when Node.js coding assistance is disabled
BugWEB-38860Flow: JSX syntax break when using parenthesis within a JSX tag
BugWEB-35094Invalid 'Duplicate character inside regexp class' warning when using template string with arguments
BugWEB-39417Keywords completion: do not suggest the same keyword after itself
BugWEB-38957WebStorm lacks Darcula coloring for some JS-specific elements
BugWEB-39583TypeScript: Enable typescript service completion in js files if allowJs = true
BugWEB-38953Inner class methods returning class instance not resolved when chaining
BugWEB-38534JS: do not show members from unknown namespace in top-level completion
BugWEB-38833JavaScript name suggestions: don't conflict with the global 'name' variable
BugWEB-39847Replace with block/line comment works incorrectly in case of after-the-statement comments of any kind
BugWEB-36091Import-completion should invoke parentheses insert handler if the item is definitely a function
BugWEB-36595No autocomplete for inherited static methods when class is "required" from a different file
BugWEB-34200Fix capitalization of some Intentions/Quick Fixes
BugWEB-38804Find usages of `index.jsx` file yields results where property `index` of an arbitrary object is used
BugWEB-38352JavaScript/TypeScript completion after export default
BugWEB-38473Unresolved type which isn't global
BugWEB-35328No completion for members of exported namespace
BugWEB-35656JavaScript RegExp multiple named capture groups in template literal
BugWEB-38583Simple type hinting not working for Array.forEach()
BugWEB-39005JS: incorrect rest param styling
BugWEB-38700Bad color for in some dark themes
BugWEB-36104Lookup items for import-completion and globals are mixed in the list with the same priority
BugWEB-39068Incorrect names are inferred for destructuring properties with non-identifier names
BugWEB-39390Destructuring existing variable shows "foo is null"
BugWEB-39270JavaScript: Wrong names for arguments when using fn(...spread)
BugWEB-39022Create missing default branch for switch should not add break when there's a return statement
BugWEB-39146Suggest correct quick-fix for async/await inside forEach
BugWEB-39479"Several definitions" icon is shown for unique variant
BugWEB-39859Inspections broken/frozen
BugWEB-32758js: spurious "Invalid number of arguments, expected 0" inspection for the default sub-class constructor
BugWEB-38812Inner class props not resolved in IIFE
BugWEB-36103Don't suggest items from "@types" packages not directly specified in package.json in import completion
BugWEB-38743Split declaration and initialization removes export
BugWEB-39321Annotator marks injected in string code as red in master
BugWEB-39288neverending indexing on parsing Figlet Font definition embedded in template string
BugWEB-39442Duplicates: IndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown on processing "Show all duplicates like this"
BugWEB-39418Keywords completion: Flow: do not suggest top-level completion inside interface
BugWEB-38248Autocomplete problems with properties that start with an underscore
BugWEB-23410Find usages of exported function
BugWEB-39054Wrong warning in constructor of a class that extends null
BugWEB-37294"Unused default export" when importing module dynamically
BugWEB-39024Change the "Switch statement is redundant" inspection to a weak warning
BugWEB-38666Incorrect auto import when copy/pasting code between files
BugWEB-38868Editing injection removes fragment if template string argument is exactly at start/end of injection
BugWEB-39777JSX: completion item is used instead of emmet abbreviations
BugWEB-38685Structure view for JavaScript tests doesn't work with custom regions
BugWEB-38184Javascript spread-constructed object property tooltip does not correctly infer source
BugWEB-33923StackOverflowError on parsing deeply nested JSON
BugWEB-38544JS: suggest exported commonjs names in completion
BugWEB-39660Completion: "Several definitions" is shown for symbols after "console"
BugWEB-39419Postfix completion: do not suggest any template after "this."
