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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 172.3757.5 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-175921access visibility inspection: fix global inspection in case of inner classes
BugIDEA-175429Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.WindowManagerImpl.allocateFrame
BugIDEA-174594100% of one core CPU usage while idle when specific file open and in front
BugIDEA-173669IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
BugIDEA-1761282017.2 Can't load project with character "|" in its name
CosmeticsIDEA-176383Grammar error on renewal message
AndroidBugIDEA-176192Gradle refresh fails under JDK7 since updating to 2017.2
BugIDEA-171595"Android Studio Help" in Main Menu | Help
BugIDEA-171681Android SDK location is not editable in Settings; it is picked up from Project Structure only after creating a project
DatabaseBugIDEA-176790Exception when getting tables from Apache Drill JDBC driver
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-176120Changes for new file are not shown in shelve pane
DockerFeatureIDEA-158379Docker: default value for docker registry
BugIDEA-158218Docker: Undeploy action always greyed out
BugIDEA-173557Docker: rename of Docker connection configuration doesn't work from the DockerView
BugIDEA-176021Different names for shared folders option
BugIDEA-176802Docker Integration not working after switching to Windows containers
BugIDEA-176049Docker Tab: Freezes happen when there are a lot of containers/images
UsabilityIDEA-159595Move Pull Image from top docker node to Images
Editor. Editing TextPerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
GradleBugIDEA-154288Wrong Project JDK chosen when importing gradle projects
BugIDEA-175778Task 'run ...' not found in root project if configuration on demand was enabled
BugIDEA-176285Some properties are added twice during Gradle debug run
BugIDEA-176329"Delegate IDE build/run actions to Gradle" does not escape program arguments properly
BugIDEA-176133After gradle 4.0.1 build ends, idea is still indicating "Building..."
IDE ConfigurationCosmeticsIDEA-167417SQL Dialect Settings: change the text
IndicesBugIDEA-176004erroneous "Nested different indices processing" detection
Java. InspectionsBugIDEA-176340"Replace Optional.isPresent() checks with functional-style expressions" inspection not highlighted as warning
BugIDEA-176362'Simplify stream API call chains' suggests to replace double stream with mapToInt
BugIDEA-175688False-positive control flow inspection with native GWT methods
BugIDEA-176019Trivial functional expression: do not inline if parameter produces side effect and evaluated not once
BugIDEA-175650Simplify inspection breaks logic
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-174168Missing intention action - 'Replace qualified name with import'
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-174369replace with lambda eliminates generics and needs a cast
BugIDEA-174288"Replace with expression lambda" inspection can produce incorrect code
JavaEE.ServerViewBugIDEA-176548"Deploy and debug a chosen item" should not be visible on clouds without debug support
JavaEE.TomcatBugIDEA-175700Debug: open browser problem with internet explorer
MavenBugIDEA-176117NullPointerException on reimporting Maven Modules in 2017.2
BugIDEA-176281Problem with maven modules whose name ends with .xml
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-91511Support loading license or server URL from a common location
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-176891Remove duplicated URLs from repository libraries
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-176294Compound ignores Single Instance at restart
SpringBugIDEA-176572Spring boot "Endpoints" tab
BugIDEA-176063Spring Boot Run Dashboard: ShowConfigurations is disabled after rerun and showing tree
BugIDEA-175971@ComponentScan doesn't work in top-level package configuration
BugIDEA-176683Failed to retrieve 'mappings' endpoint data:
ExceptionIDEA-172029IAE at com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.addAllNotNull
Task ManagementBugIDEA-174566The Totally section in "Time Spent" is broken
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-174476Debugging JUnit parameterized test method from base class causes 'InstantiationException'
User InterfaceBugIDEA-176047wrong thread: Thread[ApplicationImpl pooled thread 87,4,main]
CosmeticsIDEA-176097Incorrect terminology used to describe Jigsaw/JPMS features
Version ControlBugIDEA-176051View button in the Update Project notification doesn't work after the Update Info tab is closed
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-140568Git interactive rebase dialog gets corrupted if core.commentchar is redefined
BugIDEA-176780IDEA should expand '~' in 'Parent Directory' in 'Clone Repository' dialog
BugIDEA-176455Reword and Squash operations during Git interactive rebase shouldn't strip lines staring with hash or any other symbol
