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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 183.4284.148 Release Notes
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No subsystemFeatureIDEA-177345Find in Path: make "Show filter popup" hotkey customizible in Keymap
BugIDEA-201312Recompilation of several modules: compiler caches and output files are out-of-sync if compilation does not complete normally
BugIDEA-201729IntelliJ EAP keeps indexing the same files over and over
BugIDEA-201580Infinite logging loop on IDEA shutdown if there's an exception during IDE close
BugIDEA-200822Opening any Markdown file freezes recent IntelliJ Ultimate EAP 183.3795.13
BugIDEA-200619Maximized window state is not preserved
BugIDEA-202080UI components are not shown in some RC
BugIDEA-201279ctrl-p ctrl-n not working as expected in Webstorm 2018.3 EAP OSX
BugIDEA-201286Linux Native Menu bar: the order of actions in menu can change unexpectedly
BugIDEA-202374Cannot open files after import setting from previous release
BugIDEA-200840Exception appears for opened comment after TODO
UsabilityIDEA-200263[Run anything] Window can be resized too small
UsabilityIDEA-179037Last Edit Location List: edits performed in the diff window are not appended to the list
ExceptionIDEA-200374Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.GlobalMenuLinux.lambda$handleEvent$4
AndroidBugIDEA-1967542018.2 Android sync fails but UI does not show the failed status
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-200142Deadlock in Inspection tree view
BugIDEA-200236False positive: 'Redundant Suppression' warns for foreign suppressions
BugIDEA-200207InconsistentLineSeparators false positives on regexp values that have line-end values
Code CoverageExceptionIDEA-199696Code coverage not working in IntelliJ 2018 running on JDK11
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-200800Configure indents action from the status bar should open JS code style for JS/JSX files
PerformanceIDEA-200803AWT EventQueue uses 100% CPU in idle when using EditorConfig
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-200584Goto symbol should allow to navigate to method overrides
BugIDEA-200567Recent edited files popup shows files from another project
BugIDEA-200312UI freeze during Search Everywhere
BugIDEA-200980Navigate / Last Edit Location opens Editor Pane in wrong IDEA instance window
Compiling ProjectUsabilityIDEA-200911Show path to corrupted zip file if it causes failure while building artifacts
ConsoleBugIDEA-86669Console: support ASCII backspace symbol in console view
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-196365Don't suggest to run "All Features" on a Java package in Java module
BugIDEA-201033Unable to run any cucumber file/feature/scenario in ultimate project
BugIDEA-200295StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: Can't extract (9,12) range from '"]"'
DatabaseCosmeticsIDEA-200581Hide "Scroll from Editor" button on Database tool window toolbar when autoscroll from editor enabled
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-139757Shortcut for removing all breakpoints
BugIDEA-201267Color icon is not correct for JBColor objects
BugIDEA-198388Dragging breakpoint clones it instead of moving
BugIDEA-201227Unclear error reporting for sa-jdwp
UsabilityIDEA-121159Pause Program improvement
UsabilityIDEA-200959Speed search in debugger Variables view expands nodes
ExceptionIDEA-201303Exceptions are thrown when the process you are attached to is stopped
DockerBugIDEA-178932Docker: "dockerfile detection" description in event log/balloon: the link doesn't work
BugIDEA-188077DockerCompose: Stop doesn't work if node contains any container not from the deployed compose file
BugIDEA-187414DockerCompose: The parent docker-compose node has "container" icon in case of some deploys from one folder
BugIDEA-201513Docker-compose: call `restart` instead of `up` when already running service is relaunched from the gutter
BugIDEA-202435Adding Docker requires email that has nowhere to enter
BugIDEA-200763DockerCompose: "Run" by click on service gutter doesn't work if there is no "docker" server
BugIDEA-200684Docker: "Path to compose file required" at running services without established docker connection.
BugIDEA-200116Docker: it should be possible to run compose after "down" all the conflict apps with the same names.
