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IDEA-143686 (Feature)

Add ability to export class hierarchy to text file

IDEA-55813 (Feature)

Thread dump analyzer to merge threads with equal stack traces

IDEA-53545 (Usability Problem)

Autoimport - Exclude from Import and Completion should be Project-specific - not (just) Global.

WEB-16297 (Usability Problem)

Annoying emmet bug

IDEA-145089 (Performance Problem)

Long reference resolve during indexing

IDEA-145094 (Bug)

PSI invalidated outside transaction

IDEA-144892 (Bug)

Distraction free mode: Cancel action for compilation is not working

IDEA-138829 (Bug)

Default project encoding has changed in WebStorm 10

IDEA-144968 (Bug)

Synchronization with Postgres 9.x fails

IDEA-136385 (Bug)

Find Action / Search Everywhere: "Show Log in Explorer/Finder" action is missing

IDEA-145050 (Bug)

run tests in a package doesn't work

IDEA-133942 (Bug)

Focus often stays in editor when dialogs are shown

IDEA-142785 (Bug)

Export settings: IDEA generates 0-sized settings.jar

IDEA-137007 (Exception)

NPE at sun.font.FontDesignMetrics$MetricsKey.init(

IDEA-145034 (Exception)

IndexNotReadyException on opening sample JavaEE project

..(please choose one)..


DBE-1542 (Bug)

Create Table does not add auto_increment to sql query



WEB-17950 (Feature)

CSS breadcrumbs

WEB-15537 (Task)

Emmet: Change $VAR0$ variables to $END$ in templates which has single variable

Code Analysis. Dependencies


IDEA-144794 (Bug)

Module Dependencies -> Analyse Dependency -> Rerun does not rerun the right analysis

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-144408 (Bug)

Adjusting Settings via a Quick-Fix allows alters Default

IDEA-122802 (Bug)

Comments between chained calls aren't indented properly

IDEA-145001 (Bug)

CFML Color issue when CFQUERYPARAM tag is hit.

Code Navigation


IDEA-106194 (Feature)

Search in File structure dialog with paste support

IDEA-22690 (Usability Problem)

Show definition for class should show the package



IDEA-143908 (Bug)

CFML Support : Missing dependency

Compiling Project


IDEA-140228 (Feature)

Provide executability for Java Scratch files



DBE-1549 (Bug)

Can't execute selection with a parsing error



DBE-1489 (Feature)

Allow to re-introspect a database manually



DBE-1546 (Cosmetics)

"Text" tab title should be renamed to "DDL"

DBE-1547 (Bug)

"LastPage" in table data viewer works slowly



IDEA-114727 (Bug)

Database: Table Editor: red bulb after deleting wrong filter criteria

IDEA-144903 (Bug)

EAP15 Database: change driver setting disappear.



IDEA-144953 (Usability Problem)

Navigate from Evaluate Dialog should close it

IDEA-139294 (Bug)

Evaluate expression: confusing dialog if class field hides superclass field

WEB-18080 (Bug)

JS console doesn't print log messages any more

IDEA-144791 (Bug)

Smart Step Into (Shift+F7): Focus issue in debugger

IDEA-145015 (Bug)

Quick evaluate expression (ctrl+alt+8) instruction is silently ignored when an attempt is made to evaluate the same expression a second time.



IDEA-137362 (Usability Problem)

Commit Changes dialog diff area to small

IDEA-105203 (Usability Problem)

diff section in commit window is not resizable

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-111564 (Feature)

Leave caret where is if inline refactor mode is exited with Shift-ESC

IDEA-77306 (Bug)

Expand Abbreviation showing red placeholder rectangle and needs to confirm by pressing Tab/Enter/Esc second time (CSS, JS) when caret is in it

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-144686 (Bug)

Inconsistent coloring in Maven pom.xml/Spring config.xml files

External Tools


IDEA-110240 (Bug)

Auto select run tool after commit

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-139310 (Usability Problem)

"Find Usages" should report source usages before usages in generated code



WEB-13515 (Feature)

Emmet: add settings for placing $END$ at the end of template text

WEB-13513 (Usability Problem)

There should be useful exit from emmet/live templates necessary variables enumeration.