BugWEB-38936Remove acton 'Fix all problems in file' for 'Create class/interface' and 'Adjust spelling' quick fixes
BugWEB-39145JavaScript/TypeScript: do not show completion after export keyword inside class
BugWEB-28187ES6: Unused default export
BugWEB-14677Navigate/Method Hierarchy is always disabled for javascript methods
BugWEB-39415Keywords completion: do not suggest keywords inside while statement
BugWEB-39147Resolve indexed properties with dot in name
BugWEB-33985Cypress assertion chains autocomplete not working
BugWEB-36271Import completion imports items that cannot be really imported
BugWEB-39144JavaScript/TypeScript: add async keyword into the completion after export and export default
BugWEB-36804Weird escape \ character multiplication and reduction on copy/paste
BugWEB-39272Fix intentions availability for #-private and ?.-elvis access operators
BugWEB-39334Don't insert parentheses when completing function in pipe expression RHS
BugWEB-38056'Flip if-else', 'Merge if-else', 'Remove braces', etc. all remove inner functions inside blocks
PerformanceWEB-39634JS element in Search Everywhere iterates project content in EDT to calculate its presentation
UsabilityWEB-38830JavaScript: move all code completion options from "JavaScript" to "Editor -> Code Completion"
UsabilityWEB-39414Keywords completion: reorder local and global symbols and keywords
UsabilityWEB-39444Convert to React class/functional component: add link to the template configuration in description
UsabilityWEB-39023Improve completion behavior for switch and if
UsabilityWEB-32058No auto-completion popup for paths values
UsabilityWEB-39679Add an action to specify the explicit value/type shown in the type/value hint
CosmeticsWEB-37759Not ideal layout of JS options page
CosmeticsWEB-39007Postfix completion misprint
TaskWEB-38420JavaScript completion: do not show statement-only keywords in expression context
TaskWEB-30685Add new injection type: tagged template
TaskWEB-38403ES6: complete sibling files with relative prefix
TaskWEB-38849Node modules: exclude from indexing unnecessary files
TaskWEB-37952Support built-in decorators for es2019
TaskWEB-38404TypeScript / JavaScript: completion after export
ExceptionWEB-39801JS: Quick fix: edit empty values of object literal properties throws when invoked on rbrace
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-37855Prettier: allow importing code style rules from .prettierrc.js/ .prettierrc.toml file
BugWEB-38042Wrong indentation in tuple types (Flow, TS)
BugWEB-38600Don't remove leading semicolon on reformatting
BugWEB-30108Formatting JS/TS with HTML injection and 'Enforce HTML quotes on reformat' enabled breaks code
BugWEB-38505JavaScript setting for spaces within array brackets are not saved for IDE Global Code Style schema
BugWEB-38992Wrong extra indent for template string argument braces
BugWEB-39796Code formatting adds space in private-#-field syntax
BugWEB-39092Formatting doesn't remove spaces in for..of / loops
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-39759Vue.js: provide code completion for events that could be emitted by Vue components defined in project dependencies
FeatureWEB-33464Parameter Hints in Angular Component Template
BugWEB-39056PyCharm, new vue project wizard: missing checkbox 'Use default project setup'
BugWEB-29251Refactor/Rename React props in propTypes does not rename the html attribute
BugWEB-38082PropTypes.shape should support warn on missing required prop inside 'shape'
BugWEB-36722Angular template files are not recognized if "@angular/core" is not a direct dependency
BugWEB-33981Imported components marked as unknown html tags
BugWEB-35634Angular: directives from node modules not present in package.json are not available
