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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 171.2822.15 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-167089MacOSX: support tcsh shell for loading environment variables
BugIDEA-67763tabs in split window view
BugIDEA-167028Deadlock in IDEA
BugIDEA-163567FileChooserFactoryImpl.createSaveFileDialog doesn't use native file chooser
PerformanceIDEA-1666012017.1 EAP is consuming a lot of CPU and locking UI
UsabilityIDEA-133381drag and drop file from project view tool window
UsabilityIDEA-155075Why file template settings are marked as per-project?
ExceptionIDEA-167186PicoPluginExtensionInitializationException: com/intellij/ide/SelectInTargetBase
ExceptionIDEA-166517NPE at$ResourceBundleEditorHighlighting Pass.collectInformation
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-86086Suppress "Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection for configured types
BugIDEA-163702No quick fix button on inspection preview at inspection level after the first run
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-166923Reformat code before commit doesn't pick up code style settings
Code NavigationUsabilityIDEA-163865"Enter class name" popup showing distant matches first
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-167069Auto-make: after deleting some characters file is not saved and Problems is not up-to-date
DebuggerBugIDEA-156783"Evaluate expression" dialog does not work for lambda expressions
UsabilityIDEA-167143Invalid focus switching in variables window
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-150505Underlines characters invisibles
BugIDEA-167082IDE hangs every 5-30 minutes while editing the code
BugIDEA-161409Folded imports region opens when imports are added
BugIDEA-167110Can't uncomment line in .properties file
CosmeticsIDEA-67480 Font baseline is shifted for Consolas font
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-167105Windows Turkish false Typo problem
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-166240Unordered line numbers in the "Find" panel
BugIDEA-167096'Too Many Occurrences' window appears too early
GWTBugIDEA-163152IntelliJ says "Static interface method invocations are not supported at this language level" in a JUnit class for a Java 1.8 GWT 2.7 project
BugIDEA-162791Allow to delegate GWT Run configuration execution to Gradle
GradleBugIDEA-166998STOFL in Gradle
ExceptionIDEA-152416Creation of new project causes exception
GroovyFeatureIDEA-95818Inspection to flip between operator and method call
FeatureIDEA-43096Inspection for gstrings used as map keys
FeatureIDEA-167043Groovy: do not suggest switch to operator if it entails additional parentheses
BugIDEA-163401Provide navigation from console for MultipleCompilationErrorsException error messages for groovy files in output directories
BugIDEA-164748Groovy: Good code is red: Escaped $ at the end of a dollar-slashy string
BugIDEA-165470Operator assignment not properly resolved
BugIDEA-167269Incorrect as -> asType()
BugIDEA-139913Code analysis thinks that `BigInteger.ONE + BigInteger.ONE` gives an Integer
BugIDEA-163434Exceeds access rights incorrect
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-166892NullPointerException on startup
BugIDEA-167444Deletion of css dialect or template data language left an artefact and causes an IOOBE
CosmeticsIDEA-167421SQL Dialects Settings: the path to specific file/folder uses incorrect slashes on windows
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-116181Code completion should prefer imported type by default
BugIDEA-166167Idea should not suggest AbstractClass::new for lambda
BugIDEA-167285Using "complete current statement" with code completion produces broken code
BugIDEA-167160Completion doesn't suggest types for parameters in lambdas in Java
UsabilityIDEA-163049"= ..." on selected item in completion list is confusing
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-167121Nested private class in interface not flagged as error
BugIDEA-167085Quick-fix suggests to add 'static' modifier to local class
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-163341Arrays Are Not Casted Correctly
FeatureIDEA-23358Simple "Make abstract" enhancement
BugIDEA-166864Super Method Call intention should insert at cursor
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-166950Extracting a constant from an annotation produces broken code
Java.InspectionsFeatureIDEA-167088Stream API migration: support simple joining cases
FeatureIDEA-167067NotNull @contract for ellipsis type
FeatureIDEA-167152Mismatched StringBuilder Query and Update inspection should ignore queries which effect only in update
FeatureIDEA-163115Java | Probable bugs | Mismatched query and update of collection on a filed which is injected
BugIDEA-167033serializable anonymous class implicitly stores non-Serializable object false positive
BugIDEA-167263Stream API migration does not work when replacing simple loop on array of primitive types (int, long, double)
BugIDEA-162479Mismatched query and update of StringBuilder false-positive when existing StringBuilder is queried from somewhere
UsabilityIDEA-164077False positive on "static method only used from class" inspection
JavaEEBugIDEA-159769JBoss jBPM plugin is reported as not loaded due to missing required dependency on Ubuntu and is missing on Windows
JavaEE.TomcatBugIDEA-150430IDEA seems to ignore META_INF/context.xml when deploying to remote Tomcat
JavaEE.WebBugIDEA-167307Wrong suggestion in web.xml
JavaEE.WebLogicBugIDEA-159892Weblogic: admin server name is incorrectly saved in Run/Debug configuration
BugIDEA-166452weblogic plugin: missing weblogic 12 deployment descriptor XSD
JavaEE.WebSphereBugIDEA-135881Can't connect Idea to WebSphere
JavaFXFeatureIDEA-163046 JavaFX. Support colors in margins
MavenBugIDEA-166164deploymentDescriptor uses absolute path in .iml file for Maven project
