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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-146334 (Usability Problem)

Provide shortcuts (Alt+key) for Invalidate caches window's buttons

IDEA-148075 (Usability Problem)

Situation with incompatible custom plugins could be treated more user-friendly

IDEA-147151 (Usability Problem)

IDE GUI reports expiration date even if the build is under fallback license

IDEA-144224 (Usability Problem)

Yellow 'Find in file' highlighting is not readable when the same line is on the breakpoint.

IDEA-147859 (Usability Problem)

License dialog shows information message with date in local format, while error message with date in default format

WEB-19192 (Performance Problem)

Laggy typing in HTML

WEB-18608 (Performance Problem)

Webstorm regularily freezes for up to a minute without any indication what is happening.

WEB-18830 (Performance Problem)

Horrible performance

IDEA-147162 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect Intentions before-to-after description

IDEA-147946 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 15 started on MacOS under TeamCity agent from command line fails with java.awt.HeadlessException

IDEA-146888 (Bug)

Syntax highlighting loss of colour in EAP-143.434

IDEA-97051 (Bug)

Unable to turn of spell checker

WEB-17926 (Bug)

Added jscs:ignore comments don't stack correctly

IDEA-148407 (Bug)

License Activation: Can't login to JetBrains Account on fresh IDEA build, fresh caches

IDEA-146472 (Bug)

"Close Unmodified" also closes pinned tabs

IDEA-147718 (Bug)

Plugins are reported as incpmpatible and require update endlessly - to the same version

IDEA-146276 (Bug)

Memory leak in AsyncResult.REJECTED

WEB-19210 (Bug)

"Find Usages" doesn't search HTML5 <video> tag "poster" attribute

IDEA-143478 (Bug)

"Add To Favorites" action doesn't work

RUBY-17332 (Bug)

"except comments" search context is broken in Ruby

IDEA-145931 (Bug)

Garbage text when viewing JDK Javadoc

IDEA-143163 (Bug)

Opposite IDE frame is activated on MacOS X

IDEA-147693 (Bug)

Quick Definition functionality

IDEA-146619 (Bug)

Spock test using @Unroll annotation terminate with an error status

IDEA-145488 (Bug)

IntelliJ can't find license server anymore

WEB-18801 (Bug)

IndexOutOfBoundsException on opening file with SVG on built-in webserver

IDEA-147014 (Bug)

License Collision Detected dialog contains an old text message

IDEA-148027 (Bug)

Quick Documentation: links to package-summary.html open in external browser

IDEA-148384 (Bug)

Deadlock in getProjectUsages

IDEA-148591 (Bug)

Inheritance attribute in a color scheme is lost sometimes upon IDE window deactivation

IDEA-147516 (Bug)

Resizing vertically split editor also selects text in the right hand editor

IDEA-145725 (Bug)

Quick documentation shows the wrong Javadoc for

IDEA-147099 (Exception)

ICSE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl$RemoveWindowedDecoratorCmd.<init>

(Click to Choose)


DBE-1987 (Feature)

Can't create new table in an empty database



IDEA-146849 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ hangs for 30+ seconds with large Android project after leaving and returning to the app

IDEA-147653 (Bug)

Gradle JVM resets to 1.7 when making project, ignoring my setting.

IDEA-143635 (Bug)

Android: AVD Manager window opens with zero size

IDEA-143649 (Bug)

Gradle Android project import fails to resolve dependencies

IDEA-146417 (Bug)

Formatting of closing tag in XML is inconsistent with previous versions

IDEA-147733 (Bug)

Android: IDEA freezes when running android application

IDEA-144294 (Bug)

Android: IDEA_HOME\jre\bin\java.exe is used on Windows on new project creation and on Gradle synchronization triggered from editor

IDEA-144779 (Bug)

Cannot create JUnit test run config in unit tests of Maven Android project

IDEA-143572 (Exception)

Android: IAE at



IDEA-146552 (Exception)

Use Custom Ant [...] button is not working

Build tools


WEB-18677 (Usability Problem)

Startup Tasks: double click should open RC to edit

WEB-18685 (Bug)

Startup Tasks: Shared RC is added without enabled checkbox



WEB-18957 (Task)

Add support for will-change on CSS

WEB-17288 (Bug)

Missing CSS properties

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-147531 (Bug)

The icons in the upper right panel of dependency viewer behave very strange

IDEA-147449 (Bug)

Dependency Viewer does not aggregate correctly

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-145340 (Bug)

Bogus duplicate code detected in tests

IDEA-146699 (Bug)

EAP15 - Duplicate code shows 'null' for other location in tooltip.

