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  • IntelliJ IDEA 16 144.3600.7 Release Notes
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IDEA-147176 (Feature)

Create "lowercaseAndDash" function for live templates

IDEA-135255 (Feature)

new Predefined Function "dashesToCamelCase()" to Use in Live Template Variables

IDEA-145973 (Feature)

Same-named template macros for different languages

IDEA-150957 (Cosmetics)

Gutter grows abnormally when increasing line spacing in editor font settings

IDEA-148696 (Bug)

Contextual menu won't close

IDEA-150972 (Bug)

"Auto import methods" is too aggressive

IDEA-145463 (Bug)

Weird splash screen animation on startup

WEB-20052 (Bug)

Emmet: abbreviations with multiplication are not expanded in JSX context

IDEA-95941 (Bug)

Commit message Ctrl+Space completion of class name - stops working for the second line of the message

IDEA-150813 (Bug)

Create New Test suggests completely unrelated destination source directory and module

WEB-18541 (Bug)

Reformat code during commit unminifies minified CSS files

WEB-14867 (Bug)

Extra space added to jQuery statements

IDEA-151033 (Bug)

Usability issue with multiple block carets

IDEA-96099 (Bug)

Smart completion fails with local inner classes

WEB-20107 (Exception)

Code inspection not working in latest EAP

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DBE-516 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: default values of function parameters are not shown



IDEA-147788 (Bug)

Build fails for non-Android modules in Gradle-based multi-module Android project due to missing JavaGradle facet



WEB-19987 (Usability Problem)

CoffeeScript preview fails with "Exception raised during CoffeeScript compilation"

Compiling Project


IDEA-148929 (Usability Problem)

On demand recompilation/indexing of Annotation Processor generated source



DBE-1733 (Bug)

Unable to Paste into URL field when adding connection



DBE-1814 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: when a table has dropped columns, introspector makes wrong references on next columns from indices and keys

DBE-2295 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: rename column causes broken domestic references from indices and keys on columns



DBE-2299 (Bug)

Drag and drop text magically pastes clipboard and makes Ctrl+Z throw a popup

DBE-2120 (Bug)

Mysql Auto Increment appears empty



WEB-20023 (Bug)

Dart remote debug does not work



IDEA-43728 (Feature)

Provide a way to step in a chosen thread while others remain suspended

IDEA-60932 (Feature)

Support Groovy expressions in debugger expression evaluation

IDEA-150675 (Bug)

Lambda objects are rendered in an incomprehensive way

IDEA-150961 (Bug)

groovy evaluator does not resolve java methods

IDEA-150317 (Bug)

Debugger: Evaluate dialog: Expression Mode button shows wrong mnemonic

WEB-20141 (Bug)

Freezing, StackOverflow and many other errors when run JS debugger



IDEA-16394 (Feature)

Option to turn off inspections in diff window

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-113393 (Bug)

Live Template variable skipped when its default value contains a dash

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-150389 (Usability Problem)

Remove the term "Platform" from the UI

IDEA-150848 (Performance Problem)

Editor leak in AccessibleEditorComponentImpl

IDEA-150132 (Bug)

When selecting and dragging text to "watches" most of the time the editor will start scrolling down and marking the whole text automatically.

IDEA-150819 (Bug)

Keymap - multiple identical shortcuts for the same action

IDEA-150505 (Bug)

Underlines characters invisibles

IDEA-151013 (Bug)

"Move statements right and left" works unreliably in XSLT

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-150587 (Feature)

Ability to click on links from inspections above the Editor using keyboard

File System


IDEA-150199 (Bug)

cannot create file with non-ascii characters in name

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-149094 (Bug)

Show usages popup speed search issues



IDEA-139337 (Bug)

Debugger: evaluated field is shifted to the left in editor when inspecting object values with Alt+Click

GUI Designer


IDEA-106685 (Bug)

Form file is invalid:null



IDEA-150559 (Feature)

Running GWT with different JRE



IDEA-150835 (Task)

Provide an API which tells which production module corresponding to tests module



IDEA-150938 (Bug)

IntelliJ 15.0.3 hangs when opening a certain GSP file

IDEA-151022 (Bug)

Existing Grails configurations arent recognised



IDEA-151004 (Bug)

Methods from DefaultGroovyMethods aren't shown in completion list in Groovy console editor

IDE Configuration


IDEA-130605 (Bug)

Import Settings: "Select Components to Import" dialog has some unreadable items

IDEA-150830 (Bug)

Edit Custom VM Options propose to create idea64.vmoptions file instead of idea.vmoptions on OSX

IDEA-148289 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.config.PasswordSafeConfigurable.isModified

IDE.User Interface


DBE-2195 (Usability Problem)

Make SQL dialect selection dialog keyboard-friendly

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-150909 (Bug)

Ambiguous class static method completion has confusing behaviour

IDEA-123294 (Bug)

Make live templates for statement work properly inside shorten variant of lambda expression

IDEA-150050 (Bug)

Duplicated items in the completion popup

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-150724 (Bug)

Generic "Inconvertible types" error message, when code correctly compiles.

