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IDEA-150240 (Cosmetics)

Wrong textual description of intention

IDEA-74100 (Bug)

[yaml] key-value parsing improvement

IDEA-149996 (Bug)

IDEA 16 144.2608.2 cannot be compiled via ant: jdk.linux does not exist

IDEA-55455 (Auto-reported Exception)

Editing YAML file throws exception

WEB-18769 (Bug)

require('..') warns about module not being in package.json dependencies

IDEA-76804 (Bug)

[yaml] sequence parsing improvement

IDEA-77217 (Bug)

[yaml] key value parsing improvement



IDEA-150467 (Bug)

AspectJ: thisEnclosingJoinPointStaticPart mixed with thisJoinPointEnclosingStaticPart.

Build tools


WEB-19862 (Usability Problem)

Ability to collapse all gulp file nodes in the gulp tool window



WEB-19831 (Bug)

suppress syntax error when generating CSS in HTML template

Code Coverage


IDEA-150079 (Bug)

No coverage data for default methods on interfaces

Compiling Project


IDEA-121047 (Exception)

MRE at com.intellij.openapi.util.registry.RegistryValue.getBundleValue



DBE-1933 (Bug)

Cannot connect to DB, driver settings keep reverting to the Abstract Driver class on "Apply"



WEB-19748 (Feature)

Show method seperators for Dart projects



IDEA-150411 (Bug)

Debug tool window: on reusing it different type of configuration picks up watches from previous type

IDEA-150258 (Bug)

Debugger: couldn't set line breakpoint in static initializer at line with lambda

IDEA-150534 (Bug)

DebugConfigureAction DebugLogConfigureDialog is missing getDimensionServiceKey()

IDEA-149017 (Bug)

Process list implementation does not provide correct executable names for applications with spaces in their paths



IDEA-82515 (Bug)

Failed assertions within psi.impl.compiled on opening class files compiled by Kotlin



IDEA-146557 (Bug)

Write javadoc for JavaRecursiveElementWalkingVisitor and JavaRecursiveElementVisitor classes

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-87318 (Usability Problem)

Backspace should delete whitespace to chosen indent level, or be configurable

IDEA-64896 (Bug)

Enter Handler doesn't generate JavaDoc in specific case

IDEA-149995 (Bug)

Folded code foreground not inherited from default text

IDEA-76883 (Bug)

The yml file has more code folding outline, and it position is error. (Have picture)

IDEA-110029 (Bug)

documentation window disappears immediately

IDEA-150296 (Bug)

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: line must be non negative: -1

IDEA-150074 (Bug)

Java Imports get viewed wrong when adding new ones

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-149625 (Exception)

NPE at

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-80778 (Usability Problem)

Folding - provide an option to NOT automatically unfold when user performs Find.

IDEA-68160 (Bug)

Find & Replace: preserve case bug



IDEA-138721 (Feature)

Show module for bundled CSS files



IDEA-150084 (Bug)

Typo in Gradle plugin description



DBE-2095 (Bug)

"Confirm application exit" setting not work

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-150364 (Bug)

Generic inference for multi catch exceptions does not match javac

IDEA-150141 (Bug)

bad type qualifier p.I in default super call; method foo() is overridden in p.B

IDEA-150224 (Bug)

Editor falsely finds "Ambiguous method call" in the presence of static, generic factory methods having varargs

IDEA-150196 (Bug)

good code red: attempting to use incompatible return type

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-123298 (Feature)

Show warning if the abstract method of a functional interface is referenced via method reference

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-148481 (Feature)

'Inline method' could replace method reference with lambda

IDEA-149968 (Bug)

Unnecessary warning during refactoring

IDEA-150276 (Bug)

Safe Delete on type parameter leaves method parameters without type

IDEA-150379 (Bug)

Refactor Anonymous class to inner class does not handle varargs correctly

IDEA-150016 (Bug)

Cannot generate Java comments in Velocity templates (toString)

IDEA-150148 (Bug)

Ctrl+F6 to change class signature: Message box help button leads to incorrect online help document

IDEA-150138 (Bug)

Refactoring functional interface signatures

IDEA-91634 (Bug)

Move static constant breaks reference

IDEA-150234 (Bug)

Copying package-private class to another package with rename doesn't rename references to the class within the class



IDEA-131090 (Feature)

Inspection/refactoring suggestion: trivial lambda use

IDEA-150181 (Usability Problem)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: "Usages Detected" conflict preview: all usages are shown for any selected root

IDEA-150315 (Bug)

Inspection "foreach loop can be collapsed with stream api" may change element order

IDEA-150179 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: "Found more than 10 roots to migrate" warning is suggested, user answer is ignored

IDEA-150322 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't suggest to replace anonymous class with lambda

IDEA-150178 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: conversion from `Optional.or()` gives wrong results for different parameter types

IDEA-150172 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: `FluentIterable.transform(Function)` is rejected from return type

IDEA-150210 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: `Predicates`: incompilable code for `assignableFrom()`, `compose()`, `instanceOf()`

IDEA-150185 (Exception)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: quick fix on `FluentIterable.cycle()` return type causes SOE through TypeMigrationRules.findConversion()