IDEA-147513 (Bug)

Duplicate code detection triggers on non-duplicate code.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-136449 (Bug)

Spurious "cannot resolve symbol" on string literal from "injected references" inspection

IDEA-147054 (Bug)

Invalid intention action suggestion "Replace lambda with method reference" for inner class instance creation

IDEA-143902 (Bug)

Analyze: Inspect Code hangs

IDEA-147534 (Bug)

Inspection "@NotNull/@Nullable problems" - "Require @NotNull fileds to be initialized explicitly", does not trigger when using @NonnullByDefault

IDEA-148421 (Bug)

"Apply fix" feature is not working

IDEA-104069 (Bug)

JPAQL inspection wrongly complains about redundant suppressions

IDEA-146743 (Bug)

Ignore enum constants check-box is not persisted in inspection configs

Code Coverage


IDEA-146874 (Bug)

Code coverage percentages not aggregating by whole sub-package

IDEA-147673 (Bug)

Run with coverage fails on v15 with JaCoCo selected

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-147380 (Bug)

On reformating of block - IDEA adds additional indent

Code Navigation


IDEA-147691 (Bug)

"Go to Implementations" doesn't show implementations in other modules

IDEA-145783 (Bug)

Line marker 'overrides' for java.lang.Object.equals()

IDEA-147828 (Bug)

"Go to Implementations" is unable to find implementation as method reference



WEB-18561 (Bug)

coffeescript parse error

WEB-18523 (Bug)

143.88 doesn't remember code style setting for Coffee

WEB-18637 (Bug)

coffeescritpt parse error

WEB-18785 (Bug)

CoffeeScript object literal indentation too few indents

WEB-18822 (Bug)

Coffeescript string formatting / interpolation

WEB-18642 (Bug)

params error

WEB-18501 (Bug)

JQuery selectors are only resolved when a colon is present

WEB-18985 (Bug)

CoffeeScript preview window incorrect size



IDEA-148357 (Usability Problem)

CFML: allow to disable "insert pair pound sign" behavior

IDEA-147512 (Bug)

coldfusion 11: syntax inspection: restargsource attribute

Compiling Project


IDEA-147362 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA 15 doesn't read compiler heap size correctly from previous version

IDEA-145718 (Bug)

Path separator changes in ".idea/compiler/xml"

IDEA-146977 (Bug)

@NotNull code in bridge methods

IDEA-147368 (Bug)

Abnormal build process termination: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-147391 (Bug)

cucumber doesn't work in idea 15



DBE-1443 (Bug)

Error Loading Databases over SSH

DBE-1202 (Bug)

Does not connect to MySQL certified by rds-ca-2015

DBE-778 (Bug)

SSH tunnel auth problems



DBE-1802 (Bug)

Unable to set default schema for read-only connections

DBE-1731 (Bug)

Exception when executing SQL from backup file with big inserts (more than 1 MB)

DBE-1719 (Bug)

Unexpected popup Choose console in Sqlite DB

DBE-1826 (Bug)

MariaDB Parsing Issue

DBE-1768 (Bug)

Running MySQL query fails to break statements if they begin with comment

DBE-1729 (Bug)

Oracle Export, Session stays Locked by @Owner

DBE-1929 (Bug)

Run query in console intention is not available for generic dialect

DBE-1422 (Bug)

Edit data in query results

DBE-1745 (Exception)

MySQL 5.6.7: Database returned plan in unsupported format



DBE-1784 (Feature)

Support for Oracle valid/invalid object status (


DBE-1842 (Usability Problem)

ORACLE В разделе collection types лишние элементы

DBE-1767 (Performance Problem)

Oracle dependencies fetching very slow

DBE-1804 (Bug)

MS SQL Introspector: nvarchar(10) becomes nvarchar(20)

DBE-1786 (Bug)

"definition is not available or empty" when trying to view some stored procedures on Sybase ASE

DBE-1787 (Bug)

MSSQL: NVARCHAR data type shown as SYSNAME

DBE-1738 (Bug)

Dropped object types in Oracle aren't removed from tree when dropped

DBE-1741 (Bug)

MySQL synchronize is extremly slow and unusable

DBE-1809 (Bug)

Quick Documentation shows wrong DDL

DBE-1373 (Bug)

MSSQL: Altering a Procedure/View should go via an ALTER statement

DBE-430 (Bug)

Exception thrown when trying to open a stored proc definition

DBE-1853 (Bug)

NPE in Database view

DBE-1981 (Bug)

MSSQL datasource synchronization is broken



DBE-1755 (Usability Problem)

Can't create numeric (with scale) column using interface

DBE-1675 (Bug)

Rename table from Oracle DB creates a new one and keeps an old in Viewer

DBE-1793 (Bug)

DatabaseEditor: set schema before performing refactorings

DBE-1798 (Bug)

Create table window cannot be scrolled

DBE-601 (Bug)

Wrong syntax for "drop default" for a column

DBE-1780 (Bug)

Modify Table dialogue is slow

DBE-685 (Bug)

Create table dialog uses VARCHAR2(4000) instead of TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE

DBE-1852 (Bug)

"Create New Table" dialog: foreign key name is ignored



DBE-1372 (Bug)

The default reload hotkey within altering stored procs/views/etc is also mapped to Fearch/Replace (Ctrl+R)

DBE-1964 (Bug)

ALTERTE insted of ALTER on Stored Procedure edit

DBE-1041 (Bug)

DB2: Text tab is empty in the table view for all tables



WEB-17804 (Feature)

control over Dart analyzer options (feature request)

WEB-15756 (Feature)

Dart: Problems View: provide sorting possibility

WEB-15754 (Feature)

Dart: Problems View: provide "Group by problem type" filter and count total number of problems

WEB-15753 (Usability Problem)

Dart: Problems View: provide "Group by directory" filter

WEB-19004 (Usability Problem)

Please add an option to "Dart Analysis" tab for filtering modules / libs / files

WEB-18535 (Bug)

Error parsing Dart cascade in function call after assignment to cascade

WEB-18674 (Bug)

Dart. Unused elements are not highlighted.

