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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 EAP (191.5849.21 build) Release Notes
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No subsystemBug IDEA-206487 Error:java: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not supported: org.jetbrains.jps.javac.InputFileObject[...]
Code Analysis. InspectionBug IDEA-207410 Can't choose Constant conditions and exceptions in settings
Code CoverageBug IDEA-206286 Run/Debug configuration - JUnit - Code coverage - when include a class for exclusion and save the item is added to include dialog box
Code NavigationCosmetics IDEA-207272 Recent locations: icon is not shown for decompiled classes
Compiling ProjectBug IDEA-207236 FileSystemLoopException on building project located on google drive file stream
DebuggerBug IDEA-207569 Can't use Debug: Error occurred during initialization of VM
Editor. Editing TextUsability IDEA-185682 Parameter info hides the code being editing at the top of a file
GradleBug IDEA-207327 Second linked Gradle project is missing from linked projects list in Gradle settings
GroovyBug IDEA-207005 False positive "Cannot resolve symbol" in "and:" separated part of "where:" block of Spock specification
Bug IDEA-137307 Groovy: Inspection of Java style setter invocation should not be applied to Spock mock invocations
Bug IDEA-114247 Spock data table test with double pipe (||) confused with boolean values
Bug IDEA-139952 Spock where block data table inspection issues
Bug IDEA-87240 "Pointless arithmetic expression" warning should be suppressed in Spock tests
Bug IDEA-207549 Make closure call explicit produces invalid code
IDE ConfigurationBug IDEA-207196 @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/projectRoots/impl/JavaSdkImpl.suggestSdkName must not return null
Usability IDEA-206954 "Configure soft wraps" action should apply search highlight to the "Soft wraps" group in the editor settings
Java. InspectionsBug IDEA-207312 Inspection / Java / Declaration redundancy: gets confused by Lombok's @Getter annotation
JavaEEException IDEA-206715 java.lang.Throwable: Template not found on creating batch application
JavaEE.EJB3Bug IDEA-151644 false error detection on ManagedExecutorService injection
JavaEE.JSFBug IDEA-188937 JSF 2.3 won't load <f:websocket>
Bug IDEA-204871 JSF not automatically enabled and Cannot Manually add
Usability IDEA-201728 Libraries under java enterprise for JSF default to 1.2 when we are at 2.1
Platform APIUsability IDEA-207106 Log plugin that use registerFileType instead of FileTypeFactory
Project ConfigurationBug IDEA-139332 Creating template from project error: Error parsing file template
Bug IDEA-107676 Project Templates: attempt to apply the project template created from one of static web template project fails with velocity exceptions
Run | Debug configurationUsability IDEA-206173 Environment Variables: can no longer paste from clipboard
Usability IDEA-204335 Need an ability to disable run configuration delete confirmation dialog
SpringBug IDEA-168170 Spring: "Duplicate bean name" does not respect imports
Bug IDEA-122239 Spring: support Spring io.Resource for ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource#basename
TerminalBug IDEA-165632 The terminal is called twice.
User InterfaceBug IDEA-207957 IDEA is not switched to full screen on Windows
Bug IDEA-207737 support native custom decoration
Bug IDEA-207598 Show smart step into popup above the line
Bug IDEA-166195 icons doing the same action: intended?
Bug IDEA-207394 Icon animation stops in TestTree for one project if tests were started in parallel in two projects
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-207779 Items in popup have two-tones highlighting when selected
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-206176 Recent locations popup: long string editing leads to location shown as empty
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-190056 Class members are highlighted as erroneous when they aren't
Version Control. LogUsability IDEA-202408 Strange window flickers on the screen when I navigate through git log (Windows 10)
No subsystemFeature WEB-37472 TypeScript 3.4: support improved type inference for unions/intersections
Bug WEB-37365 Autocompletion using Typescript definitions does not work at destructuring.
