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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 183.2153.8 Release Notes
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No subsystemFeatureIDEA-194897MacBook touch bar: add "Add configuration" button in Run/Debug configuration dialog
BugIDEA-113988Instance method call color cant be changed
BugIDEA-193835IDEA starts with error Could not initialize class com.intellij.internal.statistic.eventLog.FeatureUsageLogger
BugIDEA-193747Clicking Help | Register does nothing in a Toolbox-installed PhpStorm
BugIDEA-193180Selecting 'Always show FN-keys at Touch Bar' blows IntelliJ into a billion pieces
BugIDEA-194169New SE: Keyboard shortcut settings
BugIDEA-192282PotemkinProgress isn't shown on macOS
BugIDEA-194901MacBook touch bar: welcome screen bugs
BugIDEA-194877Search windows should sort results with closest match on top
BugIDEA-195058changelist rendering is blocked by some semistuporous locks
BugIDEA-194273NullPointerException on finding RemoteDesktopService
BugIDEA-193863exceptions when deleted some .xmls
BugIDEA-194890MacBook touch bar: More items button does not work in Run/Debug configurations dialog
BugIDEA-194201On switching JDK in run configuration, 'class not found' warning is displayed for main class
BugIDEA-194670Memory leak in DocumentationManager
BugIDEA-189873Run Dashboard: Del pressing in the Find box in console deletes the current run configuration
BugIDEA-127997Gutter changed lines regions not shown when the changed lines are "folded"
BugIDEA-177327AltGr special characters don't work under Windows 10, instead hotkeys for Ctrl+Alt are initiated
BugIDEA-191258Out of memory on opening/reading SVG file.
PerformanceIDEA-194547LossyEncodingInspection allocate a lot of objects on heap
UsabilityIDEA-194132Hide JSON widget for Spring Boot YAML configuration files
UsabilityIDEA-165834Export settings to .zip by default
CosmeticsIDEA-194905MacBook touch bar: use buttons with labels instead of icons in Diff dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-194902MacBook touch bar: debugger improvments
TaskIDEA-195201Plugins: number of plugins on trending page
TaskIDEA-194110Turn on Run Anything action in IDEA
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
ExceptionIDEA-194581NPE at com.intellij.psi.util.PsiUtilBase.findEditor
AndroidBugIDEA-190632Test sources are not compiled in Android project
BugIDEA-193964Gradle test runner outputs to console and instead creating test result toolwindow
AntBugIDEA-173612Ant coloured output configurable
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-129836"Run inspection by name" popup: allow access to full inspection description
FeatureIDEA-194409Need way to map inspection class name to the inspection in the inspection configuration ui
BugIDEA-194381Resolved inspection items deleted though 'Filter resolved items' disabled.
BugIDEA-144891Good code is red: "Magic Constant" with Calendar.get()
BugIDEA-71133Annotation method is incorrectly reported as unused when used in a same file where annotation declared
BugIDEA-55886Wrong inspection and auto-fix for Arrays.asList
BugIDEA-194855False positive "Blocking operator in non-blocking scope" for a Flux
BugIDEA-152262Don't report warning "private field is never assigned" for fields assigned via java.util.concurrent.atomic.Atomic*FieldUpdater
UsabilityIDEA-194541Remove close button from inspection result toolwindow toolbar
ExceptionIDEA-194975Offline Inspection fails with HeadlessException presumably because EAP version is expired
Code CoverageUsabilityIDEA-194483Coverage file is not monitored
Code Formatting and Code StyleFeatureIDEA-155090File level indentation change
FeatureIDEA-162495Add Java Code Style setting for Spaces -> Within -> Enum braces
BugIDEA-180049New line after javadoc block in enum.
BugIDEA-190114Impossible to configure Java code style for enums that uses spaces within enum constant definition braces
BugIDEA-145538Code reformatting forces a space before the colon symbol in a Java foreach statement
BugIDEA-130575Java code style enum wrapping "wrap always" warps also end-of-line comments
BugIDEA-67968Formatter Ignores Empty Space
BugIDEA-180882Code formatting doesn't remove invalid/empty Javadoc tags
BugIDEA-163459Arrangement has different sorting based on anoymous inner class methods
Code NavigationBugIDEA-194408Exception in 3rd party plugin breaks core functionality
Code. GenerateFeatureIDEA-194650Do not use 'Objects.equals' for generated equals/hashCode
BugIDEA-194722#macro does not work correctly in velocity templates for toString etc
ConsoleFeatureIDEA-164907Run Configuration console does not support "file:///" URL
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-184133Cucumber JVM doesn't have shorten classpath option
BugIDEA-194159Glue for step definitions written in Java 8 is not calculated
DatabaseExceptionIDEA-194420Throwable at com.intellij.ide.actions.WeighingActionGroup.getAllChildren
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-194359Support for for Async Stacktraces in Remote JVMs
BugIDEA-192962[Mute breakpoints] option is switched off on the debug session start
BugIDEA-193733history-paste doesn't work in debug-watches, even though it's offered
UsabilityIDEA-194431Async Stracktraces for Platform.runLater
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-194913Zoom is broken in Diff for images
CosmeticsIDEA-194881Rename Files Merged with Conflicts as it is confusing to users
DockerFeatureIDEA-175476Add option to wrap words in docker logs
BugIDEA-194227Docker: DockerView, Log tab: multiple toolbars at resizing
BugIDEA-194041Number of Attached Console tabs keeps increasing with every container launch
BugIDEA-194871Docker: Provide an inspection error for "rm" in the "Command line options" field if it is not applied
BugIDEA-158217Docker: stop and delete old container after redeploy, even if container name is not set
BugIDEA-192393Dockerfile "cannot resolve stage" with valid --from syntax
BugIDEA-194072Dead `--rm` container shown as not removed from the IDE view
BugIDEA-193893DockerCompose: can't choose services for the attached yaml
BugIDEA-194659DockerCompose: impossible to run docker-compose run configuration
UsabilityIDEA-194040Typing in Attached Console is very slow
UsabilityIDEA-163754Docker. Container, Exec menu item. Set focus on the command line after Exec-> bash
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-193689IDEA logs of EAP version have eaten all free space of a /home - threaddumps
BugIDEA-193509Unintended code completion list pops up when typing non-ASCII strings
Editor. Color SchemesFeatureIDEA-193070"Syntax highlight > Language defaults > Parameter" should have option to inherit from "Identifiers > Default" since it's Identifier
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-190611Unable to turn on parameter hint for all cases
BugIDEA-189671Editor loses caret (thus focus) after closing one of the two splits using Close (Ctrl+F4)
BugIDEA-192519yml and other files: Editor does not show unquoted devanAgarI unicode characters.