WEB-16264 (Bug)

Warnings are lower visual intensity than info markers

WEB-14996 (Bug)

WebStorm cannot find Dart super-class declaration

WEB-18833 (Bug)

Analysis roots are not set if IDEA is started and then de-focused



DBE-1637 (Feature)

Allow for search in table

DBE-458 (Bug)

Table editor: CTID column is queried for Redshift

DBE-1984 (Bug)

throw excepiton when used sql grammar like union

DBE-1939 (Bug)

When Duplicating Rows do not duplicate a value from a IDENTITY COLUMN

DBE-1022 (Bug)

SQL data extractor incorrectly extracts data for JSONx and ARRAY field types in PostgreSQL

DBE-1747 (Bug)

MySQL Data Extractor: Wrong table name in generated sql-file

DBE-1757 (Bug)

Undo (Ctrl-Z) doesn't work when typing in the Filter Criteria input

DBE-1754 (Bug)

The JSON extractor is no longer available

DBE-561 (Bug)

Database: Oracle table saved as SQL insert statements has wrong format for date types

DBE-1656 (Bug)

Database update reverts

DBE-1700 (Bug)

SQL Insert/Update Extractor not working for bit columns in MS SQL

DBE-1722 (Bug)

Trim whitespace doesn't work in case save to CSV file with quotation



IDEA-148131 (Bug)

After Upgrade to RubyMine 8

IDEA-148140 (Bug)

Data source empty after updating to 15.0.2 EAP

IDEA-148088 (Bug)

Stack overflow in DB console when many messages come from PostgreSQL

IDEA-148208 (Bug)

Cannot resolve escaped camel case table name in @Language Injections

IDEA-148571 (Bug)

Database - default value for oracle DDL - wrong order

IDEA-148805 (Bug)

You can not see the execution plan for a query if there are parameters

IDEA-140703 (Bug)

Database tool window: on navigation to database elements group nodes ("tables", "columns") are not expanded

IDEA-145274 (Bug)

tel me why ???

IDEA-141990 (Bug)

Schemas once added to Database tree view are not removed on synchronization (Oracle)

IDEA-147469 (Configuration Problem)

Can't connect to HBase using Apache Phoenix driver

IDEA-146598 (Bug)

Database tool window: Synchronize does not update replaced Oracle package



WEB-16337 (Feature)

debugging meteor packages stored in /packages directory does not work (both client & server)

IDEA-141792 (Usability Problem)

Alternative source available for the class ... should be closable and/or disabled

IDEA-145379 (Usability Problem)

Invisible selection for debugger break line

IDEA-136692 (Performance Problem)

PSI leak from line breakpoints when there's no line breakpoints at all

WEB-18889 (Bug)

cannot connect firefox remote server

IDEA-146336 (Bug)

Debugger decompiles all frames

WEB-16829 (Bug)

"too soon" typescript breakpoints are not hit

IDEA-146191 (Bug)

excessive code decompiling by debugger

IDEA-143151 (Bug)

Debugger causes confusing tooltips on names that were not evaluated yet

WEB-18853 (Bug)

Debugger: debugging doesn't work with Node.js 5

WEB-19103 (Bug)

Karma debugger process does not stop

IDEA-146827 (Bug)

IndexOutOfBoundsException on toggle breakpoint action update

WEB-18693 (Bug)

Many Internal errors in variables when debug TypeScript project

WEB-16397 (Bug)

ES6 with Babel, break point not working in original files

WEB-18160 (Bug)

Debugger does not stop on breakpoints in node_modules sources

IDEA-147298 (Bug)

Alternative source notification for every class (with gradle)

WEB-18949 (Bug)

nodeJs v5: 'Cannot convert undefined or null to object' error when debug node.js project

WEB-17256 (Bug)

Karma: Debugging doesn't work with webpack sourcemaps

WEB-16972 (Bug)

'Collecting data' is shown in debugger tooltips when debugging with sourcemaps

WEB-17468 (Bug)

Breakpoints in Typescript not working in EAP 11

IDEA-146938 (Bug)

gwt debugging: button constructor opened in the generated code on pause&reload

IDEA-147903 (Bug)

Unable to evaluate static interface methods

WEB-19138 (Exception)

JavaScript Debugger cannot be started on Windows/Unix

WEB-18667 (Exception)

cannot debug with Chinese characters in the path

WEB-19273 (Exception)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined when do 'Step into'



IDEA-146998 (Usability Problem)

Directory compare looses ignore whitespace setting

IDEA-147533 (Usability Problem)