BugIDEA-199274DockerView: NPE at choosing a service without published ports
PerformanceIDEA-189747Docker loads YAML file AST when computing icon
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-198539"underscored" and "strikeout" effects not rendering
BugIDEA-196929Cannot copy text while IntelliJ is indexing
BugIDEA-198767Caret returns to wrong position at the end of the block in java code
BugIDEA-202087Broken indentation (scaling 250% or higher)
BugIDEA-201625Text jitter in editor when tabs are used for indentation (on a fractional-scale monitor on Windows)
BugIDEA-198595Last edit location does not remember changes made in Find in Path
BugIDEA-171789"Last edit location" does not honor changes been made on "Commit changes" window
UsabilityIDEA-199375Parameter info (Ctrl+P) does not recognize array parameter as a vararg
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-69435Search for Multi-line fragment
UsabilityIDEA-180366Find in Path from VCS | Local Changes shall pre-select the selected change list or directory
ExceptionIDEA-198437NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.plugin.ui.filters.FilterPanel.initFilters
Flash_FlexFeatureIDEA-202149Provide Adobe AIR 31 support (XSD)
BugIDEA-127053Adobe Air debug on Android device seems to always uninstall first
BugIDEA-200478Refactor->Move of static const's opens a 'Move Module Members' Dialog ...
GradleBugIDEA-201615Gradle: watch Kotlin DSL scripts changes
BugIDEA-196305Can't run tests using gutter run icons in gradle project when Groovy plugin disabled
BugIDEA-200434Multiple ijinit<Number>.gradle scripts are created for sequential project builds
TaskIDEA-201249Use qualified module names by default
TaskIDEA-200093Use 'com.intellij.modules' prefix for '' module in Gradle plugin
GroovyFeatureIDEA-200196Support Groovy 2.5 "DefaultGroovyMethods.tap"
BugIDEA-200480"Ambiguous code block" error triggered by line break in synchronized() blocks in groovy files
BugIDEA-200284IDEA freezes when editing Groovy file
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-200626File and Code Templates preferences section loads infinitely
BugIDEA-200848SDK: Don't add the same SDK some times
Internal build scriptsBugIDEA-200988Building PHP plugin on Windows fails with "The filename or extension is too long" error
JPABugIDEA-198650JPA named query reference navigation works only in one direction for Kotlin
BugIDEA-200538JPA named query rename doesn't work in Kotlin projects
JSONUsabilityIDEA-195016Kubernetes: Json. Completion for "integer" types should be with space before comma
JavaBugIDEA-199406Intellij IDEA fails to add JVM 9 or 10 if _JAVA_OPTIONS is set
TaskIDEA-200277Get rid of access to package-private members in platform modules from java support modules
Java. Code CompletionUsabilityIDEA-200139Smart completion for super constructor call suggests base field
Java. Error HighlightingUsabilityIDEA-199556IDE does not highlight code with compile errors for unreachable statement (Java).
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-200232Support numeric casts in dataflow
FeatureIDEA-198991Export results of the new duplicates inspection
FeatureIDEA-200056Redundant semicolon: Add an option to ignore trailing semicolons in enums
BugIDEA-200218Lambda can be converted to a method reference
BugIDEA-200364Checking equality between int and double confuses "Constant condition and exception" inspection
BugIDEA-200018"Overly broad 'catch' block" inspection incorrectly highlights Exception/Throwable when "Ignore exceptions which hide others..." is ticked.
