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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 172.2953.9 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-173613IDEA blocked while showing progress window after 'Generate JavaDoc...'
CosmeticsIDEA-166361Unclear presentation difference between external and inferred annotations
ExceptionIDEA-173666NPE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.a
Code Analysis. DependenciesExceptionIDEA-174088'Group by leaf expression' always fail with IDEA error
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-173502Applying "Use inherited Attributes" on one item will auto-select inherited attributes option on other items
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-173842Compiling NPE at JpsProjectLoader.loadModules
DebuggerBugIDEA-173353Watch can't assign multi-dimensional array
BugIDEA-173562"Log message to console" for emulated method breakpoints prints an empty line
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-174009Diff highlighting level "Syntax" shows "Duplicated Code" inspection highlights
BugIDEA-173906Diff on item in shelf is not syntax highlighted
DockerBugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-167076Full annotation names in javadoc are unreadable
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-173473Class type argument brackets are still inserted despite that being disabled
CosmeticsIDEA-173501Parameter hints glue together after comma deletion
GradleBugIDEA-173957IDEA 2017.2 EAP detects 'compile' dependency in a Gradle project as 'provided'
BugIDEA-159312Worse support for Gradle 2.14.x
GrailsFeatureIDEA-173732Grails Application Forge: support plugin project type
IDE ConfigurationPerformanceIDEA-173601File synchronization makes the UI freeze for half a minute
IndicesFeatureIDEA-173644Show method parameter names in interfaces from metadata for reflection on method parameters
Java. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-165006Support chained completion for method references in Java 8+
Java. Error HighlightingFeatureIDEA-172325super call to default method could use quick fix
BugIDEA-173809Good code red: '<function>' in sub-class clashes with '<function>' in sub-sub-class; attempting to use incompatible return type
BugIDEA-173888Missing highlighting of error 'bad type qualifier in default super call method'.
BugIDEA-173900invalid compiler error on generics code
Java. InspectionsFeatureIDEA-173766New inspection: Use
FeatureIDEA-160185IDEA doesn't recognize the {@index ...} javadoc tag
FeatureIDEA-173177Inspection: Comparing 'compareTo()` or '' result with 1 / -1
FeatureIDEA-172003Inspection that checks existence of methods accessed via reflection should take into account Class.newInstance() and Array.newInstance()
FeatureIDEA-173754Inspection "Method with too many parameters" should not warn about @Override methods
BugIDEA-167062@ParametersAreNonnullByDefault and NPE inspection
BugIDEA-171421"Malformed format string" inspection does not recognize new Object[] { ... }
BugIDEA-172609"Replace Optional.isPresent() checks with functional-style expressions" is broken
BugIDEA-173544Custom `@Nullable` annotations meta-annotated with JSR 305 ones are not taken in account
BugIDEA-172319Navigation to definition of reflected methods doesn't distinguish overload method
BugIDEA-157921'Malformed format string' inspection does not warn about problems with "%s#"
BugIDEA-173852"Confusing argument to varargs method" should also apply to constructors
BugIDEA-173629Spurious "Not annotated method is used as an override for a method annotated with NotNull" inspection
BugIDEA-172286Only the first occurrence of 'Malformed format string' is highlighted
BugIDEA-172744Inspection "Reflective access to nonexistent class member" should recognise Integer.TYPE
CosmeticsIDEA-173896Inspection "returns a per-class constant" doesn't document any rationale
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-173689Assign parameter to field produce red code for final fields
BugIDEA-173748Convert to ThreadLocal should insert final modifiers for java < 1.8 or don't be applied when not possible
BugIDEA-173822"Split into declaration and assignment" for static fields can result in use before initialization
BugIDEA-173825Wrap with explicit array should check if type is denotable
BugIDEA-173813"Move comment to a separate line" intention does nothing
BugIDEA-173817Replace + with StringBuilder.append is not applicable in constants
BugIDEA-173815Assign parameter to field assigns final field after delegate constructor invocation
BugIDEA-173860Using assignment operator in an if condition recommends inverting the if condition instead of recommending the comparison operator
BugIDEA-173768"Replace with forEach" causes exception outside of source roots