Behavior of Next Difference action in three-way merge window regressed from version 14.x

IDEA-148597 (Usability Problem)

If in the Commit dialog the Details pane has focus, Show Diff action doesn't allow to navigate between files in changelist

IDEA-140545 (Bug)

Escape closes the diff window

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-147857 (Bug)

Eclipse Integration rewrites faulty .classpath files

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-140542 (Bug)

Forward navigation to already navigated items (ctrl + alt + right )) seems to be broken

IDEA-148225 (Bug)

{@code} and {@literal} Javadoc blocks aren't treated literally by Ctrl+Q

IDEA-146710 (Bug)

multi caret is not extended

IDEA-146507 (Bug)

Emacs Tab fails to indent highlighted text

IDEA-147590 (Bug)

Mac ctrl-k shortcut in multiselect only operates on last cursor

IDEA-147150 (Bug)

Kill to word start causes ArrayIndexOutOfBounds -1

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-148477 (Feature)

Handle AssertJ assertions in the same way as JUnit assertions

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-146645 (Usability Problem)

"Add method contract" and the like intentions available everywhere should be made low priority

File System


IDEA-147058 (Bug)

Local file url passed to method that assumes standard file path format when watch roots are being set.

IDEA-147814 (Bug)

IntelliJ keep jar file opened even after closing the project window

File Watchers


WEB-18982 (Bug)

File Watcher macro $FileDirPathFromParent$ doesn't understand a parameter with subfolders

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-147570 (Usability Problem)

"Find Next Occurrence" command does not remove extra carets

IDEA-147082 (Performance Problem)

Slow typing in 'Find in Path' dialog caused by 'Preview' panel

IDEA-146663 (Bug)

Typing on the replace field causes search preview to refresh

IDEA-145793 (Bug)

"Project Files" missing from "Find in path" Custom scopes

IDEA-147773 (Bug)

New instance creation usage does not detect constructor reference (SomeClass::new)



IDEA-146722 (Bug)

ActionScript false error: protected member is not accessible



IDEA-143616 (Bug)

Breakpoints in onModuleLoad (GWT) do not work

IDEA-141563 (Bug)

GWT: breakpoints stop working after recompile



IDEA-146601 (Cosmetics)

Gradle: blinking non-relevant tests

IDEA-147482 (Bug)

Notification running tests via gradle contains incorrect results

IDEA-139154 (Bug)

Gradle Single Test Prints "Empty test suite."

IDEA-147072 (Bug)

StackOverflowException on importing gradle build using ant's ExpandProperties filter



IDEA-148127 (Bug)

Grails 3.0.9 compile project

IDEA-144357 (Bug)

Grails doesn't start caused by wrong location of .slcache directory

IDEA-147744 (Bug)

toString() missing from generate menu in Grails domain classes

IDEA-144371 (Bug)

Can't call generated default constructor in a Grails domain class

IDEA-145433 (Bug)

Grails: specify default VM settings in IntelliJ Grails runner



IDEA-146530 (Bug)

Extract field refactoring doesn't remove initial expression

IDEA-148030 (Bug)

getDelegate() within @DelegatesTo(X) should assume type is X and not Object

IDEA-148151 (Bug)

Code completion does not work when using @Builder with java class specified as forClass

IDEA-144268 (Bug)

Uppercase fields are not resolved if qualifier is named like a package

IDEA-148160 (Bug)

Editor incorrectly flagging anonymous classes as "ambiguous code blocks" in groovy code.



WEB-10809 (Bug)

"Insert new line before": weird behaviour

WEB-19202 (Bug)

'Insert closing tag on tag completion' should work in JSX blocks

IDE Configuration


IDEA-147244 (Bug)

IDE doesn't start after importing previous version settings and downloading plugins

IDEA-141249 (Bug)

External documentation for JDK doesn't work from .zip

IDEA-148084 (Bug)

npm scripts runner cannot find nodejs binary

IDE.User Interface


DBE-350 (Usability Problem)

Add precision field to new table wizard for column(s)

DBE-1536 (Usability Problem)

Not enough information for table indexes in Database browser

DBE-1122 (Cosmetics)

The position of the button "Run"

DBE-1917 (Bug)

User parameter value cannot be entered with Enter key



IDEA-147970 (Bug)

Cannot run JUnit test, Invalidating cache temporarily fixes

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-147762 (Bug)

code completion doesn't show JPA '@Id' import

IDEA-147313 (Bug)

Adding @NotNull in front of a method parameter and finishing lookup with Space inserts 2 spaces

IDEA-147454 (Bug)

Smart completion add parentheses to class declaration in throws statement

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-147881 (Bug)

Type inference in ternary operator inside arrayconstructor

IDEA-147619 (Bug)

Type inference issues with lamdas and type parameters in Java8

IDEA-142243 (Bug)

Good code red: non-static variable cannot be referenced from a static context

IDEA-146055 (Bug)

Undetected ambiguity in a super call

IDEA-147873 (Bug)

Good code marked red with lambdas/method references

IDEA-147979 (Bug)

