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IDEA-152093 (Bug)

"convert to lambda" should cast result

WEB-20519 (Bug)

JSON schema: non-string element in `required` section hangs IDE

WEB-20510 (Bug)

Don't warn "Missing required property version" if semantic-release package exists

IDEA-152168 (Bug)

Avoid word IDEA only, write IntelliJ IDEA instead

IDEA-152154 (Bug)

Cucumber.js plugin - Navigation from feature file to steps file fails

IDEA-151744 (Bug)

Cannot rerun test from context menu



WEB-14124 (Feature)

Support for CSS Custom Properties

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-151709 (Bug)

duplicate code inspection false positive: switch

Code Navigation


IDEA-151736 (Bug)

Cannot open link in javadoc



IDEA-60898 (Bug)

Run Debug Configuration Browser Selection Resets

IDEA-152192 (Bug)

cfscript code can not be collapsed



IDEA-150589 (Bug)

Analyze stacktrace: deadlock (endless loop in R/A) in decompiler after some exception

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-152026 (Bug)

cucumber runner: broken toolwindow



WEB-18451 (Bug)

Dart files become read-only when Project Interpreter is set in PyCharm

WEB-20402 (Bug)

No (or incorrect) documentation for items in completion list

WEB-16493 (Bug)

Breakpoint triggered in wrong file (same file names)

WEB-17866 (Bug)

Dart: Reformat with Dart Style: hide action for libraries folders

WEB-16737 (Bug)

Dart @Annotations do not have Parameters Info support



WEB-20266 (Feature)

Debugging Service workers

WEB-20242 (Bug)

Web Worker: Main thread does not have name in 'Frames'

IDEA-151710 (Bug)

Accessing (in Java) to kotlin enum entry evaluates to NPE

WEB-20446 (Bug)

eval()debug: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at t.describeProperties

WEB-20179 (Bug)

conditional breakpoint disappeared

IDEA-152031 (Bug)

Can't evaluate expression referencing program arguments from Groovy

WEB-19469 (Bug)

Debugger crashing on eval() if exception breakpoints are enabled



IDEA-151265 (Feature)

Show the difference between .class and a source automatically

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-151696 (Usability Problem)

Add 'Liskov' to the IntelliJ dictionnary

IDEA-152048 (Bug)

RTL support: Strings including "
" are getting mixed and not aligned properly

File Watchers


WEB-20533 (Bug)

FileWatcher not respecting scope

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-150397 (Usability Problem)

"Find in path" dialog "Text to find" dropdown glitch when tab is hit

IDEA-148519 (Bug)

Find in Path Directory dropdown makes it impossible to distinguish between long paths

IDEA-151495 (Bug)

Wrong result when use regexp in "find in path"



IDEA-151721 (Bug)

The indicator "Is overriden" broken



IDEA-151843 (Bug)

Deadlock when starting IDEA 16 EAP



IDEA-148110 (Feature)

BuildScriptDataBuilder should have API for defining properties in the buildscript block

IDEA-149674 (Feature)

Support gradle-android-scala-plugin

IDEA-151982 (Usability Problem)

The new Gradle import creates an unnecessary top-level groups

IDEA-151687 (Bug)

IDEA 15 (latest), EAP, and 16 EAP lockup hard on gradle refresh

IDEA-151740 (Bug)

Preference value for Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle > Runner is not persisted



IDEA-152210 (Bug)

Grails Plugins are not detected on project import.



WEB-20505 (Bug)

Disable spellcheck in base64 literals

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-152033 (Feature)

Suggest current class for Class<?> parameter

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-151766 (Bug)

Good code is red

IDEA-152115 (Bug)

Bad return type for valid stream collector.

IDEA-151623 (Bug)

Java 8 Stream map is not reevaluated after Change

IDEA-151367 (Bug)

Incorrect Ambiguous Method Call Error Highlighting

IDEA-150993 (Bug)

Warning about CDI producer class being unused.

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-151960 (Bug)

Unable to inline variable used in lambda

IDEA-152116 (Bug)

'Change method signature': Should we show warning about method reference when only access changed

IDEA-152114 (Bug)

'Change signature' warns but not change method reference to lambda

IDEA-152126 (Bug)

Safe delete of method parameter should warn about usages in method references

IDEA-152125 (Bug)

Introduce parameter inside method used in method reference doesn't work

IDEA-152253 (Exception)

Trying to Inline illegal method reference causes exception



IDEA-151972 (Bug)

Good code red: some JDK9 classes are highlighted with red



WEB-20499 (Feature)

JSON Schema: in case of system and user schemas overlapping - use user schema only

WEB-20368 (Usability Problem)

JSON Schema: rename "Add" chooser title to the "Select JSON Schema File"

WEB-20083 (Bug)