BugIDEA-173747Assign Parameter to Field should check assignability
BugIDEA-172996wrong convert between java.awt.Color(int rgba, boolean hasAlpha) and java.awt.Color(int r, int g, int b, int a)
BugIDEA-173690Create switch statement inside for loop should be disabled
ExceptionIDEA-173797Surround with array initialization should check expression type to create array
Java. RefactoringFeatureIDEA-141244New Refactoring: Extract Function
FeatureIDEA-173821Inline class: convert to lambda automatically if possible
BugIDEA-174007ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at Extracting Functional Variable
BugIDEA-174008When extracting Functional Variable refactoring suggests to use interface which is out of the scope
BugIDEA-174173Extracting functional variable method call parameter order should reflect selected in the dialog
BugIDEA-174011Assignment lost during Extraction of Functional Variable
BugIDEA-174180Exceptions trying to extract functional variable from "y = ++x;"
BugIDEA-174203"Extract Functional Variable" refactoring confused by ''
BugIDEA-174020Not proper functional interfaces suggested when Extracting Functional Variable
BugIDEA-174151'Replace with single Map method' suggests incorrect rewrites to computeIfAbsent
UsabilityIDEA-174006''Pass fields as parameters'' needs mnemonic
UsabilityIDEA-174018Produce Lambda expression instead of anonymous class when Extracting Functional Variable
UsabilityIDEA-174045Extract Functional Variable should not care about what functional interface throws
UsabilityIDEA-174183Extract Functional Variable may ignore leading comment
ExceptionIDEA-174178IllegalArgumentException: Extract Functional Variable - race conditions
ExceptionIDEA-174182.PsiParenthesizedExpressionImpl because: containing file is null invalidated
ExceptionIDEA-174204IncorrectOperationException: Incorrect expression '(()predicate)'
ExceptionIDEA-174021Throwable Extracting Functional Variable and specifying wrong name
JavaEE.JBossBugIDEA-174174JBoss EAP 7 not unusable, NullPointerException when starting server.
BugIDEA-172433JBoss EAP 7 unusable, wrong version detected in IU-172.1909.2
BugIDEA-166746JBoss: unable to bind to a non-default management interface
MavenBugIDEA-138764Maven: incorrect error message on attempt to remove non-root project via MavenProjects tool window
ExceptionIDEA-173710Unable to import project from pom.xml
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-172677MacOS: idea community: incorrect idea installer window opens on .dmg
BugIDEA-173743Installer stores unsafe path to Windows registry
Plugin Support. APIFeatureIDEA-173600Provide public API to get changed document lines
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-27471Temporarily disabling a module
SpringFeatureIDEA-129391Add Spring Webflow 2.4.0 Java Config support
FeatureIDEA-151188Spring Boot: banner file support by configuration
FeatureIDEA-160478Spring Validation: autowired dependencies should be supported in custom ConstraintValidators
BugIDEA-174004Spring Webflow: setBasePath() argument may end with slash
BugIDEA-173774Spring Boot: @EnableAutoConfiguration: the @ConditionalOnProperty#matchIfMissing is treated incorrectly
BugIDEA-173672Spring bean init/destroy method icon with JavaConfiguration
BugIDEA-174191Spring MVC + CORS: xml configuration: don't allow blank space-separated methods and headers - comma-separated list is required
BugIDEA-157822Spring Security: SpEL in xml: on completing method the () should be added automatically
BugIDEA-160348Spring Integration not recognising OXM Jaxb2Marshaller as Marshaller implementation
BugIDEA-158368Spring Security: SpEL in xml and annotations: methods with name starting with is* are not completed in the middle of expression
BugIDEA-158841Spring: setter injection warning for collection injection
BugIDEA-172446Private init/destroy methods in spring marked as unused
BugIDEA-158384Spring: set qualifiers are ignored for xml beans with autowire="constructor" or autowire="byType"
CosmeticsIDEA-159234Spring: better gutter icon for @Cacheable
ExceptionIDEA-158332NPE at
UMLFeatureIDEA-170524Generate Jigsaw Module Dependency Diagram
Unit Testing. JUnitCosmeticsIDEA-174002JUnit test status icons colors do not align with severity
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173836After upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 integrated menus do not work
BugIDEA-173135Error: 'It's prohibited to access index during event dispatching' during breadcrumbs update
CosmeticsIDEA-173706IntelliJ theme: progress bar looks bad
CosmeticsIDEA-170096Settings|Code Style: "Set from" should be above the separator
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-168078Option to Reset Branches widget size to auto-size.