BugIDEA-200233Wrong inspection with compire two objects
BugIDEA-201636Collection<A>.retainAll(Collection<B>) does not warn about incompatible types
BugIDEA-200685False positive 'Redundant suppression' on 'unchecked'
BugIDEA-200137"Replace with 'try' with resources" produces uncompilable source
BugIDEA-195991"Collapse catch blocks" loses comment
BugIDEA-201501"Magic Constant" inspection is not triggered for `new GregorianCalendar(int, int, int)` constructor call
UsabilityIDEA-200178Double negation should not warn on invalid code
ExceptionIDEA-200194`UastPatterns.isPropertyAssignCall` is recursive for `PsiLiteralExpression` leading to the StackOverflowError
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-177132Expand the refactoring "Join declaration and assignment"
BugIDEA-200209"Replace with findFirst" produces incompilable code
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-200614Joining declaration and assignment can't be cancelled when there's a side effect
JavaEEFeatureIDEA-200165JavaEE 8: Support modern application descriptor
BugIDEA-200549Re-run with the changed Glassfish app. server leads to the "Address ... already in use" error
JavaEE. Deployment and RunExceptionIDEA-199371NPE by removing/adding artifacts at Deployment tab of run configuration
JavaEE.GlassfishFeatureIDEA-194916Unable to choose deploy order for glassfish
BugIDEA-196097'Use custom context root' does not work for deployment EAR application to GlassFish in IntelliJ IDEA Server Run Configuration
JavaEE.TomcatFeatureIDEA-120242Tomcat: Option to add default application context when deploying artifacts
JavaEE.WebLogicBugIDEA-199911Password Showing in Plain Text in Weblogic Run/Debug Configuration
JavaFXBugIDEA-200215Warn the user if the JDK can't build JavaFX artifact
BugIDEA-200092Java 11 + OpenJFX Support
KubernetesBugIDEA-200606Web view: useless "Kubernetes" item in the context menu
ExceptionIDEA-199970Helm. java.lang.Throwable by calling "Helm template"/ "Helm Dependency update" via keyboard shortcut
MavenBugIDEA-198041Variables in compilerArgument of maven-compiler-plugin break the build in IDEA
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-200369Silent Installation: mode=user: if you have no permission to install in the specified folder, installation is finished in the different folder
BugIDEA-200274Silent installation: installation to the wrong folder
BugIDEA-200776Remove dependency from 'extensions' module to 'XStream' library
BugIDEA-200784Uninstall.exe couldn't be launched in some cases.
BugIDEA-200781Sometimes there is no message that this version already installed during the installation
BugIDEA-201027Small UI issue in Installer
BugIDEA-200342Silent installation: There is no checking if the current version was already installed
BugIDEA-201292Several installations of one version IDE: Problems with Uninstall in Users folders
BugIDEA-182484IntelliJ IDEA restart fails on Windows because of company restrictions
BugIDEA-200843PATH can not be updated. The size is very big.
UsabilityIDEA-198858Batch Mode for IDE updates: It will be usefull to mention which is wrong when there is wrong jar file in chain.
UsabilityIDEA-182601Silent install could provide some error feedback
UsabilityIDEA-200235No option to disable "Open Folder as <IDE> Project" context menu.
CosmeticsIDEA-200363Silent Installation: It is better to mention in log what was wrong in installation by specific words
TaskIDEA-196699Bundle Kotlin 1.3 with IntelliJ IDEA
TaskIDEA-200752Remove dependency from java.psi.impl to java.resources.en
Password SafeFeatureIDEA-200611Protect master key file using PGP key
BugIDEA-187790Passwords Inaccessible (in Settings->Appearance&Behavior->System Settings-> Passwords )
BugIDEA-200404Idea change Password Safe option silently on "cancel" in case selected DB is unaccessible
BugIDEA-200401Auth error on open DB file with [...] button
BugIDEA-200188Password Safe: Set/ChangeMasterPassword actions cause significant delays on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-174581KeePass storage is wiped if password token does not match.
