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No subsystemBugIDEA-163903Current file todos are not shown in 'Scope Based' tab with selected 'Current file' scope
BugIDEA-161814IntelliJ fails to compile DropWizard HelloWorld example app
BugIDEA-164049'Export Settings' option exports broken settings.jar
BugIDEA-160578IDEA hangs on start with inactive Proxy Authentication dialog
ExceptionIDEA-163426INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a
AspectJExceptionIDEA-164434"Internal compiler error" on compiling AspectJ projects with JDK 6
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-79189Supressing unsued symbol inspection with annotation should only suppress assignment but not access checks
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-162418Enhanced go to file formats
BugIDEA-163673IntelliJ was frozen for 3 minutes without obvious reason
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-163375Compiling with 163.6957.12 results in java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
BugIDEA-164315Artifact destination folder contents deleted when compiling artifact in 2016.3
TaskIDEA-164402When build runtime is java8 and higher and the project depends on JDK6 or JDK7, consider using javac from these JDKs if possible
ConsoleBugIDEA-163771Lots of logging to the console -> memory leak
DatabaseBugIDEA-146591Database tree view: DROP is enabled on Oracle package item(s), but fails to proceed
DebuggerBugIDEA-163697Debugger shows wrong values for TreeMap entries
DockerBugIDEA-161514Docker Deployment run configuration hangs
BugIDEA-152432Docker plugin suggests using Dockerfile from node_modules
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-163578IntelliJ IDEA can't edit a specific line
BugIDEA-164094Horizontal scrolling with SHIFT key is no longer working
BugIDEA-163905Zero Latency Typing is excruciatingly slow with 20 carets and unusable with 50.
BugIDEA-115424Editor scrolls immediately after switching to its tab after project opening
ExceptionIDEA-162595`Wrong offset` exception when start typing on the first line of any file if there're >1 lines [#171.78]
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-164440Find in path does not show path of currently active file in Directory field
BugIDEA-163346error stripe position is wrong when find replace is active
BugIDEA-163710Going from Find to Find & Replace changes the input value
BugIDEA-164574Find In Path dialog no longer finds selected text
UsabilityIDEA-152060Auto select find/replace field on focus.
UsabilityIDEA-162903find ccurences window doesn't switch into panel after enter key
GrailsBugIDEA-162931Grails 3 Debugging stops working after reload
GroovyFeatureIDEA-158612Implement 'Move Element Left/Right' actions for Groovy
BugIDEA-164452Boolean property declared in Java class with isXXX/setXXX style methods cannot be resolved by IDEA in a Groovy class
BugIDEA-163663Issue Navigation links do not work within groovydoc-style code blocks, but work elsewhere
HibernateExceptionIDEA-163518NPE at com.intellij.hibernate.actions.AssignNamingStrategiesAction$MyComponent$1.customizeComponent
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-161375What is Pin Active Tab doing here?
BugIDEA-163920NPE when saving proxy settings
CosmeticsIDEA-164080Your copy is licensed to null
JPABugIDEA-163609JPA Console. Cannot easily connect to SSL database (Apache Derby): VM properties are not taken from Data Source
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-163989IDEA reports Object.getClass() with wrong return type for generic parameters
BugIDEA-163834Smart completion for stream.toArray(..) arg loses "[]" after accepting - when array is of non-static inner class
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-163469False positive: unrelated defaults
BugIDEA-163303Erroneous compile error for call to enclosing class' "this" from anonymous implementation in default method
BugIDEA-163615Erroneous "Illegal generic type for instanceof" compiler error with instanceof referencing inner class implementing parametric interface defined in static interface method (whew!)