BugIDEA-194718Column selection status text is incorrect when multiple window is open
BugIDEA-194473Scope highlighting blinks terribly
BugIDEA-194978Mouse navigation & tooltips handler: take inlay hints into the account
BugIDEA-194054Gutter icons of the underlying code displayed on folded region quick view
BugIDEA-192700Left gutter is not resized when breakpoint is removed
BugIDEA-194685Add builtin soutv postfix template
BugIDEA-194649On navigation to a search result target location is not centered in editor
BugIDEA-192438Underline is always bold underline
BugIDEA-195183Inspection's tooltip shouldn't appear when the cursor stays on a hint
BugIDEA-193224Tabbing out of brackets broken when having to import a class.
BugIDEA-194100Code folding state resets automatically
BugIDEA-194238Custom file types comments conflicting
CosmeticsIDEA-186054Text cursor is reset to position (1,1) when code editor tab is dragged from primary window to new 2nd window
File SystemUsabilityIDEA-192665Annoying "External file changes sync may be slow" notification
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-193584New SE: plugin enabling/disabling via Find Action is confusing and incorrect
BugIDEA-193321SearchEverywhere: on scope switching the 'include non-project items' checkbox loses its state
GUI DesignerUsabilityIDEA-1840982017.3.1 IJ Forms code generator removes comment before generated code - Regression from 2017.2
GradleBugIDEA-195196Gradle: unable to stop import (or task running) until wrapper finished gradle distribution download
BugIDEA-193331Refreshing a composite Gradle 4.8 project fails with "Unable to load class 'org.gradle.composite.internal.IncludedBuildInternal'"
BugIDEA-194900Project synchronization after upgrading to Gradle 4.8.1 is broken
BugIDEA-185436Unable to pass environment variables to Gradle for delegated Application running
BugIDEA-190749Application run configuration 'Before launch' doesn't work when the build/run is delegated to Gradle
BugIDEA-180158Gradle wrapper task configuration download the distribution for every project loaded instead of caching.
GroovyFeatureIDEA-193189Support method references '::'
FeatureIDEA-154469Option to generate comments at first column and add a space at comment start
FeatureIDEA-193165Groovy 2.5 @NamedParam annotation reports incorrect inspection error and warning when used with @NamedVariant annotation
FeatureIDEA-188433Support for loop enhancements
FeatureIDEA-188432Support array initializers
FeatureIDEA-188429Support try with resources
BugIDEA-194761Bad code green: slashy string after (triple-) double quoted string
BugIDEA-173503Formatter: "New line after '('" in "Method declaration parameters" setting is ignored
BugIDEA-194309Groovy 3 syntax: unresolved constructor reference using double colon
BugIDEA-194906Where-table formatting does not work properly in Spock tests
BugIDEA-194880Good code yellow: cannot apply slashy string literal to argument
BugIDEA-194977Equals between inconvertible types misses `!=`
BugIDEA-176643Auto-formatting may break code meaning
BugIDEA-185208GroovyUnusedDeclaration doesn't recognize "unused"
BugIDEA-195296New line before elvis operand is not parsed correctly
BugIDEA-195269Formatter: first command argument is incorrectly wrapped
BugIDEA-194375Wrong unassigned variable highlighting
BugIDEA-194446inconsistent goto
BugIDEA-194298Groovy 3 syntax: problems with try-with-resources statement parsing
BugIDEA-194061Formatter: "New line after '('" in "Method call arguments" setting is ignored
BugIDEA-194587Method call is parsed as type cast
BugIDEA-193778ExternalProjectServiceTest.groovy has red code but it runs without problems
BugIDEA-194317Wrong inspection reporting assignments with incompatible types
BugIDEA-194503False-positives for increment / decrement operators in "Change to operator" inspection
BugIDEA-194505Quick Definition action does not work on properties in completion dialog while it works on the same property in the editor
PerformanceIDEA-193193Typing Groovy code lags/sluggish as compare to Kotlin.
UsabilityIDEA-194879No completion for do/while keywords
ExceptionIDEA-194301AE at org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.lang.resolve.processors.GroovyResolverProcessorBuilder.computeKinds(Gro
IDE ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-135447Remember settings last exported
FeatureIDEA-152848Fresh IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 installation doesn't recognize the the exported settings file
BugIDEA-189920Attribute inheritance flag in Editor color scheme is reverted on Apply
BugIDEA-194876When removing "Other" from "B" live template context, it's reset to "None"
BugIDEA-193029Restarting is not supported on GNU/Linux with Python 3 as the only Python interpreter
BugIDEA-186551HttpConfigurable#getJvmProperties ignores proxy exceptions
IndicesBugIDEA-194315Spring Boot: application.yaml file opened in Editor while indexing is not recognized as SpringBoot configuration file
JavaBugIDEA-195008Cannot get UImportStatement parent in Java
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-194812Bad smart completion:
BugIDEA-193531Completion for type parameters doesn't work with language level 9 with mismatched package name
BugIDEA-194738Inner class is suggested twice on second completion
BugIDEA-187354Autocomplete for lambda expressions does not work when multiple constructors are available.
