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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2.5 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-147470AddToFavorites action should work for ResourceBundle
BugIDEA-178347UI is frozen for a long time in ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules
BugIDEA-176658Changelog converted automatically to US-ASCII
PerformanceIDEA-178385Intellij very slow
AndroidBugIDEA-178268Add support for refactoring an Android project for RTL support
DatabaseFeatureIDEA-66037Feature request: allow "generate classes from database schema" for plain-JDBC developers
BugIDEA-179357Data Source corrupted: 'The string 'null-1..-1' is not a valid sequence specification'
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-123295Replace In Path stats are incorrect after replacement
UsabilityIDEA-123297Replace In Path tree collapses after replacing occurrences
GroovyExceptionIDEA-178663AE at org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.lang.psi.impl.statements.expressions.GrTupleImpl.getParent(GrTupleImpl. java:53)
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-176404Allow "Return of 'null'" to be ignored when return type is java.lang.Void
BugIDEA-176402Simplify inspections give incorrect result
BugIDEA-178172Good code is yellow: Inspection "@NotNull/@Nullable problems": @NotNull field with non-trivial setter
BugIDEA-166832Package naming convention inspection triggers on *complete* package names
BugIDEA-168381Mismatched query and update of collection is false-positive
BugIDEA-178198Expressions using constants are not reported as always false
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-178828Missing parentheses in "Simplify 'if else'" result
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-178557Repository libraries: add option to exclude transitive dependencies
UsabilityIDEA-177111Speed up search for Maven library when exact coordinates are specified
Task ManagementBugIDEA-175378"Open Task" makes the whole IDE freeze when selecting a task too quickly
BugIDEA-163490Can't change issue state on pivotal tracker
UMLBugIDEA-178414"Show diff as UML" action does not work from file history
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-178888org.apiguardian:apiguardian-api:1.0.0 missing from junit plugin lib in 2017.2.4 IDEA release
Unit Testing. TestNGBugIDEA-176333Support multiple test frameworks in one class
User InterfaceBugIDEA-179056Confirm Exit, Do not ask me again - always appearing
BugIDEA-175106pinch to zoom doesn't work on 2017.2 EAP
BugIDEA-176821"Hide file extensions in editor tabs" removes all after dot
CSSBugWEB-7014Case insensitive autocomplete in CSS selector does not correct case
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-28192Find Usage / Jump to Declaration (CTRL+Click) in AngularJS is no longer working
No subsystemBugDBE-5005Version 2017.2 Does not let you update records in the datagrid using DB2 dialect
DB ConsoleBugDBE-4979Run sql file in console reads the file contents later
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-5097when importing CSV file DG messes up the data making the table completely unreliable
BugDBE-5140Import CSV as DOUBLE PRECISION results in 0.000000
BugDBE-5020Impossible to specify path with space to pg_dump executable
BugDBE-5148Postgres restore option isn't working with non default credentials
Data ViewsBugDBE-5085Sudden IDEA freeze
BugDBE-5032Export Options Disabled
SQL GenerationBugDBE-5015DataGrip generate faulty code for procedure
SQL ResolveBugDBE-4886Autoscroll from Editor does not work for DDL opened in console
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