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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 173.3531.6 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-181176MacOS: Gogland loses "before launch" entries of run configurations when closing
BugIDEA-180884Run Dashboard: on clicking in the run configurations tree the corresponding pane doesn't get focus
BugIDEA-180961Navigate | File - Camel Case no longer works
BugIDEA-181314Exception appears when copy default run/configurations
BugIDEA-179610Code region is shown twice in the Structure panel
Code Analysis. DuplicatesBugIDEA-180864Extracting method from duplicates creates uncompilable code due incorrect param names
Code Formatting and Code script should also accept .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-181208Java 9: changes in `module-info` directives are not picked by incremental build, after Rebuild Module + Build Project action sequence
BugIDEA-180438Annotation usages aren't recompiled after widening target from TYPE_USE to {TYPE-USE, PARAMETER}
DebuggerBugIDEA-181118Run configuration fails in debug
BugIDEA-180537WildFly Application Server does not start in Debug mode after installing 173.3188.16
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-172735Navigation from File structure pop-up does not work inside Diff panel
DockerBugIDEA-181258Docker. RunConfiguration. Command preview. Place a space after a not-default Dockerfile name to separate "-t" option from the name
BugIDEA-181170Docker. Run configuration. Correct UI for adding/editing mounts: add "edit" state, add cursor position, add max of empty lines
BugIDEA-181161Docker. Run configuration. "Command line options". The string content should not be changed from collapse/expand of the field
BugIDEA-181123Docker. Run Configuration. "Command preview" and "Command line options" fields should not remain over the other windows by changing focus
BugIDEA-181180Docker: Run Configuration. Port bindings from "Command line options" field are ignored if "Bind ports" field is not empty
BugIDEA-181183Docker: Run Configuration. Mount binding from "Command line options" field doesn't work
BugIDEA-181225Docker: Run Configuration. Container name field. Run failed if the field value contains spaces at the beginning/end
BugIDEA-181086Docker. Image Run Configuration. Command preview is always empty
BugIDEA-180381Docker: Run Configuration. Validate container names
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-181019Error when doing a 'find usage' with 'derived class' selected in dialog
GroovyBugIDEA-181318"Go to Declaration" does not work for default no-argument constructors
PerformanceIDEA-180633hanging and recurrent thread freezing
JPABugIDEA-179776IntelliJ IDEA Keeps losing Assigned Data Sources
Java. InspectionsUsabilityIDEA-180501Confusing warning about list get method
Java. RefactoringExceptionIDEA-180824Element class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.tree.CompositeElement of type LITERAL_EXPRESSION...
JavaEE.JBossBugIDEA-180537WildFly Application Server does not start in Debug mode after installing 173.3188.16
MavenBugIDEA-138029Cannot index custom maven repositories provided by Bintray
Project ConfigurationUsabilityIDEA-179424'id' and 'name' options in .idea/jarRepositories.xml file are changed by IDEA
Run | Debug configurationUsabilityIDEA-181198RunDashboard: finished and not started configurations could not be distinguished in tree
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-181065Search Structurally... misses hits in libraries
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBugIDEA-180599Space added before colon in default .ftlh template
User InterfaceBugIDEA-174258Painting progress bars eats CPU
CosmeticsIDEA-181117ExpandableTextField has incorrectly rendered 'Expand' button
User Interface.DarculaCosmeticsIDEA-120491Darcula: Java syntax highlighting in jsp broken
Version ControlBugIDEA-180991VCS group by directory should show path relative to the path of project/module
DebuggerBugWEB-29444Can't debug JavaScript from 2 instances of IDE
BugWEB-29409Support ANSI coloring in console messages when debugging node remotely
File WatchersFeatureWEB-29416Introduce 'Run on external changes' option
HTMLBugWEB-29031Completion for HTML attributes doesn't work in JSX
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-28741Auto-imports should contain file extension when corresponding option is enabled in Registry
FeatureWEB-29454typescript: exclude javascript files from indexing if package contains typescript declarations
BugWEB-29440ES6: access to static members of imported default unnamed class doesn't work
BugWEB-25202No JSDoc deprecated highlighting for default imports
BugWEB-19444JS: Invalid 'Duplicate declaration' highlight in destructuring assignment
BugWEB-25805'Cannot resolve file' when importing from module that has `.js` name postfix
UsabilityWEB-29270Code completion does not understand @param context in JSDoc
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-29293Indentation of Flow type cast syntax is messed up
BugWEB-29105JSX in vue uses HTML indentation settings
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-29240componentDidCatch marked as unused method in React 16 component.
BugWEB-26095VueJS directives autocomplete
UsabilityWEB-25823intellisense doesn't change case
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-14388Invalid "Unused JavaScript / ActionScript local symbol" inspection for unused parameters
BugWEB-29280Invalid 'conflicting inherited declaration' highlight (observable with React components in JS files)
Node.jsUsabilityWEB-27579Project node interpreter should be set to the one selected in project generator
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-29047Add an option to import all symbols after paste
BugWEB-28806ES Module JS file extension when working with TypeScript
BugWEB-29408AutoFormat with member reordering issue
BugWEB-28533Auto-import doesn't correctly work for modules with `.js` name postfix
BugWEB-26630Comments in tsx do not work
PerformanceWEB-28310IntelliJ hung indexing typescript config file (tsconfig.json)
DB ConsoleBugDBE-53662017.3: unable to ROLLBACK aborted transaction with Postgres
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-5324Paste TSV/CSV to Data Edtior
BugDBE-3183Can't edit hstore column in Postgres
SQL CompletionBugDBE-2549Code completion can't resolve references in specific circumstances
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-2341Postresql support composite type expression
User InterfaceBugDBE-5232Database console font is not affected by "Console Font" setting.
CosmeticsDBE-5362ugly database counter
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