BugIDEA-194462Duplicate unresolved return type suggested
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-139214IDE doesn't show error for invalid Java code when class extends 2 generic types that have methods with the same name
BugIDEA-194839Assignment casting bug (IntelliJ IDEA 2018.2 Beta-EAP 182.3458.5, Mac OS X High Sierra v.10.13.5)
BugIDEA-129663Invalid quick-fix suggestion when creating inexsiting inner classes
BugIDEA-195153@Override hint error
BugIDEA-194104Type inferring error (Java 10 var) in the code that was compiled successfully
UsabilityIDEA-192204Wrong error with ambiguous method reference
ExceptionIDEA-193828com.intellij.util.IncorrectOperationException: Incorrect expression '(java.util.concurrent.Callable<null>)() -> x'
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-188771Java 10: "Explicit type of local variable can be omitted" is not suggested when initializer is a new expression with diamond
FeatureIDEA-117884Inspection "Divide by zero": Recognize 0.0/0.0
FeatureIDEA-195069Quick Fix: "Transform to mutable collection" in response to "Immutable object is modified" inspection
FeatureIDEA-193288Inspection to detect Xyz.class.isInstance(foo) and Xyz.class.cast(foo)
FeatureIDEA-194715Recognize assertTrue(Arrays.equals(a1, a2))
FeatureIDEA-189130Inspection not compatible with Java 10
FeatureIDEA-117109Warn missing 'break' or mark on sideline all breaks of cases in a switch
FeatureIDEA-194872Suggest conversion "Arrays.toList" to "List.of" when list not modified
FeatureIDEA-187212Suggest to use Java 10 List/Set/Map.copyOf where possible
FeatureIDEA-195165Non-static initializer inspection: quick-fix makes code incompilable
FeatureIDEA-194697Nullability analysis for stream chains should check against element-level nullability annotations
FeatureIDEA-194142IDEA should recognize min/max usage with reversed order
FeatureIDEA-194143min after useless sorted in stream
FeatureIDEA-193783Inspection for Null-safe equals replacement with Objects::equals should produce weak warning by default
FeatureIDEA-167983No quick fix for inspection "Map replaceable by EnumMap"
FeatureIDEA-193997No inspection for Stream.toArray() with unrelated array type
FeatureIDEA-195178JUnit 5 - assertAll, invocation may produce NPE
BugIDEA-194863Non-sensical warning and quick fix: Condition is always true
BugIDEA-145389Anonymous class may be a named 'static' inner class inspection warns where it shall not
BugIDEA-193290"Mismatched collection query and update": no warning when update in lambda
BugIDEA-194439Regression: Enum.toString() should not be externally annotated as @NotNull
BugIDEA-191576@NotNull/@Nullable problems inspections warns where it shall not
BugIDEA-193692Dumb change proposed to misc.xml
BugIDEA-194009False "Redundant step in Stream" inspection
BugIDEA-193876Replace explicit type with var misses annotations
BugIDEA-161859Safe delete method parameter does not update method contract
BugIDEA-193909"Type may be weakened" inspection is false positive if an absent in weaker type method is called on a bracketed variable
BugIDEA-194904'0 / 0' can be replaced with '1' - which is wrong because java.lang.ArithmeticException is thrown
BugIDEA-193827Redundant initializer warning produces incompilable code when `var` is used (java-10)
BugIDEA-86525Suppress "string.equals("") can be replaced with isEmpty" inspection if the string can be null (annotated as Nullable, returned by a method annotated as Nullable, etc)
BugIDEA-190995"No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK" warning is reported on injected Java language fragments
BugIDEA-194058False-positive warning of producing NullPointerException for Map.compute
BugIDEA-195118replace with "try with resources" messes the code
BugIDEA-194278"Too weak variable type leads to unnecessary cast" does not detect some cases
BugIDEA-193618Invalid code generated after "Can be replaced with 'collect' call"
BugIDEA-193685Useless quick-fix 'Make "org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull" default annotation'
BugIDEA-194440Can't see expected inferred Unmodifiable annotation for List.of
BugIDEA-194333Functional expression can be folded false-negative
BugIDEA-193915Quick-fix to add generic parameter to javadoc works incorrectly
BugIDEA-195080"Class does not override toString" inspection class exclusion regex is not saved
BugIDEA-162725'Push condition inside expression' must preserve comments
BugIDEA-191356"Missorted modifier" inspection quick fix loses comment
BugIDEA-193830"While can be foreach" could produce invalid code when Java 10 'var' is used to declare iterator and
BugIDEA-164942Quick fix "Wrap using..." leading to bad code when used with null value
BugIDEA-185009'Ingore subclasses of' doesn't work for 'Non-serializable field in a Serializable class' inspection
BugIDEA-140861"Simplify boolean expression" fix removes comments
BugIDEA-120189"Instance field may not be initialized" ignore for Nullable
BugIDEA-194781"Return of String[] field" inspection warns when when the array is a reference to a 0-length array constant
BugIDEA-184092Renaming variable to "unused" in nested try-with-resources leads to "already defined in scope"
BugIDEA-143137Type may be weakened inspection should not prompt to weaken injected constructor parameters
BugIDEA-193896"Can be final" is not true
BugIDEA-127764MagicConstantInspection uses wrong annotation
PerformanceIDEA-193987IDE freeze when turn on code inspection data flow for Java
UsabilityIDEA-193932Inspection 'Non-serializable field in a Serializable class' shouldn't show warning for classes with writeReplace
UsabilityIDEA-193647"Method can be void" Java inspection should be able to ignore methods with certain annotations
UsabilityIDEA-194652IDEA found side effect in primitive array creation
UsabilityIDEA-193894Applying "Array of X expected" inspection results in "generic array creation" error
UsabilityIDEA-193961Do not show usage of unstable API in import
CosmeticsIDEA-182666Too verbose warning 'casting is redundant'.