META-INF Premain-Class / Agent-Class wrong type

IDEA-147399 (Bug)

Incorrect "wrong argument type" error for lambda

IDEA-147393 (Bug)

Good code is red

IDEA-147214 (Bug)

IDE highlights val from lombok plugin as an error if it had reparsed code before the line was completed

IDEA-147745 (Bug)

"Static import method" intention chooses overloads randomly

IDEA-145244 (Bug)

Incorrect error

IDEA-146261 (Bug)

False error: Ambiguous method call: both '<T>)' and '<K>)' match

IDEA-144463 (Bug)

Incorrect Ambiguous Method Call Error Highlighting

IDEA-147639 (Bug)

IDE shows compilation error which is not shown by javac

IDEA-147223 (Bug)

Code inspection is broken in some special cases.

IDEA-147529 (Bug)

Method reference appears as an error

IDEA-146604 (Bug)

Valid code highlighted as error (Enum::compareTo)

IDEA-134944 (Bug)

Good Code Red: casting to Class<T[]> from Class<? extends Object>

IDEA-143194 (Bug)

Editor show errors on usage of generic method with 'extends' and "exact subclasses" and no explicit typing

IDEA-146841 (Bug)

Syntax errors detected on correct (compiling) code

IDEA-146740 (Bug)

Code highlighting hangs up

IDEA-146592 (Bug)

List.toArray() incorrectly flagged as error

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-147973 (Bug)

Memory leak detected in QuickEditHandler

IDEA-147566 (Bug)

Idea adds unnecessary cast when introduces local variable of type with self-referencing parameter

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-146411 (Usability Problem)

Inline dialog could be very tall

IDEA-146332 (Bug)

Extract method produces invalid code

IDEA-146900 (Bug)

"Make method static" with delegation breaks code

IDEA-147503 (Bug)

Extract variable is paranoid when it comes to array indices

IDEA-146872 (Bug)

Make static with delegation must not add @Override to the static method

IDEA-147539 (Bug)

Move Static Members refactor breaks switch statements

IDEA-147535 (Bug)

refactor deleting a method argument retains javadocs of deleted argument

IDEA-145795 (Bug)

"Inline method" refactoring can change behavior.

IDEA-146787 (Bug)

Refactor / Extract constant places constant in wrong class

IDEA-146842 (Bug)

Incorrect variable extraction (redundant string with method name and semicolon)



IDEA-146409 (Feature)

Empty method inspection flagging valid empty methods

IDEA-146570 (Cosmetics)

Not all keys have SuppressWarnings have code highlighting

IDEA-134970 (Bug)

Inspection settings panel does not load

IDEA-135101 (Bug)

False positive of "Empty class"

IDEA-145834 (Bug)

IteratorNextCanNotThrowNoSuchElementException inspection: false positive

IDEA-147336 (Bug)

false fire "collection are queried, but never updated"

IDEA-146476 (Bug)

AutoCloseable inspection doesn't recognize Java 8 method references

IDEA-142478 (Bug)

"Contents of collection are updated, but never queried" inspection fails to count toArray() as query

IDEA-146028 (Bug)

Misleading error message: "Cannot infer arguments"

IDEA-148156 (Bug)

Incorrect duplicate find

IDEA-145738 (Bug)

Inspection Redundant field initialization removes constant

IDEA-145956 (Bug)

Unnecessary unary minus gives false positive on string appending

IDEA-145984 (Bug)

Replace with conditional exception gives confusing result on conditional with many if / else if / else branches



IDEA-146931 (Bug)

Description is missing for RequiredArtifactTypeInspection in Batch Applications Issues



IDEA-142575 (Bug)

WildFly: runtime-name should respect dots in artifact name



IDEA-144272 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.ToolWindowManagerImpl.a



WEB-1082 (Feature)

Option for configuring style of quotes in 'use strict' pragma added by WebStorm

WEB-19137 (Performance Problem)

Slow JS index processing

WEB-18815 (Bug)

ReactJS: JSX syntax not recognized in script of "text/jsx" type

WEB-18684 (Bug)

PATH is not resolved

WEB-18632 (Bug)

Inspection error with ES6 syntax of export as

WEB-18518 (Bug)

es6 import type annotation

WEB-18268 (Bug)

AssertionError on extends

WEB-18305 (Bug)

Flow: recognize type any

WEB-18395 (Bug)

@JSDoc TODO tag bad parsing

WEB-18699 (Bug)

Attribute not allowed here

WEB-7157 (Bug)

Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused

WEB-18644 (Bug)

Extra Is overridden symbols in editor gutter

WEB-18728 (Bug)

require does not correct resolve module.exports

WEB-16614 (Bug)

ES7: function bind

WEB-18448 (Bug)

Flow: recognize mixed primitive type

WEB-18847 (Exception)

Indexing crashes code inspection

WEB-18716 (Exception)

Stub and PSI element type mismatch in path.js: stub JSReturnStatementStubImpl

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-18366 (Bug)

Code formatting places ES7 async function declaration on new line

WEB-19076 (Bug)

