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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 EAP (183.5912.10 build) Release Notes
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IndicesPerformance IDEA-205778 Upgrade to IntelliJ 2018.3.3 (from 2018.2.x) causes high cpu/memory usage in idle state
Task ManagementBug IDEA-205214 Task Server password/token is lost after closing IDE
DartBug WEB-36853 Dart web debugging: breakpoints that are set before debug session starting are not resolved when using SDK 2.1
JavaScript. FrameworksBug WEB-36089 ng-template is listed twitce in the completion list
Bug WEB-37343 Syntax highlighting and code completion for Angular template language stopped working
DB IntrospectionBug DBE-1465 Cannot synchronize with a readonly postgres database (cannot execute txid_current() during recovery)
DB RefactoringBug DBE-7747 Rename index is not working
Usability DBE-7795 Cancel refactoring problem
Data ViewsBug DBE-7699 "Edit" in table cell editor destroys data silently because the cell's editor uses the IDE's "Global Encoding"
Bug DBE-5850 Apparent off-by-one displaying DATE datatype
SQL GeneralBug DBE-7712 Existing DB functions treated as unknown
SQL GenerationBug DBE-7694 Wrong sql script on column comment change in Modify Table window
SQL HighlightingBug DBE-7745 DataGrip with Postgres incorrectly interpreting code in functions as unreachable when following a FOREACH END LOOP;
SQL ResolveBug DBE-4399 Unable to resolve Collumns
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