WEB-5071 (Bug)

Pressing enter outside expanded ZenCoding snippet causes cursor jumps

IDE Configuration


IDEA-143998 (Usability Problem)

Provide direct link for issue creation when an internal error occurs

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-144961 (Bug)

Smart completion for interface implementation should respect parameter naming convention

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-139098 (Cosmetics)

Diamond '<>' is supported with anonymous inner classes in JDK 9 build 59

IDEA-144973 (Bug)

Java 8 type inference fails for enum constructor

IDEA-144856 (Bug)

method not being recognized as overridden

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-137827 (Feature)

Extract Functional Parameter Refactoring: argument for extracted parameter could be lambda rather than anonymous class

IDEA-144033 (Feature)

Extract enum: allow to extract inner class

IDEA-144883 (Bug)

Incorrect inline generic method

IDEA-145028 (Bug)

Extract field is missing in "Refactor this" popup

IDEA-144938 (Bug)

Extract method adds redundant exception in throws section in case of lambda



IDEA-142287 (Bug)

Java Inspection: "convert to local" wrong for certain constructors



IDEA-126806 (Bug)

JBOSS 7.1.1 Final does not start with idea 138.777



IDEA-140359 (Bug)

Liberty Profile: Warning/QuickFix for EJB deployment to WebSphere LP



WEB-13892 (Feature)

Writing html tags in jsx blocks does not autocomplete the closing tag like when editing html

WEB-17979 (Bug)

Component is not resolved

WEB-18073 (Bug)

'Find usages' does not work for react component

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17881 (Bug)

New WS 11.0 inspection for node.js "require()" is strange



IDEA-119756 (Usability Problem)


IDEA-144567 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: support all numeric types

IDEA-144882 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: column grants and table grants are legal in a single statement



DBE-1495 (Feature)

No smart completion for join clause



DBE-1196 (Feature)

New inspection for matching columns in INSERT INTO T(C1, C2, C3 ) SELECT C1, C2 FROM T;

DBE-1553 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Bogus "column aliases required" inspection when CREATE+ALTER TABLE have same column

DBE-461 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: LIMIT/OFFSET may be an arbitrary expression, not just integer

DBE-1560 (Bug)

SQL recovery: the first symbol of comment is highlighted but shouldn't



IDEA-144916 (Bug)

Spring Boot: [Binding] support for „Class<? extends X>“ config key value



IDEA-145014 (Bug)

Tapestry project library download fails - codehaus repository is no longer accessible

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-144907 (Bug)

FreeMarker-Template: Comment block block detection broken

IDEA-144720 (Bug)

Freemarker 2.3.23: #break directive within #if is error-highlighted

IDEA-144726 (Bug)

Freemarker 2.3.23: show error for #list with iteration variable if nested #items exists

IDEA-144731 (Bug)

Freemarker: support #setting directive properly

IDEA-144734 (Bug)

Freemarker: type mismatch errors are shown on attempt to use built-ins for numbers



IDEA-144814 (Bug)

Bogus handling of Thymeleaf iteration over a Map

IDEA-143910 (Bug)

Bogus handling of Thymeleaf URL parameters with a dash

IDEA-130662 (Bug)

Thymeleaf: Parameterizable fragment signatures: <param_name>=<param_value> syntax in th:include expressions is not supported

IDEA-144725 (Bug)

Thymeleaf th:with with generic method return

IDEA-145017 (Bug)

Thymeleaf support issue - parser does not recognize (c ? a : b) and (c ? a) expressions



WEB-18046 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: Expressions in 'extends' clause

WEB-18094 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: ES6 Generators support

WEB-18106 (Bug)

TypeScript: member visibility doesn't work for variables in module

WEB-17633 (Bug)

Intellisense for typescript classes-in-modules not work, for simple classes produces duplicate jump-to results

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-142830 (Feature)

Icon in classes does not show the contents "have tests" when switched off tests

IDEA-115242 (Bug)

TestNG runner: allow to specify several groups

User Interface


IDEA-136007 (Feature)

Hide gutter icons in Distraction-free mode

IDEA-142428 (Usability Problem)

Display shortcuts for action-intentions name that available by Alt+Enter

IDEA-145126 (Usability Problem)

an option to hide 'tool window' buttons

IDEA-86906 (Bug)

Move to Opposite Group should keep cursor focus

IDEA-137147 (Bug)

Fatal error initializing 'org.intellij.images.fileTypes.impl.ImageFileTypeManagerImpl' (MacOSX 10.10.3 beta)

IDEA-70943 (Bug)

Tooltip animations and buggy visibility are exceedingly frustrating

IDEA-94602 (Bug)

IDEA window is incorrectly repainted after automatic window resizing in Windows 7

IDEA-132765 (Bug)

Floating progress indicator doesn't disappear after exiting Distraction Free mode or Presentation mode

Version Control


IDEA-137693 (Usability Problem)

Apply patch requires the patch file to be selected in file chooser

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-144949 (Bug)

Shelve/unshelve doesn't work with renamed or moved files

IDEA-113824 (Bug)

Perforce asks to delete inactive empty changelist with p4 shelved changes

IDEA-144951 (Bug)

Don't allow to delete empty changelists that have associated Perforce shelves



IDEA-137574 (Performance Problem)

IDEA 'randomly' consumes 100% cpu and stays there for long periods of time

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