Whitespaces around 'instanceof' are stripped if 'Relation operators' is not chosen

WEB-18983 (Bug)

Formatter: restore default behavior in "Spaces Before Parentheses" for "Function call parentheses" option

WEB-18621 (Bug)

Webstorm 11 EAP alligns object litterals wrong on colon

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19189 (Bug)

Meteor: "Import packages as library" does not include JSX files, e.g. from react-meteor-data

WEB-18931 (Bug)

Yeoman project can not be created on a mounted drive

WEB-18256 (Bug)

React: completion for imported component doesn't work when not using {}

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16353 (Feature)

Code Quality Tools - JSCS: Search for configs(s) Correction

WEB-18715 (Feature)

wrong positive on "Mutable variable is accessible from closure" or on temporarily suppressing errors using annotations

WEB-16817 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: Import code styles: improve dialog

WEB-18885 (Bug)

ESLint: 'Additional rules directory' option is ignored

WEB-19199 (Bug)

JSCS: Import Code Style: duplicate messages in the Log for file with unknown rules/without rules

WEB-19193 (Bug)

JSCS: Import Code Styles: new scheme is not created and not added to the schemes list

WEB-18678 (Bug)

JSDoc @inheritdoc tag doesn't work if lower case is used

WEB-18786 (Bug)

Don't suggest to import node.js global "Buffer"

WEB-18392 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: minimize shown packages in case of direct source matching

WEB-19112 (Bug)

ESLint: false "linebreak-style" reported

WEB-18496 (Bug)

Some issues with JSCS integration

WEB-16835 (Bug)

TSLint: fill in "Configuration file" field automatically

WEB-18209 (Bug)

Unused imports are not marked unused

WEB-19179 (Bug)

Performing code analysis in commit dialog doesn't report problems from ESLint, JSCS and other code quality tools

WEB-19092 (Bug)

Extra eslint options cannot be removed

WEB-19196 (Exception)

JSCS: Import Code Style: NPE on importing "validateIndentation" rule

WEB-18787 (Exception)

TSLint: impossible to expand Configuration files list

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-18807 (Feature)

Update JSDoc @param annotations when changing function signature.



WEB-18604 (Bug)

less variable marked as incorrect

Local History


IDEA-146505 (Bug)

Local History says "Tests Failed" when there were ignored tests



IDEA-143094 (Bug)

Macros not working - they are in macros.xml but not shown in the menu



WEB-18969 (Feature)

Node.js: support completion in require() from folders marked as resource roots

WEB-18980 (Performance Problem)

WebStorm hangs often after installing packages using npm 3

WEB-19190 (Bug)

Node.js Core library: http.ServerResponse methods not resolved

WEB-18919 (Bug)

Missing module dependency: disable for paths using template strings in require

WEB-17512 (Bug)

require() call is missing

WEB-18584 (Bug)

Node sources are not configured again when switch to another node version

WEB-17823 (Bug)

Import code style from JSCS configuration file: paths to Node.js and JSCS are not specified

WEB-18951 (Bug)

NodeJS: cannot resolve modules from several resource roots

WEB-18714 (Bug)

NPM terminal not using colors

WEB-18707 (Exception)

IAE in NodeJSModulesSearcher



IDEA-148062 (Usability Problem)

OSMORC/OSGi failed to create "empty" bundle with not user friendly message

IDEA-147390 (Bug)

Analyzer Plugin failed

IDEA-147285 (Bug)

Error:osgi: [modulename] Unexpected build error

IDEA-147261 (Bug)

Compilation fails on OSGi modules when Maven plugin is disabled

IDEA-147033 (Bug)

OSGI bundles don't include compiled class files

IDEA-146580 (Bug)

Bndtools import: can't import projects created with Bndtools3

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-147197 (Bug)

Don't check properties file for java version

IDEA-130951 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't apply updates when running with the "nosplash" argument.

Password Safe


IDEA-148233 (Bug)

IllegalStateException when accessing password storage

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-146869 (Bug)

VirtualFile.getUrl() returns invalid URLs for local files on Windows



WEB-15925 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: improve Take Heap Snapshot dialog

WEB-15427 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Search String dialog should save previous configuration

Project Configuration


IDEA-106986 (Bug)

.idea/compiler.xml gets changed with Ajc

IDEA-119815 (Bug)

Inspections via Maven cannot be run if .idea directory exists but *.iml missing

IDEA-90661 (Bug)

recognize IBM JDK jars

Project View


IDEA-148586 (Bug)

com.intellij.openapi.vfs.InvalidVirtualFileAccessException when moving files outside of IDE + IDE stops responding

IDEA-147001 (Exception)

Assertion in Scopes view when there's a ".java" file which is mapped to CLASS file type



IDEA-147589 (Bug)

failed refactoring prevents further refactoring

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-147215 (Bug)

IDE freezes at PackageDirectoryCache running out app

IDEA-146128 (Bug)

"Select Run/Debug Configuration" do nothing when navigation bar hidden

IDEA-102423 (Bug)

"Save console output to file" saves relative to the IDEA bin directory, doesn't recognise path variables