BugIDEA-163871Syntax error with variadic argument in functional interface
BugIDEA-162882Broken generics support in IntelliJ 15 and 2016
Java. RefactoringUsabilityIDEA-163810Please make shorter "Anonymous type can be replaced with lambda using factory method.." inspection name
Java.InspectionsBugIDEA-163489Inspection "Constant conditions & exceptions" with option "Suggest @Nullable annotation for methods" warns about lambdas
BugIDEA-163676'Unnecessary parentheses' inspection should report parentheses in lambda body
BugIDEA-163932Map.get suggested replacement with Map.getOrDefault is misleading
BugIDEA-164159Nullability annotations don't work with generics
PerformanceIDEA-165119Nested loops to stream conversion
JavaEE.App Servers.GenericExceptionIDEA-163153Exception on adding external artifact
JavaEE.JBossBugIDEA-162212Error running admin process: Message: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/as/controller/client/ModelControllerClient$Factory when starting JBoss EAP 6.3.3
JavaEE.StrutsBugIDEA-163524Tiles: bugfixes in XML support
JavaEE.WebSphereFeatureIDEA-163827Support WebSphere 9
BugIDEA-157034False warning in WebSphere integration: Enterprise JavaBeans Lite 3.1 feature should be enabled
MavenBugIDEA-164499Changed handling of Maven-Libraries in non-Maven projects
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-164420Backward-incompatible changes in plugin SDK in 2016.3
Project ViewBugIDEA-164074Exception using "Select Target" popup menu
SQLBugIDEA-84850SQL: Oracle: qualified name after END in CREATE PACKAGE / CREATE PACKAGE BODY is green
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-155623Loading settings from settings repository fails to import live template
SpringBugIDEA-163993Spring: fix 'Application Context Is Not Configured For This File' option for config files used in tests
BugIDEA-100240Inspection "Spring MVC @PathVariable" fails if RequestMapping uses constant
ExceptionIDEA-163230AE at com.intellij.spring.toolWindow.SpringBaseView.lambda$select$1
TerminalFeatureIDEA-147703Support fish shell to use as terminal
BugIDEA-163474Terminal shell path can't be changed (falls back to default value): IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 (builds 163.7342.3, 163.7743.17 and 163.7743.37)
BugIDEA-118848Pos1/End don't work in the terminal if zsh ist used
BugIDEA-115276Local Terminal did not accept German Keyboard Layout
BugIDEA-163063It's impossible to deactivate auto-activated virtualenv on zsh and fish
BugIDEA-162571Terminal does not read zshrc from ZDOTDIR defined in .zshenv
User InterfaceBugIDEA-147640Switcher dialog: up and down keys are not working
BugIDEA-162580Tool Windows show/hide state is not memorized
UsabilityIDEA-93637Hide cursor while typing
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-163377Darcula scheme: Expired entry in Log Console should have foreground color
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-164369can't create git tag
PerformanceIDEA-163335Memory leak
XMLBugIDEA-84959Billion laughs XML pasting/clipboard & create 100% CPU
No subsystemBugWEB-22649JSON Schema: patternProperties does not work.
BugWEB-24262No types are being suggested when using flow
BugWEB-24490EAP 2016.3.2: Settings | Directory dialog is empty
BugWEB-24468Add support for <script type="es6"> to support RiotJS >= v3
BugWEB-24520HTML5 boilerplate v5+ uses wrong structure
BugWEB-24310Source map for less not grouped
BugWEB-24240Update bundled JSHint version to 2.9.4
BugWEB-21418JSON Schema: if file under the schema is placed in the split Editor tab update comes later than should be
PerformanceWEB-24253High Usage of CPU
UsabilityWEB-23971In Typescript, multiple choices proposed by "Choose declaration" are of no help
CSSBugWEB-24275Live Template: Fix inconsistency
BugWEB-24465False "Mismatched parameters <angle>"
BugWEB-24353Incorrect CSS/SCSS comment formatting
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-23233CoffeeScript: 'unexpected token' errors when using destructuring in bound function
BugWEB-17725CoffeeScript: destructing assignment to a property: unused local variable false positive
DartFeatureWEB-23738Collapse Maps in Dart
BugWEB-24494Support Dart generic methods/functions
BugWEB-23958change indenting for nested constructors with named parameters
BugWEB-24244update code to parse the service protocol url
DebuggerBugWEB-14233Add property of object to watches fails
BugWEB-24149React Native Debugger Exception With React Native V0.37.0.
BugWEB-24257Meteor debugger doesn't work: ClassCastException
BugWEB-24304Angular-cli karma debugging: breakpoints are not hit
BugWEB-21216Debugger should show contents of Map/Set
BugWEB-24182Debugger: no console output when using Chromium v. < 54 for debugging
BugWEB-24297"Smart step into" doesn't work
ExceptionWEB-24091IllegalArgumentException when inspect closure
ExceptionWEB-24089TypeCastException within debug session
ExceptionWEB-23676Debugger: IOE: File is not writable: LightVirtualFile exception
File WatchersBugWEB-24482file watcher doesn't work if 'Trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors' is off
JavaScriptBugWEB-24065Auto import and redundant comma
BugWEB-23588Flow checking does not support exact object types
BugWEB-244152016.3: large increase in javascript "unresolved function or method" warnings
BugWEB-21977async function always returns a Promise - incorrect jsdoc generation
BugWEB-24058Bad analysis: lambda argument breaks method resolution type inference in method chain
BugWEB-23518'resolve using flow when possible' messes up unused import checking
BugWEB-24219JSDoc: The type of non-nullable properties is not correctly propagated
PerformanceWEB-24472IDEA 2016.3 Locks Up
PerformanceWEB-24177Files never finish indexing
UsabilityWEB-16210ExtJS 'class for xtype' not found' warning should be suppressible
UsabilityWEB-23873Setting JavaScript language version to "ECMAScript 6" shows description text outside of visible area