CosmeticsIDEA-193810Inspection 'Standard Charset object can be used' doesn't show warning for ASCII
CosmeticsIDEA-141875Make quickfix for unresolved variable work after ";"
TaskIDEA-194396Merge StringConstructorInspection into RedundantStringOperationInspection
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-114041Add quickfix to abstract/interface method with body that used the body to implement method in selected derived classes
FeatureIDEA-188023Add support for @NonNls annotation to add annotation intention
FeatureIDEA-185569Suggest a type cast as a QuickFix for "Cannot resolve method"
BugIDEA-161515Introduce field generates unneeded comments
BugIDEA-194627"Fix all unusued declaration problems in file" doesn't do anything when executed via alt-enter popup
BugIDEA-194426Convert to atomic/ThreadLocal breaks code
BugIDEA-195066Java incorrect variable type after unknown variable quick fix
BugIDEA-194648Simpler expression auto-fix results in different code
BugIDEA-195028Invalid sentence to rename a class - the first part of the name is "corrupted"
BugIDEA-193829"Expand boolean" produces incorrect code when boolean is declared using java 10 'var'
BugIDEA-195051Missing "Navigate to previous declared variable" action
BugIDEA-195209Useless popup for class import when child class refers to nested private class in parent class
BugIDEA-194413"Remove redundant parameter types" does nothing for annotated lambda parameters
BugIDEA-195015Sort content does not sort negative numbers and parenthesized expressions
BugIDEA-150867"Change variable type" quickfix produces invalid type
BugIDEA-195234Do not suggest "Randomly change 'serialVersionUID' initializer" when serialVersionUID is initialized in static initializer
BugIDEA-194414Intention 'Replace var with explicit type' should update all parameters
BugIDEA-194743Intention: Initialize variable: generates bad code and doesn't recommend anything useful for List<T>
BugIDEA-194456"Sort content" removes code
BugIDEA-195266Inappropriate suggestion to create type parameter from usage
BugIDEA-191327'Invert if condition' changes behavior
BugIDEA-165260Quick fix switch statement to if else leaves new lines in place of break statements
BugIDEA-194501"Sort content" breaks syntax
BugIDEA-194610Inappropriate create type parameter from usage suggestion
BugIDEA-194259Disable "Insert contract" action if there's explicit contract annotation and external annotation
BugIDEA-191069"Surround with try/catch" with 'var' produces invalid code
UsabilityIDEA-194417"Expand lambda to (Integer) -> {..}" quick-fix is not clear
UsabilityIDEA-194742Intention: Initialize variable for unused not available at declaration
Java. RefactoringFeatureIDEA-195081Extract Method Object: syntax highlighting in signature preview
BugIDEA-136027Extract variable deletes comments
BugIDEA-171284Ctrl+Alt+M (Windows) to Extract Method does not correctly refactor on 'Process Duplicates'
BugIDEA-195113Extract variables: Suggests local variable names containing dots
BugIDEA-91633Convert local Variable to Field changes behaviour
BugIDEA-160546Extract method with duplicates doesn't generate correct code
BugIDEA-129581Convert Anonymous to Inner may break code
BugIDEA-136859introduce parameter generates red code when vararg parameter is unused
BugIDEA-194709"Extract Parameters to Replace Duplicates" dialog ignores existing duplicates if original signature is kept
BugIDEA-194441inline refactoring tries to create generic array
BugIDEA-147842Cannot move classes to a different package if package-info is selected
BugIDEA-120800Extract parameter produces wrong code
BugIDEA-111337"Safe delete" for method parameters should traverse entire inheritance graph
BugIDEA-113427"Create constructor matching super" fix does nothing
BugIDEA-194463Comments lost in extract method preview
JavaEE.StrutsBugIDEA-194799OGNL: Sanity Test Fail OgnlReferenceExpressionBase
BugIDEA-194802OGNL Sanity Test Fail - OgnlVariableExpression ref
BugIDEA-194195OGNL Sanity Test: failed completion with OgnlNewArrayExpression
Language InjectionBugIDEA-162596Un-inject action works from the second attempt only
PerformanceIDEA-194117@Language("RegExp") annotation doesn't scale to O(1000) expressions in a single file
Local HistoryBugIDEA-189367Current version is not editable in the Local History of a directory.