BugIDEA-200735Password Safe: IDE freezes on opening Settings dialog on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-164296Unable to load library 'secret-1'
BugIDEA-200375Idea doesn't save password in KeePass database
BugIDEA-200849Password Safe: incorrect reaction on custom location setting for the (not existing) KeePass database
Platform APIBugIDEA-200807NPE caused by NonClasspathClassFinder constructor leaking "this"
TaskIDEA-191331Migrate to ASM 6.2
TaskIDEA-158421Document requirements for mac-builder agent
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-197972DevKit: add checks from PluginVerifier ( to plugin.xml inspection
TaskIDEA-201464Properly attribute exceptions happened during instantiation of plugin components to corresponding plugins
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-202017Can't install plugin if it contains necessary dependence on another plugin
BugIDEA-202018Old plugin dialog is shown when click on the notification popup
UsabilityIDEA-126874Settings | Plugins have poor keyboard navigation
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-200525ProjectRootManagerComponent does not react properly on roots update
BugIDEA-192893Project file encoding settings: the 'BOM for new UTF-8 files' option settings are not preserved on project reopening
BugIDEA-199667Maven lib versions updated daily
Quick DocumentationFeatureIDEA-199882Support JDK 11 external javadoc folders structure
BugIDEA-202420Opening offline external documentation for JDK 11 does not work
BugIDEA-200711View | External Documentation doesn't work for Java11 classes if documentation url is provided
BugIDEA-199409UI freezes: Documentation popup loads images from network on UI thread
ExceptionIDEA-199780Quick Doc: Throwable on 'Edit source' in read-only files
ExceptionIDEA-199046NPE at pressing edit in the quick documentation
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-198525[Run Anything] when running saved configuration via run anything, it becomes unsaved
BugIDEA-197466JDK 11 doesn't have jaxb causing JShell not to load
SQLBugIDEA-112933Criminal autoindentation on SQL code
SpringFeatureIDEA-197990Spring Boot: "Spring Boot Diagnostics" action
FeatureIDEA-199842Spring Boot 2.1: support detection of log groups
BugIDEA-201685No @PathVariable completion in Kotlin when parameter is not yet written
BugIDEA-200499Adding annotation to the Kotlin bean doesn't lead to adding it to the Spring Model
BugIDEA-200799Spring Boot: packages completion in treats the packages from test libraries incorrectly
BugIDEA-200797Spring Boot: package completion variants are doubled for "logger-name"
BugIDEA-200635Spring: support openfeign @EnableFeignClients/@FeignClient
BugIDEA-200954False positive 'Application context not configured for this file' warning on imported XML config file
BugIDEA-200246Spring Boot: support multiple values for Map-type keys
BugIDEA-200760Spring API: fix PlaceholderTextRanges for prefix==suffix
BugIDEA-168155Spring: support meta-annotations w/ @EnableFeignClients
BugIDEA-200114Spring MVC + Thymeleaf: rename doesn't work for model attribute defined as @ModelAttribute(name) annotation
BugIDEA-200801Spring Boot: values are highlighted incorrectly
BugIDEA-200620Spring MVC tab not working with component-scan filters
PerformanceIDEA-199396High CPU usage during Kotlin code editing
ExceptionIDEA-200677ISE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.InjectionRegistrarImpl.doneInjectin
ExceptionIDEA-199975NPE at com.intellij.execution.actions.ConfigurationContext.getProject
ExceptionIDEA-200358IAE at com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.injected.InjectionRegistrarImpl.addPlace
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-200398Structural search doesn't find all constructor calls
Task ManagementBugIDEA-168220IDEA freeze up to 1 minute after open "open task" dialog
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBugIDEA-200676Wrong error message for Freemarker <#items> in <#list>
TerminalFeatureIDEA-191464Add environment variable to terminal detect if running in IntelliJ IDES
BugIDEA-155071TERM variable should not be set for windows (cmd) terminals
BugIDEA-200294Context actions on terminal tabs not working consistently
BugIDEA-201601Sometimes terminal shows broken prompt on IDE startup
BugIDEA-200880Terminal: resize mouse pointer when hovering over "New session" button
BugIDEA-200839Can no longer open specific directory in Terminal
ThymeleafBugIDEA-196788Expression ${user?.name} is not supported in version 2017.3.5
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-162481Create Test dialog: Fix button disappears when Cancel adding Library
