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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 143.1653.2 Release Notes
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IDEA-149724 (Bug)

Live Templates: IDE does not see the change if Copy action was used for creation of a new template

IDEA-149481 (Bug)

Too many events posted / org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.mvc.MvcModuleStructureSynchronizer

WEB-19341 (Bug)

Align assignments does not work in case of inline comment

IDEA-149698 (Bug)

Cannot rerun tests in dumb mode + batch rerun when getting out of dumb mode

IDEA-140824 (Bug)

Search Everywhere popup doesn't display relevant class name if jar name is too long

WEB-19527 (Bug)

Unreadable global variables color

IDEA-134164 (Exception)

Could not start Idea

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-145091 (Feature)

Provide option for duplicated code inspection to exclude generated sources duplicates when processing plain source file



DBE-1797 (Bug)

MSSQL: OxDBE can't connect to the named server instance over Microsoft JDBC driver



DBE-2049 (Bug)

Oracle Triggers: trigger types and events are not introspected perfectly

DBE-2061 (Bug)

MS SQL and Sybase Data Source Configuration Window: wildcards in schema list don't work



WEB-18646 (Bug)

Regularly getting error: Failed to find breakpoint by id

IDEA-149816 (Bug)

No completion and strange errors in condition field in decompiled files

WEB-19334 (Bug)

Debugging Meteor 1.2.x is essentially broken for any language.



IDEA-147677 (Bug)

IntelliJ Idea 15.0 (Build #IC-143.381) shows dependency packages with project packages



IDEA-149187 (Bug)

Build breaks with NullPointerException on IBM JDK



DBE-2064 (Feature)

TFS integration plugin

IDE.User Interface


DBE-652 (Usability Problem)

Support directories as DDL data source



IDEA-149391 (Feature)

Allow to sort nodes alphabetically in the Structure View for JSON documents



IDEA-148862 (Bug)

False positive on automatically generated contract



WEB-18519 (Bug)

es6 import, annotator warning

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-2236 (Bug)

Arrow function is not formatted properly



WEB-19559 (Feature)

NPM scripts: make messages/errors in console clickable

REST Client


WEB-10584 (Bug)

support GET params for POST requests in REST Client Tool Window



IDEA-148249 (Bug)

Postgres JSONB existence operators ? is sometimes incorrectly interpreted as JDBC placeholder

IDEA-148496 (Bug)

incorrect inspection: unknown database function 'UUID'



DBE-1388 (Bug)

Huge indent on reformat MySQL view



DBE-2026 (Feature)

No suggestion in PLPGSQL for FOUND special variable.



DBE-1309 (Feature)

Custom Code Folding

DBE-1762 (Bug)

Surround with in SQL: end of document/selection bugs



DBE-2020 (Bug)

'level' not properly identified as keyword in 'connect by' line

DBE-1303 (Bug)

Postgresql: support ? operator

DBE-2052 (Bug)

Sybase dialect should recognize = / = (old-fashioned outer joins)

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