MavenFeatureIDEA-194349Provide option to delegate IDE run actions to Maven
FeatureIDEA-189973One-click debugging of Maven projects that use exec:exec
OSGiTaskIDEA-184034Upgrade Bndlib
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-194011Turn vcs.log.graph module into a healthy maven dependency
BugIDEA-194822Incorrect sed command in non OS_TYPE Linix libyjpagent check breaks non Linux startup
TaskIDEA-195115Bundle Kotlin 1.2.51 with IntelliJ IDEA
Password SafeAuto-reported ExceptionIDEA-195101Login to GitHub: exception on hitting Deny
Platform APIFeatureIDEA-169107Create an API to add custom text in place of OuterLanguageElement-s to aid template data language lexer
BugIDEA-193989IDE does not start - broken icon loading by relative path and IconPathPatcher in multiple plugins
Plugin DevelopmentBugIDEA-194306Devkit: fix quick/full doc for extension point w/ "qualifiedName"
BugIDEA-183006Automatically load plugins on which the main plugin optionally depends in tests
BugIDEA-194744DevKit: extensionPoint declaration verification
BugIDEA-194146plugin.xml EP naming checks: tighten rules
BugIDEA-194424DevKit: fix usage scope for Action/Group
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-193311"Install plugin" button is undistinguished
BugIDEA-194120New Plugins Manager: cannot select text/version text in plugin details page
BugIDEA-194591New plugin manager has incorrect window size
PerformanceIDEA-193969Project leak via UIUtil$JBHtmlEditorKit
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-194717Excluded roots are lost after refreshing a repository library
BugIDEA-192913Stop updating misc.xml with test statistics
RefactoringBugIDEA-187647Rename module does not rename directory
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-187390Allow using classpath instead of module path when running applications on JDK9
UsabilityIDEA-181847RunDashboard: auto-scroll to the running item in case of many items in the view
UsabilityIDEA-193775No easy way to delete a run configuration
Settings RepositoryUsabilityIDEA-149733Settings are not synced when using only read-only sources
SpringFeatureIDEA-195129Spring Boot: allow explicit mapping of configuration keys to "contentType"
FeatureIDEA-194926Redundant annotations in @SpringBootApplication-annotated classes: consider @ComponentScans also
FeatureIDEA-194917Spring Boot 2: support microseconds in Duration value
BugIDEA-194941Spring Boot Run Configuration: on completing values for property of 'profile' type the profile names in list should have icons
BugIDEA-144490Spring Boot: support hints for config keys in SB Run Configuration
BugIDEA-144494Spring Boot: provide smart completion for properties with configured hints of class-reference type in the Run Configurations
BugIDEA-174517Spring Boot run configuration: Override Parameters table: Ctrl-Q for the property name or value shows confusing results
BugIDEA-195054Spring Boot: YAML: invalid suggestions in the placeholders for the SB properties
BugIDEA-131587Spring Integration: support @BridgeFrom and @BridgeTo annotations
BugIDEA-195208NoSuchMethodException starting Spring Boot application using Kotlin when there is another package level function
BugIDEA-194837Redundant Spring Gutter on Kotlin data class
BugIDEA-194834Spring Boot: "redundant @ComponentScan " warning should not be shown when some non-default attributes are specified in this annotation
BugIDEA-128918Spring Integration: support <expression> subelement
BugIDEA-194891Spring Boot: handle config key with type 'org.springframework.http.MediaType'
BugIDEA-194149Hide JSON widget for Spring Boot additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json files
BugIDEA-195167Spring Boot: find in all scopes
BugIDEA-194616SpEL: completion does not work in existing qualified type
BugIDEA-194859Spring Boot Application not recognized in Kotlin
BugIDEA-194731False positive inspection 'Spring Boot Application Setup': when @ComponentScan with parameters is provided
BugIDEA-187711Spring Boot config files: allow to suppress value checking for user-configurable "placeholder replacement" markers
BugIDEA-128520Spring Integration: check that 'resource-inbound-channel-adapter' has 'pattern' attribute
BugIDEA-129123Spring Integration: support @EnablePublisher annotation
BugIDEA-128564Spring Integration: "handler-retry-advice" element is not parsed
UsabilityIDEA-179168SpringBoot Dashboard: show some message if the list of health indicators is empty
UsabilityIDEA-190799Spring Boot Run Configuration: on new parameter adding the parameters tab should be autoscrolled
UsabilityIDEA-194098Spring gutter icon for 3rd party libraries only shown when declared by XML and not when instantiated via a Configuration class
CosmeticsIDEA-195046Spring Boot: highlight FQN values referring to spring.factories registration keys with "class" highlighting
CosmeticsIDEA-195137Spring Boot config files: fix highlighting of empty placeholder expression "${}"
ExceptionIDEA-190456Spring Boot: problem with quoted values for certain value types (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException)
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-195166Finding same values does not work
Task ManagementBugIDEA-193736Task intgaration with GitLab does not work - 410: Gone error
TerminalBugIDEA-193879IJ Terminal links are not clickable when output hides from viewport (regression)
BugIDEA-173259fish plugin functions do not work on macOS in built-in terminal
BugIDEA-194928Terminal console: a few first long lines are not properly carried over to next line
ExceptionIDEA-187084StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while executing some action with long output in the Terminal
Unit Testing. JUnitFeatureIDEA-194067In the list of jUnit results, the quick documentation/definition popup doesn't update on arrow down/up
BugIDEA-194984Operators of JUnit5 @Tag expression are not supported.
BugIDEA-162553After switching from TestNG to JUnit, IDEA still tries to run TestNG configuration
BugIDEA-193010Message parsing bug in JUnit plugin around actual value
BugIDEA-194570Wrong total/passed tests count calculation in
BugIDEA-193925Inspection "JUnit 5 malformed parameterized test" is triggered on legal source: @ArgumentsSources
BugIDEA-193920JUnit: preserve slashes in suites names
Unit Testing. TestNGFeatureIDEA-195047No way to change Expected file from Actual in diff window on <click to see difference> in testng
BugIDEA-193318Do not fold comparison results for SoftAssertions in console
User InterfaceBugIDEA-195253Project Settings: Assertion Error exception on add+delete incorrect content root
BugIDEA-194131Missing 'Expand All/Collapse All' icons in TODO tool window
BugIDEA-193875Synchronise '' context menu item
BugIDEA-194712Messages tool window header is missing "Collapse/expand all" icons
BugIDEA-194716Fatal error reporting with optional files not working correctly
BugIDEA-193115TouchBar: dropdown values are not selectable
BugIDEA-193493"Tip of the day" pixelated but correct size with 125% DPI scaling
BugIDEA-193403New SE: incorrect integration with other popups
BugIDEA-194051Wrong row height for com.intellij.codeInspection.ui.ListTable
BugIDEA-194795Exception appears when try to open file chooser from Welcome screen
BugIDEA-194010New SE: some toggles do not change their state while action performed
BugIDEA-194018New Plugins dialog: "enable" link is not visible for a plugin with multiple dependencies
BugIDEA-193867Clicking bottom-most 'more' link in new Search Everywhere popup throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
BugIDEA-193862Hard crash macOS
BugIDEA-194208"Add Language Annotation" quickfix appearance depends on the position of mouse cursor
BugIDEA-194924TouchBar support: touch bar is not appeared after first IDE launch
BugIDEA-194995slow scrolling in svg viewer
BugIDEA-192960Incorrect close button position
BugIDEA-193789Settings: Plugins: unable to search in installed plugins
UsabilityIDEA-192403Touchbar support for Select in > Project view
CosmeticsIDEA-191307Update "Create Gist" Git Octocat icon to white cat in black circle
ExceptionIDEA-193393TouchBar: exception is thrown after cancelling Project Structure window
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-193617Accessibility issue with ComboBox and the Win10 LAF
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-193777Cannot switch on 'Show function keys on touchbar' feature
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-186820Escape key often stops moving focus from a tool window back to the editor
User Interface. Look and FeelCosmeticsIDEA-193982Problem toolbar menu item's icon seems disabled when enabled
CosmeticsIDEA-191671Mac menu icons don't handle Darcula well
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-192364Problems with opening multiple files when Scoped view is selected
BugIDEA-189742Items in Project View remain highlighted as incorrect after deleting the class with uncompilable code
UsabilityIDEA-182143Edit Scopes option only appears in Project tool window's menu when a custom scope is selected
CosmeticsIDEA-168362Inconsistent labels in Project Tree View
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-66943Add "Revert Commit" action to file history context menu for Git
BugIDEA-194895Git annotate: "Number of lines annotated by git is not equal to number of lines in the file ..."