BugWEB-29546Refactor/Rename React props doesn't rename the prop in defaultProps
BugWEB-36119Angular. Invalid items inside the completion list after the "for" word
BugWEB-37137Some vuetify (1.4.6) components have unknown html tags
BugWEB-37732Do not show Alt+Return proposal to create a v-slot namespace
BugWEB-39501New - Angular Schematic: loading after every use
BugWEB-39481Can't resolve vue components in template tag (Blaze)
BugWEB-39779Vue.js "v-for" shows error when use object destructuring
BugWEB-39743Vue.js: directives are not present in code completion on Vue.js tags
BugWEB-39353ClassCastException when choose item in completion
BugWEB-39709IOException with @web-types
BugWEB-34458Do not show Unbound XML namespace prefix in Vue.js for custom directives bindings
BugWEB-38028"Wrong attribute value" with BootstrapVue v-b-modal directive
BugWEB-38354Angular: wrong exclusions with Angular libraries
UsabilityWEB-8191Add option to disable injection of CSS in jQuery selectors
UsabilityWEB-39455React refactorings in Flow use TypeScript code templates
UsabilityWEB-39203Parameter hints: remove "Show name for tagged template arguments" for "Angular HTML Template"
CosmeticsWEB-39672Vue.js: Add library name to tag proposals
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-39166TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for null/undefined
FeatureWEB-35028TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action
FeatureWEB-39213TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for typeof/instanceof
FeatureWEB-37903Inspection and quick-fix to merge variables assigned to same destructuring patterns
FeatureWEB-39224TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action. If, While, DoWhile
FeatureWEB-27401Add intention to convert independent `await` calls to `await Promise.all([])`
FeatureWEB-39318JavaScript: support if (undefined/null) conditions
FeatureWEB-39165TypeScript / JavaScript: better simplify action for equality operators
FeatureWEB-32926"Add 'then' clause" as a QuickFix for "Promise returned from ... is ignored"
FeatureWEB-2385Detect accidental =+ instead of += on string variable
BugWEB-39649PointlessBooleanExpression. False positive
BugWEB-39249TypeScript / JavaScript: Report only simplifiable part of the expression
BugWEB-30455Improve "suspicious variable/parameter name combination" inspection for JavaScript and Flex
BugWEB-39569Javascript inspection "Redundant await Promise.resolve()": "return await" is GOOD (as of recently)
BugWEB-18867Block level function declaration is not supported
BugWEB-30494'Replace with template string' incorrectly handles non-string items at start
BugWEB-39594False "Variable is declared and being used in different 'case' clauses" violation if same-named variable is declared in nested 'switch'
BugWEB-39556'Expression statement is not assignment or call' is incorrectly reported for pipeline invocations
BugWEB-38543Cleanup fixes reported from "Missing module dependency" inspection
BugWEB-38059False positive 'Function statement not at top level of a program or function is prohibited' in TypeScript
BugWEB-38952Intentions: "Generate destructuring pattern": disable for enum literals
BugWEB-31269Inspection "Missing await for async function call inspection" false positive
BugWEB-36869No notification about missed await if async function call is on the right side of assignment
BugWEB-38316False positive (?) for "Result of assignment expression used" inspection
BugWEB-35108"Missing await for an async function call" is not triggered when requiring async function
BugWEB-35745No notification about missed await near Promise returned function
BugWEB-40000Incorrect "Redundant await".