BugIDEA-2006412018.3 EAP + JUnit3: treeview and run order incorrect when TestSuites have same name
BugIDEA-200644"Create Test" dialogue hides non-inherited methods when displaying inherited methods
BugIDEA-198189JUnit tests with the same parent suite, executed out of order, break the tree view
User InterfaceBugIDEA-197106DesktopLayout ConcurrentModificationException on startup
BugIDEA-198135Version control toolwindow is not displayed after Enabling VCS integration
BugIDEA-201446NullPointerException during using 'FindUsages'
BugIDEA-200724IntelliJ IDEA does not fully start after update, ends with window with menubar and nothing else
BugIDEA-151200Ubuntu: Unity menu bar is not available for detached editor tabs and floating tool windows
BugIDEA-201276Linux Native menu: shortcuts disappeared from main menu panel
BugIDEA-200379Native menu bar on Ubuntu Linux: the View menu actions have incorrect state
PerformanceIDEA-199779Make generated icons lazy
UsabilityIDEA-200298Show the first unsubmitted error when clicking on the "Fatal Error" icon in the status bar
UsabilityIDEA-197044Run configuration doesn't fit the screen
UsabilityIDEA-153071Settings > Version Control > Confirmation window resize issues
TaskIDEA-188160Make terminal tabs the same as other tool window tabs
ExceptionIDEA-200919ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe cannot be cast to jdk.unsupported/sun.misc.Unsafe
ExceptionIDEA-200273Exceptions: GlobalMenuLinux - Unable to register window and AppMenu-service can't register xid
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-200351can't escape diff dialog when screen reader is enabled
BugIDEA-201843NavBar popups are closed on up/down/speed search
BugIDEA-201273Problem with User Agreement Accessibility
BugIDEA-182960Screen Reader Accessibility: Autocomplete
TaskIDEA-195260UI element with line numbers and debugging graphic not accessible to screen readers
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-201124Linux native menu: main menu appears on a toolwindow in windowed mode
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-200278Background in editor doesn't change according to color scheme
BugIDEA-200171High Contrast Theme: Editor color scheme remains "High Contrast" after changing theme from "High Contrast" to "Darcula"
BugIDEA-183573printing a PHP source always encases the text in a background color (Darcula)
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-200462New SE: Add statistics
BugIDEA-201937Search Everywhere shortcuts: Ctrl/Shift+Tab shortcuts set for tabs switching do not work if Tab shortcut is set for "Select item" action
BugIDEA-201051New SE: Use "Tab" key for command autocomplete
BugIDEA-201308New SE: Actions descriptions is not shown in status bar
PerformanceIDEA-200920Goto File is slow
Version ControlUsabilityIDEA-199656Changelists should be expanded by default, and should retain the state
UsabilityIDEA-93999Don't show modal "add files to VCS" dialog when files being added are project files
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-199761File names with trailing spaces break git diff
BugIDEA-198271Git: Native SSH: if password authentication is used, the password can't be remembered
BugIDEA-200864Update Project doesn't fetch submodules
BugIDEA-192771Git commit partially causes change CRLF to LF.
BugIDEA-201054Git: native SSH: confusing dialog on attempt to connect to (yet) unknown host
BugIDEA-200448VCS Git "Fetch" does not refresh the VCS "Log" view
UsabilityIDEA-199926Scanning for Git roots in a project should skip known third-party libs locations
UsabilityIDEA-190367Shortcut for git branch by default
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-193814com.intellij.openapi.vcs.VcsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
BugIDEA-198803VCS log shows garbage in "author" field, looks like a corrupted index
CosmeticsIDEA-195976Fix progress bar in VCS Log in darcula
XMLFeatureIDEA-199839Support deprecation in xsd schemas
No subsystemFeatureWEB-31391Go to Angular component's HTML template from usage
FeatureWEB-29005Add support of -webkit-image-set in CSS
BugWEB-35223Deadlock on indexing
BugWEB-32711Prettier: support .prettierignore
BugWEB-35425"ActionScript/Flex" diagram is suggested for TypeScript file
ExceptionWEB-35364File processor exception on project close
ExceptionWEB-35460IndexNotReadyException when trying to get qualified name while indexing
CSSBugWEB-35249'Rearrange Code' action messes up CSS file if it contains import
BugWEB-35230CSS formatting: 'Keep single-lines blocks' option affects blank lines
BugWEB-10143Code readability in css color preview
UsabilityWEB-35013Sort CSS properties: restore default custom order