UsabilityIDEA-192073Missing 'Expand All/Collapse All' icons in VCS Local changes
UsabilityIDEA-193296Assign default shortcut for the "Set Active Changelist" action
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-133270(Git) Annotate should retain history through file renames.
BugIDEA-108316Unregistered Git roots are not auto-detected if they are more than 2 folder levels deep than any project module
BugIDEA-193934Git clone --recurse-submodules checkouts submodules in detached state which breaks Update project
BugIDEA-194286Continue rebase doesn't refresh file status
BugIDEA-193140Can't undo rewording of a commit made before a merge commit and get an exception
BugIDEA-194449New Git root is not detected until restart, if added externally as a submodule or under a new subdirectory
BugIDEA-195270Missing notification about invalid Git roots
BugIDEA-194991Annotation tooltip is huge and empty
BugIDEA-193788Git: Submodules: attempt to merge conflicts fails
BugIDEA-156454No Unstash of uncomitted changes when cancelling Git Rebase
UsabilityIDEA-187320"Show history for revision" action name is unclear
UsabilityIDEA-190367Shortcut for git branch by default
UsabilityIDEA-144948Branch list in Git Rebase dialog should include remote branches
UsabilityIDEA-124453Update Project should not fail completely when some module can't be updated (have no remotes, doesn't have a tracked branch, is in detached state, etc)
UsabilityIDEA-183867Ignore whitespace changes in annotations for git option
UsabilityIDEA-194090Protected branches do not prevent branch deletion
UsabilityIDEA-144072Sort order of branch names in git branches drop-down lists is not alpha-numerical (Rebase, Branch Widget etc)
ExceptionIDEA-194024AssertionError at git4idea.rebase.GitRebaseLineListener.onLineAvailable
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-130970Git Log: search for filter string both in hashes and in strings
TaskIDEA-191611Update toolbar in VCS Log
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-183743Use file revision encoding when comparing file contents
XMLBugIDEA-194328Bundled XMLSchema-instance.xsd refers to nill- instead of nil-attribute
PerformanceIDEA-193127DomFileIconProvider loads AST unnecessarily
No subsystemFeatureWEB-33249Typing quotes/backticks over selected text should wrap that text, not delete
FeatureWEB-33641Angular2: allow injecting languages other than CSS in `styles:[]`
FeatureWEB-33236Add ng add integration
BugWEB-33570Do not log issues with bad schematics in New|Angular Schematics... dialog
BugWEB-33364Angular template reference wrong typing
BugWEB-33569Suggest newer version for 'ng-add' dependencies if older one doesn't support 'ng-add'
BugWEB-33287Nested indices access in JsTestSourcesFilter may cause deadlock
CSSBugWEB-20810 Css Custom Properties will be in error if you are in both the transform and calc
BugWEB-61CSS optimization bug
BugWEB-33182Intellij complains about valid css
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-33782CoffeeScript: prohibit use of JavaScript Postfix Templates
DartFeatureWEB-33112Be able to run test of dart 2 code in intellij
BugWEB-33251Unable to run unit tests from folder with space in path
BugWEB-33051Dart formatter swallows white space on line merge
BugWEB-33011Unfortunate Dart formatting of syntactically valid code
BugWEB-32955Dart tab-autocompletion deletes code
DebuggerFeatureWEB-33127JS Coverage: Show correct coverage for css
BugWEB-30584Source mapped breakpoints have unexpected behavior in async code
BugWEB-33667Child process debugging doesn't have async call stack when using Node 8 'inspect-brk'
BugWEB-33328Node.js remote debugger ignores breakpoints in .ts file inside Docker container
BugWEB-33398CSS Coverage is shown for the generated .css, not for the apprepriate .sass file
BugWEB-33397No CSS coverage for 'Web Starter Kit' project
BugWEB-33528Out of memory when debugging React Native application
BugWEB-33119Wrong file path in Console when debugging a Vue app
BugWEB-33128JS Coverage: Rename in Coverage toolwindow
BugWEB-33044Debugger stops on muted breakpoints in React native app
BugWEB-33604Infinite 'Loading value' when calculating a variable
BugWEB-33288Incorrect coverage report for @angular/cli 1.7.4
BugWEB-33419Debugger tooltip shows value for the variable one line above
CosmeticsWEB-33294Attach to Node.js configuration: add separator
TaskWEB-7998If breakpoints muted, don't stop on debugger keyword
ExceptionWEB-33102Exception in IntelliJ IDEA on closing Internet Explorer
ExceptionWEB-31501[[FunctionLocation]] not found when call 'Jump to source'
File WatchersFeatureWEB-33175Add File Watcher template for Prettier
FeatureWEB-33321Add File Watchers to Settings for Default Project
FeatureWEB-33319Add Insert Macro button for the Program path field in File Watchers
BugWEB-33661Export File Watchers action: preserve Path Variables
CosmeticsWEB-33683File watchers: column title doesn't fit on Linux
HTMLFeatureWEB-5082HTML: completion could suggest all valid closing tags
BugWEB-33582Inspections - Unknown HTML Tag not working
JSONFeatureWEB-33212Mechanism for providing completion for third-party webpack plugins via json schemas
FeatureWEB-33426Support path patterns for JSON mappings
BugWEB-33494Incorrect handling of allOf+oneOf combination
BugWEB-33444JSON Schema mappings are stored with platform-dependent slashes
BugWEB-33014"File is not a schema" error in json widget when file was manually added with a mapping to schema
BugWEB-33724Incorrect 'missing property' in case of 'anyOf' with required
BugWEB-33705Unintended autocomplete list pop-ups when typing B or P inside quotes in JSON strings