IDEA-150745 (Bug)

Editor does not detect Java compiler error: "inferred type does not conform to upper bound(s)"

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-132058 (Bug)

Code generation for overriding annotated methods creates multiple annotations

IDEA-148839 (Bug)

Unbounded generic code generated

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-150149 (Bug)

Ctrl+F6: Change Class Signature can generate syntax errors when adding generic type arguments

IDEA-150967 (Bug)

'Replace lambda with method reference' produces uncompaliable source



IDEA-150902 (Bug)

False positive of 'Field is accessed in both synchronized and unsynchronized contexts' inspection

IDEA-150425 (Bug)

AutoCloseable setting is not preserved/does not work

IDEA-151091 (Bug)

False positive "Redundant type cast". Generic child extends generic parent

IDEA-150700 (Bug)

'Conditional expression can be simplified' quick fix generated red code

IDEA-142273 (Bug)

Relevance of toArray with zero-array argument inspection for Collections

IDEA-150947 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't suggest to replace anonymous class with lambda

IDEA-151009 (Bug)

String is not properly capitalized false positive

JavaEE. Deployment and Run


IDEA-144313 (Bug)

Redeploy "null" message



IDEA-139130 (Bug)

Glassfish: don't allow to select jre w/o jdk as alternative jre in the deployment run configuration



WEB-20078 (Feature)

Complete string literals where they expected

WEB-20003 (Feature)

Auto Completion for ES6 String Interpolation Doesn't Work

WEB-20038 (Bug)

E4X path navigation expressions that use namespace qualification are incorrectly flagged as not supported

WEB-19500 (Bug)

JSDoc: Erroneous message "Returned expression type ... is not assignable to type ...."

WEB-19280 (Bug)

JSDoc inline types: Problem with ES 2015 arrow functions with one parameter and no parenthesis syntax

WEB-20094 (Bug)

JSX: incorrect 'unused import warning' if component binding is unresolved

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19589 (Bug)

React: Refactor - Rename of component doesn't work properly with default exports

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-19487 (Bug)

missing AMD warning for 'console' and 'document'

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-20035 (Bug)

Inline doesn't work on class methods

WEB-19994 (Bug)

NullPointerException when try to extract field from decorators



WEB-17591 (Bug)

Missing module dependency: suggest to run npm install instead of installing a single module

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-150999 (Task)

Replace Uninstall.exe during patch update.

IDEA-141023 (Task)

Bundle JRE with minor IDEs

Project View


IDEA-143457 (Bug)

Project View presentation of a module looses bold font face when there is an error inside



IDEA-150775 (Bug)

Deleting any file, IDEA wants to check out every file in project



WEB-20131 (Bug)

SASS / SCSS code completion not working for property values

WEB-20100 (Bug)

Inline sass: problem with @import

WEB-20070 (Bug)

Inline SCSS: quick-fix 'Expand css shorthand property' enter extra spaces

WEB-20068 (Bug)

Inline scss: problem with @charset

WEB-20069 (Bug)

Inline scss: missing highlighting for some keywords



DBE-1498 (Bug)

Support for hstore '?' operator



DBE-2133 (Bug)

Custom folding issue



DBE-2309 (Bug)

DataGrip doesn't recognize PostgreSQL 9.4- refresh materialized view CONCURRENTLY parameter



IDEA-115776 (Feature)

Spring MVC: @RequestHeader

IDEA-139690 (Bug)

Spring: GenerateAutowiredDependency action uses suffix/prefix set for parameter generation in CodeStyle/Java/CodeGeneration Settings

IDEA-140872 (Bug)

Spring: suggested names for created beans are confusing in case of prefix/suffix set for generated java fields/parameters

IDEA-128746 (Bug)

Spring Integration: inbound-channel-adapter bean can't be autowired

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-150735 (Bug)

Freemarker Plugin fails to parse escaped hyphens as parts of macro parameters



WEB-20095 (Feature)

Update typescript compiler to 1.8.0beta

WEB-19222 (Bug)

no content awar move down/up in TypeScript

WEB-14301 (Bug)

Don't work auto resolve types in classes

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-150806 (Bug)

ClassNotFoundException: org.testng.remote.RemoteArgs on TestNG master branch

User Interface


IDEA-148456 (Usability Problem)

Regression: Remote SSH External Tools no longer appearing in Action dialog after upgrade to IntelliJ 15

Version Control


IDEA-119269 (Feature)

Git: Show history by selection - no way to copy the commit hash

IDEA-89348 (Feature)

"Show history for selection" dialog: lack of "Show All Affected Paths" action

IDEA-148175 (Exception)

Exception when reverting a commit from VCS history

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143404 (Feature)

Support git worktree feature

Version Control. Log


IDEA-146846 (Bug)

Vcs log root filter: Ctrl+Click should be Cmd+Click on Mac

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-150091 (Bug)

Can not disable the plugin hg4idea

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-150303 (Bug)

Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS



IDEA-150753 (Feature)

Make 'Collapse empty tag' quick fix available for tags with whitespace contents



IDEA-150629 (Bug)

Combining two properties files to a message bundle throws exception

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