BugIDEA-168834Do not expand hidden branches on resizing in the case the expanded list exceeds widget size
UsabilityIDEA-171718Not possible make current (checked out) branch favorite
UsabilityIDEA-168355Remote branches status bar popup: UI has gotten worse
UsabilityIDEA-168024Pre-select of previous branch works only when switching to/from master and the branch is not hidden
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-173585Reword and Undo Commit actions are sometimes enabled even for commit pushed to a protected branch
UsabilityIDEA-174227New git status bar popup: Multiple repos: Can no longer easiliy see all current branches
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-170468git show history for a file is missing commits
ExceptionIDEA-173990A lot of Throwable after opening IDEA project
XMLPerformanceIDEA-157959XML Breadcrumbs hold strong references to AST
No subsystemFeatureWEB-17977Feature: Configure Patterns for Automatic Nesting of Transpiled Files
BugWEB-27176show method separators doesn't work with shorthand methods
BugWEB-27230'Module is not installed' is not shown for references inside module
Build toolsFeatureWEB-13409Support ability to navigate webpack's enhanced requires
BugWEB-27119Grunt: VFS is not refreshed on running `watch` task when using Grunt 1.0.1
BugWEB-14876Grunt: delayed visibility of file change when using jit-grunt for loading tasks
CSSFeatureWEB-17218Support for CSS modules
BugWEB-27117Provide resolve for files in CSS @value declaration
BugWEB-27116CSS modules values: provide resolve for reference after 'from' in import
BugWEB-24619BUG: PostCSS code completion doesn't work right before an &-sign (Ampersand).
DartBugWEB-17867Dart: highlight class/element used in the doc comment
UsabilityWEB-26751Jumping to class definitions within a Dart doc comment doesn't work
TaskWEB-9373Dart string literals should try to get references from reference providers
DebuggerBugWEB-18191Debugging Node.js is slow (~2 seconds to step over one line and see variables update)
BugWEB-27123Node 8: Can't debug npm script
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-7386Add breadcrumb for JavaScript
FeatureWEB-24344WebStorm keeps autosaving files, related option is unchecked
BugWEB-25397Find imports in other files for default exports
BugWEB-26872Flow: Global error pane shows the wrong line numbers
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-27105JSX tags are not correctly indented when using ternary operator
BugWEB-27149JavaScript punctuation code style options are not respected when formatting code embedded in Vue template
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-23118Guessing wrong React props - based on name, not actual file
BugWEB-21692Element X doesn't have required attribute Y
BugWEB-26235Auto import doesn't work for functional React components
BugWEB-27251Provide completion for webpack aliases
ExceptionWEB-27194ClassCastException when open a project
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-26353Incorrect detection of unused ES6 import
BugWEB-27131'Insert require' quickfix uses var instead of let/const /w ES6
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-26852quick fix changes "declare var" to "let"
LintersBugWEB-27100ESLint inspection inexplicably shows an error on ignored file
BugWEB-27220Linters: hide notification about invalid path to Node.js when Node.js is updated for the project
UsabilityWEB-26971ESLint: Code/Inspect Code reports errors for each ignored file of the .eslintignore
Node.jsBugWEB-26220Update highlighting after invoked "Add module to package.json dependencies"
BugWEB-27088Node.js coding assistance can't be enabled
SASSBugWEB-26792Placeholder selectors are not resolved if defined with parent reference (&, ampersand)
BugWEB-5879SASS: Resolving nested selectors in html
BugWEB-12958SASS 3.3: provide completion/navigation for selector created using &_suffix
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-26678provide support for tslint-language-service TypeScript Language Server Plugin
FeatureWEB-23990TypeScript: provide a 'Create class' quickfix for 'unresolved type' error
BugWEB-26895Since latest update double click on TypeScript file in Project tree expands the node to show the .js and .map files
BugWEB-23698Typescript for ... of variable type not inferred by the IDE
BugWEB-26874'Constructor' keyword is shown twice in completion
BugWEB-27200TypeScript: unexpected auto import for the export default import
BugWEB-27209TypeScript. Wrong code inserted when autocompleting object's property
BugWEB-27208Adding async after await. TS error is still there.
BugWEB-21623React/Typescript: Functional components are not being recognized
BugWEB-27236TypeScript: improve member access completion
BugWEB-19279Scratch files: errors are shown in a correct code
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-10373Add code coverage support for Mocha test framework
BugWEB-27248Coverage for Mocha/Istanbul is not shown in IDE
BugWEB-27144Can't debug Jest test with node 8.0.0
SQL EditingBugDBE-4654SQL Editor does not understand the NOEXPAND hint for SQLServer
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-4613User Parameters case insensitivity
SQL ResolveBugDBE-4662redshift dialect does not recognize all functions, e.g. dateadd()
BugDBE-4652SQL Resolution Scopes not working in console
No subsystemBugGO-3453Double click on Go file not opening source in editor (when show members is enabled)
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