BugWEB-33306JSON Schema Mappings: required fields are not suggested inside 'oneOf' definition
BugWEB-33215JSON Schema Mappings: Empty file pattern and path should match nothing
UsabilityWEB-33404Add an API to suppress JSON widget for particular files
CosmeticsWEB-33544Clean up empty items on saving JSON schema mappings
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-27961Parameter hints (like in Typescript) in pure JavaScript
FeatureWEB-33343Copy path breadcrumbs to clipboard for JS/TS
FeatureWEB-18381Flow/TSX/React: provide possibility to navigate via namespaced React tags
FeatureWEB-30594jsDoc | Add support for optional properties in @typedef with @property
BugWEB-32584Unresolved function or method error
BugWEB-33574JS: Changing language level doesn't trigger reindexing node modules
BugWEB-33700JavaScript: 'Method expression is not of Function type' after exporting
BugWEB-32140Better availability for 'Introduce variable' action
BugWEB-32421next/prev method ignores es6 object methods when {key: function} is present within a method
BugWEB-33627Wrong 'Invalid number of arguments' error for chai.test function
BugWEB-32484Should not resolve top-level elements to local functions in modules
BugWEB-33061WebStorm doesn't type 'this' properly when used in JSDoc
BugWEB-32977Undefined property assignment incorrectly triggering
BugWEB-32979@memberOf for instance members support only 1 way of declaration of 3
BugWEB-33435Imported class member not resolved when using singleton pattern
BugWEB-33611Javascript. Array type is not properly defined
BugWEB-33591Reduce availability range of some intentions for class members
BugWEB-33290Iterate intention: template should skip the last variable
BugWEB-30291Flow Project errors does not show warnings if there are no errors
BugWEB-33498Navigate/Declaration works wrong when using computed properties
BugWEB-32208React Stateless Functional Component autocomplete doesn't work with Flow prop types
BugWEB-32119Proper support for `@instance`
BugWEB-33349Spread expression types in calls are always evaluated as 'any', that is incorrect
BugWEB-33280Can't finish template for switch/while by pressing Enter once
BugWEB-24606Intellisense taking the wrong JS file and not the one imported in require('./...) using NodeJS
BugWEB-32953No support for Node.js Async Hooks module
BugWEB-30386TypeScript import added when pasting from clipboard into comment
UsabilityWEB-33552Autocomplete for properties doesn't show string-named items when typing a capital letter
UsabilityWEB-33727Missing breadcrumbs for switch statement
CosmeticsWEB-31831Settings: JS/TS: Code generation: align fields on the page
CosmeticsWEB-33635Issues with brace highlighting
ExceptionWEB-33628PsiInvalidElementAccessException when expand and collapse tag
JavaScript. FormatterTaskWEB-33431Formatting for conditional types, named and default generics, variadic tuples
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-33381Show type of React props in completion popup
FeatureWEB-31654Can't autoimport React HOCs
FeatureWEB-20913Intention: Switch between React class and pure function syntax
FeatureWEB-33304Remove "introduce local variable" intention for angular methods/data
BugWEB-33573Do not show ng add/install things if @angular/cli is not installed
BugWEB-33575Can't create react-native project
BugWEB-30850React Native: no completion for native components properties
BugWEB-31322Angular 5 -> Attribute i18n is not allowed here
BugWEB-32986Support pointer events (react 16.4)
BugWEB-28018Angular: support navigation/completion for template reference variables in `@ViewChild()` decorator
BugWEB-32162Copy React import when moving or copying JSX code
BugWEB-31992auto-imports for scoped packages resolves to wrong file
BugWEB-30682Angular. ngIf then/else block shows the error (statement expected)
BugWEB-33599Do not list already installed packages in New|Angular Dependency... dialog
BugWEB-33378Angular Schematics dialog: show completion when typing `--`
BugWEB-33722React: add autoimport for Component based on react.d.ts
BugWEB-33605Load karma and protractor config paths from angular.json
BugWEB-33799React: required props inside the PropTypes.shape should not be shown as optional in the completion
BugWEB-33526React Class Component template should be 'Component' instead of 'PureComponent'
BugWEB-32323IDE doesn't recognize local variables prior to *ngFor
BugWEB-33451Insufficient new project name validation for latest Angular CLI versions
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-33588inspection "TypeScript | Unsound 'typeof' type guard check" is not fully correct
BugWEB-33365JSDoc error with default + rest arguments
BugWEB-32303Strict mode inspection behavior is not applied in modules and classes
BugWEB-33610Wrong "Iterate with for..of" intention inside strings
BugWEB-33556Inspections: "Missing require() statement" inspection has no description
BugWEB-32956False positive for inspection "Primitive type object wrapper used"
CosmeticsWEB-33289Rename Iterate intention
ExceptionWEB-33555Throwable: Tool 'JSUnresolvedFunction' registers INFORMATION level problem in batch mode
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-33416Disable Inline refactoring for React functional components
BugWEB-33107Move module member fails with resolve to implicit overload element
BugWEB-33091UI issues with the Move Symbol dialog on resize
BugWEB-33377Rename of variable produces incorrect result with destructuring and object literal shorthands
BugWEB-33309'Move module member' should move assignments to properties
BugWEB-33418Move ES6 module member: update imports to non-js files