ExceptionWEB-24108AssertionError when call 'Choose color'
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-24067Some bugs with reformat code
BugWEB-12942Bad continuation indent on JS ternary expression on return statement
BugWEB-21532TypeScript intent format error in .tsx files
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-16380No error is shown for -> used instead of => in javascript
BugWEB-23343Inspections: "require() is used instead of import": correctly stuck imports taken from the inner scopes
BugWEB-23995JSON schema: "type is not allowed" for valid schema and instance
BugWEB-23882Intentions: Convert to Class: Hierarchy: preceding comment is cut on converting
BugWEB-23791ES6: Incorrectly ignoring duplicate LET declaration in same SWITCH
BugWEB-24110Stylelint: select package automatically
BugWEB-21978async function always returns a Promise - incorrect inspection error
BugWEB-23670Inspections: "require() is used instead of import": comments with destructing misplaced variables on Fix all
BugWEB-23772Convert to import: do not add above the block comment
PerformanceWEB-23826Inspections: 'Convert to let/const': improve performance for batch mode
CosmeticsWEB-23438Update ESLint icon
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-24024Incorrect warning when using symbol[Symbol.iterator] to define object property
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-23763Implement extract method for async functions
BugWEB-24100ES6 "Replace with template string" reports incorrectly on ternary operator
BugWEB-18178Invalid inlining of awaited variables
Node.jsBugWEB-24200Can't use yarn installed using brew
BugWEB-23991Yarn does not update packages
BugWEB-24246Yarn: support yarn installed with Windows msi installer
BugWEB-21976Node.js Core: http.ServerResponse.setHeader(name, value) not resolved
BugWEB-243592016.3 Run configuration stops by SIGKILL instead of SIGINT on Windows
BugWEB-24213New Icon set for javascript is reverted to old one
UsabilityWEB-23926The toolwindow "react-native start" doesn't have running indicator and stop button
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-14077Inherit JSDoc from imported items
FeatureWEB-24151require await inspection
BugWEB-23116incorrect 'extract method' refactoring
BugWEB-24201Typecript Service: Cannot read property 'fileName' of undefined in ts-session.js
BugWEB-23761Typescript: generated setters for array type have general Array type istead of speficic array type
BugWEB-24267Need nodejs parameter options for TypeScript compiler
BugWEB-17361Convert parameters to object introduces unnecessary variables and loses type information in TypeScript
BugWEB-21832Typescript: export nested modules breaks autocompletion in some cases
BugWEB-23106the create field quick fix does not determine a type of created variable
BugWEB-24306TypeScript config fails after moving file
BugWEB-19916TypeScript or Flow + destructing no autocompletion
BugWEB-8016TypeScript: Quick Definition/Quick documentation don't work for interface field preceded with doc comment
BugWEB-24354TypeScript: 'Implement all members' generates corrupted code for method with varargs
BugWEB-6892TypeScript: Method separators rendering above lines of code that aren't methods.
BugWEB-23678JSDoc on interface property breaks PSI reference
PerformanceWEB-24040Large array in typescript causes webstorm to freeze
UsabilityWEB-23725Typescript: Go to class IDE action should shows a file, where class located
ExceptionWEB-24229StackOverflowError in JS code
Unit TestsBugWEB-24342"click to see difference" output not ideal when using sinon
BugWEB-22696Karma: show skipped suites/specs when 'Show ignored' is enabled
BugWEB-19943Mocha+Typescript: 'Jump to source' opens .js file instead of .ts
No subsystemExceptionDBE-3376Exception while trying to truncate table from context menu
DB ConsoleBugDBE-3495DB: Auto-commit switches back on unexpectedly on rollback
BugDBE-623PostgreSQL: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-3412Sybase: incorrect DDL for view
BugDBE-3474Incremental introspection of oracle clusters is broken
BugDBE-3486Oracle: Attributes in a user defined type are shown in wrong order and without type
BugDBE-3254Database pane shows schema of table sorted alphabetically, regardless of setting
BugDBE-3467Sybase: can not create foreign key
BugDBE-3442MS SQL: renamed/dropped index is still shown in data source tree
BugDBE-3448PostgreSQL: DG incorrectly introspects custom operators
BugDBE-2649Cannot see Postgres Materialized View DDL
DB RefactoringBugDBE-3390Support drop trigger operation from context menu
BugDBE-3392PostgreSQL: can't drop materialized view
BugDBE-3388Dropped index is still shown in data source tree
DDL\PL EditorUsabilityDBE-2754Comments lost when saving stored procedure in MSSQL
Data ViewsBugDBE-2866Encoding issues in new import feature
BugDBE-3339Drop tables doesn't work anymore
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-3414Show sequence bounds and step
SQL CompletionBugDBE-3443Oracle: Unable to resolve index
BugDBE-3435Unable to resolve trigger in drop context for Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase
SQL GenerationBugDBE-3395PostgreSQL: Attributes in a user defined type are shown in wrong order
BugDBE-3460Sybase: can not rename foreign key
BugDBE-3446Sybase: DG throws incorrect syntax near ';' for generated queries
BugDBE-3436PostgreSQL: drop RULE incorrect query
BugDBE-3425Sybase: Operation not allowed from within transaction error on every operation
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-3492Infinite indexing of project because of language substitution GenericSQL->MySQL->GenericSQL
BugDBE-3453Oracle: the slash symbol (statement delimiter) is incorrectly treated as a division sign
BugDBE-3449Oracle: Column names of synonym are not resolved
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