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  • IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 145.1616.11 Release Notes
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No subsystemBugIDEA-152472Editor looses focus on entering Distraction Free or Presentatipn Modes
BugIDEA-143263Find In Path is not autopopulating a selection from Find Preview window
UsabilityIDEA-156750IDE launch delays a long time if using slow cellular network
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-154422Method reference can be replaced with qualifier breaks code
BugIDEA-154467Suggested fix: Make method return void
DatabaseUsabilityIDEA-146810When you attach an previously-never-attached file to a console the console chooser shows lazily
DecompilerBugIDEA-156371IDEA says that bytecode version 46 is Java 1.3, actually it's Java 1.2
DocumentationBugIDEA-141620Duplicating entries in the Expression Type popup
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-154622Incorrect "Non-static method cannot be referenced from static context"
BugIDEA-154645Accessing a constructor method reference on a type parameter isn't highlighted as an error
GradleFeatureIDEA-153010Map Gradle's compileOnly configuration to provided
BugIDEA-155963Gradle war 'providedCompile' dependencies not observed since version 2016.1.2
BugIDEA-156080Gradle integration: turning off Create separate module per source set" breaks Gradle tasks and Run Configurations
BugIDEA-155475Gradle: Disabling transitive dependencies for compile config marks all dependencies as runtime
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-154283bad code green: Unhandled exception IOException
BugIDEA-154619Quick fix 'Change parameter of method..' changes parameter type and leaves code uncompilable
BugIDEA-154419Misleading tooltip error
BugIDEA-151387Good code is red: captured bounds
BugIDEA-154968False error in lambda: 'compareTo(capture<? extends java.lang.Number>)' in 'java.lang.Comparable' cannot be applied to '(java.lang.Number)'
BugIDEA-154377Error 'Methods A(List<T>) from y.A and A(List) from x.A are inherited with the same signature' should not happen on constructors.
BugIDEA-155627incorrect "inference variable has incompatible bounds"
BugIDEA-154722False syntax error and incorrect refactoring
BugIDEA-155551false "incompatible types" error when assigning to primitive type
BugIDEA-154278Good code red. Pass raw to generic method
BugIDEA-154174Bad code green. Lambda forward reference to this
BugIDEA-154305Good code red. Reference to final field inside lambda in anonymous class constructor
UsabilityIDEA-155192IntelliJ erroneously highlights inner lambda when outer lambda is missing needed return type.
UsabilityIDEA-155153Unclear error message on red code: incompatible types
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-154185Unable to replace if-else with ternary operator inside lambda
BugIDEA-147577Expression type action slightly broken
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-154833"Convert to Instance Method" should be able to create default methods in Java 8 interfaces
BugIDEA-152837Need casting for inlined variables
BugIDEA-153174In-place refactoring of parameter types does none-required searches
Java.InspectionsBugIDEA-154759Lost cast during conversion from Anonymous type to Lambda
BugIDEA-154751Nested anonymous classes could cause problem during conversion to lambdas
BugIDEA-152766Replace anonymous class with lambda produces uncompilable source
BugIDEA-154861Redundant type cast false positive / intention causes broken code
BugIDEA-153661False positive 'Redundant type cast' inspection
BugIDEA-154805Ambiguous call after conversion anonymous class to lambda.
BugIDEA-153701False positive 'Redundant type cast' on lambda parameter
BugIDEA-155045Inspections: Redundant local variable quick fix creates uncompilable code
ExceptionIDEA-154354can't commit if Reformat and Cleanup are selected
ExceptionIDEA-155017Incorrect expression 'new Map<StList<BaseClass>[]{0}'
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-155856After update from 2016.1.1 to 2016.1.2 IntelliJ IDEA won't start anymore on mac os x
BugIDEA-156078"Open recent project" from Windows taskbar does nothing
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-155036Wrong resource used in "Tests in package > whole project"
Unit Testing. TestNGBugIDEA-153832How to turn off separation test log to each test
User InterfaceBugIDEA-156246About font on Windows is hardcoded to Tahoma, doesn't support some glyphs (Chinese)
BugIDEA-153827Log tool window loses focus by TAB.
BugIDEA-152525IDE loses focus after closing toolwindow with a `Alt+[0-9]` shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-156077Empty space instead of CLion app icon when minimize Welcome screen
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-21650JavaScript analysis never finishes if a variable named "i" is missing "var"
Node.jsBugWEB-21368Scoped npm modules are not detected as installed
SASSBugWEB-21764Incorrect "Generated source files should not be edited..." warning
TypeScriptBugWEB-21331Ws generates wrong code for constructor
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