BugWEB-36909"Add this qualifier" quickfix doesn't work in offline inspections results
BugWEB-39511"Missing await for an async function call" false positive in shorthand lambdas and conditional expressions
BugWEB-39143redundant 'return await..' is wrong when using catch decorators
BugWEB-39687Promise used as condition should raise warning
BugWEB-39317Invalid 'unused default export' when importing module as namespace
CosmeticsWEB-39707Pointless statement or boolean expression: shorten the warning
ExceptionWEB-38515PsiInvalidElementAccessException is thrown for "Create derived class" intention
ExceptionWEB-39806JS : Quick fix : Replace comment style two times
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-38662'Introduce variable' can introduce spread elements when selection is over multiple array elements/properties
FeatureWEB-38308Inspection and cleanup for redundant await/return Promise.resolve() and Promise.reject()
FeatureWEB-38307Inspection for redundant 'return await' and 'await await' + corresponding cleanup for convert-to-async
FeatureWEB-37242Inline JS variable with template literals should avoid producing nested template literals
FeatureWEB-39096Intention action to convert destructuring back to properly accesses when possible
FeatureWEB-38295'Inline' should handle functions with destructuring parameters
FeatureWEB-32725Postfix templates for destructuring
FeatureWEB-38801'Introduce variable' for destructuring patterns in variable declarations
BugWEB-38590'Iterate with for..of' intention action should suggest to iterate with 'for await..of' in case of asynchronous iterable
BugWEB-39235'Replace destructuring with property and index access' causes name conflict
BugWEB-39062'Propagate to destructuring declaration': breaks code in case of arrow functions without parens
BugWEB-39343'Replace destructuring with property and index access' ignores initializers
BugWEB-39575'Search in comments and strings' should be off by default
BugWEB-39290'Replace destructuring with property and index access' doesn't respect shorthand properties
BugWEB-39446React class to functional component not available for class with 'displayName' static field
BugWEB-39079'Propagate to destructuring' breaks code when propagation target and source are in the same variable list
BugWEB-38766'Propagate to destructuring declaration' should create a live template to update auto-generated variable names
BugWEB-34393Extract variable shouldn't be available on 'export default function' when corresponding function has overloads
BugWEB-39470'Replace destructuring with property/index access' poorly handles non-identifier names
BugWEB-39520Rename doesn't show preview if only string references are found
BugWEB-39771Rename dialog is shown instead of silent rename after invoking 'Introduce variable' for spreads, or for 'Create derived class / Implement interface'
BugWEB-38599Assertion failed when drag-n-drop file in the project
BugWEB-36958Add local variable Typescript intention applies to second outermost function instead of function's return value on same line
BugWEB-16954JavaScript. Error when extracting method from object property
BugWEB-39337Incorrect comment placement when moving multiple module members with comments
BugWEB-39372'Refactor | Inline' on methods from .d.ts removes statements
BugWEB-38194Converting string concatenation to template string drops comments
BugWEB-39335'Change signature' for pipe expressions - should replace with lambda on adding parameters, collapse lambda when having a single parameter
BugWEB-38208Invalid code is generated when splitting destructuring object
BugWEB-39483Refactoring: Rename: avoid showing "Not Found" in the preview for dynamic references
BugWEB-39358'Replace destructuring with property/index access' invokes dialog rename for JS global variables
BugWEB-35443'Create field' creates field outside object
BugWEB-39768Refactoring: JS (ES5): Extract variable: extracting new variable in object causes creating spread operator
BugWEB-37861Cannot inline ES6 function property
BugWEB-39026Extract value does not detect duplicate values in ECMAscript / Typescript template strings
UsabilityWEB-38742'Generate destructuring pattern'/'propagate to destructuring' should be available on the variable
CosmeticsWEB-38244'Can not' typo
CosmeticsWEB-35457Duplicated description parts in refactoring preview - 'class class', 'file file', etc.
ExceptionWEB-39557Postfix 'var'/'destruct' and 'introduce obj/array destructuring' fail if inplace refactorings are off
ExceptionWEB-39749JS: Reference element is not the same element for which references were queried
ExceptionWEB-39752Refactoring: JS: Inline refactoring: Exception in plugins Js and TS
LESSFeatureWEB-11539Support align values code style setting
BugWEB-38322Less: nested @supports at-rule causes syntax errors
LintersBugWEB-39615Prettier plugin - editor scroll position jumps abruptly on reformat
BugWEB-38881"Reformat with Prettier" should be available for files with shebang
BugWEB-39118ESLint fails with error if @typescript-eslint with 'project' option is configured in monorepo
BugWEB-36096ESLint Ignores Nested React Project
BugWEB-38737Importing 'indent' rule from ESLint configuration should disable conflicting settings.