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-31789Coffeescript highlight OR= operator error
BugWEB-14981Existential Operator `?` on newline marked as invalid syntax, while invalid `?` usage is not marked
DartUsabilityWEB-28503Possibility to specify Dart Dev Server port for a Web app to facilitate using local storage such as indexeddb
DebuggerBugWEB-35448JS debug is broken (183.3975.9)
BugWEB-35449Debugger stops on first line in a file when debug with js.debugger.use.node.options turned on
BugWEB-35613Can't run Node debug session if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
BugWEB-34990Debugger doesn't update breakpoints positions
BugWEB-35218Can't debug Node.js: path no program files is considered as incorrect
BugWEB-35084@angular/cli: duplicated AppComponent in variables | local | this
File WatchersBugWEB-35498Prettier file watcher: opening and closing file chooser changes Program path
HTMLFeatureWEB-34944Add inspection: an HTML element has no title attribute
BugWEB-35129Add inspection. A table without summary attribute
JSONFeatureWEB-34618Duplicate JSON keys inspection should provide navigate to duplicate as a quick fix
FeatureWEB-35148Add comma when pasting lines into JSON
FeatureWEB-35463Add a checkbox to prefer remote JSON schemas over bundled schemas
FeatureWEB-35323Add "Surround with > quotes / array literal" for JSON
BugWEB-35303'rulesDirectory' in tslint has two possible type variants, but we suggest only array in code completion
BugWEB-35302Incorrect type detection for TSLint 'rules' in JSON code completion
BugWEB-35493JSON schema validation validates itself
BugWEB-35358JSON: "Surround with > quotes / array literal" doesn't surround several items inside array
BugWEB-35318JSON pointers do not follow proper URL encoding
UsabilityWEB-35385JSON: merge the user whitespace with whitespace auto-inserted by typed handler
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-35103Completion for overrides with full bodies should work in object literals
BugWEB-34315Error in Javascript inspection and code completion
BugWEB-35191"Type mismatch" inspection: false positive when using `return;`
BugWEB-35419'Copy qualified name' doesn't work for tags in Flow & React projects
BugWEB-35141Flow: CMD-hover type lookup does not work across files
BugWEB-35384Flow: class generic arguments are not supported properly
BugWEB-35243Completion for overrides: place caret inside the method body
BugWEB-35565Code completion not working until type definition file is touched
BugWEB-30363JQuery + RequireJS $.each() and $.ele.children() unresolved
BugWEB-35115invalid "variable might not have been initialized" inspection for destructuring assignment, should be a syntax error
BugWEB-34936False "Method expression is not of Function type" type mismatch
BugWEB-34702"Contents of collection are queried, but never updated" when using ternary operator
BugWEB-35017Autocomplete for class properties of templated data structures does not work if defined above 'class' declaration
BugWEB-35274Provide quick documentation for arrow function parameters, where referenced within the function
BugWEB-32933Can't resolve sortBy import from lodash
BugWEB-30683Add patterns to allow configuring language injection in JSX tags
BugWEB-35356JavaScript: enable base "navigate to source" for global @types libraries
BugWEB-30290Some JS intentions break code formatting when invoked
BugWEB-32337Resolve for property assigned in other scope
BugWEB-35468Support at least explicit substitutions for Flow generics in class constructors
BugWEB-35327Invalid code check warning (false positive): Type boolean is not assignable to type boolean
BugWEB-34212JS/ES6: Inspection issue: Contents of collection are updated, but never queried
BugWEB-35253Generating overrides doesn't respect generator methods
BugWEB-35550Wrong links to MDN in documentation popup for React APIs
BugWEB-25867Resolve webpack built-in plugins
PerformanceWEB-30360Code Analysis, Strange Lagging Bug
PerformanceWEB-35280High memory usage while working with JS
PerformanceWEB-353902018.3 EAP6 crash
UsabilityWEB-33854Generate 'switch' cases action improvements
UsabilityWEB-35200Unclosed comment ending with a new line is not highlighted with underwave
TaskWEB-35079Infer primitive type facts from initializer for javascript
ExceptionWEB-35416IllegalStateException: Calling invokeAndWait from read-action leads to possible deadlock
ExceptionWEB-35047periodic PsiInvalidElementAccessException when editing js
ExceptionWEB-35658IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'element'
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-35220Wrong alignment of html attributes when [] are used