IDEA-150201 (Exception)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: `Predicates`: Throwable at GuavaPredicatesUtil$AndOrOrConversionDescriptor.replace() for `and()`, `or()` with no arguments



WEB-19775 (Feature)

Code folding for ES6 imports

WEB-17170 (Feature)

Support folding in ES6 import statements

WEB-19023 (Bug)

ES6/Typescript auto-imported names should be inserted after "use strict" statement if presented

WEB-13313 (Bug)

JSDoc: Regular expression breaks stub

WEB-19801 (Bug)

'Attribute is not allowed here' for local variables

WEB-19767 (Bug)

ES6: Dummy suggestions for `yield`

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-19713 (Bug)

Formatting preferences cause AssertionError "Attempt to create a composite block with no children" when accessing certain files

WEB-18387 (Bug)

Indentation after <ENTER> is wrong

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19890 (Feature)

tsconfig, eslintrc: do not show used properties in code completion

WEB-19803 (Bug)

Red code: Angular Formatting Messages

WEB-19808 (Bug)

Implement validation/completion for TemplateUrl in @Component

WEB-19809 (Bug)

Implement validation/completion for StyleUrls in @Component

WEB-19675 (Bug)

No support for code completion and code highlights in Angular 2 @component({styles})

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-19830 (Feature)

Add code completion for eslintrc file

WEB-19836 (Bug)

JSHint 1.8.0 not loaded

WEB-19198 (Exception)

JSCS: Import Code Style: IllegalStateException for empty input file



WEB-19853 (Feature)

Node.js RC: replace "Run with CoffeeScript plugin" option with relevant Node parameters

WEB-19806 (Bug)

Connect to remote host dialog pops up when remote interpreter configuration is canceled

WEB-19697 (Bug)

Module is not statement

WEB-19641 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter should be shown only for valid Run Configurations

WEB-19643 (Bug)

Node remote interpreter: always stop/terminate remote node process

WEB-19812 (Bug)

Better warning when a deployment configuration corresponding to a remote interpreter is removed

WEB-19727 (Bug)

rsa key as env variable not working



WEB-19662 (Cosmetics)

Profiling: CPU: improve popup messages

WEB-19663 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Overview Ring: sometimes values are not correctly shown on picture

Project Configuration


IDEA-150345 (Bug)

Invalidate Cache / Restart doesn't delete unused libraries' cache from .IntelliJIdea16\system\jars



DBE-2171 (Bug)

PostgreSQL select with no fields parse error



IDEA-44269 (Feature)

Spring 2.5: if method/constructor without parameters is annotated with @Autowired, the error should be detected

IDEA-149557 (Feature)

New inspection: infer @Autowired constructor (Spring 4.3+)

IDEA-76363 (Usability Problem)

Spring autowire error messages are not readible

IDEA-147567 (Bug)

Support Spring Boot @SpringApplicationConfiguration annotation in JUnit

IDEA-106123 (Bug)

Spring <property> completion should avoid @Autowired setters

IDEA-144076 (Bug)

Spring: auto-inject ApplicationEventPublisher

IDEA-142970 (Bug)

Spring 4.2: the components imported into configuration are not recognized as beans themselves

IDEA-44369 (Bug)

Spring 2.5: autowired dependencies: correctly treat qualifiers w/o value

IDEA-135384 (Bug)

Incorrect error: "Cannot find bean qualified by @X" but there are beans qualified by @X

IDEA-119574 (Bug)

Spring beans configured via metaannotated @Import don't get recognized



WEB-19850 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.8: Support comments in tsconfig.json

WEB-19616 (Feature)

Add new intentions for abstract classes

WEB-17603 (Feature)

Highlight unused TypeScript imports

WEB-2344 (Bug)

TypeScript: provide completion for 'public' and 'private' keywords inside constructor parameters signature

WEB-19783 (Bug)

TypeScript optimize imports: remove duplicates

WEB-19794 (Bug)

extract method doesnt work with tsx code

WEB-19723 (Bug)

Marking correct decorator as error, and break it on code reformatting

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-150072 (Bug)

JUnit test output losing newlines and out of order

IDEA-149899 (Bug)

Can't rerun failed JUnit parameterized test case

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-150310 (Bug)

@BeforeMethod annotation is added to setUp method which already has @BeforeClass annotation

IDEA-148729 (Bug)

TestNG fails, produces broken XML files if class name contains non-ascii characters

Unit Tests


WEB-19734 (Bug)

Poor support for custom mocha UIs

WEB-19754 (Bug)

Stack trace does not link to local test code

User Interface


IDEA-149852 (Usability Problem)

White spaces shown in Editor are hardly noticible on HiDPI monitor

IDEA-149918 (Cosmetics)

Find Action shows strange "New Group (1)" action group

IDEA-150547 (Bug)

some labels are not accessible by mouse

Version Control


IDEA-150357 (Usability Problem)

Add mnemonic to "remove successfully applied files from the shelf" checkbox in unshelve dialog

Version Control. Log


IDEA-118190 (Performance Problem)

VCS Log: Select All in a large repository freezes the UI forever



IDEA-150458 (Bug)

Xml: invalid regular expression error

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