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IDEA-150666 (Performance Problem)

JavaProjectCodeInsightSettings.nameMatches() produces too much garbage

WEB-19944 (Bug)

.eslintrc: missing property 'webextensions'

IDEA-150120 (Bug)

Copy reference on package results in path

WEB-19336 (Bug)

Live template `func` doesn't work for me

IDEA-150271 (Bug)

False 'possible NullPointerException' warning

IDEA-150689 (Bug)

Make during indexing



IDEA-150651 (Bug)

AspectJ: incorrect completion for thisJoinPoint and its siblings in advice



WEB-19417 (Bug)

`speak` property support.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-149904 (Bug)

NPE inspection on chained method is unusable (truncated method name)

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-150768 (Bug)

Java fields are shown as plain identifiers if custom color scheme is used

IDEA-146984 (Bug)

Lot of Java color options doesn't inherit from Language Default



DBE-2142 (Bug)

H2 data source goes from 'Remote' to 'Embedded' after closing



DBE-1404 (Feature)

MSSQL Support User-Defined Data Types (non-CLR)

DBE-2136 (Bug)

Create data source dialog doesn't detect all schemas for MSSQL



WEB-13185 (Feature)

Automatically run `pub get` when a dependency changes in pubspec.yaml or at least clearly notify user

WEB-14400 (Usability Problem)

If overriding a function defined with final parameters IJ/Dart plugin forgets the final keyword

WEB-14399 (Usability Problem)

Add @override annotation for overridden function in Dart

WEB-16793 (Bug)

Default values of parameters are not copied when overriding methods

WEB-13514 (Bug)

Variables view in debugger doesn't show static fields



WEB-19984 (Feature)

Debugging Node.js app built with Webpack

IDEA-60932 (Feature)

Support Groovy expressions in debugger expression evaluation

WEB-19983 (Bug)

Compiled TypeScript not stopping at breakpoints

WEB-19982 (Bug)

Cannot debug ES6 - Babel - Webpack apps

IDEA-149017 (Bug)

Process list implementation does not provide correct executable names for applications with spaces in their paths



IDEA-82515 (Bug)

Failed assertions within psi.impl.compiled on opening class files compiled by Kotlin



IDEA-145814 (Bug)

Dockerfile synthax errors

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-147003 (Feature)

Provide syntax aware 'move left'/'move right' actions

IDEA-23487 (Feature)

Parameter Shifting like Method Shifting

IDEA-150208 (Bug)

Text selection is shifted / wrong text selection

IDEA-149817 (Bug)

IntelliJ: Cannot navigate from usage to declaration of method because documentation overlay hides usage

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-139310 (Usability Problem)

"Find Usages" should report source usages before usages in generated code



IDEA-150559 (Feature)

Running GWT with different JRE

IDEA-138722 (Usability Problem)

No autocomplete for xml namespace declaration in UiBinder

IDEA-150184 (Bug)

GWT module created with old DTD reference.



IDEA-150835 (Task)

Provide an API which tells which production module corresponding to tests module

IDEA-150605 (Bug)

Missing compile dependency after being resolved and overwritten by a runtime dependency



WEB-19972 (Bug)

Subresource integrity attributes are marked as invalid in HTML files



IDEA-148981 (Performance Problem)

Index rebuild doesn't complete after idea start



IDEA-149951 (Bug)

Reformatting JSP does not recognize HTML; flattens everything

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-145145 (Bug)

Code Completion does not work properly in Collectors.toMap

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-149952 (Performance Problem)

IDEA hang for Java 8 generics auto-inference

IDEA-144822 (Bug)

Very slow code analysis

IDEA-150495 (Bug)

Good code red. Inheritance with adding generic parameter

IDEA-150807 (Bug)

Bad type inference for lambda expressions and method references

IDEA-150802 (Bug)

Good code red. Pass raw object to generic method with constraint

IDEA-150499 (Bug)

Error parsing multiple inheritance of overridden methods

IDEA-150123 (Bug)

Misleading error message when calling a method with a lambda

IDEA-150773 (Bug)

Incorrect Ambiguous Method Call Error Highlighting

IDEA-150607 (Bug)

Unhandled exception from auto-closeable resource

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-150564 (Bug)

"Create field" quickfix suggests invalid type when used for array member annotation attribute value



IDEA-150640 (Usability Problem)

Introduce local variable quick fix doesn't work when parameter types unknown

IDEA-148984 (Bug)

False positive on constant conditions & expressions

IDEA-149523 (Bug)

MethodRule instances reported by the "Malformed @Rule/@ClassRule field" inspection

IDEA-149407 (Bug)

False positive "Illegal format String specifier"

IDEA-142273 (Bug)

Relevance of toArray with zero-array argument inspection for Collections

IDEA-149653 (Bug)

Option to suppress @Mocked parameters to test method in 'Test method with incorrect signature'

IDEA-150515 (Bug)

"Replace with collect" inspection generates unnecessary stream conversion

IDEA-150600 (Bug)

Caught exception is immediately rethrown: quick fix removes comments/formatting

IDEA-146918 (Bug)

"Scope of variable is too broad" quick fix removes comment

IDEA-150619 (Bug)

Support "Malformed format string" for arbitrary methods



WEB-19696 (Bug)

Find usages doesn't work in VanillaJS code

WEB-19604 (Bug)

JavaScript documentation popup indents parameters too far when @return includes <...>