CommonJS: properties of the object returned by exported module not resolved/suggested by completion

WEB-19991 (Bug)

Support 'export module from' syntax

WEB-19174 (Bug)

Unexpected "expression expected" syntax error for jsx code

WEB-20447 (Bug)

JSON Schema: correctly process user schemas with non-standard properties/hierarchy

WEB-20448 (Bug)

JSON Schema: improve fields values validation in "Add JSON Schema Mapping" dialog

WEB-20367 (Bug)

JSON Schema: provide validation warning for the file under several schemas

WEB-20369 (Bug)

JSON Schema: copy errors found on reading schema into the Event Log

WEB-19378 (Bug)

Inspection oddities when using modules

WEB-20485 (Bug)

JSON Schema: do not try to validate non-JSON files

WEB-20410 (Bug)

Code completion for typed function arguments gets confused

WEB-20487 (Exception)

JSON Schema: system and local schemas are clashing and hanging IDE

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-151752 (Exception)

CCE at com.jetbrains.javascript.debugger.PsiVisitorKt.getLambdaPosition

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-20427 (Bug)

Formatter produces strange result with ES 2015 destructuring function parameters on multiple lines

WEB-20258 (Bug)

New line indentation for chained methods inconsistent with chained method indentation setting

WEB-20285 (Exception)

IOOBE on creating Line Comment in the end of JS/TS file

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19439 (Bug)

Angular Controller as, ng-repeat syntax support broken in 11.0.2

WEB-19930 (Bug)

Webstorm 12 EAP 144.3143.5 Angular 2 Issues

WEB-20500 (Bug)

Parsing issue Angular2 inline template

WEB-11175 (Bug)

Support for angular-ui-router controller as syntax

WEB-20496 (Bug)

Weird code highlighting for Angular2 inline templates

WEB-19977 (Bug)

Good code red: Angular 2's [ngClass] syntax

WEB-20498 (Bug)

Angular2 inline template: no completion for {{}}

WEB-20272 (Bug)

Angular 2 Elvis Operator not recognised

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17652 (Bug)

Incorrect arguments types check with inheritance

WEB-20431 (Bug)

Missing module inspection doesn't work if there's any import statement already

WEB-20122 (Bug)

TSLint: update some rules and options

WEB-19323 (Bug)

Update JSCS support



IDEA-152046 (Bug)

Exception when importing maven project



WEB-20401 (Feature)

Node.js interpreters: provide "Set as Project Interpreter" context action for local interpreters

WEB-20031 (Usability Problem)

Deployment: improve " No route to host" error handling

WEB-20418 (Usability Problem)

Remote interpreters: hide Docker option

WEB-19885 (Cosmetics)

Cut a long path in the Node.js interpreter field in the middle

WEB-20515 (Bug)

Enable Node core libraries right from quick fix

WEB-20488 (Bug)

Unable to enable NodeJS libraries

WEB-20411 (Bug)

Remote interpreter: Deployment server with project visibility prevents interpreter creation

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-150127 (Bug)

IDEA fails to launch after installing a plugin



WEB-19838 (Bug)

Format frontmatter in scss yields incorrect result



IDEA-144432 (Usability Problem)

No code completion and syntax color in HQL when using Hibernate4/5Operations

IDEA-134189 (Bug)

Duplicate id reference inspection error on Spring's form tags path attribute



IDEA-148651 (Bug)

IntelliJ not recognising ?: operator and _csrf in Thymeleaf



WEB-20406 (Bug)

Type guards for 'any' are not supported

WEB-19101 (Bug)

TypeScript "Add to tsconfig.json" intent is not available for imports

WEB-19421 (Bug)

Typescript: import from folder requires pass "index"

WEB-20440 (Bug)

Broken export deconstructor from import validation @v144.2925.4

WEB-20209 (Bug)

Typescript: invalid handling reserved keywords in interface declaration

WEB-20474 (Bug)

jsx syntax in tsx files formatted incorrectly

WEB-20417 (Bug)

WebStorm 12 editor shows incorrect TypeScript compilation errors

User Interface


IDEA-151765 (Bug)

HiDPI display: small code analysis icons in the editor

Version Control. Git


IDEA-151598 (Bug)

Diffs not shown for files in a Git worktree of a bare repository

IDEA-151690 (Bug)

Git Worktrees: review all usages of GitRepositoryImpl & substitute by GitRepositoryFiles

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-149737 (Bug)

SVN Merge from trunk not working

Web Services


IDEA-151207 (Bug)

JAX-RS: @PathParam on a bean property is not resolved to the parameter in @Path on a resource method with @BeanParam annotation

IDEA-150111 (Bug)

JAX-RS: Inspection of the parameters annotated with @XxxParam should not mark Enum usage red.

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