BugWEB-35501No indent on a new line after if after line without semicolon
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-35435Improve handling of Angular entities
FeatureWEB-32549Highlight unresolved references in JSX
FeatureWEB-35156Language completion for script and style tags in Vue templates
FeatureWEB-26862Add single step import for ES6 and TypeScript scripts in .vue files
BugWEB-35297Project template dropdown should be disabled when creating vue application via @vue/cli3
BugWEB-34857Angular: support type evaluation of template references which bind to directives
BugWEB-23647React: provide autocomplete for standard methods
BugWEB-32129Angular: `ng-zorro-antd` directives not resolved
BugWEB-32886Vuetify 1.1 typescript components not resolved
BugWEB-35716Fix Vuetify 1.3.4 components
BugWEB-29827Angular Material: material table structural directives are not recognized when using asterisk notation
BugWEB-35317Space is removed before some attributes in Angular template
BugWEB-35361vue and blade conflict
BugWEB-31647Angular: no completion/resolving for custom directive bindings
BugWEB-35670@vue/cli project creation can't be finished
BugWEB-34818TypeScript: "Cannot resolve symbol" in .vue file but works fine in .ts file
BugWEB-35672Angular Material - Attribute dataSource is not allowed here
ExceptionWEB-35485Throwable: Invalid file name 'package.json' - unsupported extension: json
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-35179Rider suggests broken code fix.
BugWEB-35399Incorrect inspection "Consecutive commas in array literal" in destructuring assignment
BugWEB-35461Inspections: "Missing required 'alt' attribute" gives false positive in the Vue.js files
BugWEB-35426< > are escaped in Flow when apply inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-35341'Convert to named function' intention should work for arrow functions assigned to class fields
BugWEB-35503Typescript arrow function signature refactor loose types
BugWEB-32734Rename for class and file together should always search for the file references
Live EditBugWEB-35736'Elements' tab is empty when debug HTML
Node.jsFeatureWEB-35143Allow to use @types/node for Node.js coding assistance
FeatureWEB-34226Use NODE_OPTIONS for Node.js debugging
BugWEB-35413Stepping resumes execution after pause on first breakpoint
BugWEB-35412Can't resolve app.use in express project
BugWEB-35528Can't run vue-cli-service scripts from @vue/cli project
BugWEB-35594Can't enable Code assistance for Node.js if there mappings for in /etc/hosts
BugWEB-35496Cannot enable Node.js coding assistance with IPv6 enabled
BugWEB-34413Detect all node_modules as libraries on startup
BugWEB-35462Folder node_modules is not marked as library root if Data Source configured
PerformanceWEB-34416Do not index symlinks inside node_modules targeting files inside project
UsabilityWEB-35568WSL: ExecutionException when try to debug with incorrect interpreter
UsabilityWEB-35031Do not auto-exclude `dist` within node module folder if there are `module` or `esnext` keys referencing files from `dist`
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-35377Support non-unit types in union discriminants (TS 3.2)
BugWEB-35178Typescript: generate constructor omits optional parameter specifier when used with React
BugWEB-35459Typescript exports not resolved for imports completion
BugWEB-25990TypeScript: Contents of collection are updated but never queried (destructuring case)
BugWEB-35410"Make private/protected" intention should not be available for the parameters in the arrow functions
BugWEB-35240Add Import statement: missing "from" keyword when import path is already there
BugWEB-35329Improve suggestion Typescript Extract, Exclude types
BugWEB-35345TypeScript getter and setter generation should honor the "Use 'public' modifier" setting
BugWEB-29799tsconfig.json paths don't work with Vue .vue single file components
BugWEB-35400Incorrect behaviour of "pull member up" refactoring on a method with a decorator
BugWEB-35278Convert to field holding arrow function generates redundant access modifier
BugWEB-35277Private methods should not be in the completion list for inherited classes
BugWEB-35474StackOverflowError on types resolving
BugWEB-34663Typescript: convert parameters to use object initializer - removes the optionals
BugWEB-35125StackOverflowError at JSTypeEvaluator.addTypeFromElementResolveResult()
BugWEB-34587False positive "Abstract class constructor can be made protected"
BugWEB-31543vue-mixin-decorator doesn't work in Vue files with TypeScript
BugWEB-35263Typescript. Go to declaration broken for the field of union type.