BugWEB-39189.eslintignore in nested package not picked up inside lerna project
BugWEB-39398When importing code style settings from ESLint, consider "SwitchCase" option of "indent" rule
BugWEB-37547'Suppress all ESLint rules for current file' adds 'null' if 'eslint-disable' already exists at top of file
BugWEB-36803Errors reported by linters should show better tooltip if error message is multiline
TaskWEB-38083Remove action to reset changes to code style on importing from TSLint
Node.jsFeatureWEB-39055Add `ci` to the list of commands in NPM run configuration
FeatureWEB-39006Node Interpreter on WSL (Arch Linux): No distribution available
FeatureWEB-23906per-project nvm support via nvmrc
BugWEB-39510NPM Install Dependencies notification: package.json link broken
BugWEB-35916npm not detected if node installed via snap
BugWEB-39528Run/Debug Node.js app from Run Anything popup
BugWEB-39927Can't call completion for 'react' in package.json
BugWEB-39704Can't download node core if yarn is not installed
BugWEB-38634The built-in Node module 'module' flagged as not listed in dependencies
SASSFeatureWEB-9211SCSS align $variable on colon as in CSS
BugWEB-7524SCSS cannot find mixin which is declared later in the file
BugWEB-38149Sass mixin content arguments not recognised
BugWEB-39261Duplicates should not be set between source and generated file
StylusBugWEB-39535"Reformat code" behave wrong on stylus (@media query with negative property value)
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-38589Intention action to add explicit enum values for TypeScript enums
FeatureWEB-39194Enable esnext private-#-field syntax for TypeScript
FeatureWEB-39285Typescript - Support for actions on literals in discriminated unions
FeatureWEB-39196Update bundled TypeScript to 3.5
FeatureWEB-14945Parameter hints / parameter info / documentation support for rest-tuples with --strictBindCallApply
FeatureWEB-37201Introduce smartcast highlighting similar to that we have in Kotlin
FeatureWEB-39685[request] should show error when can't found file form tsconfig extends
BugWEB-38167"<anonymous> in null" in the usage view
BugWEB-37922Type guard is incorrectly applied for a nested function
BugWEB-38682Wrong indent after `=` in the TypeScript type definition
BugWEB-38637Type guards: weaken narrowing of '==' to not narrow in case of references on both sides
BugWEB-39316Redundant 'typeof' check warning on typescript when deconstructing
BugWEB-39662Inlay hints: TypeScript: show enum literal hint in the exact format
BugWEB-39122Wrong autocomplete list for `typeof` expression inside type definition in TypeScript
BugWEB-38500Typescript find usages fails for object/interface keys containing dot
BugWEB-36619Typescript class implementing an interface method as a lambda incorrectly reports method as unused/can't find usages
BugWEB-38865False positive 'rest parameter should be of array type' on rest-parameter with infer-type
BugWEB-39640Specify type explicitly action incorrect with template string and Observable
BugWEB-38990TypeScript: correctly show parameter info for literals
BugWEB-38092In TypeScript, renaming a class function (via Refactor) causes wrong changes
BugWEB-39188TS: type guards are not applied to property-accessors
BugWEB-39159TypeScript - add abstract keyword suggestion after export
BugWEB-39689typescript Variable narrowed type guard not as expected
BugWEB-38954idea auto complete with unsafe key index
BugWEB-38410Consider improving line markers/navigation from contextually typed literals to super
BugWEB-35855Incorrect property rename/find usages
BugWEB-38555Auto-import doesn't allow to erase import statement - inserts it again
BugWEB-39588TypeScript: type guard doesn't work if the second re-declaration contains assignment
BugWEB-39027Switch case items should not be shown when completion is invoked for qualified references
BugWEB-37511Mutual discriminants are not supported via 'switch' for type guards
BugWEB-32282TypeScript: Type of variable from destructured assignment is incorrectly considered as just `boolean` instead of `boolean | undefined`
BugWEB-39409Line markers don't work for intersection types
BugWEB-27160TypeScript: Rename field does rename more than just the field
BugWEB-38296introducing interface doesn't work if parameter selected with the type
BugWEB-38857Show inferred types in parameter help.