BugWEB-33417Move ES6 module member: usages of react components should be updated
BugWEB-33646Extract type alias should produce generic type if selection references generics
JavaScript. TemplatesFeatureWEB-15657EJS indent options for control block content
BugWEB-21041EJS: don't add spaces between EJS tags on formatting
BugWEB-18941Handlebars: avoid errors when expression is used as attribute value
BugWEB-10780Code Formatter breaks .ejs files
LESSBugWEB-33442less file '{' expected with guard clause
LintersBugWEB-33055Guessing linters shouldn’t happen while indexing on initial project generation
BugWEB-33680Throwable: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
Live EditBugWEB-29792Live Edit: 'restart if hotswap fails' doesn't work with Node.js 8+
Node.jsBugWEB-33707WSL: can't install nyc or istanbull via link from error
BugWEB-33708WSL: webpack config can not be analyzed
BugWEB-33368Incorrect encoding in console.table() output
BugWEB-33687WSL: flow doesn't start (Throwable: Can't find node interpreter)
BugWEB-33688WSL: covered lines are not marked in the editor
BugWEB-33154Support ANSI coloring in log files
BugWEB-33263WSL: interpreter from linux is incorrect for some RC
ExceptionWEB-33725WSL: IllegalStateException when indexing project
SASSBugWEB-33505SCSS code formatting breaks with nested namespaces
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-33447Replace if with switch intention in should work with enums and constant variables/fields
FeatureWEB-33448Intention actions to convert TypeScript parameter-property to field and back
FeatureWEB-33546TypeScript service: provide show quick fixes for "suggestion" annotations
FeatureWEB-33326Add references to TS 3.0 named generic arguments (so that they can be renamed/navigated)
FeatureWEB-33712ES6: autoimports for ts declarations inside node_modules
FeatureWEB-33291Support TS 3.0 tuples in function calls
FeatureWEB-33221Support TS 3.0 'unknown' type
FeatureWEB-33430Support TypeScript 3.0 variadic tuple types and tuples with optional items
FeatureWEB-33222Support TypeScript 3.1 named type arguments
FeatureWEB-33454Support TS 3.0 tuple type inference
BugWEB-21141[TypeScript] false error with generic extends non-named types
BugWEB-33612Incorrect lexing of tuples in TSX tag generic arguments
BugWEB-33491Array destructuring should support TS 3.0 variadic tuples
BugWEB-33701[TypeScript] Wrong "Non-ASCII characters in an identifier" inspection on TypeScript decorator with property access
BugWEB-33584TypeScript Auto-complete for new Promise is worse now
BugWEB-33457Spread expressions in arrays are always treated as 'any'
BugWEB-33545Should properly infer tuples from spreads
BugWEB-33716Incorrect rest parameter's type in "parameter info" / "quick doc" for aliases and tuples
BugWEB-33590TypeScript objects with getters/setters fail type validation
BugWEB-33293Expected type for tuple element shouldn't include types from other elements
BugWEB-33373TyperScript non-null assertion operator("!") syntax error case
BugWEB-21614invalid error: rest parameter must be an array type
BugWEB-33651Typescript. Autocomplete for properties doesn't show string-named items when service is on
BugWEB-33519Remove redundant empty line when replacing if with switch
BugWEB-33765Completion for generic TSX components doesn't work properly for the first attribute if TS service is enabled
BugWEB-33467Incorrect type text for tuples with repeating same types
BugWEB-33355Generic type arguments in JSX elements should allow whitespaces between tag name and generic list
BugWEB-33644Add 'extends' to the suggestion list for conditional types
BugWEB-33647Broken 'Create from usage' and 'Introduce type alias' in TSX tag generics
BugWEB-33632TypeScript: Types are included in pre-populated JSDoc for properties/vars
BugWEB-33230typeof dynamic import error: expression expected
UsabilityWEB-33609Inaccurate typescript autocomplete for text "ret"
Unit TestsBugWEB-33810'Click to update snapshot' link is missing
BugWEB-33622WSL: Jest Coverage tool window not showing any stats
BugWEB-33664Karma: cannot run single jasmine suite or test
BugWEB-33662Improve description for suits with ignored test when 'Hide ignored' is chosen
BugWEB-33260WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for mocha RC
BugWEB-33594'Show ignored' option doesn't work for Jest
BugWEB-33682Karma: 'Re-run failed tests' button disappears when debugger starts
BugWEB-33259 WSL: interpreter from linux is invalid for Karma RC
BugWEB-33353Jest, re-run failed tests: all test files are shown in the result tree
BugWEB-33631Jest + Vue: coverage marks not shown in gutter of .vue file
BugWEB-33356Jest: re-run failed tests can be faster
BugWEB-33354Jest, re-run failed tests: all same-named tests are run (even not failed)
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-6655Custom JDBC driver configuration workflow
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-4150Show # of selected rows in IDE
BugDBE-5204Database Table DDL does not open in active window group
BugDBE-1858Fiter in database table view does not apply to query result after cleared
SQL CompletionBugDBE-5358"Qualify Object on code completion" setting "Always" breaks postgresql updates
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-4923First word right-aligned code style
BugDBE-6681Formatter unwraps MySQL-style line comments
SQL ResolveBugDBE-6676Quoted Identifiers are case insensitive SQL Server
User InterfaceUsabilityDBE-6527Cannot create datasource with MSSQL jdbc driver
UsabilityDBE-6679Provide an easy way to create custom Data Source
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