WEB-19407 (Bug)

Autocomplete doesn't work if object property was created with constructor

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19808 (Bug)

Implement validation/completion for TemplateUrl in @Component

WEB-19921 (Bug)

Red code in Angular 1.4

WEB-19954 (Bug)

UnsupportedOperationException when call completion inside Angular message

WEB-19957 (Bug)

Incorrect resolve in angular message

WEB-19924 (Exception)

IncorrectOperationException whenrun incorrect run/debug karma configuration while indexing

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-19888 (Bug)

eslintrc: Type is not allowed warning

WEB-19694 (Bug)

global objects are not resolved/behaved as expected

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-19648 (Bug)

Incorrect signature for document.importNode

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-19996 (Feature)

Improve name suggestion for Refactoring | Rename

WEB-19994 (Bug)

NullPointerException when try to extract field from decorators

WEB-19995 (Bug)

AssertionError when change method's signature



WEB-14762 (Feature)

support inline LESS/SCSS stylesheets



WEB-19902 (Usability Problem)

Node.js RC: select currently active Node Interpreter on opening "Configure Node.js interpreters" table

WEB-19901 (Usability Problem)

Node remote interpreter: Configure Remote Mappings dialog should have OK and Cancel button

WEB-19904 (Usability Problem)

Node remote interpreter: Vagrant: show absolute path instead of relative to the project root

WEB-19920 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter: reconnect to Vagrant in the background on RC opening

WEB-19922 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter: Multi-Machine Vagrant: wrong error for empty Machine name

WEB-19900 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter should be possible to remove

WEB-19894 (Exception)

Node.js Express App: UnsupportedOperationException on project creation

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-139017 (Bug)

Can't launch IDE with custom-jdk-bundled under 32bit mode on the Mac OS X

Project View


IDEA-150618 (Bug)

java.projectView.ClassTreeStructureProvider should catch IndexNotReadyException in modify() method



DBE-1034 (Bug)

Oracle stored procedures displayed without proper formatting



DBE-2149 (Bug)

ORACLE: unable to resolve collection, defined in procedure

DBE-2165 (Bug)

Problem compiling oracle package containing "merge" statement

DBE-2168 (Bug)

Unknown database function 'Try_Convert'



IDEA-142982 (Bug)

Spring 4.2: Application Events: AbstractApplicationContext#publishEvent() method call is not properly detected as event publishing

IDEA-127346 (Bug)

Autowiring candidate not detected when using Spring batch @EnableBatchProcessing

IDEA-144175 (Bug)

False positive inspection when using @Qualifier and autowired parameters in @Bean method

IDEA-110703 (Bug)

Autowiring "auto-generated" ObjectFactory<MyBean> spring beans should not report "could not autowire no beans of type MyBean"

IDEA-128746 (Bug)

Spring Integration: inbound-channel-adapter bean can't be autowired

IDEA-135541 (Bug)

@EnableSpringDataWebSupport not supported?

IDEA-150639 (Exception)

IAE at

Task Management


IDEA-101238 (Bug)

Time tracking: Post work item: sending a comment with a space fails



WEB-19986 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide new intention "Remove modifier" for invalid code

WEB-19127 (Bug)

IntelliSense doesn't work in TypeScript JSX templates

WEB-19868 (Bug)

Invalid import organisation in TypeScript

Unit Tests


WEB-19906 (Cosmetics)

Mocha RC: use <base dir>/test as default Test Directory

WEB-19942 (Bug)

Mocha+TypeScript: impossible to call submenu for context() in 'Test Results'

User Interface


IDEA-149961 (Usability Problem)

Zero latency typing mode ghosts old caret position briefly when editor.caret.width > 1

IDEA-150453 (Cosmetics)

UI issues with speed-search in popup lists

IDEA-150726 (Bug)

Gutter icons scaled wrong on Retina

Version Control


IDEA-35927 (Usability Problem)

Provide better user experience when applying patch or unshelving fails for some files in the patch/shelf.

IDEA-60470 (Usability Problem)

Applying Patch: should do best attempt to apply to all files. Currently abandones process at first failure

IDEA-150624 (Bug)

IDEA 15 "Apply Patch" is broken

IDEA-148799 (Bug)

Unshelve changes with unassociated file. Don't cancel unshelving.

IDEA-144633 (Bug)

On applying patch for file of unknown type adding the confusing error message is shown

Version Control. Git


IDEA-136565 (Feature)

Add "Checkout with Rebase" action equivalent to "git checkout feature & git rebase master"

IDEA-60413 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ should understand git rebase and show only relevant menu items

IDEA-55479 (Usability Problem)

Git: auto-stash/unstash on 'rebase' command

IDEA-150358 (Usability Problem)

Rebase reports error if user presses "cancel" in the interactive rebase dialog

IDEA-142648 (Bug)

Continue rebase reports success but does nothing when rebase --skip had to be called

IDEA-72282 (Bug)

"Continue rebasing" should be disabled if no rebase operation is in progress

IDEA-135299 (Bug)

'Git' -> 'Continue rebasing' reports "Successfully rebased 0 commits!" in case of error

IDEA-81093 (Bug)

Invoke the Conflict Resolver automatically if a conflict happens during rebase

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-148592 (Bug)

Dead lock in IntelliJ 15.0.1!



IDEA-147004 (Feature)

Provide action to change order of attributes in xml tag

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