BugWEB-39107Potentially invalid 'this' when using OnChange decorator with Angular
BugWEB-38165Typescript autocompletion for objects with enum as key doesn't work with computed properties
BugWEB-39499Support unknown type for switch expression
BugWEB-39644'Specify type explicitly' should work for inferred types
BugWEB-38271Implementing methods for object literal doesn't properly substitute generics
BugWEB-39563Autocomplete doesn't work properly when type is from a private or protected class property
BugWEB-32363Support improved handling of 'instanceof' in type guards
BugWEB-38238'Extract type alias' / 'Convert parameters to object' should properly handle infer-types
BugWEB-34824Support TS 3.1 change in type guards for 'function'
BugWEB-39809TypeScript generics should be inferred to 'unknown', not 'any', if no constraint
BugWEB-39127TypeScript - parameter info (CTRL+P) fails on rest parameters
BugWEB-37512'== true' and '== false' and 'if(x)' guards should narrow boolean to the literal type
BugWEB-39355Incorrect comparison of literal types with escape sequences
BugWEB-39081'Create function' breaks code when tries to create new function with spread parameters in typescript
PerformanceWEB-37988Code analysis never completes, high CPU usage on evaluating types
PerformanceWEB-39633TypeScript project references cause IntelliJ to hang
UsabilityWEB-37883Update default color for TypeScript Type Parameters
UsabilityWEB-38733Support parameter info/hints for inferred higher-order functions
TaskWEB-39774TypeScript: avoid edt resolve while rendering import hint
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-38630Jest: improve "todo" test support when using jest-circus as test runner
FeatureWEB-34938Support running Mocha tests with Vue CLI
BugWEB-37886Mocha suites not recognized inside setTimeout
BugWEB-39902Cannot run actions from gutters
BugWEB-11505Cucumber: can't run cucumber is step definitions are located in non-default directory
BugWEB-37274Cucumber.js: TS: comments at the end of the target file are moved to the top
BugWEB-32987Mocha test not marked as test when timeout is set
BugWEB-36769Running RC from folder containing cucumber tests fails with error
BugWEB-39593Suggest mocha-webpack in the 'mocha package' field
BugWEB-36413Cucumber.js: wrong symbols in the console output on Windows
BugWEB-36777Show test status in the gutter for both compiled and original file when using Jest
BugWEB-39201'Unrecognized option "runTestsByPath"' when running Jest with jest-cli < 21.x
BugWEB-39800'it' live template is available inside v-for
BugWEB-39735Cucumber.js: tests are marked as passed when they actually aren't
BugWEB-39245Jest "update snapshot" link no longer displayed for inline snapshots
CosmeticsWEB-39698Cucumber.js: increase width of the File type field in the Create New Step Definition File dialog
ExceptionWEB-39572CucumberJS: exception is thrown on typing regular expression
No subsystemBugDBE-8610Cannot change severity of inspection 'Delete or update statement without where clause'
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-447Naming on database console result tabs
BugDBE-8316Changes to SQL Script on shortcut in Database view aren't detected. PyCharm seems to cache the SQL Script.
