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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 143.379.11 Release Notes
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IDEA-51897 (Feature)

statusbar position information enhancement

IDEA-146440 (Task)

Please map topic Ids to the pages in Code > Generate > Getter / Setter / Getter and Setter

IDEA-144922 (Bug)

IDE cannot read key map config at startup

IDEA-146372 (Bug)

ExceptionInInitializerError if cancel featured plugin downloading

IDEA-146173 (Bug)

PhpStorm 143.129 > lots of events happing with new EA version

IDEA-145975 (Bug)

Exception appears when first run IDEA (UI Themes page)

IDEA-80190 (Bug)

Project window, compare file with editor should pick last selected editor window

IDEA-145360 (Bug)

Export to HTML doesn't work correctly (formatting and include of method separator aren't correct)

WEB-18319 (Bug)

color picker doesn't work (win 10)

IDEA-145029 (Bug)

Map help button of the page Startup Tasks to the specified id

IDEA-146514 (Bug)

Sbt dependencies resolved, but everything is highlighted in red

IDEA-146192 (Bug)

Pasting SQL into produces large 17 size font



IDEA-146227 (Bug)

Using "Comment with Line Comment" in a JavaFX CSS file may create a problematic comment section

Code Coverage


IDEA-146137 (Bug)

NullPointerException trying to instrument classes under org.apache.tika.parser



DBE-1676 (Bug)

Incorrect driver for DerbyDB

DBE-1677 (Bug)

Sybase URL is parsed incorrectly



DBE-1237 (Feature)

Export SQL script to file

DBE-1185 (Bug)

SQL Injection parameters in FROM clause are not recognized



DBE-1689 (Bug)

"Create new table", "Unique" field checkbox does nothing. (postgresql)

DBE-1684 (Bug)

Add a support of COMMENT ON TABLE for PostgreSQL

DBE-1692 (Bug)

"Modify Table", Column type editing. Type suggest does not work with mouse.

DBE-1713 (Bug)

Non unique constraint name generation when adding primary key flag to a column (PostgeSQL).

DBE-1633 (Bug)

Rename refactoring brokes code



WEB-17381 (Feature)

Update URI references after file moves/renames.

WEB-18553 (Performance Problem)

Deadlock stack trace

WEB-11083 (Performance Problem)

IDE goes OutOfMemory while searching for Dart method implementations

WEB-18645 (Bug)

Dart: Extract Method: preview text is not updated on the checkbox enabling/disabling



IDEA-145077 (Performance Problem)

Opening Add FK/Index dialog is terribly slow



IDEA-146363 (Bug)

Incorrect binary formatting

IDEA-146333 (Bug)

Inline debugger is hard to see when debugging lambdas

WEB-17234 (Bug)

org.jetbrains.concurrency.Promise$MessageError: Connection closed

WEB-15645 (Exception)

Debug: Grunt: on Step Into



IDEA-145925 (Bug)

"Go to changed file" popup (in Show Diff window) do not remember size change

IDEA-146222 (Bug)

"Compare file with editor" compares with wrong editor if multiple windows are open



IDEA-146344 (Cosmetics)

Settings dialog: do not stretch out exagerratedly dialog window in case of too long information messages

IDEA-146361 (Exception)

StackOverflow error when domain classes in grails has bidirectional relationship



IDEA-144268 (Bug)

Uppercase fields are not resolved if qualifier is named like a package

IDE Configuration


IDEA-143998 (Usability Problem)

Provide direct link for issue creation when an internal error occurs



DBE-1679 (Bug)

Export settings... action does not export databaseSettings.xml file

DBE-1671 (Bug)

Exception after start IDE



IDEA-141967 (Bug)

JPA Argument for @NotNull parameter 'stream' must not be null



IDEA-146501 (Bug)

HTML preview in browser no longer opens a web server



WEB-17111 (Bug)

Jade: NoSuchElementException on opening Jade file, null editor is passed

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-146512 (Bug)

Code completion adds unnecessary type parameter

IDEA-146452 (Bug)

Bad Auto Implemented Method

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-146395 (Bug)

Good code is red: Implicit type cast from Map to Map<String,String>

IDEA-146351 (Bug)

Missing error: illegal generic type for instanceof

IDEA-146352 (Bug)

Missing error: generic array creation

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-146284 (Bug)

Remove parameter breaks method signature

IDEA-146250 (Bug)

Refactoring variable out of lambda expression places variable outside of the lambda



IDEA-146359 (Usability Problem)

"Unnecessary 'final' on local variable or parameter" inspection is not fully working in java 8

IDEA-145668 (Bug)

Volatile variables produce confusing nullable inspection popup

IDEA-145968 (Bug)

IntelliJ parameter annotations for Nullable NotNull hinting conflicts for FileWriter constructors

IDEA-145401 (Bug)

False positive for "condition is always true when reached" for "x && !(x = false)"

IDEA-146302 (Bug)

Inspection 'throw' caught by containing 'try' statement incorrectly identifies exceptions thrown in lambdas.

IDEA-146258 (Bug)

False positive "nested synchronized statement" inspection with Java 8 lambdas

IDEA-146241 (Bug)

Double click on inspection results tree node expands and navigates at the same time



IDEA-139744 (Bug)

Jasper validator fails with Java 8 / Tomcat 7

Language Injection


IDEA-139305 (Feature)

Recognize replacement token such as %s in injected language strings

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-145547 (Bug)

Exception dialog while applying 14.1.5 patch

IDEA-146469 (Bug)

IDEA with bundled JDK on OS X has incorrect Info.plist settings that prevent dynamic switching between graphics cards

IDEA-144424 (Bug)

Latest EAP fails to update

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-146263 (Bug)

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError when running the project with JDK 1.2



IDEA-114383 (Bug)

Comment not parsed correctly



DBE-1309 (Feature)

Custom Code Folding



DBE-1693 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: GRANT syntax parser regression

Unit Tests


WEB-18549 (Bug)

Way to run ONE test in a Mocha Test Suite

User Interface


IDEA-127938 (Usability Problem)

Branch menu "random" location when launched by keymap

IDEA-146491 (Usability Problem)

Do not handle snapshots on EDT

IDEA-112093 (Bug)

White stripes in Status Bar

IDEA-146168 (Bug)

Resizing splitted tabs shouldn't start drag

IDEA-144184 (Bug)

Hit target for the editor window splitters is too small in WebStorm 11 EAP

IDEA-138300 (Bug)

Settings dialog doesn't detect changes unless changing focus

Version Control


IDEA-142197 (Bug)

"Show directories with changed descendants" does not work

Version Control. Git


IDEA-146142 (Usability Problem)

New "Rebase" feature in the branches menu is not intuitive

IDEA-142753 (Bug)

Error updating changes: fatal: '...' is outside repository

IDEA-145083 (Bug)

IntelliJ does not prompt for new password on auth fails

IDEA-146051 (Bug)

Keyboard shortcuts do not work in Clone Repository window

IDEA-145811 (Bug)

[GIT] No information about not commited changes on pull

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