WEB-18869 (Bug)

A single unit inside calc is recognized as a syntax error



IDEA-146765 (Bug)

jsonb_path_ops not recognized when creating index syntax

IDEA-147384 (Bug)

SQL: Sybase dialect does not understand *= for left outer join



DBE-1973 (Bug)

There is no completion for variable

DBE-1788 (Bug)

MSSQL: Code completion does not work in scratch file

DBE-1753 (Bug)

SQL query: Completion of column name doesn't work when the column is not the last one



DBE-1838 (Bug)

MySQL: Extra replace 0 occurrences item in refactoring popup

DBE-1790 (Bug)

Intention 'Split String Literal' wont work for all RDMBS + only works in the first part of a split string

DBE-1818 (Bug)

Duplicate 'end' inserted for begin...end on enter



DBE-1919 (Bug)

Default Live template sel is not usable.



DBE-1272 (Feature)

Add PostgreSQL psql sub-dialect

DBE-1708 (Performance Problem)

High CPU usage when idle

DBE-1935 (Bug)

MySQL, strange warning 'column aliases required for...'

DBE-1666 (Bug)

MSSQL - cannot execute parameterless stored procedure with GO

DBE-1836 (Bug)

MySQL: Good code is red

DBE-1834 (Bug)

In database tools with Xerial, SQLite shows error when inserting with a UNION ALL

DBE-1830 (Bug)

Regression: PostgreSQL composite type members not resolved

DBE-1796 (Bug)

MSSQL: NEWSEQUENTIALID() isn't highlighted as a function

DBE-1828 (Bug)

All objects from default schema are not resolved

DBE-1253 (Bug)

Erroneous inspection warning

DBE-1966 (Bug)

In sybase: When specifying index on a join, incorrect warning about index being a reserved word

DBE-1969 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Extended EXPLAIN syntax not parsed

DBE-1763 (Bug)

Don't show BEGIN/END on structure panel for a procedure

DBE-1817 (Bug)

Table field resoving bug in SQL editor with MySQL dielect

DBE-1864 (Bug)

User SQL parameter %var and &var doesn't work

DBE-1923 (Bug)

WHERE keyword not recognized in CREATE INDEX statement (SQLite)

DBE-1854 (Bug)

Autocomplete works when editing SQL query, however fails after same query is "run in console"

DBE-1859 (Bug)

ORACLE Ошибка при парсинге пакета.

DBE-1980 (Bug)

Fake comment in MySQL

Settings Repository


IDEA-144970 (Bug)

Settings Repository fails to read/merge

IDEA-146525 (Bug)




IDEA-146738 (Bug)

RuntimeException when trying to Refactor/Rename class

IDEA-147346 (Bug)

Executable flag is lost on "mvnw"/"gradlew" wrapper using Spring Initializr wizard

IDEA-148444 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.startup.impl.StartupManagerImpl.registerPostStartupActivity

Task Management


IDEA-104547 (Bug)

misc.xml gets updated on project opening ( component TaskProjectConfiguration is removed)

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-147902 (Bug)

IDEA's bad case of velocity syntax highlight



WEB-18345 (Feature)

tsconfig.json changes not recoginized in real-time

WEB-18546 (Feature)

Code style option for quotes in generated TypeScript code

WEB-17755 (Feature)

TypeScript: implement correct type recognition inside Object literal

WEB-18764 (Performance Problem)

webstorm EAP, running slooooooow, editor hangs for long periods of time

WEB-18888 (Bug)

Typescript generics in constructor-function of Angular's $q-service doesn't work

WEB-18709 (Bug)

Typescript code completion for Constructor retained Parameters

WEB-16426 (Bug)

Typescript array inteface assignment reported as error

WEB-18898 (Bug)

RubyMine 8 consistently consuming 100% cpu

WEB-18580 (Bug)

tsconfig.json compilerOption / out output is not relative to tsconfig file

WEB-18732 (Bug)

Dictionary/Associative array hasOwnProperty method expression is not of function type

WEB-19151 (Bug)

TypeScript abstract class members implementation loses visibility modifier

WEB-18713 (Bug)

Red code in TypeScript

WEB-18643 (Bug)

False positive error with type cast in TypeScript, 'new' and untyped 'var'

WEB-18493 (Bug)

Typescript import issues

WEB-19302 (Bug)

TypeScript: auto-import cannot recognize closest definition file depending on how entity is exported

WEB-19000 (Bug)

TypeScript: Default initializers on required parameters

WEB-19099 (Bug)

TypeScript class index declaration formatting is wrong

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-146064 (Usability Problem)

Testing tool window: make 'Show passed', 'Show ignored' and sorting action dumb aware

IDEA-147768 (Bug)

Failed tests are not shown in test runner

IDEA-146404 (Bug)

Repaired after crash: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted

IDEA-146799 (Bug)

"Repeat: until failure" feature must re-create test cases for each run

IDEA-146574 (Bug)

IDEA shows warning in 'Run/Debug configuration' for JUnit test, but it runs fine

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-148322 (Performance Problem)

Test runner is slow to populate when there are a lot of tests

IDEA-148177 (Bug)

TestNG incorrect results

IDEA-147573 (Bug)

TestNG DTD is outdated.