BugWEB-35505Typescript "arrow to named function" prepend "public" modifier inside module
BugWEB-35181Unneeded 'Invalid instanceof check' warning when strictNullChecks enabled
BugWEB-34100False positive JSMismatchedCollectionQueryUpdate for object literal
BugWEB-34924[VUEJS] tsconfig.json ignores by IDE
BugWEB-35254Code completion for overrides should properly handle access modifiers
BugWEB-35252Code completion for overrides shouldn't insert 'super.' when base type is an interface
BugWEB-35551Import are marked as error when overriding baseUrl in child config
BugWEB-35446JSX Generics are not parsed when tag name is namespaced
BugWEB-30796path completion in import doesn't work when using path mappings
PerformanceWEB-34174IDE gets frozen on switching to another app and back
UsabilityWEB-34564Parameter hints: not clear how to configure for TypeScript
ExceptionWEB-35567Exception while disposing TypeScript service
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-24245Ability to specify suite name when running protractor tests
BugWEB-35512Running Jest tests broken with Jest 24 alpha
BugWEB-35242running tests assumes Jest supports --runTestsByPath
BugWEB-35553Jest RC: set working directory to the closest directory with jest.config.js or package.json
BugWEB-35484Navigate to source at failure fails on 'test'
UsabilityWEB-35273When changing run configuration for Jest tests, don't clear out file choice
DB ConsoleBugDBE-7298IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs on opening "Parameters" dialog if there are no parameters in query
DB IntrospectionFeatureDBE-7198DataGrip Should Provide Pattern to functionNamePattern in DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() call.
BugDBE-7234Unknown system variable 'storage_engine' when trying to connect to MySQL 5.7
BugDBE-7150Triggers not showing for MariaDB ver. 10.1.34
BugDBE-7201Uninformative "Project Data Sources: re-sync required"
DB RefactoringBugDBE-7205Default SQL value wrongfully becomes string in "modify table" dialog
IDE GeneralCosmeticsDBE-4250Inconsistent Invalidate Cache / Restart location
SQL CompletionFeatureDBE-2854Automatic alias
FeatureDBE-6989Customisable aliases for tables when auto-completing SQL queries
FeatureDBE-5940don't suggest aliases for table names
BugDBE-5981suggested alias should not have hash sign for temp tables on sql server
BugDBE-2852Setting to select table order in ON-clause
BugDBE-4656Bad completion for window functions
BugDBE-5654Duplicates in completion
BugDBE-6536Inapplicable autocomplete suggestions - table ailas after table alias
UsabilityDBE-6450Remove SELF argument from autocomplete prarmeter list of PLSQL Object type method
UsabilityDBE-7032Improve completion for joins
Configuration ProblemDBE-5511Can't disable MySQL JOIN alias autocomplete
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-6819Indent-only no-alignment code style (also C-like style)
FeatureDBE-6678Align JOIN under FROM
FeatureDBE-6801Allow to specify elements place separately for each clause in query
FeatureDBE-6798Egypt style for INSERT and subqueries
BugDBE-7236MSSQL: Query hint formatting
BugDBE-7167SQL code style format - Comment
BugDBE-1376SQL Formatting: line break before closing ")"
BugDBE-7220Indent everything between BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT statement MSSQL
SQL GeneralFeatureDBE-3275Fold multiple values in IN operator
BugDBE-6314limit 1 is not recognized as valid sytax in PL/PgSQL
BugDBE-7143Auto-created folding regions are un-folded on file re-open
BugDBE-5325Code Folding > Expand All requires repeating the action two times
SQL GenerationBugDBE-7180Several PostgreSQL rule issues with the Source Editor
BugDBE-7195In "Database Changes" window, right-clicking on a single function/view and clicking on "revert" reverts all changed objects!
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-3109Please add an inspection for unused field of subquery
SQL RefactoringFeatureDBE-636SQL Intention: Introduce/inline table alias
BugDBE-7178Alias renaming in a view source editor fails to apply changes to all references
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