Usability WEB-37387 'Ternary to if' and 'Split declaration/initializer' should be available on 'const' and turn them to 'let'
Usability WEB-36796 Save as project template: use notification instead of modal dialog
Cosmetics WEB-37438 'Change color' alt+enter menu item is misaligned
CSSFeature WEB-30004 Stylelint: allow linting CSS/PostCSS files with custom extensions
Feature WEB-96 Allow browser selection for CSS validation
Exception WEB-37372 Extracting ruleset in JS strings produces the exception
DebuggerBug WEB-34557 Debugging doesn't work for Vue+typescript when using @vue/cli 3.0.0
Bug WEB-36095 WinpException when stop Node.js run/debug configuration on Windows
Bug WEB-37440 Async stacktrace not shown in console
Bug WEB-37352 Fonts in js debug console should be the same as in editor
Bug WEB-37354 Can't evaluate objects created in console
Bug WEB-37397 Syntax error in Debug when try to "evaluate" arrow function expresion
Bug WEB-36666 'Collecting data' for all variables after input in console
Task WEB-33598 Customize URL for react-native
HTMLFeature WEB-37374 Add "application/ld+json" to `<script type>` completion
Bug WEB-26164 onload event on STYLE tag is no longer allowed in v 2017.1
Bug WEB-25857 <script onerror="..."> highlight error in .html files
Bug WEB-26169 style attribute on script correupt
JSONFeature WEB-37295 Support non-standard deprecation attributes for JSON Schemas
Feature WEB-31905 Semantic highlighting for JSON files
JavaScriptBug WEB-37355 Custom predefined libraries are unavailable in JSP files
Bug WEB-37420 Invalid Inspection Warnings - Missing semicolon / Selector matches unknown element dummy_selector
Bug WEB-37277 No completion provided when using default export in iife format
Bug WEB-36750 Color Scheme: Add "Semantic highlighting" option for the JavaScript, TypeScript, and JSON
Bug WEB-25571 Unresolved types when destructuring require()
Bug WEB-37421 'Convert ternary to if' breaks variable initialization order
Bug WEB-37413 "Can't generate code from Angular Schematics" when using WSL
Bug WEB-35455 No intellisense when using spread operator for 'module.export'
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-37243 Angular - provide auto-import of NgModules during code completion
Feature WEB-33517 Support React 'defaultProps' + ensure compatibility with TS 3.0 'propTypes'
Feature WEB-37363 Angular: incorrect type of bindings of directives with generics
Bug WEB-37276 False positive ' Expression result type' inspection for trackBy functions
Bug WEB-22063 No completion for props merged with ES6 spread operator
Bug WEB-36722 Angular template files are not recognized if "@angular/core" is not a direct dependency
Bug WEB-32279 Support propTypes defined using static getter
Bug WEB-37348 Angular: false positive ambiguous component problem in index.html
Bug WEB-37350 If directive has multiple selectors, non of them gets recognized in template
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-32220 Not relevant quick-fixes for the missing import statement inspection for PropTypes
Bug WEB-37347 False positive "Reports pointless bitwise expressions" inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-37270 Introduce array destructuring: java.lang.RuntimeException: Document is locked by write PSI operations.
Bug WEB-37401 'Convert to async function' produces broken code if no semicolons selected in code style settings
Bug WEB-37328 'Convert to async function': properly handle same-call then-catch
Task WEB-37188 Better UX for 'generate delegating methods' dialog
LintersFeature WEB-30614 Stylelint support should allow inspection of JS files
Bug WEB-37178 Provide quick fixes when running TSLint with typescript-tslint-plugin
Bug WEB-37383 Wrong highlighting with typescript-tslint-plugin and whitespace-checking rules
Bug WEB-37378 typescript-tslint-plugin highlights wrong ranges for semicolons rule
Node.jsBug WEB-36921 A window pops up when stopping a run task on windows
Bug WEB-37308 Navigate and resolve to script files
TypeScriptBug WEB-37388 False positive in Unsound instanceof type guard check
Bug WEB-37345 Better cycle protection for aliases
Bug WEB-37488 TypeScript: properly expand mapped type with 'any'
Bug WEB-30321 'instanceof' type guard works incorrectly when provided with 'any' type
Bug WEB-37410 Type aliases should be in the completion list for implementing
Bug WEB-37386 Popup menu for parameter hints does nothing in case of TypeScript call signatures
Bug WEB-37411 Rename-refactoring shouldn't be inplace on this-types and this-expressions
Bug WEB-31139 Incorrect inference for Record type in conditional type
Performance WEB-37049 IDEA stop responding (hangs) on Type info (CTRL+SHIFT+P)
Usability WEB-36273 Don't re-format file on applying "Add <classname> to existing import" Typescript service quickfix
Unit TestsBug WEB-36736 Add working directory option for Cucumber RC
Cosmetics WEB-37422 Cucumber RC. Align the labels to the left
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-7743 Database: Error encountered when performing Introspect on a MariaDB schema
SQL CompletionBug DBE-7682 Incorrect completion for nullable enum types in data editor
SQL Format and StyleFeature DBE-7806 MS SQL: Place each declared variables (inside a stored procedure) onto a new line
Bug DBE-7605 Postgres: SQL formatter doesn't recognise "into temp table"
Bug DBE-7801 Uncontrollable SQL alignment
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-7754 sql parsing issue with "if exists"
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