IDEA-147403 (Bug)

Running a set of tests jumps to/brings to the foreground the testsuite.xml file (TestNG)

IDEA-147591 (Bug)

TestNG dependsOnMethods resolution broken in Groovy

Unit Tests


WEB-18659 (Performance Problem)

Possible memory leak in WebStorm 10.0.4

WEB-19035 (Bug)

Error message is not shown in console when debug Karma test

WEB-14390 (Bug)

Karma: 'jump to source' doesn't work for tests wrapped in define()

WEB-19011 (Bug)

Mocha: "File pattern" option should be handled as multiple cli arguments

WEB-18808 (Bug)

'Rerun tests' (Alt+Shift+R) doesn't re-run tests

User Interface


IDEA-143977 (Usability Problem)

Test tool window changes orientation only on tests rerun

IDEA-143854 (Usability Problem)

IDEA ignores system DPI setting on Windows

IDEA-147045 (Cosmetics)

License dialog: Links 'More info...' and 'Forgot?' become black

IDEA-146537 (Bug)

Frequent crash or hang on right-click of project explorer menus

IDEA-147711 (Bug)

Labels in the JUnit Test Discovery run/debug configuration are truncated

IDEA-147091 (Bug)

License: Convert button does not change to OK

IDEA-148145 (Bug)

EditorGutter's extra space appeared

IDEA-137697 (Bug)

Sometimes editor starts scrolling on its own

IDEA-146049 (Bug)

Do not reuse tab on open from recent files

IDEA-146684 (Bug)

Tool windows are not hidden automatically (non-pinned mode has no effect)

IDEA-148433 (Bug)

OS X default theme: dropdown lists don't look good

IDEA-144730 (Bug)

HiDPI broken in 142.4491

IDEA-146786 (Bug)

Strange "alert-icon" location when trying to create a class with a bad name.

IDEA-143450 (Bug)

HiDPI on Win7: IDEA splash screen is truncated with text size set to larger (150%)

IDEA-146637 (Bug)

Border is off on the tool window's title

IDEA-146980 (Bug)

Buy and Eval buttons disabled after error messages in License server or JBA options

IDEA-146188 (Bug)

Menus don't always drop down [Linux, GTK+ L&F]

IDEA-140574 (Exception)

SearchEverywhere invocation causes exceptions

Version Control


IDEA-147618 (Usability Problem)

Let add a Keymap shortcut to open the "Local Changes" tab by a single action

IDEA-147655 (Usability Problem)

revert button at top level now reverts ALL files without warning Pycharm 5

IDEA-76795 (Usability Problem)

Don't spawn multiple background processes for loading "show affected files" information

IDEA-90988 (Usability Problem)

"Delete local copies of added files" is not available if revert action is called from existing files

IDEA-148148 (Performance Problem)

Repeated freezes while editing text

IDEA-138583 (Bug)

Version control gets stuck when grouping by client

IDEA-146790 (Bug)

"Unshelve..." doesn't use commit messages for new changelists

IDEA-148286 (Bug)

Version Control: "select in git log" action from Annotations should be disabled for non-git projects or navigate to revisions lists

Version Control. Git


IDEA-147758 (Usability Problem)

“Show in Git log” menu item missing in annotate pop-up

IDEA-146518 (Usability Problem)

GitHub client fails on get repositories when multiple pages

IDEA-144935 (Performance Problem)

Blocking EDT waiting for git command to be finished

IDEA-143358 (Performance Problem)

Project leak (Git authenticator)

IDEA-100199 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't detect changes after external soft reset using Git.

IDEA-71600 (Bug)

Git: Update: Missing merge dialog (during unstash/unshelve) for conflicts like "local uncommitted modify"-"incoming delete"

IDEA-144593 (Bug)

git plugin: mismatch between GitRepositoryReader and GitUtil.isGitRoot

IDEA-88893 (Bug)

"Unregistered root" should be detected more precisely: e.g. .git folder may be used as Git settings or hooks collections.

IDEA-142731 (Exception)

Git: Merge: NPE at git4idea.merge.GitMergeProvider$MyMergeSession.<init> on modified-deleted conflict

Version Control. Log


IDEA-137016 (Usability Problem)

VCS Log: Go to Hash/Branch/Tag action works confusingly together with filter by repository, when there are different refs with the same name in different roots

IDEA-147797 (Bug)

Branch popup menu appears only after commit details are loaded.

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-147943 (Bug)

Perforce Jobs does not function

IDEA-146139 (Bug)

Perforce annotations have some random gaps in them

IDEA-147283 (Bug)

Revision graph action of the p4 plugin fails with: "Failed client connect, server using SSL" error

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-145934 (Bug)

svn commit not working at all

IDEA-146424 (Bug)

Subversion: cannot upgrade working copy from 1.6 to 1.7

IDEA-145355 (Bug)

Subversion: with 'autoupdate after commit' option switched on, LocalChanges view is not refreshed after commit

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