BugIDEA-175443Keep the commit lines started with # during reword
PerformanceIDEA-173584Use amend instead of rebase when Rewording latest commit
UsabilityIDEA-151161Rebase error gives no details in case of "index.lock" error
Version Control. LogPerformanceIDEA-176504PhpStorm is doing lots of git commands resulting in high CPU usage
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-175877Files are displayed as "modified without checkout" when client views mention client name in different case
CSSBugWEB-27877CSS completion doesn't work because of java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't create ruleset from text
BugWEB-27533Sass imports fail to resolve when imported in nested node_module folders
DebuggerBugWEB-27864Breakpoints are not hit on second run of Karma debug
ExceptionWEB-21285Throwable at com.jetbrains.javascript.debugger.scripts.DirectoryInfoKt.addEntry
HTMLBugWEB-27570HTML: "element not allowed here" error when using flow (non Phrasing) content in <dt> tag
BugWEB-20843Support rel="noopener"
JavaScriptBugWEB-25040Make className string attribute selection behave like class attribute
BugWEB-27869Don't suggest to import already imported modules
BugWEB-20956ES6: re-exporteing default module causes 'default export not declared in imported module' error
BugWEB-27777IDE performs Flow analysis even when Javascript language level isn't "Flow"
BugWEB-278372017.2 - Go to Declaration, Go to Implementation is broken
BugWEB-27181CommonJS: provide completion when requiring module with destructuring
BugWEB-27816Flow forcing showing it's tab when you have unsaved files
BugWEB-27888No semicolon when path in import statement is autocompleted
PerformanceWEB-26877High CPU usage when idle
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-28059Auto format method named get adds space before function parantheses
BugWEB-27988Javascript punctuation codestyle reformat produces syntactically wrong code
BugWEB-27834Wrong comments indent when formatting typescript enum
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-26468Emmet in JSX, support non-self closing tags for host components
BugWEB-27896React component props no longer autocomplete
BugWEB-27679Support color attribute for md-button directive
BugWEB-27898Folder is excluded every time I reload WebStorm
BugWEB-28028Wrong code inspections in XSLT Stylesheets with Angular
BugWEB-25006Angular method decorate with @HostListener mark as unused
BugWEB-27756Invalid id reference but id exists
BugWEB-27826 Missing type introspection inside *ngFor
BugWEB-27882React: propTypes completion doesn't work for material-ui components
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-15422Invalid postMessage warning
BugWEB-11480Add support for WebWorkers API
BugWEB-22026Window.postMessage is not resolved.
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-22611Shorthand property inline adds no key
LESSFeatureWEB-27344Support for CSS modules with LESS
BugWEB-23707Less: webpack ('~') imports not resolved when using 'resolve.alias' and 'resolve.modulesDirectories'
LintersBugWEB-27868ESLint: linting is not enabled in .vue files
Node.jsBugWEB-28027package.json update notification is not removed after executing "run 'npm install'" or "run 'npm update'" action
BugWEB-27618Package.json notification should be shown only for root package.json file
BugWEB-27999node interpreter changing is broken after adding "package.json scripts to top right panel (Run/Debug configuration)"
BugWEB-27545Do not show suggestion to run npm install on creating Angular CLI project
SASSFeatureWEB-27547Support for CSS modules with SASS
BugWEB-25321Importing scss files using tilde (~) as in webpack to specify a path relative to root won't work
TypeScriptBugWEB-27890No auto import inside object literals
BugWEB-25070TypeScript: overloading is not recognized for imported functions
Unit TestsBugWEB-8927Karma: status message should be more relevant
BugWEB-27836Cannot run single karma test with karma-jasmine-html-reporter
UsabilityWEB-27871Typescript test temporary run configurations incompatible with mocha-webpack
DB ConsoleBugDBE-4836Showing Database Console triggers update of Structure View
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-4856Azure: db_id() doesn't work, we need a workaround
PerformanceDBE-4845datagrip freezes while synchronizing a.k.a. re-indexing sql server connection through jtds
DDL & PL EditingExceptionDBE-4869Assertion failed exception in CodeTextBuilder
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-4059Support XQuery/XPath as injectable language
FeatureDBE-212Default directory for projects
BugDBE-31572016.3 EAP uses .DataGrip2016.2 folder as default place for Project Folder
User InterfaceBugDBE-4879No schema in table editor name
BugDBE-4798Lost "Data source" color settings after upgrade
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