OSGiBugIDEA-166533Bndtools: Working directory for running bnd project different than in Eclipse
Plugin Support. ArchitectureBugIDEA-166676Verify that excluded files exist on disk when product is being built
Project ConfigurationFeatureIDEA-162102Allow including into module directory located under excluded folder
BugIDEA-167087Pressing cancel in Project Structure|SDKs|Sourcepath|'+' file chooser dialog results in confusing dialog box
BugIDEA-166580Change made to project library declaration is not stored
BugIDEA-147530ModifiableModuleModel#newModule should always create a new module from scratch
BugIDEA-157933"More settings" option doesn't reappear if I unchecked "Create Project from Template"
BugIDEA-167092ConcurrentModificationException while opening another project
SpringFeatureIDEA-167237Spring Initializr: support dependency link metadata
BugIDEA-167241Spring Initializr wizard: the browse button for the custom service url should not try to open the invalid urls
BugIDEA-167093Spring Model Dependencies diagram is not shown when invoked from the xml file context menu
BugIDEA-165984Selected JDK in Spring Initializr wizard has no effect on java.version
BugIDEA-167351Spring Initializer: use selected SDK + language level in module
UsabilityIDEA-167240Spring Initializr wizard: when default service url is used, the custom url text field should be not editable
UsabilityIDEA-166686Running 'Create Default Context' action from 'Spring configuration check' popup is not reflected in UI
CosmeticsIDEA-167239SpringInitalizr: the browse button near the custom url field should be visually disabled when default url is selected
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-166556With assumeTrue in @BeforeClass test run is marked as Stopped
User InterfaceBugIDEA-167018Cannot drag-and-drop in a just opened project until no files are opened in editor
BugIDEA-162119Configuration wizard UI theme IntelliJ is not corresponding with IDE theme Default on Mac
UsabilityIDEA-166252Horizontal scrollbar is not shown when needed
CosmeticsIDEA-166188The label is located lower than it should
CosmeticsIDEA-166908Speed search border has no antialiasing
CosmeticsIDEA-165564Breadcrumbs do not use ligature setting
User Interface.DarculaExceptionIDEA-135796Cyclic component initialization: com.intellij.ide.ui.LafManager
Version ControlBugIDEA-140701Ignore non-directory content roots when processing <Project> VCS mappings
XMLBugIDEA-156292In XmL Editor view Idea does not accept a seemingly valid XML
BugIDEA-163906Incorrect XSD validation result in editor
BugIDEA-162824"Resource registered by this uri is not recognized" spuriously triggers for "" running tests
No subsystemBugWEB-24269The underscore in node_modules is interpreted as a shortcut key
BugWEB-25099Docker volumes outside C:\Users
BugWEB-25127Unable to disable broken ui-router state tracking
BugWEB-25208Deadlock while JSon schema editing
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-18985CoffeeScript preview window incorrect size
DartBugWEB-25158Colon should not be used to accept URI completion
BugWEB-25187Copy/paste messes up correctly formatted Dart code (optional parameters formatting)
DebuggerBugWEB-24304Angular-cli karma debugging: breakpoints are not hit
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-25101Colors and Fonts: provide separate option for the arrow function sign
BugWEB-25129JavaScript Intellisense is useless
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-22782Add formatting options to insert/remove trailing commas in Object Literals, Function Declaration Parameters, Function Call Arguments, ES6 Imports/Exports
FeatureWEB-14310Add support for Google JavaScript style guide
FeatureWEB-24357JavaScript Code style: Space between async and () => {}
BugWEB-24389Flow: Some flow type syntax confuses the formatter
BugWEB-24126Flow: provide correct formatting for union and intersection types
BugWEB-24853Formatter doesn't follow the formatting rules when formatting Flow type annotations, also reports valid Flow type as "error"
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22855aria-attributes are not recognized in JSX
BugWEB-25128React native debugger: template app can't be debugged
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-25172Provide import suggestion from .jsx to .js
BugWEB-25162ESLint: 'Fix ESLint problems' action is missing in .jsx file right-click menu
BugWEB-24926Standard Code Style: correctly setup rules from preset
BugWEB-22931Inspections: "Remove unnecessary parenthesis": do not suggest it for Flow syntax
BugWEB-25104Wrong warning about usage of reserved word in destructuring
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-24920ES6 - not correct actions in the Action Menu for Arrow functions with Destructuring objects as function parameters
StylusBugWEB-13549Stylus: Red code: support @supports at-rule
BugWEB-13543Stylus: Red code: Dot is not recognized as unexpected term
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-24838TypeScript: Add code style for spaces in Intersection and Union Types
FeatureWEB-24057feature request: autocomplete typescript function callbacks
BugWEB-9583TypeScript: Code Style: wrappings for Extends/Implements don't work
BugWEB-24740IDEA fails to properly link classes imported using modules in Angular 2 project
Unit TestsBugWEB-23115WebStorm reporting success for a failing test using mocha
BugWEB-20670Combined Mocha output removes newlines between outputs
DB ConsoleBugDBE-1806Error Message using DB2 Driver for Informix Database
BugDBE-4011Difficult to manually commit a transaction when executed from SQL file
DDL\PL EditingUsabilityDBE-4025Auto-Focus on modify column
Data DumpBugDBE-3990H2: missing quotes in generated SQL insert statement for binary column
SQL CompletionUsabilityDBE-3820sql: allow configuration of lowercase table alias name suggestions
SQL GenerationBugDBE-3954Sqlite: incorrect sql script generation for modify index
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