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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 143.1820.1 Release Notes
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IDEA-150169 (Bug)

IDE blocked on save due to AntConfigurationBase



IDEA-150156 (Bug)

Ant Pre and Post Compile Tasks hang for a long time (AntConfigurationBase initialization issue)



IDEA-149004 (Bug)

coldfusion 11: syntax inspection: cfscript tag syntax.

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-150224 (Bug)

Editor falsely finds "Ambiguous method call" in the presence of static, generic factory methods having varargs

IDEA-148726 (Bug)

False positive ambiguous call if java lang level is 1.8



IDEA-148500 (Bug)

'unused library'-inspection error is always treated as warning in teamcity



IDEA-139866 (Bug)

Slow deployment of EJB 3.0 EJBs to WebSphere 8

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-10598 (Bug)

Intellij doesn't automatically indent after a if statement with no braces (AS3, JavaScript/Typescript)

WEB-13129 (Bug)

ES6 Wrong Chaining Indentation

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19558 (Bug)

Angular 2 components are not resolved in HTML

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-148729 (Bug)

TestNG fails, produces broken XML files if class name contains non-ascii characters

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-149870 (Bug)

NPE when clicking Refresh in Repository tab of Version Control panel when using Perforce server

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