BugDBE-8525Vertica: Explain Plan Diagram Fail
BugDBE-7388Name database console files so they can be sorted
BugDBE-7458Redshift decode - improper autocomplete/hint(?) and improper warning
UsabilityDBE-8145Inconsistency in read-only mode
UsabilityDBE-989Caret shouldn't move when an error occurs in database console
DB DiffBugDBE-8376Diff marks difference on tables without changes
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-8115Can not synchronize Azure database, getting error "SQLServerException: Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.sys.schemas' is not supported in this version of SQL Server"
BugDBE-7342AWS Aurora MySQL: procedures sync fails with `PROCEDURE lambda does not exist`
BugDBE-8405Database schemas not updating
BugDBE-7588Cannot Connect to PostgreSQL instance. ERROR: column n.xmin does not exist
BugDBE-8648Special character in MySQL database prevented PhpStorm from retrieving table contents (rows)
BugDBE-8503MariaDB Schema error with disabled event scheduler
DB RefactoringBugDBE-8303MySQL create index: Column ordering is always defaulted to ASC
DB Schema ViewsFeatureDBE-4807Show table/column comments in database tool window (tree) for all elements at once
FeatureDBE-4336Show database column default value in database tool window
BugDBE-8463Create new schema by right clicking on schemas for MySQL
UsabilityDBE-8483MySQL: Database Connections tree shows character sets instead of databases
UsabilityDBE-1476Change shortcut for Refresh action in Database Tool Window
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-8323Cassandra: incorrect blob data export as sql inserts
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-87Full text search in database
FeatureDBE-3251Easily change number of result rows
FeatureDBE-5971Easily show all rows of the result ignoring page-size setting
FeatureDBE-5804Preview BLOB content in table documentation
BugDBE-8531Different SQL code color in DataGrip (sql editor and filter)
BugDBE-8470Db2: can't edit `decfloat(16)` grid value
BugDBE-8058Can't edit table in data editor in Apache Cassandra using DataGrip
BugDBE-7911Cannot insert new row into table with identity column in postgresql 10 and 11
BugDBE-8511Database Tool - Go To Related Data queries entire table
Navigation & SearchFeatureDBE-6452Option to restrict Navigate to Table/Routine/Class to connected Data Sources
FeatureDBE-5592Filtering in Go-to-table navigation
FeatureDBE-8080Introduce All Data Sources and per-Data Source search scopes
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-8410IS NULL and IS NOT NULL as combined completion items
BugDBE-8552Problem with cast postfix
SQL GeneralBugDBE-7941Todo-comments in the text of database server stored objects
BugDBE-8314Endless inspection
SQL GenerationFeatureDBE-8466Db2: support xml index specification generation
FeatureDBE-8467Db2: support index key expression generation
BugDBE-8400Db2: support SQL Generation for generated columns with identity options
BugDBE-8404Db2: support SQL Generator 'CREATE OR REPLACE' option
BugDBE-8468Db2: support type hierarchy
BugDBE-8401Db2: support SQL Generation for table's distribution clause
BugDBE-8527afrom generates wrong code with reserved column name
UsabilityDBE-8430Add pre-selection when creating new objects
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-8593Intention: Convert multiple equal with OR to IN and vice versa
FeatureDBE-8514Missing support for IP types in ClickHouse
FeatureDBE-8630Folding long numbers
FeatureDBE-1197Highlight values in insert statement with select clause
FeatureDBE-8570Add inspection for using LIMIT (or similar clause) inside EXISTS call
FeatureDBE-8513Missing support for UPDATE mutation syntax in ClickHouse
FeatureDBE-8598Inspection: Check for TOP/OFFSET
BugDBE-8482Snowflake Recursive CTE Parsing Error
BugDBE-8306Inspection: Unable to resolve variable
BugDBE-8416Postgres inspector does not recognize grouping() function
BugDBE-8281Inspection: Adding not null column without default value
BugDBE-8397Editor incorrectly reports "JSON standard does not allow such tokens" and other errors for postgres sql file
BugDBE-8394Inspection for implicit string truncation
BugDBE-8289MariaDB syntax error - ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS
BugDBE-8396Redundant alias inspection
BugDBE-6327TODO colors doesn't work in console
BugDBE-8299PostgreSQL: No error if RENAME COLUMN is used together with other ALTER TABLE action.
BugDBE-8294Oracle false positive sql inspection: Nested aggregate calls are not allowed
BugDBE-8690Materialized CTE break formatting
BugDBE-3890create tablespace db2 fail
BugDBE-8277Inspection: Table variable is never used
BugDBE-8399Unused subquery item inspection isn't triggered
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-8207Suggest to refactor several INSERTs into one INSERT
FeatureDBE-8559Intention to replace GROUP BY with DISTINCT and vice versa
BugDBE-8652Disable the Extract Routine refactoring for GoLand as it doesn't seem to do anything
UsabilityDBE-8325SQL: add refactoring: introduce table alias
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