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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 143.1184.17 Release Notes
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IDEA-147859 (Usability Problem)

License dialog shows information message with date in local format, while error message with date in default format



IDEA-148357 (Usability Problem)

CFML: allow to disable "insert pair pound sign" behavior



DBE-1981 (Bug)

MSSQL datasource synchronization is broken

DBE-1373 (Bug)

MSSQL: Altering a Procedure/View should go via an ALTER statement



DBE-685 (Bug)

Create table dialog uses VARCHAR2(4000) instead of TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE



DBE-1964 (Bug)

ALTERTE insted of ALTER on Stored Procedure edit



DBE-1984 (Bug)

throw excepiton when used sql grammar like union

DBE-1939 (Bug)

When Duplicating Rows do not duplicate a value from a IDENTITY COLUMN



IDEA-148571 (Bug)

Database - default value for oracle DDL - wrong order

IDEA-148805 (Bug)

You can not see the execution plan for a query if there are parameters



WEB-16337 (Feature)

debugging meteor packages stored in /packages directory does not work (both client & server)

WEB-18949 (Bug)

nodeJs v5: 'Cannot convert undefined or null to object' error when debug node.js project

WEB-16972 (Bug)

'Collecting data' is shown in debugger tooltips when debugging with sourcemaps

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1987 (Feature)

Can't create new table in an empty database

DBE-350 (Usability Problem)

Add precision field to new table wizard for column(s)

Project View


IDEA-148586 (Bug)

com.intellij.openapi.vfs.InvalidVirtualFileAccessException when moving files outside of IDE + IDE stops responding



DBE-1973 (Bug)

There is no completion for variable



DBE-1923 (Bug)

WHERE keyword not recognized in CREATE INDEX statement (SQLite)

DBE-1966 (Bug)

In sybase: When specifying index on a join, incorrect warning about index being a reserved word

DBE-1969 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Extended EXPLAIN syntax not parsed

DBE-1980 (Bug)

Fake comment in MySQL



WEB-19302 (Bug)

TypeScript: auto-import cannot recognize closest definition file depending on how entity is exported

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